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Mercenaries: Playground of Destruction is a revolutionary third person action-shooter game, set in the near future and inspired by real world events. A military leader stages a coup just as North and South Korea are preparing to unify, turning that region's political situation into violent chaos. As diplomacy fails, this new dictator threatens the world with nuclear war. The world's nations put an unprecedented $100,000,000 reward on him and his advisors. You've decided to claim that bounty.

  • Flexible, action-packed missions as you go after everyone on the Most Wanted list
  • Explosive combat as you draw from a huge arsenal - you have the firepower to destroy anything you face
  • Highly detailed and massive open environments that are completely interactive - If you can see it, you can use it, steal it, drive it, fly it or blow it up
  • Choose which missions you'll accept - You can work for the UN, South Koreans, the Chinese government or the Russian Mafia. Make sure you pick clients carefully - they can go from friend to foe in an instant
  • Use the cash you earn from different contracts to buy more advanced weapons, vehicles, even air strikes -- or sell your vehicles and weapons on the black market

Customer Reviews:

  • GTA times 10!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    There is finally a game that takes the GTA concept and makes it 10x better. Think GTA in vietnam or Iraq. i LOVE this game! Where in the GTA games I quickly got bored after completing half of the missions, in Mercenaries, i've beat the game once and am starting it all over again with another charecter! The maps are huge. You run through the different terrains in one of dozens of different military vehicles hunting down the 52 cards represented by 52 members of the hostile North Korean regeme.

    You also can do side missions for diffent factions like the Russians, the Chinese, the South Koreans or the Allied Forces to earn money to buy equipment and armory. You can even buy air support to help you complete a mission! ( imagine calling an air strike on an enemy base and leveling the whole place with a carpet bomb as you run for your life to escape the hail storm!)

    Graphics and sound are amazing. They make this game a whole lot more enjoyable. Overall, this game beats GTA hands down in fun factor. Replay value is unbeatable. One game that's actually worth the $50.00 I paid for it. Get it and see what I mean....more info
  • You blow things up.
    Honestly, I've been sitting here for about ten minutes, fingers lingering idly over the keyboard, and have typed half-a-dozen sentences, and deleted every one.

    You blow things up.

    This is the part where you stare at your computer screen in horror, where you travel quickly down to the "no" button, but hear me out.

    You blow things up.

    Honestly, this is the main selling point of the game. When a friend asks me "Hey, Mercenaries, what's that all about?" I tell them that "you blow stuff up". And they look at me funny, but then they play it, and next time someone asks, they're ready to back up my answer. Explosions. Guns. Helicopters. C4, Airstrikes, Massive semi-nuclear bombs. Those are the bread and butter of this game.

    If you like huge explosions - some of the best ever. Ever - then you will like this game. Some parts of it are a bit faulty, mainly getting from one place to another (the time it takes), the vehicle control (sloppy and unresponsive) but honestly, when you're tossing down carpet bombs and nukes onto a squad of enemy tanks, or landing a helicopter and taking out a heavily gaurded enemy base with your bare hands and a semi-auto rocket launcher, you don't think "If only the vehicle control was better".

    No, it's something more like "Wow. That was cool. I wonder if I can launch a guy thirty feet in the air with a - oh, oh, yeah, I guess I can." ...more info
  • good game
    this game was fun and hard to play.
    lots of explosions ( you get C4, carpet bombs, air strikes, RPGs, anti-air, and lots of others)
    lots of guns ( carbines, snipers, shotguns, SMGs, assualt rifle and lots more)
    All though this game was fun to play it took a while to get used to and after a certain point it became more of a chore to play it.
    frequent deaths, mission failures, and factions hating you it kinda got me angry.
    this is a game you will probaly buy, play it once or twice and then let it sit on your shelf for the next couple of years
    ...more info
  • Mercenaries - eh, don't waste your time
    This game was ok not good or great, but I could not distinguish what side to fight, a little confusing. There are glitches throughout the game. GTA III is better than this game....more info
  • MERCENARIES is a fun and entertaining, if somewhat shallow experience.
    MERCENARIES is an excellent 3'rd person shooter from developer Pandemic Studios. This talented development studio has also been responsible for `Full Spectrum Warrior' and the `Star Wars: Battlefront' series. Easily one of the best third person shooters this generation and a game that every PS2 and Xbox owner deserves to take a look at.

