Crest Whitestrips Premium (28 strips: 14 Upper, 14 Lower)
Crest Whitestrips Premium (28 strips: 14 Upper, 14 Lower)

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Product Description

For a beautifully whiter smile, try new Crest Whitestrips? Premium - clinically proven to remove up to 14 years of stain buildup in 7 days!

Here¡äs one 7-day beauty secret that¡äs going to fit easily into your beauty regimen. Rushing to your next appointment or getting ready for a romantic dinner? You¡äll be ready with Crest Whitestrips Premium - because the new, easy-to-carry, compact-style pouch lets you whiten on the go. Just open the foil pouch, place the strip on your teeth twice a day for thirty minutes, then let your whiter smile and confidence dazzle the world! Results last for 12 months.

Skin Contact: Gel that comes into contact with the skin cause temporary skin irritation and/or whitening. Wash hands with soap and water after applying the strips.

IF YOU HAVE DENTAL WORK: Crest Whitestrips premium will only whiten natural teeth. The strips will not whiten caps, crowns, veneers, fillings or dentures. Do not use with dental braces. If you have dental work on the teeth to be treated, ask your dentist if whitening is appropriate. Whitestrips premium has not been observed to harm standard dental restorative materials.

Tooth sensitivity: Some people may experience sensitivity when using Crest Whitestrips Premium - this is temporary and not harmful.

Contains 28 strips: 14 for upper teeth, 14 for lower teeth.

Customer Reviews:

  • bright white
    I purchased Crest White Strips Premium because of what I overheard at the dentists office. While waiting for my husband a patient asked the dental assistant about teeth whitening. The assistant told her that teeth whitening would be costly but if she wanted a cheaper way to whiten her teeth to try Crest White Strips Premium and she emphasized Premium.
    Since I had been wanting to try a whitener since one of the little preschooler I worked with had asked me why my teeth were yellow, sweet child, I purchased the Crest Premium brand.
    The method is easy and not bad tasting. The strips need to be applied for 30 minutes twice a day . Each strip comes in a wrapper similar to a bandaid.You get 14 strips in all. 7 strips for the top front teeth and 7 for the bottom front teeth. You peel off the thin soft strip and apply it to only the front teeth. Once on you can talk but absolutely no drinking or eating as the strip will move. Try not to leave it on the gum area for long as it may leave the gums a little sensitive. After 30 minutes remove the strip and rinsed your teeth and mouth.
    I have had a problem with dull yellow teeth for a long time and I must say I am absolutely thrilled with the results.
    I highly recommend this product.
    You never know when some sweet little thing will point out your short comings....more info
  • Ummm, These Hurt
    But they do whiten. A little. As most of the reviews seem to say, you're not going to get super-ultra white teeth. However, if you have stains from coffee, smoking, wine, ect., these help a lot. My teeth were looking pretty dull, and now they look 100% better. They are not virgin snow white though- for that you'll have to visit the dentist. But worth the money. Do be prepared for sensitivity...I actually quit using the bottom strips because they were causing a lot of pain. Plus, the bottom ones don't stay on very well anyway, so it's probably not a big loss....more info
  • Better than other brands
    Let me preface by saying I've tried many methods and am very particular about my teeth. That said, this is one of the better brands of whitening out there.

    How white? As with any brand or method you choose (including the dentist), just how white your teeth will get is dependent on just how stained they were before you started and how much coffee, tea, soda you drink and whether you smoke. I drink a fair amount of coffee and my denist tells me that if I didn't drink so much of it, the effect would be greater... c'est la vie.
    I wont be giving up my coffee anytime soon.

    Taste? Compared to other brands... leaps and bounds better! First of all, the gel doesn't go all over the place once it's in your mouth. That's a plus. Second, it appears they've attempted a hint of mint or something. I've tasted the oral b white strips, the rembrandt ones, and a few others... blech! Pure nastiness, mainly because you have to goop the stuff on thickly. Plus, you're probably going to wash your mouth out afterward anyhow.

