DeLonghi DE40P Dehumidifier

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A popular and convenient residential dehumidifier with a 40-Pint capacity. This unit has a built-in condensate pump - never empty a bucket again! Lateral in/outtake grill for easy room positioning. This unit is Energy Star for savings on your electricity bill and operates down to 44 degrees (F) and has a built-in humidistat and casters.

  • Quality dehumidifier for residential use.
  • Energy star rated for lower energy bills!
  • Condensate pump for easy water removal - pump water up into a sink!
Customer Reviews:
  • Working for eight months nonstop. Like a reliable horse.
    My works fine. I keep wondering when there are going to be problems because I am using it continuously over a large square footage. But no problems at all. I do have to empty it about once a day or day and a half- but that is a good thing isn't it? It works.

    I see no problems with the setting wheel when I use it but usually I have it cranked up to near constant operation.

    I did try to turn it on initially without removing the instruction book from under the tank and it did leak. I then pulled the instruction book OUT and it has performed flawlessly. I think people who bought it maybe didn't first take out the tank and get the booklet? Also you have to take the tape OFF the float. I don't know what would happen if you didn't. Probably would effect the auto shutoff.

    I am surprised people have problems with these - they seem very well made. I am a little surprised at the Styrofoam INSIDE the tank compartment to stabilize and center the tank. But then it is lightweight and dense and if it works I guess why complain? I wouldn't want a little kid to carve on it or pull it out though... Not malicious kid proof IMO...

    I use it everyday and I like it. I got mine at Sears.
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  • lousy product
    We brought the first one home and it didn't pump..Got a second one and it pumped for three weeks and stopped..This is a junk item. They should test these items before they leave the factory...more info