    The premise of the game places you in war-torn North Korea as one of three `private contractors' employed by the private military company Executive Operations (Ex Ops). You are immediately dropped into hostile territory and under attack before you can ever reach your first contact. You make your way across the vast landscape in all manner of vehicles, fulfilling contracts and hunting down open bounties. You main objective is the leader of North Korean forces, General Choi Song. The allies have a 100,000,000-dollar reward for his capture. He has the dubious distinction of being the `Ace of Spades' in a new Deck of 52, representing the 52 most wanted people in Song's military. You get the chance to capture or kill each and everyone of them, on top of working for the local warring factions.

    There are a few major players in the North Korean theater. The Chinese, lead by the serious and taciturn Colonel Peng. The South Korean Union led from behind the scenes by the burned out CIA operative, Agent Buford. The Russian Mafia, headed by the off-kilter, hilarious, and in-over-his-head Sergei Voronov. Finally the Allied Nations commander for the region is a no-nonsense American, Colonel Samuel Garret. At first working for these faction generally pits you against their mutual enemy, North Korea. However the farther you get into the game, the more and more their missions will put you at odds with the other factions instead.

    Great idea so far, but what about the action you ask? Well, I was getting to that. The game is a 3'rd person shooter in the best sense of the word. Controls follow the typical and effective dual-analog scheme, with one controlling your movement and the other controlling your aim. Combat is the main focus of this game, and it shows. You can carry at most two weapons and two types of grenades at any given time. This allows you to equip yourself based on what you expect to face or your personal preferences. An SMG and shotgun combo for mixing it up close, silenced SMG and sniper rifle for stealth, or an assault rifle and RPG launcher to face most anything. Although you can high-jack every vehicle in the game, with the exception of the jet aircraft the fly far overhead, controls aren't as tight as they could have been. Don't get me wrong, the controls are solid, but some vehicles (such as helicopters) just feel `better' than some of the other vehicles (such as tanks).

    One thing that must be said about the vehicle high-jacking, is that it's not as simple as you may think. First you must eliminate the gunner (if there is one, such as on a tank or jeep), then you need to get to a certain point outside the vehicle before you can high-jack it. Let me just say this for the record, that high-jacking tanks NEVER gets old. It involves grabbing onto and swinging your self onto the barrel, running up its length to the turret, kicking open the hatch and gutting the occupants with a grenade before assuming control of it yourself.

    Vehicles are not the only weapons at your disposal. What MERCENARIES does better than any other sandbox game (and arguable, any game in general) is the access you have to an incredibly destructive arsenal. There is a thriving black market in arms and equipment in North Korea, fueled by the Russian Mafia (hint: stay on the Mafia's good side). Access to their website, the Merchant of Menace, allows you to order everything from weapon and vehicle drops to artillery barrages and air strikes. The amount of air-power that you can purchase is staggering, including gun-ship runs (hail of bullets from the air, delivered by a C-130 gunship), anti-tank bombing runs, stealth bomber strikes, anti-air strikes, bunker-buster missiles, cruise missiles, fuel-air bombs, and even carpet bombing runs that level everything in the area. With enough cash, you can level every major city on the map.

    What's more, all of this is done in glorious Havok physics. Yes, the same physics engine that powers games such as Halo 2, Psi-Ops, Max Payne 2, and most notable Half-Life 2 is present in this game. When buildings are destroyed, debris is blow out, and can hit and harm surrounding objects. C4 attached to vehicles will blow them sky high, as will launching an RPG at the ground right in front of them. Vehicles, crates, debris, and soldiers all flip, tumble, and collide with one another. Needless to say, the RPG launcher is one of my all time favorite weapons within the game.

