Black and Decker CHV9600 9.6-Volt Cyclonic DustBuster

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Product Description

Powerful suction and cordless mobility come together in the Black & Decker cyclonic DustBuster. An impressive 9.6 volts, the compact little vacuum makes quick work of dry spills around the house or cleanup in the car or woodshop. Like other DustBuster models, this one collects debris in a bagless pop-off container. In addition, it uses cyclonic suction to minimize clogging in the filter, in turn maximizing power and increasing run time. Easily controlled with one hand, the vacuum manages well and is relatively light for its power. A single sliding switch turns it on and off and a simple push button releases the dirt cup for emptying. Cleverly stored onboard, a crevice tool and a brush attachment help you target narrow spaces and upholstery. A charging base is also included and can be mounted to the wall for tidy storage and ongoing re-juicing. On a full charge, the machine runs up to 11 minutes at a stretch. Measuring approximately 15-1/2 inches long, it carries a full two-year warranty from Black & Decker. --Emily Bedard

9.6 volt DustBuster Cyclonic Hand Vac features: Cyclonic action which means the Filter stays clean for more power 9.6 volt motor provides extra power for large jobs Easy empty bowl means hands don't touch the dirt Quick slide charging system provides ultimate convenience of use Power lasts longer with 50% more filter surface 3 stage filtration provides clean air exhaust Tools always go to the job with on-board storage

  • Cyclonic Action maximizes filtration efficiency
  • 9.6 volts, one-step easy empty
  • Sleek design and neutral color
  • Includes crevice tool, upholstery brush
  • Measures 15-1/2 inches long,; one-year warranty
Customer Reviews:
  • great!
    i had this in my apartment for nearly 2 years before I sold everything when i moved out. i remember the old dust busters and was not impressed. however this one is great. it is so handy to have around to pick up any kind of mess. i can't imagine keeping a clean place without it.....crumbs, hair, dirt, etc are no match for it!...more info
  • Great little hand vac!
    This was one of my best purchases of the year. We totally got our money's worth with this hand vacuum. Great suction and as long as you don't plan on cleaning your entire house or apt with this all in one shot, the battery life shouldn't be a problem. This is great for the quick little clean ups....more info
  • nice portable little vacuum
    Nice vacuum and it's good product, save me alot of hastle.
    I got it for a very nice deal and i would recommended it....more info
  • DustBuster
    This product works great. I went for the cheaper model figuring that the batteries are limited lifetime and had a concern in the back of my mind that it might lack power. But it does a great job around the house and is much better than the Ryobi we were replacing....more info
  • Works well with 2 little boys!
    We've got two little boys and this works great on all of the little messes. The only complaint is that the base is designed a little funny, and you have to be careful about pulling it off. I almost pulled the thing off the wall once... other than that, very good product....more info
  • They just keep getting better
    This is maybe the 6th DustBuster we have bought over the years. While I hate the idea of planned obsolescence, the fact is that they keep improving them from generation to generation, while keeping the prices competitive. This one has more power, and holds a charge longer, and is easier to clean, than any of the previous generations we have owned. It's just a great product....more info
  • Black & Decker 9.6 volt DustBuster
    Does a good job with surface dust. Not enough power to be effective with anything else. Design of product causes constant clogging....more info
  • Black and Decker DustBuster
    Great little vac for the sailboat. Charge at home, no power needed on the dock....more info
  • this one is powerful!
    I have had a lot of dust busters and this one is the best one I've had by far! It picks up almost anything......more info
  • Works very well, that is until...
    the batteries start to age. Then it won't hold a charge for very long. Instead of a buying a new one, here's a way to "rebuild" the pack:

    ...more info
  • Great Vacuum for Lite Jobs
    This is my second DustBuster and it's better than the first. It has a nice filter and enough power for small jobs when you don't want to lug out the heavy vacuum.

    ONE WARNING: Sometimes it sold by with FREE shipping. Other times it's MORE expensive and shipping is not included. I love Amazon but wish they were more consistent. ...more info
  • So Far, So Good
    I've only used this for three months. So far it's been excellent. I previously owned "dustbusters" and have been satisfied with their performance. Each newer model seems better than the one it replaces. I've read the other reviews, although not before purchasing this one. The suction of this one is FAR SUPERIOR to those I've previously owned. I use it mainly around the home to clean up small spills or my cars floor mats (rubber). Most of the complaints seem to be that it won't suck pet hair off a sofa or rug and only stays charged for only 10 minutes of use. I purchased mine to use on relatively minor clean up jobs and I'm very happy so far. For large jobs - pet hair, constant used for over 10 minutes and when greater suction is needed; I drag out my canister or upright vacuum. I'll try to update this review in about one year. Thank you....more info
  • handy, moderately quiet, effective cleaner
    Cons are nothing compared to the pros, but still listed them out bcoz this is not a wonder product and there shud be many choices out there and design of all them shud be failry similar.

    Pros: handy, quiet , easy to use, good looking piece, quality product
    Wiped off my car seat neat and clean in two if not just one sweep.
    very effective in kitchen and dining area, can pick up stuff which wud usally leave smears if cleaned in any other way
    easy clean filter, cud see fine grain dust also captured which is awesome considering the fact that this is no a heavy duty vacuum.
    you will get a apprx 3" extension hose and a bristle end also hooked up to the same body which come in real handy.

    cons: ok since it is naturally not that "all powerful" vacuum , it won't exactly suck off all stuff embedded in that lush carpet(car) of yours (using brush at the end might help at times ) .

    The adaptor is a little clumsy, with the bulk head at the socket end and a thin wire the actual holder, I wud have rather designed it the other way around(carry AC power all the way and put that bulky AC/DC converter with the holder body.

