Hoover S2220 Flair Bagless Upright Stick Vacuum with Power Nozzle

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Product Description

The Hoover S2220 "Flair" Bagless Powered Nozzle cleans your floors easily, comfortably and completely. The bagless design is easy to clean out, the large wheels make it easy to move and the power nozzle gets deep into cracks and carpeting for a cleaner floor. Easy storage hang-up slot Works on all floors

  • Lightweight, maneuverable, upright stick vacuum with 7-2/5 amp motor
  • Power nozzle with additional motor for effective carpet and rug cleaning
  • Washable, transparent, EZ Empty dirt cup; multi-stage filtration system
  • 20-foot power cord with wrap hooks; large rear wheels; swivel floor nozzle
  • Measures approximately 45-1/2 by 9 inches; full 1-year warranty
Customer Reviews:
  • Hoover S2220 Positive Experience
    Purchased specifically for quick clean-ups around the cat litter box. But due to its good suction and light weight now gets used more than any other vacuum in the house. Highly recommended by Bunter....more info
  • Woohoo to the little Hoov!
    I have always been a proponent of canister vacs. I have tried uprights and have found them to be just cumbersome and hard to manoever. I have 2 elderly cats, a 3 year old, a husband and am 9 months pregnant. Need I say more? I wanted something small, lightweight, easy and powerful. I thought that was too much to ask for, but thought I would give this vac a try. I am so impressed. Its small, swivel head works on carpets, hardwoods, throw rugs and seems to gladly gobble those annoying pieces of cat litter that follow me through the house regardless of how hard I try to keep them at bay. To keep the weight down, the vac is made of plastic - it feels flimsy, but is, in actuality, quite rugged. The bagless styling is appropriate for those who are looking for an environmentally friendly option. The one power switch goes from off to bare floors to rugs and is easily accessible without having to bend down. I consider this to be a must have for my grandparents who have had a hard time finding a vacuum that is easy to use and gentle on my grandmothers bad back. One caution - the rug beater is strong enough to chomp the ends of throw rugs. You just need to use the barefloors option when going over fringe or any delicate edging (it does not cause damage) - it just holds on like a pitt bull! This vac is a steal at $50!...more info
  • Great Little Vacuum
    I love this little vacuum and I've had several different brands. It's lightweight and powerful and I love the little swivel head. I love the fact that it has a floor and carpet setting because I have a large laminate floor with rugs and I can go right onto the carpet off my kitchen. It would be the perfect vacuum if it had a detachable hose!...more info
  • Better than a broom!!!
    PROS: I've owned this vac for over a year. It is the best thing to use to pick up kitty litter, dirt on hard floors, christmas tree needles, throw rugs and bathroom floors. Unlike a broom, this vacuum picks up all the debris on hard surfaces. Doesn't leave any fine dirt or grit behind. It's also great for throw rugs. You can vacuum using the beater brush or not. There is enough suction using the beater brush to clean throw rugs without it getting all sucked up into the inside of the beater.

    Will surface clean carpet or stairs but this vac is not really designed to deep clean carpet. This vacuum is for quick clean ups and hard surfaces. I use it daily to clean up kitty litter.

    CONS: A longer cord would be nice. Be careful where you lean this against because it does slide off walls. Try to lean in a corner. I haven't broken the cord keeper yet as some have indicated. Also a quick cord release would be great. Because I use this almost daily I tend to not use the cord winder hooks. Too time consuming without a quick release. The other feature that would be helpful would be a light. But at this price I can understand the short cord, no quick cord release and no light.

  • Quick and Easy
    This Hoover stick vac replaces a Dirt Devil that suffered a broken handle early in its life and then showered my wife with sparks as it gave up the ghost recently. It had seen about 2 years of service and was used about every three days supplementing swiffer jobs daily on tile.
    By comparison this Hoover is quieter, edge cleans as well on hard flooring, the swivel action of the head is far superior,but it is slightly less effective on carpet with its less aggressive brush roll.
    The build quality is decent. With a couple minutes of practice it will self-stand. The one that broke didn't stand well and punished the J shaped handle, finally cracking it, after about a half dozen falls. The cord is adequate in length to cover rooms individually. The dust cup is a little bit messy, but moving that operation to our garage over a garbage can makes it a non-issue. If you suffer through vacuuming stairs with a full size upright, treat yourself to one of these!
    If it lasts a couple years, it will have been well worth the entry price....more info
  • Exactly what I wanted
    The excellent suction drags unsuspected dirt and more cat fur than anticipated from Oriental carpets. Love being able to press a switch and turn on or off the brushes. Long cord. Easy to maneuver. Exactly what I wanted....more info
  • Great, until it broke
    After 4 months, the suction motor stopped working on this Hoover vac. Maybe I ended up with a lemon, but there's several other commends on repair sites and other blogs complaining about this same problem. The brushes still run, but there's no suction at all coming from the vac. At most, I used it once a week for 10 or 15 minutes.

    I loved it until now, but I don't think I'll be getting another one....more info
  • Love it, Love it,
    This is the best little vac, I had a rechargeable vac from black and decker that I have used for years but when we moved north we now have a gravel driveway and being here in Minnesota with all the snow and wet I was losing control on the amount of sand that was being tracked in. I always heard that a corded vac would be much better than a chargeable so I bought two corded vac sticks one bissell (which I love my big one) and one Erika, quickly found out that even though they should be stronger with a cord I needed a rotary brush plus they were not the best on bare floors, (try and find a small stick vac that is not rechargeable with a power brush...) searched the net and found this one on amazon, received it really fast and quickly put it together and "WOW" noticed the difference right away even without the power brush on, but with the power brush on, no more sand quickly pulls it out of my throw rugs in the mud room and on the indoor outdoor carpet it is totally super with or without the power brush, does a quick job on the stairs and for quick touch ups through the whole house. Highly, Highly recommend this product. I have won the war on sand....more info
  • Best little vac ever
    I used to use Swifter vac before I bought this one and thought it was working great. I have 3 dogs, 2 of which shed A LOT (Siberian husky and basset hound) and this little vacuum picks up anything and everything. I am only 5'1" with not a lot of upper body strength and it is so powerful that when I turn it on I have to hold it tight otherwise it will jump out of my hand (so much power and tork). It is very flexible and easy to turn around the corners or get in and under tights places like shelves, cabinets, etc. I haven't seen anything that it wouldn't pick up. It is very light and the cord is long enough to clean my kitchen and dining room without transferring the plug. I use it mostly for tile/hard wood floors but it does great on carpet as well. Filter is easy to clean and I use an old toothbrush to dust it off as well. And all that for under $50!!! Overall I think it is an awesome awesome vacuum....more info
  • Better than expected!
    I've purchased smaller, generally less-expensive vacuums in the past and have found myself disappointed and aggravated with the difficult cleaning process and the short life-span of the filters. The reviews of this vac had me hopeful but my past experiences left a bit of trepidation about the vacuum's performance.

    I'm happy to report the vac is completely deserving of the praise and positive reviews. I bought it expecting to use it mostly on a few small area rugs in my apartment and not the hard floors. It absolutely does a great job on the carpets and an equally admirable job on the hard floors! I thought sweeping was easy but I haven't used a broom since this bad-boy arrived. I especially enjoy the swiveling head--so easy to maneuver! Cleaning is also really simple and the primary filter is washable! How great is that? No more searching for stupid and expensive filters that have been discontinued! Woot!

    The only improvement I could imagine for this vac would be a carpet pile-height adjustment on the powered head. It sits pretty low so when I vacuum the carpets I have to be careful as it has a tendency to lift the carpet from the floor. Pretty minor complaint from an otherwise extremely effective (and stylish, which is great if you're like me and lack storage space) vacuum. ...more info
  • Hooray for Hoover!
    The Hoover Bagless Stick Vacuum is the best & easiest I've ever used. Works equally well on floors & carpet, & is easy to clean. Now I love vacuuming! :)...more info
  • Hoover stick vacuum
    I am using this vacuum to clean our RV which has carpet and vinyl. It does both very well. I have an Oreck cordless that I use at home for the kitchen floor but it does not do carpets very well....more info
  • Great Little vacuum
    Pretty, picks up the daily dog hair that accumulates. Such a hastle to get out the big vacuum. Lightweight- so I can lift it to go over chairs and the top of a bed if dogs were there. ...more info
  • hoover review
    this product is a lit;tle heavier than my last electric broom and has only one setting...more info
  • Great Vacuum for smaller quarters!
    A two bedroom house doesn't require a huge vacuum cleaner, but everyone wants one that performs well and does the job. This Hoover stick vacuum is the perfect vacuum for a smaller home. I mainly have hardwoods throughout the house and The Hoover Stick works equally as well on bare floors as on rugs or carpet. I'm very pleased with my purchase and recommend this product!...more info
  • Disappointing
    This vacuum bit the dust after using it just three times on my hard wood floors and area rugs. I thought it was great the first time I used it and liked the different settings for carpet and floors. The floor setting stopped working entirely and the carpet setting became extremely weak. We have to return it and try to find something that works. I'm not sure why so many reviews are so good. Maybe we got a defective one? ...more info
  • Hoover S2220 Flair Bagless Upright Stick Vacuum with Power Nozzle
    This is a great vacuum. Powerful yet lightweight. Works on hard surface floors and carpets. Just what I needed for our small house. No hastle to get it out and put to work. The long chord is handy because you can cover so much area without having to use multiple plug ins....more info
  • This product sucks!
    And how! Almost hard to push across the carpet, it latches on so hard. Does an a amazing job. Light, quiet, maneuverable. Best vac I've ever had. Works just as good as previous expensive monsters I've owned, but nimble and easy to use. Love it. ...more info
  • Revision of prior review
    I was one of those customers that originally gave a glowing review to the Hoover Flair. Big mistake! Within less than a year of purchasing it the little plastic wheels on the front of the unit failed. Unfortunately by the time I called hoover I was A FEW WEEKS PAST THE ONE YEAR WARRANTY. Not only would they not cover the problem but they would not even sell me the part. I had to go to a independant repair site to purchase the wheels, $11.50 with shipping. TEN MONTHS LATER AND THE WHEELS ARE SHOT AGAIN. Another call to Hoover and still no help. Their customer service representatives act totally robotic. I have a distinct impression mine is not the only complaint they are receiving. When I mentioned the recurring problem I was immediately transferred to a supervisor. I was told that the Hoover company was sold to Dirt Devil and that Dirt Devil will not issue any help with Hoover products issued before the sale. This does not bode well for Dirt Devils customer relations program. End of story, end of Hoover. Another company down the drain. Do not buy the Hoover Flair!!!...more info
  • Hoover Stick Vac
    This thing is rip-roarin'. I have a little fishing shanty that this is just the right size for. It really does pick up everything (sand, fish hooks, etc.) on my ceramic tile and carpeted floors; it's light and stores easily. ...more info
  • Great vacuum for the price!
    This vacuum is great for wood floors! It's very nimble as the head of the vacuum is on a swivel - so it's great for getting under and around things. It's also very, very light. Works great on our area rugs and wood floors and seems to pick up all of our dog hair very well. We love this vacuum and think it's a steal!...more info
  • Wonderful!
    I love this vacuum! It is a worker! It works better than my Dyson in that it goes under furniture and edges better! You'll never know how dirty your carpets are until you use this baby. I highly recommend this Flair!...more info
  • Slim and Functional
    This works like a charm to get rid of those mutant dust bunnies that always seem to be lurking around on my hardwood floors. This thing is seriously maneuverable, like the Swiffer-Vac that it replaced. Unlike the Swiffer-Vac, this has got plenty of suction power to pick up the errant cat litter that always seems to find its way out of the litter box and into my living room.

    I do not have a carpet (yet) so cannot attest to how well the power brush works, but I am very happy the purchase. I can see (as others mentioned) where the cord might be a tad short in larger places, but it works easily in my one bedroom apartment. You can even hang it on a hook if storage is an issue (as it is with my place).

    I also bought a Eureka 71B Hand-Held Vacuum to tackle the furniture. The both of them together take care of my place just as well as a larger upright or floor canister and is a helluva lot easier to store... The Eureka is on a shelf and the Flair is hanging on the back of my laundry room door....more info
  • Great value!
    My wife and I have been really pleased with this product. We've had it for about four weeks and use it to clean our hardwood floors. We have a chocolate colored hound dog that kindly leaves remnants of his coat across our floor... but with a quick clean with this vacuum, it's all gone in no time.

    The bagless feature is great and the vacuum is very light and easy to move about the house. It seems to get into corners well and even grabs the dirt right near the baseboards. It is also excellent for cleaning under beds and tables etc. For the money, I highly recommend getting this vacuum. Before this we were trying to get by with a little Dust Buster - but this think makes life so much easier and does a much better job of cleaning.
    ...more info
  • great vac
    Vac is light and very useful. Does the job well. Very happy with purchase. good price too...more info
  • Lightweight, easy to store, does the job
    I don't have a lot of carpet in my house so I was looking for something that would do a decent job but was lightweight and easy to store. This works perfectly for me. If you purchase this vacuum, don't forget to clean the rollers every so often to keep it running smoothly. With two females with long hair in the house, and a big dog with lots of fur, I need to do this a bit more often. I'm very pleased with this vacuum....more info
  • Wonderful little vacuum
    This little stick vac works wonders. Not only does it pick up all the pet hair from the kitchen floor, but it works just as good as the larger vacuum on the living room carpet. The suction is amazing. I bought extra filters, so I can just switch filters and clean the used one to use next time. That means that I can keep going without having to wait for the filter to dry off after washing it out. An absolutely wonderful product....more info
  • This vacuum has changed my life!
    I'm a single guy who lives alone and has 2 cats. I love having a nice place but hate to clean! Unfortunately I had never heard of a stick vacuum. I have bought a number of big fancy vacuums over the years but they never hold up very long, are a pain to lug around and don't work very well on hardwood. This baby zips around like a little shark. I can turn my place around in no time! If you don't clean everyday or even every week, have hardwood and a few oriental rugs, this will change your life....more info
  • Big vac power in a little vac package
    I bought this vac for our camper. It gets pretty dirty with 2 kids running in and out all day and we needed something to clean the linoleum floors as well as the carpeting. Throw in a 100lb golden retriever that sheds, and you can imagine how cruddy the camper can get. The Power Nozzle does an outstanding job cleaning the carpeting and bare floors. I am amazed at how much dog hair and dust this thing picks up.

    The best part? It fits into really small spaces. Ours fits under the bed. I would strongly recommend this vac for someone who has limited storage space and a small residence to keep clean. I wish I had this vac when I was in college. It is perfect for dorm rooms, studio apartments, etc....more info
  • Too small for bigger homes
    I am resigned to the sad realization that every household will need multiple vacuums, each serving their own purpose. Although the suction of this vacuum is good, the nozzle is too narrow for 1,000 square feet of tile. I would be spending double the time in vacuuming compared to the Hoover Floormate, which has comparable suction power but, unfortunately, clogs up with my dogs' hair too easily so I end up having to dump out the dirt cup after every 250 square feet or so. The Hoover Flair seems to hold up better in not getting clogged that quickly but, when it does, the dirt and hair collects on (and clings strongly to) the cloth-like filter in the dirt cup, so much that you can't just shake them off -- you would need to use a sheet of paper towel to actually pull them off (yuck!). I've decided to keep this little unobstrusive vacuum in my master bathroom just for sucking up hair on the floor throughout the week as it is inadequate for the big job on cleaning weekends in my family....more info
  • i love this vacuum
    This vacuum is wonderful and easy to use. I have wood floors in my apartment with some rugs and it's ideal for my living situation. Easy to clean too....more info
  • Cheap Plastic Broke
    This comes in just 3 pieces. I attached the bottom piece and the plastic broke. I can't use it and I just got an rma to return it. I don't recommend this vacuum....more info
  • Fast and Clean
    I was looking for a replacement for an older stick vacuum by Hoover and this is just the one. Great for threads and cat hairs....more info
  • I love this Hoover Stick Vacuum!
    This Hoover Stick Vacumm has exceeded my expectations. We recently tiled the floors of rooms that get the most foot traffic. Conventional floor mopping/swiffering didn't get the dust, sand, pet hair, sewing threads and grit from the grouted areas. My big heavy-duty vac was too cumbersome. This little vacuum is awesome. It's lightweight, has a long cord and is free standing if I need to leave it. It maneuvers under counters and furniture, into corners and picks up everything. The bagless container is see-through so I can see at a glance when it needs to be emptied. It is worth every penney I paid for it. ...more info
  • better than I thought it would be
    I am quite happy 2 months in. The suction is very good (haven't found anything it would not pick up yet) and it actually works better than I expected. It does get a little warm so I tend to turn it off just for a few minutes after I finish each room. As a result, I have not had any of the "cutting off" problems that other have had. I wanted something for quick pickup of cat hair and dust on hardwood and carpet. This cute little vacuum does that and much more. I now also use it for the steps since it is so much lighter than my upright Windtunnel.
    Negatives: It will fall over if you do not push forward to make sure the little clips are engaged. Emptying the dust cup is not pleasant (thankfully it is "my dirt". Oops, my germaphobia is showing.)...more info
  • Hoover S2220 stick vacuum is great
    This is a great vacuum for light clean up, quickly and easily. I have used it on rugs and hard surface and it works well. It is light which makes it easy to pull out, use and put away quickly. It was recommended to me and I would recommend it as well. ...more info
  • Love this!
    We just installed Bamboo floors throughout our first floor and we have several rugs throughout. This vacuum is perfect! It's lightweight but powerful. It's so easy to take out of the closet, flip the switch on the front to non-brushes and when its time for the rugs, flip the same switch to brushes. The collection bucket actually holds more than I thought it would, but I do empty every time.

    I do agree with other writers that the cord is not long enough and I will be adding an extention cord to it. At the top of the handle there is a long hole that you can hang the vacuum in the closet on the wall. Also, it does stand up on its own.

    Love it and highly recommend it for a house full of hardwood floors and rugs, not for carpeting....more info
  • nice little vacuum
    I bought this based on the reviews on Amazon and I'm impressed with the suction power. I use it mainly on my kitchen floor and it does a great job on cat hair (I have two) and their leftover food particles. It is easy to navigate under the table and counters and also does a good job on the carpeting. My only complaints are that it is heavier than I had hoped and cleaning the filter is messy. All in all I think it is a good value for the price....more info
  • hoovewr flair
    This model is perfect for our house since we have no carpets, just slate and laminated wood. The cat hair, litter and other debris are easily swept up, the cleaner is so manageable, and it cleans under furniture as well. we're quite pleased with the Flair!...more info
  • 2nd chance works!
    Although the 1st vacuum quit within 3 weeks i asked for a replacement and recieved this promptly. The 2nd vacuum even sounds different from the first one i recieved and i love the way this vacuum picks up. easy ,light weight and great on my hardwood floors and when switched to carpet does a great job as well....more info
  • Nice Vacuum!
    I Love this little Vacuum! Great Power for a stick vacuum! I Use it on my kitchen Floor instead of the broom. Picks up the dogs hair Great, and anything just about anything else. Get's under stuff also. I am very happy with it....more info
  • OK
    Great for light cleaning. But the weal broke the first time I used it. They sent me a replacement part. So I would say light duty cleaning. ...more info
  • When "It Sucks" is a good thing!
    We just installed wood floors in kitchen, dining & living rooms. Our bagless, self propelled Hoover seemed like "overkill." We needed something quick and light. The Stick Vac fits the bill perfectly. It does a great job on the wood floors, the area rugs- even cleaning up the Brittany hair that Zoomer, the dog, leaves!
    Cord could be longer.
    Love the power head on/off feature.
    ...more info
  • It hasn't blown up yet
    After reading some of the reviews, I thought this little vacuum would not last very long. I have been pleasantly surprised, it is great for quick pick ups and really has great suction on carpet setting.
    It does get warm and could possibly overheat if you tried to use it for large areas....more info
  • Hoover S2220 Flair Bagless Upright
    Purchased mainly for bare floors in kitchen and bath; even works good on carpet for quick pick ups. Surprised by amount of suction for this small unit that is rather inexpensive. As they state, for best results empty after each use just to keep it in top condition. ...more info
  • Hoover S2220 "Flair" Stick Vacuum
    I purchased this product for my daughter in California. I have this same product in my home and am so pleased with its performance that I wanted to purchase one for my daughter. She has said that she also is very happy to have it....more info
  • AMAZING little thing!
    I just moved away from home for college and the vacuum that came with the house not only broke but was also waaayy too big for our little apartment. I was looking for something small AND effective and I found it!! This little thing is amazing! I vacuumed the kitchen floor then the living room carpet and I can't BELIEVE how much dust it managed to pick up!! It's small, surprisingly powerful and JUST what I needed... definitely recommended for anyone! ...more info
  • Got Dogs????
    What a little workhorse!!! I have two long-haired dogs [Cavalier King Charles Spaniels], and constantly fight the battle to keep my floors clean. I bought this with just my stairs in mind, but loved how it handled them so much, that I tried it on my hardwood floors and area rugs..... awesome. It even got the hair off of my plush carpet in the bedroom. It's great for a quick zip around the house or for getting the plentiful long hairs off of the carpet and floors. And when I was done, I could not believe the quantity of hair in the cup - which was very easy to empty. I'm in love. I'll use the thing every day !!!!...more info
  • Best vacuum for bare floors
    I clean homes professionally. Earlier this summer while using a home owner's Hoover Flair, I was so impressed with how well it cleaned bare floors, I bought one for my business. Dog hair, plant dirt, even kitty litter - no problem at all for this handy little vacuum! As I live on the coast, it was especially important to me that the Flair could handle sand...and it does, with ease! No scratches to hard wood floors! Get this vac even close to dirt, and it sucks it away.

    The only drawback to this vacuum - the cord is just too short. I've taken to carrying around an extension cord. If Hoover would extend the cord length, this vac would be perfect!

    And oh, by the way - it does a very nice job on carpet, too. Purchase a Flair if you hate dirt on bare floors!...more info
  • love it, love it, love it!!
    Have used nothing but big,clunky Electrolux canister vacs for 43 years- what a terrific discovery to find something like this for quick clean-ups - don't know how I ever did without it! Love the CONVENIENCE,the light weight, swivel ability, see-thru "bagless" bag, hook to hang it up, the movable hook for easy release of the wrap-around cord, the carpet/floor option, even the red color. I use it mainly for the carpet in my large family room and it has never cut off on me. I clean the "bag" after each use. It thrills me each time I use it. ...more info
  • Hairless
    I am seriously in love with this vacuum cleaner. After I cleaned our apartment with it for the first time I was able to collect handfuls of cat hair that I probably otherwise wouldn't have with my stupid old vac. I love the fact that it's powerful and light!

    The only thing I don't like about the vac is that it's a bit wobbly when left to stand upright, but as far as I'm concerned that's fine, just make sure you have it lean against a wall or corner or something. ...more info
  • Just OK
    I was hoping or more but than again I guess I got what I paid for. It is a servicable vacuum for lomited cleaning but not up to heavy jobs. The charge does not last long and the suction wont pick up very well from inside grout lines. Best for smooth even surfaces like wood floors.

    Just Ok...more info
  • This thing rocks!
    Finally---a way to clean up after my cats that doesn't wear me out. This thing really does work as advertised. It picks up both long and short cat hair from carpet and hardwood floors, cleans litter scatter, and IT'S LIGHTWEIGHT AND EASY TO USE!!! I might be tempted to get another cat now that the house is cleaner:)...more info
  • It does what it is suppoed to do!!
    I was very picky when it came to choosing the right stick vac. I have wood/tile floors troughout my house, two dogs & two 4 year olds. The vac picks up the dog hair, the dog food & whatever else my daughters throw at it. It glides around with its pivoting head, it can stand upright, it goes under my couches, it vacuums my rugs & stores away easy! Perfect pick!...more info
  • I should of bought one years ago.
    I was amazed how powerful this upright vacuum was. Not only did it pick up the pet hair from my ceramic tile floors but it also picked up dirt from a carpet that was just vacuumed! It is lightweight and easy to managed around and under furniture. I highly recommend this product to anyone that has pets...it picks up the pet hair without it flying around....more info
  • Great small vacuum for quick and easy cleanups
    Based on the all the great reviews of this product, I purchased it about a month ago and it has been great.

    For the price, it is an extremely powerful, portable, and effective vaccuum -- on both hardwood and carpet. The amount of dust/hair/other dirt that was sucked up off my carpet was quite impressive.

    On hardwood the vacuum is very effective as well, although its weakness seems to be with "larger" pea-sized items which often just get pushed by the front of the vacuum because there isn't enough space under the front lip of the vacuum for it to get sucked up.

    Filter cleaning is very easy -- same as your typical hand vac/Dustbuster. Just empty the canister, and shake off the filter. Very easy to wash off the filter to get it completely clean. Just be sure to let it dry out before using again.

    All in all, very happy!...more info
  • WOW
    What a pleasant surprise. I kept purchasing cordless vacuums to use in the kitchen and bath area, but darn it my grandson kept breaking them for me. They were too much fun and didn't do a very good job anyway.
    This product is well worth bending over to plug it in. It does a fantastic job! Definitely worth 5 stars....more info
  • Not what expected...
    I was looking for a quality vacuum to handle my small studio apartment, ufortunately this vacuum does not cut it.

    1. You can't get under things like beds, it does not lie flat, the handle can not be lowered more then approximately 30 degrees with the floor before it starts picking up the head.

    2. The filter gets clogged easily. It feels like you have to clean-it out every 5 minutes. Granted, I used it to vacuum up some drywall dust off of hardwood flors after having to drill some holes in the walls. But a little drywall dust, should not render the entire filter useless.

    3. It's disgusting and unsanitary to have to shake out the filters in these bagless vacuum designs. This was the first and last bagless vacuum I will ever get.

    4. Once the filter gets some dust on it, it's impossible to shake-it out back to its original condition. Therefore, the vacuum quickly starts loosing suction while increasing the static pressure required on the motor. You have to continually attempt to shake-out the filter, otherwise the motor trips on high temp., then you can't use it for ~30 minutes untill it resets itself.

    I'm going back to the tried and true bag models and will sleep and breathe better for it....more info
  • Great Value for Little Vac
    For the price, this vacuum is really a no-brainer. It is a little difficult to clean the filter, but that seems almost insignificant for how small and simple it is to use. I was concerned at first with the sound it was making on my hard wood floors, but I am 99% sure that is the dirt-scooping fins on the bottom of the vacuum - no damage to my floors. I have had this product several months and would not hesitate to recommend it for people with apartments or smaller homes....more info
  • Great little helper
    I think this Hoover is terrific. We have three large dogs and a kitchen rug that is mainly black. Golden Retriever hair falls out all over even if you furminate them so daily cleaning is a must. The vacuum is terrific on the floor and carpet. I'd be lost without it....more info
  • A great little vacuum!
    I keep this little vacuum on a hook in my kitchen so it's always handy. It's small for convenience, but powerful enough to do the job. I have tile floors with wool area rugs, every bit of dirt shows. This little vac sucks everything up in a jiffy. It does everything it's supposed to do. I couldn't be happier with it....more info
  • good after a mod...
    a decent quick-clean little vacuum for hardwood floors + long hair IF and only if you mod it by taking out the brush. seems to be the case with a lot of cheap moving-brush-type vacuums; otherwise hair gets tangled in the roller brush and you have to remove a huge wad of hairy disgusting after every vacuum or the rollers eventually can't move and the engine overheats and the entire machine breaks (seems like that happened to a lot of people.) either that, or dirt can't get past the hair wad and you've essentially got yourself a loud mop. note that taking out the brush makes it pretty meek when it comes to carpet/rug, so this is only useful for those devoted to hardwood floors.

    suction is actually fantastic post-brushectomy; you can get bulkier items too. i picked up some big fat rubber bands, leaves, and shell pasta today (don't ask)....more info
  • Perfect for small areas with not much carpet
    We've had this for about a month now. I love the way it easily maneuvers around things. It can make curving movement not just straight lines. I use it in our kitchen for cleaning up crumbs on a daily basis, we have two small children; and it works very well. We have a small patch of carpet I use it for and it's fine there. Emptying it is easy albeit a little messy b/c you have to remove the filter and tap it into the garbage can. I gave it only four stars because it looks like our filter might already have a hole so I can see that those may need replacement often....more info
  • Good vac, needs maintenance
    We have had this vacuum for a little over two years. It works as advertised.
    Two points:
    We need to run the brush most of the time as it will collect debris when not rotating and plug up.
    We have had to replace the drive belt twice. It will tear apart if the brush is stalled (by carpet fringe etc) Several reviews mentioned a loud squeal and no pickup, this is a belt that needs replacement.
    Belt is $5
    Noise level is similar to a dustbuster....more info
  • Hoover S2220 Flair Bagless Upright Stick Vac.
    These stick vacuums are hard to come by these days. Either they are over priced or have so many bells and whistles that they have become impractical. This vacuum is handy, simple to operate and easy to clean. Simplicity is still the best route to go in this high tech world. I recommended it to my cleaning lady and she has included it in her arsenel of cleaning supplies. It is a good value for your buck!...more info
  • Awesome vacuum!
    I searched a long time for an excellent, sturdy upright stick vacuum that wouldn't scratch my hardwood floors and that was easy to use for quick pick-ups. It does a fantastic job on both my carpets, stairs and floors, though I wouldn't use it for an all over house cleaning due to it's size. ...more info
  • Great vacuum, but doesn't last long.
    This is now my SECOND hoover flair vacuum. The positive is that the vacuum works great on hardwood and pergo, and also on small throw rugs or large area rugs. I love how light it is, it doesn't exhaust me to vacuum the whole house because it's easy to push around.

    However, this is the second vacuum i've had to buy and now the second one has died. I'd say this vacuum has lasted me about a year each time and then it has a mysterious death.
    This time---it is losing suction and when i switch to the "carpet mode" it screeches HORRIBLY loud and won't suck up anything. In fact, it spits out clumps of things i sucked up a few minutes earlier.

    I take good care of the vacuum, and i change the filter regularly---but the rotating brush always gets clogged and caught up with hair and carpet fibers which i always have to cut out with scissors.
    I'm really dissapointed at the life of this vacuum, so i doubt i'll be buying a third....more info
  • Decent stick vacuum--with a few changes it could be great!
    I've had this vacuum for 1 month and I really like it. I love the thin swivel head--it makes it easy to get into corners and under the kitchen table. On/off switch located in a good spot, bagless compartment easy to empty. Picks up tons of pet hair which is why I got it.