    Another important aspect of the game is the AI. MERCENARIES comes with the good and the bad. The AI can act very stupid at times, however what the AI lack in smarts it makes up with aggressiveness. The AI in MERCENARIES is some of the most stubborn and tenacious I've ever played. Enemy soldiers armed with RPG's will fire them at you at point-blank-range. Enemy personal will try to run you over, even in nonmilitary vehicles. I can't tell you how many times being run over by a North Korean supply truck has killed me. Enemy AI does make use of cover, often hiding behind vehicles and tree. What's more, the AI is programmed with a fluid cover AI that allows them to use debris, crates, and other dynamic and movable object throughout the world as cover. They are smart enough to hide behind a nearby overturned car, or stack of crates. And if you destroy the car or move the crates, they look for new cover accordingly. Just know that the enemy will swarm you, hunt you down, and try their very hardest to kill you; even going so far as to attack you with attack choppers and battle tanks.

    Overall, the experience of MERCENARIES can be a bit shallow. The characters lack a lot of personality, and the story is loose and open-ended. But as long as that doesn't bother you, you should have plenty of fun. Its true strength is its open-endedness. Although there is often a `preferred' way to complete a mission, how you go about doing it is entirely up to you. Do you sneak in and pick off the enemy with a sniper rifle? Do you assault them with a hummer, tank, or even helicopter? Or do you call down an air strike (or two, or three) to level the entire area? How you complete each mission is entirely up to you, and the game can be completed without finishing even a majority of the missions. Really, how you play the game is entirely up to you.

    Lastly, there are a few gripes I have with the game. For one, trees are indestructible. You can level an entire city and the tallest things standing will be the destruction-proof trees. The draw distance is adequate, and the enemies will never attack you from out of the fog-of-war. But when flying in a helicopter, you can't help but wish you saw that mountain you just hit, a bit sooner. Your character can't swim, so falling over the edge of a bridge or ditching a helicopter over water is a death sentence. Also, I really wish that your actions towards the factions where a bit more permanent. With enough money you can always bribe yourself into a faction good graces. However I can see that they did this as a design decision, as loosing access to the Merchant of Menace shop ran by the Russian Mafia could make the game unbeatable at times (especially the last mission, which often requires the spending of a few million dollars to complete).

    Over all, MERCENARIES lives up to its sales pitch, `Playground of Destruction'. The game is an open ended and entertaining, if somewhat shallow experience. Overall, I'd give it a 5 out of 5....more info
  • Just as good, if not better than Halo, and GTA.
    You are a mercenarie of course, so you basicly kill or capture people, steal vehicles, and blow stuff up for money. You start out being dropped in a wastland with 5 armys that are in there ether to gain control of as much land as possible, defend there land, or in there to stop the fighting. These five armys are, North Korea, South Korea, China, The Rusian Mafia, and the Allies aka, the USA.

    This is problebly one of the 3 best games I'v played. the top 3 are, Halo 2, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, and Mercinaries: Playground of destruction. If you see the vehicle, you can drive it. But for some odd reason, no boats, or planes, hmm. yet still a wide line of All kinds of transportation to choose from. Jeeps; Troop Trucks; Tanks; APC's, Hummers; Technicals (pick-up trucks with a machine gun in back.); Helicopers from small attack, to full fledged assalt choppers, to cargo/transport choppers. Civlian vehicles, such as buses, cargo trucks, cars, flat bed trucks, but no 18-wheelers. (Come on, this is in Asia, what do you expect.)

    There are plenty of wepons to chose from. From an AK-47, to a Rocket Launcher, with lots of other wepons in between. You can also man statinary guns like a gun on a vehicle, a tripod stand, and a few types of stationary feild howitzers, and cannons.

    If you are running low on health or ammo, you can call for a medivac (you get taken out of there to the nearest MASH), or a wide range of suppy boxes to chose from. If you need some transeportation, you can Hi-Jack a vehicle, or call in for one. You have a wide variety or vehicles to call in too. If you want to blow up a strong structurs, or cause chaos in a small area, you can call in an air strike, with plenty types to choose from too. NOTE: if you call for a medivac, supplys, transportation, or an air strike it costs money and you start out with nothing to calll in, but that changes ALOT as you go on in the game.