    The light indicator used to show charging status is on the back of the handle , and is small red led (a bad choice) , you really have to stoop on to it to see whether it is on , or the room has to be dim lit to see it clearly...more info
  • I love this DustBuster
    I have three dogs and this really helps me keep up on the dog hair all over. Works very well and very easy to get into corners and hard to reach areas....more info
  • great pick-up power
    This is larger than my first dust buster but it takes up no more room than the original. It has great pick-up power and I find myself grabing it instead of the vacuum cleaner to do small jobs. It is lightweight and handy. I love it....more info
  • well satisfied with dustbuster
    Received the product "Black &Decker Dust Buster" and so far really very satisfied with the product. It's so handy for picking up those little dust thingies on the floor and little sweeeping jobs are so now done easily with a touch of the button. So yes love it, and the fact it's always ready and charge to go. ...more info
  • The Old Days of the Snail in a Pail
    This vacuum snail collector works on the principle that "masses are better", whereby collecting a large number of snails will thereby cut the labor time it normally takes to amass such creatures. It uses a .6g vacuum engine which is quiet and sturdy, doesn't need maintenance and can even be used near ponds, where snails tend to congregate. If you are a restaurateur, then this is a great product for selling "fake French escargots" for the amount it takes to pay a hermit to collect them....more info
  • Good dustbuster
    Nice suction for a small vac, engineered well, lightweight and comes with a nice attachment for vacuuming in tight spaces. The only con is that the charge only lasts 15-20 minutes, which is OK, but wish it lasted a little longer. It charges fast though. Overall for the price and quality, I recommend it! ...more info
  • No Good!
    Hi, I can't believe I fell for all the other reviews. This did not even last the 9 min it states in the pamphlet, and yes, I did charge it for the 16 hours it calls for. It also does NOT pick up pet hair unless it's off a bare floor. The suction is terrible, do not fall for this gadget unless it's to use on bare floors or for quick non-stuck pick up....more info
  • Powerful sucker
    This is a cute, powerful, versatile vacuum cleaner. The only drawback is the short battery life (~15 mins). It's great for quick cleanups, car cleaning, and to clean hard-to-reach areas....more info
  • Amazing - Sucks off dust like a pro
    I got this product in January and have been using it everyday to manage crazy shedding of hair by my dog all around the house. Its so handy and efficient I have not used my regular cleaner in months. This does most of the work on my all hardwood floor apt. I use a dry mop to clean the floor and this cleaner to suck dust off on all my furniture, high traffic areas, counters, mats, carpets and the list goes on!!!...more info
  • My KIDS fight to use it!
    This dust buster works better than any I have ever had. The suction power is at least as good- if not better than my regular vac. I bought it for the little messes that come with having 3 only mistake was ever telling one to pick it up and use it himself! They LOVE it! They either are on the hunt for something to suck up- or have gone so far as to make something messy to suck up! This is a great product that is easy enough for a 3 year old to use! Luckily it charges very quickly and holds a charge for a very long time- since it has gotten LOTS of use and my boys aren't great about putting it back where it belongs!...more info
  • Wonderful product!
    With a five year old and a two year old this dustbuster helps me easily keep my car clean. It is very handy and easy to empty! I am very happy I purchased it; I just wish I would have had it a long time ago!...more info
  • Great Product Great Price
    I got the whole thing delivered for under $16. And it works great. I am very happy...more info
  • love it!!!
    works great for little jobs and gets those spiders and cobwebs that drive me nuts!...more info
  • So good I bought 2!
    I bought 2 of these because they were on sale. I have many vaccums, but this is the one we use the most! They are great, the kids love to use them to clean up their messes! It is lightweight, easy to use and empty....more info
  • Good deal
    I like this Dustbuster after having had it for about a month or so. It's got lots of suction and so far I've only had to charge it once (when I got it). I considered a higher voltage model but went for this one since it was a little cheaper. So far, so good....more info
  • 2nd Dust buster
    This is our second one - one for downstairs, one for upstairs. I could never get my 13 to sweep up little dry spills and messes, but he readily vacs them up with the dust buster, which is discreetly stored under a chair in its charging base....more info
  • B & D and Amazon rock!
    Great dustbuster! This one replaces a 20 year old dustbuster that was still working. I just needed an update. It's perfect and Amazon prices and services CANNOT be beat!!...more info
  • Neat and works wonders
    Have had similar product for years. It finally quit picking up much. The Dustbuster is just what I wanted. Thanks....more info
  • Works perfectly
    Great for the neat-freak stuck in a dorm room! Works well on carpeted floors, holds a charge, easy to store. ...more info
  • convenient and versatile
    We ordered the Black and Decker dustbuster on a sale and got it for $29- a fantastic buy for the money. It's very lightweight and can get into small spaces that you don't want to lug out your big vacuum or attachments for....more info
  • satisfied
    very good product,I have been using dust busters for years.I would not buy anything else....more info
  • Black and Decker Delight
    How did I get by without this for so long? Back in the day we had a dustbuster that worked at low strength and only for a few minutes before it needed recharging. This thing has pretty good suction power and lasts long enough that I have yet to run out of juice while using it. The suction could be a little stronger, but overall, this is an excellent product. Defintely not the dustbuster of yesteryears. ...more info
  • This is great and handy
    1. It works perfectly. I use it to clean up some small ares in the house and in my car. It gets the job done. It's not terribly noisy when turned on.
    2. Once in a while, I might find dead bugs on the carpet or floor. This becomes really handy picking them up.
    3. Price is good: I paid only $[...] from w/ free shipping. This is a steal.

    REMEMBER: Charge the battery for at least 16 hours before you use it for the first time!...more info
    The charge on this Dustbuster lasts a very long time-pick-up is very good-
    the price is right-great for all small cleanups...more info
  • Great for quick pick-ups
    This isn't the most powerful DustBuster out there. However, I use it daily for crumbs (and there are a lot of them), dirt, pet hair, and anything else that falls on the floor. It holds it's charge for several minutes and sucks up most everything. It is a little difficult to get all the debris out, but worth the price....more info
  • This is a strong little vacuum
    I got this as a Gold Box Special on Amazon, so it was even less than the listed price, and it was really a bargain. It's a very strong little sweeper. It's great for sweeping the inside of the car. I especially like that I can just leave it plugged in without it overcharging. I'd buy it again....more info
  • very good hand vacum
    we bought this vacum from walmart for 25 bucks about 6 months ago,actually it works husband is using it for his new car and i use it for kitchen,the most important part to keep the suction power works as long as you can is to charge it for 3-4 hours and recharge it again but after fully emptying its charge [i mean after the battery is really dead] every time,and not to put it in plug after evey use,just after the battery is dead.ALSO it is not for big area cleaning.i recomend it to afriend. ...more info
  • Black and Decker Cyclonic Dustbuster
    What a great product. It took me awhile to decide if I wanted to buy an "appliance" online. But I am glad I went with this choice. I love how the attachements are built right into the bottom of the dustbuster so you do not have that to worry about. It also has excellent sucking power which I got to use last night when my 2 year old spilled a whole jar of parm cheese on the floor. It picked it right up no problem!!! Great product!!!...more info
  • Good Buy
    I bought this product in $17. In this price its a very good buy and i found it very powerful also....more info
  • worth the money
    I purchased this product on sale through amazon and it is worth the money I paid for it. It is rechargeable and powerful. Very convenient for household dirt and picking up stuff....more info
  • Super Labor Saver!!
    I have 2 cats, and regardless of what kind of litter I use, or gadgets I buy, nothing stops that little trail of litter they always drag with them after using their box.

    I keep this on the wall in the utility room, right above their litter box. One, two, three - litter's gone, no problem.

    I also like the little accessory tools that come with this model. The small brush attachment is perfect for my keyboard. And, the 2 accessory tools fit right onto the body so there's no hunting them down when you need them. They're right there and easy to access.

    All around, this is a great tool and I highly recommend it.

