Oxo Good Grips LiquiSeal Travel Mug

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Product Description

Enjoy that coffee-to-go using your own personal travel mug. Make a pot or cup of your favorite beverage at home and take it with you on your morning commute, weekend road trip or as you run errands. The mug features three seals to prevent spills, and offers a one-handed, one-click activation. The vacuum insulation keeps your beverage the desired temperature for up to seven hours. Stainless construction is durable, keeps mug odor free and is easy to clean. Exterior offers soft, non-slip grip. Holds 14 ounces.

Drinks stay hot or cold for up to seven hours in this insulated, double-walled, stainless-steel travel mug from OXO. Plus, three silicone seals in the lid opening prevent leaks and drips from spoiling clothes on the way to work. One hand is all that's needed to operate this mug: a button in the middle of the lid opens the drinking seal (a red background alerts the user to its open position); and then closes the device. Letting a few seconds lapse before closing will allow liquid in the spout area to drain back inside, thus preventing drips.

The sleek, brushed-finish, stainless-steel body of the mug fits any standard car cup holder. OXO's signature soft, non-slip material rings the mug neck, allowing for a secure grip when drinking or unscrewing the contoured lid. The mug holds 14 ounces--room for a double-tall latte with extra foam. A marked `max' line inside prevents over-filling. Preheating or pre-chilling the mug is recommended for increased insulation value. For best results, wash the mug by hand after each use. OXO backs all its products with a satisfaction warranty, and will replace or refund any returned item. --Ann Bieri

  • 3 seals insure no leaks
  • One hand activation
  • Vacuum insulation
  • Double wall stainless steel is stain and odor free
  • Soft, non-slip grip

Customer Reviews:

  • This is the best mug I have ever owned!
    While I've only had this mug for about a month, it's one of the greatest purchases I have ever made. It is COMPLETELY leakproof! I fill it with coffee and throw it in my backpack with my laptop, and not a drop has ever spilled. Simply amazing. My biggest worry is theft from jealous friends! Hot drinks stay hot for at least a couple hours, and stay warm for half a day. I will never go back to ordinary travel mugs again. Ever....more info
  • Good but ...
    I didn't believe the other reviews, but this mug is EXTREMELY difficult to clean. It does keep your drink nice and warm, and it doesn't leak, but it also builds up a crust inside that's pretty disgusting. With the complicated click-top mechanism there's no real way to tell if you're getting it clean or not ... ...more info
  • Best coffe mug ever
    This coffee mug is the best I've owned in my 30 years of drinking coffee. I like it because:
    - Lid screws off making cleaning cap/filling mug easy
    - When cup is sealed, contents can be vigorously shaken rather than stirred (James Bond would be proud) no stir sticks required!
    - In drinking configurationa, allows hot contents to be sampled without burning lips
    - Sturdy aluminum cup has endured the rough combat environment with only superficial scars--functions perfectly
    - Excellent thermal qualities keep contents hot (cold?) for extended periods

    Other considerations:
    - Not suitable for microwave use
    - Recommend a cute plastic artsy/fartsy Starbucks mug for domestic use

    Rock on... and stuff...more info
  • Great mug... finally!
    I bought this mug a couple of weeks ago and have been really pleased with it. I have finally found a mug that does not spill and that retains the heat for several hours, as advertised. I highly recommend this mug!!...more info
  • Great at first, but eventually, unable to completely clean.
    Agree with some of the other reviewers. Best not to use with mixed drinks, for example, coffee or tea with milk or cream, otherwise, particulate material gets trapped in lid (breeding-ground for bacteria). I almost threw up at work with my first morning sip. I had been sure I had cleaned and rinsed out the top the night before.
    After work, I tried many times to clean the top out. Despite hot water & soap regimen (similar to prior posts), followed by multiple (>15X!) rinsings with vigorous shaking, I could not clean it completely-brown flaky crud would still come out (saw when rinsing into white bowl)-very gross! Finally, I gave up and "sacrificed" the top and opened up the inner mechanism (by cutting the stem). Design flaw led to retained material in central chamber with foul-smelling, encrusted, rusty metal spring-coil. Oxo needs another seal, to prevent liquids from coming into the central chamber. I loved this mug, until I realized it was too difficult to clean. I was trying to be "green" by bringing own mug to work. I use the bottom still, but for bringing liquids (with milk) to work, I will go back to my Nissan thermos, until can find a better mug design, that's non-spilling, safe and easy to clean. I'm going to warn my friends who have not had their mugs as long......more info
  • Best travel mug ever
    After going through countless travel mugs, some of which leaked and others which kept my coffee hot for about 30 minutes, I came upon this OXO Travel Mug. It keeps my coffee hot for hours and never drips, leaks or spills. It is very easy to clean and attractive on my desk. I bought two, and have recommended it to others!...more info
  • Fits in most bike bottle cages!
    This coffee mug rules. Totally seals, no spills. One additional bonus for bike commuters: it fits perfectly into most bicycle bottle cages. Now you won't mind getting stopped at that red light, you can just chill and sip some coffee on your way!