    So all in a nut shell, if you like GTA, Halo, and miitary games, this one is just about the best you can get, But There IS NO MULTI-PLAYER, but the campaign is so good, that doesnt matter....more info
  • Much more than just a Playground of Destruction
    I've not as of yet bought "Mercenaries: Playground of Destruction", but I am tomorrow, I've rented it many times, and am nearly through the entire game. I just have to say one thing first: If you just want to kill everything in sight with no consequence, buy Grand Theft Auto, not Mercenaries. If you want challenging missions in which you try to have as little casualties for the faction you're working for, while as many as possible for the other... play Grand Theft Auto. Mercenaries is a whole different game. You do work for different factions, and sometimes yes, all your mission entails is killing the other faction's men, but usually you have to retrieve a truck, or find a package, snipe out a high-ranking officer, or capture one of the Deck of 52. Mercenaries is a great game, nearly one-of-a-kind, and I would recommend it to anyone who is looking for a game in which there is violence, but it is far from senseless....more info
  • Doesn't have everything. But still fun.
    This game is an awsome game. It has great graphics, huge playing areas, and many different weapons and vehicles to play around with. But it lacks the things that make a game GREAT. It lacks a tutorial level. They expect you to learn the game as you go. And who dares make a game today without a multiplayer mode?! The only reason why I rated this 4 stars and not 5, was because of the lack of multiplayer mode. But if I was faced with the decision to buy this game or not, I would definatly purchase this great game....more info
    I cant believe this is so cool! The missions are so much fun and the gameplay is so realistic. The setting is so big but at the same time easy to navagate where your going. The grahics are unbeliveable and almost no bugs. The game isnt frustrating either. But theres two thigs I dont understand 1. No multiplayer mode. 2. You can not save your game in the middle of a mission. The computer is also very smart and the most realistic thing is that if you hijack say a car of the chinese the chinese will think your chinese until either you come out of the car,helicopter etc. or you kill one of them.
    grahics 10/10
    sound 7/10
    gameplay 8/10
    difficulty JUST RIGHT
    So if you have a ps2 or xbox this is definitely a first choice.
    ...more info
  • A great new idea
    this game like other people have said reminds me of GTA, but it brings in some new great ideas I liked including: airlifting suplies and veichles and the life saving cheat drop you could buy (which I liked the portable airstrike the most.)I found little or no problems with this game I am only concerned with 3: 1. The game messes up if u go into restricted areas with god mode on (my fault) 2. u cant fire your weapon when u slide down the hills. 3.the card people die too easily I found myself killing them accidently when i was clearing the area of soldiers....more info
  • This is the funnest game ever
    Ive never been able to enjoy a game for so long without getting bored before this. The auidos great, the physics are great, the graphics are great, the gameplay is great, and its a free-roaming game in which u can destroy anything. This is much better than grand theft auto or most other games....more info
  • Great Game!
    I've been pondering whether I should get this game or not for quite some time. So, I coughed up the fifty bucks finally and, i don't regret it. This game is really fun, though sometimes repetitive. Great effects, sounds, and missions. You really can hijack any vehicle, and blow up anything, except for trees. Trees seem to be indestructable in this game for some reason. Having an HDTV is the best too because it makes the graphics better. The game is a little buggy and takes some time to learn. You'll have good fun playing this. At least 20+ hours worth!...more info
  • Awesome
    I like adventure and shooter games this one is awesome if you like to blow stuff up ...more info
  • Enjoyable with very high replay.
    I highly enjoyed this game.

    The sheer freeness of it, somewhat similar to GTA, will most likely keep you playing for awhile.

    In the game, you are a merc, working for a freelance company called Executive Operations, who serve private interests and governments, as long as they have the green stuff.

    The current operation you are in takes place in North Korea, called the Song Initiative. The four factions you can work for give you money for doing contracts for them. Their mood can change toward you, and will not give you a job if you get too nasty.

