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Silent Hill 4: The Room offers a new cast and story, full of dark mysteries and horrendous new creatures. Henry Townshend is trapped in a cursed apartment. Mysterious portals have appeared in them, leading him to disturbing alternate worlds. This game is a terrifying experience that fans and newcomers will never forget.

  • Face giant mutant wasps and dogs as you navigate through horrific, alien dimensions
  • Terrifying and more powerful new zombies that can walk through walls and float through the air
  • A cast of mysterious new characters -- some of whom will try to block your way
  • Stranger creatures are waiting for you, as you unravel a horrible story

Customer Reviews:

  • Off the Silent Hill beaten path...
    Silent Hill 4 is, truely, a game made for Silent Hill fans. More info is delivered on the Hope/Wish House, Dahlia's involvement and just about any other point in the Silent Hill series that seemed confusing. I look forward to the next two reported games (Silent Hill 5 is already in production, it's said) as more background games than anything. The first three were to leave us wondering about just what Silent Hill really is ... and I hope the next three will clarify it all.
    That said, this game /is/ different from the last Silent Hill games but just as well-crafted and adept at keeping one walking the thin rope between ease and wracked-nerves.
    I also recommend that anyone looking to this game play the other three - or, at least, Silent Hill 2 and 3. A good plot guide also does wonders in understanding just what is happening in this delightfully mixed-up game....more info
  • A new theme to the game!
    This is the fourth installment of the popular 'Silent Hill' series.

    Having played all the series, it is quite interesting to see that the develepers have made this game different from the previous three. This means there is no more 'flashlight' in the dark.

    However, this game still delivers a good storyline and a high 'thrill factor'. It also introduces the new 'first person' view within the game.

    Unfortunately this game has it 'pros and cons'. Silent hill 4 may have problems with the camera angles and the graphics. But overall, for those who are familiar with the 'silent hill' series, will enjoy this game as it still offers the 'Psychological horror' theme.

    For those who are NOT familiar with the 'silent hill' series may want to buy 'silent hill 3' first. For some reason, 'silent hill 3' had been 'over-rated' by those who are new to the game.

    My own personal opinion: After the release of Silent Hill on the Playstation, fans of the game believe that there is no other horror game which can match up to the original. But for those who are interested, this is my ratings of the 'silent hill' series as i have played them all:

    1st - Silent Hill
    2nd - Silent Hill 2
    3rd - Silent Hill 4
    4th - Silent Hill 3...more info
  • The Truth about Silent Hill 4...
    Oh boy... thats what I recall about Silent Hill 4 The Room... which I renamed Silent Hill 4 The Toilet! This was the fourth and hopefully not last title in the Silent Hill series. To be brute-honest I have to say that this game lacked in everything.

    Now I know I have been rough with my reviews of Silent Hill 3 and Silent Hill, but I would at least recommend you playing those other titles. If even once... just to say you did but folks this game is not even worth that.

    Not only will you see a million rehashed "Scary" moments but you never find yourself even really breaking a sweat. That is sad my friends because I truly believe they rushed this title out way to early. There is no fear that you have not already seen, there is no rush of adrenaline that you have not already felt... this game is dry.

    To be honest, graphics and all that jazz are great, hey PSX 2 title it better have great graphics and what-not, especially new off the shelf for $50. However this games storyline and gameplay were just not there... and I'm sorry but I found myself thinking back to the late Chris Farley in a film he did called Beverly Hills Ninja, in this movie he kept flying through the astroplane... he'd scream "NO SENSAE I HATE THIS... NO!" well I'd chuckle and repeat those lines as I went through a huge hole in my bathroom wall everytime I visited the now lame and laid back "Hell" of Silent Hill.

    Bottom line is don't buy it... trust in the fact that this game failed to deliver and only Silent Hill Fanboys are going to tell you to buy it anyways. The only reason I gave a 3 in Game Overall is because it bares the name Silent Hill... sad loss... thanks Konami :(...more info
  • Ghosts.... ghosts.... ghosts.... What BS!!

    Remember back in the previous SHs where you could actually KILL the evil demons/monster/mutants that were terrifying you?

    Remember that sense of pride you felt when you dealt the death blow to some hideous looking monstrosity bent on ripping you to shreds?

    Well no more.Through the magic of game programmers that have no life and love to use every dirty trick in the book and call it a "challenge",we are given this terrible back end stink of the SH series.I can't believe how naive some of the younger gamers are buying into this. This isn't a challenge;it's just cheating when you can't even fight back and kill your enemies AKA Ghosts.

    I know I've heard all the talk about the "magical sword" that will seal away the ghosts.First of all,I'm wanting to play SILENT HILL not ZELDA!Save all that magical poop for some other foo foo game.Stick with the guns blazing,knives slashing and clubs bashing.Second,there are only 5 of the mentioned swords in the game and two of them are for bosses.Also alot of the weapons in SH4 are breakable.I guess Konami wanted to make it more realistic... which I guess explains the whole magical sword thing... whatever.I don't even need to get into how dumb the whole "go back and put your items from your limited inventory into the amazing trunk that can hold everything" is.

    When there's a fair challenge,I'll take it;like SH 1-3.This is more like an extension of a level in Castlevania64: the hedge maze level.The monster chasing after you with the chainsaw can kill you,but you can't kill him... only stun him temporarily.

    I'd rather play pong!!...more info
  • Scary
    Great, reminds me of the mood of the Silent Hill from my early high school years. Amazing graphics, moody and frightening. Yeti-Babies are f***ing terrifying!!...more info
  • The best in the series
    I have played all four series numerous times. Let me say that number three sort of sucked and I think that taht is why 4 is better. It is different from the others, although it does relate to Silent Hill, it breaks away from the Soap Opera type of continuation of the series. There are new monstors and better endings. The game starts in First person which can be hard for some people to handle but soon it goes in to third person limited view.

    I also have to say that in 4 you do visit places that you have in the previous games, however, it is not exactly the same. Like a person can not say hey I remember this from 2, and go through the exact same scene from 2.

    There are ghosts in this game that you can not kill at all but only keep them from not attaking you by using certain swords found in a few places of the game. You do have to help a girl in the game, and I made mistakes by letting her try to fend for herself, she got hurt and I got a crappy ending.

    the shottiest thing about the game is some of the camera angles. At times they are looking at the character from above his head and at other timesfrom behind only to later have the camera "skip" into another angle.

    Hint*** Every time you are in the room look through the peephole in the door and to Eileens room....more info
  • WOW.. A highly suggested game
    If you are a fan of Survival Horror video games, this is right up your alley. This game is packed with scares that you'll be sure not to forget. The graphics are amazing and so is the gameplay. This game would make the perfect Christmas gift, but keep in mind parents this is rated M for Mature for a reason. This a highly entertaining and exciting game that you can't stop playing. I DEFINATLEY RECOMEND THIS GAME!!!!!! IT IS SUPER SCARY!...more info
  • My wife laughs at me when I jump with fright!
    My wife and I LOVE this game, albeit for different reasons...I love to play, get immersed in the story and generally lose myself in the game, while she loves to watch me play, get scared and jump in my seat like a little girl! The best graphics of the series and of most other PS2 games out now. Truly frightening sound and lighting effects. The best controller setup and ease of gameplay of the series, so that you're less concerned with moving the character and can just enjoy playing! VERY well-written game; the cast of characters is large and believable and the voice acting is top-notch. Watching Eileen slowly go insane (you can help her along if you wish!) is mad fun, and affects the ending (there are four available.) The replay value is very high; I recommend "messing up" one game on purpose just to see all the creepy hauntings (DEAD BABIES!) and get the "bad" ending. If you live in a small apartment like we do (it actually bears a creepy resemblance to the in-game apartment...too wierd) this game can make you claustrophobic and afraid to do laundry, go to the bathroom, open the fridge, wake up in the morning...anyway, you get the idea. WE LOVE THIS GAME!...more info
  • Terrifying... only because of how horrible this game is...
    Okay, I'm a fan of the Silent Hill series. I have been for quite some time. When a fourth installment for the series came out, with such an enigmatic title as "The Room", and truly disturbing cover art that seems to be characteristic of the Silent Hill games, I was quite interested. I heard about the changes, and though I like change every now and then, I was skeptical, especially the Resident Evil-like inventory layout. To save money, I rented the videogame. I am so glad I did.

    Saying this game is terrible is an insult to the phrase, not the game. Okay, a guy is trapped within his appartment for no apparent reason, he can't leave the room because a whole bunch of chains and barricades and padlocks were slapped on his front door while he was sleeping or something by nothing at all, he spies on his neighbors to find a girl sweeping the floor (how exciting and kinky, don't you think?), finds a gun underneath his furniture, and discovers a magical hole in his bathroom that teleports him to different areas inhabited by ghosts and downright stupid demons... and a rather obnoxious prostitute who thinks this is a dream and she has to shadow you all over the place later on in the game for the rest of this pointless experience. Sounds like a cheesy fantasy game to me. One of the greatest setbacks of this game is its inventory, as previously stated. Okay, if I wanted to play a Resident Evil game, I WOULD BUY A FRICKIN' RESIDENT EVIL GAME!!! BUT I DON'T WANT TO PLAY RESIDENT EVIL BECAUSE IT'S HORRIBLE AND I WANT TO PLAY FRICKIN' SILENT HILL!!!
    ... sorry about that...

    Anyhow, back to this monstrosity of videogame fecal matter. I'm sure when people heard you can spy on your neighbors they automatically bought the game, just to see if they could get a glance at any nudity... those pervs. Too bad they're disappointed and regret buying this thing at all. Now, onto a different topic: graphics (I've never seen so many people obsess over a single thing than graphics). The graphics for it are okay, but I honestly don't care about the graphics in the videogame (yes, blasphemy, I know, but I'm not an X-box or Gamecube fan, so piss off), or the amount of time it takes to complete it (this applies to you, anti-Silent Hill 3 critical brats), I care about how it gets my attention, and how enjoyable it is to play. The storylines in the Silent Hill series have been top-notch, and all you wimps complaining about the control scheme are too picky to pay attention to the plot, so no wonder you don't like the game, pansies. Anyway, the sad excuse for a plot in SH4 (plot? WHAT plot?) does not save my interest from the frustration of the obnoxious gameplay, the main key faults being the inventory (once again), the innovative but failing camera system, and those FRICKIN' GHOSTS! BLAH!!!

    I'm not going to bother explaining the plot in-depth, because if you wanted that, you should either read the product description, or read the other reviews from the losers who blindly praise this game (it's amazing how many feel the need to stress the same plot facts over and over again, i.e., the entire premise of the story and the whole beginning). Instead, I'll just continue my lunatic ranting and raving. Now, one of the irritating aspects in this game are the addition of the "ghosts". These are perhaps the most infamous videogame bad guys... just because they're so annoying beyond all reason. They start out early on in the game crawling out of the walls, looking like floating zombie-lookalikes from any RE game. They fly fast at you, and at first they can be pretty startling, but when you find out there is no way to kill them (all you can do is pump them full of enough hot lead or bludgeon them until they stay suspended in the air for a couple of seconds, which doesn't give you any time to move on because the ghosts suddenly come to consciousness in no time flat, rendering any and all attempts to fight them futile and a waste of bullets [and health]) the scare factor plummets and the irritation level skyrockets (something you think you'd find in a Resident Evil game, not a Silent Hill game). Later on, you can get magical swords to stall the ghosts for a short while, to keep them away... but you still can't kill them. They try to plunge their hand into your chest to rip out your heart, or something, which is cool, but also gets old after a while. Like I said before, you'll be too busy cursing your head off at those ridiculous and persistend buffoons you won't care about stuff like that; all you care for is to somehow get them away. They're not creepy, they're morons, like those of you who love this game like your life mate.