    One quick note, the inside of the button shows red when the seal is open -- somewhat counterintuitive in my opinion. Red means stop, green means go. On this coffee mug, however, when you see red, the coffee is-a-flowing!...more info
  • It's fine as a water bottle
    Oxo Good Grips LiquiSeal Travel Mug has a clever idea with its spill proof design, top push button valve and drinking lip. It's vacuum insulated to keep your drinks hot or cold.

    However, I have reservations about keeping it sanitary as a coffee mug because of residue entrapment under its lid and valve seals.

    I use mine only as an ice water bottle. It's fine and can be kept clean for that purpose.
    ...more info
  • So close to perfect, but ultimately unusable & possibly unhealthy
    I was so excited about this mug until after the first use I discovered liquid trapped inside the top (I could hear it sloshing around when I shook the top). I tried everything to get it out to no avail. This can't be healthy. Then I came to Amazon and read that many others found the same flaw. I should have read the reviews first.

    This is a real shame because it is an otherwise fantastic product and performs exactly as advertized. I eagerly await a new version with this flaw corrected but for now, sadly, I have no choice but to return it and look for something else....more info
  • Great Travel Mug
    This item has all the requirements for an excellent travel mug: Excellent insulation (vacuum),turned upside down it does not leak. What more could you ask?...more info
  • No leaks!
    Each morning, I throw my mug in my bag and commute either by el train or by bike. It's very important to me that the cup not leak so I have tested many mugs. The Oxo good grips has not leaked yet, keeps my coffee nice and warm, and looks stylish too....more info
  • Works great
    This item is great. It doesn't leak and is simple to use, fits in cup holders, keeps servings to a reasonable amount.

    It seals a little too well, remember to wash and let it air out....more info
  • The Best!!
    This is the best hot drink cup I have ever used. When closed it is completely spill proof. It keeps my morning tea just right for 3 to 4 hours. I've bought an OXO for friends and they love it, too....more info
  • Great product, has held up very well
    I've owned a couple of these for more than a year now, and can say they are as good as I thought when I first bought them. No visible wear at all, they seem to be built to last.

    I also bought a few and gave them to family members as christmas gifts. Everyone still talks about them.

    One comment: to clean properly, you need to wash out the interior of course, but then add some dishwashing liquid soap in there and hot water. Put the cap on, (and close top button so it sealed) then swirl and shake around as hard you can for a while, then turn upside down, click the button on top to open it up, and shake and let the soapy water run through the top part.

    This is the only way I think you can really clean it so you don't get buildup. Others have complained they theirs are nasty after usage, but you really HAVE to do this as described if you want to really clean the tumblers.

    4 stars for quality construction and materials, not to mention spectacular ability to maintain heat for LONG periods of time.

    -1 star because it's not so easy to clean and you can't use dishwasher.

    Highly recommended....more info
  • Great Travel Mug
    I've had this mug for about 6 months now and I haven't had a single spill with it yet. It seems to be totally leak-proof. It's slightly annoying that you aren't supposed to put it through the dishwasher, but I'll willingly wash it by hand every night if it means that this mug will keep up its great performance....more info
  • Fatally flawed mug cannot be cleaned and starts stinking
    I purchased this mug locally after too little research. The product suffers from serious design flaws. Despite hand-cleaning thoroughly after each use, the lid smells awful from old coffee and soured milk. There is liquid trapped inside the lid now, sucked into some internal chamber when I poured hot and then cold water over it in an attempt to kill the stench-causing bacterial colonies. The lid cannot be disassembled and can never be properly cleaned because of inaccessible internal surfaces. If that weren't enough, the click mechanism is showing signs that it's nearing the end of its useful life. All this after only a few months of use.