    The game is very enjoyable, and true to it's advertisements, it has many vehicles and weapons. The vehicles range from baggage cars to Allied Nations transport helicopters. True, the randomness of the vehicles (of which it has none) cannot compare with GTA games.

    Overall, this game is one of the great Lucasarts and Pandemic achievements. The only thing missing is a co-operative mode. This would make a great help, in that having friends in helicopters operating turrets instead of the sad excuse for AI gunning at everything they see giving away your position.

    The controls are a bit reminescent of Star Wars: Battlefront.

    I highly recommend this game, and bravo to LucasArts and Pandemic.

    Your Lord and Master,
    Grand Admiral Thrawn...more info
  • Love this game
    I think this game is great. My friend and I replay it all the time, long after we had bought it. We thought it was pretty naff after playing it after Medal of Honour, but really got into it once we realized it was not a GTA shoot-em-up. I was more of a battle-field game where you can drive around, and THEN shoot people up. The tag-line is "Blow stuff up!", and it works pretty good. After you finish the whole game you can find the cheat wepons like the "air-strike" bazoka (Second to last level before the Ace of Spades. Kill the General and there is a crate off to your side, bash it and hey-presto!). If you go back and re-play the game with these weapons it is SO easy (Almost too easy, but hey, it's a game). ...more info
  • great game
    I am beginning to like this game the controls are kind of weird and the environments aren't nearly as big as i hoped it would be like gtaSA. O well i just have to wait and find out!...more info
  • GTA + Korea + Less Bugs - Bad Auto Aim = Mercs.
    This is a great game. Great graphics, great gameplay. Unfortunately some of the missions are EXTREMLY FRUSTRATING, which is NEVER good in a game. Thats why it gets 4/5 stars for fun....more info
  • Best X-Box Game Ever!
    For me, the best way to gauge how good a video game might be is how hard it is for me to put it down to go do other things. As it stands with Mercenaries, I had a lot of trouble putting the controller down. This game is simply pure addiction!

    Too often, the video game industry expects us to shell out $50 for a weak or average game that you get bored with in a couple of days. Not so here. If you love blowing things up into billions of pieces and you like non linear game play (ie: Vice City) then you must own this game. The controls are easy to get used to and the first few objectives are fairly simple enough, so that you aren't getting killed over and over again. You get air strikes, C4, RPGs, machine guns and lots more. Best of all, you do it all for the old greenback.