    And, as a side note, if Konami wanted to make the game more realistic by copying the inventory screen off of another game (that was inferior to them until this steaming pile of uncreative crap) which you can only carry so many items, then why have Silent Hill in the first place? The whole series was about bridging the gap between reality and your worst nightmares. There IS no reality. That's what made the games so intriguing and terrifying. Well, I guess that smidget of realism explains those magical swords, then?

    This game isn't scary whatsoever. It's annoying. For me, it was like, pop in the game, play for a couple of hours, get frustrated at the stupidity of everything in it, turn off the console, and shake my head. That was my whole playing experience. Great job, Konami! You really put forth one great leap in ineptness with this. Impressive... I wish.

    Yet another fault in it's frail structure of absolutely nothing, there were NO NURSE DEMONS! They were instead replaced by psychotic wheelchairs with an anger problem and some freak shemale amazon demons that burped when you hit them. Yes, burped. I'm not talking about a grunt that sounds like a burp, but a full-blown release of gaseous vapor out one's oral orifice. And when they die they unleashing a hilarious scream sounding like a stoned grandma dying, which is actually kind of cool, but considering this is supposed to be a dark and serious game, it doesn't fit. They quickly turn from being some of the most intimidating bad guys/girls (hard to tell because they're shemales) into the most unintentionally laughable. All the disturbing elements you got from the demons of the previous games are lost with the newest additions - fresh from a freak show, and a cheap one at that.

    And, for one more shot at the plot (or lack thereof) of SH4: It wasn't Silent Hill. This game has nothing to do with the town. It has you visit a city a couple of miles away from Silent Hill, but you never actually go to the city that THE GAME WAS NAMED AFTER!! Why the heck call it "Silent Hill" when you never even see the bloody place (no pun intended... actually, there was a pun intended)! Answer: no point whatsoever, but that doesn't stop the capitalist game developers from doing so. I think they're laughing at us, or at least, those with enough of an I.Q. (i.e., with at least two digits) to see through the facad of fake disturbing creepiness meshed together with the glue of pure stupidity. Ah, I love using metaphors...

    I heard there is some connection in the plot between this and the other Silent Hill games, but I got so bored to death and angered over the dolts buying into this bulls**t I stopped playing entirely. I wasn't hooked or interested in finding out how the story ends. I could care less. It probably didn't have much of a resolution to it either. At least, not one I'd like to see.

    So, to sum it all up: this game isn't worth any amount of money, even in the one-digit range. If you're curious just to see how bad it is, rent it instead. You'll save yourself the funds you could use to donate to charity or help those in need or do something constructive for the world but want to waste it away on trivial diversions like videogames (cannot you just see the double-standard I'm pulling here? YAY! I'M A HIPPOCRITE, JUST LIKE ALL OTHER HUMANS!). Blah. I like saying that... blah... it seems to fit perfectly with my closing statement. In short: don't buy it, you'll only regret it (unless you are a gulible dolt like most and are easily bribed into buying all the crap this game is full of, shoving it down your throats, oblivious as to the true nature [or taste, in a metaphorical sense] of it, only to mindlessly buy it to keep Konami's profit margin high enough so its executives can take vacations in the bahamas). Man, I hate people......more info
  • Good, but less so
    "Silent Hill 4: The Room" is a good game. The voice-acting is largely improved from previous installments, and the style of gameplay takes some exciting new turns. The omission of the radio was an interesting twist, as was the item management system. In this game, the player can carry only ten items, and must leave the others in a safe place. It was a good way to add a bit of extra difficulty and was not so restrictive as to be annoying- unlike the item management in the Resident Evil series.
    Unfortunately, this game just isn't scary. Each of the previous games did something no other game (or book or film) has ever managed to do, and that is to be actually scary. The way it accomplished this (nearly impossible) feat is by using darkness and sound to immerse the player in the game world and instill a sense of fear on par with the character's. The player can't see everything that is coming at him/her and only ever catches glimpses at best, while the monstrosities make horrible, unsettling noises. In "Silent Hill 4" the designers made an unfortunate choice to brighten up the environments and omit the flashlight, taking away all of the atmosphere and horror. The decision to scale down the use of firearms and focus more on improvised (usually melee) weapons was a good one, but there is a very strong emphasis on combat in this game. Killing all the creatures also kills the tension. Previous games often required or strongly encouraged the player to run from the enemies, either through a lack of healing options or a lack of ammunition (at least in the harder difficulties). Bullets were powerful, but in short supply. All these things made the games scary. But "Silent Hill 4" gives an excess of extremely weak ammunition and throws in quite a few obscenely resilient and highly visible enemies. The movement system has been changed to a Metal Gear Solid style, where button directions depend on the camera's position, in order to make combat easier to control. Mastering the defensive maneuvers (dodges) and offensive maneuvers is a must for completing this game.
    The sum of all this is that "Silent Hill 4" is an action game, not a horror game. The puzzles are watered down, it has no real atmosphere when compared to its predecessors, and combat timing is the key to success. In the older games the Resident Evil style controls (where up is forward, down backward and left/right is turn) were a good choice. They were intuitive, what with the frequent camera angle changes, since the games were about exploration and slow, creeping progress interspersed with moments of panicky flight. Combat proficiency was not a necessity. For this newest version, the control scheme reflects the intended style of play, so it was probably the right choice.
    The really terrible thing about this game, though, was the camera. All other Silent Hills allowed the player to track the character with the camera OTS when it was free. Here the right analog stick is assigned the function of camera control, but it has almost no effect. Often, the edge of the player's view is only centimeters of screen space in front of the character's face, making it extremely frustrating to play in many places.
    In many ways "Silent Hill 4" is more linear than the others. There is very little backtracking allowed, and no opportunity to run throughout town looking for extra items and such. But it also has far, far fewer inaccessible rooms (the ones that say 'the lock is jammed'), making for quite a few dead ends. I personally disliked the labyrinthine nature of some of the levels (especially "Building World: 2nd Time").
    The truth is, if you're looking for a truly frightening and immersive experience, pick up any of the three previous games- especially "Silent Hill 2". This fourth installment comes of as merely a story-heavy actioner....more info
  • Weakest in the series...
    Like many reviewers I kept asking myself throughout the game: why the hell can't he just break out of his own apartment? But also like them, I had to succumb to the machinations of the creators of Silent Hill 4 and finish the game....more info
  • Silent Hill Fans Stay Away
    If you are a true Silent Hill fan, stay away from this game. Everything you loved about the previous games are gone. No character development, no attachment to the character, no scare factor, utter lack of puzzles, level reuse, and a poor camera make this game a horrible choice.

    Let me start off with the character development. The character that you play as seems to be an idiotic surfer sort of a guy that halfway through you wish he would die, or be indifferent to him dying. The scare factor for this game is nonexistant. Ghosts have to be one of the single STUPIDEST ideas to place in a Silent Hill game. Not only can you not kill them, they are nearly impossible to pin down with this infernal sword. It is so difficult to pin them down that I had to look online to figure out how to actually use it. It turns out that you have to supposedly knock them on their back (which practically never happens) in order to actually use the sword to pin them down. Though people have described the "nurses" as making a belching sound, I think it sounds more like a fart. At one point, I knocked one down the stairs and it farted all the way down. The demonic wheelchairs I thought were more cute than anything else. The scenery wasn't scary, the enemies were annoying, and it just doesn't hit anywhere near the caliber that Silent Hill should. Unlike the previous Silent Hill games, there were no puzzles. The most complex puzzle involves dropping off a key into the storage container so you could continue. I have to agree with what someone else had said, that being able to carry everything blurred the lines of reality and illusion. Not only is it more convenient to play the game through, but it keeps you from backtracking back and forth and back and forth to that same infernal room. Want to pick something up that you needed? Head back to the room. Want to save? Head back to the room. Want to get more details? Head back to the room. Though an interesting concept, this jumping back and forth takes you out of the game. In the previous games, you felt like the person, you were absorbed into their reality. By jumping back and forth, it takes you out of this reality. As well, half the game is replaying where you've already been. This time, though, you have someone you have to protect tagging along the entire way. The camera angle is particularly awful, there were times when I was trying to fight an enemy and I couldn't see myself OR the enemy. As well, the targeting system is terrible. There were times when a creature was trying to attack me and I was targeting a darn leech on a wall. Priorities here, people. I think a giant creature with two babyheads and no legs charging at me is a bigger threat than a leech on a wall. Having the girl in tow is an even bigger hinderence because she will charge at enemies and attack them. This means that you can hit her as well, even if you still hit the enemy. The title is misleading when it calls it "Silent Hill". In fact, you never enter Silent Hill. This game is better left unplayed....more info
  • Average at best
    I ordered this game back in April when I was still looking forward to playing it as it was the only game in the Silent Hill series I hadn't gotten around to exploring yet, but when it arrived I found it to be rather disappointing and haven't really played it since.
    I want to start with the first thing that really got to me, which was just how underwhelming the protagonist is. While Harry was searching for his daughter, James his dead wife, and Heather for answers after being trapped in Silent Hill, so-and-so simply finds himself trapped in his apartment. I say so-and-so because I can't even recall his name. Sure I could spend a couple seconds looking it up but honestly I couldn't care less since he seems to possess the emotional depth of flatware set and doesn't truly deserve to be called anything other than one dimensional.
    Sure it's a bit 'creepy' I suppose, since the door is chained shut from the inside and none of the windows will open either, but I just didn't feel like he was giving it his all. Perhaps I would have been a bit happier to see a brief cinematic of him attempting to break the glass with a chair or something, but his internal dialog itself is so drab and awful that it made me adamantly believe that he himself was more apathetic to the current situation than I was.
    The rest of the cast consists of a random person that dies about ten minutes into the actual game, some antagonist named Walter, and a neighbor girl who can be stalked and scrutinized via your door's peep-hole along with a small hole in the wall. My hypothesis would be that these are the only relevant characters within the game since previous Silent Hill tiles had a similarly small cast that worked rather well, but then again this title seems to be bent on systematically destroying the things that made the series great in the first place. I really don't know since I only made it past the first area, and quite frankly didn't give enough of a s*** to find out.
    The gameplay itself remains semi-intact, the same run/aim/shoot setup, but now you have the ability to switch weapons on the fly and hold down the fire button with melee weapons for a charged attack. Not that any of this matters what so ever since 70% of the enemies I encountered were ghosts who could not be killed anyway. It isn't all ghosts and such though and I managed to stomp on various other creatures including some leopard things that seemed almost like they were phoned in, and some humanoids occasionally as well. The really sad part is that the ghosts don't really even attack you, they just drain your health by being within a certain distance of you while exerting an aura that seems to say "I'm killing you, but I'm not really into it".
    While this can induce sequences of panic if you like to take acid while playing your games, it usually just results in sequences of subdued frustration as you run through the level with bad camera in tow to escape them. The whole thing really dampers the entire 'exploration' aspect of the game, since chances are you'll spend more time just running from them instead of using a special item that keeps them stationary (yes, I am aware that said item exists, but it only lasts until you leave the room, and there aren't many anyway) in order to take in the rather poor level design in all its grandeur.
    Where the Silent Hill of old had very a atmospheric aspect that seemed to isolate you from the rest of the world, this illegitimate son takes an alternate route by placing you in a world you can't interact with directly. Although the idea is that this would have the same effect, I felt more like I was playing as Howard Hughes and began to harbor the notion that my character simply didn't enjoy social interaction, opting instead to barricade himself within his own home in the hopes of escaping the world around him.
    No matter how many ways I tried to slice it to convince myself I was having fun, I wasn't. I really didn't enjoy running from ghosts, wandering aimlessly around a forest, or listening to my characters contrived little thoughts. There was absolutely nothing I found to be engrossing in this title and how it manages to get such good reviews ruins my mind. You could try to come off deep and say this is a "psychological horror" title, and maybe I just don't "get it" but I'm willing to risk the 'unhelpful' votes and call it out on the piece of rubbish that it is.
    It seems that every time a title arises that breaks free of the constraints previously placed on a genre by other titles and distinguishes itself from the rest of the tripe, said title must then become a series and be whored out for all it's worth. I'm glad that that the Silent Hill series gave us a good IP while it lasted, and two well done sequels, but this is the kind of franchise deterioration that makes me wish to God that there was a law against producing more than three titles in a given series.
    If you want to swing a steel pipe at the same enemy, while running around a bland world for four or five hours, intermittently taking breaks to return to your place to save and replenish health; go for it. More power to you. You've obviously been tempered in raw sewage and won't be phased by it. On the other hand if you want something with substance that delivers on the chills spend your scratch on number two or three instead, or check out the Fatal Frame trilogy....more info
  • Well now...thats weird...
    I always enjoy a good creepy game with the lights off. Games like these are ment to be played like that. SO...this is the first "silent hill" game I have played all the way through. I didn't buy it but rent it. Anyways, I like a game not only with tight control, but with a good story as well. I don't want to spoil the story, but it is very...unique. The creatures are great. The sound is the best you'll find for creepy games. The new first person view is added, and works like a charm. Controll is a bit clunky, but managable. All in all, it's a fun one that you need to check out. Creepy damn dogs!...more info
  • Silent Hill 4: I Got Stuck In This Room And Died of BOREDOM
    Like fox mulder, I wanted to believe. While I'd enjoyed the previous entries in the series on many levels, I could see that there was resident-evil-esque stagnation looming on the horizon. Team Silent took a chance, and decided to mix up the game play.