    Bad Points: Doesn't pick up larger items very well, like small beads, pieces of dog food and froot loop size cereal. The previous reviews were right about the cord--TOO SHORT. Even for my tiny kitchen, it pulls out of the wall several times while I'm using it. That's frustrating. And it doesn't stand on its own. You have to stand it against something and hope it doesn't fall over. It did overheat once--I think I had used it to do the kitchen (hardwood) and the living room (carpet) and it wasn't very happy about it. Had to cool for several hours before it was usable again. But all in all its been good. I would think about buying cordless next time. ...more info
  • Good Vacuum
    Vacuum is a nice size and weight. It gets under furniture well. We have only used it on tile and that works well. The cord is a bit short and we may add an extension cord....more info
  • Great stick vacuum
    I bought this for my son who's in college and he needed something that was space conscious...He loves it. It has the cleaning power he needs for his room size and stows away very simply. This is a great vacuum and at a great price. ...more info
  • Great value for money
    This vaccuum has one of the simplest designs I've seen. It has great value for money at $60. With both floor and carpet settings it can be used in almost all locations in a normal home and its lightweight design makes cleaning a breeze. Vaccuuming under sofas and beds is also pretty easy due to its design....more info
  • The best little vac I've ever used
    I bought this a year or two ago and still use it - sometimes several times a week. It's great for picking up crumbs from the wood floor under our kitchen table and for cleaning the area rugs and wall-to-wall carpet. Not meant to be a full-sized vac, just great for quick pick-ups. Lightweight, easy to store. Just wish it had a longer cord!...more info
  • excellent electric broom
    We needed a relacement for our old electric broom and after much searching around (both price & reviews) bought this Hoover. We've been really delighted with it and use it frequently to clean up the dog hair and random dirt that collects on our wooden floors and concrete (indoor) steps. A definite recommend....more info
  • This vac was a bust - lasted a month
    This vac was most promising. It had one switch for two features - brush up for floor and down for carpet. Both worked well for the time that it worked, and the head did a lot of swiveling, which made pick-up that much easier. The bagless feature was nice and it emptied easily. As an aside, I realized how much I missed a crevice attachment, for the tops of moldings et al.
    Alas, one month to the day, the floor switch ceased operation and it was brush down or nothing. Very disappointed - I won't get another but will probably upgrade to something better made - with a crevice tool....more info
  • Hoover for bare floors
    I have been looking for months for a light-weight, cordless vacuum for bare floors only. I wasn't able to find anyone who really liked what they had in a cordless, and they all had something different. I realized one day that my 45-year old Hoover was still a superb machine and does a great job on carpet and bare floors even though it only has one setting. I just wanted something smaller and lighter to use on bare floors. I started researching what else Hoover had to offer and found the S2220 Flair. I LOVE IT. I especially appreciate that it swivels at the bottom so you can easily maneuver into hard-to-reach places. I should say that I don't use it for carpet, so I can't review that use. The only improvement I could suggest would be to add about five feet more to the cord because I have large rooms. Also, though I wanted a cordless, because this is so much smaller and light weight, I don't mind the cord at all. I am more interested in performance, and this seems to be a great little machine that gets everything!...more info
  • a real gem!
    I can't say enough good things about this vacuum. Has good suction, easy to maintain and great for navigating small spaces. I recommend purchasing extra filters so that you always have a clean one available. I love this little machine. Hoover....you've done good!...more info
  • Fantastic appliance!!!
    I wish that I had purchased this vacuum much sooner than I did. My house has wooden floors throughout including the stairway and this vacuum is the perfect "broom". It is not too heavy and it saves me so much time and hassle; no more sneezing fits because of the dust. It picks up cat litter, leaves, and dust bunnies with no problem. It does a great job on my throw rugs and does not try to eat extension cords. I empty the cup after every use and I'm always amazed at the quantity of debris that I have collected. It's as easy to use as a broom but much, much better....more info
  • great little vac with plenty of power.
    This is great for quick pickups when you don't have time to get out the full size vac. We have two dogs that shed and this does a great job keeping both the hardwood floors and carpet free of dog hair. We liked it so much we bought one for our daughter's dorm room too. She loves it because it is no larger than the cordless variety but picks up so much better than any cordless vac. Bought two and would do it again!!...more info
  • Hoover Flair S2220
    I really like my Hoover Flair - does what it needs to do and as long as you don't use it on long carpet (can get overheated - should have airflow to work well) and stick to flat surfaces mostly and short rugs, you're fine. It's quick, easy, light and stores anywhere. Take it places with me (took to work and used there) and my 7-yr old son can use it to clean his room. Have always had a more expensive, big vacuum and I was so sick of dragging that thing out to clean. If you have hardwood floors,tile, linoleum, etc. this is a great tool and will save you tons of time. It's also an awesome price...the best part....more info
  • Great vac for hard to reach areas
    I've had the Hoover S2220 Flair for about 2 months and have had no problems thus far. Originally bought it only for hardwood floors but also use it for carpeted stairs and other hard-to-reach areas that my main upright can't get to. The little unit has great suction - a little too much as it will latch onto small area rugs and won't let go. After reading other reviews I have been careful to always lean it against a wall or corner so it doesn't fall over. I have not experienced any overheating that others have mentioned, even after operating 20 minutes. Overall a good product....more info
  • Loved the Flair
    I am very happy with the Hoover Flair. It replaces my old Hoover quick broom that I bought years ago that I also loved but was on it's last leg. I was surprised at how powerful the flair was and how good it picked up. I have 2 large golden retrievers and the flair has been a godsend. It's light, easy to use and easy to clean. I can honestly say I am happy with my purchase. ...more info
  • a little sad
    I was so excited when my Hoover S2220 made it to my front door. I had read so many good reviews about it. It does work well. My complaint, that makes me very sad, is that it gets so hot. I feel like it will overheat if I use it too long at a time. I find myself cutting back on what I would be doing with it just to make sure it doesn't overheat. I don't know if there is something wrong with my particular vacuum or if that is just what is to be expected. I bought it to do quick touch-ups in between regular vacuuming. Oh well......more info
  • Burns out after 10 mins of use
    Ever since the 2nd or 3rd use, this machine over heats and stops running after about 10 minutes of use. Bad choice... go for the Roomba....more info
  • lovely but won't stand up for long
    I loved this vacuum for about 2 months, and put up with it falling all over the place. However this became the major flaw with it - it should be able to stand upright but never did - to the extend that it would fall over and eventually it broke from the impact - I am very gentle with my posessions - however this vacuum, however gentle you were with it - ended up broken and the part that was broken couldn't be replaced. Only getting 2 months out of the vacuum (only using it once a week) doesn't seem like value for money or quality to me....more info
  • Great Stick Vacuum
    I love this stick vac. It's replacing our regular canister vacuum. Most of my house is terrazo and with two small kids it seems like there is always dirt, sand and food on the floor. Even with the wonderful reviews I was skeptical because I had a stick vac (I think from hoover) which picked up NOTHING. I would pass over a piece of food several times and it wouldn't pick it up. This vacuum has excellent suction and the head pivots making it easy to maneuver under furniture and tight places. My nine year old has no trouble using it. I'm so glad I bought it. I didn't have to spend $$$'s to get a decent vacuum....more info
  • Terrific portable vacuum for floors/carpet
    The vacuum was easy to assemble right out of the box and performed very well so far (i've had it a couple of months). Low noise compared to many others. Powerful enough for low carpets and wood floors -- I have both. It's the best portable, affordable vacuum out there. And it has that nice hole in the handle to hang it up in the closet.
    The only thing you may miss is having a hose or attachment to clean upholstery. This is an upright only....more info
  • Great for 1 floor, need 2 for 2 floorw
    I agree with all those that say that this is a great little cleaner. It's soooo light and sooooooo maneuverable!

    But I also agree with those that say that it can overheat after a while, requiring a half hour wait before it works again. I think it might have to do with not cleaning the filter well enough.

    In any case, the solution if you have a two-floor house is to get one for each floor.

    That's what I'm going to do because I like this little cleaner so well--when it's working.

    Ken...more info
  • This Vacuum is LAME
    Like many others, I have a small apartment and was attracted to this smaller model of vacuum. On good days it works for about 10 minutes then burns out from over-heating. I've had it less than three months and am already looking for a replacement. Don't waste your time with this one, it's nothing but frustrating!...more info
  • Great small vac
    Wonderful small vacuum! Works very well and also is very attractive. I bought it for my dorm room and it will fit perfect in a small place. Very easy to assemble and overall wonderful....more info
    I bought this to keep the cat hair under control. It is the perfect thing. i have a large vacuum that neither my husband or I like to use because it is a big pain in the neck to lug it out and up and down stairs. i wanted something to use in between the big clean ups and this is OUTSTANDING. I have a three level house and i use this on all my hard wood floors and one area rug. i was shocked how much cat hair this thing picked up off the rug (the cats think its theirs) i actually was embarrassed by how much hair i got. it is wonderful and it is the perfect solution to those quick run arounds - i use it every couple of days to keep the tumble weeds at bay. ...more info
  • Finally a Hoover thats great!
    A great little picker upper. Works great. Well worth the money. I ordered a second for my son because mine worked so well. But the second one on my acct. cost me more money. Don't know why. But its a great machine to keep from pulling out a big one all the time for daily pickups. I can't see the overheating that some customers report. Any of them will heat up some. Anyway I have no problems with it....more info
  • Motor over heats
    This vacuum is great EXCEPT that this is my second one and they have both had the same problem - the motor overheats and it stops working, you have to wait for it to cool and then it works again. Very annoying and I am looking for a replacement. It is great on HW floors and does not scratch - when it works!...more info
  • A must have for homes with children and pets!
    The reviews on this vacum are impressive! It made me want to buy it just because of them! But ofcourse that was not the reason I needed to purchase a floor vac. I have an eight month old and a chihuahua that sheds ALOT and the two do not mix especially when the baby is just starting to crawl. I needed a floor vac I can just whip out and vacum both my tile floors and large area rug in my family room. I hated taking out the Hoover upright as it is too large and bulky for small clean-ups the same goes for our Shopvac. Once I received my Flair I was excited to put it to the test. First off I love how it is super light it picked up crumbs and pet hair easy! It picked up dirt from the edges of the walls and it was small enough to go under the couch and in between the chair legs under the dining table! As for my area rug it cleaned it better then my Hoover upright in my opinion, except it sucked up the fibers a little too much, it's a wool rug so now when I vacum the area rug I vacum a little faster and I noticed it doesn't pull up the fibers as much. As for the overheating the Flair does heat up a little too fast but it hasn't given me any problems like shutting down...hopefully it won't ever. I would definitely recommend this floor vac!...more info
  • Great vacum
    Nice product and works well in the kitchen area. My wife also uses it on the kitchen matts. Great product! It works much better than the big bulky regular vacum on the wood floors....more info
  • Good small vacuum cleaner
    This is a good vacuum. I bought it merely based on the great reviews and it was a best seller at Amazon. I wasn't disappointed. The vacuum is compact and quiet. It vacuums very well. I really like the unique ball joint head which allows you to twist the handle and get under tables easier. It's a nice touch. Not a whole lot more to say, its a great vacuum for the price. I use it on hardward floors and thicker carpet, no problems with either.

    Assembly was SUPER easy. It literally comes in three pieces that snap together. A caveman could do it!...more info
  • tootsie432
    I have to say when I bought this vac I was skeptical as to it's power but when I got it home I was very pleasantly surprised. I wanted something for quick clean ups in my kitchen and laundry room without hauling out the big vacuum. I already have 2 different hand vacs that don't have enough suction to pick up a large crumb so I didn't think the stick vacuums would be any better but this one certainly is. One of my pet peeves with vacuums is that they don't pick up stuff that is against a wall, especially with the sides of the cleaning head. This one has plenty of suction that it pulled up large pellets of horse feed from the sides and the front. It picked up everything in it's path and was very easy to handle with the swivel power head. The power cord is nice and long and stores nicely on the handle. I really don't like to mess with bagless vac but this one wasn't too bad; the compartment came out and went back on with very little effort and fidgeting. I then put it to the test on my rugs and it sucked up both sand and pet hair. All in all this is a very impressive and effective vacuum and very reasonably priced. ...more info
  • Excellent Value
    This is the perfect vacuum for a small apartment. And since my apartment has tile floors with area rugs, the dual setting--floor and carpet--is ideal. Its small size makes it easy to store. And cleaning out the bagless storage is easy. An excellent value for the price....more info
  • Great for quick clean-ups
    Great value for the money. After I accidentally dropped my first S2220 down the stairs, I couldn't wait to replace it. It's perfect for restoring the floor after the grandkids have seeded it with Cheerios....more info
  • Perfect little vac!
    This vacuum is exaclty what I needed. I have a lot of tile in my house with area rugs and that it goes from the carpet setting to the tile setting very easily. The suction power is WAY better than any other vacuums its size. I've tried them all. Cleaning the dust bin is easy as well. It turns and gets under chairs and in corners great. I would highly reccommend it.

    ...more info
  • Vacuums are supposed to suck??? right?
    This vacuum overheats while vacuuming my 5x8 rug and needs to sit for about 5 minutes before I can finish vacuuming the rest of the house, floors only. I do not recommend this vacuum at all! I literally used it two times before it started to overheat. Although it is compact to put away in a closet and easy to pull out in a pinch, it is not worth it. I usually end up spoon feeding the things I want it to vacuum up right in front of it. THIS VACUUM SUCKS!...more info
  • Fantastic Little Vacuum
    I am totally impressed with the Flair Vac..I have hardwood floors and area rugs with tight,low pile, they are velcro to cat hair. The Flair easily and quickly removes all of it..I wouldn't recommend it for deep pile carpets. It's a fast, furious little beater bar, and I think it would bog in deep pile, but that doesn't relate to my personal usage or review..I'm going to purchase 2 more..another for the downstairs(Ok..so I'm lazy and don't want to carry it up and down) and another for quick pick ups at my beauty salon, ..I've never seen a small vac with this much power..In fact, my two $350.00 plus units are banished to the basement and will remain there until I decide their fate.....more info
  • Good light duty vacuum, not good for general vacuuming
    We use this vacuum downstairs to try to keep our dark hardwood floors cleaner between full cleanings. It does a great job, although can't pick up wet things or large things (like cheerios or peas). It does a great job on edges with dust/hair and smaller crumbs. If you get something stuck on the bottom wheels, it does scratch the floor (we have a pretty soft type of flooring that scratches easy), so if you know its going over something big, you have to check to make sure it sucked it up and isn't dragging it.

    It's heavier than I anticipated, but now that I'm used to it,its fine. Not too heavy for the job. It turns well. The cord is not long enough to do our whole kitchen.
    The power nozzle is good, I run over the carpets with it and it cleans them fine. I wouldn't use it for regular vacuuming of the whole house (I don't think it gets ground in dirt up well, it also tends to get hot pretty fast). It also didn't do well on most of our rugs. The suction is too strong in one concentrated space, and just pulls the rug up if its too light (whereas our full size vac does fine). But some of the thicker rugs it does fine.

    For what we use it for (hardwoods), it does a great job, so giving it 4 stars. My brother has one and they use it on their pergo flooring and it does a great job on their pet hair and dirt, etc. ...more info
  • Clean Floors
    This stick vacuum is great! It picks up on rugs, tile & hardwood floors with ease. Very easy to clean the dirt cup. Was delivered very fast. ...more info
  • STOPPED WORKING after 3 brief uses!
    OH BOY, am I disappointed! I read all kinds of reviews (good and bad) before ordering this item, and thought that I had thoroughly done my homework. A word to the wise: DO NOT IGNORE THE OVER-HEATING COMPLAINTS!
    Well, back to the old drawing board. :(...more info
  • A Flair-ed Up Good Time
    I have only used this vacuum once since purchase, and I love it. From maneuvuring, to its pick up ability, this vacuum is quite the value at such a cheap price. I like how slim it is, making storage simple. The bagless implementation is another great feature. In conclusion, above average vacuum at a below average price, how could you look over it?...more info
  • A great little vacuum!
    I was looking for a hard floor vacuum for my new apartment that would also clean small carpeted areas, and was around 60 dollars. After reading the reviews, the Hoover S2220 seemed ideal. I love this litte cleaner, it is very quiet, light to use and has great suction (it shows how much dirt a hard wood floor can collect!) It is great value for money and I really enjoy using it and I would definitely recommend it.
    I also have to add that Amazon's delivery was amazing, I ordered the vacuum on tuesday afternoon and it was delivered on the thursday - a day earlier than scheduled - thanks Amazon!...more info
    I had done A LOT of research before I purchased this vacuum. I have been using a full size, very expensive, vacuum that leaves me feeling as though I've had a total body workout with a personal trainer. I'd rather go to the gym for that!

    We just had new carpeting installed - four bedrooms, two hallways, two sets of stairs. All of which are dark brown. What I didn't take into consideration was that every little speck of lint or pet hair shows like a neon sign. Lugging my large vacuum out each time was getting old. Fast!

    The reviews I read on this one sounded great but I don't always believe what I read. I was truly amazed from the very first time I used it.

    It picks up everything! It's quiet enough that my dog doesn't go running from the room like his tail is on fire. A huge bonus I never thought of was, in the past I would vacuum my carpets & area rugs then use a dry duster on my hardwood floors then have to vacuum, again, the edges of the carpets/rugs to pick up the dust line the dry duster left when it touched the rugs. No more! I vacuum EVERYTHING! Just flip the little switch on the Hoover.

    It never needs charging & I actually told my husband last week I really love vacuuming now! Great buy. Worth every penny! ...more info
  • Great Vacuum
    I recently had Pergo floors installed and so desperately needed something like this to clean. Upon first receiving this I was pleasently surprised at how well it is made. 20 years ago I used to have an "electric broom" and this stick vac is no comparison. I especially like the way it swivels and gets into corners and the suction on it is great. I've had it for close to several months now and so far have no complaints. I highly recommend this item. It gets the job done and for the price you can't go wrong....more info
  • Great for quick clean up
    I have a 1 year old and I clean up after him 3 times a day with this great vacuum. It gets all the crums/cheerios/chunks of food of the floor no problem. They used to clog my handheld vac. I like the swivel head and it is great for getting underneath cabinets. The only disadvantage is that the head doesn't lock so it is hard to have it stand up on it's own. A must have for all busy moms. ...more info
  • Perfect for us!
    Living in a loft that used to be a cotton mill has its drawbacks. Our floors are mostly polished concrete but there are some rough spots that must have been patched years ago. The other flooring is tile along with a few rugs we have. We needed something light and could easily move over these floors while still being able to tackle rugs. This turned out to be the perfect product for us. I enjoy using it, it's light and easy. My only complaint is that I wish the cord was a bit longer or maybe if it was rechargeable although that may make it less powerful. But for living in an industrial space it has worked out great for my wife and myself....more info
  • Excellent for tile floors.
    Mine arrived this afternoon. It only took 5 minutes to assemble. It's a bit heavier than I expected, and it does fall over. So plan on hanging it somewhere from a hook (I looped nylon cord through the wide handle hole) or prop it up in a corner somewhere. A closet? It works very well. After all it has an 8.2 amp motor. It picked up quite a lot from the kitchen floor, including smaller spilled dry dog food & food crumbs. Dust cup & filter were easy to open & clean. I didn't find it excessively noisey, after all, it's a vacuum. I only bought this for kitchen, hall, and bathroom tile, so probably won't use the power bar much. It looks great! Candy apple red and seems well made....more info
  • Great Little Vacuum
    I have bought vacuums three times the price of this one and this vacuum is unbelievable. If you have pets, it's great at picking up pet hair, kitty litter, etc. It doesn't scatter dirt - it sucks it right up. I really have nothing negative to say about this vacuum cleaner. I've read other reviews, stating that the top portion of the cleaner is too heavy to stand on it's own, so I just set it against a chair or sofa. No big deal. It's a great bang for your buck!...more info
  • Perfect little pick-up
    I love this product. It is small and light enough and the cord is extra long. It goes easily from floor to area rugs with an easy flip of the switch. I don't even mind that it is bagless!! I was using a rechargable vacuum and there is no comparison. I highly recommend this product for anyone with large areas of floor and area rugs....more info
  • Great Value Vacuum
    I purchased this vacuum after finding that I was giving my old vacuum cleaner (a Dust Devil), repeated chances to pick up the same patch of dirt from the carpet. After reading the Amazon reviews, I decided to purchase the Hoover Flair, and I'm quite glad that I did. It seems to work equally well on carpet or tile floors.
    My house is cleaner (and my wife is happier) because of this vacuum ...more info
  • Great basic vacuum
    For the price & the convenience, I would definitely recommend this product. I can use it on my large area living room rug & then the rest of the apt that has hardwood floors. For my small 1 BR apt in NY - it is a perfect starter vacuum that gets the job done & doesn't take too much space....more info
  • hate it!
    My husband brought this for me. He didn't know what to look for in a vacuum. Just like the guys who designed this beauty... he never hoovers.
    Hoover should bring back their old, ugly, blue quick broom! The flair doesn't compare. It's nozzle is not wide enough, so it takes twice as long to vacuum. Long hair gets caught up in the roller brush, so every couple uses you have to turn it over & cut the hair out b/c it gets clogged up. Debris never drops into the cup, it sticks to the filter. I clean it out w/a toothbrush after each use. Doesn't that sound gross? It's supposed to stand up, but always falls over. I hate it, but it sure is pretty. I'm giving it to my son when he goes to college. I'm sure he'll never use it....more info
  • Disappointing
    I had high hopes when I ordered this vacuum. It had great reviews and I liked how compact it was since my storage closet is tiny. Very quickly, however, I came to be disappointed. The vacuum overheats and shuts off after only 5 minutes of vacuuming my carpets. After 15 minutes or so, I can turn it on and use it again, but it takes a long time to finish vacuuming my small apartment! It seems that the vacuum is best suited for hardwood floors since I don't have a problem with overheating when I vacuum on the wood floors. I am now searching for a new vacuum. ...more info
  • What a wonderful surprise!
    Yes, I discovered there were a huge amount of positive comments about this little vacuum. I try to be a thoughtful, price-conscious shopper, especially when purchasing without the benefit of seeing or handling the item.
    I liked what was said (we have thick rugs, wood floors and 3 dogs) and the price was even maybe a bit "suspicious,"--(the idea that "you get what you pay for" and this seemed like quite a good price). I just opened the box, put this together in 3 simple steps and tried it out.
    This is the first time I have sat down IMMEDIATELY to give anyone consumer feedback. (I certainly have given both positive and negative comments regarding products, but have never done so "right out of the package!")
    The pick-up is amazing, handling is easy, other than the fact that the suction is so strong I have to push lightly going forward and allow it to suction on the way back, if you understand. The pivoting head is great and the dog-hair dustbunnies were history immediately.
    We shall see if this continues in the long run. My best guess is that it will. Well-made.
    I say, "buy it!"

    Additional note: The shipping was free due to Amazon's "Super Saving Shipping" offer. Nice....more info
  • katie
    good vac but a bit heavy to lift and also gets very hot i have had a week now ...more info
  • Small Vacuum Big Pay off
    I read all the reviews and decided to give this little vaccum a try. It was bought to keep in our motor home so that I wouldn't have to lug around my Oreck. I couldn't believe what this vacuum picked up after vacuuming before putting the motor home in storage. Every time I vacuum I can't believe it. I'm not saying that I would use it for my entire house for deep cleaning but it does a great job. Switching from floor to carpet setting is very easy. I am very impressed....more info
  • Great little vac
    Definitely fits the bill to replace sweeping or swifter. We use it as "mini" clean up during the week. Picks up everything on the floor and carpet. Not meant for rugs. Definitely the only one we recommend after trying other brands like "cyclone", etc....more info
  • Reaching for it all the time
    I had an older version of the Hoover broom with carpet nozzle. This Flair is improved in all the ways I griped about the old one. Longer cord, more powerful suction. It almost lifts the kitchen rugs! Switches instantly from bare floors to carpet. Perfect for my carpeted stairway, which I hate to drag out the big vacuum for. I would recommend this Hoover Flair all bare floors and light carpet needs, like picking up threads, debris, and pet hair. You can't expect it to replace your big-time vacuum for cleaning carpets, but it's just handy as can be for quick jobs....more info
  • Great Vacuum
    I am soooo happy I bought this vacuum. It makes life that much easier. It is great for picking up spilt cereal (cheerios), crumbs, cat hair, dog hair, etc. I use it on my hard wood floors and area rugs. Works really great. Manuevers around real well too. The only drawback is having to empty the container. But it really isn't that big of a deal. I would highly recommend this vacuum to anyone who has pets and small kids and wants to keep there house tidy after every meal!!!...more info
  • Fantanstic!
    I've been using my Hoover stick vac for about 6 months and I love it! It is so light weight and it sucks up all the dirt and dog hair instead of just blowing it around like my old stick vac. I have a small home with all hard floors and just a few area rugs and this vac does my whole home in about 20 minutes. Even my 85 yr old father enjoys using this vac because it does such a good job and is no effort to push! I highly recommend this vacuum....more info
  • Overall, a good buy
    I bought this vacuum while I was shopping for an upright, but needed something to do quick cleans of the kitchen and entry way instead of sweeping every day- and this vac is good for that. Don't buy it as a primary vacuum unless you have a really small place and it's not carpeted, but for everyday quick once overs to keep the floors picked up it works great- easy to use, pretty quiet and manuvers well. It's great to do the small hallway/entry way-type throw rugs and is good to keep pet hair from accumulating in all those common areas where it seems to multiply overnight. Also nice to run by the litter box and catch all the stray litter before it spreads all over the house. I have only had this for a couple months, but so far I am pleased with it- well worth the 55 bucks....more info
  • I didn't believe a stick vac would be this good
    I bought this based on the average review from so many reviewers. I've used it only once, since I got it about an hour ago. I vacuumed two area rugs that I had been vacuuming for weeks with a hand vac. I couldn't believe how much cat fur and dust this vacuum picked up. It was just funny. I hope it keeps working. The rugs look so nice.

    Couple things. I found the carpet button has to be firmly pressed to get the beater bar stated. Also, I vacuumed the first rug, and without turning it off, I picked up the vac to move a couple feet to the second rug. The beater bar started to rattle a bit. I'll check that the next time I use it, but I imagine it pulled away from the handle a bit. I should have turned it off.

    If this little Hoover keeps its power, it's going to be a great appliance in my small RV. Cleanup was a lot less onerous that I feared.

    --pat...more info
  • I didn't know I could enjoy a vaccum
    While I saw that this vaccum had great reviews -until I began to use mine -I could understand why. The vaccum is quieter and more powerful than my existing vaccum.It's nozzle stays on the floor and does not flip up when trying to reach under furniture. Good design with the hook to wrap your cord which also flips down to unwind the cord. It seems like someone who actually vaccums designed this product. It rates an A plus with me!!!!!! ...more info
  • The BEST Little Stick Vacuum
    We recently installed a hardwood floor, and vacuuming is recommended for daily cleaning. Not wanting to haul out the large vacuum, I checked Amazon, and it appeared that the Hoover S2220 would match my needs.

    This little powerhouse exceeds my expectations! I can zip around the room, which includes the hardwood flooring and several scatter rugs, in no time; in fact, can also do the adjacent tile floor and hallway--all in about five minutes.

    The power nozzle is powerful--perhaps even doing a better job on the scatter rugs than I regular canister vac. I know that some reviewers do not like to empty the cup, but I'm not finding that to be a problem. I would just recommended doing it every week or so, so that it doesn't build up.

    It's GREAT! No problems here--happily recommend!...more info
  • Great vacuum, but beware of red marks!
    The first time I used this vacuum, I used it on the stairs and accidentally rubbed the base of the vacuum against my wall, which subsequently left a red mark. I suppose this could've happened with any other vacuum. Besides this indecent, I've been absolutely happy with this product! It's light, it's powerful, it's bagless, its cord is sufficiently long, it's easy to assemble, it's good looking - it's everything I look for in a vacuum.

    Oh, I should also mention that the base of the vacuum swivels. I had overlooked this feature during my research, so when I took it out of the box and assembled it, I thought it was defective when the base started to swivel around. It's not a defect - it's a feature (which I've found to be quite useful)!...more info
    I love this little vacuum so much so I have bought 4 to give to my mom and sisters. It work great, especially for the dog's hair. It is so quiet so I am able to use it at the midnight. ...more info
  • I love it!
    I don't normally get happy about cleaning items. But I love this thing. It's small and light weight for everyday quick cleaning. I have two big dogs that shed and track in tons of dirt and sand from the yard. This little vac has great suction and gets everything on my tile floors (even the grout area). It also doesn't scratch my laminate floors when the brush is turned off. Sorry, I don't have carpets to try it on. The only negative thing I can think of is the size of the head, it's about 10 inches. I'm used to the big 12 amp upright vacuums. But I hated dragging the heavy thing out when I had carpets. The weight, storage size, power and suction of this vac is perfect for tile and laminate flooring. Again, love it!...more info
  • Light weight, easy to store, convenient to use
    We've had our new hardwood floors and area rugs for almost two months and this was our choice for cleaning. It's been excellent so far. I love the pivoting power head that switches easily from bare floor to carpet mode. I'm not a big "bagless" fan, but this is the best option for a vacuum this size. It's simple to use. When my 83 year old grandma saw it, she tried it and bought one on the spot. Love the color just as an aside....more info
  • Hoover... hardly even know her!
    I just got my Flair from the UPS pickup center, came home and vacuumed my studio apartment... all in under 30 minutes! It's easy to put together and worked really well on my wood floor and large area rug. It tried to eat my bathroom mat, so I'd steer clear of smaller sized rugs.

    I love the handling, it was easy to navigate around my dining table and four chairs, I didn't even really have to pull them out to get under everything. It's also pleasantly quiet, although my reference for vacuums was a really old loud one, so I don't know how it holds up to other "quiet" vacs on the market presently.

    We were amazed at how much it picked up and I did follow the advice of some other reviewers and went ahead and rinsed the filter after a full use and dried it with paper towels.

    Looking forward to using this! Perfect for my small space and MUCH better than sweeping. :)...more info
  • Best Lightweight vacuum
    This is an awesome lightweight vacuum. I would spend any amount of money for a good vacuum, and this tops it all. I have 1300sq. feet of hardwoods and it works great. I haven't had an issues with it overheating after a certain amount of time either. It is WELL worth the money. The suction is great...picks up everything and anything....more info
  • don't let its small size fool you
    i wasn't expecting such a fierce vacuum in this bagless stick Hoover - but its fantastic. worth three times what i paid for it and its bagless feature makes dumping it quick and easy. i highly recommend it. i use it for wood floors and large area rugs around the apartment....more info
  • I like everything about this vac!
    This vac has lots of cleaning power, the best yet for my resilient floors, works well on carpeted stairs, swivels nicely to reach odd places, and glides over the floors so very nicely on its soft wheels--- unlike other stick vacs that felt like I was scraping the floors with hard plastic. The powered nozzle is a plus.

    Unlike leaning a stick vac in a corner only to have it topple and crash to the floor, this vac stands nicely on its own anywhere. It has a nice sleek appearance. I highly recommend this product....more info
  • Just As They Say
    Some people took the time to review this product and it really helped me to make a decision. And it really works just as they say. It really cleans the carpet (be sure to press button all the way down for the carpet cleaning feature). I use it for cleaning the carpet and the rug. It's quick, it's lightweight, and it's easy to handle. And it cleans like a heavy duty vaccuum cleaner. My advice is to remove the dirt from the dirt cup after each use and to dust out the filter with an old toothbrush or steel brush when you have a chance to buy one. My husband recommended that I use a mask (the paper kind) when cleaning the dirt cannister because of the fine dust particles. ...more info
  • Wonderful Little Vacuum!
    I've had this product for a month now, using it twice a day, and I love it! I wanted something powerful enough to pick up kitty litter, and this does the job. It's great on bare floors and quite good on carpets, thanks to the rotating brushes in the powerhead.

    This is my first small scale vacuum, so I researched extensively before making my purchase. I would've liked the easier use of a cordless, but I realize the inconvenience of dealing with a cord is a necessity until technology can improve the power of DC to match that of AC.

    Speaking of the cord, my only design criticism of the whole unit is the location of the cord's exit (from the body of the vac) directly beneath a small hood which is meant to be used with an overhead hook for wrapping the cord for storage. Commendably, the cord emerges encased with extra rubber - intended to prevent over-bending and eventual shorting out - but the hood forces it to immediately bend, and wrapping loops of cord around it forces it to bend even further. Consequently, I just dangle my cord loops from the top hook.

    In response to reviewers (on all bagless vacs, large and small) who complain that they have to clean the dust cup and filter every time to retain suction, to me, that's the point of bagless - consistent full suction at no cost. If you want the suction of a new bag every time, you DO clean your bagless every time.

    In short, I highly recommend this handsome little vacuum. Oh, and one last rave - I love that it stands by itself. Very, very convenient!

    UPDATE two months later: IN RESPONSE TO THOSE WHO HAVE TROUBLE WITH THEIR VACUUM OVERHEATING, MAKE SURE YOU CLEAN THE FILTER AFTER EVERY USE! I use mine at least twice a day and it has overheated and shut down on me only once when I'd forgotten to clean the filter after having used it on my pet-hairy carpets. As long as I keep the filter clean, my particular unit never overheats enough to shut down on me....more info
  • This thing is great!
    I love it. It's perfect for our house, which is all laminate floors with a few throw rugs. The filter is sufficient to do the whole house without having to empty and clean it, and to those who complained about how loud it is, I don't know what you're looking for, but it's obviously not a vacuum with this much power. Indeed, for this much suction, this unit is actually very quiet. It rolls very smoothly on it's rubberized wheels, which do not marr the floor, and the head is very maneuverable. The "beater bar" can be engaged or disengaged to make cleaning the throw rugs as quick and easy as cleaning the laminate floor....more info
  • Great product!
    This is my second Hoover Flair. It has great pickup for its size. Excellent for quick cleaning after cooking and eating everyday. My 7 and 9 year old help out and find it easy to use!...more info
  • Great product
    I was looking for a stick vacuum to replace a hand-me-down Eureka that we used all the time to sweep our tile kitchen floor, but had a broken handle. I read all the reviews on amazon.com, which prompted me to select this product. I am happy that I did. The vacuum has great suction on the tile (floor mode) and on our lower-pile carpet (when on carpet mode). We have two cats with lots of hair and one baby with lots of crumbs, and it really does the job. I wouldn't use it on our thicker carpet, but that's not why I purchased it. I also like the ability to swivel the vacuum head, making it very easy to get into corners. All around, a great product....more info
  • Great for picking up cat hair
    With four cats in the house, the vacuum cleaner doesn't always get up everything. I was surprised and pleased to see what the Flair picks up from corners and hard-to-reach places.