    All of this combined makes for a great gaming experience. Three cheers for Lucas Arts! You redeemed yourself after the boring KOTOR!...more info
  • The most underappreciated game on Xbox.
    This is truly the most underappreciated game on the Xbox. I strongly believe that this deserves the five stars because as far as action, explosion effects, destruction and graphics, this game beats any Grand Theft Auto game any day. Having all of the Grand Theft Auto games on Xbox, I can tell you that Mercenaries beats it hands down entertainment wise. The explosions are actually more realistic than anything I've played or seen so far on the 360. Though the game may seem focused on the just OK storyline, there is plenty to do in other places, like blowing stuff up, go on the "side-quests" and do other things like stacking helicopters or whatever else. In the end, it is really more of a sandbox game, rather than a story-based thierd-person-shooter, and it should therefore be treated as such. I have yet to get bored of the game after playing it for 20 or more hours. Whatever you may think after reading this far, trust me, the game has plenty to offer as a sandbox-style game. If you are looking for an endlessly-entertaining sandbox game that has incredible explosion effects and intense action, look no further. After all, it is an incredible value at only twenty dollars....more info
  • mercinaries reveiw
    This game is very good.First Id like to say i love the wepons in the game
    rpg's smg's m16's.I love how when you shoot a building alot it blows up.
    I hade hours of fun blowing up stuff, I always take time destroy
    everythig in a mission..I love how youve got supply drops,
    something that makes money in this game usefull unlike other games.
    I like how realistic it replicates what you do in war, not realistic in vehicle
    control fisicts and how many shots you can take.This game would be
    grate online, but it has no online.Also the plotline is bland and not very imaginitive.But you can call in air strikes witch is very usefull when
    you can't get a clear shot at that tank.The game has averige graphics
    that dont really stand out exept for some beutiefull partical effects.This is like gta but what I like better is you can get sweet army vehicles like tanks,jeeps,and helicopters, plus reglar cars.Also everything can be jacked
    blown up or used somehow.Mostimes buildings in games are treated as terrain
    but now you can do different things with them like blow them up.Asside from
    those little parts I mentioned this game is AAAAAAALLLLSSSOOOOOOOOM!!!!!!...more info
  • fbsgdjnsyjmyuuy
    Very cool game. You can blow up almost anything, including your own base!!! Good graphics and fun missions should keep you interested for a couple months....more info
    I played it at the eb games in citywalk in universal studios hollywood yesterday, and i would have got it, but they wouldnt accept credit from universal studios, even though theyre like a hundred feet from the door!?!?!?! But thats besides the point, it was awesome. I used an airstrike and kiled like a thousand guys, and it wassuper easy to understand. Some stuff took some time, but overall, i was really entertained and impressed by this game. It was awesome. Even better than gta! And the best part, that i know of, is that you can steal, kill, blow up, or buy just about anything in the game. Its even better than halo2. Not to offeend halo2, but their one player game SUCKED! But i gave it five stars, because they had good multiplayer. If this had xbox live multiplayer, id throw my copy of halo away!!!...more info
  • Very fun game!!
    This game is a blast! Good graphics, nice sound and a amazing music score,cool guns and vehicles, and a super fun single-player. I would rent it first and see if you like it. If you do, buy it!! I give it a 5 out of a 5....more info
  • hallelujah!
    this game is so good that im not even gonna capitalize the letters. this is so cool i just love it, it's so cool i like to blow stuff up and uhhh, blow more stuff up, the cool thing is that it's freeroame, thats the sigh of a good game, buy it now, run to K-Mart now, im telling you right this second just jump in your car and buy it!...more info
  • Impressive. Most impressive. Rockstar has taught you well.
    This game is excellent!

    I wish that this had been an Xbox exclusive, because then all my friends with a PS2 and the Grand Theft Auto series would be feeling left out for once!

    This game rivals the GTA concept but surpasses and delivers where GTA fails. Don't get me wrong, GTA is a great game, but the series seems to have grown stagnate - Mercenaries does something new but very familiar, making it a great game that is easy to pick up and play. The military story is fresh and seemingly ripped from the headlines. The game is very enjoyable and not overly simplistic, but not frustratingly difficult.

    Plus you can blow stuff up! And then blow it up again! And then blow the crap out of it some more! Totally awesome greatness!

    This is definitely not a game you rent, this is one to be purchased and put on display in your finest game display case!...more info
  • SWEET GAME A MUST BUY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Hi all,
    Let me just say THIS GAME RULES!!! I just got it a couple of days ago and love it. Artillery strikes, carpet bombs, RPG's, C4, ect.... This game is so fun getting the russian mafia to bring you a hummer h3 and lots of other stuff


    Peace out,
    Boba Fett clone 22

    P.s. try to keep the russian mafia happy :) ...more info
    I have big problem with games that are war-themed and combine gameplay that is essentialling killing and blowing stuff up with shallow patriotism (TOM CLANCY I AM TALKING TO YOU). Even worse when that patriotism is combined with racist stereotypes, like in Medal of Honor -Rising Son.

    That said, this game rules. In Mercenaries, you are a morally ambivilant bounty hunter capturing North Korean badguys while you make side deals with various factions fighting for control of North Korea- a well thought out premise that stresses money over nationalism and keeps the noxious "right vs wrong" sentiment out entirely.

    Most importantly, this game is a lot of fun. You pick one of three mercenaries, who all play pretty much the same but are of differnent nationalities and have personality traits that you can (but don't have to) follow in the game. You can fight anybody at any time, but must later bribe their gaurds if you you get too hostile to any of the neutral factions. T

    There are lots of missions that consist mostly of capturing or killing wanted north korean terrorist but just trekking around the countryside, blowing stuff up is fun too. Most structures will come down with some well placed C4. But you can also call in airstrikes and artillary bombardments if the going gets too tough.