    Process? Fairly simple. Peel the strip from the back, stick it on, and fold it over your teeth. Fit is really going to depend on the wearer... my two front teeth are pretty big but then again, who's going to be looking at the back of my teeth??
    You can talk a little with them in... put do pick a moment when you're not in company if possible. As for not brushing your teeth before hand, it's understandable... but if you do it in the morning or at night, it's pretty simple to just brush your teeth afterward... I have a toothbrush and toothpaste at work that I use after lunch... so i just wear my strips in the morning commute and brush my teeth when I walk in the door.

    Comfort? They are certainly thinner and more comfortable than the Oral B strips, which make you look like Rocky Balboa ready for a prize fight. As for after pain, that, too, depends on the wearer and my denist has also told me that it's no different from the sensitivity you would feel after a professional treatment.. in fact, it's less pain.

    All in all, the process is easier, faster, and as effective as most other treatments. What do you want? Flourescent teeth after 10 years of coffee and smokes?
    ...more info
  • Works great
    This product worked great for me. I just found it a little hard to find a half hour in the morning to use the strips. I did have a little bit of sensitive teeth pain after using it. but, nothing to be concerned about. Definately worth the investment over the "standard" strips....more info
  • White teeth, but PAIN!
    My husband and I tried this product last night. Other than the goopiness and the fact that it makes your mouth fill with saliva so it's hard to keep the strips on, I wasn't having too much of a problem. That was until, about 15 minutes in, I experienced an extreme, sharp pain in one of my teeth. I have never had a toothache or a root canal but I imagine that's what it feels like. I had to rip the things off. My husband, I'll note, had no problems.
    Tonight I decided maybe it was an anomaly and tried it again. I got a little on my lip during application and it burned for a few minutes, so I was worried. But I was fine for about 10 minutes. Then, unfortunately the same thing happened. Extreme pain in the same spot. After taking the strips off it subsided, but there is still a dull ache. I did notice my teeth actually look whiter after only 2 half applications, but I won't be using Crest Whitestrips again. Maybe it's just me and my tooth, but I would be careful if you have sensitive teeth....more info
  • It works
    My teeth were pretty white when I started using these, I just had a couple of stains I wanted to get rid of or lighten up.I was pretty impressed w/ the results from the white strips and will not hestitate to use them agian. Though I only really started to notice the results towards the end.

    I never noticed a "bad taste" when using these stips, I don't know what everyone else was talking about.

    The only reason I'm giving it 4 stars is because the bottom strip is so aggrevating. I used it twice and never bothered w/ it agian (My bottom teeth don't really need whitening though), but if you can get them to work, good for you. ...more info
  • Whiter Teeth. Really!
    I love the Crest Whitestips Premium. They really do remove tea, coffee and red wine stains.
    Now if you have seriously brown teeth, they will only whiten so much because you have a bigger problem than stained teeth.
    I did experience gum pain so I just went to once a day. 6 months later, my teeth are still white. ...more info
  • White Teeth Really Lasts!!
    I used this product for the first time last year. I was shocked at how quickly they worked. They really do show results within 3 days. After finishing the pack your teeth will STAY WHITE too. My teeth looked great for an entire year. I just went out and bought another pack today. Yes, they are expensive, but $30.00 ONCE a year for beautiful teeth is worth it.

    I did experience some sensitivity. After the 4th day I couldn't do the twice a day application, I cut back to once a day. It wasn't horrible pain, just an annoying feeling. Similar to how your teeth might feel if you ate something VERY cold or if you applied pressure to them. I'm sure I could have endured, but I didn't mind waiting a little longer for white teeth.

    I will say that people around me noticed my whiter teeth. (Friends and family) I am a tea drinker, red wine fan, and an occasional smoker. My teeth weren't horrible, but they had yellowed with time. I saw a big improvement and so did others. My friend uses these as well and when the time rolls around for her to start a new pack I always notice her teeth looking white before she even tells me she's using them again.