    B. Cunningham
    Momcat to Henry & Eleanor...more info
  • Black & Decker CHV9600 DustBuster
    I own 3 of these vacs. We have one for every bedroom so no one has an excuse not to keep their room tidy. It's just right for everyday use. I highly recommend this vac....more info
  • This vac sucks.., which is a good thing!!
    Got a great deal on this, so was a little worried that it would be a disappointment.., Not so.., this vac has all the sucking power I need to keep up with my 17 month old. So convinient and dependable.
    Every parent of a toddler should own one of these!! It is a great item....more info
  • Works quite well
    This model of DustBuster is an improvement over my old one. The cyclone design works quite well at preventing the filter from becoming clogged. As long as you empty it out once in a while, you can use it for lots of quick clean-ups and not have to flush or replace the filter.
    ...more info
  • Fast and efficient
    This product does exactly what I purchased it for and more. I have a pellet stove (kind of like a wood stove except that it burns pellets made out of sawdust) that needs to be cleaned out after each use. I like to keep things as clean as possible and prefer to vacuum it out. I was worried about using my household vacuum as I did not want to shorten its lifespan with fine ash and dust. As a result I purchased this handy handheld vacuum. It quickly cleans out the pellet stove and the attachment allows me to vacuum out all of the corners and crevices. This vacuum is emptied very quickly and even with the fine ash it remains pretty clean. It is powerful and I have found myself reaching for it when other small spills occur....more info
  • Very handy for quick cleanups
    I use this vacuum daily around my kitchen to pick up crumbs left behind by my kids. It hangs low on the wall beside a built in desk and is hardly noticible in that location. It also gets used often in other locations around the house.
    My in-laws have one they use to pick up small wood debris near their fireplace.
    I've had mine for about 2 years now and it is still going. I just bought a couple of them on sale to use as gifts.
    ...more info
  • Love this
    I use this every day. I have little ones in the house, and this cleans up the high chair, the floor, and I even took it out to clean up my car. It has an attachment on the bottom that lets you get into crevices and cracks very well. I find the strength of the suction to be adequate for anything I've used it for. It's very easy to remove the collector and empty it. Definitely recommend. I should have gotten one sooner!...more info
  • Great deal, very good tool
    I was fortunate enough to get one of these through Amazon's Gold Box deals for about $10. We have had one of these in our home for about three years, and just recently the battery has started to have a noticeably shorter life. So, I was able to get a whole new unit for about the price that it would cost to replace the filter! Anyhow, you're probably more interested in how it works. This dustbuster does a great job of sucking up anything around it - it's very strong. The battery lasted us for quite a while, and the included attachments that clip right into the bottom of the unit are very useful. It's not too heavy and is easy to maneuver. ...more info
  • Battery life to about 2 min after a year of use
    When we initially got this product - it was great. The suction was strong and the battery life was long. Over the course of a year, the battery life has dramatically deteriorated. After a year, it only lasts about 2 minutes. The positive reviews are all from people who have had this only a short time. This is a disposable product - seeing that the battery isn't designed to be replaced....more info
  • Sucks BIG TIME!!!
    After trying one of the newer rechargeable models, we came back to this very reliable one. It sucks up more things than any other we have tried. Keep making them B&D......more info
  • Well Worth The LONG Wait!!
    I ordered this in Early December and it arrived yesterday. After a full nights charge I put it to the test, did all the things I bought it for. It has great suction for a hand vac. I used it for the car, floors, seats. Took dog hair off Sofa and picked up dogfood. Sucks dust from corners. What more could I ask for. I did all my tasks and it kept going. Very happy with purchase. We shall see how long it lasts. Any early death I'll come back with report....but I think it will live until a ripe old age....more info
  • Starts off great... but battery performance declines quickly
    We've had this vacuum for a little over a year. It's powerful enough to pick up crumbs an dust around the kitchen. Overall, we're happy with this vacuum with one exception: the battery went bad after one year. Emptying the dust bin is easy and the vacuum doesn't exhaust must dust....more info
  • Very Pleased
    This is a very good quality product. It does everything is says and everything I expected. It has great suction and is excellent for cleaning up and also for using on my basement steps and for quick clean ups. It also holds a good charge for a long time. I recommend this to anybody that is looking for a convienant small easy to use hand held vaccum....more info
  • 15.6V dust buster
    I have had the 15.6V dust buster for a little over 2 years now and about all i can say is that it has done everything i have asked of it. I sure would recomend the highest volt one that is made. Battery is as good as the day i bought it....more info
  • Great performance for your money
    I purchased the CHV9600 a bit ago and couldn't be happier with it's performance the amount i paid. The suction isn't outstanding, but it will pick up most of what it's looking for. Cleanup couldn't be easier and the battery life is impressive....more info
  • dustbuster
    This dustbuster is powerful! I have an older model of it and bought this one for xmas present. It arrived really fast and was in good shape. ...more info
  • Works pretty good
    Amazon made a screaming deal on these within the past month. You could purchase four of them for about $7 each and change, including shipping. Based on the other reviews, I thought it would be worth a try because I constantly battle cat fur on my couches. In my experience, this is a fairly lightweight item compared to my old, corded Dirt Devil; it's also not very noisy either. It also works pretty well in taking the imbedded fur off my couch. I wish it would work a little better, which is the reason it only gets four stars, and you absolutely have to use the upholstery brush. It only gets four stars because of projected longevity being only two to three years, although the warranty will run for two years, and Black & Decker is pretty good regarding customer service. January 24, 2008 update: this item is also only worth four stars at most because the running time, after charging, is only 9 to 11 minutes. It really should run more like 20 minutes on a charge....more info
  • Dustbuster
    This portable Dustbuster works just fine, but now I wish I would have ordered the more powerful one. This one doesnt work as well vacuuming out my car. I need more suction power, but I got what i paid for and it does work well....more info
  • battery died too early
    The battery started to fail to hold a charge well after about two and a half years. Not user replaceable so time to fill the landfill :-(
    ...more info
  • Great for the price $9.99
    I bought this vacuum recently and it works just great. Sucks up all kinds of stuff and keeps going. It's easy to clean the filter and to empty the canister. This is much better than other mini-vacuums I've had. It really does the job. And for $9.99 how can you go wrong? ...more info
  • Great suction, HORRIBLE battery life!
    I bought this from amazon for $7.50 and free shipping with prime! You can use it for about 5 mins before the battery starts winding down and this is when it sits on the charger all day and night! I just re-read the description and realized its only 11 mins of charge WTH? There should be an option to use a power cord! Anyway Good Suction, Quick easy use and easy clean, but the battery takes all the goods away!

    For $8 shipped tho i wont complain too much!:P...more info
  • Dustbuster for my wife!
    She's been after me for a year to get a new one -- surprised her for Christmas!
    Just her size, too! ...more info
  • hooray
    Powerful suction, crevice tool, reliable, hangs easily on the wall.
    My kids are using this to clean all the nooks and cranies in the house and the car....Need I say more?...more info
    We just got this, my wife was reading the instructions that said to keep away from children and to always wash your hands after using it because this product contains lead!! Are you kidding me? If you read this, PLEASE mark it as helpful so other people can see it too.
    ...more info
  • Way better than older models
    This DustBuster is so much better than the older models I've bought over the years. Very good suction, holds a charge, easy to get in and out of the charger, easy to clean. And the attachments fit into slots right on the DustBuster. I'm so pleased with its convenience and usefulness, that I bought three more--one for my parents, one for my son, and another one for me for laundry area clean ups. I've only had for a couple of months so don't know what happens to the battery after months or years of use. One of my biggest complaints about older models was that they faded away after a (not very long) while....more info
  • Still going strong
    Best I have had. Always ready. I have had it quite a while (a year + ?) and it's still working good....more info
  • Great initially... but once the battery fades it's useless - and you can't replace the battery
    In the first few months of owning this DustBuster, you will probably think it is truly amazing and wonder why you didn't buy one before. We did. In fact, we liked it so much that we bought a second one so that we could have one in our basement and one easily available on our first floor. However, within the first year of ownership we watched the battery performance degrade to the point where they are now useless. When you turn one on you have maybe 20-30 seconds or so of sucking power and then you just listen to the motor wind down... and basically not be able to pick up anything.