    It would be good if the Flair had the ability to stand upright by itself when left momentarily during the cleaning cycle. It can be awkward trying to find a place to prop it up against when I don't want to return it to its hook in the closet....more info
  • Don't buy it
    was impressed at first cause it seemed powerful.
    "Died" after a couple of months of light usage.
    leaves red marks on walls.
    Heats up quickly.

    spend more on something better....more info
  • Been using this for 6 months and I give it an A+
    I was desperate for an easy way to clean my large tile kitchen floor before Christmas 2007. I did a LOT of research on the internet and I ended up buying the Hoover Flair and the Sh-Mop. (See my Amazon.com review for the Sh-Mop). It's now June and I could not be more pleased with this system. I keep the Flair clean - every third time, I simply remove the cup that collects the dirt, and wash it and the filter. This keeps the suction strong. With six kids, four cats and a husband constantly trekking in dirt, I had to have a system that works, and this one is just terrific, in my opinion. I like the power of an electric vaccum as opposed to a battery operated, I like the maneuverability, and I like the way it's small enough to get under ledges jutting out. It's just great and for all you ladies out there who dread cleaning your kitchen floor, this system took the dread out of it for me. BUT, the other half is cleaning it with the Sh-Mop. So please go read that review now. You need both to get the floor clean....more info
  • Extremely disappointed
    I decided to get a smaller vacuum when my husband and I moved to NYC. Our 400 square foot apartment has limited closet space so I thought it would be a good idea to pair down. My old vacuum was a eureka bagless with a hepa filter. I bought it used at a vacuum repair store for around $60.00 six years ago and it never gave me any problems.

    I bought the "flair" after reading all the great reviews but it has been a huge let down. There is absolutely no suction to this thing. I've gone over our rugs over and over again and there still a lot that the vacuum refuses to pick up.

    I would not recommend this to anyone. I didn't realize how great my old second hand vacuum was, I will find a way to carve out closet space for a real vacuum.

    In my view even a broom is far superior to the"flair"...more info
  • Hoover Vac.
    I use the Hoover Vac. for quick pickups. It has very strong suction and easy to handle. ...more info
  • Wonderful
    I needed something for my cabin in the mountains. I was tired of lugging the large vacuum up and down the steps and cabins need the wood floors cleaned almost every day. This iem is great, does a wonderful job on the wood floors and the rugs. I now have to bring down the large one only once a week. It stores easily, maneuvers really great and I am amazed by what this vacuum picks up. I have two dogs and the hair and dirt they drag in is constant. This vacuum picks it all up. I have had it about a month now and I highly recommend it. ...more info
  • Great unit, Fantastic price and value
    We replaced a $150 Oreck electrik broom with this vac. It's excellent and at a great price. ...more info
  • Didn't Last Very Long - Even With Very Limited Use
    Have had the vacuum since late July 2007 and today (May 31 2008) it "died"...I have been using it once a week for Bathroom/Kitchen floors only - guess companies just don't make things like they used to. Will try to find a new alternative other than Hoover....more info
  • Excellent little sucker!
    This is a great little vacuum! I needed something easy to get out everyday to pick up after 2 young kids, a cat & a dog- it picks up just about everything I need it too, including the pet hair & cheerios! It is very versatile, I use on hard wood, carpet in bedrooms, area rugs & even tile floors! The head is great to reach under & around furniture. So glad I found this so I don't have to drag out the big vac, broom & dust pan all around the house. I also really appreciate the bagless aspect, it is pretty easy to dump without throwing dust all around. The only draw back is the cord does seem a little short, but I suppose I can get an extension cord. It still beats the cordless vacs that you must have to keep charged- never worked for me. ...more info
  • Not For Larger Scale Cleaning
    I purchased this vacuum after reading great reviews here. We have 1900 sq feet of hardwood floors in our new home and I needed something that worked very well. After 2 weeks of daily use the machine has died. While using it I found that it did not pick up as much as I thought it should. I have an older large Hoover with a bare floor setting that picks up a lot better. I think it works okay for spot cleaning say in a kitchen after snack time but for larger scale hardwood vacuuming it did not measure up to the reviews at all. I hope I can get my money back from Hoover. We shall see....more info
  • Broke in first month
    Product was pretty awesome, lightweight and sucks up tons of stuff.

    However, I guess I was one of the unlucky 5%. Broke in less than 30 days. Just stopped working. Hoover customer service is nonexistent and service centers are far and few between.

    What a waste of money. ...more info
  • Excellent
    This is the best vacum for my house. Light weight and compact style but has very powerful work....more info
  • Man of the house
    Hoover S2220 Flair Bagless Upright Stick Vacuum with Power Nozzle This vacuum has good suction power and the added plus of a power nozzel for carpets. Works very well the only downside is that it is fairly heavy and the cord sometimes gets in the way. I would recommend it as a good choice and outperforms more expensive vacuums....more info
  • Excellent vacuum cleaner
    I love this vacuum cleaner every time I use it. Small but powerful enough to pick up dirts around the house. Do not settle with the wireless vacuum cleaners, it is a waste of money after a short while....more info
  • Marvelous Machine!
    I am so impressed with this little sweeper. I was really looking for "just" a sweeper to use on my bare floors and I got one that is so much more than I bargained for.
    It is not a light-weight by any means - it's a good solid weight that feels just right in my hands; not light like a broom, not heavy like a large sweeper. What I really love is the fact that the head swivels which makes it so easy to get to places with a turn of the wrist and I like the fact that as a carpet sweeper (it has a setting for bare floors and one for carpets) I can get under and behind furniture that I cannot do with my large sweeper unless I use the attachments or move the furniture. It makes a perfect addition to doing major sweeping by that simple fact.
    It still has a filter to be cleaned but I just push the center out (which is explained in the instructions) and use a toothbrush to clean the lint off, pop the filter back in the bagless container and I'm ready to go again. The container, itself, is super easy to remove and replace. The filter can also be washed periodically; make sure it is dried thoroughly before replacing.
    The cord is extra long so I have no problem reaching anywhere that I want to sweep. Yes, I may need to unplug it and move it to a different outlet to reach everywhere, but thank goodness that's the "worst" that I have to do!
    The size makes it super easy to store as it stands up on its own and can slide in to most any small space. The cord winds and stores right on the sweeper with a movable hook at the top that makes it easy to drop the cord with a simple twist.
    The suction is great for a small machine - in fact, I have several rugs that I like to sweep and I've found that if I put the sweeper in "carpet" mode, it tends to suck up the rugs so I actually put it on the "bare floor" setting and it slides right over the rugs, cleaning them perfectly without the deep suction.
    I have really enjoyed this sweeper and I feel like it was a good choice for me. It doesn't replace my regular sweeper, but it's definitely a great addition to cut down on my cleaning time!!...more info
  • So Far, So Good
    I read several reviews for several stick vacs and this one seemed to be the best bet overall (i.e. features, power, longevity, cost, etc.). I was (and continue to be) concerned about the many negative reviews and comments about: a) this vacuum dying after a year or so and b) the poor response from Hoover that many of those customers reportedly received. However...

    This stick vac has adequate suction, does a pretty good job of picking up dust and pet hair in corner areas that aren't directly underneath the unit, doesn't seem to be scratching my wood flooring and as other people have written, it's reasonably quiet for a vacuum. In addition, the "Rug/Carpet" brush feature is a nice plus for the many area rugs most of us put on wood floors. However, after reading the many (negative) reviews about the motor burning out, I try not to leave the brush on too long so as to (hopefully!) avoid burning out the motor.

    The filter cleaning process is a little gross (I have a cat that sheds hair like "Pigpen" sheds dirt) but I just use a slightly moist paper towel when it fills up and then the final time I clean it after each use, I rinse it and then dry it with paper towels and it's as good as new. (For those of you thinking of trying to use this on a large house, I'd say you might be better off with a container vacuum.)

    The cord is definitely too short by about 10 feet but that just means more frequent plugging and unplugging; not that big a deal.

    So, after 3 months ... So Far, So Good.
    ...more info
  • disappointed customer
    When I first purchased this vacuum, I was excited and happy with the results but after using it several times, it started overheating if used more than 2 rooms. This is a real drag for me being that my whole house is tile and wood floors. Great at picking hair and fine dirt off floors. Not good with bigger items....more info
  • Great little vacuum but...
    This is a good quality vacuum. For a light duty vacuum, it is more powerful than most others it's size. Unlike most stick vacuums this one has a carpet brush that can be turned off for bare floors. If you have a long haired dog that sheds a lot, do not use this vacuum for that. It instantly clogs the brush and stops the suction. Also it overheats fast when using it on carpet and automatically shuts itself down for 30 min.
    Unfortunatly like most other vacuums it does not use bags and cleaning the filter is messy. I would not buy this vacuum again because of my long haired dog. but if you do not have one it's a great light duty vacuum.
    ...more info
  • Great vacuum cleaner.
    I love this stick vacuum cleaner. It works well both on hardwood floors and for a quick pickup on carpet. It has lots of power and lays down to get under furniture easily. It stores in a small space where it is handy to grab when needed. ...more info
  • Small Wonder
    This little guy is great for small jobs -- I use it a lot! It is also great to use in small spaces such as an RV....more info
  • Little Vac - Huge Value
    I have never left a review before, but I just had to for this little vacuum! I LOVE it!!! It vacuums my hardwoods, tile and carpet perfectly. It is so lightweight, I can vacuum the stairs very easily and quickly. It sucks up the crystal kitty litter that gets kicked out of the litter box with no trouble at all (a lot of others that I have tried just pick up some of the litter and blow the rest around). The little dirt canister is sooooooo easy to empty and clean. It hurts my back to use a broom for any length of time, so I have been looking for something like this for a long time. I've wasted a lot of money on other name brand products over the years. I'm so glad that I found this - even my kids enjoy using it! I'm definitely going to buy one for my mother and mother-in-law. I can't believe it is so inexpensive!!...more info
  • Disappointment!
    I read these Amazon reviews like they are straight from the Mount and they have never failed me until.....NOW! I have owned this vacuum cleaner for oh, maybe a WEEK, and it just made a horrible sound and died on me. I can't believe it. Now admittedly, I have three little ones and this Hoover already had quite the workout in the brief week we shared together, but come ON! I guess the old adage is true, you get what you pay for, at least for this family! I am glad it seems to be such a dream for everyone else....more info
  • Pronto Electrolux
    For me, the Pronto has solved the quick pick up of dog hair off of hardwood/linoleum surfaces. (We have six live-in dogsl) I am very thankful I don't have to drag out the canister vacuum every time I see a fluff of dog hair float by.

    I removed the beater bar because when I vacuumed strip rugs dog hair kept stopping it up. Even with the beater bar, efficiently vacuuming strip rugs was unsuccessful. With the beater bar removed, the Pronto picks up rampant dog hair.

    It's been great for hardwood stairs. The charge lasts long enough for me to clean a relatively large area. The lift-off hand vacuum is very handy for places the stick cannot reach. It cleans close to baseboards. ...more info
  • The best little vacuum!
    I originally ordered this vacuum for myself as I was so tired of needing ear plugs and muscles of steel to use the regular vac. I bought mine at Sears but they no longer carry this model...go figure...the one that works so well! Amazon offered the best price around when my boyfriend decided he wanted one too. Then I bought one for my son who has two dogs.

    I have two cats (one long haired), with all of the kitty litter that goes with them, and various floor coverings. This Flair with power nozzle kicks butt throughout the house. It's lightweight, manuevers very well in tight places, and sucks up anything in it's path...including cat toys - so beware. The only criticism I have is the cord needs to be longer, but that's why they put more than one outlet in the house I guess.

    Highly recommend this vacuum....more info
  • Great product for a good price
    We read a bunch of the existing Amazon reviews on this before buying and so were not surprised when it arrived. It's a compact but powerful little vacuum that is easily maneuverable. It's slim head tucks nicely under the lip of our counters, stove and fridge to get all the junk that slips out of reach for normal vacuums. It is a bit top-heavy and so you have to make sure to prop it right otherwise it will slip right down the wall. We have (apparently) have super dusty carpeting and the filter filled up very quickly. Filter is very easy to clean (although yes, you do have to touch the filter but you shouldn't be squeamish about your own filth). ...more info
  • Hoover stick vac
    This little vac is very powerful and gets up hair, etc. very well. We love it and hardly use the large vac anymore. So handy to pull this one out of the closet and use every day as needed. I am very satisfied with this product and can recommend it to anyone looking for a nice stick vac that does a tremendous job!...more info
  • Matches my expectation 90%
    Matches my expectation/requirement from a stick vacuum cleaner:
    1. Easy maneuverability combined with light weight
    2. Carpet and hard-floor compatible.
    3. Picks-up messes my 2.5yr old makes(cereals, bits of paper, other dry food items.)

    Changes I would suggest:
    1.Rubberize or leather cover the handle & hook provided for hanging the cord. (These feel brittle).
    ...more info
  • An incredible deal.
    So, I'm not sure I've ever reviewed anything on Amazon before, but I feel compelled to do so now. This little product just feels right and works right - it's the iPod of vacuums. Here are 5 reasons it's fantastic.

    1) Convenience. The vacuum stands upright on its own. You can leave it standing in the middle of the room while you move the plug to a different outlet, or store it in the closet without leaning on anything. I'm a guy who doesn't love to vacuum, so the fact that this baby is easy to grab, use and put away is a big deal.

    2) Design. The switch has 3 settings. Top to bottom: off / on / on with spinning brush. You can change this on the fly, with out bending over. Smart and intuitive.

    3) Size. The little head can fit everywhere, as it's articulated from the body of the vacuum. I actually giggled with joy a bit when I realized that you can STEER the thing, into virtually any nook or cranny. Turn all the way to one side and lay the vacuum flat to reach all the way under a bed or couch.

    4) Suction. We have a small 3 bedroom house, with mostly hardwood floors, and this really does the job on fuzz and dog hair. Would I recommend it for a 5 bedroom carpeted house covered in Cheerios? Probably not. But I'd get one anyway, for daily cleanups and for the edges of rooms and hallways.

    5) Price. My wife had her eyes on $250 fancy models, but all we really needed was this. No we're both satisfied, and it only cost me $45.

    Sure, maybe it's a large, glorified dustbuster. But it happens to be awesome and effective, and I actually enjoy using it....more info
  • Best Stick Vacuum Ever
    The Hoover S2220 Stick Vacuum is a great product, especially for the price. It performs as promised, picks up kitty litter very well and is great for vacuuming stairs. Best feature is that the power nozzle can be turned on for carpet and turned off for bare floors. With this feature it works well on both surfaces. And of course, it's lightweight....more info
  • This is a GREAT vac for a GREAT price!
    I have three kids that leave a trail of crumbs all through the downstairs of our home. We have hardwoods, tile, and area rugs and it goes well from one area to the next. I did purchase a small extension cord so that the vac will reach all areas without having to move the plug around so you might want to order one of those at the same time. ...more info
  • Hoover Stick Vacuum
    Great product. Plenty of power, lightweight and does the job. No need to lug out an expensive vacuum when you've go this....more info
  • Little Vac
    Light little vac that does a good job. Cleaning the filter can be tricky and gross though....more info
  • I Love It!
    I originally purchased this Hoover Vac last year, and I loved it! Its suction power is really impressive for its size. The only negative would be that you must be sure to clean out the filter and cup very often. Because it picks up everything, the cup is usually full after a couple of times of use. That is not a big deal to me, but to some, this may be a chore.

    The head has great maneuverability, and I am able to reach in all kinds of places. The chord is not exceptionally long, but a good extension cord gets me almost all around my house (Approx. 2000 sq. feet). I have hardwood floors and tiled floors throughout my home with a couple of pretty nice area rugs. This vacuum moves from hard wood to rugs with a simple switch of the button. (For area rugs, it is a good pick up between big cleans. You will still want a big vacuum for the super cleaning jobs). But on the hardwood and tile floors, hands down, this is the best thing I have used!

    As for its construction, we really abused this thing, with two kids always running around the house, I am sure it was knocked down dozens and dozens of times. After a year of great abuse, my daughter accidently broke the head off the vacuum. It was not a question of IF I would replace it with another Hoover S2220, but WHEN.

    This is my second one, and I still love it!
    ...more info
  • Great quick clean,BUT
    With a constantly shedding Lab,this is a great quick clean vac. It is light and very easy to maneuver around furniture.The on-off brush is a necessary feature with rugs as well as hardwood floors. BUT,the brush drive belt does not last long and is not user replaceable making the unit a throw-away model.Convenient belt replacement would make this a solid 5 star buy....more info
  • Great for quick clean ups.
    I read many of the reviews prior to purchasing this vacuum. I have been very happy with how easily I can clean up quickly behind my 3 & 6 year-old kids. We have a rug under our kitchen table and I am able to vacuum up everything from cereal to rice (the sticky white rice). That alone, makes this a keeper! I am also able to go quickly from carpet to hard wood and tile floors.

    I only have three complaints. The first is the length of the power cord. I have to unplug and re-plug to cover the whole kitchen/family room area. Second, is the size of the cleaning head is smaller than what I had expected. Third, is the placement of the on/floor/carpet switch. It is pretty low on the unit. For a tall person, this could be a problem. All-in-all, even with these three items, I would still buy this vacuum again....more info
  • amazing vacuum
    This vacuum has really good manuverability. very easy to handle, light weight, easy to empty the bagless dirt collector thingy.(lol)

    I would recomend this to anyone living in an apt or condo, best for smaller areas because of the small, sleek design. wouldnt recommend if you have 3 kids and live in a 2 story home....more info
  • Over heats even in small apt....
    After using this hoover for a few months it seems to have come to the end! We have a small apt, few rugs but mainly hard wood floors and this hoover still overheats after one room. I never really liked it from the start - hard to get into corners and although small - can be heavy and bit uneasy to keep upright. It fell over once, hitting our white wall and left a very ugly red mark (from the paint) that wont come off. Usually love Hoover but this was a huge disappointment. Wont be buying it again....more info
  • Great Vacuum!
    There is very little that I dislike about this vacuum. Really the only thing is that it doesn't have a hose attachment, but that's not much of an issue. Mainly I would use that feature for stairs but its so light that stairs wouldn't be a problem....more info
    The vacuum has some good points, namely its price , light weight and compactness, its great for small apartments and/or small carpeted areas and anywhere light duty vacuuming is required, it is not a high powered vacuum though, if your carpet is new and "shedding" or is heavily soiled it does not have enough power to pick up all of the the carpet material or dirt also its small holding capacity means you have to empty the cup frequently. So future buyers need to decide what their needs are. If you have kids bringing mud in all the time, this is not the one to get, if you are single or newly wed it'll do just fine. ...more info
  • Read the negative reviews first!!
    Beware..you might end up in the bottom 5%.....I spent ages reading numerous reviews on vacs and chose this one due to the high number of positive reviews. But I have learnt that it is better to check out the negative reviews FIRST. I expected to be one of the 300+ happy customers but found myself as one of the unhappy 28 for this simple reason...this vac stopped working after 5 uses only. It has more negative reviews than other vacs have in total! It was 5 star for the first 4 uses and its now in its box ready to go back and is truly a 1 star dud. I think that most happy customers write reviews early on.....for me I'm back on the hunt for a decent vac......more info
  • Mixed Feelings
    This vacuum work great on cat hair and light weight dirt. Unfortunately the is product is not powerful enough to lift anything much larger than sand. For the money I think you will be satisfied, but do not purchase if want to use this product to clean up random pieces of cat litter around the house....more info
  • Practically Perfect in Every Way... minus one tiny detail.
    I purchased this product with a doubt clinging to my mind. Would it perform the tasks I need my small vac to perform?! Would it withstand the challenges of a busy housekeeper and still be as functional as ever?! The answers to both of these queries is most assuredly YES! It did! This tool was a wonder. It went from hard floors to carpeting in the flick of a button. It had a powerful suction that got up even the tiniest bits of debris stuck on the edge of the floor. No more bending down to manually pick up those annoying little "things" nearly every other vac misses. YAY!!!

    Sadly, after barely 2 months of normal daily usage, (yes I vacuum every day, I have 3 kids and 2 cats plus a messy husband) my perfect little vacuum breaks! :( The suction no longer turns on. The carpet beater still will merrily pound away at the carpet, but without suction, the entire unit is useless. I have tried everything to get it to turn back on, and I'm a pretty handy person, but for all my efforts I have not been able to fix it.

    I will probably buy a duplicate simply because, for the price, there is *nothing* that I have found (and boy, did I ever try just about every other product out there...) that works better. Even compared to models that are three times more expensive, this lightweight wonder was my dream come true!

    Here's hoping the breakage was a fluke....more info
  • A great purchase
    This is a great piece of equipment. I purchased it for my 1600 square foot house which has mostly hardwood with some ceramic tile and carpet. I have a dog that sheds constantly and this does a better job on the hardwood, ceramic and area rugs than the much more expensive Electrolux I have been using. It picked up dog hair that I couldn't even see. Not sure it's as good on the carpeting but it does fine for quick cleanups. It is lightweight, easy to manuever and does a great job! I would highly recommend it for anyone who has hardwood or ceramic floors. If you have a lot of carpet, you might want something that is more designed for that purpose....more info
  • Excellent lightweight yet powerful vac!
    I have 2 cats and LOTS of cat hair. So I am a vacuum nut. I have to say that I just LOVE this vacuum. I have had it a year with no problems. The suction is excellent. It picks up as well as my $400 Dyson! It is so light, it's easy to do the stairs and carry around the house. It gets in all the nooks and crannies that regular size vacuums can't. I use it on my hard floors and carpet. No way my Dyson would go under the bed, but no problem with the Flair. I ordered 2 additional bags so I have one ready to use while the dirty one is drying out after rinsing. Negatives: I have to agree with the others regarding it tipping easily and needing a different handle. It does leave red marks on the wall if you are not careful. And I can't wrap the cord up because the plastic piece broke when it fell. It doesn't stand up by itself. I usually put it in a corner so it won't fall over. But I still love this thing! ...more info
  • Hoover Vacuum
    I bought this vacuum a month ago and was very impressed with the quality and the power of such small vacuum cleaner. It has the power to clean up the dirt on the hardwood floor and I can switched to carpet mode instantly. ...more info
  • 2 strikes and you're out!
    i bought this as a x-mas present for my wife (it's what she wanted!don't look at me?!). the 1st one worked for 1 month. i exchanged it for another one of the same brand/type. i offered to get her a nicer,more expensive one, but she insisted that this one was perfect for her intended purpose.the 2nd one worked for 2 1/2 months. i attempted a return again, but was offered a $25 gift certificate from amazon. i accepted defeat and took the certificate instead of bothering to drive the 35 miles to the authorized service center for this vacuums' repair. i WOULD NOT get another one, but that's just my opinion....more info
  • Lightweight Vacuum with Heavy-Duty Power
    I absolutely love this little gem. The vacuum is lightweight and easy to handle, with great heavy-duty suction. Being bagless is another added plus. I know that some people mentioned the filter was hard to clean but I solved that by using and old toothbrush for this job and it cleans up as good as new. One of the many highlights of this vacuum is the effortless flick of a switch changes from carpeted to bare floors. I hadn't realized just how bad the suction was on my old Regina Stick Vacuum until I used the Hoover. I was amazed at how much dirt and dust was sucked up the first time I used it. All in all I have to say this was one of my best purchases. It could have a longer cord, that is the only thing I would want to change about this vacuum. ...more info
  • Good, light vaccuum
    I bought this vaccuum for our kitchen and sunroom floors as we have 2 dogs that shed a lot. We have the kids do the vaccuuming and it is so easy with this vaccuum. The only complaint is that some of the hair does get caught on the roller on the bottom rather than being sucked up, which is a bit annoying. But it is definitely worth the money. ...more info
  • Hoover Flair Vacuum
    We use this product in our podiatry office. It is very efficient and our medical assistants love the fact it is so lightweight. It is very easy to use and the price fits our budget....more info
  • Disappointing...
    The vacuum is great on paper. Nice form factor, lightweight, bagless and a Hoover...
    Well from the first uses it was clear that some things were wrong with this vacuum. The device becomes scortching hot after using it for just 1-2 rooms (my gf used it first, and was complaining it was burning her legs). There is also a strange smell when you use it - it kept me worried it would explode while I was using it. After 3 months of using it for weekly vacuuming of a 1-br appartment, it overheats and stops working after 5 minutes of use. Now that I think about it it is a miracle it didn't overheat right from the start - or maybe not a miracle just designed to work at first.
    The suction is very poor, unless you use the power nozzle even for non-carpet floors (it is the "carpet" mode). But if you use the power nozzle it overheats in 2 minutes...
    I really don't understand the engineering of this thing, a vacuum handles a strong air flow, so it is the easiest device to cool. Who designed this disaster?
    Anyway, it will be too expensive to send back, so I guess it will have to go to the garbage.
    I will not do the mistake of trusting Hoover in the future. I was replacing my (cheaper!) dirt devil, expecting this to be a better product. Well even the Dirt Devil turns out to have better suction (and of course no overheating problems)...
    I was fooled by the good reviews. I always go by the Amazon reviews, and I can't believe I received the same item. I would think I received a problematic part, however the problem seems to be a major design flaw, not a random part failure....more info
  • Excellent vacuum
    This vacuum is lightweight, has excellent suction, and cleans carpeted and tile surfaces well. For the price, it is an excellent value. ...more info
  • Works well.
    I like the way it works and does the job, but it is so floppy to use and you can't stand it up that it can be maddening. I end up not using it as
    often....more info
  • Great little vacuum.
    I bought this to supplement my Dyson, when I didn't want to drag the big vacuum out. After doing research, and reading all the reviews on Amazon, I decided to give this item a try. I am very pleased. I mainly bought it to do hardwood floors and stairs and around the cat litter boxes. And it does a great job there, but it also does a great job on my oriental rugs. The suction power is terrific. I have four long haired cats, and I've learned with any vacuum, that I have to stop often to clean the beater bars and empty the vacuum. This is no different. For the price, and convenience of this little vacuum, the power is great, and you won't be disappointed....more info
    We have 3 cats (2 long haired), 2 heavy pile rugs and mostly hardwood floors in our Apt. Our Dyson was too much for the apt and I had bought the Electrolux cordless, which worked great for a while, but it couldn't keep up with the rabid dust bunnies invading the apt. This vac was sucking better than a 42nd street special! It was amazing to watch it pick up the cat hair and litter off the rugs. Only negative to say is the cord is short and the dust bin is a little awkward. two thumbs up in z formation!!...more info
  • wonderful wonder broom
    The little Hoover Flair with the power head is small but mighty!
    This is the second one I have bought since Hoover change their stick vac to the Flair.
    I simply wore my first Flair out from daily use! We have 3 cats and 2 inside dogs...which constitutes a GREAT deal of sweeping.
    You will be very impressed with what this small but mighty vac can pick up!
    An added plus..you certainly can not beat the price of the Flair here at Amazon.
    Thanks A!!! :)...more info
  • Excellent Product
    This is a great stick vacuum. We loved is so much we purchased a second one for our vacation home. ...more info
  • Amazing
    This vacuum eats dog hair and dirt. I have 10 dogs and 4 kids. I gave up on carpet and installed laminate floors. The flair will suck dog hair from 4 inches away. It picks up small rocks if you turn on the brush for a second. It cleans my rugs easily.

    The only cons are it is messy to enpty and doesn't hold enough dirt. It does have a cut out switch if you don't empty the dirt cup soon enough. If I skip a day of vacuuming I have to empty it multiple times. It also tips over easily.

    I am showing mine to my mom so she can see how handy this little vacuum is. ...more info
  • Uprigt Stick Vaccum needs a larger bag
    It is a light weight vacuum which is nice. But, the bag fills up quickly and it must be changed several times during a simple cleanup of my living space. It is much easier to use a standard tank type or upright. ...more info
  • Handy Vacuum for Hardwood and Tile!
    I bought this for my young daughter to help me clean around the house on hardwood floor and tile. So far, we love it! It was very easy to put together and easy to empty. She can do everything herself from start to finish. It has very powerful suction, doesn't seem to mark the floor, seems to get in the crevices and corners, and is a very cheery red color. It has a hardwood setting that turns off the beater brush in the nozzle so that you won't scuff your floor. It stands up by itself, but is a little tippy, so be careful if babies are around the place you store it. The cord is nice and long. The vaccum is so powerful that small area rugs are sucked into it, and it tends to get stuck on carpet that is dense, but I shopped primarily for a vacuum with excellent suction (I avoided rechargable battery operated vacuums for this reason). I use my big Hoover for the large area rugs and this is only for hardwoods, bathroom and kitchen tile. The filter seems to catch everything - even fine fibers from my somewhat "sheddy" wool rugs. I really hope it lasts!...more info
  • simply superb. but................
    Simply superb. Only drawback is it needs frequent cleaning of the filter. Atleast 3 to 4 times you need to clean it while vaccuuming the whole two bedroom apartment....more info
  • My perfect vacuum!
    This is the perfect vacuum for my small house; it picks up pet hair and small objects like coffee beans, but takes up very little storage space. The power nozzle really works well on rugs. I bought it relying on past reviews which were right on! The cord is long enough that I don't have to keep looking for an outlet. And it is a pretty red, my favorite color....more info
  • Pros outweigh the Cons!!!
    I've had this little vacuum cleaner for a year and a half now. I bought it in December 2006 and it has been a great vacuum for quick cleans!

    Pros: Lightweight, easy to handle around corners, cleans carpet, tile and wood surfaces, fairly quiet (for a vacuum cleaner), easy to empty the container, decent suction, durable, when cleaning tile/wood floors it suctions the dirt well without spreading it around.

    Cons: It is tough to keep it upright when idle (it knocks down easily, best to prop it against a corner, wall or furniture), the power cord is short, it is not to be used for a deep clean (but the suction is fairly decent), you do have to buy filters for it even though it is bagless (I use about one filter every 4 to 6 months and the filters cost about $4 to $5 + $4 shipping).

    All in all, I would highly recommend this little vacuum cleaner, I think it is a good value for the money you spend....more info
  • OMG...I love this thing!!
    I got this vacuum for Christmas and I LOVE it! I'm the worst housekeeper in the world and this thing is so effortless that I zip around things, under things and through things. I have dogs and cats and this little vaccuum sucks up the hair and all the other little crud on the floor. If and when this vacuum dies I will definitely buy another....more info
  • Amazing little vacuum
    I bought the Hoover Flair Bagless vacuum based on reviews and I am not sorry as it is the most amazing,incredible little vacuum I have ever owned. It works great on my tile and hardwood flooring...has lots of suction and gets close to edges. I also use it in my master bedroom where I have wall to wall carpeting...great for under the bed too. If it had attachments I would throw away my other larger vacuum. This is so light and easy to handle! The only con I could find is that the power head should be slighly larger to cover more area. However it's so easy to use I don't mind the extra time involved. I can't believe the power this vacuum has.....I have to be careful around my slider where I have sheer curtains....and watch out for those shoe laces. This vacuum will suck them up to the sneaker! As for how long this vacuum will last.....if I get a year out of it...I've got my $$ worth. I have since ordered one for my Mother. Would highly recommend the Hoover Flair....more info
  • Must have gotten a bad one.
    Bought the vac on 01/25/08 and it didn't last past 03/15/08. It works for 10 minutes and then quits. After several hours of rest, it will work for 10 more minutes, then quit again. Amazon suggested that I call the manufacturer to complain. I guess it's "Buyer Beware"....more info
  • Small Vac Does Big Job
    Fits my special need -- I'm handicapped and need to do some tasks sitting down. The Flair's light weight, small size lets me vac more easily around or between furniture. Easy to store, also....more info
  • I have a question about this vacuum
    Can anyone tell me if this can be used as a hand vacuum too?
    Will appreciate your help....more info
  • Fits anywhere.
    I purchase these two at a time. This vacuum fits anywhere at any angle. The suction on it is unreal. My home is mostly wood floors with a few area rugs. Works great for both. The only problem is that the plastic shaft that the back plastic wheel fits on cracks after about 6 months causing the wheel to be loose which in turn makes the vacuum drag the floor. Then I break out another vacuum.
    ...more info
  • Did What it Was Supposed to Do - I'm Back for #2
    This is just about the best little vacuum I've found for quick cleanup of everyday messes - pet hair, dust bunnies, kid's crumbs. It actually picks up the crud, instead of just blowing it around on the hard floor. The power nozzle does a great job on the area rugs in my kitchen, and the whole thing is easy to use. I've tried cordless vacs, and they just don't have the suction power to compete. My first unit survived almost 3 years, and for the last several months I've tried replacing it with other vacs that I bought at my local Target store. But they just don't do the job. This one is small, and swivels to easily reach under my shelves, cabinets and computer hutch. The small head gets up into the corners. No, it didn't last forever, but considering I used it A LOT, I am happy. $55 divided out over 3 years isn't that much to pay for something that actually works. I spent that much on a Eureka that sits in the closet because it's useless. I'm finally breaking down and buying this like I should have done 5 months ago when the first one bit the dust. Good job, Hoover. ...more info
    I needed something for those "in between" general cleaning days and this vacuum does the trick. It's lightweight, has great suction and does the job. How well it works outweighs the fact that it's a little noisy but who cares? My floors are clean!!!!...more info
  • Great while it lasted
    it was light and functional. you can leave it under the bed or hide anywhere. It did the job well, I had hard floor and carpet. But it only lasted 6 months. ...more info
  • Ideal for small jobs
    This lightweight vacuum is ideal for hardwood floors and small area rugs. I especially love the fact that it easily slides under tables and furniture. My hardwoods get so dusty under our furniture and it's such a pain to move the furniture to vacuum. Now I don't have to because this thin vacuum will go right under my furniture. It doesn't work well on large areas of carpet because the rollers get cloged, but for everything else it is perfect. Also wish the cord was a bit longer. The pros certainly outway the cons and without hesitation, I strongly recommend this product....more info
  • Stopped working after 2 weeks!
    I should have listened to others reviews regarding long term use. It worked amazingly well...for 2 weeks. Then suddenly it kept quitting while I'd be in the middle of vacuuming (after only 5min or so), and now it won't pick anything up. I've cleaned it out to make sure it isn't clogged. It just won't work.