    Now, I'm all for innovation, but this game is a wonderful study in how to take a great concept, rush it, and make it, at best, mediocre.

    The protagonist sounds like he's spent all his free time shooting up thorazine, as his emotional reactions are limited to a weakly uttered, milquetoast "what the hell?". Since this character is our conduit to this world, there's almost no emotional attachment to what happens to him on screen.

    One of the brilliant points of the previous games was the plot, which led us from the mostly plausible (if not only slightly off-kilter), gradually into the creepy, macabre, frightening, and genuinely disturbing. Silent Hill 4 eschews this, and basically heads full tilt, yee-HAW, into just wierd stuff... which again, removes a subtle, but effective (and important) connection to our on-screen character.

    While the graphics are techincally impressive (as is the engine they use), they have a mostly sepia-toned and washed-out feel. The lack of vivid colors leaves you feeling as if you're looking at a painting, and not a window into a world.

    The sound design, sadly, is more miss than hit. The lack of any creepy atmospheric music, along with wretched sound effects (the cougar-screams of the dying dogs, or the just-plain idiotic belching of the nurse-demons udnerscore this well). The creature design is sorely lacking as well... the one-hit bean-sprouts are pointless, and the killer wheelchairs just made me think that i was being assaulted by monopoly game pieces.

    Finally, the game is far more linear than past entries. The ability to roam a game full of strange and interesting nuances helped us to fully realize the world that these characters inhabit... something sorely lacking here. And they use one of my most loathed tricks to "extend" the length of a game: having you run through virtually every level twice (ghost and goblins anyone? this was just a clever illusion by lucifer!).

    Overall, the entire effort feels like a rushed concept, almost like a pilot for a series. All the nuances that made the previous entries so wonderful are simply missing. And it's a sad blotch on what has become, justifiably, one of the finest horror franchises out there. ...more info
  • A bit different, a bit of the same
    For diehard Silent Hill fans, Silent Hill 4 is a hard game to get into. When I started playing, I really didn't like it much. The first-person camera view in the apartment central to the story was annoying, the inventory system was hard to get used to, and I was wondering where the heck Silent Hill was. I got over the other things eventually, but I'm still wondering about that last one.

    Once the story got moving and I got used to how the game mechanics worked, I started to really enjoy it. Though this game is very different from previous installments, it does have a lot going for it. The graphics, for example, are top-notch, raising the bar even a little higher from the high standard set in Silent Hill 3. The textures of gore-clotted walls and the grey skin of ghosts that float above the ground eerily, the stark lighting effects and ultra-realistic character models, all these add to the strange surrealism of the game, and are beautifully (if disturbingly-so) rendered. The graphics are a big part of what makes this game interesting.

    The music, also, is pure Silent Hill. Akira Yamaoka returns to the series as sound designer, music composer, and producer, so his unique style of ambient sound and chilling music is heard throughout the game. Yamaoka adopts a style which sets a subtle mood of unease, sudden sound effects which hint at danger. When you hear soft padding you know that something nasty is nearby hunting for you, and the use of music is understated but very effective. I do have one quibble with the sound effects in this installment of the series, a particular creature's sound when struck, but I'll get to that shortly.

    The gameplay, while a significant change from the previous Silent Hill games and difficult to adjust to, really does work a little better once you've gotten used to it. The limited inventory system can be frustrating, but I'd have to say that it's more realistic (just where did Heather, from Silent Hill 3, put all those big weapons, anyway?) and actually allows for faster access to the items you need. Also, while you're getting to what you need in inventory, unlike previous SH games, you can still be attacked. Again, frustrating at first, but it's more realistic and really adds to the panic factor, which is what a good survival horror game is all about.

    The story is what I play any game for. If it doesn't have a decent story behind it, I'm sure to give up on it pretty fast. And one of the things I love about the Silent Hill series, especially Silent Hill 2, is the strength of the storytelling. This fourth installment tells a different kind of story, and starts out a bit slow, but once you're into it, it is absolutely enthralling. The premise is strong, starting out with you playing as Henry Townshend, trapped in your apartment in Room 302 in South Ashfield, near the town of Silent Hill. You can look into the hallway, through the peephole in the door, and see your neighbors walking by. You can look out the windows to see what's going on outside. You can even, a little later, look in on someone else's apartment. But you can't get out...that is, until a big hole crumbles open in your bathroom wall and you find yourself in another world. In this world, you meet various characters and you learn of a serial killer who carves numbers into each of his victims. As you progress through different worlds, all linked to your apartment and the widening hole in the wall, you're only a step behind this killer and each person you meet falls victim to his work...and then you meet their ghosts, which aren't happy with you at all...

    Silent Hill 4 isn't a perfect game, though, and in some ways falls short of its predecessors, Silent Hill 2 and 3 especially. The biggest frustration was that you never get to Silent Hill. You hear about it throughout the game, and the observant will note that the serial killer is actually someone mentioned (briefly) in Silent Hill 2, and the building Superintendent is also connected to one of the previous game's characters. You even see Toluca Lake at one point, but that's about as close as you get to the spooky town. Silent Hill 3, which started out in a different place, at least eventually got you to Silent Hill...I wish Silent Hill 4 had done the same. It would have been nice to see those familiar, evil streets again, since it's in the name and all. Also, the sound quibble I mentioned earlier. One of the monsters, which first appears in the hospital, makes a burping sound when struck. At first I thought it was a bad joke or a glitch, but every time this creature is hit with anything it...belches. It's a creepy-looking thing, big and scary and dangerous. But when it burps as you hit it, it ruins the effect a bit.

    Still, despite these weaknesses (one major, one minor), Silent Hill 4 is still a solid game, better than most of the Resident Evil games and scarier than any other game I've ever played. The recurrent theme of watching other people, and perhaps of being watched in return, arches over the whole game and lends another dimension to the story. So, while I hope the the fifth installment of the series they return us to the town of Silent Hill, I can still say that for the most part, Silent Hill 4 is just as enjoyable, just as original, and just as scary as any other game in the series. And taken on its own merits, separate from the overall series, its creepier and more compelling than most games. Reason enough to give it a fair shot, at least....more info
  • Stuck in the middle(or in this case the Room)
    After a few playthroughs I'm still not sure if I like The Room or not. The gameplay is comparitively good for a horror game unless you count the camera hiccups, but what survival horror game doesn't have those? What really annoyed me are the monsters called Victim ghosts. No matter how much you hack, whack, zap or shoot them they always get back up again. Now the idea itself is good but the problem for me was that there are areas where you have three or four of them chasing you at one time which forces you to run and in turn (for me at least) making you miss some important items or weapons. The only way to get rid of them is to use a special item called a Sword of Obedience. There are only 5 throughout the game and the last one is useless because in the final area( where it is) there are only one or two ghosts. Otherwise the monsters are inventive although they don't represent any sort of psychotrauma like SH2 or Origins. Also the second half of the game can get tedious as you have a companion that is much slower than you and sometimes you are required to run from an invincible enemy. But on the flip side the puzzles are interesting(and in one case amusing) and the files are downright creepy and disheartening for your character. And about the storyline/endings; by the time you find out why exactly all this is happening you get a sense of "Seriously?...." And there is no joke ending which is a series staple. So all in all The Room is a decent game, as long as you don't expect too much....more info
  • Different that the first three
    After playing Silent HIll 4, I found myself not as familiar with Henry as I did with the previous protaganists. That was the only flaw that I found. The music is still eerie but I doubt that will ever change in the series. The ghosts get annoying but at the same time, it makes the game harder since they follow you around everywhere. Like anything, you have to change a few things in a series in order to keep it interesting. The first three were all about monsters that were really cool where in this one, ghosts seem to take part in it. Though I must say that I hated the two faced baby monster the most. Not to mention, the big bad guy is actually a person. ( I think.) I found it to be a different turn for the series. Its not the same as the first three but thats only so it doesn't get repetative....more info
  • Great Game
    I liked all the silent hill games. My favorite is Silent Hill 2. What I miss is the device that lets you know when monsters are coming. The flashligh was another thing. It was one of the objects that stood out in the game. It provided the errie atmosphere that Silent Hill is known for. Silent Hill 4 is another great addition to the series. I like the fact that it had new things, such as the 1st person view. The monsters are creppy looking. The ghosts are nice too, but can get annoying. But fits perfectly in the series. I have not finished it yet but I am having a blast playing it. With how much the game costs now its well worth the price. Give you liked Resident Evil and are looking for something different give any of the Silent Hill games a chance. If you just wanna use guns and blast your way through everything this game is not for you. Its more of a psychological thriller really....more info
  • Silent Hill goes downhill
    The graphics haven't changed but the deal of been stuck in the same room gets boring afterwards. and is not a room is a hole in the wall that takes you to other places, they should call it The Hole or The Portal instead, well anyways i'm playing the game right now and it gets so anoying after a while, been in the same places over and over again gets sooo booooring and you just want new places new things. they have resident evil it!
    grr is not bad but they should of tried something else for the 4th series. i was expecting something bigger and frightening ...this info
  • Uh, why can't I kill or harm my enemies?
    GHOSTS FOLLOW YOU EVERYWHERE, impending your movement and investigation of the environment. Just annoying. This game is definitely the weakest in the series and, frankly, a waste of your money. I stopped playing mine relatively soon after I bought it. Shame.
    If you're looking for a GOOD survival horror game, I recommend Resident Evil (any of them, but I am currently enjoying #4), Silent Hill 2, Fatal Frame 2 or 3. I highly recommend Indigo Propehcy as well. Though technically not 'survival horror' in nature, I think its elements will appeal to many survival horror fans. Check it out....more info
  • Maybe a little TOO different?
    I'd like to start out by saying that Silent Hill 4: The Room is an outstanding video game in terms of graphics and story. Where it stumbles is in its continuation of the Silent Hill legacy: dark places, scary static, flashlights, and where the hell are the freakin' nurses?? None of these things that make Silent Hill games the frightfest that they are were present in this game.