    This *might* be okay if there were some way to replace the battery, but sadly it is a sealed case and so it looks like we'll just have to junk these units, which is a complete shame and waste.

    The convenience of the Dustbuster is great, but we'll now be looking for one that: a) uses Lithium-Ion batteries so that there is no memory issue; and/or b) has replaceable batteries in the event it really dies.

    Like I said at the beginning, we found these units to be great vacuum cleaners... until the battery died. (I would note that some of the older reviews are reporting the same issue.)...more info
  • Great price - excellent product
    I wanted an extra hand vac for the cat litter room because I didn't want to use the hand vac that I use in the rest of the house to suck up cat litter. This is a great unit! Has great suction, battery holds a charge for a good amount of time (can be kept on the charger full time), has attachment holders built into the unit so you don't have to go looking for them. This is not one of those "it's great for the price" - it's a great hand vac period....more info
  • dustbuster review
    This dustbuster has awesome sucking power for a hand held vaccuum. I have been using Black and Decker dust busters since they have came out and I really think they have improved on them over the years ALOT !! I am pleased with my new purchase....more info
  • Black and Decker Dustbuster
    Excellent product. Was going to use it at work, but discovered it does a great job picking up kitty litter off the floor so I kept it at home. Of course it's powerful and scares the poor cat to death. Highly recommended...more info
  • Enough power, good price
    I was going to go for the higher volt model, but this model was good at picking up the dirt. The brush and nozzle attachments stowed in the back are a nice touch....more info
  • Black and Decker Dust Buster
    I am very pleased with my new dust buster. It is a very powerful machine and picks up everything that I try to pick up with it....more info
  • Good Tool/Wish the Battery Lasted Longer
    I've had this vacuum about nine months and I love the handiness of it with four kids and a dog. However, I do find that the battery charge doesn't last as long as I'd like when I'm doing pick-up around an entire room . For quick jobs and clean-ups it is great and has good suction. ...more info
  • Jack's dustbuster
    This was a gift to my brother and he is very pleased with the performance. The only objection is the cleaning of filter after each use. He said the recommended cleaning was to wash and let dry completely before the next use....more info
  • Works great, easy to empty, battery life very low
    I have used my dustbuster 4 times now and the charge does not seem to be very good. It did not even have enough charge to completely vacuum my car which was fairly clean to begin with. My daughter likes to use this in her room but the charge does not last long at all, maybe 6-7 minutes max. However, this has 2 convenient tools included, is portable, comes with a charging base that can be set on the counter or mounted to the wall. It is excellent at collecting dust and small debris. I found this helpful to vacuum drawers, under sofa cushions, and crumbs off of countertops. This should also save us a lot of money on gas station vacuums. Overall I wanted a cheap hand vac and this does the job but I just wish the charge was longer. I suspect with the higher end models the charge might last longer. ...more info
  • Black & Decker Dust Buster
    Excellent handheld vac. Powerful, handy, easy to use. This is the third one we purchased for different parts of the house & garage. This latest was for my wife in the kitchen and she loves it. We have looked at many others, and even had a couple that didn't last, but nothing matched the DustBuster. This is by far the best cordless handheld vac for the money....more info
  • Works well, meets needs
    We keep this near the litter box for quick kitty clean-ups. It is convienient and meets our needs for good sucking and cordless use....more info
  • solid performer
    nice little unit, solid suction, easy to clean out. this is the second one i've owned. the first one died after about 4 years which isnt so bad given the price. ...more info
  • Does it's job!
    I have had dustbusters when I lived at home, but not since then. So this is the first dustbuster I've had in a very long time, and it works great for me. It picks up the little mess that always ends up collecting under the cabinets at the end of the day, and worked great picking up all the plaster from drilling into the walls.

    I think it picks up more stuff than the vacuum does. It might not be the priciest and some might be a little better than it, but I think it's fine as a general mess pick-er-uper....more info
  • Handy machine
    A very handy and versatile machine for small jobs that does not require u to plug in your big Vacuum....more info
  • Good cleaning tool.
    Works well on most things, but has difficulty with pet hair on carpets and fabrics. Otherwise, I'm quite satisfied with this product....more info
  • Not very strong, but still useful
    This hand vacuum is light and picks up your basic dust/pet hair/etc. Cleaning and emptying it is also easy, and a quick rinse of the removable portion keeps it tidy. I just wish it were a bit stronger - I bought this one when it was on sale for $20, but now there's another hand vacuum that's stronger and also includes different nozzles for the same price. Also the instructions say that the recharging stand must be wall-mounted, so get ready to drill some holes in your wall if you're getting this item. I didn't install it in my wall and the recharging stand works well enough, but it's a thin plastic thing and plugging the hand vac back on is a little awkward....more info
  • Good battery time, good compromise between power and weight
    Good battery time, good compromise between power and weight...more info
  • Great Mini-Vac
    I looked at many different hand-held vacuums and decided on this one based on the reviews. I'm glad I did because it is exactly as described and I haven't had any problems with it. It's great for cleaning my car and picking up spilled beads from the carpet. It even picks up dog hair! I would definitely recommend this item....more info
  • Great little sucker
    How can anyone get excited about a mini-vacuum? I could if it would run itselft and not require me to actually bend over and do it. Oh well, its a great little gadget and works great for the car too!...more info
  • Works awesome for my dorm!
    Great value. I can keep it in my small dorm closet. Use it everyday because I am a clean freak. It works perfect. Battery last a lot. ...more info
  • Very good little vacuum
    I had Black and Decker Dustbuster before and it stop charging after 4 years of useage. This is a better upgrade at the same price ($25) and I expect to have it commission for another 4 years. Recommended for kitchen....more info
  • Can't pick up anything
    This machine couldn't pick up anything--not carpet pills, not pet hair, not dirt, not anything. It has very poor suction power. I'm returning it straight away....more info
  • Good product for the price.
    We've had the DustBuster for a little while and so far it is working great. Convenient and easy to use....more info
  • Portable Hand Vac
    The B&D 9.6V Cyclonic DustBuster is powerful and comfortable to handle. This model has a clear dust and particle collection container so you know when it's time to empty it and clean the filter. In terms of design, it has futuristic clean lines. If I had to name one potential improvement, it would be to light weight it slightly, otherwise it lives up to what I purchased it for....more info
  • Best Dustbuster yet - with a caveat...
    We've always had a Dustbuster of some sort around the house - with kids and pets, they are absolutely indespensible for thos quick clean-ups here and there. This unit, because of the 9.6v motor, is quite powerful and has an impressively long battery life between charges. There is also an internal "screen" that keeps big junk from clogging the paper filter, which extends the time between required filter cleanings/changes. (By the way, we've used this unit for about 2 years and have never replaced the paper filter - about once a month I remove it and wash it with soap & water, scrubbing with a brush, then let it dry and put it back together.)