    These work 100%. 7 days, twice a day isn't much to ask for an entire year of white teeth. Even the 30.00 isn't so bad when you consider how good your teeth will look and how long it will last. If you are unsure or nervous about the price... take my word... these are worth every penny....more info
    First of all, after 7 days (really only 6 cause one set of strips were wasted) there was some white 'spots' on my teeth and if you look closely...they look very strange. Now I need to go and get another product or see a dentist. Second, the strips are awful fit and use. They just dont stay in place. I wasted 2 sets because they fell off and wouldnt go back on. DO NOT FALL FOR THIS PRODUCT. I have already asked Crest for my money back..which is a hassle unto itself....more info
  • Worth The Pain
    I used these about 3 years ago. Before I used them, my teeth were BAD. I didn't even realize how terrible they were until I looked at some old pictures - and I was worse than most people I have seen. The strips were amazing. I only used half the pack (10 strips on top, 10 on bottom) and my teeth were WHITE. I even recieved many comments afterwards. It's been at least THREE years now, and still my teeth are pretty white, and I'm a smoker! I just started using these again, just to see if they would whiten any more. It seems the first 5 or 6 strips I used made a noticable difference, but the whitening progress is continuing to slow, but I will try to finish the pack.

    Pain is a small problem though. When I started using them this time, the pain started after the first three strips or so. It's not terrible as long as you take them out in 30 minutes or less. I started out doing 30 minutes twice a day, but now I'm doing 15-25 minutes once a day (depending on how bad the pain got the last time I used them, or how long ago I used them). Make sure you do not fall asleep in them, because the pain then wont even be tolerable - and there's nothing you can do to make it go away. It feels like they are really, really cold, and they sting. It usually lasts about a day, and seems to get increasingly worse after a few hours of the strips being taken off. So as long as you find a way to manage with the pain - it's definitely worth it. If they can work on my teeth, which were really bad, plus me smoking on top of that, and then lasting the three years that they have - then they can work on yours. Trust me... it's worth every penny. ...more info
  • natural looking results
    I've been using this product for 4 days and I can see a result already. Not the glow in the dark, frighteningly unnatural white that you often see on people who have had a dental bleaching--you know that silvery white look that doesn't occur in nature. I think the strips have whitened my teeth without making it obvious I've been whitening them. It's how my teeth looked ten years ago, before ten years of coffee and soda buildup. Although I've read reviews that state people have had pain in their gums and teeth, I've not had a bit of trouble with pain. The only real caution is--DON'T SNEEZE. Or if you have to sneeze, keep your mouth firmly closed. When I sneezed, the strips came flying out of my mouth. Also, you really can't talk very well while they're in your mouth, and you feel a bit like you're foaming at the mouth. However, there is very little after taste--and my teeth look cleaner without look other worldly. I would definately recommend. ...more info
  • Yes, these really work...but keep a few things in mind
    After very minimal and barely noticeable success with whitening toothpastes and gels, I finally decided to give Crest Premium Whitestrips a try. Previously, I had found the cost to be prohibitive, but the fact that $5 or $7 coupons are offered in our Sunday paper with some regularity made the price a bit easier to swallow.

    Just like the commercials say, I definitely did begin to see some improvement after about three days. I would describe the effect as more of a lightening than a whitening per se: the darker yellow spots on my teeth began to fade and to become less apparent. Now, after using the product as prescribed for a week, the color of my teeth is clearly improved; I wouldn't say that my teeth are bright white, but they are definitely more of an ivory or a paler yellow color. According to the package insert, you can immediately begin a second course of treatment for even better whitening effects, but I haven't yet decided if I want to lay out another $30 in order to do this. Also, I should mention that the effect is not so dramatic thta anyone has noticed (UNLIKE in the commercials!).

    Now for the caveats. First of all, I found these strips to be a bit difficult to use. It can be hard to remove the strips from the protective backing without them becoming mangled, and it is very easy to get the gel on your fingertips (which causes a temporary whitening effect). Also, the strips are not ideally shaped for your mouth, and I found that they covered my front eight teeth only. Finally, while the top strip adhered fairly well, I found that the bottom strip was more tricky and tended to slide around, especially if I moved my mouth at all. The only solution I found to this was to wear the strips while commuting to work, which luckily gave me a 30-minute period when I did not need to talk. Otherwise, it can be difficult to find a good time to wear the strips, as the insert information advises against wearing them immediately after you brush your teeth, while sleeping, and while you are eating/drinking.