    My gripes:

    1. NO NURSES - This HAS TO BE the worst problem of this entire game. Every Silent Hill game has had demonic nurses with knives, pipes, or guns. There's even a Hospital World, but do they have nurses? NO. They have these terrifying patient demons that scare the hell out of you, but no demonic hospital personnel.

    2. Lighting - One of the unique things about past Silent Hills is how through a lot of the game you have a limited range of vision due to darkness or fog. Every area is fairly well-lit, which takes away from the creepiness they would have if they were shrouded in darkness. The fact that you don't get to wear a cool flashlight in your shirt pocket contributes to the sense I have through the entire game that something is missing.

    3. Weapons - I could almost excuse the golf clubs, which were a huge waste of space, if they would have put more than two ranged weapons in the whole game. This is ridiculous. I used all of my revolver ammo when fighting Walter, and I still had to use my axe to finally kill him.

    4. (H)enry, (H)eather, (H)arry, (J)ames - pick one of the 24 remaining letters for the next game.

    5. Victims/Bottoms - It's very obvious that to make the bottoms, all they did was change the model of the twin victims. The first time I saw them, I thought there was something wrong with the game.

    6. Items - This is a very bad idea. Someone's been playing too much Resident Evil over at SH HQ. An item chest? That's original. The cool thing about the other games is that you can carry all of the items you needed without going back to a chest to retrieve things. Yes, I know that going back to your apartment frequently enables you to collect all of the messages, but the chest really gets annoying after a while.

    Good Schtuvf:

    1. Life Bar - YAY. Now I don't have to go to the freakin' item screen just to see what my health is.

    2. Graphics - Just beautiful.

    3. Ghosts/Swords - The whole ghost idea and the swords of obedience were very cool. Finally, I can't just run past most enemies and leave them behind permanently. The fact that there are five swords is a little much, though. The only ghosts that really need swordin' are Victim 10, Cynthia, Richard, and Andrew. Victim 10 is debatable, though.

    4. Hauntings - The hauntings in your apartment were a really nice touch to the game. Finally, there's a use for those stupid Holy Candles and Saint Medallions.

    5. Story - Whoa, that's a freaky story. The whole mass-murderer bit is nifty. I like the fact that it mentions things from Silent Hill 2.

    It wasn't a HORRIBLE game. As video games go, it is excellent. It just wasn't a good Silent Hill game. That's why I gave it three stars. It didn't deserve only two, but it wasn't good enough for four. Let's hope Silent Hill 5 has darkness and nurses :)...more info
  • Silenthill?
    I dont think im even shure that is from the silenthill series.This game is confusing and it gets sortof boring.You might like this one if you like walking around never finding any thing realy diferent from the same floating in bodyments that hurt you when they touch you?i rented it and hated it....more info
  • Not bad...
    In the past, the Silent Hill series has always frightened and delightfully scare and disturb me and other gamers like no other game could. It was a delectable taste to not only experience gruesome and dilapidated environments (as well as stare in awe at horrifying sights and creatures) but to also contemplate on the theories and many themes that display themselves on numerous occasions throughout the past. Now, with Silent Hill 4: The Room, it's a bit different.

    Silent Hill 4: The Room is a journey into the mind of Henry Townshend and being able to see what he sees while in his prison that is his apartment. Silent Hill 4 does tend to weave bits and pieces of information from other Silent Hill installments (Silent Hill 2 specifically) but really doesn't have much of a story on it's own. The protagonist of the story is almost as if it were fate and destiny that he come to South Ashfield Heights and be the 21st victim of a serial killer. The story itself basically revolves around this serial killer and what he is committing, rather than explaining on why Henry is there in the first place. Henry (unlike precedent protagonists) does not have a tragic flaw (the element that ultimately results in the demise of the hero) and he seems to just be in the story as an obstacle blocking the antagonist. Now, I know that what I just said may seem contradicting but what I'm trying to say is that Henry almost seems like a supporting character in the game instead of the lead character. Now, on to the actual gameplay elements.

    Sound: the audio presented in the game is almost second to none. Spirits wail and moan as they hauntingly drift and float towards you in all their disgusting appearances. The cries from the creatures are downright creepy as it will disturb you to the core of your soul.

    Graphics: A wide improvement and vast acknowledgement over previous installments. Perhaps the biggest demonstration of these improved visual effects are the way the spirits are presented as they struggle to grab at you as they make their way through walls and other structures. Trust me when I say that the death of Richard Braintree will be beautifully portrayed to horror fanatics yet seem repulsive and horribly graphic and disturbing to fellow gamers.

    Gameplay: the gameplay hasn't changed much in throughout the series and it hasn't really in Silent Hill 4; specifically the combat engine. The combat in the game is pretty much the same (except for the inclusion of a revamped melee system) and offer more versatility to the gamer as well as Henry's capabilities. One of the more annoying aspects is the lack of firearms in this game. In Silent Hill 3 gamers were able to pick up a sub machine gun yet in Silent Hill 4, gamers only got the pistol (not a bad weapon though lacking in power; the gamer's right hand friend in survival horror) and Richard's Revolver (a slightly more powerful gun with VERY limited ammo). I would have been a bit dissapointed if not for the extensive melee weapon variety (weapons ranged from wine bottles and golf clubs to a rusted axe and the screwdriver in the Silent Hill tool box, the Steel Pipe).

    Control: Not really much to note on here except for the exclusion of the much needed flashlight and radio (I understand that with the new inventory system Konami needed to rearrange the button configuration but the flashlight was really a core element in the Silent Hill series; the radio should have been given to the gamer anyway, no matter what happened in the game).

    The actual horror element that was portrayed in the game was still a character in its own with grotesque hallways, disgusting corridors, etc. and some areas are more noticeable than others (the hospital for example has an almost Twilight Zone essence to it) while some character deaths are more gruesome than others (i.e. Richard Braintree's death had an Alfred Hitchcock mood and feel to the scence). The game was an overall good installment but the game had a few flaws. The environments lacked the creativity that Silent Hill 3 had (specifically the Alternate Brookhaven Hospital) and the story was not as engrossing as Silent Hill 2 (OR Silent Hill 3)but it still is fun to play. Once again, Silent Hill 4: The Room prooved to be a nice addition to the Silent Hill universe; if you're looking for a game that will give you chills and if you are looking for a good scare, I would recommend Silent Hill 4....more info
  • Really good game!
    I don't know why so many people don't like this game. Yes, it has its faults, like those stupid ghosts, and the fact that you have to walk around looking for a hole sometimes. But other than that its really good. I don't think it should have been slapped with the Silent Hill title, but even so the story is engaging and there are some really good scares throughout. The graphics are nice and its just fun to play. If it wasn't a Silent Hill game it would probably have been recieved better. Even so its a great horror game. The only reason I gave it a 4 and not 5 is because of those darn ghosts!...more info
  • The scariest Game I have EVER played!
    My girlfriend bought me this game last year, so naturally I was impressed with her knowledge of video games. But that aside, I popped "Silent Hill 4: The Room," into my PS2. After watching the opening cutscene for the game, I already felt scared s***less. Beginning the game on the hard setting (though I was skeptical of playing a game like this on such a high setting), I found myself in 1st person mode standing in a really screwed up apartment, which was a very nice addition to the whole Silent Hill Experience. Playing this game in the dark also adds to the whole feeling of fear and tension in the game, and playing in the day detracts from the experience as a whole. In short: if you're a wuss (like I may have been from time to time), open the curtains and look at the pretty roses and trees outside.

    So, continuing forward, you play Henry Townshend, a rather introverted and Grungy looking guy who is inexplicably trapped in his apartment. At first, you are dumbfounded, but you later discover a hole that has opened up in your bathroom wall (right on the mirror too, dammit!) And, as most people would do if a strange hole materialised in their haunted apartment, you decide to climb through it. Why would anybody DO THAT? Ok, sorry. So you wind up in some kind of cockamamie otherworldy Subway with nothing but bad fashion sense and a lead pipe. Then the real s*** starts when you meet Cynthia, who is also trapped in this world, assuming it's a dream of hers. After a short while you are attacked by your first enemies, "Sniffer Dogs," blind, stupid animals but with acute hearing and um...smell. Oh, and incredibly huge tongues and grotesque features. And so it goes, and you battle various otherworldly abominations throughout the game, but more about that later. 5/5 for storyline and ingenuity.

    Now here's where the game falls a bit - Gameplay. The guys at Konami STILL haven't fixed the rigid attacks and dynamicity of the movements. When enemies attack, sometimes they bump into you and run straight past! And you can seemingly hit something and miss!? Look, as soon as you use guns it's alot better, but hand-to-hand combat is awkward, rigid and downright frustrating sometimes. But that's the only real problem as such, just battling enemies with strength alone is generally exhausting and annoying. 2.5/5 for gameplay I'm afraid.

    Graphics wise "Silent Hill 4: The Room," is fantastic. The ambient lighting is wonderful, and there are instances where areas appear grainy or misty or clear etc. which really adds to the otherwordly atmosphere. When ghosts attack you, the screen distorts and lines appear (like in those old movie reels), which can really make you p*** your pants. The environments are beautifully rendered (if death and human body parts are your piece of pie) and the textures are phenomenal, and plenty of little polygons give the characters a smooth appearance. The characters are also chillingly lifelike, which is a big bonus. 5/5 for Graphics!

    Weapons-wise, there aren't that many. You'll fight with melee weapons like pipes, axes, pick-axes, baseball bats, golf clubs and even a very useless paper knife (which I discovered in the Hospital level, which is particularly good for DYING!) Then your guns are a standard 9mm and then a more powerful Colt Revolver. So no big guns or stuff like that, but that's what makes Silent Hill 4 appealing. So weapons-wise, for a game like this, "Silent Hill 4: The Room," scores 4.5/5 for weapons.