    Now for the reason for subtracting a star from the rating: about a year after owning the unit, it started intermittently not charging while on the charging wall mount. We usually run the unit down before placing it back in the mount, so we keep the battery healthy, but yesterday it finally decided to refuse to charge at all. The red light won't come on while in the charger, and the battery will not charge. A shame, because the unit is still completely usable after two years of constant use.

    It seems like the contacts on the unit won't make contact with the wall mount, but I have even tried disassembling the unit and cleaning the contacts, to no avail.

    Well, for only twenty-seven bucks here on amazon, I'll probably just buy another one......more info
  • Thank Goodness
    This thing has saved my valuable time over and over again. I love it and will always have one. Thank you Black and Decker, people with small children thank you even more! It is also perfect for spider webs in the corners of the ceiling....more info
  • It's good, but it doesn't do cat hairs.
    It's powerful for spilled dirt and dust and debris, but it doesn't get cat hair off my sofa. That's what I bought it for. ...more info
  • Very Good Machine, Some Complaints
    After about a year and a half of moderate usage, the battery on this unit is not holding charge. I would no longer rate it this high, and I would drop my rating to two stars-- "good while it lasted."

    I bought this dustbuster originally for the car, and it hasn't really made it down there yet, as it has been extremely useful in our house. And while I agree with the other reviewers that it is great to have around, the rubber internal diaphragm clogged when I used it to clean up confetti-cut paper from the shredder. Then, when my wife was trying to empty it, the diaphragm broke off. It still works well, even without the diaphragm. But I think that shows some cheap construction. Perhaps I will look into the warrantee, as the other reviewer did, as it is only a couple of months old. I do like the unit, though I may have to trade up to the higher-powered one for the purpose of picking up that shredded paper that never all seems to stay inside the shredder or the recycling bag....more info
  • Cyclonic action in a handheld really works
    This vac has a powerful motor coupled with the cyclonic spinning action in the dust collection chamber. I didn't think it would be any better than the previous non-cyclonic handheld vacs I'd had in the past but the dust really does spin around in the collection chamber and that keeps the filter cleaner longer. I would assume that all handvacs will end up using this method....more info
  • Great Product
    We bought this new DustBuster for only $4.00 more than buying a battery for our old one. It picks up great and is very lightweight. It also runs awhile before it needs recharging. Only complaint- wall hanger on the DustBuster seems flimsy. Overall- great product! ...more info
  • Great Small-Job Model
    Purchased to replace a 5-yr. old DustBuster. Big improvement...lighter, quieter, and better filtration. Very pleased with performance!...more info
  • Great buy
    This dustbuster works incredibly well. It picks up the sand that is tracked in from our driveway, dust, and nearly everything else, no problem. It is impressively powerful. I bought one for each floor of my house (3) and would highly recommend it to anyone. I got them during the Friday Sale for $19.99....more info
  • Fantastic Dustbuster!
    This dustbuster is very powerful and extremely easy to use and clean. I use it all over...on the wood floors, on the rugs, on the sofas, on the shelves and even on the blinds. Considering how much dust accumulates in my apartment every day, it's really important to have a powerful machine that gets the job done (without the hassle of lugging out a vacuum). ...more info
  • Great!
    I love this dustbuster! my last one had no power, but this is very powerful and has attachments! couldn't be happier....more info
  • Superior Cust Serv for Battery Issue
    I agree with the positive reviews - this is a great dustbuster for the money. I like both the attachmts which really help get into corners and crevices, and make it perfect for car as well as house.
    Now, my battery did die after only about 4 - 5 months, but the product has a 2 yr warranty. I simply called the 800 number and told them the problem, and they promised to send me a new one (just called today, so haven't recieved new one yet). The customer serv rep told me NOT to store in recharging unit, and said that once charged the unit can usually be used for 20 - 30 days before needing recharging. The instruc manual does say you can store it in recharging unit, but cust serv rep said that causes battery to fail sooner. So once I get the new unit, I'm going to only charge it as needed. I'll let you know if I don't recieve it, then I'll need to recind this review!! This company was great to work with, my last experience was with GE customer service and I will NEVER buy another GE product. Based on this experience I will certainly always consider buying a B & D product....more info
  • The best DustBuster I ever had
    I only had this for a week or so. This is my 5th DustBuster. It was the cheapest and it is the best. Maybe one day I will check out one of the top of the line DustBusters too....more info
  • Great Dustbuster, light and powerful
    Really like this Black and Decker Dustbuster, does a great job picking up little items and like that its so lightweight....more info
  • Replacement Dustbuster
    It replaced a similar older model that had been lost in a power surge. However, it is very much better in every respect, even though the voltage is about the same....more info
  • Very Nice Job
    I have been using this vac for the last 4 months, and i am very happy with it. I usually use it for my car, but occasionally I also use it indoors, to pick up my kids mess. It works very well. Good suction....more info
  • Got this for my car
    Great job done
    Can be used to suck up pet hair around the house as well.
    Comes with a charging unit that can be wall mounted so the storage is pretty neat too just hang the unit on the charging unit when the job is done..neat!
    For a price of 20$ it was around 10-15$ cheaper compared to retailers....more info
  • Great value! Very well used in our house
    I have used Dustbusters for quite a few years now, having this particular model for about 3 years. It has performed very well for small food spills, picking up dust bunnies and such from our tile and wood floors. With 3 children and a dog now, this unit has been used alot. It is now losing it's charge faster and is on it's way out.

    The only other comment I have is that it is great for tile, wood, and low pile carpet( where the debris is sitting on top of the carpet). But it is not made to clean carpeted stairs, especially with pet hair stuck to it. I am still happy with my dustbuster, and will probably upgrade to the 15w model. ...more info
  • Died after 18 months
    It doesn't charge after 18 months of use. It did a great job for a while....more info
  • I love this DustBuster!
    I wanted something to grab for quick clean up jobs and this works great for me! It's always ready to go and easy to empty out/clean.
    Well worth the money I spent!...more info
  • blast
    Good product. Gets the job done. Great for light work in the car or around the house....more info
  • Battery life is 4 months tops
    My spouse operates this vacuum daily until the rechargeable nickel-cadium battery is dead to avoid any memory issues. Like the Black & Decker 15.6V CHV1560 cordless hand vacuum, the battery life is 4 months tops.

    Perhaps Black & Decker should replace the nickel-cadium battery with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery on all of their cordless hand vacuums....more info
  • Batteries are shot after 1.5 years
    When new, this is a great DustBuster. However, as a Christmas gift in December 2004 that has been operated for less than 4 hours of its life, I was surprised to see the batteries go bad so quickly. After 72 hours of charging, it can sustain about 2.5 minutes of low-power vacuuming. The batteries do not appear to be easily accessible, and I have not been able to find any place on the internet who sells them. Not recommended....more info
  • Batteries Won't last
    I bought this just over a year ago and it worked great for the first few months. Now it is worthless, the thing dies within seconds. I am not exaggerating at all, if you started the vac at the same time you started reading this review it would have been dead by now. ...more info
  • It's important to know WHEN to charge...
    Many reviews here complained about the battery/charger lifespan. It's unfortunate that most people don't understand rechargeable batteries well and the manufacturer fails to provide the info.

