Factory-Reconditioned DeLonghi DH100PSRB Always Dry 40-Pint Dehumidifier

List Price: $420.00

Our Price: $420.00

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  • Tank control system
  • Top mounted control panel
  • Perfect for any room
  • Adjustable humidistat
  • 16-foot drainage hose
Customer Reviews:
  • Poor Durability
    Worked for 2 seasons. I'm handy and can fix many items. This unit will fail because of design, and repair is not economically practical. Given the useful life, I recommend another brand. Compressor runs, coils ultimately rust and fail....more info
  • Item works like a new unit
    My unit came double packaged with all accessories and amazon invoice. Mine was shipped from Edison NJ. No dents No marks. Make sure to read directions, which state to wait 24hrs before using it due to the transport of the unit. I've have several other units, including a kenmore and GE units. The unit loudness is about the same as the others, but it excels in many ways:
    + takes much less time to dehumidify an area
    + 800-1000sq ft coverage is amazing for its size
    + doesn't produce as much heat
    + awesome water pump feature
    + doesn't look or feel cheap
    + space saver (taller rather then wider)
    + so so air filter, but at least it has one

    I've been delighted with all its functions and the way its operating.
    I am thinking of getting another one for a relative....more info
  • Had 2, second was a charm until now.
    After using this for nearly 8 months, the pump broke. It still works, but I wanted a working pump unit.

    I too received a defective unit, the door wouldn't shut properly and I tried keeping the tank in place with a clothes pin. It didn't dehumidify either. Amazon's return policy is pretty cool though, so I tried a second one which works flawlessly, and is currently pumpin' humidity outside through the provided 16 foot tube. I highly recommend getting this unit, it's great....more info
  • Not Bad For A Reconditioned Unit
    I've used the unit for several days now and it has done a great job of pulling the excess moisture out of the air. My only complaint was that the box it arrived in looked like it had been through a war. It (the box) was totally destroyed and looked like it had water damage. Thankfully the product inside was undamaged and in good working order. There was also no receipt from Amazon included in the order. I believe the product to be a good investment but just don't expect a pretty box when it arrives....more info
  • Well Worth the Money
    Quite simple put...this is a great unit for the price! It is a reconditioned unit, but I can't see one thing wrong with it. No scratches, no dings, no dents, just the packaging was a little damaged. It works great and, like the other person stated, it is a little loud, but unless I'm in the basement, I can't hear it throughout the house...even with the basement door open. I highly recommend giving this one a try...especially at the reconditioned price!...more info
  • broken
    Mine arrived in a beat-up box with a non-closing tank door and a broken side. It also makes various disturbing noises. I've had dehumidifiers before and I know they can be loud but this is something else - it buzzes, clatters and sounds just plain broken. Also, the hose is dirty. I don't know if it was damaged in transit or poorly reconditioned but I suspect the latter....more info
  • Defective item delivered.
    Our factory reconditioned model arrived in non-working order. It is defective and in need of repair. This was my first reconditioned purchase from Amazon....more info
  • Does a great job
    I bought this reconditioned, since it is in the basement, and no sees it but us. It has not only dried out the basement, but the whole house smells better and has less dampness in the air. Amazing. We had an old cheap-o dehumidifier that the previous owners had left behind, and what a difference this one makes. We also have it set to automatically drain, so there is no maintenance on it.

    My only pet peeve is that it's kind of loud. We keep the doorway to the basement open, and you can hear it in the kitchen (when the rest of the house is quiet). It just sounds like a motor running. Not terribly annoying, and easy to get used to....more info