Men of Valor

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Product Description

Men of Valor is a historical shooter that recreates infantry combat during the Vietnam War. Follow new recruit Dean Shepard as he and his Marine squad fight through the jungles of Southeast Asia, during the 1960s.

  • First-person shooter set during the Vietnam War
  • Includes major incidents from the conflict, such as the Tet Offensive
  • 16 historical missions, from urban combat to dense jungle fighting
  • Soundtrack includes rock classics from the late '60s
  • Single- and multiplayer missions

Customer Reviews:

  • Men of Valor Made My Top 5 Worst Game List
    Wow. Paid about $8 for this and even that small amount wasn't worth it. Out of the 80 or so FPS games I've played, Men of Valor is one of the worst. I have to go way back to IGI2 before I find a game this bad.

    First the good. The music is fine.

    Now the bad.

    Graphics: When I first popped this in my rig, I thought I had a defective disc. The graphics were awful. I went to the video options and turned everything up to maximum. No difference. I thought I went back to the late 1990s. It reminded me of the first Turok game. I was stunned that this was a 2004 effort.

    Character models are laughably bad and wooden and they GLIDE across the ground as if the whole environment is made out of ice. It reminded me of my little plastic soldiers I used to play with when I was a child. I just pushed them across the ground.

    Story and Characters: The Vietnam story is compelling and the various cut scenes with footage which gives a mini-history lesson on the war is okay. But the actual missions in the game are forgetful. The effort to try to connect with Shepherd, the main character, via letters home really doesn't work. In fact, I usually cut those off because they became boring very quickly.

    Movement: Moving is really awful. You get stuck on just about everything - rocks, logs, limbs, boxes, bodies. Nothing is moveable. Every level is narrowly encased in an invisible barrier. You think you can take a path to flank hostiles only to bump into an invisible wall which blocks that path. Only one narrow and lineal pre-determined path is allowed and scripted. You can't jump. Even the smallest of logs you're locked behind. This is one of the poorest games I've played for trying to traverse the terrain.

    Gameplay: Awful. This is really bad, folks. The whole game is about 12-14 hours. However, at least HALF of that time is replaying the same thing over and over. Save points are far apart and, often, you will tediously and slowly make your way up a path or river, systematically eliminating the hostiles along the way, only to find yourself ambushed (which, by the way, is scripted in there toward the end of every objective) and you die (very quickly). When you respawn, you're ALL THE WAY back at the beginning of the objective -- which sometimes were as far back as 20 minutes of gameplay. If you try to go any faster the second try, you'll die, so you have to go slowly and systematically through the same routine all over again. When you get at the hard section, you at least know what to expect and you can plan for a counter-attack. Sometimes, however, you're not successful on the second try and back you go for another 15 minutes re-do. It became OLD very quickly. I think the worst one took me about six tries to finally make it though at about 10 minutes per try. So, it took over an hour of playing to work my way through a 10 minute section.

    Having a challenging objective is one thing. But to have a boring tedious re-doing of 20 minutes of work over and over with objective after objective is absolutely ridiculous. The result was a game that just wasn't fun. In fact it was painfully frustrating and boring. I think the developers wanted to make a game that evoked the "reality" of the Vietnam War. But the result was a game that wasn't fun to play.

    Overall: 2 out of 5. Men of Valor makes my top 5 worst FPS games of all time
    ...more info
  • Nice game
    Nice game lots of action, just a littlle too short, but loved playing it....more info
  • Excellent game except for the checkpoints
    I found this game to be a pleasant surprise in terms of graphics, movement, weapons, story line, historical content, and atmosphere. I have a fairly high end system, so there were no video problems with everything set to max.

    It is admittedly very linear. In an urban environment that is easily controlled without being annoyingly obvious, but in a jungle, you find yourself forced along a narrow route and sometimes can't duck behind a tree because it's outside your allowed path. On the other hand, I have no gripes with linear games. I find them more enjoyable, from a single player viewpoint, than open field games like STALKER and Fallout.