    There are many enemies, including a particular variety that don't die. These are "Ghosts," or "Victims," which if they even get near you will give you a rather nasty headache. They need Disprin of Panado's in this game I think. Oh yeah, them not dying is cool but REALLY sucks! These are the worst enemies sheerly because they refuse to f*** off. Then there are "Moth-bats," little black insect type-things that are really fun to kill! These little guys will keep you busy for hours, stepping on them and whacking them out of the sky! Then there are "Double-Heads," which are nasty, but kill-able. Just smash em with an axe and step on their ugly asses. Then there are "Patients," which wield fiersome golf clubs and burp when you hit them. In groups they are formidable and you should do the smart thing and run the hell away. There are also "Monkey-men," (I think) which either have no weapons or wield various melee weapons, and like patients, are deadly in groups. "Greedy worms," are just lame leech type things that are good for getting your frustration out. Not hard to kill. Then "Whitestools," are just wierd ass things that come out the floor. Hit em once and they go away. Finally, "Wall Men," um...come out the wall and smack you around. Use a pistol or an axe on them, or just run away. They aren't going anywhere! 5/5 for enemies, however silly or dumb.

    Other than the poor gameplay in certain instances, "Silent Hill 4: The Room," is a very good game, filled with fear, controversy, action and gore. If you like your games scary and rather nasty, this will be your cup of tea. 5/5 for the Fear Factor!

    Overall, "Silent Hill 4: The Room," scores a solid 4/5. A good buy for fans of the series and fans of Horror games. ...more info
  • An Epitome Of Video Game Horror, Awe, Tragedy And Mystery
    Possibly the 'just-plain-freakiest' game to come out of the video game field's horror contributions, often called the 'horror/survival' genre. This label can be quite misleading because it implies that all you're trying to do in a game is stay alive with no other goals, and no rhyme or reason or story. That may be the case in some titles, but it's certainly not here. Along the way of all the aforementioned freakiness, there's a labyrinth of mystery to unravel and understand (and as always in these kind of games, it's so much better if you actually take the time to enjoy and Experience the
    revelations and the turning points, as you would with a book or movie, instead of just blazing through to try and finish in record time. At least the first time you go through it - I guess later on it might be fun to go for some kind of speed record, but the first playthrough you've just got to take it all in as you play) and a cast of characters to try and help and save, and in some cases rely on for help yourself, instead of just trying to keep your single character alive. I think this aspect of the game is going to appeal to those who, like me, like the teamwork thing in "Resident Evil: Outbreak", although it's not developed to that point here - this is more story-oriented while Outbreak is more team tactics/team strategy oriented.

    There's so much more to this story than having your character try to find your way out of a mysteriously locked room, which is what some early reports seemed to suggest. That's just the beginning of a more complex game that seems to run longer than a lot of its peers in playing time. It's a great opening, the seeming irrationality of the character's situation (locked in a room where time seems to have stopped despite the fact that it's still moving on the outside world as seen through the windows, the occasionally operational radio, etc.; the way you can hear sounds outside your door but people out there can't hear you no matter what; and so on) working to the game's advantage rather than hindering it by serving as a harbinger of how completely bizarre and mindbending things are going to get later.

    A high point is the characters. The lead character, Henry, is admittedly a rather blank slate but this works very well in video games (in my opinion) because it allows the player to insert themself into the lead role more easily. Eileen Galvin, sort of the game's secondary protagonist is, despite her non-lead role, one of my favorite heroines in the video game field, and has a personality that is developed more through subtle implications - the way she reacts to the things in the graveyard and other places through body language and subtle changes in the tone of her voice (she's got a great actress doing her lines by the way) than in immediately obvious ways. I found the parts of the game where she's in danger to much more frightful than when you're playing Henry alone; I guess she's a character I became attached to, like so many of the cast of "Clock Tower 3". And then there's Walter Sullivan.

    Not to give too much way, but "Silent Hill: The Room" manages a feat that would be difficult in Any medium, by taking Walter (who many fans will remember had a brief mention earlier in the series) and creating this unmitigatedly evil, uncomfortably 'real-life/out-of-the-headlines' feeling character (at least in the game's early rounds) and then adding in these empathisable and understanding traits Without derailing how monstrous he was portrayed to be from the get go.
    That's all I'm going to say on that front.

    There are other characters involved too, but these are the three where you know enough about them in the fairly early going to really talk about without giving away the game's twists. Other random points: great graphics highlight some of the most darkly imaginative and disturbing imagery of any medium - some of the seemingly less horrific things are the most unnerving, like when you're moving through this big factory-like boiler room where everything's run down and dark and broken but not unnatural and then you suddenly come to this Massive door (right
    where a regular-sized door would normally be) where the huge handle is like eight feet off the ground. Just sitting there like it was the most natural thing on Earth that you'd find in any building. That is so eerie and so cool. And the monsters - unbelievable and disturbing, twenty times more disturbing once you begin to gather clues as to their origins.

    Oh, and by the way, they've found a nifty little solution to the question of how DO the characters carry so many weapons and equipment without falling over, without severely limiting all the stuff you can gather and have access to. Requires a bit of suspension of disbelief when you've got more than one of the few large, heavy items but that's about it. An innovative and workable solution.

    I've only reached the first ending and am taking some time off to make it fresh again before plunging back in and going for the other endings indepth (I have played some, and it seems harder the second time around) but the first one is one of the most dramatic and nerve-wracking I've ever seen. Amazing.

    If you can imagine the feels of movies like "The Eye" and "In The Mouth Of Madness" flawlessly wed to the more direct/action-intensive likes of "From Dusk Til Dawn" and the new "Dawn Of The Dead" with plenty of "Hellraiser" thrown in, you may have an idea of where this game is going to take you. Is as much one of the toppers of horror games as the above are of horror movies, recommended for those who've enjoyed game series like "Clock Tower", "Fatal Frame" and "Resident Evil". One of the best....more info
  • Odd??...thats the only thing that states this game
    Well as being a huge fan as the next person. Silent Hill 4 : The Room brings one word...ODD!. The story line stinks, it could have been better, but, however, it was decent enough to understand and it somewhat ties in with PT.3 of Silent Hill.
    The only thing that i didnt like is their "on again", "off again" story line with "Harry". I say, if you are going to use a "main charater"..then use that person. Silent Hill fans shouldn't see this "on and off" thing with the game. The 2nd reason about the game i didnt like was that there were not enough puzzles to solve in the game...more fighting and searching than anything, i think, they should even it out a bit.
    The good things about the game good game controls (with most fans know the history of Silent Hill since it first started was that it always had very poor controls). However, the "first veiw" thing should have been left out in my view.
    Anyways, a good game, dumb story line, good controls...only rent first and then if you like, buy it....more info
  • spot the influences
    A credible sequel to the mythos, Silent Hill 4 still doesn't move forward with the story. Thankfully, the various vignettes are not as dim as many in the previous game. At the beginning I enjoyed the subtle nods to Eraserhead in ambience and character. SPOILER WARNING: However, I wonder if the creators of Event Horizon realize that a certain integral image from their film appears wholecloth and decontextualized at the end. I prefer continuity of playability in my games and therefore do not appreciate the great leap in difficulty halfway through. Despite these concerns(and plagiarism is certainly a big one) Silent Hill 4 leaves me anticipating the next installment....more info
  • Suffering from post-possessed-traumatic stress
    Henry Townshend is the current occupant of room 302 in South Ashfield Heights, an apartment building in the mid-sized city of Ashfield. After two years of adjusting and enjoying his new life there, Henry realizes he has a problem. He can't leave his room.

    Henry screams when his apartment turns into a nightmare, blood and rust staining the walls and furniture, mysterious faces manifesting within the sheet rock. This is just the beginning of his True Nightmare. He wakes up suddenly, discovering a myriad of locks and chains shutting him out from the rest of the world. Then a hole in the wall appears, and he crawls through, discovering and exploring new worlds in hope of salvation...

    This game is smart. In fact, it's brilliant, and unique. No, I'm not talking about stepping on monsters or thwacking them with an axe (although they're quite fun to do), I speak of plot, art, music and even video editing. All of these things come together sublimely in Silent Hill 4, Konami's latest installment to their groundbreaking series. I will admit, that while Silent Hill 2 had better characters by far, this game's plot will make you tremble with fear. If it doesn't, see a therapist. And some may argue with me on this, but I enjoy stories where the villain is not just a villain, but yet another character which the viewer may sympathize with. This is exactly what Silent Hill 4 delivers, as the villain is not only mental in the worst way, he has many, many legitimate reasons why this is the case.

    But don't forget, these games are still intended to get your heart jumping. They're not always intended to possess involving stories and characters like Silent Hill 2. This is why I love this game-it's intense.

    Technical notes

    Graphics are superb all around, especially for a PSX 2 title, with its limited and inferior hardware. Lighting and atmosphere work in the most effective ways. Both characters and enemies are without noticeable follies, and my only complaint is that some of their eyes are too large, reminding me of the anime-cute look that rots suspension of disbelief.

    The sound-I'm not very technical on sound, but for the most part there are your typical haunting melodies; some adrenaline pumping tunes; great, appropriate, and original lyrical songs that fit into their scenes; and even a peaceful harmony or two.

    Overall audiovisual experience:

    The editing is so well done, at the height of some very emotional climatic scenes, the music cuts short, allowing the event in progress to seep in and impact the viewer deeper.

    Controls and gameplay:

    They're nothing new, but they're still fun, especially now that the capability of video game manufacturers to produce such photorealistic images has reached an all time high. Use everyday items as melee weapons to stomp and crush your enemies, shoot them with a pistol or revolver, click and heal. Pretty simple.