    Unlike other reviewers, I did not have a problem with the taste of the strips: I could not detect anything while wearing them, and after taking them off, I thought that the gooey paste left behind was virtually tasteless. I did experience some sensitivity in a lower tooth which I had capped over 20 years ago. Although this sensation went away in time, it was uncomforable enough to make me cut the lower strip to fit around this particular tooth.

    In summary, I did see clear--although not miraculous--results from this product and I would be willing to try the strips again, especially if the price were to come down a bit. Ultimately, I would rate Crest Whitestrips three and a half stars, as there is definitely room for improvement....more info
  • These do NOT work!
    These do NOT whiten teeth. I've tried them and the commercials are deceiving. You will NOT get the results they show on the commercials. I was very disappointed in this product.

    Save the money from these and go to the dentist and have a professional zoom whitening. There is no way you are going to whiten your teeth at home using these. The peroxide isn't strong enough. The dentist uses over twice the strength of these. I don't care how many packages of these you use, it will not work.

    Also...The bottom strips are too small to cover your teeth and they float off in your saliva. You're basically ingesting peroxide from them. I don't know how safe that could be, but it's not very promising to me. The dentist will cost more, but it will be what you are really expecting. Save your money....more info
  • Good results for $30.
    I was fairly reluctant to buy the Whitestrips because of the $30 price tag; however, the anxiety of taking being in pictures for my sister's upcoming wedding encouraged me to make the purchase. After years of drinking soda, my teeth had turned a pale shade of yellow. I used whitening tooth pastes but this never helped me achieve the whiter smile that I wanted.

    I noticed results within a couple of uses of the Whitestrips. As many reviewers remarked, the results are not as dramatic as portrayed in the commercials. I still do not have a wonderful white smile, but I do feel more confident about showing off my teeth.

    I did not encounter any of the burning in my gums that many reviewers did. I also did not have problems with sensitivity in my teeth. I did find it difficult to talk with the strips in my mouth. It's best to put the strips in and keep your mouth shut. The taste of the Whitestrips reeked of peroxide, but what else do you expect from a whitening agent?

    I feel that the results were worth $30 and would recommend the Whitestrips to anyone reading this review. Additionally, the strips that I purchased came with a toothbrush and Crest toothpaste. Since I was in the market for a new toothbrush, this made the strip pack a better value....more info
  • Makes your teeth whiter, but for me they REALLY HURT
    I couldn't do it in 7 days. The pain was constant, and distracting. Not everyone will hurt though, but be prepared....I think about a 3rd feel sensitivity, and not everyone feels pain that intensely. It definitely whitened my teeth quite a bit. MUCH better than whitening toothpastes. ...more info
  • I Was Amazed - This Really Works!
    I was a bit dubious about ordering these, but I was ordering something else, and the seller had a special offer based on the total value of my order. Anyway, I tried these, and within 3 days I noticed a difference in the whiteness of my teeth. OK, so they were just a little bit fiddly to put on, and I couldn't talk for 30 minutes, twice a day - but that was okay, because I jst read a book or watched TV! The only negative point I have, is that if you have sensitive teeth, be prepared for that tingling ache which did last for a couple of hours the first few days. However, for the price I paid, I'd say that these strips are well worth the money. The only tip I cn give, is use some lip balm on your lips after applying the strips to your teeth! This just stopped me from wanted to moisten/lick my lips and dislodge the strips! Happy smiles everyone! :)...more info
  • Not only noticeable whitening, but also healthier gums!
    My orthodontist gave these to me to use not for whitening, but actually to improve the health of my gums. I have never really been bothered about the color of my teeth, but wow did these make SUCH a difference. And I did have people commenting on the whiteness of my teeth (to the point that they said mine made them embarassed of their own) and trust me that is something that I NEVER thought I'd hear because I've always had kind of bad teeth. The other major benefit of this product is that you do actually retain the whiteness for several months. I did it over a year ago and they only began to lose the whiteness a bit after about 9 months or so. Amazing product. Never had any problems with them hurting my teeth or causing sensitivity. To the people that complain that it tastes bad... umm.. it's a chemical treatment for your teeth, it's not meant to taste good! You hardly taste anything if you make sure to put the side of the strip with the peroxide directly on the teeth. Also: if you get any on your hands or lips, wash it off quickly as it will turn those bits a little white. ...more info
  • How white do you want? (worth reading if you're interested)
    I tell you what, these are better than sliced bread and the wheel combined. Why spend upward of (...) to get your teeth whitened at the dentist, when for about 1/10 the price you can just get these Whitestrips.