    This handvac uses NiCd rechargeable batteries, which perform best if fully discharged periodically. It's due to the so called "memory effect", meaning the battery "remembers" the depth of the normal discharges and adjusts its capacity accordingly. So if you usually run your vac for half a minute before placing it back to its charging base, its capacity will go down to half minute soon.

    The base can be wall mounted and tempts you to charge your vac after each use. I'd suggest you leave the base unplugged until the battery quits. Then unplug again after charging overnight. This should keep the battery in good condition for years....more info
  • Works great, at first...
    I have had this product for about 2 years. When we first got it, it worked great--lasted about 10 min. at a time. Now, we're lucky to get the floor cleaned up under the table before it starts to wear down. Also, the clip which holds it to the base just broke, and I see that I am not the first person to experience this problem. I don't see anywhere to buy a replacement base, at this time, so I may end up just throwing the whole thing away....more info
  • "Terrific"
    Fast shipping the item was well packaged.My wife loves it she uses it all the time.She keeps forgetting that this is only A handvacuum and will use it on the hold house.Thanks very much.
    Mr. Charles Strine...more info
  • dustbuster
    works great! I have small messy kids and it gets up all the little messes they make nicely...more info
  • Ignore All the Positive Reviews...
    Ignore all the reviews below. You'll notice a common writing style here. They're likely all coming from the same person using a pseudo name, no doubt. I too owned this vac for roughly six months, then out of the blue, it just died on me. Wouldn't hold a charge or run for more than a minute at a time. Thankfully, Wal*Mart took it back and gave me a replacement, yet here once again, I'm experiencing problems with either the batteries or the charger. I agree with what Bruce had to say here. All one has to do is read the reviews on other Dustsbusters, or talk to people that have owned them in the past. They have a SERIOUS design flaw with the batteries/charger. I remember when I bought my first Dustbuster back about 16 years ago. It lasted me 10 years, never gave me any problems, and had good suction. Every model I've owned since then has been nothing but trouble for me. Hard-to-find filters, mediocre suction, bad motors, faulty chargers & batteries, just too name a few. And it's not just Dustbusters either, but almost EVERY SINGLE Black & Decker product I've purchased over the years has been substandard. From shoddy wiring to defective parts, their quality control has REALLY gone down the tubes. I also bought a coffee maker that was broken right out the box! (Model ODC-405) I'm going to write a strongly worded letter to the company, and send it registered mail. I'm not only demanding my money back, but I'm requesting that they formally apologize for knowingly selling these faulty products to an unsuspecting public. Throw-away garbage is right. From the product lifespan, to the lack of customer support, they sure aren't the same company I remember from the '80s. Avoid them at all costs. ...more info
  • I like it
    This little vac has plenty of power for the uses that I have for it. I use it mostly to clean up crumbs and birdseed and it does that great. Haven't tried it on anything bigger....more info
  • Dustbuster
    Nice and compact. Some are very bulky-not this one. Easy mounting bracket. Easy filter cleaning. Relatively quiet operation. A great value!...more info
  • B & D DustBuster
    On the whole, we are pleased with the performance of this vacuum. However, when we mounted it we found that one of the contacts was not aligned properly but instead of paying to send it back we made a slight adjustment and it seems to be okay....more info
  • super sucker
    works great you just need to clean filter often had it for a month and batt. last two days cool...more info
  • Good For A Year...
    I've been burned by handvacs before, and you would think that by now, I would have learned my lesson. I bought this cute little vac on sale at Wal*Mart for $30. I was initially impressed with the compact design, the suction power, the washable filter, and the "cyclonic" action of the collection bin, which supposedly helps keep the filter clean. It worked VERY well while it lasted... Fast forward to one year later. The unit will no longer hold a charge or run for more than a few seconds at a time. Obviously one of the battery cells has gone bad, or the charger has become faulty. (perhaps both)? I've also noticed that the little red charging light on the vac no longer lights up either, which leads me to believe that there is indeed a problem with the charging circuitry on this thing. As many others can attest to, this seems to be a common problem with Dustbusters in general as they approach the one-year old mark. I don't know whether Black and Decker is aware of this issue or not, as they have almost non-existent customer support.(the number I called was dead). As a matter of fact, they aren't the same company my parents knew and loved. I've also been disappointed with with Dirt-Devil handvacs too, which have also let me down. (brittle plastic and broken nozzles) I am totally fed up with these throw-away toys. I think I'm going to swtich to a corded handvac instead, and hope I have better luck with those. There's obviously a serious problem with the charging circuitry & batteries on these things, as rechargeable batteries should be good for up to 5 years. I've learned my lesson. If you're not too concerned about the long-term, then I guess this isn't a bad investment. It *does* serve the purpose... Just don't expect it to last much longer than a year. Typical throw-away junk....more info
  • Good value, works well.
    We use it to clean up after a 2 yr. old, crumbs cheerios even fruit pieces works well and provides good suction....more info
  • Super Awesome DustBuster
    I love my DustBuster with Cyclonic Action!! It cleans up everything, and I use it all the time!...more info
    Pay attention to the reviewers that have informed you this unit will not last and the battery is not replaceable. I would have given it 5 Stars had I done a review in the first month of ownership. In less than a year of once a week use, you'll hear the motor rpm start dropping as soon as you turn it on. Vacuum power will be worthless in under a minute. Better to donate your money to a worthy cause and help save our landfills. At least I can say this product doesn't suck....more info
  • Great little Vac !
    This is a powerful little dustbuster! It would rate 5 stars if it was easier to reattach to the base for charging. For some reason, the "lock in place" design on this DustBuster is very cumbersome to attach to the charger (when wall mounted). It doesn't just "snap" into place as my older ones did. With frequent use, I've gotten better & quicker at putting it back in its charger. Other than that, I would say it is a very good (and loud!) product! ...more info
  • A good little machine
    Small in size with plenty of power. I needed a small vac that would fit in a kitchen cabinet, this one fits the bill. Holds its charge, and is easy to empty....more info
  • Not as great after a year
    I admit, this was a great vaccum for the year that I used it but after the year was up, its age started to show. It had a tremendous amount of power and could vaccum for up to 7 minutes before it started to die. At the end of its lifespan, it started to fade right after I started using it so I got about two minutes of slowly dying suction power.

    At this point, I've had it with cordless vaccums. I'm going to a corded model for now and leaving the cordless for the times when I need to pick up a few crumbs, as that's all it can do now....more info
  • Dust Buster
    We had an old Dust Buster for years that recently "died". This new unit is unbelievably powerful after being (satisfactorily)accustomed to the old model. We are fully satisfied with this new product....more info
  • Serious performer with great suction
    I've been using this for over 6 months. I'm very pleased with every penny I spent.

    I first bought this smallish vac to just clean my desk and drawers and such in my room. There the thing worked great, already.

    Incidentally (and unfortunately), I also have to use this room as "sort-of-woodworking-room", even though the floor is carpeted. (I live in an apartment and I'm not supposed to mess with flooring). No matter how carefully I cover the floor with paper etc., the floor under my woodwork bench almost always has some sawdust and such, and my full-size vac couldn't remove the things trapped deep inside the carpet fibers.