    The true strength in this game lies in the story it weaves, and the psychological factors it presents, although I can understand why this series is not as popular as some others. It's disturbing. Definitely not recommended for the weak of heart or the superstitious among us....more info
  • A whole different creature
    Silent Hill 4 really has no connection to the Silent Hill series, save for the few mentions of it in the characters bedroom (the several pictures on the wall) Personally, I think that the people at Konami was trying to create a totally different game, but put the tag of Silent Hill on it so that it would sell. This game doesn't explain any mysteries of that creepy town, and it's not as scary as the first three. But it is enjoyable, if you like horror survival I won't say that this game is a total waste of time. It still has those creepy elements of the first games, but take out the few references to Silent Hill and this game would have no connection to them. My only pet peeves were that they pretty much used the same monsters over and over again (including some, like ghost, that were impossible to kill!) The world didn't change from light to dark as in the others, and most of the puzzles weren't very puzzling. The graphics are a-one though, but unfortunatly, the last "boss-battle" was easy and unsatisfying, leaving me to wonder "is this it? Did I spend all this time to get to the end for this?" I won't spoil the ending, which there are several, but I'll put it this way: most people will get this sorry ending on the first try.
    The replay value is mediocure, I seldom replay games that I beat(especially disturbing games like this) being happy with the ending I get and reading about the others on-line or something. All in all, it wasn't a bad game, was it worth the 39 dollars I paid for it? I guess, but I think that Silent Hill has finally run it's course....more info
  • Average at best
    I ordered this game back in April when I was still looking forward to playing it as it was the only game in the Silent Hill series I hadn't gotten around to exploring yet, but when it arrived I found it to be rather disappointing and haven't really played it since.
    I want to start with the first thing that really got to me, which was just how underwhelming the protagonist is. While Harry was searching for his daughter, James his dead wife, and Heather for answers after being trapped in Silent Hill, so-and-so simply finds himself trapped in his apartment. I say so-and-so because I can't even recall his name. Sure I could spend a couple seconds looking it up but honestly I couldn't care less since he seems to possess the emotional depth of flatware set and doesn't truly deserve to be called anything other than one dimensional.
    Sure it's a bit 'creepy' I suppose, since the door is chained shut from the inside and none of the windows will open either, but I just didn't feel like he was giving it his all. Perhaps I would have been a bit happier to see a brief cinematic of him attempting to break the glass with a chair or something, but his internal dialog itself is so drab and awful that it made me adamantly believe that he himself was more apathetic to the current situation than I was.
    The rest of the cast consists of a random person that dies about ten minutes into the actual game, some antagonist named Walter, and a neighbor girl who can be stalked and scrutinized via your door's peep-hole along with a small hole in the wall. My hypothesis would be that these are the only relevant characters within the game since previous Silent Hill tiles had a similarly small cast that worked rather well, but then again this title seems to be bent on systematically destroying the things that made the series great in the first place. I really don't know since I only made it past the first area, and quite frankly didn't give enough of a s*** to find out.
    The gameplay itself remains semi-intact, the same run/aim/shoot setup, but now you have the ability to switch weapons on the fly and hold down the fire button with melee weapons for a charged attack. Not that any of this matters what so ever since 70% of the enemies I encountered were ghosts who could not be killed anyway. It isn't all ghosts and such though and I managed to stomp on various other creatures including some leopard things that seemed almost like they were phoned in, and some humanoids occasionally as well. The really sad part is that the ghosts don't really even attack you, they just drain your health by being within a certain distance of you while exerting an aura that seems to say "I'm killing you, but I'm not really into it".
    While this can induce sequences of panic if you like to take acid while playing your games, it usually just results in sequences of subdued frustration as you run through the level with bad camera in tow to escape them. The whole thing really dampers the entire 'exploration' aspect of the game, since chances are you'll spend more time just running from them instead of using a special item that keeps them stationary (yes, I am aware that said item exists, but it only lasts until you leave the room, and there aren't many anyway) in order to take in the rather poor level design in all its grandeur.
    Where the Silent Hill of old had very a atmospheric aspect that seemed to isolate you from the rest of the world, this illegitimate son takes an alternate route by placing you in a world you can't interact with directly. Although the idea is that this would have the same effect, I felt more like I was playing as Howard Hughes and began to harbor the notion that my character simply didn't enjoy social interaction, opting instead to barricade himself within his own home in the hopes of escaping the world around him.
    No matter how many ways I tried to slice it to convince myself I was having fun, I wasn't. I really didn't enjoy running from ghosts, wandering aimlessly around a forest, or listening to my characters contrived little thoughts. There was absolutely nothing I found to be engrossing in this title and how it manages to get such good reviews ruins my mind. You could try to come off deep and say this is a "psychological horror" title, and maybe I just don't "get it" but I'm willing to risk the 'unhelpful' votes and call it out on the piece of rubbish that it is.
    It seems that every time a title arises that breaks free of the constraints previously placed on a genre by other titles and distinguishes itself from the rest of the tripe, said title must then become a series and be whored out for all it's worth. I'm glad that that the Silent Hill series gave us a good IP while it lasted, and two well done sequels, but this is the kind of franchise deterioration that makes me wish to God that there was a law against producing more than three titles in a given series.
    If you want to swing a steel pipe at the same enemy, while running around a bland world for four or five hours, intermittently taking breaks to return to your place to save and replenish health; go for it. More power to you. You've obviously been tempered in raw sewage and won't be phased by it. On the other hand if you want something with substance that delivers on the chills spend your scratch on number two or three instead, or check out the Fatal Frame trilogy....more info
  • good entry for the series, but not as good as SH2/3
    I enjoyed this game for the most part, but not as much as SH2 and SH3, which were both fantastic. The idea of returning to your apartment in between each adventure kinda makes the game feel like you're progressing through 'levels' and breaks up the normally smooth flowing plot development.

    Worth the 20 bucks for sure for general players (I paid 40 bucks for it at release), and SH fans will want it to have the complete series to date....more info
  • ABC: Apathetic, Boring and Cantankerous
    When you get a series like Silent Hill, your expectations for it are going to be pretty high. But every now and then a famous developing team with a famous series decides to change things around to attract new players and also to mature the series into something different rather than remake the same game. The only problem is that game developers causing a game to mature will often lend themselves to immaturity in lieu of innovation and by handing out a game to new fans, their own expectations for the game to deliver any semblance of emotional value said series was responsible for will have died out. All of this lies in the case of Silent Hill '4' The Room, quite possibly the worst fourth game in ANY series ever conceived next to Resident Evil 4 and quite possibly the worst Silent Hill game ever made featuring the dumbest subtitle ever to support the main one (The Room?? That doesn't sound ominous at all, it sounds boring... and it is).

    The Room has taken a lot of different steps in order to make itself stand out from Silent Hill games, almost to the point where if you compared the two it would be hard to tell they're related. The Room doesn't depend on thick fog or thicker darkness to establish fear, rather it depends on one claustrophobic room pitched in a very dull First Person Perspective that encounters goofy low-budget haunted house noises whenever you approach something evil and doesn't inspire any feeling of being trapped despite that sense being pivotal to the plot as well as very large, bright and wide open alternate areas that are visited through a hole in the wall.

    The enemies especially show little semblance to a Silent Hill game as you fight zombie dogs that scream like monkies and cats whenever they get hurt, two headed zombies that make low budget ape noises and tall female zombies in torn mini-skirts and bras wielding sticks who burp every time you hit them... yes, burp.

    You even run into ghosts who, like most video game ghosts, are the cheapest, overly powered, silliest enemies you'll ever encounter in a game. Every time you get close to them, they hurt you. You can't fight them effectively without getting hurt in return even when you do wear special gift store items to guard yourself from them, but here's the biggest downer: they're everywhere. They're like Nemesis on that regard in that they follow you everywhere you go. Some of them aren't even that scary. The one that's set on fire just looks like a guy in black make-up with fake fire around him that causes more slow-down than a DreamCast racing game and one of the ghosts is a huge Ju-On/Ringu rip-off. Even weirder is that they all want to kill you for reasons the game never establishes; they have no goals, they have no purpose... they're dead people, why are they here?! And why do they all make only one noise when they chase you?

    You'll notice right away that Team Silent just dug through a low budget sound effects library to deliver the game's atmosphere, some of the noises you've heard so many times in previous games they're common place. It's not a good sign when the first noise you hear is a scream you've heard in Super Nintendo and 989 Studios games. But enough technical faults, lets get to the aesthetics.

    Silent Hill has always had a good idea of what a protagonist in a horror game should be like, but apparently they ditched that too by replacing the usually charismatic, occasionally emotional, but well spoken and always empathetic protagonist with a dull, mumbling, unimaginative, stoic, idiotic, anti-climactic... thing. Okay, maybe I'm making a big deal about this, but I'm not kidding when I say that the main character in this game would've been more poignant and effective if they had replaced him with a piece of card board or a brick or a tree stump. This man is DEVOID of human emotions. For what reason I don't know. The manual describes him as a boring dude, he ACTS like a boring dude and he never EVER gets interesting. Of course I can't blame all this on the hero, apparently all the other NPCs tend to be just as one dimensional, but at least some of them were more interesting than the hero and actually had a personality! I personally have never wanted to see a grown man being constantly showered with acetic acid, but if it's the main character of Silent Hill 4 we're talking about, then tell me where the ticket booth is!

    Well apparently the plot isn't about him or the other characters, no-no, it's about someone else. Silent Hill loved the concept of 'sympathy for the devil,' but Silent Hill 4 tries something so alien, so different and unique that it's practically ineffective. Don't you hate it in horror media where the writers think it would be really scary if serial killers were winging, emo, religious, long haired super men whose motivation for killing is so crystal clear and perfectly explained that the character doesn't even feel insane? Well, expect that in Silent Hill 4 because the antagonist is all of that and is anything but scary, especially when you consider his origins are dependent solely on continuity errors, faulty factual assumptions and memos that treat its audience like an idiot. Much like the protagonist, the antagonist is also a formless, emotionless, cold lump of clay which makes sense for a killer I guess, but does so little to boost empathy for that character despite the fact that the game treats him like a tragic victim of society. Personally, any antagonist that hounds you throughout levels wielding two pistols who can't actually be killed permanently is the kind of character I'd rather watch get processed through a pastrami slicer.

    It's actually hard to get into how bad the game play is in this game without spoiling the events in the story and considering the game takes place in an entire day the events are so constant and hurried that it's practically hard to absorb (or even believe) any of it, but the game design needs elucidation for those who don't know of the lurking horror that is The Room's game play.

    In order to progress in the game, you have to shift between reality and the trade mark 'Other World' by going into a hole in your bathroom. While this feature is unique and creepy the first time around, being overly exposed to the feature on a minutely basis breaks the atmosphere considering how many times you literally have to go back and forth between reality and the Other-verse.

    Some of the back-tracking adds to this as well seeing how you will have to use different elements in your apartment that you apparently can't find in the Other World despite the fact that I'm pretty sure you could clean a filth encrusted toy key by, you know, wiping the dirt off.

    The Otherworld is literally broken up into distinguishable levels that are all separated by different sections that ultimately break the desire for exploration; in the first two games, you could literally explore an entire town while following the linear story line, but The Room practically locks you in a cage and sends you down a conveyor belt.

    Much like Resident Evil 4, Silent Hill 4 depends on the 'innovation' of having the players play the role of alpha male for that arbitrary reason that players love the idea of the brutish, dark-haired, inhuman main character scoring with a hot, foxy young woman in a mini-skirt who couldn't protect herself with a tooth pick, but thankfully unlike Resident Evil 4, the female in Silent Hill 4 can actually protect herself after being severely injured (dayumn) and is so motherly and intelligent that she ends up being the best character in the game! All of this kind of wears off however when you consider the emotional connection between an emotional woman and a living, breathing piece of petrified crap and the fact that you have to save her by keeping her from fighting, thus helping you. At least in this case you can't blame her for running slower than you seeing how she has a sprained ankle.

    You will also have the option of saving this person from a lingering danger over their head. While looking after her was a seemingly mindless chore, I felt naturally inclined to do so because with the escort-mission aside she was the only character in the game I didn't genuinely feel like jumping into the screen and incinerating them with a flamethrower out of unbridled rage, so saving her was a must for me. However, in order to do this you have to use items that take upwards to half a minute to heal her and considering that she just gets more affected a minute later and if you let her fight even once past the third revisitation you're going to be spending a lot of time healing her which means sitting around scratching your nose waiting for nothing to happen.

    Even saving your game gets to be obnoxious because you only have one save point and at later points in the game said save point will be guarded by things that can hurt you and even kill you if your not careful.