    Another flaw is the permanent silicone sealing ring that forms a large lip inside the base between the polycarbonate middle section and the stainless bottom. This lip holds liquid even when turned or shaken upside down and is difficult to clean. Even after vigorously scrubbed with a plastic bristle brush, brown gunk comes off onto a drying cloth directed between the stainless part and the seal.

    I think the "LiquiSeal" product line featuring this particular lid and base design is fatally flawed. This is sad because until it started stinking, it was exactly what I wanted: a well-constructed mug to keep liquids warm and truly sealed, pleasant to hold and drink from. That's why the mug merits two stars instead of one.

    I've contacted Oxo to see if they have plans to fix these flaws, but the momentum of a large company is a tough nut to crack. A promising alternative that looks fully cleanable is the Thermos Nissan 14-Ounce Leak-Proof Insulated Travel Mug. My friend and unwitting guinea pig likes the one I bought him so far. I'll ask again in a few months....more info
  • Coffee + Fixie = Good Times
    After carrying a SIGG bottle with me at all times when on my bike I realized that the one flaw is that I don't always drink water. The great thing about this mug is that it is totally sealed, easy to drink with one hand and fits perfectly in the water bottle holder of my favorite backpack.Patagonia LIGHTWIRE PACK...more info
  • Excellent Product
    I wanted a spill-proof, insulated container for getting coffee in the morning. This product came well reviewed, so I decided to give it a shot.

    This mug was exactly what I was looking for. When sealed, coffee doesn't escape at all - I can shake the mug to mix sugar and cream into the coffee.

    The insulation works very well - several hours after filling, the coffee is still hot enough to enjoy.

    Finally, I haven't had any issues with cleaning the mug or liquids being trapped inside. I wish this was machine washable, but it cleans easily enough that it isn't a big deal....more info
  • Really keeps drinks hot
    This mug doesn't leak and really keeps drinks hot for hours. As someone else wrote, the lid is hard to clean completely but since I drink only tea from mine I'm not too concerned with one drink tasting like another. The only thing this mug is missing is a handle. All of my previous thermal cups had handles and I thought I'd really miss it on the Oxo but it hasn't been a big deal....more info
  • Keeps coffee hot for hours, 1 handed use, no leaks
    This travel mug has several key features:
    1) Thermal - its insulated interior keeps coffee very hot, comparable to some of my more expensive mugs

    2) One handed operation - Click away - click to open, click to close - can be done with a finger. I had a mug I loved that had the typical slide opening, after 2 years of hard use it would slide closed every time I tilted it to take a drink, that's not a possibility with this

    3) Spill-proof - remember to click it closed and when you slam on your brakes and it goes flying, you won't have anything to worry about except how to retrieve it so you can keep drinking - 1 caveat, after drinking give it a little shake before clicking it closed to push down any residual liquid in the top

    4) Leak-proof - couple caveats here - don't overfill (leave at least 1" from the inner black rim) and make sure the cap is tight

    5) Durable - I wash it in the dishwasher w/o problems and have dropped it onto tile without problems

    6) Easy to clean - I had a problem with dried coffee accruing on the underside of the slide on other mugs, this mug is very easy to clean (clean it in the open position)

    7) easy to hold - a slight recess towards top of the mug gives a nice place to comfortably grip the mug

    Cons: The metal has stained/discolored slightly after 8 months of daily...more info
  • Love gone wrong.
    First, I bought a red mug for myself. Later, a grey one for my husband. We loved the size, the good seal, and the sturdyness of the mugs. We made our own lattes here at home.

    It appeared to be like heaven. We cleaned them by rinsing them (including lid) right after emptying them, and also putting them through the dishwasher each night.

    Until the other day my husband said he was drinking his coffee and found a "chunk" come out of it. He was disgusted. So I set about cleaning the little buggers...

    And there is no way in hell I could EVER take another drink from either of them, or buy another one of these mugs. I used some pipe cleaners and a good pull on the plunger to get up into the lid to clean it out...

    OMG, it was the most disgusting thing. I seriously almost fainted when I realized WE WERE DRINKING OUT OF THIS THING.

    Oh. My. God.