    I'm sorry to say it was a major waste of money....more info
  • Excellent stick vac.
    This stick vacuum has almost as much power as my wind tunnel.
    Long cord.
    Stands alone for storage.
    Does very well on carpet, and hard floors.
    Dirt cup size is what you would expect for a stick vacuum....more info
  • Good on barefloors
    I like the suction this vacuum has along walls and corners. The head is compact enough to allow it to manuever in tight spaces. However, it can't pick up anything the size of cheerios. I learnt to use my dustbuster for cheerios and the like.

    One thing I don't like about it is that it is bagless. Emptying the cup is a dusty job. Unfortunately, this is something that comes with being bagless. ...more info
  • Powerful Suction
    Very stylish and quiet vacuum. And I might add it is also very powerful. Minor point - it is so strong that it is a little hard to vacuum area rugs as it tends to pick them up a bit. A minor point since this only proves how powerful the suction. I would definately recommend this unit....more info
  • The Real Deal
    Unlike so many consumer products these days, this little vacuum is the real deal. Right out of the package, the build quality is evident. The connection between the nozzle and beater bar is substantial and clearly meant for a long life, unlike the accordian-pleated hoses on other stick vacs. As you use the S2220 on floors or carpets, you can feel the machine engaging with the surface beneath it and being quite effective. I have not had mine long, so durability is something of an unknown. Nevertheless, this quality, at this price would seem to be the reason that there are 350+ positive reviews. What a pleasure to own a simple utilitarian tool in which some pride was taken....more info
  • A Little Disappointed
    I selected this product after reading many reviews from previous buyers of this product. Overall, I am happy with the vaccum. It is quiet, lightweight, turns well and really gets the dirt and dust up off the floor. However, it over heats if I use it to long without a break. But overall I would recommend this product to anyone....more info
  • Strong for a Stick Vacuum
    I have a teeny tiny apartment and was looking to downsize my vacuum - this one has proved to be perfect. It can handle my fuzzy carpet and doesn't just push things around on the floor like some stick vacuums. I also don't have to go over the same area multiple times!...more info
  • i guess i would buy it again
    the trash got stuck and i had to remove it with my fingers i think it was because it got overheated when it overheats it does not suck took me like an hour to take out all the trash stuck but now is working fine again....more info
  • Stopped working in fewer than 30 days
    Like others I am disappointed with this purchase. It worked great and I loved it for the first three weeks, then out of the blue it stopped working. I was vacuuming some hardwood floors and the machine suddenly became kind of quiet. I turned it over and noticed that although the suction was still working, the roller was no longer turning. Without the roller it doesn't pick up much of anything. This may be caused by a problem with the belt or it may be something more serious. The owner's manual says that owners cannot change the belt so either way I would have to take it to a Hoover repair center. I can only imagine that costs more than I paid for it, plus the time and hassle involved makes it not worthwhile to me. I liked this vacuum, but it's not worth $60 for less than one month's use. ...more info
  • 6 months later....
    It has been six months since I bought this little vacuum and I can honestly still give it 5 stars.
    We live in a split level ranch that has tons of levels and steps everywhere. My boyfriend has a Dyson, which works well, but was WAY too heavy and bulky to use on all the multi-levels.
    We have a small white haired dog and a long-haired cat that shed constantly. With all hardwood floors, dust bunnies and fur balls pile up, making it necessary to vacuum 2-3 times a week.
    This little vacuum REALLY works! I love how lightweight and convenient it is. Even though the collection canister is small, it doesn't fill up too quickly and is easy to dump out and snap back in. It picks up hairballs, crumbs, fluff balls from dog toys, spilled food, and even does a good job on entrance rugs in the carpet setting.
    Also owning a Dyson (the king of suction) I can honestly tell you that this suction is nothing to complain about. It also doesn't have that annoying exhaust wind that other vacuums shoot out, blowing the items you are trying to vacuum up all around the room.
    If you want a small vacuum that can do big jobs, definitely get this one. I was skeptical but after these 6 months the only complaint I have is that the cord could be a tad bit longer. It is GREAT and a good value, too! ...more info
  • I hate cleaning but this makes me not mind it
    I hate cleaning in general, and cleaning floors in particular. This little vac is so easy it makes me not mind, almost enjoy, sweeping/vacuuming. I use this on my hard wood floors and it leaves no scratches, then switch to the "carpet" function for my area rugs and couch. It's so light weight and will fit under almost any furniture, making the whole process so easy it's enjoyable. This little vac has tremendous power, as well, and I sometimes have to be careful not to get to close to curtain strings.

    Other reviewers mentioned the switch being inconvenient, which is true, but not a big deal in the slightest. It's also true that it has a tendency not to stay upright, but I wouldn't let either of these small detials keep you from buying this vac. I've recommended this to all my friends, it has had made my life so much easier!...more info
  • Works as claimed

    The vac works just as claimed by the vendor. It would have been much more enjoyable experience if Hoover bundles the product with some small brush to clean the filter bag. ...more info
  • Does what it's supposed to do!
    Finally! This is what I've been looking for in a hardwood-floor vacuum. (Works great on my bathroom tile, too.) With a dog, a bird and a kid, I've got plenty of hair, dirt, sand, crumbs, seeds, etc., to clean up and this does the job. I used to have a Dirt Devil Broom Vac and was constantly frustrated with its lack of suction and battery life. I have only two minor complaints about this Hoover, which is why I didn't give it 5 stars. The cord could be longer (just another 5-10 feet would be very helpful), and I've found that if you're not careful when standing it up straight it tips over, being a little top-heavy. But I love everything else about this and highly recommend it for hard floors. Works great on area rugs, too, with a minor flip of the switch. And who can beat this price?!!...more info
  • Small but powerful
    The suction on this tiny Hoover is incredibly strong and it is great for bare floors, which is what I was looking for due to 4 pets and all tile floors. It will suck up pet hair tumbleweeds from 1-2" away. I was amazed at the amount of dust and pet hair it collected and would recommend it. I strictly use this for quick, broad cleaning since there is no hose to get under furniture or attack curtains. I will still have to get out my regular vacuum for above floor cleaning. Cons: cord too short, but I permanently attached an extension cord, no hose for above floor/under furniture cleaning, and the dust cup is pretty messy to empty, but I think all of them would be. My last small vacuum was a Eureka that was equally messy to empty so I think that is just part of being bagless....more info
  • Does the Job
    This vacuum works great in the kitchen and on hard wood floors. The nozzle turns easily to get into corners, and it has a long cord, so you don't have to stop to plug it into another outlet. I like that it is bagless, when it gets full just pop off the container and empty it in the garbage. I could be just a little bit lighter, but it's really not a problem....more info
  • Hoover Flair is ok, just ok.
    I bought the Hoover Flair bagless because I read all the 4 star reviews on Amazon. But the suction leaves something to be desired. It quickly becomes just a machine that moves dirt around. I'm disappointed in the power. But more importantly, no vacuum designer has yet designed a "good" mouth nozzle to get the corners & prevent things from getting stuck on the plastic edge of the nozzle....more info
  • Great start, bad finish
    UPDATED 6/21/08

    My original (and very positive) review is below, but bad news: the motor just gave out after only 4 months of weekend use. Very distressing and it forces me downgrade the Flair two stars. Should repair/return prove unsuccessful, we'll take it down to 1 star and find a different stick-vac.

    The Flair is fantastic! We recently replaced our downstairs carpeting with hardwood and had been struggling to keep the wood clean using a combination of broom, dry mop, and nozzle attachment to our heavy-duty vacuum. Not fun.

    After extensive research, we bought the Flair and it has been a huge improvement. It's light enough for my diminutive (5' tall and less than 100 lbs.) wife to use, but picks up all the dust, dirt, and dog hair with ease. I recently injured my leg, but have had no trouble running the Flair from my knees when necessary.

    As others have noted, you do have to clean the trap frequently (especially when there's lots of dog hair), but I keep a trash bag handy while I'm cleaning and have found that emptying the trap doesn't slow the process much.

    Great job, Hoover!...more info
  • Easy to use
    This vacuum is very light and easy to use. Perfect for quick pick ups but it is very noisey and messy to empty....more info
  • Love this Vacuum!
    I had been on the lookout for a quick solution for getting up the debris from two kids and a dog off of my kitchen floors. I have to add that I hate sweeping. I had tried a few different cordless sweepers, but was never satisfied with the results. When my last one broke I went looking for a better solution. I had never owned a stick vacuum before, but when I saw the reviews on this one I figured I would give it a try. I absolutely love it. The suction is fantastic. It works better than any broom and dustpan. I use it on my rugs when I don't feel like dragging out the big vacuum, plus it gets under almost any furniture. I have told friends to get one. It really is the product I have been searching for....more info
  • linoleum kitchen floor vs.little boys
    I love this vaccuum! I have a 2 little boys and you can imagine what our linoleum floor looks like after meals. I just keep this plugged in-in the corner and its easy to grab to clean up the mess! I love the way it turns and can get under things. And as one reviewer said, it really does pull things from the side...like along baseboards and cupboards. I use it everyday and so far the only thing I don't like is, it doesn't pick up larger pieces, such as hotdogs. It is definitely easier than sweeping!!!...more info
  • Worked great... for a year.
    I loved this product until it reached its year anniversary. It doesn't work well anymore....more info
  • great for hardwood
    Very easy to use. Does a great job, better than charging ones. Picks up lots of toddler foods and dust. Just wish it had longer cord. Would buy another one for upstairs. Love it!...more info
  • Hard Worker
    This vacuum may be corded, but it can cover quite a distance before the holder needs to be emptied. I'm very pleased with it....more info
  • "Smartest" & Best Vacuum I've Ever Owned
    I have to thank one of the Amazon reviewers as this really helped me make the decision to get this SMART vacuum.

    How can a vacuum be "smart"? First, the vacuum is the smoothest glide, (I have all bare floors, no carpet) it REALLY gets under the furniture, under the bed, etc. It's super powerful suction immediately sucks up any dirt - fast and easy.

    Next, I opened the clear dirt holder filter to clean it out, and what this "smart filter" does is it separates any solid pieces. So at the bottom of the holder was my earring post (that tiny thing for the back of an earring) that I couldn't find. A push pin, a dime and a penny - all in perfect condition.

    The filter will hold all of the dust - it somehow compresses it. And then it will "filter out" anything that is solid. I never saw a vacuum do that before!

    The suction power is super strong, it just pulls in any dust or dirt in front of it.

    I've bought many vacuums over the years. Every purchase was a disappointment. With THIS "Flair" bagless vacuum, cleaning tile or wood floors is soooo much easier.
    If you're not sure WHICH vacuum to get, and you have bare floors, THIS IS THE ONE to GET! ...more info
  • Great little vacuum
    This vacuum really works well on bare floors or carpets. I use it almost every day instead of my broom on my hardwood floors. It gets into small places and does exactly what I need it to do. It's also very easy to empty and clean. I recommend it highly!...more info
  • Best Vacuum
    Absolutely, without a doubt, the best stick vacuum that I have ever had.
    If I could give it 20 stars, I would. I guess you can tell how pleased I am with it. I cannot give it high enough praise. Thank you Amazon! Thank you Hoover....more info
  • Great small vac
    Lots of suction and pick-up power. A great small vac for smaller areas or quick touch-up....more info
  • Really love it...but not great quality
    I really really liked this little vacuum. It has great suction on hard floors, sucking up the dust and lint that my big hotel quality vacuum missed. It quickly became my everyday vacuum for both hard floors and rugs. Worked great when filter kept clean -- I emptied the lint and big pieces of dirt after every use and rinsed in water after every 2x use.

    Sadly though, my tough little vacuum broke after 4 months. The vacuum head broke off and we were unable to repair it. I even tried taping and then super gluing, but no luck. Other things that aren't so great -- besides it breaking completely after 4 months -- marked all my baseboards with red lines if I bumped the wall or tried to vacuum too close. These red lines are really hard to remove -- not a job for the Magic Eraser -- more like scouring pad with tough cleanser. Also the swivel cord holder turns easily when trying to rewind the cord, which is really annoying. Finally, the cord is pretty short -- this is pretty minor.

    Really loved it, but in the end, it broke too soon and I spent a lot of time scrubbing red marks off my baseboards. ...more info
  • Stop searching.. you've found it..!
    I really enjoy researching and buying the best for the money. I've been looking for something like this for a long time. Powerful light upright bagless made by a reliable company...I'll buy another... in a heartbeat..
    You won't be sorry!...more info
  • A Great Little Vacuum
    This little vacuum is great for small jobs. We have a wood burning fireplace and its great for cleaning up the small debris that comes in along with the wood. We keep it close to the door so that after bringing in the wood a quick vacuuming takes care of all the debris that falls off the wood onto the carpet. I wouldn't use this vacuum for whole carpet cleaning, it just isn't large enough, but for the small jobs its absolutely great. If you don't want to drag out the big vacuum to do a little cleanup then this is the vacuum for you...more info
  • BEST Stick Vac
    I am on my second Flair (the first fell and the dust bin broke) and I love this stick vac. After the first one broke I bought and tried at least three others because I couldn't find the Flair in a store. Needless to say the others went back and I went on the internet to find me another Flair. I love the powered roller brush. It is the ONLY stick vac that I have tried or owned that DOES NOT scatter pieces of debris everywhere. For that reason alone (but there are so many other pluses too) I am forever loyal to the Flair....more info
  • Where has this vacuum been all my life?!?
    After reading all of the reviews (as I do before buying ANYTHING), I bought this vacuum, and I'm so glad I did!! I will ditto everything good that has been said about it and add:

    I mainly got this vacuum for my wood and tile floors. I have 3 animals and need to keep up with the hair at least twice a week. It works really well on the floors, but what I wasn't expecting was how well it cleans my deep-pile area rug! I'm so glad I don't have to lug my heavy vacuum downstairs just for the rug anymore! I also use it to remove pet hair from my dining room chairs. It is so handy. I couldn't be happier!...more info
  • worthless piece of junk!
    The vacuum has lasted 3 months. After that, as soon as you start vacuuming (about 40-60 sec. later) the motor stops. Then 10 min later you can start it again and 40 sec. later the motor/suction stops. And all day like that. If you have patience for that I'll sell you mine cheap! Customer service is nonexistent. It is not the company you should be sending your money to. Take a chance with a cheap product somewhere else. This one is a loser....more info
  • Be sure of your purpose for this item
    Bought this item in conjunction with another Hoover Vac because the price was right and I was looking for something easy to use and store in my girls bathroom to deal with the hair on their bathroom floor. Both girls have long curly hair so as you can imagine keeping it clean is challenging. I will say it works perfect for that purpose. Clean up is a snap and it gets into all the corners great. I'm not crazy about the dirt cup vs changing a bag but that's just me. However I will say that this product is really not much more than a glorified dustbuster on a stick and one should not be confused and try to use it for much more than that. I tried it on my carpets and was not very impressed. I would recommend it for light duty in bathrooms or maybe for kitchen crumbs or possibly a dorm room. I love Hoover products and will continue to buy them but the "Flair" has limited applications in my opinion....more info
  • great little vac
    I recently puchased this item. I shopped a lot before buying. I have new laminate floors, and tile, and dogs. Sweeping and moping did not do it. My regular vac is just to big and heavy to lug up and down stairs. The Flair has turned out to be just the thing. I love it. It has great suction and moveability. Great for both the carpeted and laminate steps. I'm going to send one to my daughter....more info
  • Excellent Vacuum Cleaner
    This space-saving, light-weight stick vacuum is excellent for all types of cleaning, whether you need a quick sweep or an extensive, more thorough vacuuming. It's amazing how much power this little machine has! It picks up the smallest specks from both floors and carpets. The easy floor-to-carpet switch is great and makes vacuuming smooth and fast. I vacuum much more often now, because it's really a breeze with this stick vacuum! It also operates pretty quietly on floors, comparing to other vacuum cleaners, and although the carpet operation is a bit louder, it certainly is worth the power.

    I own Hoover S2220 for only two weeks and so far I'm completely satisfied with its quality and performance. I would definitely recommend it to everyone....more info
  • Love it love it love it!
    The cord could be longer, but I love it. I have a lot of tile, I whip it out and it's done. Would recomend it, period!...more info
  • This is a great little vacuum!
    I purchased this little vacuum to replace an old 17-year-old Hoover Quick Broom that finally "bit the dust" so to speak. We have wood floors in our kitchen, dining room and bathroom and sweeping them with a regular broom is unsatisfactory, as it only seems to swirl the dust into the air. The Flair S2220 is absolutely perfect for the job. It has a swivel head like our old Hoover stick, but is WAY more quiet. The handy cup makes it easy to see when it needs to be emptied. I haven't used it on my carpeted living room; I have thick wool carpet and I have another, more heavy duty vacuum I use for that. I really think this Flair stick vacuum was meant for mostly quick and easy jobs, like hardwoods and tile or thin-pile carpet (like kitchen rugs, etc). I just love this vacuum and recommend it highly. It's a pleasure to use!...more info
  • Love it!
    Bought this product based on the other Amazon reviews, and sure enough - this little devil is great! I live in a 600sqft apartment, so it's perfect for me. No more sweeping, either. This thing is light, easily stored away and bagless! It got so much crap off my floor, I was amazed. I would highly recommend this product to anyone that has a small home or wants to use it for quick jobs. I used it in the living room, kitchen, bath...the coolest thing is that it is flexible enough to slide under my bed and suck up all the cat hair that has managed to accumulate there. I love this little tool, it works great. Probably best for someone with an apartment or small house. ...more info
  • What a great machine!
    This is a tremendous little vacuum. We have almost 1800 square feet of tile and wood floors in our house and live on 2 acres with 6 herding dogs. As you can imagine, there is a lot of dog hair and dirt that accumulates daily on our floors and because of that we sweep them every morning. We have tried to use our regular vacuum which is a Dyson (the best vacuum made) but it was too cumbersome to get around the table and chairs, couches, end tables, etc. So we ended up with three different brooms, a big push broom for the open areas like the kind you would use in the garage, a small broom with dustpan to pick things up, and a duster broom to get under and around the furniture. All that would take almost an hour each morning and the brooms never get everything as they stir up the dust and a lot of it settles back on the floor. It always seemed like within an hour or so after sweeping, the floors were dirty again. So I went in search of a small vacuum that was easy to use and not real costly, we didn't want to spend $400+ for the small Dyson model although it's probably a great machine too. So I bought this little vac because of the good reviews and its price, and it works perfect. When I first took it out of the package I thought the head was awfully small and that it would take forever to do the floors but after using it a few times I realized that if the head was any bigger it wouldn't be as manueverable and able to get into tight places so good. Cleaning the hard floors now takes less than a half hour as opposed to an hour with the brooms, and they're cleaner now when I'm through. It picks up the dog hair great and you can even do the throw rugs without it sucking them up since you can turn off the brush. For tough areas just flip the switch and the rotating brush comes on and it will even get dog hair off the rugs. A fabulous little machine that gets lots of use at this house....more info
  • Great little vacuum but has a few drawbacks
    My Mom asked me to find her a new stick vac and this had the top rating so I got it and she says it is powerful but gets really hot, is top heavy and she has to change the canister 2x before finishing. Now I was over at her place for xmas and I checked it out and was really impressed: it has a swiveling end so you can lay it flat and go around corners, under furniture etc and it has powered rollers like a full size vac. It is loud and all the things she said. I would have bought one myself for the $50 with shipping included it's a great deal (looks stylish too) but she gave me her refurbished electrolux which is really quiet and has a bag so that is probably better but if it ever stops working I'll order one of these....more info
  • Great little stick vac
    After a lot of shopping, I bought this as a replacement for a very old Hoover stick vac that finally just fell apart. I wasn't disappointed. The new one is much more powerful so I can clean the kitchen floor without the brush, and with the brush "on" it handles surface cleaning on the carpet like a champ, pulling up tons of pet hair from my two cats and two dogs. The swivel nozzle allows me to get into nooks and crannies better, too. It heats up quickly during use, but I haven't had overheating issues so far (I just received it today). Being built like a dustbuster on steroids, the dust cup/filter arrangement is small and kind of a pain to manipulate and clean. Nevertheless, I think it is exactly what a stick vac should be, i.e., a great tool for quick pick-ups....more info
  • a real deal
    all that it can be its worth the money and more lite weight and works great...more info
  • Awesome Cleaning Power
    I have only had this vacuum since Christmas and already use it more than my Eureka Boss SmartVac. The suction power is great for such a light vacuum. I originally wanted it for clean up after my toddler at dinnertime, but have used it in just about every room. It picks up hair off my bathroom tile, fuzz out of my carpet and dirt and debris at my entryways. Just an awesome little vacuum for when you don't need to do the whole floor....more info
    TONI...more info
  • Love it!
    I wanted to be able to use my new vac several times before reviewing and I must say I love it! The suction on this little vac is GREAT even on my area rugs. I have hardwoods with a few area rugs and I have Berber on my stairs and tile bathrooms and it does a great job on all four surfaces. Granted it does best on the wood/tile floors but that is its main purpose. It is lightweight, easy to maneuver and fairly easy to clean out. It is easy to switch to carpet mode. And my hardwood floors have not been scratched at all as some reviewers state. Maybe they are doing their hardwoods on the carpet mode and I could see where the bristles on the brush would scratch but not in bare floor mode. The main downfall is the short cord, I just have to plug it in for each room. I do not have a huge house (1440 sq. feet) so overheating has not been a problem. For the price and the convenience I highly recommend!...more info
  • Great for small jobs & foam kids' tiles
    I was looking a small vacuum that had the following features
    - Small & maneuverable around corners and underneath couches.
    - Safe to vacuum on foam children's tiles (powerful vacuums with rotating brushes have damaged and scuffed up our tiles)
    - Lightweight to pull out of the closet quickly for small jobs.
    - Powerful enough to suck up crumbs, hair, & dust with one pass.

    This vacuum fulfills all these criteria. I have a more powerful conventional vacuum for the normal carpet cleaning....more info
  • Suitable for small apartment
    It's very light weight, easy to maneuver around tight spaces, under the chairs. Since it's small size I just put it at a corner and have a quick vacuum after dinner since I have a toddler. So I vacuum more frequent because of the conveniency. The suction is strong enough to pick up hair and bigger pieces. The bare floor mode has weaker suction if you don't empty the dirt cup after previous vacuum. Need to empty the dirt cup and remove the dust and hair from the filter each time after vacuum with your bare hand. I normally use glove cause it's yucky. And I'd wash the filter once in awhile to maintain a good suction.

    No hand tools attachment to vacuum sofa or bed. I forgot about that when deciding to buy this vacuum. Now I can't vacuum my bed. The agitator brush doesn't fluff the carpet enough.
    Need to be careful when removing the dirt cup cause the cover is not the screwing type. I once dropped the dirt cup on the floor and the whole contents pour out. The cord is a little short but it's find for a small apartment. This vac can't stand on it's own. You need to lean it against the wall. The filter is just a simple one. You can refer to the customer image. Noise wise, it's high pitch but bearable for me.

    Overall I like this vacuum but my next vacuum should have the hand tool. Since it does it's job well it deserves a good star....more info
  • great product, overheating is very minor problem
    This vac is so easy, I use it all the time instead of lugging my big vac around. After 10 minutes or so of constant use, it will overheat & cut out, but it's easy enough to notice the heating before it actually turns off. When it starts getting hot, I just quit for a while, do something else & come back. It's especially great for stairs & small rugs. ...more info
  • what a disappointment
    I bought this for my daughter, who has lots of hardwood and one roomsize rug in her downstairs. She has a large family and needs convenient easy to use cleaning tools. I read the reviews and thought this would be perfect. The first time I used it at her house, it quit working on the hardwood setting. The carpet setting continued to work, but not the setting we really needed. Now, I have to deal with trying to find out how or if I can return this, or simply swallow the cost and try a different brand. ...more info
  • The best vacuum I've owned
    After recently refinishing my floors and putting down area rugs I was looking for a lightweight vacuum that would take care of both surfaces with ease. This is it! Powerful enough to work beautifully on the rugs with a switch for wood floors that allows me to clean them without damage. Lightweight, easy to use and powerful. Excellent design....more info
  • LOVE it
    My wife and I got this to keep upstairs (we only have a few small area rugs there).. This thing is awesome! It's very light, it stands upright by itself, it's easy to maneuver and it has the very convenient switch to turn on the brush or just vacuum - this is especially handy on a lambskin shag rug and on rugs with "tassles"
    the capacity is tiny of course but it's not a big deal to empty it once in a while. don't expect to do a carpeted house with this but for small jobs or small rugs, you just cant get better...more info
  • vacuum met all expectations
    The vacuum met all expectations-it is lightweight, swivels for easy cleaning under beds, not too loud, and easy to clean out filter. I researched lots of models before buying this one and feel this one is a value. ...more info
  • Hoover Stick Vac is Great
    Nice & handy cleaning tool. Make one with a disposable bag and it would be super!...more info
  • Pleased as punch!
    This Hoover is just what I wanted. Light, terrific suction power & priced right. I used it just for the small jobs like sofas, chairs, bedspreads & kitchen floors. Easy to clean. After purchasing the Hoover from Amazon ...free shipping included, it arrived two days early... For me and my specific needs it's great!...more info
  • This thing totally SUCKS!!!
    Literally! This is the fourth stick vac I've bought in the past week. I returned the first 3 because they just didn't compare to this sucker! I am so impressed by the amount of power this little thing has. I have 2 kittens and they like to kick their food out of their bowls and play with it rather than eat it and the Flair gets every last piece not to mention all the shedding fur! This is slightly heavier than other stick vacs but that is only because this has about 3 times the power of a normal stick vac!

    I am so happy with this purchase!! It does get pretty warm, but this is not meant to clean an entire household for extended periods of time. I live in a moderately sized one bedroom apartment with wall-to-wall hardwood and it's perfect for everyday clean up. The power brush is great because I can go from the hardwood to the area rug with one quick flick of the switch instead of having to lug out my full size vacuum just to clean a 5x8 foot rug!!

    Over all, I'm in love with this vacuum!!...more info
  • Great for hard woods and area rugs
    This really is a great product if your house is mainly hard floors with area rugs. My daughter has one that she loves (and she always researches well), so when I got my little cottage home, I followed her lead. Now, about the over-heating. I ran into that at one point and found that if I carefully clean all the passages as well as the filter, I'm good to go with no over-heating. You will be amazed at the amount of stuff on your floors! I fill the little bagless container every time I vacuum my house! Well, I have one cat, and a lot of it is fur. But of course I'm glad to get it up! Enjoy!...more info
  • would not take it if it was FREE
    A friend of mine told me how great this was, how wrong was she!!!!
    This vac. is nothing but CRAP!!! shuts off every min. you have to let it cool for five. If you are looking for a dust buster, maybe that is what it will be good for , I would not tell anyone to buy this, this thing is no even worth giving to goodwill. ( I have never wrote a review before, but I don't want anyone else to buy it, look at something eles. don't waste your money....some friend of mine HUH!...more info
  • HooverS220 Flair Upright Stick Vacuum
    This is a handy product. It has great suction and fits nicely into tight spots. Great for bare floors,tile,wood,cement....more info
  • Hoover S2220
    This is a very good vacuum, I like it a lot, you can clean both floor and carpets, small size you can put every where, I do not have a space so it is good for my space, also you can reach under furniture to clean, very convenient. ...more info
  • Very impressive!
    Over the past 40 years I've owned several Electrolux, Dirt Devil and Eureka vacuum cleaners, mostly 'upright' models with bags, but the little Hoover Flair is the the easiest to use. The power nozzle can lift almost anything and the vacuum motor works as well as my larger machines. And no more bags! I've tried various cordless vacuums but they didn't have the power to clean.

    The Flair is light weight and powerful. Yes, its a little noisy, as are my other machines, but who cares? Now I clean the house faster so it doesn't run as long. I would recommend the Hoover Flair S2220 to anyone who doesn't want to work up a sweat cleaning floors. My other vacuums are going to Goodwill. ...more info
  • Pretty Impressed
    We needed somthing that would do a quick clean, we have a really nice Dyson vaccum,its just a pain to drag that out all the time. Granted we have only used it a few times since Christmas, but its Great, I can go from the carpet to hardwood floors with just a push of the button. My only concern is the button on the waste cannister,is not very sturdy, my one year old found this out for me, but other than that, I would highly suggest this little cleaning machine....more info
  • very efficient
    its easy to use, it bends everyway possible, and its very light and small, making it easy to stow away. only problem i have with it is that there isnt a hose attachment for other areas besides the floor...more info
  • Hoover S2220 stick vacuum sweeper
    So far it does what it was designed to do. It picks up good for every day touch up jobs....more info
  • Just as promised.
    I was a bit skeptical of the favorable reviews when I purchased the Hoover S2220. Fortunately for me, the reviews were dead on. This little vac will make your broom and dustpan/Dustbuster obsolete. It sucks up the smallest dustbunnies and objects up to the size of Cheerios. The feature I like best is the vacuum suction on the front side of the vacuum head. The dust and dirt that used to be around my baseboards is easily swept away with the front on the vac. No more running the side of the vacuum along the baseboards. It works equally as well on tile, hardwood and carpet.

    I don't think you can go wrong with this bagless. In my book, it rocks!...more info
  • Another satisfied Amazon customer
    Needed a smaller,lightweight & maneuverable sweeper for tile floors and nearly spent alot more on a Electrolux 'Pronto' but thanks to the reviews available on Amazon.com I able to seee that it was not right for me.

    Chose the Hoover 'Flair' based on all the reviews already available to anyone shopping this product. Everything has pretty much been said about this top-notch little vacuum.

    Thanks to the review mentioning that this sweeper tends to tip over I am forewarned and always 'park' it carefully so that I do not have that problem.

    In every way satisfied with the 'Flair' and happy to recommend to someone with the same needs as I. ...more info
  • Nice product!
    Easy to assemble. Nice style and smooth and quite operation. A good product. Suction good. A good buy!...more info
  • Love It! Love It! Love It!
    I have tile in every room of my house and the Hoover S2220 Flair Bagless makes it a cinch to clean. It has awesome suction and is easy to maneuver under large furniture. I highly recommend it to anyone who prefers vacuuming over sweeping. I'm thinking of ordering another one to have as a replacement....more info
  • Not so hot
    I thought this Flair was great when I first got it. Then after a while, it would get hot if using it a while and the thermostat would shut it off. The suction seemed to dwindle, despite replacing the filter with a new one. Eventually the lousy plastic engagement part of the head assembly wore to the point that the head would fall off.

    A great electric broom to start, just don't expect it to last....more info
  • Couldn't do without
    Man I love this little machine. It is so handy to have around. I definitely would buy again. Not for deep cleaning, but just what I wanted for quick pick ups....more info
  • Upgrade from my Swiffer
    With two little kids and a dog we are always attempting to keep the floor clean, but our vacuum is too heavy to lug around a townhouse every day and the swiffer dies before I finish a room and doesn't work on rugs. This is a cheap solution to all three. I use it daily and would definitely recommend it!...more info
  • Nice vac!
    Light and does its job just right, even for a such small vacuum cleaner. Perfect for dorms & studio apts....more info
  • Okay for small jobs.
    Seems to pick up dirt an lint well. Unfortunately, it overheats easily so it doesn't finish any typical household vacuuming. Maybe if we didn't have a short hair cat it would work better, but whatever the reason, I wish I could find a good light weight vacuum for tile, as this doesn't meet my needs. ...more info
  • Excellent product for those who are happy with a 6 month life expectancy
    This product is as sneaky as many other Hoover products. Great specifications, neat appearance, fine performance and then complete failure in 6 months. If the product is relatively inexpensive, it isn't practical to get Hoover to honor the warranty because the shipping is always on the customer. I am clearly not a fast learner insofar as vacuums are concerned because this the 3rd Hoover that has failed me.