    Encouraged by the successful desktop use, I tried to clean the floor with this. After some minutes, I was impressed by the amout of dust (that was never caught by larger vac) caught on the filter. This guy is a serious performer with great suction.

    I occasionally use this for my car, and if you have kids this is a must. Great for cleaning tiny bread pieces and such, you know.

    It's obvious that you don't want to clean the entire floor with this, but I don't hesitate to recommend this to anybody....more info
  • WORKS GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Versatile, ost useful cleanup tool!
    My apartment is all hardwood except for some short-pile carpet on the stairs. Cat hair and grit accumulates on the carpet, but I didn't want to buy a full-sized vacuum just for stairs, and I also wanted a cordless item for convenience. I was worried at first I would need a vacuum with a rotating brush for carpet, but then I thought about how they always just get clogged up with hair (especially my long hair that gets everywhere). So I gave this Dustbuster a try, and I am very very happy with it - in fact I think it is now my favourite cleaning tool.

    It picks up all the cat hair, dust and grit on the short pile carpet, sucks up dust bunnies, cat litter, cat food bits, food crumbs. I now use it arounjd the litterbox every morning and in the bathroom to get the dust behind the toilet, I use it on the sofa to get rid of the cat hair (which it does well with the included upholstry brush attachment) and to get those dust bunnies that accumulate behind the electronics around cords. It also works great to clean computer keyboards and in the car for the air vents, carpets and upholstry.

    It has plenty of power, and it's light enough and well balanced so it's easy to use, and sucks up everything!...more info
  • Works great
    I was pleasantly surprised at the strong suction on this machine. I'm very happy with it. The only slightly negative thing is that it's definitely heavier than our previous Dustbuster, but that is reaonable considering the stronger motor....more info
  • Love it!
    This comes in sooo handy around the house! It makes cleaning small messes (like dusty stairs, spilt cat food, etc) very easy. The best purchase I've made in quite some time. If you need a cordless dustbuster, this is it!...more info
  • Good One
    It is small and handy. Got enough power to clean. Good for hardwood floor too......more info
  • As good as I hoped.
    We just bought a new van and it seems to always have grass on the carpet. (should have got a bagging mower) I was skeptical that a DustBuster would do much good as the grass gets ground in often.

    The reviews were so good I gave it a shot and have been completely amazed. Battery last long enough to do the whole van, unless it's real bad. Upholstery brush works great.

    I was going to buy a shop vac for the same purpose. I'm very glad I'm not tripping over one of those. Instead this is neatly hanging on the wall in my garage....more info
  • An excellent product
    Because I have had similar products in the past, I was a little hesitant about this one. I decided to give it a try since it could be returned if I was not satisfied. I must admit that I have been very happy with this Dustbuster. The suction is great and does the job well. Even my daughter has been very satified with its cleaning power. I do highly recommend it....more info
  • worth your money
    this is such a great product. it's powerful, holds a lot of junk and it's easy to see when it's full. also takes only 3 seconds to empty. i actually stopped and wrote a review, so you know it's good ;-)...more info
  • Black & Decker Dust Buster Review
    kinda cheap....and isn't super powerful. the head is a rather inconvenient design too. probably would not recommend.

    ...more info
  • Lots of dogs
    I have two large dogs and a cat. We were constantly stepping on hard pieces of treats and bisquits. This dustbuster is great, powerful enoungh to get large chunks of treats or even dog hair. It is easy to handle, and clean. A definite improvement over the old dustbuster I had before....more info
  • Fair handheld
    Not a bad hand held vacuum. At the same time, I'm writing this after 2 weeks of use. IT's held up and is good for cleaning up the bathroom floors and for the inside of my car. However, I see the potential for the thing to break. We'll have to see in 3-4 mths....more info
  • Good Suction.
    The unit has good pulling power, and it is nice to see how much dirt is in it....more info
  • Great product!
    We got ours at Target and love it! Love the high voltage, amount of time you can use it and the great suction (works almost like a regular vacuum!) I'm getting a 2nd one for our upstairs as well....more info
  • Best One So Far
    We previously owned a Dirt Devil and it was junk. Weak suction. Nearly impossible to empty the dirt tray. Paper filters to replace. And the dirt often fell out of the front nozzle. This one has great suction, is easy to clean, doesn't need filters and the dust enters the nozzle at an angle so it doesn't just fall back out if the front flap sticks open.

    On the downside it's a bit loud and along with the powerful suction it blows out a good bit of air which could be a problem in some applications. Very happy with this. ...more info
  • B&D Dustbuster
    Works great. Cant beat the price. Hanhs nicely on the wall....more info
  • Bust that dust!
    My girlfriend likes to eat chips in the bed and you are inevitably going to get crumbs, although she is pretty good about not doing so. So i decided that just in case of that happening, we should be prepared. So I found this dustbuster on here and thought what a great price. 9.6 volts is plenty of power for regular household needs. We have a dog as well and it cleans up her hair with ease, just glide it around the floor and it gets everything that it comes close to. It's great to use when you don't feel like getting the vacuum cleaner out and making a big ordeal of a somewhat small mess. It's also great for cars. Again, my girlfriends car can get dirty pretty quick because we are both lazy and dont keep it up like we should. So every couple weeks when we get in the cleaning mood, I just pull that out and slide it around under the seats and all around and it's back to mint condition in like 2 minutes. So, if you got a messy girlfriend, a pet, or you just need an alternative to a big ol vaccum cleaner, this is a great buy!...more info
  • This product sucks!!!!
    I received this product and placed it in the charger and it turns out that the charger didn't work at all, or if it did there is no indication that it was even charging since the charging light didn't do anything. I called the manufacturer and got a replacement charger only to find out that that charger didn't work either. I assume the actual dustbuster was defective but was so tired of dealing with this product, I decided just to take the loss and didn't bother getting it replaced. What a waste of money!...more info
  • Needs improvement
    After using this handheld vacuum, I thought back to my mother's first generation DustBuster from the 80s and decided that the invention has not come very far since then. The suction is barely sufficient for most jobs and mostly scoots around anything clingy (pet hair, etc). I think for the money, it does its job, but I would prefer to go up a step--possibly to something heavy duty--a shop vacuum of some sort. I don't know what the "cyclonic" claim is trying to indicate, but I have seen no evidence that it functions any differently from other DustBusters in the past....more info
  • A Must Have
    I got this dust buster as a gift. I originally wanted it to make short work of the bird seed around my bird's cage, but i soon began to wonder how i lived without it. I don't even bother with a dust pan anymore, I just use this dust buster. I've used it for almost every vacuuming need, from crumbs on the table, even a bug or two...I've never had a problem with it holding a charge, although my charger is mounted in my laundry room and I only take it off the charger when I need it. I would recommend anyone to buy this....more info
    I've had this vac. for about 6 months. It does a good job
    picking up simple things, but it doesn't pick up pet hair
    very easily. That's why I gave it 4 stars. It's still worth
    the money, and it runs for about 10 minutes on a single charge.
    If you're expecting alot more power than the 7.2 volt, DON'T!...more info
  • Bad suction
    Our unit had pretty pathetic suction. I don't know if it was just one defective one or not, because we returned it and got the 14.4v one instead. That one is incredible!...more info
  • Still evaluating ...
    I like the vacumm so far. Picks up well. Not too noisy. I had hoped it would run longer on one charge but it does last about 10 minutes as advertised. When plugged in to get re-charged, the little light comes on and stays on forever. You don't know how long you have to wait to use it again....more info
  • Doesn't bust any dust
    After junking the Dust Buster 7.2V loser after about 10 months, I mistakenly bought the next more powerful one, the 9.6V version. It lasted about 4 month and wouldn't hold a charge. Buy another brand....more info
  • Top notch dustbuster with STRONG suction!
    Now THIS is the way dustbusters should be made! I've had at least 4 mediocre performing ones in the past, and this one, by far, is the best in every respect. The suction power is absolutely INCREDIBLE, so much so that I use this to clean pet hair and dirt off of stairwell carpets, as well as hard floors or tables. The product also has a clear bin, so you can see the cyclonic action, but more importantly, how full it is in order to empty the bin at the correct intervals. Nice thinking! It comes with an extension crevice tool as well. The rechargeable base is very easy to use, and I like the red LED light on the dustbuster itself, so you can see if it is sitting in its base correctly and in fact charging. Very nice touch. My only concern is how long the built in battery will last before needing a replacement. Since I have only had this product for about a month, it will be a while before I have an answer to that. Otherwise, this impressive dustbuster is a total winner! It is a MAJOR improvement over previous, non-cyclonic models. Buy with confidence.

