Bionaire 20 Pint Dehumidifier BDQ24-UC, White

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Product Description

Running quietly and efficiently, this fully portable, 20-pint-capacity dehumidifier effectively handles room sizes up to 1300 square feet. The two systems for collecting condensation include either discharging moisture continuously with the water-reservoir bypass system or collecting moisture in the large tank. An audible signal and flashing LED alerts when the tank is full, while automatic overflow protection turns the dehumidifier off until the bucket is emptied. Other features include auto defrost and SmartTouch digital control, humidity display, and electronic sensor, which measures how much humidity is in a room then works just enough to counter it. A pivoting handle and durable castor wheels make this unit easy to store or transport from room to room. Filter Plus, a washable nylon filter plus odor-removing insert is included. The dehumidifier measures approximately 26 by 14 by 16 inches and carries a two-year limited warranty. --Catie Unger

Bionaire BDQ24 QUIETECH 20 pint Dehumidifier - Includes SmartTouch digital control and humidity display, audible signal and flashing LED when bucket is full, drain option, auto defrost, electronic control/display. also includes Filter Plus, a washable nylon filter plus odor removing insert.

  • Quiet, energy-efficient operation with non-ozone depleting refrigerant
  • SmartTouch? electronic control with digital display and humidity sensor
  • Consumer conveniences: front reservoir access, pivoting handle and rolling casters, continuous drain option with reservoir bypass
  • Water reservoir status indicator with safety shut-off
  • Washable mesh air filtration system with carbon odor filter
Customer Reviews:
  • Quiet and it works
    I have a small office, maybe 7 x 12, with a couple thousand books in it. The airconditioning is turned off at night, and the high humidity that results has for years made my office smell like it's rotting for four months a year. It was embarrassing and probably not healthy. So, after reading a lot of reviews, I bought one of these.

    It worked great. It was much quieter than I expected--like a quiet fan. Some dehumidifiers put out a lot of heat and heat up a room many degrees. This put out air that was only a little warmer than room air. It sucked 2 gallons of water out of the air every day until the humidity dropped in early October. It would have sucked more, but the tank was always full when I came in every morning, and I don't know when it filled and turned off.