    Fortunately for me I purchased from Amazon and was quite fairly treated by their customer service dept....more info
  • hoover flair electric broom
    used 4 times , had to be repaired, used once back to be repaired now it is to be replaced. QUESTION IS WHEN TWO WEEKS// JUST STOPPED WORKING MAKE LOUND NOICE. GREAT WHEN IT WAS WORKING.......more info
  • slim, easy to use, no hose
    The vacuum is perfect except I forgot how important it is to have a vacuum that has a hose to reach difficult to reach places. The next vacuum I get will have to have that. Other than that, this vacuum is great for apartment dwellers and people who live in small living places....more info
  • Great little vacuum!
    We just replaced our carpet with hard wood and tile floors. I was looking for something that would easily pick up the dog hair (two large lab mix) and dust but was aprehensive about buying something that I could not look at in a store. The selection in the stores is lacking. After using this for about a month I am very satisfied with my choice and would reccomend this vacuum. It maneuvers well around the furniture and makes vacuuming almost fun. Very light weight with plenty of suction power. When I get to the area rugs I just flip the button and the brushes kick in doing a great job. The dust collector is easy to clean. It stands up on its own and can be stored almost anywhere for quick access. Great job by Hoover....more info
  • Great power for a little thing!
    I was looking for a cordless vac, but this has so much sucking power I am glad I made this choice. We have an infant, new bamboo floors and a yellow lab. Sweeping dog fur was driving me insane since it is virtually impossible to clean it all up. After using the Hoover Stick Vacuum, I can finally put my little one on the floor without worrying that he will cough up a furball at some point. It is fabulous for picking up Christmas tree needles and dog hair out of the stairs (carpeted). The canister is easy to remove and clean out. This is a dream for a busy mom and dad. I never thought I would get excited about a vacuum cleaner, but here it is!...more info
  • Great electric broom
    I needed a small vacuum for the downstairs, which is mostly tile and some area rugs. This easy to use Hoover does a great job on both tile and rug. I like it much better than previous rechargeable models. I'm glad I made the purchase. ...more info
  • Light and Powerful
    As a few others have mentioned, my only quip for this vacuum would be the short power cord. Other than that, this thing is fantastic! It has great suction and works wonderfully on my laminate, area rugs and stairs. It's very light weight, so going over the stairs is very easy. I use the first setting for my bare floors and tile, and the second for any area rugs and stairs that I need to get at. Since it's not as powerful as my Dyson, I can vacuum over both small and large area rugs without the vacuum sucking the rug up along with whatever is on it. As a bonus, it hangs from a utility hook in my linen closet for easy access. I love this silly thing, and am so glad that I bought it....more info
  • Wonderful stick vac!
    Very pleased with this vacuum. It has fantastic suction, is very lightweight and easy to clean out. Wasn't sure that I wanted a corded vac but decided to try it out and am very glad I chose this one. Great for use on kitchen tile after kids eat....hasn't missed a Cheerio yet!...more info
  • execellent product
    I love this product. Although it's light no matter bare floor or carpet it works well and so easy to use....more info
  • What's not to like?
    We've been using this vac for the past month on hardwood floors, area rugs, and furniture. It works so well, we haven't used our upright vacuum at all! We have 2 cats that seem to constantly shed and track litter everywhere, and this little vac does a great job keeping the house looking good. It's also pretty sturdy feeling, and emptying the canister is a breeze. It's got a decent sized dirt cup, so you won't have to change it too often. It's the best $39 I've ever spent!...more info
  • Short cord but good little vacuum
    I was about to get a Dyson since all my friends who own it swear by it. But, since I have a 1 bedroom apt, no kids, no pets, I settled for this little vacuum. I also didn't feel like spending $400. It's performed well on my floors and carpet thus far. My only grip, as others have mentioned, is that the cord is quite short. But I bought an extension cord and just keep it attached to the vacuum cord and wind it around when I'm done. Simple enough and the extension cord is inexpensive. ...more info
  • Powerful little vac!!
    I love my hoover vac. I recently received it and I am amazed with it's powerful pickup and sleek design!!...very easy assembly...didnt even need instructions!!....i was also surprised to see this vac stands up on it's own!!!.....i have a cordless vac that doesnt compare to this one...this will pick up glass pieces and works better than expected on carpet!!...great suction. It is noiser than my cordless but the power is what counts!....the swivel head is great for hard to reach places and movability.....love this and highly recommend...good value....more info
  • Great Vac!
    This is a great vacuum. I use it to clean up crumbs on the kitchen floor and kitty litter in the laundry room. What a time saver. It's light weight and easy to use. It doesn't suck up your area rugs like a large and stronger vacuum does. I love it!...more info
    As repeated over and over in many other reviews this little vacuum is FANTASTIC! I recently had hardwood floors put in the entire main level of my home. I also have two basset hounds that constantly shed. My beautiful Brazilian Walnut floors were covered in white dog hair every time I turned around. I was desperate to find something that would pick up all the hair but not scratch the floor and this vacuum was it!

    It has two modes carpet and floor. The carpet-mode simply powers up the power head roller. It works fantastic on area rugs and kitchen mats. This little vacuum is VERY powerful and picks up TONS of dog hair. I also use this on the hardwood steps and it does an amazing job.

    The low-profile and swivel head allows you to get under everything including furniture with ease. It has a decent length cord and collection container, and it is slim enough to store just about anywhere.

    I HIGHLY recommend this vacuum. The price is right and it performs way above my expectations.

    ...more info
  • My wife loves this quick broom
    My wife says it is way quieter than others she has owned. She loves it !...more info
  • Handy little stick vacuum
    I love this stick vacuum! I use it everyday. I use it to pick up my sons cheerios in the kitchen and have even used it to vacuum my entire house (stairs too). It's great that it has two mode floors and carpets and both modes work well for being a stick vacuum. It's easy to steer and small enough to tuck away out of sight next to my fridge. I have no complaints about this vacuum.We get great everyday use out of this vacuum. Saves em from having to pick up cheerios everyday!...more info
  • Great lightweight vac
    Used this little guy in a college apartment for 3 years. Held up to the new-carpet fuzz my other full-size upright could not. Had it overheat once, but it worked fine once it cooled down (nice feature instead of just breaking). Would recommend to anyone for easy maintenance cleaning....more info
  • Amazing Little Stick Vacuum
    This is the best "electric broom" I have ever owned (and I have owned several). The suction on this is absolutely amazing and nearly matches that of my central vac. I was anxiously awaiting its arrival because getting out the hoses, etc. for the central vac is a bit of a pain. This is fabulous for quick and easy cleanups and even does an amazing job on my rugs. Just love it and highly recommend it....more info
  • Cleaning with ease
    Love this little stick vacuum. It picks up dirt very well and is highly maneuverable. It cleans my carpet as well. I am so happy I bought this powerhouse....more info
  • Piece of Junk!
    I purchased this because of all the possitive reviews. It will barely pick up a strand of cat hair! It is impossible to clean the rollers which everything gets wrapped around. My maid won't even use it. I have cleaned out every possible thing and it still won't pick up. When I go over a bump dust falls out the bottom! The other reviewers must own stock in Hoover. They should be ashamed to put that name on this item. I have never been more unhappy. Stay away! ...more info
  • Hoover stick vacuum
    Works very well. Has good air flow(suction). Filter easy to clean out. Filter could be a little larger and sturdier, already has a small hole at the top. The cord should be about 6' longer. Would recommend to others. Best price was at Amazon....more info
    Hoover S2220 Flair Bagless Upright Stick Vacuum with Power NozzleHow great to find a stick vacuum that really works! I first bought a Electrolux stick vacuum in a spiffy bright yellow with a detachable hand vacuum from Target. I paid about $100.00 for it. I reasoned that Electrolux had always been a wonderful brand in canister vacuums, and the $100.00 price would be worth it if it worked really well. WRONG!!!! It was noisy, hard to use and can not be used on carpet, I found out after struggleing to vacuum carpeted stairs,the main reason I bought the vacuum. The battery operated vacuum does not begin to have the power to do almost anything. I felt it was worthless! I thought I would try one more time. The Hoover stick vacuum works great! No problems so far. It works well on carpet so I do not have to haul out my big heavy vacuum. Because I have mostly hardwood floors I almost don't need the big vacuum.. So there's Hoover for you. My fist upright reconditioned vacuumn bought used 37 years ago was a Hoover. "Stick" with what works. No pun intended. ...more info
  • As Expected
    Based on the other reviews, I thought I'd try the S2220 Hoover. I have tile floors in all but one room. After 1 month, this unit does a better job than much more expensive Vacuums. Excellent value, easy to use and light weight. I didn't find the shorter cord much of a problem. ...more info
  • Job done!
    Great little vac, picks up cat hair & litter easily, you will be amazed. I tested it first time having swept my wooden floors first. Oh, the shame of it, how much dirt came up! Even found a penny in there once!

    Took other peoples advice to empty it regularly, which couldn't be simpler, just straight into a trash bag. I tidy and clean one room at a time, so it doesn't overheat either. Love the neck that goes flat under my sofa. Quiet, light, two settings - nothing to fault.

    Enhancements I would love to see would be a nozzle so I could get cat hair off the furniture easily.

    This is the best purchase I have made all year. My husband was very suspicious when I told him about it, but did we ever prove him wrong!

    ...more info
    I purchased this unit, based on many favorable reviews from previous buyers. After a couple of weeks of use, let me now add my kudos for this very capable machine.

    The vacuum has solid build quality and the filter system works well. The unit has amazing suction for a unit of this type and seems to work well on both hardwood floors and rugs/carpets. It is also relatively quiet. Another nice touch is the rotating top hook where the power cord is stored. That allows you to unwind the cord and get the unit into use very quickly.

    The swivel vacuum head and "lay down" body/head connection allows you to get under areas where my larger vacuums cannot go.

    Some buyers have complained about the 20' power cord being too short, but that has not been a problem. The unit is so lightweight, you can hold it in one hand, unplug the vacuum and simply move to the next outlet.

    I have used cordless vacuums/power brooms before and none of them were even in the same league as the Hoover S2220....more info
  • Great on hardwoods!
    This is a powerful small vacuum that does excellent on hardwoods and is quick to use... the two main reasons I purchased this product. ...more info
  • Great for the first few months
    This unit was great for the first few months of use, but within a short time, suction started to fail. Wish I had purchased a better unit....more info
  • powerful clean-up
    I was very pleased with this vacuum. It works very well on bare floors as well as carpets. I was impressed on how powerful the power nozzle is. It really does a great job on the carpet. We have three dogs so this is saying alot. The vacuum is a little heavier than I thought and I wish it had a removable dust buster but other than that it really works great....more info
  • Good for light cleaning
    I purchased this vacuum about a month ago when I was searching for a longer attachment hose to my full size vacuum. We have a lot of hardwood/linoluem on our first floor and the full size would spit back small dirt and items so I always used the attachments to clean the floors. I was hoping to save myself a little time and bending over.
    This vacuum has great suction and works well for what I need. At first I wished it had a broader/wider head, and now I find it gets into places the larger vacuum can't...between the toilet/vanity/tub, under furniture and beside the pet food dishes. So I don't have to move as many things.
    The cord could be longer and I am purposely being careful with where I prop it up when not in use, as other readers noted it tips easily (and may break)~ this is true. My 8 y.o. daughter likes to use it, but I ask her to lay it carefully on the floor when she's done.
    Cleaning the catcher/filter takes more time than I'd like. The quality of the filter is so-so...I had to repair the inside wire piece the last time I used it. So it gets three stars because I am thinking this isn't going to last several years, as I'd like it to....more info
  • good value for money solid product
    a solid product, does what it promises. it's compact, solid and hoovers well. long enough cable, a solid hole to hook it up on a nail and the tray that collects the dust doesn't have a bag (which saves loads of money for refill bags, consider!) instead you take out the transparent plastic tray with the dust when full and empty into a bin.
    i'd raccomend the product for anyone that needs a basic hoover (there is no accessory in terms of add ons) well made....more info
  • Does the job
    I use this for quick pick-ups mostly on a ceramic tile kitchen floor (power nozzle off), and a wool rug in the den (power nozzle on). I own a dog and a long-haired cat, and this vacuum has no trouble suctioning up all that fur even off of the rug, which acts as a fur magnet. I like how the nozzle head swivels to get under tables and into tight places. The motor has never cut off as mentioned by other reviewers but I do not use it to vacuum the whole house. I am careful about not putting undo pressure on the nozzle head so that has not been an issue either. I do empty the filter after each use as instructed. This would have gotten five stars except for the length of the cord, and the vacuum not being able to stand up on its own. ...more info
  • Dancing with Hoover
    My Hoover is goodlooking, glides across the floor effortlessly and maneuvers in and out of tight spaces easily. Actually thinking of taking my Hoover out dancing, doesn't mind if I lead and has never stepped on my toes. ...more info
  • broke after 3-4 months of weekly use
    As all the reviews indicate, this little vacuum works wonderfully, even on carpeted floors. However, it only lasted us 2 months of weekly use on carpet before it broke. There was plenty of dog hair in the carpet. I think it's a great buy... if you live near a repair center... unfortunately, we do not. :-(...more info
  • Powerful
    I've owned stick vacuum's before and none compare to this Hoover. It does an amazing job with hard to pick up dirt just because it's so powerful. It's not noisy and extremely light and stores itself right in the corner of the closet for an easy grab when spills occur in our kitchen. Priced a little higher than others but you definitely get what you pay for here.Sweepa Large Rubber Broom...more info
  • Happy in Ohio : )
    I just can't say enough "GOOD" things about this vacuum. It's so easy to put together a child could do it. It's light weight (going up and down the stairs with it is a breeze and what suction, it just picks up everything) and with the way it twist and tunes you never need to worry about how your going to get underneath anything to vacuum. G-d Bless the person who invented this vacuum. I'ed give this vacuum 10 stars if theyed let me.
    Evva Donofrio...more info
  • powerful motor, great value
    This was the best of the small vacuums we looked at for our son's dorm room. It has the power of a full size vacuum, and is small for storage....more info
  • Super little vacuum
    I've owned a stick Hoover for about 10 years (for quick cleanups between major vacuum days). It came apart about 6 months ago. I taped it back together with duct tape and kept using it. The thing still works, but the handle wiggles too much. I finally broke down and bought the S2220 about 3 weeks ago and I love it better than my old one! This one stands alone and has an on/off brush for cleaning rugs. There's one con that is shared between the old and new: the cord is too short. I've added an extension cord, problem solved. ...more info
  • Good while it lasted
    We purchased this product, January 2005 based on the glowing reviews on Amazon. It worked well for about 18 months, but then power brush stopped spinning and there is now no suction whatsoever. We expected a longer life span for this product....more info
  • Hoover works!
    Awesome little vacuum. This little vacuum really sucks. I didn't expect it to because I own a full size Dyson. But this one is a really worth it....more info
  • Great Stick Vacuum
    Love this vacuum. Great suction, small head so it fits into tight places. Highly recommend....more info
  • Just what I needed
    I bought this to combat my dogs endless shedding. Its great because its lightweight. I can just grab it and get rid of those annoying hair bunnies quickly. The only problem I have with it is the cord could be longer....more info
  • Wow!....this little vacuum is great!
    Like I said, this vacuum is great! I was looking for a lightweight, powerful vac to clean my bare floors, (laminate or vinyl). I wanted something that wouldn't scratch my floors! Well, I found it! This little vac is easy to operate, plus has a variable switch, (switch one-way for bare floors: beater brush off, or switch the other way for carpets: beater brush on). It is really powerful! It's great for all that little stuff, like pet hair, (big or small globs), people hair, cat food, people food, bits of paper, leaves, and so on and so forth. It even picks up dimes and small toys, so if you don't want to lean over..... but I suggest you pick these up yourself first! The point is, this thing has a lot of power, and will pick up chunky stuff too, like cat food and gravel. It has a smaller head than a reg. vac, which makes sense, so it can get into fairly small areas. The head also swivels, so you can get around and through things, like furniture legs, etc...It works great on carpets too. Just flip the switch for carpets: beater brush on, and it does a great job! Lightweight enough for stairs too! I love that it is electric, so there is no battery to worry about recharging, and you can take your time while vacuuming. Okay, if the power goes out, then you have a problem, but most people have more important things to worry about during a power outage, vacuuming usually isn't one of them! This is so much much easier than sweeping, or dry swiffering all the time. It really picks up that lightweight dust too! I actually enjoy vacuuming now! Plus, this little Hoover comes in a candy apple red color! Not a big deal, but it is really pretty! So you get all this, AND a great price that can't be beat! I love it! ...more info
  • room 4 improvement
    Overall: Knowing what I know now, I would have purchased a better vacuum that is designed for a large area of hard surfaces. I would also find one with a more durable filter cup inside the bag and I would get a vacuum with a longer cord or cordless.

    Inside the vacuum is a filter cup. Hoover calls it the "Primary Bag Filter." It costs $4.99 plus tax and s&h to replace. For me, it's not worth it. I think it is best if used in a very small area. I have a lot of hard floor surfaces and it will overheat and stop working before I'm done. I have a regular vacuum but it leaves marks on my hardwood.

    Pros: lightweight, maneuveable, good suction, good price - Good for SMALL areas

    Cons: Have to empty vacuum and clean filter after every use - it's a pain. Overheats. Cheap Filter. Cord is too short. I have an extension cord permanently attached. Vacuum tips over easily.

    ...more info
  • Great for hardwood floors and area rugs
    It works great on my hardwood floors and area rugs. Has lots of power and does not scratch the hardwood. I use it for quick pick ups every day. A great buy....more info
  • A Hoover with Flair
    A great product. It has an elegant lightweight design and lots of power. Filters and dirt cup are easy to clean....more info
  • Fabulous for the price...
    I'm using this in my vacation home to pick up after my dog, my cat and around my cat's litter box. It does a great job. In fact it does a better job than I expected and I think I'll always have one just to pick up after the kitty's litter. The only thing I don't like is cleaning the inner filter every time I use it, but it's really necessary to do that in order to keep the great suction going. I don't know how in the world it could be better designed for the price. And I love the cherry red color - it actually makes vacuuming kind of fun!...more info
  • Perfect for an apartment
    I bought this for my son's apartment and so far I am very pleased with the purchase. It has a lot of power and is easy to handle. It works well on both carpet and hard surfaces. I would buy this product again....more info
  • Great little vacuum!
    I love this vacuum - works very well, is portable, and navigates well around furniture. Has great suction and the rug beater works well too. Best little vacuum around!...more info
  • Hoover Stick Vacuum
    Love it,love it! Just what I was looking for in a small electric broom that just whizzes along and does a great job of cleaning. It's everything that I was looking for in this product....more info
  • Work well for its purpose
    Pros: handy, light weight, sexy looks

    Cons: not useful for big or lengthy jobs.

    Its motor stops with overheat after 2 rooms of cleaning. Also the brushes at bottom get jammed very often.

    Otherwise its very handy and useful for small cleanings....more info
  • Wonderful little stick vacuum
    I love this vacuum for quick pick me ups. I've had mine for two years now and it's still going strong. I have two labs who love to lie around in the kitchen area. This vacumm has great suction power for picking up dog hairs. It does well on low pile carpet also. I'm planning on buying another one while they're still available. One nice little vacuum....more info
  • Better than a broom?
    I bought this to do daily quick cleaning around my toddler's high chair and in the kitchen, as a supplement to dragging out the miele canister (which I love but it isn't always so handy). I am returning it after one week because it is incredibly noisy, it doesn't pick up small bits of food, and the instructions say you are supposed to empty the canister and wash out the filter bag EVERY TIME YOU USE IT! How on earth is that easier or more convenient than a broom and dustpan?...more info
  • LOVE IT!!
    I bought this little vacuum to use in my kitchen for quick clean ups. Seems my 2 year old loves to scatter her food all over the floor and I was getting tired of lugging out my Dyson after every meal. This vacuum is awesome. . I love it!! It does so great on hardwood and tile floors. The pivoting/rotating brush on the end is great, it fits underneath the cabinets without me hitting the woodwork. Not only does it get into the tiniest of places but its incredibly powerful!! Its lightweight, portable and works great! I highly recommend this vacuum....more info
  • Cheap Parts
    I purchased this vacuum after reading the positive reviews so that I could vacuum up pet hair off my hardwood floors instead of swiffering them. The first time I received it the hook that holds the cord fell off. I returned it for a replacement and the new vacuum fell over while it was standing and the clip that holds the canister broke. I now wish I had spent more money and gone with a vacuum that holds up better and isn't completely made of plastic.

    - Vacuum does not stand up on its own very well.
    - Short Cord
    - Parts are plastic so if they break they do not sell replacement parts you have to get a new one.
    ...more info
  • Love this vacuum
    I have a polished concrete floor, and this is by far the best vacuum that I have used on it. Easy to empty the cup and clean the filter. Love it....more info
  • Short life
    Excellent sweeper with a short life. I bought 2 of these, one for me and one for a friend and both died within 6 months. If you do not mind buying a new one every 6 months, this is the sweeper for you. Works hard and dies fast....more info
  • Piece of Junk!
    The first time I plugged this thing into the wall a big plume of white smoke emanated from it and it almost caught on fire. So buy one at your own risk....more info
  • Great product
    I love this vacuum! It is so light weight and easy to handle. You can switch easily between hard floor and carpet and it does an excellent job. I use this in the kitchen instead of using a broom and it makes it so much easier. It also does a great job on crumbs, cat litter and lint, etc. I use this before I clean my wood floors with solution and I love it on our small pieces of carpet too. Even my husband loves it and he HATES to clean. I highly recommend this if you are looking for something that does the job, is light weight and convenient....more info
  • Hoover S2220
    Vacuum cleaner works great, has a rubber slide on bottom that help pick up stuck to the floor items, the beater bar for carpet works great too....more info
  • Hoover Flair Great Vacuum
    I love the Hoover Flair! It has great suction on my hardwood floors and also works great on the carpet. I have 2 cats and this vacuum gets up about 5 times as much hair as my big vacuum. One of the things I love most about the vacuum is how easy it is to switch from floor to carpet. I highly recommend the Hoover Flair....more info
  • Strong and Sexy
    This little vac has more suction than one would expect out of such a tiny vacuum. I was pleased with my first run, it is simple design and works well so far. The only recommendation is a slightly longer cord but for quick clean ups this blows the swiffer vac out of the water. I had originally owned a swiffer and the battery stopped holding a charge about 5 months into it so I opted for a corded vacuum....this fits the bill. And the design is like a fresh coat of red nailpolish.....grrrrr :)...more info
  • Excelent Product
    The amount of suction for a small vacuum is amazing. It picks up more dirt than my Electrolux canister vacuum....more info
  • A great first impression, but.....
    I bought the Flair because there were so many positive reviews here. What a mistake!! It works great the first time - lots of power for its category and the power head is nice, but try opening the dirt compartment to empty it! The little tab that you slide with your thumb (commmon on many stick vacuums) moves part of the latch, but the other part of the latch (2 little "buttons" inside) does not move so you pretty much have to pry the dirt compartment off, risking breakage. I contacted Hoover, asking them to send a replacement for the part since it seems to be a design flaw, but they just sent me a part number so I could order the part myself.

    Another problem is that the motor does not have a filter so the dirt just sucks up into the motor compartment. This was semi-ok when most of the debris was pet hair - I took a shop-vac and sucked the debris out of the motor compartment and it somewhat came back to life. I then fashioned a filter by cutting a circle of air conditioner filter, but it blocks a lot of the sucking power. I finally gave up and ran it again without the filter and, after a couple of minutes of vacuuming small-grain dust, it just made a funny sound and turned into a barely functioning, whimpering mess. So, I got three uses out of it and it's trash!!

    Finally, when a large clump of hair got caught in the power head, as happens with vacuums, I could just barely reach my skinny finger up there to pull some of the dirt/hair out.

    Overall, I'm very unhappy that a little vacuum with such great potential turned out to be such a big disappointment....more info
  • Good choice for apartment dwellers
    I purchased this vacuum after I found myself spending way more time maintaining our two year old Bissell than actually getting to use it. I live in a 900 square foot apartment, about two thirds of which is carpeted, so I needed something that could handle both types of surfaces, but I was getting really sick of trying to find storage for a noisy, expensive behemoth of a vacuum (Seriously, with there being so many apartments these days without decent closets, what do these manufacturers expect us to do with their gigantic, hideously colored chunks of plastic? Knit vacuum cozies?)

    I have not had this product long enough to be able to comment on its longevity, but other than that I think I've found what I was looking for. It's tiny enough to be able to fit into a corner of my pantry or even to hang on the wall; it's much, much quieter than any other vacuum I've owned or tried out; and most importantly, it's inexpensive.

    Unlike most vacuums, the Flair is light enough that it's not a strain to use it -- I'm a small woman with joint problems and I can still lift it without trouble. The swiveling neck is wonderful -- I don't have to move furniture to vacuum under it, and its low profile means that I can easily vacuum under low-slung apartment radiators and other problem areas that I could never get to before.

    One of my biggest complaints about my previous vacuums was that few of the higher powered models handled cat litter very well, especially on hard surfaces. The Flair takes care of litter without a problem, not spitting any of it back at me. It works just fine on carpeting as well, taking care of normal dust and dirt and cat hair without a problem. The two settings available may not be fancy, but they do exactly what they're supposed to do.

    I expected emptying the cup to be more of a hassle than it is -- with the Bissell cup vacuums, I was used to having a nasty overflow situation when I went to empty them...there was nothing on top of the cup to keep the dirt from spilling out when I emptied it. The Flair has a filter that covers the entire top of the cup, sidestepping this problem. It is still messy to empty, mostly because the dust clumps together and gets caught under oddly-shaped parts of the cup, but at least I can make it to the garbage can before having to deal with that. You can expect to empty the cup every time you use this vacuum, about once per room. I have found this to be a reasonable concession for the size and weight of the vacuum, but it really depends on your personal preference.

    My only real problem with this vacuum is the lack of attachments -- just one for vacuuming upholstery or one for getting into crevices would have been great. The lack thereof means I'll have to own a handheld vacuum as well to deal with these areas, but with the money I saved buying this, it's not really a big problem....more info
  • Good Vacuum for the money
    This little vacuum is a good value for the money. It is light and easy to handle and does a good job on hardwood floors and all carpets. Just don`t expect it to have the suction power of your regular vacuum. For quick easy clean ups it will pick up dust and obvious dirt on your carpets and floors, but if you want your carpets to have that fresh look like new and restore the pile from heavy traffic you are going to have to pull out your old reliable. Great vacuum for areas that receive little traffic and need a quick touchup....more info
  • Great for Apartments
    I purchased this to use in my apartment with wall to wall carpet. It takes up little space sucks up everything I can see and works quite well. It does get sort of hot after you have been using it, and I am having a hard time finding replacement filters for it. I like the mini beater feature but you have to clean long hair from it once and a while. Overall it does a good job for a tiny vac....more info
  • Replacement belts found!
    I have had this vacuum for about one year and I must say that the reviews here on Amazon are spot-on. I encountered many of the same problems:

    1. The vacuum fell over and broke one of the molded plastic cord holders.

    2. The canister can fall out at times, leaving a bit of a mess to clean up.

    3. The "lifetime" belt that drives the power nozzle stripped out in about 6 months.

    The first two issues are minor and can be dealt with. The 3rd however was quite dissapointing, particularly because other reviewers mentioned that finding a replacement belt was not possible. After some research I managed to locate replacement belts that actually fit the power nozzle of this vacuum. Do a web search using this part number: 59136167

    I purchased mine at [...], but you can find them elsewhere. When installing the new belt note the orientation of the square tab on the end of the power nozzle. If installed incorrectly, you will have not enough tension on the belt. I suspect this is the problem encountered by other reviewers when they tried replacing belts.

    I have installed a replacment belt yesterday and the vacuum seems to work fine....more info
  • An excellent little vac
    I have used this vacuum for about a month and I am very pleased with it's performance. I have tile floors with rugs and the switch from from bare floors to carpet mode has been quite convenient. It even picks up cat litter (thank goodness!), which makes my ambivalence over cat ownership a little more positive. The small swivel head is excellent for getting in the corners and the suction is actually much better than in the the big vac we have been using. This Hoover is convenient enough to use every day. I actually like using it, which is saying something, since I am almost as ambivalent about house work as I am about the cat. ...more info
  • What a bummer!
    I bought this vacuum on May 17,and it has already quit working. I loved it, while it worked. I was completely bummed out. I had the old Hoover Quick Broom that my husband purchased in 1986. It worked until April 2007. I was sure that this new updated version would be even better. No such luck. I only used it on hardwood floors to clean up crumbs left behind by my kids, no pet hair, no carpet. Still, it died after just two months use. I'm hoping Hoover will live up to the warranty....more info
  • Hoover Flair Stick Vac
    For it's size, the most powerful vac I know of. More suction power then our large full size vacs. Works great on cat hair, whether on bare floors or carpets. It will pick up anything! Only draw back is the filter must be cleaned after each use to maintain full power. This is our second Flair, first one lasted 3 years (used almost daily) before the plastic base broke. But well workth the money....more info
  • Great Product!
    This stick vacuum works great. It does exactly what I bought it to do. It sweeps floors and even gets carpet clean. The swivel head works great and allows me to get to hard to reach places. I am very pleased with this product and would recommend it to anyone....more info
  • Great vacuum
    I did a lot of on line searching...I am happy with the result. This vacuum has enough suction, has a rotating brush for carpet and a suction only setting for hard floors. It works well. I like the swivel head, it makes it easy to maneuver....more info
  • GREAT product
    We purchased the "original" Hoover S2220 Flair Bagless Vacuum when it first came out years ago. I was disappointed when I could no longer find one anywhere - and the only reason another was needed was because ours just plain wore out. The previous Flair would not stand up on its own but this latest one does. A plus to me. I have yet to have it over heat and we use it 3-4 times per week on a 2500 square foot home.....wood floors except one room. It is lightweight and again, that's a plus to me - I have fibromyalgia and arthritis. I absolutely love this vacuum and highly recommend it. I did buy "new" if that matters....more info
  • Hoover Flair
    I purchased this as a replacement to an "older" model that burned out. When I received it in three days from when I ordered it I couldn't wait to try it. I was very happy with the way it maneuvered. It's lightweight and it moves easily over all floor/carpet/rug types. I was impressed with the suction power on my rugs. Power nozzle is a great feature. I like to use this for quick clean ups, in between my major cleaning. My only concern is how often will the filters have to be changed. ...more info
  • Easiest vacuuming ever
    Thsi works very well. It's swivel head gets in spots most others don't go. T cup holds a good amount of dirt. It even picks up copious amounts of animal fur! ...more info
  • Excellent Second Vacuum
    I recently purchased this from my Gold Box for $38.99. It works really well for a small vacuum and you can't beat the price. I bought this to use on stairs, small spills, and to keep upstairs so I don't have to drag my large upright up the stairs all the time. It would be perfect for someone in a small apartment or as a second vacuum (instead of a Dustbuster). My only complaints are that it it hard to keep standing upright and mine gets really, really hot after only a minute or two of use....more info
  • doesn't last long
    I bought this vacuum back in march. it has stopped working already. the last few times i've used it, it has stopped for no reason. i let it be for a little bit then it will start again. finally today the bottom part of the vacuum just snapped off. it can't be fixed so now i have to go and buy another vacuum. when it worked yes it was great, picked up everything. very dissapointed that it's broken already. don't waste your money on this product. it won't last very long....more info
  • Perfect for small rooms and quick vacuuming.
    This is a god-send product for people who want to clean up a room or two rather quickly. I love how the power nozzle simply glides into tight spots. Dirt/hair is picked up fast. The unit's color is rather eye-catching. It looks very chic. Beware, the dirt cup fills up quickly reducing the suction power. You will find yourself emptying the cup and rinsing the filter often. However this process takes 5-10 minutes. The unit is light and easy to store on a hook or inside a closet. If you leave it leaning against a wall, it may slide to one side damaging the plastic casing. Please be careful. I am highly satisfied with the purchase....more info
  • excellent for small household
    i'm fully satisfied with this product, i never regret having it and its cheap of its kind.
    its got a suction system so powerful. i also like the way i can manuever the power nozzle in any direction, holding my position. genious design!!...more info
  • Far better than I expected - terrific stick vacuum
    I purchased this Hoover Stick Vacuum to replace an old one that had served for many years, but finally died. I was skeptical when I purchased it, mainly because the older stick vacuums seemed more robust and sturdier. I searched for hours to find the older models, but even the dealers said they were discontinued and no longer in stock anywhere.

    Well, I had a very pleasant surprise when the S2220 arrived. The unit is solid, attractive, quiet (compared to other vacuums), but the best part was the suction. This vacuum produces more suction that either of my 2 canister vacuums. I like pretty much everything about it. It is fairly quiet, powerful suction, the power nozzle twists and turns for easy cleaning,, and even goes under most furniture. The wheels are smooth and quiet on hardwood, and the power nozzle lifts pet hair easily. The only improvement I can think of is that I'd like the power cord to be about 5 or 10 feet longer.