    So I came to Amazon to order new mugs for us -- and happened to look this up and see that we are NOT the only people to have this problem!
    ...more info
  • Excellent Travel Mug
    After reading some of the reviews regarding the cleaning problems I was somewhat reluctant to buy this mug. However, on the positive side the mug does keep coffee hot for hours, does not leak a drop, and fits nicely in the cup holder of my car. I have not had any problem cleaning this mug and I use it five days a week to go to work. First I rinse it out then I put a couple of drops of liquid dish detergent in the mug and fill it with hot tap water. Then with the cap on the mug in the open position I turn the mug upside down and gently shake it from side to side until the soapy water is drained out. Then I remove the cap still in the open position and rinse the mug and the cap with clean water. This process takes about a minute. I hope this helps....more info
  • Very good Cup. Really is leakproof
    First of all the cup works great and I fill it up and drink for about 2 hours and it is still very hot. I carry it in my ski jacket pocket and let it flop around in it without ONE drop being spilled. it works as intended and really this is what most people what to know about, not how very few people can't figure out how to clean a really simple cup.

    Now on to my rant about the people that almost made me pass up a really great cup.

    I bought this item even though I was afraid of the reviews that complained about the top getting gross. While I have only had this cup a short while I see what the problem could be with this cup and any problem can be handled by SIMPLY rising out the cup ASAP after using. Some of these people make it seem like the top is a super complicated mechanism when it really isn't!!

    After using, empty remaining contents, click open top, rinse cup, rinse top while open, fill cup and put top on and shake out any leftover drink. Wash with soap at home. I have always done this with all my coffee cups and none of them are nasty before using the next time.

    It is not that hard NOR rocket science.

    I have to admit I take some people's reviews too seriously sometimes and have to wonder how some of these people get around in life.

    Please don't think I am a neat freak, I am most certainly not. I just have the common sense to understand that leaving any flavored drink in a cup or dried in a top will leave you with a nasty mess to deal with later.
    It is the same mentality of someone leaving milk to sour in a plastic cup, then lightly rising it and complaining the CUP is at fault for absorbing the rotten milk smell instead of the goof that left in there in the first place....more info
  • Love it
    I've had my travel mug for at least two years, and it still works perfectly. My coffee stays hot all day, and I've never had a problem with leaks. It cleans well in the dishwasher....more info
  • travel coffee mug
    Oxo Good Grips LiquiSeal Travel Mug This is my second!!! I lost the first!!!! Never had a better mug....IT DOES NOT LEAK...even when I turn a corner fast and it is thrown on the floor of my van.I can put my cream in, put the top on and shake it. I always think stainless steel when buying such an item. Got some for family members too. Only disadvantage is that it is somewhat top heavy. Wish it were larger at the bottom. Oh well, take the good with the bad. ...more info
  • Had potential, but design is flawed
    I've been using mine for a few months now for my coffee and tea. This thing is impossible to clean and there's always a strange smell coming from the lid.

    I've tried soaking in vinegar, detergent, baking soda, hot water, everything. It makes my stomach lurch to think what's growing in the lid mechanism.

    It did keep my liquids cold/hot, and never leaked, but it is clearly NOT safe for extended use. You can clean it religiously but things will get stuck and build up and grow some nasty bacteria. Even if it doesn't make you sick, your drinks will always taste strange....more info
  • How to Clean
    I've had this travel mug for 6 months and absolutely love it. It's incredibly durable and the seal is like Ft. Knox. My cupholders are very shallow, and this mug flies all over the place without incidence. It does not leak unless you screw the top on un-evenly.

    The best way I've found to clean it is as follows:

    1. Put a couple drops of dish soap in it (equal parts vinegar and water would work well if you were scaranoid about build-up in the valve).

    2. Add hot water.

    3. Put the top on with the valve closed, and shake it like you're making your favorite martini.

    4. Open the valve and pour all the hot, soapy water out.

    5. Repeat with cold water a couple times.

    6. Make sure when you set it out to dry, you leave the valve open so all the water that's in the top can drain out and evaporate. You don't want mildew growing in there.