    But you know what the worst aspect about this game is? The endings. All of them. Each and every one of them are devoid of a climax, emotion, dread, accomplishment... even sense and logic.I've played games where your only ending is repeating the entire game over again for no reason, I've played games where all you get is a text saying 'Congratulations, you won' and I've played games where the only ending is a still image where the credits scroll up... and those... ALL of those endings were art compared to the endings of Silent Hill 4 The Room.

    Ultimately I found this game to possess the dreadful ABC of gaming that it was so Apathetic, Boring and Cantankerous that I couldn't logically find myself playing it out of fear or interest without wanting to turn it off and play one of the many Resident Evil Clones from the 1990's even if they weren't that good and a game that I end up playing only so I can protect the jiggly young woman in the mini-skirt and hope the hero ends up dying in the process isn't a game dedicated to being scary or involving.

    Silent Hill 4 the Room was not a fun or scary experience for me and was about as insulting to my patience as it was to my intelligence, but if you like blatant Ringu knock-offs, boring, brown haired, emotionless heroes and more plot line movie rip-offs for the sake of originality in a horror game then dig right in. Personally, I think there's enough of this trite in horror movies today, so why bother?...more info
  • Engaging storyline draws you into the world of Silent Hill.
    This game did a great job of drawing you into the story. I felt like I was actually trapped in the apartment. The story was very spooky and the game had a lot of scary moments. I did complete most of the game with a walk-through as I found this Silent Hill to be difficult. This let me enjoy the storyline and not wander about for hours on end. Great graphics and sound. I do recommend this game to Silent Hill fans. ...more info
  • silent hill 4 ----
    I played silent hill 2 and silent hill 3 and got hooked. To me they are the scariest games ever. But silent hill 4 alright but ,I just wished that it keep me to the edge of my seat if you know what I mean....more info
  • you have 4 choices lists four choices and i would have to say dont buy it from target i wasent satisfied get it from the other 3 they are much better choices. i repeat, dont buy it from target!...more info
  • Very Very Scary
    I have never played the previous games in the series, but I heard these were pretty chilly to play. It is - especially with headphones and complete darkness. The fear from unknown sounds and noises are the feature i liked the most. Game play was a bit odd as you are not in first person view, but it works fine. The graphics and animation are top quality, i really enjoy trying scare myself when I play. Very cool and a lot of fun. It won't give you nightmares but it will rasie your heart rate....more info
  • You'll want to be trapped in a room with this game.
    "Silent Hill 4: The Room", Konami's latest addition to the Silent Hill series, is one of the best Survival-Horror games ever. However, avid fans of the Silent Hill series turn it down. Why? Because it's different. I, honestly, like this game better than 3. This game has an amazing story, one that will have you entranced for months. The gameplay is much easier to follow than previous Silent Hill games, due to the "Weapons Selection" being at the touch of a button. The addition of ghosts really adds a new portion to the game, seeing as how all the ghosts have story lines, and most of them, you meet before they die. Now, even through all the "ghosts" and "monsters", don't be fooled. This is one scary game. Especially if you are afraid of little children. Like me. Anyway, this is an excellent game that I'd recommend to anyone...anyone who doesn't feel the need to sleep....more info
  • Average survival horror adventure.
    I just finished playing Silent Hill 4 and it took me a total of almost 8 hours of play time. Were all 8 hours enjoyable? Hardly.

    Sure the game has its moments of spooky survival and dark things that go bump in the night, but i wasnt too impressed with the final product.

    The 'room' gets very annoying quick. You have to go back to your room a bajillion times throughout the game to save, heal, swap items (because of the super annoying inventory system), exorcise hauntings, and read clues under your door. Having to go back to the same old dull looking apartment room gets old too fast.

    Plus some of the areas are downright confusing. The circular prison and subway system will have you running in circles figuring out what and where to go next. And i was hardly impressed with the level design. The hospital was a large hallway with 10 rooms like a grid. And the apartment complex and sports store level were nothing but similar stairways and rooms. The levels lacked originality in my book and the only one i really enjoyed was the forest and orphanage. Spooky stuff there.

    And quite possibly the worst thing about Silent Hill 4 is the combat. Every enemy, from the dogs to the two headed monsters to the nurses followed the same attack pattern. And knocking each one down then 'stomping' them gets tedious too. And sometimes you will keep attacking a downed enemy while another standing enemy is right beside you! Annoying? Yes.

    And dont even let me get started on the horrible, ugly, dumb, partner you pick up halfway through the game. Having to constantly protect and walk slow for a useless 2nd character was terrible.

    All in all Silent Hill 4 is not a bad game. Though its not a particularly good one either. Stick to the Resident Evils or earlier Silent Hill games....more info
  • best of the series
    I accidentally made the mistake of playing SH 4 The Room before any of the other SH games, so I went in reverse. Personally, I feel this is the best in the series, and I will explain why.
    Yes, 2and 3 have the awesome, fog-smothered town of Silent Hill, with cool buildings and a radio to detect enemies. I also like the holes you can jump through in 2, and the many dungens you can reach and say, wtf?. But, you know what? Pyramid head, a guy that follows you around and that many SH fans adore, wasn't all he was hyped up to be. On top of this, the whole plot for Silent Hill 2 is really good in the beginning, but loses itself as the game progresses.
    James is lured to the town by a letter he receives from his wife... Who is dead. Cool, right? So he goes looking for her in Saint Hill. But, as you find out, Mary, the wife, was ill and stayed at a hospital in Silent Hill for a while. How could that be possible if it was a cult run town with intricate torcher chambres and a supposed orphanage that actually brainwashes children? You mean that no one noticed? There was virtually no mention of the cult, just that Mary found the town peaceful and that it was founded onsacred grounds or something. So, three doesn't really explain the cult aspect of the town as much as it should of and just made you kind of accept that people never noticed the torturing or new about it.
    Then, 3 had great graphics and a good voice over for the main character, but again, sketchy plot. They made the cult this time seem like it was actually catholic and had good intentions-to let gods eternal paradise shine on mankind- but had one or two fanatics that went about it the wrong way.
    Silet hill4 was just scary as hell. You play a man who cannot leave his apartment accept via a wierd hole in the bathroom wall that believe me, you wouldn't enter except if you had to. And he HAS to. No one will here him scream, so he has no choice. Though the voice over is appalling, the game has horrifying characters, and it portrays the cult from silent hill as being really twisted, dark, and evil as all hell. Everone keeps dying that you run into; man, are you praying that at least one person will stay alive to keep you company!
    I actually have not played the original Silent hill, but am about to buy it. I have enjoyed the series, but this one, by far, is the best for sound track, graphics, plot, and for being terrifying!!!!!!!...more info
  • Graphics get 5 stars but something is missing....
    Im a big Silent Hill fan and I just completed SH3 when my husband brought "The Room" home for me the same night. I was totally excited as I had only seen a trailor for the game during the previews for the "Resident Evil:Apocolypse" movie. From what I had seen it looked awesome, great graphics and scary. Well part of that was right.

    The Good: The graphics and soundtrack (as usual) are amazing in SH4. They keep getting better and better which really impresses me with each game. The enviorments are really detailed and brought to life. And the charachters are acted really well for a video game. I liked being able to look out the window and peek in on neighbors.

    The Bad: You dont have a radio this time. You could assume that the amount of bad guys (monsters or in this case ghosts)you will run accross is really low. Not true in some parts, now your just kept on your toes. Gone are the days of an unlimited supply of weapons and items in your pockets. Now you have a storage chest in your apartment where you must keep everything but up to 10 items to carry with you. Which can make for many a trip back to your room. No end bosses. While I never noticed in SH2 that there were no bosses until it was pointed out to me I did notice it here.

    The UGLY: THEY MESSED WITH THE CONTROLS!!!! I appreciate a game with controls where up=forward, down=backwards ALWAYS. Now you are to direct your charachter depending on the camera angle. Well thanks to many different camera changes you end up running around like a little girl sometimes. THEY MESSED WITH THE CAMERA!!! You were always able to toggle your camera either behind you (so you could see where you were going) or infront of you (to see if anything is behind you)or to look around the room. Now when your not in first person mode the camera is set. You have really no freedom to look around and definately no freedom to change your view. These two things really upset me while playing the game. There is no town to explore or any running around for extra weapons or items. You have about 4 "worlds" that you explore twice. The second time around there is nothing new about them except your purpose there.

    The REALLY UGLY: The worst thing about this game though is that it is not scary! SH2 is my personal favorite, it creeped me out the most. But all Silent Hill games have been scary. Except this one. They took away your flashlight and made the rooms brighter, thats not scary. Being in the dark and hearing something but not being able to see it is definately more scary than a well lit room. Another really bad thing about this is the puzzles. Silent Hill has always had challenging puzzles that for me were hard on the normal setting. This time on normal I had no problem. Am I getting that smart? Probably not.
    The end boss was extremely EASY. I beat it in one try. Im not great at video games and I dont suck either but I dont remember the last time I beat an end boss in one try. I think it must have been a "Kirby" game when I was 14.And this is probably one of the lamest stories I have played. There are some Resident Evil games that really leave me laughing. The stories are so out there. Silent Hill has always been a story driven game. Creepy, well thought out games which have you playing to find out more. This one was pretty lame in my opinion. I cant really say too much without giving anything away. But when you find out whats going on all I could think of was "Come on! Ive been playing this game for hours and THIS is why this is happening?" I felt robbed. I retell the story of the different Silent Hill games to friends and family who know I play it. They are all usually entertained and ask me when Ive beaten a new one "So what happend"? This one I dont even want to tell them about.

    So after reading this lengthy review of the good, bad, ugly and really ugly your probably wondering what my point is. Here it is......

    If you have played the other Silent Hill games then this is definately a game worth playing. Although it doesnt really feel like any of the others. You will get a few bits and pieces here and there to tie into the other games. You will be missing your Silent Hill staples, creepiness, atmosphere, story, good controls and camera. But you do gain really great graphics and just a new experience. I know I complain about a lot but I am glad I played it. I just hope that they fix some of the problems before they decide to make another.
    If you have never played a Silent Hill game before then start with Silent Hill 2. The graphics are a little dated (not too bad though) but it has a great story which more than makes it worth playing. Then play SH3 or the original Silent Hill. ...more info
  • Surprisingly good!
    Ive played all the Silent hill games, and I Loved 1&2, but I was so disturbed by the difficulty and bad storyline and bloody graphics of Silent Hill 3, that I passed over Silent Hill 4. By chance I ran into this game and I LOVED it. Not too hard, plenty of saves, interesting story and I am now hoping there is a Silent Hill 5....more info
  • another overrated Silent Hill game
    Though I admit the premise is intriguing, and the atmosphere is spooky as hell, there is very little real substance to the game, and I'm not sure why I continue to play these Silent Hill titles. Lots of walking around whacking these creatures with a plank of wood... That's not my idea of fun gaming, and I find it disappointing that in some ways Silent Hill has set the standard for survival horror lower than it should be. They all pale in comparison to other games in the genre like Fatal Frame, Resident Evil, and Clocktower....more info
  • Still a Good Game...
    Many Silent Hill fans feel that the series ended after SH3, and after playing Silent Hill 4: The Room, I can sort of see their point. The first three made a very nice trilogy (as is often the case, the second one was best), and any additions to the franchise seem beside the point. SH4 does its own thing, mutates certain aspects of the classic Silent Hill gameplay, and doesn't even visit the town of Silent Hill. My expectations were low. And yet, I enjoyed the game considerably and actually had fun with the aspects of gameplay that others complained about. Go figure.