    Update 8/2006: this 'Frank from Toronto' above, who submitted a 1 star review, is delusionary! You know statistically, when the strong majority of the reviews for a product are positive, then come along 2 people who give out a 1-star review, that something is amiss. Maybe Frankie is disgruntled at Black & Decker due to previous bad luck with other B&D products (i've had good luck with mine), or maybe he expected the suction of a 20-amp upright, but it is way off the mark to give this excellent DustBuster such a bad review. And for his ridiculous comment on how there is just one reviewer using different pseudonyms to post many reviews here... clearly the dude forgot to take his meds the day he posted! Folks, don't listen to Frank's review. It is way off the mark and biased. I have had this product a long time now (over a year and a half), and i've NEVER had any problems with it, or the battery capacity or charge time. And I use it daily! This DustBuster flat-out KICKS SERIOUS ARSE!!!...more info
  • This hand vac sucks like crazy (in a good way)...
    This is the most powerful cordless hand vac that I have used. It will be replacing a Dirt Devil and I compared the two side-by-side. It isn't even close. The DustBuster just has so much more suction!

    Overall, it's an outstanding hand vac at a great price. Probably the best that you're going to find!...more info
  • Excellent! EXCEPT...
    I have owned many Dustbusters over the years, and by far, this is the best one yet. Lots of suction power, and thanks to the new "cyclonic action", the filter pretty much cleans itself. A nice change from the old (and dirty) cloth filters. Picks up pet hair, cat litter, dustbunnies, crumbs, etc without the slightest problems. The attachments include an upholstery brush and crevice tool for cleaning between the sofa cushions or other hard-to-reach areas.

    My only concern-and this is something that remains to be seen-is whether or not the charger will last. As I mentioned, I've owned a few other Dustbusters over the years, and they all developed problems with the charger after about year old. (this comes with a 2 yr unlimited warranty). I noticed that B&D has switched to an integrated type of charger, as opposed to the old style that had a connecting pin which connected directly to the vacuum or the charging base. That means if the charger does go bad, you can't replace it. You basically have to purchase a whole new Dustbuster. I'll post a follow-up within 6 months to let you know how things are going. Other than that, a nice vacuum and wonderful addition to your home. ...more info
  • easy to clean and enough power
    We purchased this DustBuster last month because our bunny started to shed. It is powerful enough to pick up his hair and surprisingly his poo poo. Further, it actually sucks up the hay our bunny drags around the carpet and the wood floor as well. For a small vacuum cleaner like this, we are very surprised at its efficiency.

    The cup and filter are very easy to take out and clean. We don't know the max time each charge is though since we put it back onto the charger right after each time we use it (which is not more than 7-8 minutes). ...more info
  • Great to pick up pet hair.... but not enough power for more
    Pros: It did work! My 10 years old Papillion sheds all the time. This thing helps to pick up the visible hair balls on the wood floor. It comes with a piece of extension part, which helps for cleaning the corners.

    Cons: Not enough power! Everytime when I use it, I feel like giving it a kick. For example, it's not able to clear the pet hair stick to the carpet!! Another thing - the extension piece is the only accessory. I wish there were more, such as a brush.

    Summary: Good for light cleaning. Lower your expectation will make you satisfy. :)...more info
  • Good Hands Free Vacuum
    This unit has lots of power - compared to many other hand vacuums that I have previously owned. Much easier to to remove dirt trap compared to others as well. Good buy!

    ...more info
  • Great
    The other reviewer has said everything that needs to be said about this dustbuster..just to reinerate....It's awesome.

    Great sucktion abd easy cleanup.
    A bit big, but it won't bother you at all and the noise factor is what you would probably expect from a 9.6 volter..

    I'm actually searching around the apartment looking for any crumbs, dirt or anything I can suck with

    It's a great vac..
    Just my 2 cents..
    ...more info
  • This Dustbuster is one good sucker!
    I was very leary about buying a Dustbuster due to previous issues I had, but I must say that after using this vac for the last week, I am in love with Dustbuster again.

    This Dustbuster has great suction and power. I really put this vac to the test by using it on various surfaces from ceramic tile to carpet to furniture. I didn't have very high expectations for carpet or furniture, but this little vac really surprised me. I used it to clean my stairs and it did a better job than our regular vacuum or Shark cleaner ever had. And with the help of the brush attachment, it worked great at removing cat hair from the furniture which is not an easy task to complete (those with pets know exactly what I am talking about). I even cleaned my car and my daughter's car seat with the attachments and it sucked up every crumb!

    The only things that I have not liked are the weight (it is a tad heavy for long cleaning periods) and the noise factor (it is fairly loud and scares my toddler). Also the machine is a little bulky, so it doesn't fit too well into tight spaces without the attachments. But this isn't too much of a problem since the attachments are located right under the vac itself, so it is hard to lose and very convenient to use them.

    You can clean this vac in a snap. I love the cyclonic filter that traps more dirt than the traditional Dustbuster. Even washing the filter is easy, it just comes apart and washes in warm, soapy water. And with the clear container, you know exactly when to empty it.

    If you are looking for a powerful little vac that is versitile enough to use anywhere in the house, then I would highly recommend this Dustbuster. It really makes cleaning easier!

    ***Update 11/05/06: Well after almost 2.5 years of owning this Dustbuster, I am sorry to report that it is on it's last leg. The battery will not hold a charge for more than 5 minutes, but it still has good suction while it works. We put this Dustbuster through the ringer with 2 little messy kids and a cat. It was abused at times when my toddler got a hold of it...she dropped it many times by trying to help but it still continuted to work. It was used virtually everyday and it held up better than I expected it to. I doubt anyone expects a Dustbuster to last forever, but I was happy with its performance over the past 2 years. I would still recommed this product, but just be aware that it's life span is only a couple years at best. Happy shopping!...more info