Ebac CD35-P Dehumidifier - Low Temp Commercial Quality

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Product Description

Identical unit to the CD35, includes internal condensate pump.

  • Industrial strength Ebac dehumidifier.

 Customer Reviews:

  • Presumably rugged but very inefficient
    The high cost of the CD35 (compared to most home units) may be appropriate for someone who needs to move it frequently to different locations, due to its carry handle, good castors and metal case.

    However, if you are concerned about efficiency, don't consider this unit. Based on an ad that erroneously listed its power consumption at 2.5 amps (the CD35P I purchased actually drew over 4 amps) I assumed that with the high price would come high efficiency, but not so.

    I put the unit in a damp basement that had 82% RH and 63º F

    In 72 hours of constant operation it only managed to bring the humidity down to 66% while extracting about 14.5 pints, and using about 20 kWh, which comes to about .34 liter per kWh.

    A 15 year old Sears dehumidifier, in the same basement and conditions, brought the humidity down from 78% to 60% and used 7.02 kWh in 12.5 hours. That comes to .834 liter per kWh. So, the old Sears was more than twice as efficient under the same conditions.

    I talked to a man at Ebac to find out if my unit was defective. He insisted that it was performing exactly as it should. ...more info