Blueair 500 Series Particle Replacement Filter - for Blueair Models 501 and 601

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Product Description

Blueair 500 Series Particle Replacement Filter. Fits Blueair 501 Air Purifier and Blueair 601 Air Purifier.

  • Complete replacement filter set for Blueair 500 Series air purifiers
  • Set of 3
Customer Reviews:
  • Clean Air, Healthy Living
    I have the BlueAir 501 and have to say it has been a godsend. My allergies have all but gone away with these filters.

    These filters do have an activated carbon side, and they do a fairly decent job at cleaning odor and gases in my place, but I am not a smoker so my experience is limited to burnt food. BlueAir DOES have a special set of filters for that purpose, with a larger activated carbon filter that would be more appropriate for homes with smokers. They are quite a bit more expensive however.

    The machine itself is awesome and I am writing a separate review for it, but without the filters, it would just be a big fan sucking up dust and spitting it back out....more info
  • Excellent Customer Service ... Top Quality Product
    This review is for the Polsteins Home & Beyond company ... the Blue Air product speaks for itself. On January 14, 2008, I ordered two sets of replacement filters for my Blue Air 601. In addition to the confirmation email from Amazon (Jan. 14), I was also sent the UPS tracking information from Home & Beyond with the expected shipping date the following day. Both my items were delivered on January 16th. Can you even imagine a two-day turnaround! My experience with this whole process has been one of the best I've ever witnessed. It truly was a "perfect" transaction, and I'm very impressed with Polsteins fast service and excellent communication. Not only that, their prices were the best and offered free S&H ... that combination can't be beat! Thank you Amazon and Home & Beyond. I will definitely be ordering again!

    Most Sincerely,
    A Perfectly Satisfied Customer from PA...more info