    It kept my office at about 35% humidity, instead of 60%, and in a couple days the smell from the books was gone. This is an excellent choice for a similar situation. I used it continually for three months without any difficulty....more info
  • Not worth the Money
    Had this item for less than a year and it died. Called up the help line. They requested a receipt. We sent the receipt. Three weeks later nothing. Called up again to find out what happened. They were still waiting for the receipt. Sent it again. Three more weeks and still nothing. We had to send the receipt three times before they would honor their warranty. For the bad service and high price I would recommend looking else where. It's also very loud and useless....more info
  • Worked perfectly...for a month at least
    The Bionaire BDQ24-UC dehumidifier unit impressed me for a month - until it stopped working competely. The 30-day period had just expired so it was not possible to return the unit, however on contacting Bionaire directly and explaining the problem, they graciously agreed to send me a replacement unit. Hopefully, the new unit will last longer, but I can certainly vouch for excellent customer support from Bionaire should you encounter problems yourself. I found the unit more effective when set specifically to one of the % range settings - managing to remove several pints of water from the air daily. In the "economy" mode it was less effective - in fact would do very little. I also found it quiet - as advertised - without generating any adverse heat. I cannot compare to other dehumidifiers as this is my first, but provided my replacement unit lasts longer than the first, I would recommend it....more info
  • Terrible customer service
    The compressor failed on my unit within the warranty period. After a lengthy frustrating email exchange, Bionaire customer service offered me a replacement and I was pleased that I wasn't required to return the whole machine as I hadn't saved the original carton and transportation would have been expensive. All I had to do was cut off the power cord and mail that in. Sounds good right? Wrong. It took another several email requests to get them to give me the address. I mailed in the cord and again nothing. By the way, they have an automatic email response thanking you for your patience and promising a real response within 24 hours. After several weeks of no response as usual, I got fed up and sent a snail mail letter to the ceo of Jardin, Bionaire's parent. Within a week, the replacement unit was delivered. Since then, I have been deluged with emails from different customer service reps explaining the tardiness of their responses being due to the email traffic that they have to deal with and stating how pleased I should be with the new unit. #1--they don't appear to realize that in winter homes are too dry already and people don't use a dehumidifier to make them drier. And #2--if 24 hours is an unrealistic response time, why promise it? ...more info
  • Works with quirks (energy hog,but a dust mite killer).
    I thought it was broken when the humidity readout read WAY off on the room humidity,but it seemed to readjust itself after running and having been moved around. However the purported energy saving rating is only valid for lowest setting. Otherwise it's like having a heater going. Otherwise, a good product (with no information at Bionaire website) with a 2 year warranty (limited?). However it probably costs $60. just to ship it. I used AMEX for an extended warranty if it dies at the 2 year mark.I'm on my 20th month with 6 months of use. There's also the updated BDQ25 model that costs more. Did you know that a dehumidifier will kill all the dust mites in your room if you lower the humidity enough....more info
  • Bionaire BDQ24-UC Quietech 20-Pint Dehumidifier Review
    This product was bought for my family and is sturdy, efficient and easy to use and move. I would purchase another Bionaire product in a heartbeat. had it shipped in a secure and well packaged container which arrived safely and quickly. There are NO complaints with this order and shipping of the item. Thank you for professionalism in this endeavor....more info
  • So far so good...
    Fairly quiet...Puts out a little heat but has solved my problem of musty air stink...I like to open the windows at night and use some fans to get a good draw...Really cools the house down but gets very moist...This solves it for me...Draws out a full tank (looks like about a gallon) every night......more info
  • good dehumidifier
    it is pretty quiet ( compared to what exists on the market) it works correctly. We have been leaving it on all days and it works very well.
    ...more info
  • Poor customer service
    Mine was purchased last July and it was broken after two months. Called the manufacturer for exchange, but they do not have the model in stock. After alsmot half a year, I am still waiting. They do recommend a new model, but I have to pay $180. ...more info
  • Bionaire Dehumidifier
    excellent dehumidifier, I use this in my basement shop.
    When I plugged it in it began working, My basement shop is pretty damp.
    I have to empty this unit everyday. This unit takes up 20 pints
    of water a day in my basement and it's very quiet. It's also a energy star
    so it's good on the electric bill
    I would highly recommend this ! ...more info
  • quiet and effective!
    This dehumidifier works great! I love that it is quiet. It has many options re: how long you want it to run ie: continuous, economy, or at 2 different humidity levels. I don't like that the water container does not have a handle to carry in order to empty it, but it is a small enough water recepticle that I don't mind that much. ...more info
  • No quiet at all
    I need a dehumidifier in my bedroom. I called the company to find out the decible of the noise. They wound not give me a number. So I have no choice but to get one. It is loud, running like a F35, not just a 747, next to me now in my bedroom. I would need to have ear-plugs to sleep. I guess I have to continue my search. Soleus CMF-25 has a noise level of 41 db. The quietest seems to be all Japanese products. Toshiba has one that has a noise level of 33dB, RAD-100DWX. That is the best I can find now. The trouble is that it is not on US market, and I need to get a friend's help to get it from Japan. It is also much more expensive, about $300 + whatever shipping I need to pay....more info
  • Very quiet!
    I bought this dehumidifier for a bedroom and the main criteria was that it not be noisy. This one is the quietest I've ever heard - a perfect choice for us....more info
  • Efficient and Quiet
    Very reliable. Very quiet. Using this product in an upstairs office area. Makes a huge difference in humidity levels....more info
  • Same Story Here--Worked Just Great until...
    This is a great little dehumidifier: it's quiet, nicely designed, and it draws a lot of water. At least, it did until this past Friday.

    We've had our Bionaire dehumidifier for a little over a year and then suddenly it simply stopped pulling in moisture.

    The turbine still spins and the display indicates that there is 95% humidity in the air, but there was no water in the reservoir. Not good.

    I've emailed their customer support and await a reply.

    Bill...more info
  • Susan in TN
    This has been a great purchase for us! We have an approx. 1100 sq. foot finished basement that was beginning to feel very humid. The humidity was running around 55% all the time in the summer and not much lower in the winter. This machine has brought the humidity down to 40-45% all the time (in the summer) and the basement now feels dry and comfortable. It is QUIET, easy to use and attractive. We have a humidistat accross the room from where the machine is and the humidity readings match so we find it to be very accurate. I would definitely reccomend this dehumidifier! ...more info
  • Works Great
    Quiet,pulls alot of water. The first one broke within days so store exchanged. The second one works great, Have had for two years. Customer service department is great and goes out of their way to help you. Should have rated 5 STARS. Hit wrong button....more info
  • As quiet as they get. Works faithfully.
    Mine has been working non-stop for 14 months now. It is much quieter than other dehumidifiers, because it has a turbine-like fan and a new cooling technology. It also seems to produce less heat than other dehumidifiers, although it does warm up the air (that's unavoidable). The only problem that I have found with this machine is the placement of the humidistat. The sensor for humidity is located inside it and gets dried out pretty quickly. As a result, the dehumidifier underestimates the humidity of the room, turns itself off too soon, and then will not turn itself on once the humidity goes up in the room. This is not a problem for me, because I need it to run non-stop. However, it would be a nuissance if you require precise control of the relative humidity....more info
  • It works very well!
    I got this a few months ago. It really work pretty well. It feels good to see it takes a lot of water from the air in my room. I like it!