    Our hero this time around is Henry Townshend, a reclusive twentysomething who's just moved into Room 302 of the South Ashfield Heights apartment complex. His life is just peachy, until he wakes up one morning to discover that the door has been chained shut and no one outside the apartment can hear him. Then the nightmares start. Then, five days later, a hole suddenly appears in Henry's bathroom wall. With nothing to lose, he climbs inside and begins a nightmarish adventure through a series of twisted realities. Ah, but along the way, he encounters holes which lead back to Room 302. This is the game's most dramatic gimmick: players must return again and again to the apartment to heal, save the game, store items, and even solve puzzles. Gameplay switches to first-person in Room 302, third-person everywhere else. It's true that this back-and-forthing gets tedious, but it helps with the game's atmosphere: after fighting monsters and ghosts for awhile, it's nice to return to the safe cocoon of home. And it makes it all the more freaky and distressing when Room 302 starts to.....change.

    Gradually, a plot takes shape -- a good plot, actually, involving a series of murders and a sinister figure named Walter Sullivan. What's the connection between Sullivan, Room 302, and the Silent Hill cult? The answer is pretty twisted. In the process of learning the truth, Henry moves through several environments that are, unfortunately, kind of uninspired (except for a nifty waterlogged prison). As in any SH game, he finds various helpful items and weapons, and the game actually ups the combat by adding a health meter and the ability to deliver more powerful attacks. Also, Henry has a limited inventory (a la Resident Evil) and must store extra items in his apartment. I enjoyed this because it added an element of strategy: which items should be equipped when? Others may hate it; such is life.

    It's a solid game overall, though far from perfect. Henry is a pretty boring protagonist, utterly lacking the intrigue of earlier SH heroes. The game cops out by having you revisit previous areas for most of the second half, and also ends the tradition of isolation by saddling you with a female sidekick. And, of course, there are the ghosts, a persistent and infuriating type of foe that follows you everywhere, harms you just by being nearby, and can only be neutralized through a complicated process involving various "special" items that clog up your inventory. Luckily, the other creatures are pretty freaky and owe much to the minimalist designs of SH2. The music and sound are good as ever, and the game uses lots of blurry and grainy effects to enhance the sense of unreality and dread. After the rather overblown SH3, it's nice to see a return to subtle, cerebral horrors. Yes, the gameplay is tedious at times, but the atmosphere is dead-on in most respects. And as I like these games for their atmosphere, I was satisfied.

    I must warn readers: the altered gameplay aspects that I liked may have other people tearing their hair out. However, once you accept that this is a different kind of Silent Hill game, you'll realize that at heart, it's just as rich and unsettling as previous games. I would say that it's worth your time....more info
  • Maybe it's best not to compare this game to the other Silent Hill games...but....
    Okay, where to start....This game was very mediocre in my opinion and a big disappointment, not to say that it's bad, just not on the same par as SH 1 and 2. Silent Hill 1 and 2 had a couple things going for it that this game and the third completely trounced over. For one, this game didn't personalize the characters like they should have and did in SH1 and 2. I played through the game and didn't give a crap about Henry or Eileen....I liked little Walter though. SH3 has the same problem. I couldn't care less about Heather. In SH1 and 2, they throw sympathetic characters in impossible situations and you find out that they are personally part of the story itself, not just a coincidental bystander. And Heather is just retarded.
    The gameplay itself kind of bites too. They added a really retarded item-weapon system, you have to click it without going to a menu screen which is really annoying, particularly when you want to use a health item in a hurry. You end up clicking the wrong item, wasting 2 or even 3 health items instead of using 1, and is simply put, annoying. I will give it that it has good graphics, but Henry's voice actor is so weak and unbelievable..... "Eileen, relax" like he's hitting on her, although she's in a hospital and is freaking out, because she's just been murdered....wrong inflection dude... And look out for the retarded cross-eyed giant Eileen head that omits obscene noises in the hospital on the second floor.....and no I'm not joking or exaggerating. Oh and let's not forget the ghosts that can't die and follow you wherever you go towards the end of the game. They do give you ways of stopping them, but only about 4 of them. Also the Walter AI is sort of stupid too, it can work alright, but at the Prison when he's supposed to be chasing Henry and Eileen he's busy shooting dead Hummers(stupid mutant wasps) about 6 times and lets you just waltz past him....cause that is just so much more important.... Oh and let's not forget about the apartment, 1st person doesn't belong in SH, it really interupts gameplay to have to return to your apartment to save, heal, get items, whatever...It's just stupid to have to be there as much as you do. They should have kept the old item system, made the apartment 3rd person, and added saves in the other areas and not just in the apartment, and this game could have been way better.
    Overall, this game is just a mix of good ideas, bad ideas, and a bunch of poorly executed ideas. It's okay, but luckily I borrowed it from a friend and didn't buy it myself. I do think it's worth a playthrough, but that's about it. I really don't want to play through 4 times to get all the endings....more info
  • Definatly NOT worth $76 in anyway buy it used!
    I'm not sure where they got the $76 dollar price from but it's insane. I could almost see that for Silent Hill 1 considering that it's extremely popular and currently out of print and EXTREMELY hard to find.

    Silent Hill for is not hard to find in the least bit and for good reason. It's the worst in the series. It fails to live up to the excellant story telling of most of the Silent Hill stories being both fairly uninteresting and lacking in the thrills and chills offered by the other games in the series. The lead character is shallow as far as emotions and character development goes.
    The graphics are a far cry from Silent Hill 3's and are actually almost on the level of Silent Hill 2's. Which is not good. Silent Hill 2's graphics were good when the ps2 came out but not now. Team Silent Hill has shown they can do better.
    The gameplay itself is more annoying then it is enjoyable. You spend most of your time escorting Eileen around Silent Hill. Which would be fine if it was like Silent Hill 2 and she magically appeared in the next room with you but she doesn't. She also has a tendency to get hung up fighting monsters that she has no hope of killing and it's impossible to tear her away from it so you end up having to kill it for her just to move the game along. Then there's the ghosts. They're scary at first sure but by impossable to kill ghost sighting number 4 you'll find them more annoying then anything else. There's also the fact that you can only carry so many weapons at a time which means you'll be going back and forth between your room and whatever world your currently in a lot. Which is annoying because then your going to have to back track through the whole area multiple times. Speaking of backtracking the game itself is a hug excersize in back tracking. The game itself only has a few levels which Team Silent Hill thought it would be a good idea to repeat in the later half of the game. NO ONE WANTS LEVEL REPEATS OR ESCORT MISSIONS KONAMI!
    Then there's the game's length. It is incredible short perhaps even shorter then Silent Hill 3 which is not good. Silent Hill games are known for being short. This games also only has like 3 or 4 endings and it completely lack the UFO ending that Silent Hill games are known for. All in all quite a disapointment from Konami and Team Silent Hill. It shows that it wsa game that Team Silent Hill picked up after someone else abandoned it.

    However it's not all bad news. The game does have pretty deciant atmosphere even considering it's hangups. The lead role male characters are pretty attractive and popular with female Silent Hill fans. It is a Silent Hill game and as such adds some new background and history to the town. It is still fairly scary and new players will enjoy that. The soundtrack is of course as always excellant as it was done by Akira Yamaoka.

    Basically fans of the series buy this but be prepared to be disapointed. New players and casual gamers might like this game and will certianly love how frightening it is.

    Scary atmosphere
    Attractive lead characters
    Excellant Soundtrack
    Adds to the history of the overall series
    New players will find it frightening

    Graphics are very reminiscent of early ps2
    Waaay to short
    Not enough endings/ no UFO ending
    Not enough lead character development
    Fails to live up to previous installments
    Ghost are annoying
    Level repeating
    To much backtracking between your room and the other demension
    cost $76 to order new from Amazon... Seriousally where are they getting that?...more info
  • Silent Hill 5
    The next installment in the Silent Hill survival horror video game series, is currently being developed by an American studio. Let hope they can bring this franchise to the next level.
    A couple of annoying things to point out bout THIS title.
    1. the voice actor playing the protagonist nearly put me in a coma. He has the same tone of voice no matter whats happening around/to him.
    2. Hate the combat system. Was never hoping for or expecting a God of War type..but something smoother AND useful to the player when trying to eliminate the creatures and/or survive enemy attacks.
    3. Their are a few moments in the animation of the characters (espeacially the main character) where is seems they're moving in 0 gravity. Its just seems SOOOooo slow at times.
    So some positives.
    1. the game is creepy.
    2. I like how the you start you learn more and more about the apartment as you get further into the game.
    3. and just some all around creepy creatures AND human residents living in the apartment building.
    In conclusion, the game is "OK". You MIGHT wanna rent this before you think about buying though....more info
  • The Horror Still Lives
    As a long-time fan of the Silent Hill series, I've been anticipating the release of Silent Hill 4 for some time now. I've followed it for months with screenshots, teasers, and even a short preview movie. Finally, when it was released, I bought a copy and set foot once again into the horror that is Silent Hill.

    You play as Henry, a loner who lives in room 302 of an apartment complex, and for the past several days has been unable to leave. His front door is securely chained up from the inside by sources unknown. As you walk into your living room area, a horrific scene plays as a ghost crawls through your wall and begins to approach you. Then, you seem to black out and awaken with everything back to normal.

    After walking into your bathroom, you notice a hole in the wall. You pry a steel pipe from in front of it (your first weapon), and crawl down a long corridor, eventually ending up on a down escalator into the subway system. From here, the plot thickens as you combat vicious monsters, explore the twisted environment, and meet up with an assortment of different people who are either there to help you, or to destroy you.

    The storyline is very strange and complex, but at the same time intriguing. Henry has the ability to return to his apartment at any time by using special "portals" drawn with a red symbol (called "The Mark of Samael") where he can store excess items from his inventory, and towards the beginning of the game recover his health. The puzzles are usually not that hard to solve, though there may be times when you get stumped on how to get through a certain one. A bit of advice I can offer is that if you can't seem to solve it, try returning to your apartment and find something to interact with there. This was one of the more clever elements to the game, and I thought it very innovative.

    Just like any game, Silent Hill 4 is not without its drawbacks. You will encounter certain enemies in the game that are literally unkillable. You simply have to put up with them, and it can get very irritating. Also, the actual control system is a lot different from the other Silent Hill games, and it may take a while to get used to it. Once you do, however, it actually will feel a lot better using it. Last but not least, the non-linear elements of the original Silent Hill and Silent Hill 2 are completely gone. Now the story is a straight-and-narrow journey as opposed to letting you wander around the town, looking for hidden loot, or just trying to pick a fight with random baddies.

    Overall, a 9 of 10 for Silent Hill 4. I recommend a rental to anyone who's interested in playing it, but if you're familiar with the ones before it, it's a definite buy. The terrifying universe of the town of Silent Hill will have your mind bending and will haunt your dreams for years to come....more info


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