    I've thought for years that I would like to get my teeth whitened, but my vanity never quite got over the combined hurdle of my pride (I didn't want to go tell a dentist I wanted my teeth whitened) and my pocket book (I think you get it).

    This product solved both problems. Just smile a tight-lipped smile at the cashier or better yet, buy them online and never have anyone see your mother-of-pearl browns. And at a much lower cost than the dentist, I was sold from the first time I saw an ad in a magazine.

    My excuse of an occasion for trying them out was my wedding. I was getting married, and I wanted to have relatively white teeth for the pictures. I figured they would get a little whiter. I was wrong. They got a LOT whiter.

    This is basically a peroxide whitening treatment, similar to what your dentist would do. I've seen some warnings from other people who use the product that there may be some pain related to using the product. What I experienced was a minor achiness on days 3-5 that lasted from about 15 minutes into wearing the strip through 15 minutes after wearing the strip. The only thing I can compare it to is if you press kind of hard on your front teeth and you can feel some pressure. That's the basic feeling, except that you can't make it go away by letting go of your teeth. It was more annoying than painful.

    About wearing them, I had a little trouble with the bottom strip. The top one stayed on fine the whole time, but the bottom one is a little smaller on the part that wraps to the inside of your teeth. This means there's a little less to stick to your teeth. It liked to slip loose.

    Also, don't forget to wash your hands. Peroxide makes little white spots.

    *****Final Thoughts*****
    This is a great product. They whiten just as well as they claim to, though I don't know how long it will last. Mine are just as good 2 months later. They are easy to use and comparatively inexpensive.

    They can be a little annoying, but I didn't find it enough to put me off the product, I'll probably use it again in the future.

    An hour a day for seven days to whiter teeth. That's about as close to instant as you can get....more info

  • Ouch!
    First of all, these are pretty good. They will whiten your teeth slightly in my experiance, but for WHITE teeth you might consider buying two boxes (or the renewal package). But that's not why I'm writing this- I'm writing this to discuss the pain factor. Now, I had read that there may be pain involved, but I was NOT prepared for what came! They did NOT hurt WHILE the strips were on my teeth, but for several hours afterward. They were killer. They were worse than any toothache I've had, and believe me, I've had my fair share of exposed nerves! Maybe I just have weak teeth, but the pain definitely outweighed the benefits of this product! I may buy again, but it's not likely!...more info
  • Product does what it claims, room for minor improvement
    I had been thinking about getting these since they came out, and since my wife made a comment that my teeth were yellow, it was time to take action. My dentist wanted more than $300 to whiten my teeth... I asked him about less costly methods and he recommended the Crest Whitestrips. I went for the Premium as it was half the work with supposedly the same effect as the 14 day version and actually cheaper at the time being it was on sale where I bought it. I just finished the pack and am happy with the results. I'd recommend this product to people like myself who just can't bring them to blow $300 at the dentist but want whiter teeth. However if $300 is not a big deal to you, then have your dentist do it as you will avoid a week of tedious work, minor irritation, and hassle. I will try them again provided the effect lasts a while.

    For more hands on details read on...

    Whitening effect - was noticeable after the first few strips and towards the middle, didn't notice much more whitening at the end. Overall my teeth are pretty white now and I'm not so bashful about letting out a big smile. I gave this product 4 out of 5 because it did the job set out to do and made my teeth whiter. If the strips were better shaped as mentioned below, and tasted little better it would have gotten a 5. My bottoms still have slightly more color than my tops, but it may have been that way before too, dunno.