    By the next morning, you're good to go. ...more info
  • Not Perfect but not Bad either
    To clean this mug you have to use a LOT of vinegar. Basically fill the cup half or more and then turn it upside down and let the vinegar pour through the lid for a bit, then click the lid shut and let it soak with vinegar trapped in the lid mechanism overnight. Then wash the whole thing out with hot water and a little soap, then rinse with cold water until the suds are gone. Kind of a hassle but that will make the cup taste fresh again. My lid clicker stopped working after about a year. Turns out the inner rubber seal had worked loose. It wasn't too hard to stretch it into place again and now it works fine again. My biggest complaint with this cup is actually that coffee only stays truly hot until you start sipping it. Once you start clicking it open and closed it cools off rapidly and once the cup is only half full it cools rapidly. But that's probably true for any thermos mug that only holds 12 oz....more info
  • Great if you like the taste of mold.
    OXO has really let me down this time...
    I bought this cup about 2 years ago and for the first month or so, it was the best cup in the world. Didn't leak, kept hot things hot and cold things cold for hours and hours. Thought I found product utopia... then I kept getting sore throats and various infections. One day I looked at the lid and there under the rim of the lid is a pocket of sludge and slime, with no way to access it. I contacted OXO and I've yet to hear back from them. Terrible product... ...more info
  • All around good mug
    Good size, seals and retains heat well. The only mug I've had that I liked better was from REI (it retained heat a little better and was even more leak-proof), but that had a thermos style lid and I really do like the convenience of the the push button drinking access on this one. You do have to make sure that you let liquid drain back into the cup, or that you drink remaining liquid that's left over after you seal it. Otherwise, you get enough drops coming out to stain your clothes....more info
  • Hard to clean top prevents it from becoming my favorite mug
    I received this recently at one of our 'secret Santa' Christmas get-togethers. Up until then, I've been using the Thermos Nissan 18-Ounce Stainless-Steel Insulated Travel Tumbler almost exclusively for the past several months. I am pleased with the Thermos but I welcomed having two good-quality coffee mugs so I didn't have to wash the mug every morning before filling it up - with 2 I would do it every other morning, I thought. I will not do a comparison between the two, I only wanted to note that we do have choices when it comes to quality travel mugs these days and some are better than others.

    I will enumerate some of the OXO features and my verdict will follow:

    + 14 oz. mug with a grooved plastic lid that closes tight
    + the body is double-walled steel with vacuum so it keeps a beverage close to the initial temperature for a reasonable amount of time
    = fits nicely in my car's cup holder but, being as tall as it is, it may not be too stable in some of the shallower ones
    - a sealing mechanism with several moving and hidden parts of which the on-off clicking button is visible at the top can not be cleaned easily and, if your coffee has milk-cream some very unpleasant deposits can accumulate inside
    - the junction between the plastic upper ring and the steel bottom makes cleaning the inside difficult as well - the top plastic band is narrower than the steel lower body, meaning that there is an interior 'ledge' that had to be carefully cleaned or residue will accumulate

    The big negative on this mug is what was supposed to distinguish it from 'the rest' - the top with its on/off seal button assembly. This makes the OXO not my 'first pick' whenever I have a choice of mugs. The only time I pick the OXO is when I forget to clean the Thermos the previous night (and the Thermos is very easy to clean) but, knowing what COULD reside under that on/off button seems to subtract from my coffee-drinking enjoyment.

    If I was going to buy myself a third coffee mug, it would not be an OXO. I understand that it is POSSIBLE to clean the OXO very thoroughly but the cleaning is difficult and, for as long as there are better alternatives, most of us are likely to pick the better alternatives.

    The OXO loses 2 stars because of the cleaning inconvenience, it keeps 3 because it does not spill and it keeps the coffee warm for a reasonably long time....more info
  • Not something I would usually buy, sure glad I did!
    I'm not one to spend twenty dollars on a travel mug. I like my coffee mugs to be beautiful, not high tech. I drink coffee on the go every morning, though, and the reviews for this mug were so great, I was swayed. Boy, am I glad! I make my mug of senseo at home and seal it in this OXO mug. I toss it in my bag and either pull it out and start on it in the car on the way to the office, or unpack it at my desk. Either way, my coffee is hot and NO DRIPS! Love it! After the coffee is gone I rinse it well in the kitchen and use it at lunch for a cold drink. I feel like I am definitely getting my money's worth with this purchase. I'm planning to give one as a gift this summer. Good job, Oxo! ...more info
  • Cannot be cleaned
    It was great for a few days, but it is physically impossible to clean without breaking the top....more info
  • Stinky rubber grip and difficult to clean but works GREAT otherwise
    I have an older model that is very similar to this. The design is basically the same.

    After about a week of use I started smelling mold really strongly. After using bleach and really hot water to no avail, i finally figured it out. It wasn't mold at all. It was the rubber grip that was obviously made of some kind of stinky silicone rubber. The stink must have intensified when I got it hot in the dishwasher.

    Solution? I simply cut the grip ring off (This is a really easy process - just pull on the grip until you can get some scissors under it. It's not glued down.) I've been stink-free ever since! I love my mug!