    Great value and excellent product. I will be buying another one for my 1st floor.
    ...more info
  • Powerful, Quiet, but too small of a dirt container for my husband.
    I loved it! It was quiet, powerful, and lightweight. We vacuumed our hardwood floors and wool rug and it would fill up the canister. My husband forgot to empty it one time, he turned it on when I wasn't around, and he burnt the motor. SO, if you remember to empty it after each use, it is GREAT!...more info
  • Vacuum OK -As long as its working -Hoover service dismal
    Let me first say that, while it was working, this vacuum met my expectations and performed well. With extended use it consistently over-heated and ceased to work until it had time to cool down. After about 11 months of average use, the power nozzel stopped working and, since this is not user servicable (can't replace the belt), I took it in for warranty service. The first time I got it back after a month and the problem was not fixed (it was as if no one even touched it). I immediately took it back (that was 45 days ago) -Hoover still has it and the estimate is about 2 more weeks....more info
  • this vacuum is great!!!
    This vacuum is wonderful! It is super lightweight but vacuums like a bigger, bulky machine. I bought this on Amazon for my new 1 bedroom apartment, which has both hardwood floors and carpeting, and this vacuum works great on both. I highly recommend this vacuum for anyone! ...more info
  • Even my Huisband loves this vac
    We received this vac several weeks ago and found that it works great. We were so impressed with the way it cleans our area rugs. We really bought it for wood floors but were impressed with the power. I really wanted a cordless but I would never gotten one with this power on a cordless.
    ...more info
  • Hoover S2220 Flair Bagless Upright Stick Vacuum with Power Nozzle
    The Hoover stick works very well. It has suficent suction to take care of some really tuff jobs. The power head is strong and can handle any carpet that we have. The one thing that is a little wierd is the head that swivles. Sure it may be easier to get under certian furniture, but be carefull when you park it. If you don't get it perfictly centered and balanced, it will take a dive and could break something. We were lucky when we first did it. It fell on an open floor and didn't break anything. Also the filter is a bit hard to clean. ...more info
  • Hoover vacuum
    This is a pretty nice little cleaner. It is lite and easy to maneuver. We had used one of these while on vacation. There was one in the condo for cleanup. It worked great there so I got one for my own use. It is great for quick little cleanups. The dirt retainer is a little small, but it is intended for small, quick cleanups. It is very nice for the small price and can be used for the whole house with frequent dumping of dirt. It has ample suction for its size.

    Very nice little cleaner for the price....more info
    I bought this "Hoover Flair Bagless" stick vacuum cleaner (from Amazon around the middle of 2007'), based after some on-line customer reviews research and the good pricing.

    It is a red, slick, swivel design, 12 amps power & portable, corded stick vacuum. It was easy to assemble and I immediately started using it, but I noticed that it emited a lot of heated air and an awful nacho cheese Dorito, dirty sweaty feet smell, which turned me off completely, but I assumed it was just temporary because it was new and never used before; however, after some uses, the odor never left, even after emptying bag and cleaning filter. This is corded unit and does not auto-retract, but gets easily dislodge from wall outlet while in use.

    I used this unit mostly on two bedrooms and living room bare floors, but after just using it a couple of times on my round living room carpet rug, the unit shut itself-off automatically and would not turn on; I thought that was it, and had to be serviced already, so I put it aside, but I later turned it back on, and it worked again. Go figure! Over heated?

    Both my daughter and I have long hair, so after maybe the fith use, the rolling brushes started tangling and I had to manually pull & cut hairs out of them, since this unit cannot be dismantled for cleaning, thus you must spend money to send to Hoover for service. I was not aware of that when I read reviews, until I read the Hoover instruction manual.

    Also, it easily tips over if not put in a slanted forward position when upright. Anyway, may be more powerful than the other stick vacuums I have used before, but never had I had the tangle hair in roller problem before, AND the awful Dorito smell to put up with. If I had known this I would not have purchased this item, but it is too late to turn back time now......more info
  • A Vacuum for Bachelors!
    I love it! It's great for a small apartment with lots of twists, turns, and corners.
    Light weight, and simple to assemble and use.

    I was vacuuming 10 minutes after I opened the box.

    ...more info
  • Great vac!
    I bought this for my mother after her central vac stopped working. She tells me that it works great on both tile and carpet, and it's so small and light that it's very convenient for whipping out for quick pickups. I chose it over a Bissell one that was less expensive because the Bissell didn't seem to work as well on carpets and now I'm glad I chose this one!

    She reports that she is having a bit of a problem with the head, however. On the carpet, it starts to fall off. Does she not have it assembled correctly, or is that a common problem with this vac?...more info
  • Nice little upright vacuum cleaner
    I bought this about a month ago and it does work well on both floors and carpets. Good suction, but I suspect it is the power nozzle that makes the difference between this and other stick vacs. The only complaint so far is the size of the bag which necessitates cleaning it at a minimum after each use, or even sometimes during its use. I gave it 5 stars based on it living up to the specs and my expectations....more info
  • great vacuum
    I use this vacuum for a one bedroom carpeted apartment with tiled kitchen and bath. It's beautifully designed, has great suction over long hair on carpet, and is very convenient and easy to use. Cord wraps neatly onto the machine, and take very little space in my entry closet. Highly recommend. it does seem to overheat and power out if I take my time vacuuming... but usually isn't a problem, it's for small spaces anyways....more info
  • Get's the job done
    I must admit, this little vacuum surprised me. After doing a bit of research and reading some reviews on Amazon, I decided to give it a try. It received some good reviews and you can't really beat the price for what you are getting.

    Very easy to handle as far as weight and maneuverability. Relatively quiet. It doesn't scare the dogs, which is always a good thing to not do when cleaning. You don't want to have to clean up after them again. Easy to empty and it will pretty much store anywhere.

    The only downside is it doesn't like to stand upright on its own very well. If you are vacuuming and the phone rings or someone is at the door, you might as well lay it down because it will more than likely fall over while unattended, despite the fact that claims from the manufacturer state it can stand upright with ease.

    I will, without hesitation, recommend this product for someone in an apartment or a small condo. ...more info
  • Great electric broom
    This replaced our old Boss stick vac we had for a few years. This one works so much better. The swivel head allows you to get into the tightest places with ease. It even has a powered head for carpets. I would recommend this to anyone wanting to get an electric broom or handy stick vac....more info
  • Great suction
    This vacuum works wonderfully! Originally, I bought a Dirt Devil battery powered. It just couldn't clean all the floors, before the power running out; nor did it have good suction, regardless of Consumer Guides high ratings! This one has a cord, but it does so much more than the Dirt Devil and has great suction!!!!...more info
  • Not for Dogs and allergies
    The product worked well. The suction was powerful. The problem came when emptying dirt and cleaning the filter. My dog sheds, I would have to clean out this machine 3 times before finishing. To clean the machine you must pull the hair out by hand and then use a toothbrush on the filter bag. After that you may rinse the bag and replace when dry.
    It would have been perfect with removable bag. ...more info
  • Very Satisfied
    When my mother-in-law decided to downsize, she passed on her much beloved Hoover canister vacuum to me. I had never used a Hoover, and I was very impressed with its suction. As a mother of small children, I wanted to be able to hold a baby in one arm while vacuuming with the other; I felt this was something I could not do with a hand-held model. As an owner of an old house with a pie staircase, with the canister vac, it is a bit dangerous walking up/down the uneven steps where there is no railing. In my research for a stick vacuum, however, I found a lot of negative reviews on most brands. I decided to purchase this vacuum because of the positive results I had with the canister vac. This is a great little vacuum. It has powerful suction, excellent maneuverability, can be used on hard wood floors or carpet, is quiet, and is easy to empty. The dirt and dust in corners and at edges is not a problem; the vac just needs to get close and it's sucked right up. I'm satisfied with my selection....more info
  • I like it
    I'm surprised by the power in such a light appliance. It does the job well but I wish that it had a longer cord so that I wouldn't have to replug it so often. If that remains the only fault, it's minor....more info
  • Love my Hoover Flair!
    We live in a 2-bedroom apartment that is mostly carpeted and this vacuum cleaner is perfect for it! It is lighter, less noisy, more manueverable and just as powerful as my old Eureka that only lasted for less than 6 months. For the price we paid for it, it's definitely a good deal. Now I vacuum the apartment more often than I used to....more info
  • Awesome little vacuum!
    I've been very pleased with the Flair stick vacuum I bought from Amazon. It has good suction and the dirt cup is easy to empty. It works great on my tile and hardwood floors throughout the house. The cord is a little shorter than I'd like, but overall it's not enough to take away a star on the rating. I love it! Now if I could only find a good steam mop to clean my tile and grout......more info
  • Good Kitchen vaccum
    We bought this vac for two primary reasons, good suction and ease in handling, and are satisfied with that.
    We are using this in an apartment and find this vaccum very handy. Good things about this vac are, its light, can be twisted and turned to go underneath chairs, dining table, and other places where regular vaccums won't go. It has good suction and picks up things easily. We find it very useful specially with our 10 month old around trying to pick up things and gulping them.
    Now the bad things, one thing I didn't like about this one is, it needs support to stand, else will easily fall. With kids around, you don't want to keep this within their reach, else they are likely to get hurt. Power cord is also not very long, but in a two bedroom apartment we don't find it an issue. The nozzle frequently gets dislodged while sweeping underneaths table and chairs. Just do it slowly and that one shouldn't be a problem.
    Overall, good suction and flexibility makes this easy to use.

    ...more info
  • wonderfull
    I love my Hoover S2220 Flair Bagless Upright Stick Vacuum with Power Nozzle

    and I loved the fact that my merchandise arrived in few days.
    Thank you very much
    Happy customer:)...more info
  • Wonderful
    Wonderful product! Exceeded all my expectations. Best appliance I've bought in years. Love it!...more info
  • Good but not great
    Good on bare floors for picking up cat hairs and litter. Does reasonable job on carpeted floors and stairs. Power nozzel failed early on and repair requires bringing/sending vacuum to an authorized service center. Hoover will not allow owner to repair nor send repair parts to owner. Were it not for the power nozzel problem I would have rated the vacuum at 4 stars....more info
  • Handy
    This is a handy little vacuum! It is great for picking up cat litter off of bare floors and the swivel makes is easy to maneuver. It easily gets under furniture that an ordinary vacuum would not fit under. I just wish it was a little wider because it is not practical to use on whole rooms of tile.
    The filter is hard to clean if you have pets. The cat hair sticks to it like crazy......more info
  • It broke as well
    I bought this item October of 2006 and it has already broke. Only got 7 months out of this vaccuum. Granted the little bugger put on quite a performance before it died, but I am a little disappointed because I expected better from Hoover. It still works somewhat, but the power nozzle no longer spins the brush, and with all the dog hair on my floors it's a necessity so it can actually get sucked up. I'm debating now on whether to have the vaccuum repaired since it did do well for awhile (lost suction but I guess that's expected) or try a different one. I'll probably go with a different style but still same brand....more info
  • Put your money toward a better vacuum
    I had the same problem "Broke after only a few months of mild use. Junk. Save your money!" this is the LAST HOOVER I ever buy!

    ...more info
  • Great little vac!
    I swore I would never buy another Hoover product but this one caught my eye. It is fantastic. Great power and switches from bare floors to carpet with one button while it is running. It was so good for dog hairs I was amazed so I bought another one to keep near the finch cage for quick cleanups! Thanks Hoover!...more info
  • broke after a few months
    These other people must have wrote their reviews before having it a while... This is junk....more info
  • Junk
    Broke after only a few months of mild use. Junk. Save your money!...more info
  • The Hoover Flair is the Best!
    Known as a "cleaning fanatic" by my family and friends, I wanted a small vacuum for quick cleaning jobs. I already own two other expensive brand vacuums that are heavy to carry, so I wanted one that's light-weight and easy to use since I've had two back surgeries. I also have a few cats and I vacuum a lot. I needed a good vac to clean up cat litter and cat fur. I always heard that Electrolux vacuums were one of the best, so I bought the Electrolux cordless stick vac for $99. It had good suction power for a cordless, but it only ran about 10-15 minutes before the charge wore out. I returned the Electrolux and bought the Hoover Flair - - I LOVE it!! I never owned a stick vac, but the Flair is powerful on ceramic tile and rugs. I love the swivel head and it's easy to maneuver under furniture and around table legs. The dust cup is easy to remove and empty, too. I've never had problems with the vac shutting off and I have big size rooms and use it over 45 minutes at a time. It's the best little vacuum and I'd highly recommend it to anyone looking for a small, light-weight vacuum to use in between heavy cleaning jobs. I'm amazed that such a small vaccuum has so much suction and does such a great job! I'll definitely buy another one when this one wears out.
    ...more info
  • Little wonder
    I bought this little wonder, one for my niece and one for me. I have lots of tile in my home. My niece has hard wood floors and tile in the kitchen and bathrooms, carpet in the bedrooms. I had bought the Dirt Devil Swifter rechargable vac, but it won't do space rugs and you have to hold down the switch to keep the vacuum working. I bought it because it was light. I got tired of holding the switch. I have arthritis. The new one by Swifter hadn't come out yet. So, from desperation, I bought the Flair. It is great! Have to change the outlet because the cord is too short to even do my kitchen, It's big, but that's the only draw back. I can go from the tile to the space rugs to the tile infinitely. It's electric not battery powered. I can keep the roller on or turn it off with the switch right there on top of the handle. I can wash the filter, don't have to buy new ones. The cup is small, but all I do is empty it. Who wants to keep a cup of dust and dirt around, anyway--that's just plain lazy. It's such a good strong vacuum, my niece even cleans the carpet in the doorways. She says this little vacuum does better than her bigger vacuum(not a Hoover), but I told her this little wonder is for lighter work areas than heavy carpet. Happy cleaning!...more info
  • Good for limited purposes
    I have purchased two of these vacuums. Both work very well on bare floors and area rugs. But they will overheat and cut out temporarily if using the power nozzle in dwellings with wall to wall carpet. I have called the company to report the problem and was advised that they are not meant to clean entire houses or apartments, or even entire rooms of any size with wall to wall carpeting. The company says they are meant for "touch-up" cleaning in small areas. Nevertheless, as I said, they have worked well cleaning an entire small house with bare floors (and not using the power nozzle). It ia using the nozzle for extended periods of time that apparently causes the overheating....more info
  • After 7 Months of Use -- Useless
    I moved into a small, 2-bedroom apartment (750 square feet) with my roommate. We both have relatively long hair. And we're clean, so we USED to vacuum about 1-2 times a week. The vacuum was great for about 4 months, when we could go from the carpeted areas of our apartment to the linoleum without a problem.

    It was lightweight, easy to maneuver in tight spaces (although it would never get the places closest to the wall, but no vacuum really does), and had a pretty powerful suction. In fact, I would recommend it for short-haired males (we don't have pets, so I don't know how well it would fare under those conditions).

    Then, the high-pitched scream started. At first I joked that it was the soul of some obssessive compulsive woman who finally got sucked up by her own vacuum, but it got less funny as time went on (as did the high pitched scream).

    You can't take the vacuum apart to clean it -- according to another review on the site, it's because there's a 115 V engine that powers the brush down in the base, so understandably, Hoover doesn't want you to take the vacuum apart to clean it. That spells disaster for anyone who wants to fix their own darn vacuum cleaner without paying a charge that is probably the cost of the vacuum itself.

    I'd recommend going with another model that will allow for some DIY fix-ups. The vacuum was great while it lasted (7 months, 2 of them non-functioning... so... 5 months)...more info
  • Very handy
    I've had this vacuum for a little over a month. It has great power, and cleans carpet very well. It's adequate on my hardwood floors. I love the fact that it is bagless and I can empty out the collecting chamber whenever I feel like it.

    It's unfortunately a bit heavy. The design is made to get hard to reach areas (it pivots freely near the base), but this also makes it feel heavier. It would be helpful if there was a "snap-in-place" feature that didn't require you to push the entire weight of the vacuum around when you just want to clean a normal, flat area. This is also annoying for storage, as it doesn't stand upright on its own.

    All in all, though, it is a good deal for the money....more info
  • Tough Little Machine
    I must admit I'm really surprised at just how great this little stick vacuum is. Only reason I didn't give it 5 stars is it's still too early as I've only had it for a month or so, and things may change quickly considering the amount of use it's been given.

    We have two seaside vacation rental cottages along with our own home, and have been using this vacuum in all three places at least twice a week.
    Along with the normal amount of dirt and dust we also have the sand factor to deal with, and so far there has been no problem. I highly recommend this little guy, and in fact may get two more to put into the cottages instead of carting this one all over the place.

    One suggestion though. Wonder how long it'll be before someone comes up with a combination of corded and cordless model. That way it could be constantly recharging when using it in the electric mode. ...more info
  • Hoover Flair vacuum cleaner
    I am thrilled with the vacuum cleaner and would purchase this product again love the color also...more info
  • Terrific little vacuum
    This little upright vacuum has more than enough power to really
    clean my one bedroom apartment. And it really cleans. The suction
    power is strong and I am impressed with how much dirt is collected.
    My little eureka mighty mite was just not doing the job obviously.

    Lightweight, 8 amps powerful, easy to put together and easier to use.
    I totally recommend it. Hope it lasts a long time. I will definitely buy
    another Hoover. The price is amazing - a great value....more info
  • Bagless Vacuum
    This is a stick vacuum, but has one problem in that the "bagless" feature is dependant on a Small filter that fills very quickly and then suction almost stops. This is nothing like the old Hoover stick vacuum I had in the past and I am frankly disappointed with the product. ...more info
  • Hoover Flair
    Fantastic! I wore out my first and am on my second! I use this product everyday. It's light in weight, not at all cumbersome, yet is powerful and does a great job. So easy to use and a real bargain. ...more info
    R.B. NYC...more info
  • New Vacuum
    My wife uses this vacuum at her mothers' home and loves the vacuum. The vacuum is a very good buy at this price....more info
  • Better than expected
    I was looking for a small, lightweight, maneuverable vac for use on our hardwood floors and in the kitchen. I wanted enough power to handle pet hair, dirt, etc., in between "big" cleaning (with our old heavy upright). So far, have not had to use the old vac at all! We live in a townhouse and the Flair was initially inteded for the middle floor only, which is all hardwood and tile with some area rugs, but we also now use it on the other 2 levels, which are carpeted, and it's plenty strong for all of it. We do "rest" it a couple minutes every once in a while (like in between floors) but have not had it die on us yet. Also, after reading some reviews, i was afraid that the cup would be a pain to empty all the time. So far, it's not. This obviously depends on the amount of dirt and size of home, but i usually just have to do it once per cleaning. Not a problem and not difficult to do at all!

    Lightweight and small - this is especially nice on the stairs! No more lugging the heavy, cumbersome upright.

    Very maneuverable - the vac head swivels 90 deg to left and right allowing cleaning of tight spaces...under furniture, in corners, etc... I like using it to get behind planters that sit directly on the floor.

    Good power - no problem on hardwood, tile, rugs (low-pile) and even carpet (low-pile).

    Easy care - easy assembly, easy cup emptying, easy storage...

    The price.

    No attachments; however, i knew this when buying the vac, so that wasn't a disappointment and i don't miss it....more info
  • Love my Hoover Bagless
    The Hoover S2220 Flair Bagless Upright Stick Vacuum is the greatest. It's reasonably lightweight and very manueverable. Great on floors and rugs. I've given away my heavy upright for this one. Would buy another too....more info
  • hoover vac
    motor very loud, unable to function after just 29 days of normal use. machine's motor just clonked out. ...more info
  • Great Product!
    How did I live without it? This is much better than a broom and even sweeps throw rugs with the power nozzle. Great for touch ups in between regular cleanings! I even bought a second for upstairs and six more for family and friends! Can't recommend highly enough! Easy filter clean-up, just rinse, let dry, and return to sweeper!...more info
  • A quick picker upper tool
    I am very pleased with this Hoover stick vacuum. I read other people's reviews prior to my purchase and found a number of posted negatives, mainly that it could not accommodate a large area without frequent emptying of the dust cup. My personal advice is don't buy it for anything other than what it is meant to do, quick pick ups in the kitchen or an entrance. It is not made to handle large areas and carpeting. It is a great tool for small jobs and it is quick.And, the price is terrific. ...more info
  • The Little Vac that Could!
    I've had this sweet little Hoover for over a month now and am truly amazed at it's ability to pick up the dirt! The cleaning power is surprisingly strong on both vinyl floors and carpeting. It's also relatively quiet and small enough to maneuver under chairs and in small spaces. My favorite feature? The handle is long enough for us tall folks to use without doing the hunchback moves. I've had several stick vacs over the years and they were all cheesy-cheap, noisy, and suction-disappointing little annoyances. But this little Hoover is a darling!!

    About the shortcomings, well, my only complaint is that it's bagless. I'm an allergy sufferer and really miss the old days of bags. But since almost all new vacs now come bagless, I'll forgive Hoover for following the fad. It would be nice, though, if manufacturers would offer the option of using bags or not. Also, the cord could be longer, but hey! If I need a longer length (which I haven't yet) I could use an extension cord.

    All in all, my vote is 5 stars. This little baby vacuums my floors easily and thoroughly for quick "tidy-ups" and I'm left marvelling at it instead of cursing it. Hoover got it right!! ...more info
  • Love this Vac
    Speedy service from Amazon. Love this product. Great in tight places, on kitchen hardwood, bathroom tile and rugs. Red color is fabulous. I can even get the Teen to use this vac. ...more info
  • Awesome suction power for a stick
    I am now using this for the majority of the vacuuming in my large house. I have a regular upright that I lug around to do the rugs and still use about every 5th time I need to vacuum. This Hoover has awesome suction power and does a great job on carpets as well. It has 7 amps and replaced my old Bissel floor vac that was 2 amps. Major difference. The only thing I wish it had that I am used to is a detachable hose to get underneath the fridge. ...more info
  • Best Handheld Vacuum Ever Made!!
    I love this vaccum. Works so well and extremely powerful!...more info
  • Best Lightweight Vaccuum Available/Lasted a Little Over a Year
    With 3 kids and 2 cats we vacuum A LOT. This is great for everyday vaccuuming and perfect for those with hardwood floors and area rugs. We love how powerful this vaccuum is for it's size and weight. I have Rheumatoid Arthritis and it's been much easier to vaccuum with this.
    - Tips over too easily while standing.
    - Long hair can cause some problems over time by wrapping around - something we didn't have happen with any other vaccuum.
    - Only lasted a little over a year. I was hoping for about 3 yrs......more info

    This is a fabulous vacuum. It has excellent suction capability and I think it works better on my hard floors than my big upright vacuum!!! If you vacuum every day like me and want something light-weight yet powerful, then buy this! It's so much fun to use and I love using it!!!
    PLEASE NOTE: You do have to empty the cup at least every day to get the full power benefit. Empty it outside right into your trash can and shake out the filter inside the trash can as well and you won't be complaining about the dust and debris mess in your house, also at least you never have to buy bags for this thing!!...more info
  • Great Little Vac
    This is a great light-weight vacuum. It's easy to manuever and easy to empty. I love it....more info
  • It Really Sucks Up
    We really think this is the way to go for people with hardwood or tile floors. Our cleaning lady loves it.
    BZCollins...more info
  • The Best Little Vac In Town, Hands Down
    I love this vacuum.. what great sucking power and very light weight...
    I liked it so much i purchased another one 2 weeks later for my mother in law..she loved it..Just the perfect vacuum!!!!!!!!!!!!! keep up the great work Hoover..your the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...more info
  • Great little vacuum
    I bought this for my upstairs which has always been a hassle to vacuum. I had to pull out the bulky/heavy vacuum from the closet, carry it over to the outlet and finally switch attachments when going from the rug area to the bathroom.

    This thing is light enough and small enough that I keep it plugged-in and tucked away in the corner of my upstairs bathroom, where the kitty litter box also resides. This thing sucked up all the litter from the bathroom floor without any problems, and I didn't even have to switch any attachments! Just had to push a button! I know that might sound trivial, but it's a big help when you're cleaning the floors two or more times a week.

    My only (small) complaint would be the length of the cord, which could be a bit longer in my opinion. Also, be careful to turn the power nozzle OFF when getting close to the edges of carpets, so not to break the belt.

    I've yet to empty the dirt cup though, which I'm sure will be a little messy, but that is to be expecting with almost any bagless set up.

    Overall, this is a great little vac, and as always, Amazon had it for a great price and shipped it out fast....more info
  • Good, small vac for hard floors
    Very good little vacuum cleaner but it should have a hose reel. Of course it would cost a little more but would be worth it....more info
  • Works Great.
    The Hoover S2220 works as expected. Of course the cord has to be unwound and rewound but that inconvenience is more than compensated by the lack of power die off after several minutes that is so symptomatic of it's cordless competitors....more info
  • Picks up well. Need to empty messy compartment occasionally.
    Picks up as well as my larger vac. Need to be consistent about emptying the debris from the container. It is a messy process - not ogod for the allergy-prone. If you don't empty it the vac will temporarily stop working. You will have to empty the compartment and leave the vac running for a few minutes. Eventually it will work again....more info
  • Great vacuum - when it works
    This little vac is POWERFUL. It does a great job on both tile and carpet. I've got a long-haired dog, and this bad boy deals with it effectively (better than my full sized vac). Unfortunately, the brush is very difficult to clean because you have to disassemble the whole head of the vacuum to really get to it and it gets clogged up easily with the hair. To make matters worse, it quit working after only a few uses and I had to return it for a new one (which has not yet arrived - and I'm told it could be up to 6 weeks!). Would I buy it again, yes indeed.... I would just hope the model I received wasn't defective....more info
  • Hoover S2220 Flair Bagless Stick Vacuum
    I absolutely love this little vacuum. The only problem I've had is that the bare floor option will quit working on occasion. I thought maybe overheating, but the motor is still running when you switch over to carpet. After leaving it turned off for a while, it works fine again....more info
  • Hoover should rename it "The Champ"!
    What a great little vacuum! Lots of suction (I use it on thick wool rugs), relativey quiet, easy to get into many small areas, lightweight and very pretty! Yes, the cord is too short, but after having used this vacuum for almost 2 months, I'm getting used to it.

    We raise alpacas and walk in lots of hay and stuff...no problem for this powerhouse...it sucks everything right up. Seems to be more powerful than my Hoover upright, as a matter of fact. But you do have to remember to keep the cup empty to keep up the performance factor.

    I almost bought a vacuum that was over twice the price! This little guy is worth it's weight in gold and I'm glad I couldn't find the other one when I came back looking.

    Emptying the cup is the only drawback, but I knew that would be the case.

    This vacuum would be perfect for anywhere, but for a small apartment or dorm room you couldn't do any better....more info
  • Great Little Vacuum for Hard Floors
    I purchased this vacuum about a month ago for the purpose of cleaning my hardwood floors downstairs. It works great and I would highly recommend it. I have darker wood floors and it shows every bit of pet hair and dust so this was a great find for me. Its easy and light so its easy to get out and run quickly when you need to. I also use it on my oriental rug with the power mode and it works good . Its amazing how much stuff it picks up and gets under furniture pretty good too. Its very powerful and seems solid. It also works pretty good on the carpet on my stairs. I still use my full size upright for a majority of my carpet and use this for my hard floors. I would definitely buy it again. ...more info
  • Flimsy, cheap, don't waist your money!
    I purchased this based on the reviews on this site, but I don't think this unit deserves more than two starts. It is so flimsy and breaks easily; mine broke in less than a month. ...more info
  • its great
    small and light
    picks up all of the dirt from the floor. ...more info
  • Makes Vacuuming Fun!
    It works great on floors and carpet. I read a ton of reviews before purchasing this vacuum. It picks up everything. It is light and easy to manuver. I am going to buy one for my mom too....more info
  • Hoover vacuum
    I bought this vacuum for my little studio apartment. So far, it's worked really well on both the carpeted and non-carpeted (kitchen) areas. It's a pretty lightweight item, so it might not work for more heavy duty cleaning. For small areas and light cleaning, it seems to be good value for money. No complaints, so far!...more info
  • Hoover S2220 Flair Bagless Upright Stick Vacuum with Power Nozzle
    Very pleased. Small, compact, swivels in small places. Good for quick jobs or normal cleaning....more info
  • Great Vac!
    I love this little gem so much, that I'm buying another right now to keep near the bathroom.

    It is frustrating to find my head hair all over the bathroom and this allows me to quickly and easily zip over the bathroom floor after every use of the hair brush or blow dryer. It takes far less time than fooling with those Swiffer cloths, etc. It is also sucking hair and dirt out of the grout lines and Swiffer sweepers, etc don't get the dirt in between tiles.

    The only reason I don't give it five stars is that, like all bagless vacs, you end up having to play in the dirt in order to clean the filter. Be sure to wear a dust mask when doing this because those tiny particles end up in your lungs.

    Good product, good price!...more info
  • WOW! Great Vac!!!!!!!!!
    I bought this for christmas for my husband and I for our 5th wheel camper and I am not disappointed at all! We take our "princess" Cleo with us and she is a coonhound that sheds horribly. This vac does a great job on the flooring and then we kick it up to top speed and it gets all of the hair from the carpet! It does have a beater brush and enough speed that it wants to lift the carpet off of the floor as it is cleaning!!!!!!! I am very glad that I went ahead and got this! It is now a permanent fixture in my camper and will be used often!!!! Cleo is even glad now as no one threatens to leave her home anymore due to the hair mess!!!! Thanks Amazon!!!! ...more info
  • Great little vac
    I am truly enjoying my new vacuum. Our house is right under 2000 square feet and only one room has carpet- the others are wood or tile. This vacuum is perfect for our home. So easy to pull out and clean everything up quickly and I have so much more room in my laundry room now that my old, big, clunky vacuum is gone. I use my cordless handheld vacuum for situations where I would normally use a detachable hose. If they had added that- it would have taken away from the compactness of this model. I also love that you can just rince the filter out in the sink- no need to find replacement filters or bags....more info
  • Absolutely a must have
    Men, you must buy this machine. Your wives will never ask you to vacuum again. It is light and heavy-duty at the same time. I bought one and my wife loves it and the funny thing is, I do too. I don't mind vacuuming anymore because I don't have to truck our Dirt Devil around the house everyday. It's a breeze on carpets and on wood floors you can see stuff going towards it it's so powerful. And it cleans around corners too....more info
  • Great little vacuum
    I love this and it is just what I was looking for to vacuum up the tile in the dining room and kitchen. The suction is wonderful and goes right up to the baseboards wonderfully even under the kitchen cabinets. It even picks up cheerios with no problem. The swivel head is great because it makes maneavering incredibly easy to get around chair legs and corners. ...more info
  • Very Pleased
    I noticed that some reviews on this bagless stick vacuum was not favorable. I bought this item for my mother who is 73 years of age and still living on her own. It is light weight and has more suction power than most full size uprights. The power head is a great addition along with NO!! bags to deal with. You won't go wrong with this purchase....more info
  • SPECTACULAR!!!!!!!!!!
    This item is extremely handy for the in between weekly cleaning. Great suction, floating head make getting into corners easy. Lightweight and manuverable plus very easy to empty. ...more info
  • Handy, easy to use vac
    This handy vacuum is just what we hoped it would be. We use it daily and prefer it to our other vacs. We have a good upright and a also a good canister vac but for the everyday quick cleanup this little beauty does the job. We are very pleased with this purchase....more info
  • Dog hair-b-gone!
    I bought this vacuum initially just to pick up all of the hair that our two dogs leave behind every day on the linolium floors,(kitchen and laundry),as an alternative to lugging out my big vacuum every day. And anyone with dogs know that a broom and dustpan is not the way to go.
    Great suction,very powerful for a stick vacuum,the swivel head gets around the table and chairs with ease and it's simple to empty the tray. I love this vacuum! I use it everyday and have just started using it on the carpets too! I was actually surprised at how well it performed on carpeting. I only break out my big vacuum once a week now...and my back thanks me for that! I do wish that it had a longer power cord though,but I highly recommend this vacuum. ...more info
  • Not bad, not great
    When I first got this vac, I used it for 2 minutes, and it overheated. I gave it a day's rest, and tried again. After 2 minutes, it overheated- again. I took it to a shop in town to be serviced. After a week and a half, it was ready. The guy at the shop could not tell me what had been wrong with it. He only said, "I just cleaned it." I asked him, "It needed a cleaning after four minutes of use?" Well, he did something, because ever since then, it has worked great. Now my compaints are 1) the filter is a mess to clean and 2) the cord is too short. But, it's not too bad, just not too great....more info
  • handy vacuum
    This does a very nice job for quick pick ups. It has very good suction on bare floors & even does a decent job on carpet. I wanted a stick broom vac to leave in the kitchen for quick cleaning & this is just perfect....more info
  • almost a 5 star
    I have now used this product twice. I mostly wanted it to take over the job of the broom on the bare floors. It is great for that. It picks up just about anything. It has great side suction that works better then my regular vacuum. I found myself using it on the stairs and entryway...lots easier than using the big one. I accidentally vacuumed up some jewelry that it did not damage and was easy to find in the filter cup. I did notice string and hairs wrapped around the brush. I hope it is easy to clean off. Back to cleaning bare floors...It is great at that and I love that it swivels so that I can slide it sideways into tight places. You can also push it under tight places because the bulk of the vacuum will go down pretty low and it still vacuums up fairly well. I have on occasion tried to vacuum the bare floors with the big one and it doesn't have very good suction so it ends up leaving a lot behind. I know that some people were dissapointed they had to empty the cup so soon. I would say that this is because it gets up more than expected from a stick vac. I emptied the cup and it had so much dust and and fibers that it was amazing...I don't mind having to empty it often as long as it is getting up all that it does. My new stick does not leave much behind! I suppose there is always room for improvement, so I give this Hoover stick vac a 4 star rating....more info
  • Hoover Upright Stick Vacuum
    This vacuum is great for bare floors. I think to use it frequently on carpet might be too taxing for it, but does work well on rugs. It has two settings: bare floor & rugs. It is powerful, moreso than some of others out there. We purchased a comparable Dirtdevil stick vacuum first and it was not as powerful & more awkward when using. I returned it and purchased the Hoover and have really enjoyed it. It is also good for getting dirt/dust that lies right up against baseboards. My kids enjoy vacuuming with it as well. ...more info
    This vacumn is very powerful. It is easy to handle. One of the best small vacumns I've had. Great for stairs and small areas!!...more info
  • I've had it for a year...it didn't last...it's in the trash now.
    I bought it exactly one year ago and it's been giving me problems for the last 4 months. The suction has gradually gotten weaker since 6 month after purchase. I have a small apartment and vacuum 1 or 2 times a week.