    Irritation / sensitivity - Overall the strips weren't too bad, I had a minor burning sensation when I first put them and overall during the process was more sensitive to colds / hots. My dentist advised to muster up on the fluoride rinse before doing this to strengthen my gums. It's tempting to brush and maybe floss your teeth before using the strips, but keep in mind that your gums will be much more irritated from the gel if you do so. The instructions recommended not to use them directly after brushing your teeth, which unfortunately is the best time to use them, do your own trial and error here, but note that they will burn minor cuts and abrasions made by floss and heavy brushings.

    Strip designs - Both strips should be a little wider, which is a shame because there's enough excess for them to be wider, the bottom strip is kind of a bad design in that it doesn't grip to well because it's too narrow, more so than the top strip. Its very important that the strips cover the canine teeth well because these are your darkest teeth. I went to the website and read in the QA section that it advised to throw away the excess border and not to use it on your teeth. I was curious so I emailed the asking them why, I never got a reply, but like other reviewers here I thought about salvaging the excess and using it. I found that if you get the goop from the excess on your fingers, they whiten just like from the strip, which would imply they contain the peroxide agent, so take it for what you will...

    Stick-age - The top strip sticks pretty good providing you get it on good the first time and don't move it much. The bottom strip is more difficult to keep in place for a few reasons, it's not as wide, so it doesn't grip as well, most of you saliva secretion happens from the bottom of your mouth, which makes it more slippery, plus your tongue inevitably gets in the way and helps loosen things. Yes you can talk with these things in your mouth, but talking may move them too, so I recommend using these when you have some solitude time or at times when your mouth is at rest.

    Taste is not very good. Not bad enough to make you gag or spit them out, but certainly not a good taste, kind of medicine and bleach taste. Once done, if you're anything like me you'll want to wipe ...more info
  • White but painful

    If you take the strips over an extended interval, they lose their effectiveness. I used my first batch of 40 strips over a month and a half. For the first three days i used them everyday but i succumbed to the pain and applied the rest every 2-3 days. During this time, they didnt really change shade at all, but changed quite a bit during the first 3 days.

    Well, i am not going to lie and say that these strips are not a nuisance and quite painful. I am currently wearing them as a write (so yes you can use them anytime), and this is the second time i have purchased the Premium Whitestrips (Plus, so 40 strips instead of 28). This time i am using all 40 strips non-stop in 10 straight days and this is currently my 6th day. The pain started out small and about the 3rd day, my gumline stung constantly when i wore them and about 30 minutes afterward. My teeth are extremely white though, i can't wait to go back to school and show them off at my Spring Musical Audition ;) So while the stinging is quite painful, what doesnt kill us only makes us stronger. So i feel like i am not only getting whiter teeth, but im sucking up the pain :). I would recommend unless you would prefer to pay the extra $300 so there was no pain involved....more info
  • Great! Noticeable whitening for a rather low price.
    I started using a box during the first week of school this year, in August, and only got around to using 10 of the 14 strips...I guess because I was a little lazy. I found the whitening to be satisfactory, and was pleased with the results. During Thanksgiving break, when my sister came to pick me up, she immediately asked me why my teeth were so bright and white.

    I was extremely pleased at that, and decided to go ahead and finished the box, and went on to the second box that I had bought. I am noticing that my teeth are turning even whiter (after 2 days of the second box), and I am very happy with that. I suggest comparing the coloring of your front teeth, which are in contact with the strips, to your side teeth. For me, they look very yellow in comparison, and I can't believe that my teeth were ever that shade!

    There is a minor numbness/tingling that comes with the strips a few days into the treatment. This is minor, and I am fine with it, since I know that tingling is the feeling of the stains getting rubbed off my teeth.

    Also, the lower strips do not stick as well as the upper strips, since saliva and all that stuff gets in the way. However, it still works, and if you lay in bed while using these, that should not be too much of an issue.

    I'd highly recommend this product. It is cheap for what it does, and is very effective....more info


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