Nilfisk Advance Backpack Vacuum (Backuum) (01796934) (HEPA)

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Product Description

The Nilfisk Backpack Vacuum (Backuum) is a high quality vacuum that fits over your back for ease of portability. With a built-in HEPA filter, this unit can be used for the toughest commercial applications.

  • Industrial strength backpack vacuum with HEPA filter.
  • Includes all standard accessories.
Customer Reviews:
  • Outlasted the rest.
    This is a great product. I have used it commercially and at home. Easy to wear and use, making you very mobile. Since it is lightweight, smaller people can use with ease. I highly recommend. You can use any length of cord you wish, as long as it is the correct grade....more info
  • Everyone should use a backpack vacuum
    First, let me say that everyone should use a backpack vacuum cleaner. They are so convenient, you toss it on your back and with a long cord you can move unencumbered from room to room, up stairs, etc. Its much easier to move around the small wand (vs pushing a large upright vacuum) and so much easier than trying to pull along a canister from room to room. The backpack is lighter than a small book filled backpack.

    I recently developed allergies and so we realized we needed to get a HEPA vacuum cleaner (they are certified to filter out the irritating dust to measured minimal levels). A few years ago we bought a Dyson Vacuum for our vacation house and my wife hates it. It does not work all that well (give the hype and cost) and you have to pull the canister around which gets caught on every curve, is a pain on stairs, etc. We already had small backpack vauum from ProTeam and loved the convenience but they don't seem to make that model and its not HEPA.

    The Nilfisk works just as well as the ProTeam, comes with a 50' cord, is quite and HEPA compliant. The design looks odd but in fact is a well thought out ergonomic design. It's segmented (like a bug) with a flexible tub connecting the bottom motor unit to the top canister. This design places the heavy unit around down by your hips where its more comfortable to support. With the flexible tube connecting the top section the entire unit flexes as you bend over and stretch while vacuuming. The result is tat its very easy to carry and does not feel heavy.

    I strongly recommend that people give up their traditional vacuum's for a backpack version and the Nilfisk is a great option. ...more info