    I actually loved it the first 6 months. It worked awesome. But for $50 what can you expect? Now it doesn't work at all. I had Amazon overnight me the Dyson DC-15. It's bulkier but works has MUCH stronger suction that the Hoover EVER did.
    If you have kids or pets, don't waste your money on this....more info
  • Love this vacuum!
    I'm really pleased with this vacuum cleaner. I have a multi-cat household, including a long-haired dog. Imagine all the vacuuming I do! This vacuum does the job, picks up litter (big plus for me) and handles easily. I recommend this, especially if you do a lot of vacuuming, and need to quickly clean up....more info
  • finally... a small light vacuum that really works
    i recieved this for christmas from our "cat" and i LOVE it. i use it everyday because it is so much fun. so light but yet so powerful. and so easy to clean. i just wish it had 2 things: 1) a longer cord (that should retract) and 2) a hose with nosel to get those small areas behind things. but i wouldn't trade it away!!!

    UPDATE 3.21.08 after 15 months of working great, i picked something up i shouldn't have and broke the rotor brush. my husband tried his best to fix it, but it hasn't worked the same since. so i'm about to order #2. i wouldn't even look at another stick vacuum. this one is the best!...more info
  • Super Little Vac
    This vac works perfectly on smooth surface flooring like tile and engineered wood. It's lightweight, maneuvers easily, can be used on carpets with the beater engaged, and is a great price. I recommend it heartily. ...more info
  • Very handy vacuum cleaner
    Cons: The filter. It's annoying to clean out everytime I use it. Literally everytime I use it. I can understand why, but it gets pretty tiresome. Also, the otherday, I was careless and forgot to put in the filter along with the tube, and I had the hardest time trying to take out the tube. I almost had to return it.

    Pros: I love this vac. I really do. It's small and it picks all the necessary things up. I hated the other vacuum cleaners cause it would suck up the wires also, and that would be annoying to deal with. As for this vacuum, it doesn't. I thought maybe the power wasn't so good, but that's not true either. Anyway, it's small, and that's why I love it. The other bulky vacuums I've had was just a pain to bring out and move about. This vacuum actually makes me enjoy vacuuming. It's easy to move around, not heavy at all, and it gets the job done....more info
  • filter dust bag
    no bags, but the filter (dust bag) for the motor is a pain to clean every time ! other than that it is a very good versatile sweeper....more info
  • Great Vacuum!
    I vacuum every day. I wanted a lightweught vacuum I could pull out quickly and easily to "freshen up" so I didn't need to haul out my big Aerus electrolux. This vacuum has excellent suck power and the power nozzle is a must have - I wouldn't get the other Flair model when the price is the same to have this extra feature. Even my 2 year old nephew used this product and thinks he is a big helper!...more info
  • Hoover Electric Broom
    This product is very functional. The swivel head allows me to get under the edge of cabinets, furniture, appliances to get lint and dust. It has good power and there is a separate setting for floors and carpet. The product was shipped promptly and arrived in excellent condition. I would recommend this electric broom (vac) - especially if you have a lot of tile floors in your home. It's great for those and quick pick-ups on the carpet. ...more info
  • lil red hoover - what a wonder!
    WONDERFUL stick vac- It is an addition to my old canister Eureka I've had for many years and, while I have nearly all linoleum I do have a bedroom carpet- picks up dog hair and does very well on the floors- the swivel nozzle takes just getting used to but it's wonderful and effortless; the power nozzle works GREAT and is turned off for linoleum. I've purchased 2 of these now- one for a gift because I liked mine so much- holds lot of dirt- and it's easy to empty which you will want to do to keep this lil wonder running efficiently. I have found 2 places online that do sell an extra dirt cup and the outside filter so will be ordering them SOON, and would like to get another one of these for myself just cuz! oh- this vac does fall over, doesn't stand up well so I just make sure its propped properly or lay it down; would be annoying to some people but it's due to the swivel moving nozzle- which I think works great and prefer this little drawback to losing that feature....more info
  • The Best Available
    Of the "electric brooms" (a name from the past) available today, this is the best I have found. I use it primarily for hardwood or hard surface floors and for the occasional small area rug. The power is adequate, and the sound level is O.K. The dust filter is small and needs brushing frequently and complete washing occasionally. The head swivels well, and the unit is relatively light. Competitors that I have looked at had too little power or were too loud. ...more info
  • Nice Vacuum
    My wife loves this machine as it picks up very well on both carpets and bare floors and empties easily....more info
  • Works well but overheats if using for more than a few minutes
    Works well but overheats if using for more than a few minutes, and shuts down. But if allowed to cool down for a couple of minutes, starts back up. I think it does well at what its made for. It is easy to handle and filters the outgoing air well. The price is great, and all in all I like it. I would buy another one. ...more info
  • Great little vac
    This is an amazing little vac - super lightweight, easy to clean (bagless), perfect for hard woods, area rugs and stairs. ...more info
  • Hoover Vac
    I have owned this unit in the past and it is great. The suction and power nozzle exceeded my expectations until it broke. That is when I ordered a new one from Amazon. I was disapointed that the new unit was defective, but thus far the exchange process has been good, especially the notifications on the status of my exchange. Thank you....more info
  • Great Product
    If you are thinking in a powerfull and at the same time small vacuum it's the best choice!...more info
  • Great Purchase
    This little guy really comes in handy at my house where I use it in the kitchen nearly every day (four kids can really make a mess!). It has good power and is easy to empty. I recommend it. ...more info
  • nice vacuum
    This vac has been helpful to us for cleaning our kitchen and dining room floors (hard wood). After emptying out the dust from it for the first time though i found it hard to get the dust catcher to stay attached to the vac. One little peeve also is that they have a 3 position switch between off, floors and carpet and it is hard to make sure that it is in the middle set to floors - I wish they would have stuck to the dial like the picture on the box has. But it is a great little vac....more info
  • review
    I heard from a friend that this was a good vaccuum. I ordered 2 and gave them as gifts. They are great on hardwood floors and on carpet. ...more info
  • satisfied
    i bought this for my mother who is very pleased with it and she says does a great job and the price was great....more info
  • Exceptional Product
    Excellent for those quick cleanups when I don't want to haul out the vacuum cleaner. Lots of power and a good filter, easy to empty the dirt cup. Easy to operate and light weight. Wish the switch from floor to carpet felt stronger, would then rate this 5 stars....more info
  • Great lightweight vacuum!
    I was planning to buy a lightweight vacuum and found this one has great reviews. Just got it about 5 months ago as a wedding gift. I was surprised by the power of this small vacuum. It picked up lots of particles and dirts with little effort to push it around. I have tried on both hardwood floor and carpeted room. It worked on either surfaces. I can lift it up and down steps without getting back ache. This is the great vacuum and I would recommend to anybody who likes a lightweight one. ...more info
    I bought this stick 14 months ago to clean hardwood floors of a new townhouse. Guess what? It just stopped working (just out of it's 1-year warranty). The head brush no longer moves, and in looking at the Hoover manual that it came with, they don't give belt replacement info. The manual says to "...take it to a Hoover Dealer for service". What a joke-- I'd spend more on service than I spent on the vacuum. My advice-- spend the money and buy a more reliable vacuum. I loved the lightweight system originally, now I'm using the vacuum I've had-- a Panasonic upright for 17 year, and no service ( and I laughed at myself for buying a Panasonic vacuum... hmmm). It's not the greatest for hardwoods, but at least it works. What's happened to America that we manufacture things that break in a year?! I will NEVER buy another Hoover EVER-- Hoover should be ashamed to manufacture such an inferior product....more info
  • Best Floor Vacuum Ever
    I bought this product to replace obsolete brooms. I do not like to use brooms because the dust and dirt moves from one place to another and in the meantime bacteria is flying all over the house. This product is wonderful, it uses no bags, is light, easy to get rid of the collected dirt by pressing one button, I just love it. My house is large and is mostly tiled so this is a product I highly recommend to families with lots of tiled areas to do a great job effortless. It's also recommendable for families with members who have terrible allergies like mine. Great product, reasonable price; I highly recommend this product as a replacement of the everlasting broom....more info
  • Great Value
    A lot of power for this small light weight upright. Great value for the price!...more info
  • Excellent Vacuum, Tremendous Value
    We bought the Hoover Flair S2220 for cleaning a vacation rental that has tile floors downstairs and carpeted floors upstairs. We intended on using it primarily on the tiled floor, but it works great on the carpet too. It's amazing how well it picks up beach sand from the carpets. We use it over an hour at a time and we have never had an overheating problem. It is lightweight, reasonably quiet, and plenty powerful. It is easy to clean the hair out of the roller using a utility knife in just a few seconds. In our own home, we have all tile floors and have been using a Hoover Flair without a carpet roller for over two years now. It is the only vacuum we have. We fell in love with the flair swivel-head feature and were pleased to find the S2220 available at Amazon for such a reasnable price and free shipping....more info
  • Great Value
    I wanted an inexpensive, small upright vaccum to keep in the kitchen and vacuum up after my young kids who drop a lot of crumbs on the floor. This vacuum works very well and is a great value....more info
  • Little wonder!
    With a dog that sheds enough to stuff a pillow every day, this little vacuum does an extraordinary job of picking up hair. It's small enough and light enough to go anywhere, and it lies flat enough to easily maneuver under sofas and chairs. I used to sweep my tile floors every day, and it took a good half hour. Now, I can go through the whole house in 10 to 15 minutes. It even does a good job on my small area rugs, too! I would recommend this product without reservation....more info
  • best little stick vac around!
    I love this vac so much that I've given it as housewarming gifts to fellow pet owners. This works great on my tile and ceramic tile. The powerhead also allows quick cleanup on my rugs, although I use a separate vacuum cleaner for big jobs. I've had other stick vacs and they don't hold a candle to the Hoover S2220 Flair. Here are some of the things I love about it:

    - powerful suction
    - swivel head that gets in and under narrow spaces.
    - the nozzle opening is large enough to pick up small bits of dry dog food
    - picks up hair like nobody's business
    - powerhead is awesome. no other stick vacs that I've used work well on carpet. this one does....more info
  • Hoover S2220 Upright OK for small jobs
    I've used this product for 3 months now. It's lightweight, easy to use--turns easily. Very good for kitchen and hardwood floors. I'd recommend using it only for these areas.

    Below average for even small carpeted areas, and unacceptable for large carpets. Also, cord is too short.

    OK for the price. ...more info
  • Good for light housework
    I got this for my downstairs since I did not want to have to lug my other vacum up and down for a minor amount of vacuuming. For that purpose it works well, it is super light and easy to move. The con is that it seems like it overheats easily, it has shut off once or twice and smells like the motor is burning some other times. So, for light jobs I would recomend it, I would not say that it is a good primary vacuum. ...more info
  • Terrific Little Vac
    One of the best things I could've bought. I love this thing & it's easy to use. I had an ancient electric broom that did a better job than the newer piece of junk I had. The ancient one was on it's last leg, I needed a new one big time for in-between vaccums. So I found a website or three that let me read reviews & do comparisons. I chose this one based on everything I read & the price. If you want to know how well it works.... I HAVE A GERMAN SHEPARD... He is a Hair Bomb!! Need I say more?...more info
  • Thanks goodness, it really works!
    I recently moved and have linoleum floors [yuck] that seems to hold onto everything! Sick of lugging my vacuum out daily, I saw the reviews for this little wonder on Amazon. There is a reason for the high rating- it really works! Easy to put together, lightweight and certainly does a great job on the floor and area rugs. Couldn't be more pleased and at this price, a second one is on order for the second floor! ...more info
  • Great little vacuum
    I have had this vacuum for a couple of weeks and all I can say is WOW. I replace an old Hoover "Broomstick", not sure how old it was but compared to it this little thing has made quite a few advances. I especially like that it has a beater brush for those carpeted areas adjacent to my hard floors that collect the pet hair. The dirt cup is about the same size as my old one so I'm used to emptying it. It has great suction. I can see the hair getting sucked in about 3-4 inches around the vacuum head. I'm very pleased. I would think that those that are getting too hot and shutting off have some sort of defect. I ran mine for awhile this morning with no trouble (knock on wood). The cord could be a little longer but not a big deal to me, really. Worth every penny so far....more info
  • Hoover Flair w/Power Nozzle - it's super!
    I bought this great little vac to replace my broken Eureka Quickup, and wow, what a difference. It's quieter, picks up better, and the cord is longer! I've read about the unit shutting off to keep from overheating...but this has not happened to me yet. I highly recommend this vac if you're looking for something small to sweep your bare floors or even your rugs before running the big vacuum. I even use it on carpet and it does a great job. ...more info
  • should keep one on every floor (maybe in every room!)
    I have two dogs who shed A LOT, and was constantly dragging out my big canister vac to clean up. Consequently, I would clean only every 2-3 days, while dog hair accumulated and got tracked all over the house. Now, I keep this in my kitchen, pull it out easily, vacuum (often wandering over to the next rooms as well, "while I'm at it"), and put it away. My big vacuum now sees a lot less action, and I'm considering getting another one of these for the upstairs rooms! Great buy, GREAT VALUE. You will not be disappointed. ...more info
  • They fixed it.
    I owned one of these two years ago and loved it except for one flaw, it overheated and shut off after a few minutes of use. I recently purchased a new one and it does not have the same problem. I love it so much now that I bought another one. This is the best vacuum stick there is. Light, powerful, easy to use in tight spaces and under furniture. ...more info
  • Little vacuum-big attitude!
    Just got my new Hoover Flair and have already put it through its paces at our place. Dead leaves from a plant, stray kitty litter, dust, hair, an M&M and some potato chips have already been zipped up by this gem! I have a very pricey cannister vacuum and decided I wanted the kids to do some of the vacuuming around here without all the smashing and banging you get hauling around a canister. This is perfect for kids to use! My 7 year-old has no problem using it and because it's a machine, he's eager to use it too! It steers easily, picks things up with ease and the carpet bar is vigorous. I wish the cord was two feet longer and yuck on cleaning it out, but other than that it is perfect at it's job. I will be bringing this vacuum to the cottage too! ...more info
  • Light and easy to use, perfect for new moms:)
    My friend recommended this stick vacuum to me. I was skeptical at first, thinking that it is too small to do the job. I have never enjoyed vacuuming so much before, I hated all vacuums that I've had before, even a robot Rumba :) I put my 3 months old son in a front baby carrier and vacuum with one hand easily!!! It is so light and easy to move, and it is quite powerful. My son falls a sleep as we vacuum our apartment, so it works for both of us :). Buy it , you won't regret it :)))...more info
  • Great stick vac
    Really like this vacuum.Great suction. Head shape and swivel very effective in cleaning close to baseboards and in tight spots. Best we've ever owned....more info
  • Great first day, then barely useful
    I bought this vacuum to use on wood floors and carpet. It was cheap, and the switch worked well initially, but after a month I needed to take it apart weekly (6 screws and many tabs) to put the belt back on. The filter is also very messy to clean and clogs up quick if you have pets. After several months, the carpet switch no longer works, so it can only be used for bare floors....more info
  • Perfect For My RV
    I don't mean to sound like a broken record here with the same comments said by others, but this little vacuum is an RVer's dream machine! It's light weight, maneuverable, easy to assemble and powerful for it's size! Easily picks up my cat's hair. About the only thing I wish it had is, a hose and attachments. I'm glad I read the other comments on this vacuum! ...more info
  • Awesome vacuum for apartment dwellers...
    I was about to throw away all of my area rugs because of the fibers that I constantly found rolling around on my hardwood floors. I had been using one of those bare floor vac's without a powered brush nozzle. After almost two years, it finally dawned on me that it wasn't my rugs, but my vacuum (I'm a single guy, what do I know about cleaning :). I ordered this vac, Amazon shipped it FREE, and I got it in TWO DAYS. Way to go Amazon.

    Anyway, this is a must have for apartment dwellers. It is lightweight and very easy to use. No bulky canister or attachments. In reading the earlier reviews I noticed a few people commenting on the cord. It's 20' long. More than enough. The only drawback is the dirt cup. You get filthy removing it. However, all stick vacuum's use a dirt cup, so this is not Hoover's fault. It's simply the way they are designed. Bottom line: For the price and the convenience, it gets 5 stars. If you have area rugs and hardwood floors, this is the vacuum for you. ...more info
  • very convenient, light use vacuum
    This is a very light vacuum (you can pick it up with one hand) and easy to use and maneuver, perfect for apartments or your personal room. It is simple to clean since it is bagless, just wash out with water.

    There's a setting for bare floor like kitchen and wood floors, and carpet cleaning. You can use it for cleaning pet hairs and dust which it does very well.

    I also like the fact that you can disconnect the bottom and use it like a suction vacuum. It would be better if hose/attachments were included.

    Like other reviewers mentioned, the only negative is that the automatic shutoff kicks in to stop overheating rather quickly. For the price of $40 including free shipping, it's a steal!! Highly recommended....more info
  • Great product!
    This is a wonderful vacuum! It cleans my entire house. I love that you can just flip the switch and it goes from doing the runners and area rugs to the bare floor. It does a great job on pet hair and dirt, it picks up a lot! I'm probably going to wear it out and have to buy another one, I use it so much. I bought this one thanks to the other great reviews and they were right!...more info
  • Great
    This Vacuum is great. You do have to clean it out quite a bit, but that is only because it does such a great job cleaning!...more info
  • Great lightweight vacuum
    I love it. Even better, my husband uses it. I would buy a new one if it broke. I have no carpet... a few area rugs... 1200sq ft. The Power nozzle feature is great for the rugs. It's really lighweight and the head swivels. I use a shop vac to suck the dirt out of the container -- keep it clean, in fact clean it after every use. Seems like the cord gives it great power as opposed to the cordless vacs. Not for a home or area fully carpeted... You would go crazy....more info
  • very happy with this product
    I have wood floors.. works great and quick. I do have some area rugs. It works good on those areas to. certainly lightweight. I would recommened this product if you have alot of wood or tile area.. It would probably be ok if most of the area was carpet.. hard for me to tell, since I dont have alot of carpet......more info
  • Love It!
    This vac is exactly what I have been looking for! I have wood and tile floors with 2 shedding dogs. I was tired of sweeping my house with a broom so I wanted something easier. This works great! It gets along the edges of the walls, is a small enough head to fit under my chair legs, and the way the vac lays down allows me to get under my couch and beds. It is very powerful and not too loud. It could use a longer cord, but other than that I love it!...more info
  • Very Heavy
    I bought this unit hoping for a lightweight vacuum to do spur of the moment cleaning, but it is as heavy or heavier than a standard upright.

    I was very disappointed. It also does not perform very well. Only positive thing is that it has a fairly long cord for a portable vac....more info
  • Perfect for Dorms
    Compact, quiet, easy to assemble and easy to manoeuvre. I had been renting out the Dirt Devils from my dorm's front desk and this is about 1000 times better. This one's definitely a keeper!...more info
  • Yeah! Hoover S2220 does the job!
    After having my Eureka for 7 1/2 years, which I loved, I was on a mission to find a comparable vacuum that rolls smoothly on the wood floors, is fairly lightweight and has higher amps than most "electric brooms". I took a chance with the Hoover & am completely satisfied. I actually like this one better! It is a little bit heavier than my previous vacuum, but really not a major issue. I would recommend this to anyone with wood floors that need clean up daily (or more!). Picks up crumbs, dirt, dog hairs, without any problems. Also works well on the area rugs for a quick once-over....more info
  • Thank you Hoover for the Flair
    Two adults + 2 kids + 2 dogs = Hoover Flair rates at 5 stars. We have tile, wood, carpeted floors (berber) and the Flair sucks like a 12 amp champ. Keep in mind this is not a 12 amp vacuum but for a lite floor vacuum it responds like one. I purchased this vacuum mainly to use on by tile and wood floors and I'm 100% satisified. This vacuum is very light, swivel is a big plus, picks up dog and people hair (bathroom) like a champ. I still us my Hoover Wind Tunnel for my once a week vacuuming for the carpet but the Flair is also good in a pinch. Also it's a quiet vacuum.

    Purchased it from Amazon for $39.99 with free shipping..You can't beat this price. ...more info
  • As advertised.......
    Pros: I bought this based on the other reviews and this is no joke. Works GREAT! Gets right in corners and is great on my carpeted stairwell. I live in a one bedroom loft and don't need a big vacuum, but this works just as well if not better then most.
    Cons: Well there aren't any from me....more info
  • Loved it Loved it Loved it!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Before I ordered I read the other reviews and thought I would take a chance since they were all good. Actually I was in the process of ordering a different brand but went to look at reviews. So, if you think your review does not matter think again.
    Now, for the product. It is wonderful. Not only does it do a good job on the floors but because it is so light weight I can use it on my funiture. Which makes taking care of pet hair a lot easier. Emptying the basket is a breeze. I can think of nothing I would change.
    Thanks to the reviewers I checked for leading me to this product....more info
  • Good for all surfaces & Lightweight
    I was looking for something inexpensive, light weight, and able to quickly clean bare floors and carpet. This fit the bill. After purchasing I realized that the other reviewers weren't crazy... it really does get the job done! I can run this through every room in the house for a quick clean up. My parents also take it with them in their Airstream camper, as it's the perfect size!

    I gave it 4 stars, because it isn't incredibly stable upright, it tends to fall over. And I don't like having to empty the canister. But the pros of this product, along with the great price, make this a purchase that I'd make again. ...more info
  • Fantastic Vacuum
    This is a great little vacuum cleaner. I was looking for something to use on my tile floors and this vacuum seemed to fit the bill. It cleans the hard surfaces, corners and edges much better than my $600 vacuum cleaner. I also use it on the carpeted stairs and all the carpeted surfaces from time to time. I works incredibly well - I love it and highly recommend it....more info
  • I would love this little vacuum, if only...
    it didn't think it was a hair dryer.

    I bought this for my second home. I have a much older one that I've been using for years in Home #1. No other brand of stick broom can compare to it. So after trying other brands, mostly cordless, that ended up doing absolutely nothing, I got this one, knowing how much I loved Old Faithful.

    At first it was very impressive. This baby SUCKS! And even better, it gets right up to the edges so you don't get all that leftover dirt clogging up your mop when you wash the floor. Same qualities I love in the old one. But I didn't expect it to overheat and die after 5 minutes of use. Giving it a rest allows it to turn back on, but each successive try keeps it working for a shorter period of time before it dies another death.

    I had seen a program once on the technology of hair dryers, and how they are designed to turn off when the temperature gets to 140 degrees so that they don't overheat. It's apparent this is the same technology. It could work for hairdryers - maybe - but when the first floor of the house is all ceramic tile and wood and measures about 1600 square feet, this can't keep happening. The many similar comments by other reviewers leads me to believe this is the way this is supposed to work. But if the old one doesn't function this way, why does this model have to?

    Even more infuriating, I tried to call Hoover today. Accessing their website lead me to a phone number that's a toll call. What????? No 800#??? Digging some more on the web did manage to produce one, but when I called that number I learned that if I wanted to actually speak to Hoover about this product, it would be on my nickel. HOOVER, SHAME ON YOU!

    I'm returning this for a replacement (I consider this to be defective), but I don't have high hopes that the replacement will operate better. I'm also going to email this to Hoover, with the hope of receiving a response....more info
  • Great When It Works
    When it works, the Flair performs fine but it overheats & turns off after about 5-10 minutes of use, negating the convenience of a light weight vacuum. Vacuuming my hardwood floor becomes a drawn out affair because of this....more info
  • a cute, powerful, little vacuum
    the color is pretty good, a lovely red
    it's a small vacuum, so girls use is better
    it can work on carpet or bare floor, and sweeps so good, even a small hair.
    I love it~
    ...more info
  • Great little vacuum
    I ordered this after reading the reviews....and I love it! It has great power and picks up even the not-so-tiny things off my tile. It's super along baseboards. I would prefer that it was NOT bagless, and wish that it had a couple of attachments, but the bottom line is that this is a handy machine. Hoover should make this vacuum forever....more info
  • Eureka CA. Humboldt County
    Im sick and tired of Using a Stooped broom, sweeping and flickering the dirt or stuff in my hard kitchen floor , I usally need to get the job done fast so I can mop, but it takes all day to sweep with a brook, and hurts my back ,so Im thinking of throwing the stinkin broom away and order this almost 5 star rating that u all gave it, I finally got it and it very nice ,it great on hard floows, No more Boom or DUST pan ,the tec is here so all I have to do is roll it over my hard kitchen floor, then after im all done ,Im ready to mop with pine soll every day for now on, with out that stinkin hassle ,thanks to your review guys, I alway come here to check all market item rating to see , I come here for computer rating and some time go other places and buy it, but bot this one here, 5 stars great...more info
  • Eureka CA. Humboldt County

    Im sick and tired of Using a Stooped broom, sweeping and flickering the dirt or stuff in my hard kitchen floor , I usally need to get the job done fast so I can mop, but it takes all day to sweep with a brook, and hurts my back ,so Im thinking of throwing the stinkin broom away and order this almost 5 star rating that u all gave it, I finally got it and it very nice ,it great on hard floows, No more Boom or DUST pan ,the tec is here so all I have to do is roll it over my hard kitchen floor, then after im all done ,Im ready to mop with pine soll every day for now on, with out that stinkin hassle ,thanks to your review guys, I alway come here to check all market item rating to see , I come here for computer rating and some time go other places and buy it, but bot this one here, 5 stars great...more info
  • An excellent stick vac
    Excellent qucik cleaning ability, Use it for carpet and hard floors. Would have given it 5 stars but you can't change the belt easily (or at least it is not worth it). I used this vac for 2 years everyday, and finally the belt began slipping. It was cheaper to buy a new one than replace the belt....more info
  • Great for a bagless!
    As bagless vacuums go, this one is pretty good. Of course a bigger vacuum has a lot more power, but it can't go everywhere this little thing can! It reaches under end tables, under the couch, under kitchen chairs and tables! For that, I love it. The reason I gave it 4 stars instead of 5 is it isn't as good as my old bag vacuum, but that one completely died on me so I had to get something quick. I read all the reviews and this one was the most popular, plus I always wanted to try a bagless. I go from one end of the house to the other, and the only problem spots are on the area rug. It has grooves in it that are hard for this vac to get all the dirt, but on the hardwood, kitchen, and bathrooms, it's perfect!!!
    I make sure to empty it after each use, keep the filter and bristles cleaned and so far it's as good as the first day I used it. I've only had it a few weeks, now, but I would buy it again for the price. ...more info
  • Excellent
    This little machine is perfect for small jobs so light weight but very big at heart and the suction is tremendous, and picks up my dogs hair a treat. Thank you so much Hoover! for this wonderful machine. Elaine Oxford Auburn WA...more info
  • Very good
    It is slick, yet powerful and excellent product. Works very well for rugs and hard floor....more info
  • cant get it fixed
    I loved this vacuum from the sec it came out of the box. i have had it now for 6 months and the belt went on it. Not a big deal if i could find a place close enough to honor the 1 year warrenty. There is only 2 stores in our state that would do so but the gas to get there would cost more than buying a new vacuum. I tryed to buy the belt to do it myself but in calling the company the only way to get a new belt on is by taking the vacuum completly apart, which you need special tools to do that with. Also the vac could be impoved slightly by making the dirt cup bigger, in a small apartment I find myself emptying it once before I can finish the job. Emptying is also a concern in that its a very messy job and cleaning the roller each time is a must. I could live with all of that because it did do the job of cleaning well. I just cant get it fixed so its now become a headache. Is it worth $40 every 5 months .........?
    ...more info
  • The quick vac that really does work
    Excellent product..It goes from tile to carpeted floors to wood floors without any difficulty. The cord is long enough to do a room and cleaning it is a breeze.

    This definitely is the best quick vac/broom vac that I have found (and I have tried many other brands...Hope Hoover keeps making this one forever....more info
  • Great on dog hair!
    It's a good thing my dog is CUTE, because the amount of hair that she sheds is unbelievable. I hate lugging out my big vacuum cleaner everyday, even though I know I should. I decided to give this lightweight vacuum a try...and I was very pleasantly surprised. Acutally, I was a little grossed out when I looked in the cup and saw how much dog hair was in it! I had no idea my rugs were that bad! Also good on my tile kitchen floor. It's my new favorite toy. Makes a dreaded chore seem a little less daunting. ...more info
  • powerful and attractive
    I was very impressed with the pick-up power of this stick vac after trying to get away with a rechargable/ cordless to pick up after a 4 year old. This one does the trick quickly and it's not too noisy, either. The difference in pick-up is worth the small hassle of having to plug it in!...more info
  • This is the best
    This is the best stick sweeper I have ever owned and I have been married 37 years. The powered nozzel works like a sweeper 3 times its size. I absolutely love it! The suction is great, it is light weight,easy to empty. We usually buy Hoover, but have owned Eureka and Dirt Devil (would never do that again). You won't be sorry if you buy this one. ...more info
  • Great, light weight and easy to use
    This one is almost as good as my other Hoover with a power nozzle! It's great on hardwood, tile, and throw rugs, but definitely misses the mark on carpets (my old one was MUCH better). I have pets - and it does fine with the hair. I do wish this one had an on/off switch on the power nozzle and hand tools for getting in the crevices. I like the swivel head - makes it really easy to get under just about anything. Overall, it's a great vacuum for the price - and since it's easy to use, I get it out more often than I did my big full-size vacuum! ...more info
  • I'm loving this guy!! bought 08/06 UPDATED 0407
    This is the first stick I've seen that has gotten such good reviews. Although I originally wanted cordless, decided to go corded to get the power.

    And boy, does this have power!! I just got it yesterday, and had great fun checking out how it did all around the house!

    The suction is so strong, I have to watch the fringes of my rugs, but I LOVE this guy...gets the fine dust, the cat hair, kitty litter, the bits of debris on my kitchen floor...all of it.

    Definitely glad I went for the power nozzle version...I think the powered brush roller has got to make a big difference.

    I did notice the vaccum heats up quite a bit on the sides up where the motor is as other reviewers have noted....even after just 10 minutes. So I'm guessing I won't be able to do big jobs with this and expect it not to take a toll on the machine, but that's fine. I've got my big vac for that.

    (other reviewers have noted that after 15 min or so, it automatically shuts of due to the heat...)

    Highly recommend this so far....I'll come back and update my post after a few weeks.

    Update: I ended up taking the filtered vent covers off the air outflow on the sides by the motor...after all, that air has already been through a dustcup and an hepa filter, and those covers were keeping things way to hot inside!

    I haven't had as much problem with it shutting down from overheating since then, but boy, that is hot air coming out the sides alright@! You will need to limit yourself to 15-20 minutes of vacuuming at a time, anyway, though I really try not to push it to the limit.

    What would make this vac even better...make the head easier to detach, and the nozzle the right size to connect to standard vacuum attachments. Yeah, yeah, I could use my Euro Shark Hepa for that, I'm jsut saying, not everyone has an arsenal of vacuums for every possible need!