    Where I really found the game frustrating was with the amount of time or distance you had to cover to get to the next checkpoint. The game doesn't allow you to save, so checkpoints are critical. It doesn't always tell you when you've hit a checkpoint and when it says "Saving Progress", that doesn't mean that you can quit the game and come back to that point later. It just means if you die, you will start from that point. I found myself going to the LOAD menu to verify the last save before quitting.

    Also, if you die, you sometimes wind up having to restart from quite a distance back because of the infrequent checkpoints. If you happen to have low health, you might keep restarting just to die after only a few seconds, until you find a way to survive and restock you health. Of course, that's just a normal part of gaming, but this game goes through a scene where it shows and reads the letter describing your death. You can escape out of that screen and the stats screen that follows, but it's not quick. It reacts slowly and it fades to black. As a result, you repeatedly have to listen to the words "Dear Mr and Mrs. Roland Shepherd...". I found that annoying to the extreme.

    On one mission, I didn't quite follow behind my squad like I was supposed to, so it missed the queue for the next step in the progress (planting claymores in the river). I finally restarted. That was a trivial problem, though.

    Another minor irritation was that it would set your weapon to automatic whenever you restarted. Apparently it doesn't save your weapon status.

    Finally, there are some places where the checkpoints happen before a cut scene. When you restart from that point, you have to listen to the cut scene whether you want to or not. I would have liked a way to escape out of the cut scenes.

    In summary, I thought this game was really well done and compared very favorably with the COD and MOH series. I would have easily given it 4 stars if the checkpoints were closer together.

    -Dave...more info
  • Beware, does not work on all systems
    I bought this game, only to find out that it would not work on our PC. If you do not have a T&L vidoe card, it will not run. BE SURE YOUR VIDEO CARD IS A T&L BEFORE YOU BUY THIS PRODUCT!!!!!!!!!!...more info
  • very goofy DUM AI ....makes killing them enjoying
    i really like the yelling in vietcong.....funny stuff gets boring not very hard to beat....i stop playing after i beat 6 levels nothing interesting in this title....more info
  • something's a bit off...
    even though i'm not anywhere near finishing this game, i'm going to review it. this game gets a lot of things right, which is more than can be said for 99% of games out there. the aim system is great - there's no "spray and pray." you die easier than other ww2 games which is a great thing. also the ways you die are fair - no stray bullets from imaginary enemies will come and kill you. the AI is quite good. the weapons are good too, though i thought the grenade took too long to throw and the grenade launcher, while awesome, doesn't seem to have enough practical use. this game gets a lot of stuff that "awesome" (overrated) games like brothers in arms and medal of honor got wrong. for that, it is certainly to be commended. not to mention the cool historical points, great dialogue between teammates, and the fact that they cuss and joke around about each other's race. there's a storyline, and your teammates cuss and have genuine fun while killing the vietcong. at one point, a u.s. soldier even called one a "gook." that was pretty funny. ;) however it's not some pro-war propoganda garbage. it portrays the soldiers as real people caught in an unwinnable war. great stuff there.

    despite all these advantages, i found myself saying "something's wrong here.." while playing. i felt almost sick to my stomach. i think the problem is just the pacing and the controls. the pacing is very linear. you go from one little fight to another little fight.. part of the problem is you have a setpoint that you must reach, instead of deciding more how to fight the battle yourself. but the worst part i think is just the controls... i would like to see this game with the same controls as the call of duty games. instead, you use a "toggle crouch" and "toggle prone." and instead of pressing the spacebar and having your soldier jump up like in COD, you have to press the toggle crouch or toggle prone key again to get them to stand up. what this adds up to is - too much time dealing with your standing position and worrying about your setponit instead of being immersed in the battle. granted, a lot of games screw up their controls, but this game makes me realize that much more how much of an accomplishment COD is... ...more info
  • good nam game
    I've played vietnam games a lot like Viet Cong, NAM and this one is right up there with them. good graphics, storyline and weapons....Love the part where planes come in and napalm an area. The load times are long and no gauge or level to see how much time before gameplay starts....lot of swearing and bad language in the game - but it's a lot of fun!...more info


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