    I regularly wash it in the dishwasher once a week and I always rinse it out when I get home from work each day. Tip: Make sure to leave the valve clicked open when placing it in the dishwasher. I also remove the rubbe o-ring seal to help water get to every spot. It's really easy to remove and replace and I've not damaged it after at least a hundred washes....more info
  • Design flaw causes heat loss
    There is a MAJOR design flaw that allows heat to rapidly escape. You see the 1 inch black grip at the top of the stainless steel section? This area provides NO insulation! Look inside the mug and you will see the insulated stainless steel section end at the black grip.

    When you put hot liquids in the mug, the stainless steel section remains cool but the black grip becomes very warm. All that warmth in the grip is heat that your are losing from your drink! Sometimes I wonder if companies even test the products they create because this is a flaw they should have picked up on the first trial run.

    Oxo should have designed the mug so that the stainless steel insulation extended all the way to the top with a rubber grip SURROUNDING the stainless steel. This is how my Nissan 14oz leakproof mug is designed which does a far better job retaining heat.

    Since heat rises, your hot beverage continues to lose heat from the grip while you drink. If you are a sipper that likes to gradually drink for more than 15-30 minutes or if you are a commuter that wants their coffee to remain hot until you get to work, you will want to find another mug with better insulation.

    On the positive side, the click button to open and close the mug is fantastic and allows easy 1 handed operation without any leakage.

    ...more info
  • Still Leaks
    I was looking for a good travel mug to purchase. It needed to keep my coffee hot and not burn my hand while drinking, it needed to be somewhat leak proof and it needed to be easy to drink from, 2 out of 3 ain't bad. Although I have to say, the Oxo LiquiSeal Mug does not leak as much as other mugs I have tried, but it is not leak proof. I consider leak proof when you can turn the mug full of coffee over and nothing leaks out. This mug will leak and spill if you turn it upsides down. Now mind you, it does not leak on me when I drink from it and how often does someone go around with your mug upsides down, but if a mug advertises leak proof, then it should be leak proof.
    The Oxo LiquiSeal Mug does keep my coffee warm longer than any other I have had, so that was great but one other little detail pops up because of the leak proof mechaniam in the lid, it is hard to get all of the coffee out while you at the last of the coffee. It's like when you where a kid, and you help up a coke bottle to get the last drop out of the bottle. I will hold the mug up for several seconds to get a drink from the lasy of the coffee, but knowing that there is quite a bit left in the mug by opening the lid I verifing there was some more left.

    I know these points are very trivial to many but seeing this is my review I thought I would share everything.

    Overall I would buy another Oxo LiquiSeal Mug for myself if they had a 18oz or larger size available.

    Thank You
    Chris ...more info
  • Happy with this purchase
    After accepting an office job after a decade of self-employment, I was obsessed about keeping some of the niceties of home. A good cup of tea in the morning was a high priority. This travel mug along with the Timol 20oz Tea Pot does the trick. I make tea in tea Timol pot, fill up the OXO mug and pop that one in my neoprene lunch bag or in my briefcase. There's a little tea left for a small cup at home or lately I pour more hot water over the tea leaves and fill another travel mug for the car.

    I have complete trust that the OXO mug will not leak in my briefcase or if it goes pitching out of the cupholder in the car. The Timol tea pot and the OXO mug are great functional designs....more info
    I have been using this mug daily to drink chocolate mocha. After a couple months of carefully rinsing it out immediately after every use, I let it sit overnight unrinsed once by accident. The next day I carefully rinsed it as usual, but then when I took my first sip I honestly gagged -- it was bitter and vile. I don't have a weak stomach, and I'm by no means focused on cleanliness, but it tasted really wrong.

    So I took it home and soaked it for a while in a bleach/water solution. And flakes of nasty, curdled horror started sifting out. Having soaked it on and off for a couple days while repeatedly rinsing thoroughly, I'm *still* having crud come out. I just can't believe I was drinking that.

    This mug should be withdrawn from market as a health hazard. It *cannot be cleaned.* I am using the links over to the right to report this to the CPSC (Consumer Product Safety Commission) -- I really believe it's hazardous.

    Do not, do NOT buy this. You'll love it at first, but eventually you will end up throwing it away.