    I will say, with a little effort you CAN detach the nozzle...I shoulder it like a gun to go after fruit flies. Very empowering! :-)

    Note: This will NOT get kitty litter out of the crevices of a berber rug! Ya need a real vac for that!!...more info
  • An good vacuum for spot cleaning only
    Maybe I got it for a wrong purpose, but it definitely seems to be a light duty vacuum. It has good power and very light and mobile. However, it heats up pretty quickly. It seems that there is some sort of safety trigger that shuts it down after a while. I even though it broke the first time but then after some "rest" and cooling it just started working again. This happens consistently after 15-20 minutes of working. So keep this in mind. It is a great second vac for spot cleaning, but don't expect to use it as a primary one for the entire house....more info
  • Hoover Stick Vacuum
    It is powerful enough for great pick-up. It is heavy duty! ...more info
  • What Power!
    After researching several electric small vaccums, I read the reviews of the Hoover Bagless Upright Stick and thought okay I'll give a try. We recently remodled our kitchen and put in tile and I am extremely pleased & delighted with this product! It truly picks up everything. The cord is plenty long and it's very light weight. I'm so glad I read the reviews....more info
  • Great vacuum not reliable in the long run.
    We bought this vacuum after seeing all the reviews and the price. We have had it for 9 months now. We immediately liked the vacumm the first few months. We have a lot of hardwood, carpet and tiles in our house and it worked beautifully on all the surfaces. However, our only problem has been that it is not very reliable. When we vacuum the entire house, the suction stops about 2-3 times. We have to let it cool off for 10 minutes and then it starts again. Also, the plastic container has a small click n lock which locks against the main container. the small plastic portion broke.
    I really think suction performance wise it is a great vacuum. The noise level is okay, much better than a regular vacuum, but it is not sturdy or reliable.
    ...more info
  • Hoover Stick Vacuum
    This is the first stick vaccuum that I have purchased that really works as a vaccuum. It does pick up dog hair and very fine dirt on both throw rugs and hardwood flooring. It is easy to empty and clean the bagless container. Also if one must clean out the brush roller of dog hair,I found out if you rub the hair across the roller it bunches up and you can pull it out with some ease. Hope that makes some sense! It is a great little vacuum for quick pickups. One slight negative, it could use a longer cord. ...more info
  • Great Vac!
    This vac is wonderful. Great suction, easy to use, and very little noise. My old electric vac was so noisy I thought about using ear plugs! I live in a small apt and the size of the cord is perfect. Besides being well built, it also has a modern, sleek look. I highly recommend this vac....more info
  • Amazing Vac for Price
    This vac does it all, on a small level and a larger level it has no problems. It goes around corners and gets the edges. Very versatile and easy to handle. Great Buy!...more info
  • Works great and is very lightweight
    I had a very noisy and heavy Dirt Devil that I replaced with this upright. It works great. It's lightweight and works well both on carpet and my hardwood floors.
    I like the fact that the head is flexible so it's easy to maneuveur. Great buy!...more info
  • Great Vacuum !
    The vacuum is very powerful, I can't believe how much dirt it picks up each time I use it, I'm amazed at how clean my floors look. The only downside for me is that it is not as lightweight as I expected it to be but overall, I'm still very happy with the product....more info
    I just had new hardwood floors put in my entire apartment (Bellawood beech select) and did a google search for "vacuum that won't scratch hardwoood floors" and it brought me here. As usual, the reviews are VERY informative and this one got some great ones so I figured I'd try it. Great price. I've had it a month now and it is GREAT. Very powerful. Picks up everything. I use it for the little rugs (2' x 3') I have in my kitchen and it does a great job on those, too. Make sure you press the lever ALL THE WAY DOWN and hear the LOUDER noise to know that it's on "carpet" setting. Otherwise you're on hardwood floor setting. Very long cord. Easy to clean. Boy does it get filled with dirt and carpet detritus. I clean it out after each use. The manual is very good. Really explains the very important chore of cleaning the cup and filter. Has not scratched my floors. VERY PLEASED WITH THIS VACUUM....more info
  • hated this
    First of all, this Hoover Flair is unweildy and not light weight. I used it only once and the front plastic cup mechanism that locks it into place did not work. The vacuum pulled yarns out of 2 4x6 area rugs. You cannot use this on a rug that has any kind of embroidery as it will tear it up even on the 'bare floor' setting. Hair, fur, yarns and such get caught up in the brush roller quickly and you have to manually remove them. On the 'floor' setting the vaccum did not pick up kitty litter, though the suction seems strong. The Hoover Flair is VERY VERY loud!! I am returning this vaccum immediately....more info
  • Very Powerful!!!!
    I just moved into my new home and it has hardwood floors and tile floors with several area rugs. This vacuum is perfect! I can move from floor to rug with the switch of a button. The head swivels smoothly, and has a pretty low profile. I am amazed at the power of the suction! It easily pulls in dust bunnies before it even reaches them! I also use it to vacuum my stairs, and it isn't too cumbersome. Pretty light weight. Although it's still very new, I'm hoping that with proper care (cleaning after every use, and rinsing out the filter) that it will continue to be as reliable and powerful!...more info
  • I love it!
    After reading many of the great reviews of this product, I purchased one a few days ago. I love it that I can go right from hardwoods to rugs to carpet without skipping a beat. The cord is about the same length as the cord on my regular vacuum. It's very easy to get around and under furniture too. The vac is also lightweight, making vacuuming the stairs a pleasure!

    The suction is also impressive. I vacuumed that first evening AFTER we had vacuumed with the regular vacuum, and after we had our carpets "dry-cleaned". I could not believe the amount of dog hair it picked up (we have a golden retriever)! The noise is definitely less than most vacuums. I have a ton of kitchen appliances that are louder than this.

    The only reason I gave this product 4 stars was because of my experiences so far emptying the canister. There was so much dust, I felt like I really needed to be wearing a dust mask. I can see why others would empty theirs outside only. But hey, I'm also glad to see that it's picking up so much.

    I can't say much about reliability since I just bought it. I did buy it at Sears and purchased the 2 year no-questions-asked warranty for $9, so I'm hoping to have it around for a long time. Cleaning floors is one of my least favorite activities ever, and the Hoover Flair changes that!...more info
  • Works great!
    I am very pleased with this vacuum and find it to have very powerful suction on most floors. I did find it a little difficult to pickup cat litter in the grout lines between tiles though. Also because I don't like to use my hands to clean the dirt on the filter I use my big vacuum to clean off the filter and empty the dirt from the container. I usually have out my big vacuum at the same time, so it is not an inconvenience to use it to clean off the filter. Purchasing this vacuum has been a huge improvement over the Oreck XL cord-free electrik broom that I had previously purchased for twice the amount. It had virtually no suction and was a waste of money. Thank you, Hoover, for making a much more superior product!...more info
  • Best little vac
    Tried them all. This is the best. Stands alone. Does a great job on bare floors, does not scratch wood floors. Even tried on carpets. For a quick pickup, did a great job....more info
  • Works good but not for homes with hairy animals
    This stick vacuum is easy to use and picks up well but after a couple of months of occasional use the brush on ours stopped turning. Because 3 Maine Coon cats own us, that's not a surprise - the price of having hairy animals is that vacuums such as this must be taken apart and cleaned fairly frequently. I don't mind, really.

    So I removed the four screws and....hmmmm, it won't come apart. The directions say if the brush wears out, take it to a Hoover service center. I guess the same applies if the brush stops turning but taking it to a Hoover repair center every two months or so seems a bit much. So I pried and I pried and...BANG. It came apart. The two screws that held the front of the cover in place came out, taking the plastic they mounted in with them. Why didn't I remove them too? Because Hoover hid them under two rollers at the front of the housing. I'm sure Hoover service center personnel know they're there but we mere mortals can't tell that, so I broke them.

    It turns out that lots of cat hair got into the brush end bushing, which pushed the pinion gear almost off the motor shaft, which threw the toothed belt. That caused the bushing holder to spin, which galled the plastic housing. So it's toast. I got it to run again but it won't last for long.

    In Hoover's defense, the brush is driven by a motor, which is controlled by some 115 V circuitry, which is no doubt why Hoover and its lawyers don't want consumers mucking about in the works. So the bottom line is that you really can't clean the brush drive because they hid the way it comes apart from users.

    And that brings me back to my original statement - this machine works well but not in homes owned by hairy animals. Unless you think 5 or 6 visits to your Hoover service center per year is a fun thing, pass on this one. ...more info
  • Great Vac
    I bought this vac because I wanted one with large wheels that don't get all bogged down with cat hair. I have 5 cats. My last vac had 1/2" wheels that clogged up after each use. This vac does the job well. The head is very easy to maneuver into corners and tight spots. My last vac was a Eureka 3.6 amp so I expected the flair to be over twice as powerful. It only seemed to have a little more suction than the Eureka. However, it is sufficient to vacuum my hardwoods and vinyl. I bought the model that has the beater bar for carpets. I wish that I had bought the one without it. No stick vac does that great on carpets anyway and the problem is that cat hair clogs up the brushes instead of getting sucked up. If you only want to do hard floors, just get the model without the beater bar. There was one really nice feature on this vac that was not advertised and I have never seen on the half-dozen stick vacs I have owned. It will maintain an upright position when not in use. Every other stick vac I have owned, I either had to hang up or lay flat, or lean against something when I wasn't using it. I do not think you will be disappointed if you decide to purchase this vac....more info
  • Hoover Stick Vacumn
    This little vacumn is the best ever. I have a lot of tile in my new house. After I used this electric broom I felt like my tile was clean for the first time. I don't used this for my carpet but it sure would come in handy for quick clean-ups....more info
  • Hoover lightweight vacuum
    This Hoover S2220 bagless upright stick vacuum is excellent. This was really worth the money I paid for it. I would highly recommend it to anyone....more info
  • Mighty Little Vacuum for Hard Floors
    This vacuum replaced my Hoover Tempo which I had for 10 years. It has more power. My only complaint is that the head is not as large as the Tempo. But it has power to spare (more AMPS). Like the Tempo, it has a reusable filter which can be washed. This vacuum is great for tile and wood floors, with the ability to do small area rugs. It is quieter than my old Tempo and doesn't fall over when I put it away (like my Tempo). So I definitely recommend it if you are looking for a small vacuum with lots of power for hard floors....more info
  • Better than my Dyson
    I bought this because dragging my Dyson out to do the hardwood floors is a pain. I love this vacuum! Not only does it work great on the hard surfaces, just switch on the roller brush and the carpets are cleaned too! The low profile gets under my cabinets and it is the perfect size for my carpeted stairs. My only complaint would be that emptying the dirt cup is messy. I've learned to take a small whisk broom to dust off the filter bag and it works like a charm. I'm thinking about getting a second one for the upstairs....more info
  • Everything it promises
    I bought this vacuum to do my stairs and it is the perfect size! I haven't used it that often, but so far, it is everything it promised. I love the swivel-head design and the width of the nozzle is perfect for the width of most steps....more info
  • Good Little Vacuum...until it broke!
    I bought this vacuum based on the wonderful reviews it received. I thought it would be perfect for our small 2 bedroom apartment. Less than 2 months after buying it, it broke. Hate to be a downer after all the great reviews, but I would not recommend this vacuum. It is definitely not a quality vacuum, but I guess you get what you pay for. ...more info
  • Very pleased
    This is a great little vacuum for spot cleaning and for vacuuming throw rugs. I am very pleased with the suction power, the ease of use, even the looks of this little vacuum and would definitely buy it again if needed....more info
  • Great for everday!!
    I purchased this product 2 months ago and am extremely happy with it. I bought it because I have all hardwood floors downstairs and I like to give them a quick vacuum everyday. Also I like to vacuum the bathroom tile everyday and this vacuum is perfect. I would not use it for heavy cleaning but for what I want it for it is really great! It is light weight, easy to use, and easy to take out and put away. The suction is 100 times better than any of the battery charged ones I have ever owned. ...more info
  • Great little vac!
    I love this little vacuum! I just had hardwood floors installed, and this vacuum is picks up so much more than a Swiffer. It's really powerful, so it's great on carpets, too. Plus, it's easy to handle and easy to store. Definitely worth every penny!...more info
  • Great vac
    Got this in just 2 days! Used it today primarily to pick up some cat hair but it worked so well used it thru the whole place. Works great, not noisy, and easy to empty. Have a canister vac but wanted something to use in between and this sure does the trick. You won't be disappointed....more info
  • Another great Hoover product
    Replaced low power, unreliable rechargeable Bissel electric broom with this unit. It is lightweight and works! It is amazing how much dog hair it finds! Great product!...more info
  • Flair
    This is a great vacuum I would highly recommed it to others. It does have a design flaw though, where the cord comes out of the unit there is a plastic cover that when you use the vacuum you pull up on the cord and that piece breaks....more info
    No kidding, I have lots of cats and this little vacuum works better than some of the more expensive ones. Yes, you may have to empty the dirt cup more often, but it cleans the rugs/floors great. Highly, HIGHLY recommended! ...more info
  • Hoover has a winner with the new S2220 Flair Upright Stick Vac
    Very light and portable, it features strong suction via a motorized carpet beater with glide wheels(3 position switch: off>on-no beater>on with beater). A bagless dirt container cup with washable filter(the only filters you have to replace are the side air filters). Works great on floors, Stairs, and low to med shag carpets (wouldn't recommend the motorized carpet beater on high shag-but will work well with the beater turned off). Nicely built!...more info
  • Love it!
    I returned a terrible cordless Eureka stik vac and purchased this in it's place. Great suction; easy to grab and use quickly, easy to maneuver and nice looking design. Best feature: the easy switch to change from floor to rug suction as well as permanent, cleanable filter....more info
  • Good Sucker
    Picked this product because I wanted a light weight vacuum. It definitely fits this criteria. Also, wanted a versatile machine to clean hard wood floors as well as carpets. It fits the bill in this regard as well. Lastly, it had to suck up dust, cat hair, and dirt. So far, in my limited use of this bagless, it's a good sucker. The bag does need to be emptied after each reasonable use....more info
  • Good suction
    Bought this to replace a dead cordless vac. Will never buy a cordless again. Yeah, they're convenient, but this vac has 20 times the suction. It is a little heavier than I thought it would be, but not too bad. Having to clean the filter each time you use it is a bit of a pain, still, I'd buy it again....more info
  • The only thing missing is a hose attachment
    I love this lightweight vacuum! Great buy for the money. I have 3 cats and 2 dogs and the hair and dirt on my floors is a daily issue. This vacuum handles the hardwood floors and area rugs beautifully, and it is very easy to carry up and down the stairs. I only gave it 4 stars because it would be perfect if it had a hose attachment that I could use to get under my radiators, etc. Overall, I think the Hoover Flair is an excellent buy....more info
  • Seems fabulous so far...
    This vac arrived swiftly from Amazon--like within 4 days of ordering even though it was just the normal free delivery. Very easy to assemble, seems durable, not too noisy, and seems to have a fair amount of suction for a smaller "electric broom" style vac. The only reason I have given it 4 stars instead of 5 stars is because I've only used it once and I wish to be prudent with my enthusiasm. But, using it one time, on my woefully dirty floors :o), it performed admirably....more info
  • Can't Live Without this Great Little Vac!
    After one attempt at dragging an upright vac around with the attachments trying to clean my hardwood floors, I went to Amazon in search of a stick vac. The Flair definitely had the best reviews of all of the vacs I looked at, not to mention the best price. It is small and easy to store, so we get this vac out frequently -- so much that we moved the Dustbuster upstairs because it is no longer needed downstairs since the Flair is there! It maneuvers like no other, getting in very hard-to-reach places with ease, and doesn't scratch walls or floors. The bagless feature is also a big bonus in my eyes. I don't think the cord is too short either -- it's perfect to do one room at a time. You can always add an extension cord if you find it to be too short! This vacuum also has great "sucking" power. We had some styrofoam pieces all over the floor from new furniture we had delivered, and as soon as the vac was 2 inches away from the pieces it was able to suck them right in! Pretty great! It's also fairly quiet which is yet another benefit. You really can't go wrong with this vac!...more info
  • Brush Stopped Working After 2 Weeks
    I was very happy with the product initially and used it frequently--perfect for my townhouse. However, after only a couple of weeks the brush stopped working. Because this vacuum is designed cheaply, I could not take it apart to inspect the belt. I suspect that this is the problem, but now I will have to go through the hassle of trying to contact someone in customer service and very likely will have to make a trip to one of the Hoover service centers to get this fixed. What a pain! I guess you get what you pay for--but I was hoping for a bit more than this. ...more info
  • Great product for hardwoods
    This vac is exceptionally good for homes with predominantly hardwood floors and a smattering of carpets or rugs. The suck function is powerful for loose debris and the rotating bristles are good for carpeted surfaces. Even though the vac is corded, I think this is a minor inconvenience for the decent amount of power and suction the vac provides. I think you'll like this vac for its mobility (good under tables and chairs), decent suction, and ease of waste disposal....more info
  • Hoover Stick Vacuum
    I am a prior user of the EuroPro Stick Broom which performed well, but durability was a real problem. The motor overheated prematurely and was very disappointing. As a new user of the Hoover Flair Upright Stick Vacuum, I am pleased that it stands up by itself and has a longer cord. Disappointed that it recommends cleaning filter after every use. Size and weight are both very satisfactory. I had hoped for the wheels to be larger and more rubber-like rather than a hard plastic. I think I will like the Hoover much better than the EuroPro, but need more experience with it. Time will tell!
    Big Stick...more info
  • Flair Bagless Upright Stick Vacuum with Power Nozzle
    This is a great little portable vacuum with suprising power and manuverability. Super for area rugs and wooden floors. Best of all it gets under coffee tables and end tables. Buy, you'll like it!!!!!!!!!!!...more info
  • great little vac!
    I have 3 cats, and trying to sweep up their hair is like chasing sunbeams! Just when you think you have it, oops! it blew away!! I read the other reviews, and can only agree with them, it is a great vac for the price! Granted, the cord could be longer, but the amount of stuff this picks up is great. It is excellant on tile, just average on the carpet, but that's what my Oreck is for.
    You will be amazed at what it picks up. The floor to carpet option is nice, and it is easy to empty and clean. I love it!...more info
  • Best stick vacuum for the price!
    Very compact design, great power even though it's not a 12.0 Amp. The swivel head makes cleaning in tight spots and maneuvering the vacuum very easy. Cord is a good length, 20 feet, and the wrapping it when not in use makes storage convenient. Not loud at all, the final filters on the side expel a moderate amount of heat when vacuum is on. Unit has all plastic body, but still pretty sturdy. The swivel connection between the powered nozzle and cleaner body seems kind of weak, I'm afraid it will break even with normal use (I hope I'm wrong). Overall, excellent stick vacuum! This is the perfect choice for dorm rooms, studios, or small apartments and houses....more info
  • Awesome vacuum!
    I have to say I love this vacuum. I did a lot of researching stick vacs before I decided on this one. It is quiet, super maneuverable and easy to whip out and put away quickly. I really wanted a cordless one, but the cord really hasn't bothered me so far. It is good and long and the extra power is worth dealing with a cord. It has really strong suction all through the nozzle, not just in the middle. It actually sucks stuff up before you get to it! It is super easy to go from hard floor to carpet (just flip the switch to turn the power nozzle on). I figured ths vacuum would only only do a sufficient job on hard floors (which is the main reason I needed it), but after trying it on the carpet, I am really impressed with the job it does there too. You won't be sorry with this purchase! ...more info
  • Evaluation of Flair Stick Vacuum
    Product has a very good design & sturdy construction. It has very good power and can get to many hard to reach places. I had a previous Hoover model, this is a big improvement.

    Cleaning dust receptical takes a little work; but not really that bad (in my opinion)....more info
  • Was great at first, but...
    I, too, loved this vacuum. It worked well on my hardwood floors and area rugs. But just a few months after purchasing it, the belt broke, and I had to special order a belt since those types of issues are not covered under Hoover's warranty. Last week it broke again and I replaced at again. Then, once again, it broke again today. I am done with this vacuum!...more info
  • I love this vac, too!
    I'm so happy with the S2220 stick vac that I'm giving it 5 stars, despite my one major complaint: The final filters, on either side of the upper body (red part), can not be cleaned but have to be replaced when they get dirty. The part number is 591360-22 and only costs $1.99 (for one)--but Hoover charges $7.50 shipping for this part which could easily be mailed in a regular, legal sized envelope. It can most easily be located doing a search for, "59136022." Amazon does not sell this. If anyone finds a place that has lower s/h than Hoover, please share it here.

    Other than the above, I couldn't be happier. This is my third Hoover stick vac and by far the best. My first, a 2-speed Quik-Broom, purchased years ago, lacked a power nozzle but was great on hard floors. The cup had a much larger capacity, but it didn't trap dust from being exhausted the way the S2220 does. It was damaged by water so I replaced it with a Hoover S2571 Cyclonic Action 2-speed, which was never satisfactory. It's cup and filtering system were similar but different to the S2220 and it did a VERY poor job of even sucking-up kitty litter. When the plastic handle cracked, despite being carefully used, I researched stick vacs here and decided to try the S2220 since people raved about it.

    Other reviewers who love this Hoover Flair are right, in my opinion. The swivel head is great, the machine is so light it's easy to clean steps with, and the power nozzle does a fantastic job of getting pet hair off even cheap doormats that were next to impossible to completely clean in the past. Floor cleaning is not my idea of a good time, but I'm finding that using the S2220 is so easy and convenient, that my floors are cleaner than ever.

    Really, I am very pleased with this purchase. I just wish Amazon sold the replacement side filters....more info
  • Love my Flair!!

    UPDATE: I've now had this vac for over a year, with no problems. It still works GREAT. I use it 3x / week to pick up the cat litter, dog hair, and kid crumbs from all over the house. Once a month I take the filter and dustbin outside and use the hose sprayer to get them really clean. Once dry, I put the vacuum back together. This keeps the suction powerful, as dirt builds up on the removable filter. This vac has come down in price, I originally purchased it for $99 + Shipping. You will NOT be disappointed if you buy this vac.

    I just moved to a new home in the Southwest which is 70% tile. I also have 2 kids, 3 cats and a dog. Needless to say, the dog hair and kids' crumbs have been wafting around the house despite lots of sweeping.

    I used my Flair for the first time this afternoon after sweeping all the tile yesterday. I was astounded at the amount of dust and pet hair the Flair picked up!!!!

    The Flair is lightweight, VERY maneuverable, and much quieter than my big vacuum. And unlike my big vacuum, it doesn't shoot stuff all over the place on hard surfaces!

    The Flair has great suction... once over the cat litter pan area, and the floor felt clean to my bare feet... try that with a broom or big vac and you need to go over it 5 times!

    I used the bare floor setting for all the tile in my house, and the carpet setting (with the brush running) in the small carpeted areas. I was amazed to get decent pick-up with the brush, since this vac is so small!

    This is a GREAT vac for hard floors, kids playrooms, pet areas, etc!!

    The only downside I can see is it doesn't stand up too sturdily, so I lean it in a corner....more info
  • This thing s*cks, but that's a good thing!
    I had a Hoover Sprint for 7 years that I loved, but it was beginning to lose suction. I purchased this after reading so many great reviews and have not been disappointed. I love the fact that it cleans carpets as well as hard woods and I'm always surprised by how much is in the dirt container when I empty it. I also love that it stands up on its own as my old one did not. The only things I don't like are 1) the head is not quite as wide as my last one so I'm sure I spend a bit more time covering an area and 2) the head is thicker vertically so it doesn't fit very well between my cabinets and floor. ...more info
  • Great Vac!
    I did my research when it came down to buying a small, yet powerful and versitale vacuum cleaner. The Hoover received the best reviews of all the vacuum cleaners I reseached. Making it short, this vacuum cleaner is awesome. Small and powerful. Works great on carpets. Other vacuums advertise they work on carpets, but read the reviews and you will learn that they don't work. Trust me this Hoover is the way to go if you want power, don't have a lot of space, and don't feel like dealing with other huge dump truck vacuum cleaner on wheels....more info
  • Just What I Hoped For
    I am delighted with this vacuum. The reviews for this vacuum are quite accurate. It does a fantastic job picking up dirt, animal hair, and even cat food along the entire length of the nozzle. It cleans well along the baseboards too. It works well on area rugs and doesn't suck up the rug ends if you vacuum with the nozzle swiveled at an angle. It even lifts up the area rug's nap. The vacuum is quieter than I expected. It weighs more than I expected, but is not unbearably heavy. I love being able to turn off the roller brush. If you don't have a lot of carpet, this is a great purchase....more info
  • The guy review of a bagless vacuum-UPDATE
    I went out looking for a small vacuum WITH a bag, trying to avoid the bagless (didn't want to deal with the dust), but changed my mind when I found this one.

    Excellent and no-nonsense. I can whip this baby out and have it running in 3 seconds. This thing is great for quick clean ups, like the kitchen, although I have used it for a complete downstairs vacuuming

    Good points: two modes--carpet and floor. Works both surfaces great. The carpet-mode simply powers up the power head roller.

    The low-profile, swivel head means I can get under everything, everywhere, even couches, which means less furniture to move.
    Quick-release power cord hook, so I'm not spending five minutes unraveling the reasonably-long cord.

    See-thru "unbag" so you know when it's getting full.

    It is small enough to store anywhere, even has a hole in the top of the handle to hang in a closet.

    Bad points: I'm thinking hard on this one. OK, the power switch is too low (see the picture). It is also bagless, which I found is actually GOOD point as it keeps this vacuum light and small. The "bag" is very easy to pull out and empty. With no bags to buy, the price makes this an excellent choice.

    It's also great for chasing cats around the house.

    UPDATE: The handle needs some kind of rubber coating to prevent it from falling when leaned against a wall or counter; managed to break the lower cord catch due to repeated falls. Naturally, I immediately bought another (from Amazon, of course).
    ...more info
    I agree with other users. This Vac really gets its done! I was so happy with it's ability to pick up small/lightweight items, and when used up against baseboards it got everything! I LOVE the fact you can switch on/off the carpet brush feature, my full size Vas was too powerful for my area rugs, and this Flair gets the job done easily! Everytime I use it I am shocked at how much it has picked up! Things I didn't even know were there! The largest items I've seen it pick up so far was a Cheerio without a problem. And my 16 month old doesn't mind the mild sound of this Vac either! I have recommended to all my family and friends with tile or wood floor, works great! I would also like to see a longer cord and detachable hose feature for tough to reach spots, but overall this is 5 star!...more info
  • Love the Flair, so does my 18 mo old!
    I got the Flair to replace an old Eureka floor vac that died on us. After using a dust pan and broom two times I knew it was time for a new floor vac. The Flair has plenty of suction power for its size and I love the way it swivels to get around things. It is heavier than our old Eureka stick vac, but the carpet rotating brush feature is worth it for the stairs.

    The Flair doesn't replace my Dyson, which I love, but it does the job on my hard floors and my stairs where it's too hard to lug the heavier vac. And since it swivels you can just use it along each individual stair and not miss anything.

    My 18 month old son loves to use it too and asks to use it everytime I open the broom closet. So for the cleaning and the entertainment value, it is so worth the cost!...more info
  • Great little Vacuum
    This is a wonderful small vac for hard surfaces and carpet. Lots of power, lightweight, and perfect for getting under furniture and difficult spaces.

    The only improvement would be a bag instead of bagless....more info
  • LOVE IT!
    I had researched quite a bit for this vacuum and was skeptical but extremely pleased once I got it. It was so great I ended up vacuuming all over and didnt even need too! But when I got serious on my cleaning day I was still very happy with the power of this light stick vac. My main concern were the stairs, which I had no problem with...the swivel head makes it extremely easy. The power is incredible. And best of all, with the beater bar, it does a great job on my scatter rugs (of different piles and weights) so I can avoid lugging my big vacuum down/up the stairs. I even hit a few of my upholstered pieces with success to get up that cat hair! BONUS! I would totally recommend this vacuum. I hope it lasts forever!...more info
  • THE FERRARI OF VACUUMS! Bright Red, Really Handles On the Corners!
    My wonderful hubby got this for me last xmas. Of course, I "helped" him pick it out after much research.

    I actually have a full sized shop-vac that I use inside for cleaning every couple of days because we have 2 cats, a dog and a very messy husband and son. Our dog likes to carry her food around the house...don't ask me why. My husband gardens...I'm surprised there's any dirt left in the yard with as much as he tracks in! I use a triple filter on it, works great. I throw the attachments in the dishwasher after I use them and they're sparkling clean and sanitized.

    But in between the shop-vac cleanings I use my sports car...uuuhhh...I mean vacuum. It is awesome on bare floors as well as my polypropylene rug. I don't have any carpet in the house, but I can't imagine it wouldn't be awesome on that as well.

    This thing is soooooo cute that I keep it in the dining/family room! I love it! You just turn the handle right or left and it turns for you. It's really light and is low profile so it fits under my cabinets.

    There are two "speeds". Suction alone, and suction + beater bar. In fact, it has such suction that I can't vacuum smaller rugs such as the one in the bathroom (22" x 60") because the vacuum sucks them up when the beater bar is on.

    It has a totally cool filtration system. I'm allergic to dust and I haven't had any sort of a problem while using it. When it gets full, you empty out the dirt cup and you're on your way. If you don't empty the cup when you should, the vacuum loses all suction to prevent overheating, which is a great feature.

    Ok, just a couple of negative points. I had to take it apart once (we're talking like 1 screw) to unclog it. That was my booboo because I let it get overstuffed.

    Another things is that it has a sort of burning rubber smell. It doesn't bother me but I sprinkled a bit of those carpet granules on the rug, vacuumed it up and it smells gorgeous now.

    No, I don't work for Hoover. No, I'm not getting commission for this review. We didn't even buy it on Amazon. This is the only review I've written so far, and that really says something!...more info
  • Great second vacume
    I had a Hoover stick vac with the beater bar for over 20 years that I paid almost 50 bucks for. It worked great, but finally gave up the ghost. I missed it for it's quick pick up jobs, so I looked for another. This machine does the trick, and is neater and cleaner to use. This new one has better suction too. I find myself using it more than my big bulky vac. I was ashamed to see just how dirty my carpet was the first time I used it. If you want a LIGHT, QUICK vac, that really works, give this a try. ...more info
  • Amazing little vacuum; after many, this is IT!
    I like to have some small "stick-vacs" around for quick daily touch up cleaning between "real" vacuuming; I have owned many over the years, and this one is simply the best. My 15-year-old daughter is small and light, and is excited that she can help vacuum now, too. This cleans nearly like a full size, but someone like her can handle it with ease. Perfect for stairs. The nice "perk" is the way it can go right under low edges, and the swiveling is the most useful I have seen. No stick vac seems to hold up too long with the use I put them through; plastic is plastic and eventually cracks. When this one goes, I won't hesitate to get another one. I agree with everyone else - the longer the cord, the better; this one is sufficient, but longer would be even better....more info
  • Good everyday vacuum
    We needed to replace an old electric broom that we use everyday for hard surfaces and stairs. After a few other purchases (and returns) we are happy with this model. It picks up well, is very quiet for a vacuum, and is easy to use. The only thing I would have liked is edge-cleaning but that doesn't seem to come on this class of vacuums. The swivel feature makes it almost as good as having edge-cleaning....more info
  • This little vac is a gem
    The Flair S2220 is so lightweight but worked great! It cleaned up our little camp in no time and fits right in the broom closet. Goes from bare floor to carpet with ease and picks up great on carpet. I have 2 dogs and it was a rainy weekend so you can imagine the continual mess. Picked up dog hair as well as dried mud. I did have to empty the cup several times which is a pain but it beats dragging out the huge noisy vac. I'm glad I purchased it. I hope the motor can stand up to the beating it will get this summer. ...more info
  • Perfect for RV'ing
    I too just bought this vac for our new RV. I tested it at home when I unpacked it. I ran it over my recently vacuumed carpeting (with an expensive Meile vacuum) and the filter was packed with lint, cat hair, etc. after only vacuuming a 6 X 6 area. This certainly tells me that it's a powerful little thing and the small, convenient size is perfect for the RV. I may have to check into a larger Hoover for my house because this one is so efficient. It's the perfect size for my RV or it could be used for quick kitchen clean ups, etc....more info
    I was searching for a light weight vacuum for my new RV. (Weight is always an issue when RV-ing.) After testing several brands of stick-vacs at a local retailer, I chose the Hoover S2220 w/Power Nozzle. (I purchased from Amazon.com for better price and Free shipping.) I LOVE Hoover products; I already own the full- size Wind Tunnel Bagless vac, and the Hoover Agility carpet cleaner. The full size vac is too heavy to carry in and out of my RV, and adds to the cargo weight. So I am thrilled with my newest addition! Not only is it powerfull enough to pick up everything, but the ability to turn off the floor brush is great for the hard-floor surfaces in my RV. Another plus- this vac swivels around those tight spaces AND can be manuvered to flatten so I am able to vac under the sofa with ease!
    Easily fits into the closet without using a lot of space.(Also important for RV'ers!) Thanks.
    ...more info
  • Hmmmm
    I'm a little wary of this review as I read the EXACT same review for a Dirt Devil vac here on Amazon. Makes me think NONE of the reviews are trustworthy. Thanks a lot....more info
  • Love this little vac!
    This is a fantastic little vac. It isn't as loud as my last stick vac and it doesn't scratch my wood floors. The first day I bought it I really put it through the paces. I was impressed with how well it cleans floors, carpets and rugs with fringe. I love the fact that you can turn off the roller to do the fringed rugs and floors. It picked up popcorn and screws easily. Sand and gravel from the kids shoes, no problem. After a rain, the floor got a little muddy from all the kids going in and out so I just turned on the brush and VOILA, the dried mud went right up.
    It really does stand on it's own, even on a soft cushy carpet.
    The only changes left to make is to lengthen the cord a bit and put a small pull-out nozzle high up on the side so I can use it for practically everything, such as dusting windowsills. I won't let my wish list ruin the review though. 5 stars for the best little vac I've had yet. ...more info