    ...more info
  • No problems here!
    I live in an old house outside San Francisco where there is no central air or heating. During the summer, we leave the windows open because the weather is perfect, but in the winter and fall, we close up -- unfortunately, this means having a damp house because the bathroom and kitchen never dry up. Humidity was a new problem for me and I had never purchased a dehumidifer before, so I crossed my fingers and bought the Bionaire BDQ24-UC.

    My first impression was "wow, it's bigger than I thought" (of course, this was my fault for not reading the dimensions on Amazon before ordering). However, it really isn't all that imposing. It fits neatly into our tiny bathroom, and doesn't stick out at all.

    Secondly, the thing works like a champ. The economy mode is great for us, because we'd like to keep utilities low AND let our towels dry at night. The first night we had it on, it pulled out about 2-3 cups of water, and brought the relative humidity down to 50% from about 78%, on a night where it was about 50 °F. From my perspective, this was an overnight fix.

    As far as the noise, I'm a very light sleeper; a drip from the bathroom faucet next to our bedroom will keep me up at night. The Bionaire is pretty quiet-- it's similar in volume to a window-unit air conditioner. So it doesn't keep me up at night, and I can watch movies in the next room without really noticing.

    I gave it four out of five stars because the humidistat lags a bit (~20 min) when in economy mode -- while this really is not a big deal for me, I could imagine that a different design might work better for those who need an instant response. I can't attest to its long-term reliability because I only have the experience of a few weeks, but if you're concerned about that, then it does have a 2-year warranty. It ships with a receipt from Amazon, so be sure to hang on to that. Best of luck!

    UPDATE (Jan. 2008): Two years later, it works great. A month ago, it seemed like it wasn't sensing the humidity so well. It turns out the air filter was clogged-- oops, I hadn't cleaned it since I bought it! I washed the filter in the sink and put it back on the machine still wet. Works like it did on day one. I recommend it very much still, and if I could give it 4.9 stars, I would....more info
  • Highly recommend!!!
    I have read the all amozon reviews and bought this unit. We are living in a house, always feel dampy. We have a creek near by and a flat-roof on top has been making the environment worse. I turned it on, the humidity level was 86 so kept it on for a few days. WOW! I can feel and see a HUGE DIFFERENCE. I don't see any water on windows in the morning even. It seems,this unit is effective to the whole house. (Approx. 1200 sqft)The last thing we must to check is a electric bill, we haven't receive yet. other than that, I really recommend this unit. Runs quietly and does great job!...more info
  • Awesome product!
    I've owned other dehumidifiers that sound like 747's. This one is sooo quiet compared to them. There is no such thing as a silent dehumdifer, but this is as quiet as they get. When I got this my apartment was always wet. My bed and clothes always felt damp. I plugged this in and it said the humidty level in my room was 85%!!! I guess I was living in a swamp. I set this unit to keep the room at about 50% humidity and it worked great and made a huge difference. It was amazing how much water it took out of the air....more info
  • WARNING! Breaks with no Support
    Hi everyone,

    I have had the unit for 6 months and it suddenly died. Let me say that it works very well. That is, until it dies.

    Bionaire no longer makes this appliance. WHen I called to get service, I was denied because I didn't have a receipt. Well, the manufacture date is within the 2 years warranty, but that didn't matter to Bionaire. In fact, Bionaire told me that even if I did have a receipt, they couldn't do anything for me because it is discontinued.

    On top of that, my intelligence was insulted 10+ times by a Bionaire rep trying to give me a discount on a HUMIDIFIER. I quit trying to explain the basics of humidification/dehumidification to the customer representative over five times, but she never quite understood and kept trying to sell me a humidifier.

    Unless you want an un-warrantied machine that will break down, don't buy this item. Bionaire provides no support and will just insult you by trying to replace your dehumidifier with a discount humidifier.

    Are these people a bunch of momos, or what?
    ...more info
  • Works like a charm!
    I can't begin the explain how great this machine is. I've had it for about a month and it has made a dramatic difference in my household. The style is very pleasing and fits into any room I place it in. The only minor problem I would say is the noise level. It can be a bit high, but I have gotten used to it and the noise just blends into the background.

    I especially like the three humidity settings and the digital guage for the humidity level in the room. In addition, the unit comes with a built-in handle and casters to wheel it around. When the collection tank is full, the unit beeps once and flashes a light. Removing the tank and emptying it are much easier than I thought it would be. This unit is a pleasure to have and well worth the money. I think the Bionaire company has lived-up to its name with this machine....more info