    The lack of a 2nd player option would have made this game awsome, but as it is - it is highly reccommended.

    ...more info
  • The Most Fun You'll Have With C4!
    This game has got to be the greatest game I have ever played for several reasons that I will get to in a moment. I think that it is important to back up my claim with some experience. So for that reason, I think that it is important to point out that I have been a gamer all my life and have owned the following games systems: Sega Master System, Sega Genesis, Nintendo 64, Sega Saturn, Playstation, Sega Dreamcast, Playstation 2, and XBOX. I have played many great titles for each of those systems and have experienced a lot of fun in the process.

    Now that I have established that I have extensive video game experience to make the previous claim I will go into detail on why this game is the best I have ever played. The best way to describe this game is that it is a cross between Grand Theft Auto and Star Wars Battlefront (only you don't die as easy as in that game). You are a MERCENARY, and you work for a company called ExOps that accepts contracts from countries and private interests. You play on a map that pits you and four other factions against the North Korean army. The four other factions (South Korea, Allied Forces (UN), China, and the Russian Mafia) contract you to do jobs for them that are most times targeted at the North Korean army, but are sometimes targeted at one another. The more you do for a faction the more you are liked by that faction, and the more you do against a certain faction the more you are hated by that faction. As you complete missions for these factions you are on the hunt for the deck of 52, which are 52 of the most powerful North Korean individuals that have ties to the North Korean army. Each have bounties and you can collect more or less based on whether the contract is detained dead or alive. Cool, huh?

    This game is a complete and udder thrill to play because you can either complete missions, collect bounties or just drive around blow stuff up. I love the game play, because it is pretty straight forward and easy to use (especially if you have played GTA). There are lots and lots of weapons to use in the game and it is realistic (like Halo) in that you can only carry two weapons with you at a time in addition to your two grenade types and of course the C4!

    Are you running low on life? Call in a helicopter to drop off some medical supplies. Want to do a mission in a tank instead of the civilian POS you just stole? Call in a helicopter to drop you off a fully equiped tank. Want to get somewhere fast? Order a helicopter with a full crew to be dropped off. Can't blow something up on your own? Call in a laser guided air strike. This game has something new for you each and every time you play it.

    Things that I really like about the game...I like the fact that your character will make remarks throughout the game. When a blow a lot of stuff up at once he'll say something like "cool!" When I'm out of ammo and a tank is barreling down on me he'll say something like "you want me to throw my shoe at him?" It's just so much fun!!! I enjoy getting paid money each and every time I blow a North Korean jeep to pieces. I enjoy the creativity that you can use with all your weapons, like the C4. You can strap some C4 to the hood or your car, drive it into an enemy base, bail out and detonate. You can plant some C4 in the middle of the road and wait in the bushes while a North Korean jeep drives over it and then detonate.

    BUY THIS GAME! You will enjoy it and think that it is the best game that you have ever played too....more info
  • Not much more that you can ask for
    Mercenaries: Playground of Destruction 8.5/10
    Not any glaring weaknesess in the game other than the slight repetitiveness. It's allways a "go do this" contract but since each contract presents a diffirent challenge, it doesn't get old very quick.

    It's a very fun third-person shooter, with a fairly wide aray of weapons and vehicles to use (but none of the vehicles are particularly outstanding). One of the highlights of the game: the explosions are AMAZING!!! I'm someone who easily sees explosions as tacky or poorly done or animated, but these are top-notch and very satisfying.

    The free-roaming aspect makes it nice if you just want to go look for a fight or some free weapons or "health" that someone left lying around. I personally love the storyline, but the general consensus is that it's just a B+ plot.

    There's not very many things that you can point to to say that it's a great game, but the fact that it's very well-balanced and has few weak points makes it very enjoyable.
    ...more info
  • Mercenaries review
    After seeing commercials for this game that said you can highjack, blow up, destroy, and drive pretty much everything you can find i had to find out if this was true. This is a great alternative to Halo 2 with simple controls that take five minutes max to learn. The graphics are great, especially if you are blowing up a car or helicopter.

