Caruso Ion Steam 30 Rollers Hair Setter C97958

List Price: $59.99

Our Price: $42.99

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  • Comb clips / Carrying case / Styling Guide
  • Curl last for days / For all hair types /Ion technology
  • Stem condition as it curls / Quick and easy: Sets in 5-10 minutes. / Creates shine and volume
  • Ion creates 3X the steam / Soft foam rollers are infused with gentle ion steamed moisture.
  • Caruso Professional Ion Steam Anti-Static and Anti-Frizz ( C97958) Ion technology for creating soft,voluminous curls and shine and reducing static and frizz. Features 30 Rollers- 30 Patented soft foam rollers with shield clips for all hair lengths.(6 Petite, 6 Small, 6 Medium, 6 Large, 6 Jumbo)
Customer Reviews:
  • It was average
    It was a good curler, but hair often gets stuck to the foam. make sure that your hair is dry and combed throughout. Do not rush....more info