    What a waste....more info
  • Great for Emergency Vehicles
    I run an ambulance service and was tired of getting coffee in the glove boxes. I have finally found one that is great! When you hit a bump at 70 or turn quick, it may fall....but it doesnt leak. It also stays hot for a really long time, way longer than I need it to, I down the coffee and find it flows plenty fast enough. Make sure you wash it out, you dont want the creamer and sugar stuck in the lid all night. I use my 24 hours a day for hot and cold items, I cant wait for hunting season, its actually a portable thermos, so I can use it in the stand without having to pour a cup. ...more info
  • Great Present!
    I got this mug for my bf and he loves it! He brings it with him everywhere and he never has any complaints. But you MUST wash it regularly or else it might start smelling a bit. ha But it keep the liquid in and hot.

    Great product. ...more info
  • Nice design, but leaks.
    The drink spout seals well, but the seal for the lid itself leaks. Too bad, I really like OXO products....more info
  • Decent mug, simple fix for design flaw
    Like other people said, water can get inside the pper lid and make the whole thing smell pretty awful. However, you can use a small drill and make two holes on the outside of the lid -- just into the interior cavity, don't drill all the way through -- you can then soak the lid in a bleach solution. Since I've done that the sour smell has not come back....more info
  • tea yes, coffee no
    Pros -
    1) Keeps hot liquids very close to original temperature for hours and hours. Amazing for keeping tea blazing hot all day.
    2) Liquid stays put - the seal is great.

    Cons -
    1) Heaven help you if you have some leftover coffee and forget to clean it out immediately. The stainless steel retains the odor and doesn't let go. Coffee gradually tastes weirder and weirder.
    2) Impossible to clean. The liquid compartment is very narrow and my hand can't fit down toward the bottom.

    Overall - I threw out my first one, but would buy another one only for tea. But if there's a more versatile mug, I'd give it a shot....more info
  • Easy to use, but hard to clean
    I bought this mug on the recommendation of many people - and it IS easy to use and seems to be leak proof, but am thinking it will be hard to clean. The mug breaks down into to pieces, the lid and the mug, but there's no way to take the lid apart to really clean it. Just called the company to ask if I was missing something, but was told that no, the lid doesn't come apart, and they recommend washing it immediately after us, or at least rinsing out the lid when finished. Easy to say, harder for me to do - I tend to forget to clean it out right away and would have liked something that I could take apart and scrub when it gets gross. ...more info
  • Not for everybody
    I think this tumbler is great if you're a tea or straight coffee drinker. If you have lattes and mochas every day, I think this may not be for you. Yes the seal is awesome, totally leakproof. The heat retention is great too, especially if you preheat.

    BUT...it's true you can't really, truly clean the lid. If I were to drink anything very creamy, chocolatey, or (heaven forbid) with caramel, then it would definitely get stuck inside the lid seal mechanism.

    Barring that, it's a great tumbler. Great attention to detail has clearly been paid in the design. The "drinking slope" of the lid was well thought-out; it's comfortable on the lips. The liquid has enough "travel time" out of the hole so as not to scald you. There's a rubber grip indentation, enough to be very comfortable and easy to hold.

    One word of caution: don't submerge the lid to clean it. I submerged the lid in soapy water for a few hours in an attempt to clean inside the lid. This wasn't easy, since the lid floats. After I did that, a small amount of liquid became trapped inside and wouldn't come out no matter how I shook it, button up or down. I eventually had to make an even exchange for a new one. Now I never submerge the lid and I haven't had that problem since.

    Bottom line: best for "clear" drinks. Don't drink anything thick or creamy, as it can get trapped inside the lid. The lid won't allow for full cleaning access, so rinse quickly after finishing your drink. I think if you can follow those rules, this is a great travel tumbler for you! Oh yeah!...more info
  • DO NOT BUY!!!!
    My wife got this item off of Amazon, i saw it in a store and loved it, well every 7 button pushes it locked open...why 7? Who knows. I contacted oxo, they took forever to get back to me, when they did they were not very helpful. Their product was defective, they should pay, it cost me 5 dollars to send it back. I could see if i dropped it or washed it wrong...but i opened it pushed the button on top and it stuck. Great in theory, not in practice...more info
  • Hot, Dry & Gross
    The mug doesn't leak and keeps drinks hot for hours which is excellent, but it is impossible clean. The slime that gets trapped in the cap, after several uses, is unimaginable. Pipe cleaners, cottons swabs, you name it..this thing is next to impossible to keep sanitary. If you could take the cap apart and clean the inner workings, this would be perfect, but as it is, it's a breeding ground for mold....more info


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