    1. open enviroment which allows you to make a name for yourself
    2. your actions have consequences.(such as if you kill a UN soldier the UN faction won't like you as much)
    3.solid graphics
    4.expansive territory can drive or fire anything you find which makes the game feel more real
    6.deep story line
    7.simple controls
    8.a cheat weapons drop
    9.there are North Korean bases everywhere which are fun to destroy
    1.after a while the game becomes monotonous
    2.stupid A.I.
    3.some missions are impossible without cheats
    ...more info
  • A credible threat
    Mercenaries succeeds in creating scenarios that are fictional yet believable. There is a kernel of truth to the stories : the Commies are up to no good. Neither are the Russians. Your paycheck comes as you take them out, one thug lieutenant at a time.

    This game doesn't have any weaknesses. The graphics are smooth and the play control is well polished. Its a solid release. But without any true innovation, I can only give it 4 out of 5.
    ...more info
  • Don't buy, RENT!!!
    I was looking for a fun new game because i am getting sick of playing Halo and i found Merceneries. It looked cool; tanks, helicopters, cars and a bunch of weopans so i decided to buy it. The game is set into 4 parts with each part consisting of bounties and missions. The first part was fun, slightly repetitive and i was under the impression that when it was over the not so big map that i was restricted to would grow, it didn't. The second stage was the same as the first only harder on the account of poorly designed parts that are full of follies. I stopped playing because it was a joke and turned on Halo.
    Pro: Tanks, helicopters,like GTA but always fighting.
    Cons: Other armies turn on you with stupid reasoning(accidently ran over 1 GI now they hate me), the guns are all horribly inaccurate, controls are goofy, map stays the same size as you progress, destroyed major vehicles (artillary) and bases just reappear over time, unbelievably repetitive, sometimes just plain tedious.

    Don't buy this game, but rent it. It is fun for a few hours but after that is not worth the 50 bucks i paid for it....more info
  • the bomb
    dis game was off da heezy. the graphics were amazin and off the hook. some of the missions and mad hard but over all this game was da shiz 5 stars all da way...more info
  • GTA meets Battlefield
    Just the title of the game makes it sound interesting - "Mercenaries: Playground of Destruction". Keywords: Playground of Destruction. You can blow anything up, hijack anything, and, just like in GTA, when you die you magically appear good as new at the local hospital, or Allied MASH in Mercenaries. As a long-time fan of the Grand Theft Auto series video games (I own them all on every platform), Mercenaries is my kind of game.

    By the way, I am aware that everybody is comparing this game to Grand Theft Auto and I try not to follow in everybody's footsteps, but this game is so much like GTA it is not even funny. The first thing that popped into my mind when I played this game was, "Wow...this is Grand Theft Auto: Korean War." Play the game once and you'll agree.

    Upon hearing the great things about it from a friend of mine in my Sociology class (what a place to hear about shoot-em-up games), I went out and rented it for my Playstation 2...I was hooked. How sweeter could it get? It was like my two favorite games, GTA and Battlefield, collided into one entity. Grand Theft Auto-style mayhem with an open-ended storyline (killer for gameplay, I might add) in a war-torn Korea. When I heard the game was released on the X-box, I had to buy it for the X-box.

    Like all other well-made X-box games, this game has got superior graphics and sound. Even during explosions in dense fog (which actually looks like fog), the game does not lag a bit. It is smooth, crisp, and easy on the eyes. Hook this game up to a Dolby Digital 5.1 receiver, and you'll think you were actually in the combat. The sound in this game is great. The one thing I was very impressed with, however, were the games controls. They were easy to learn, and very easy to manage in-game.

    All-in-all this game is incredible. The open-ended storyline that you can shape the way you want it each time you play the game gives it one major improvement over all the Grand Theft Auto games, but still keeps that GTA style alive in a warfare simulation. If you are a die-hard or somewhat-die-hard fan of the GTA series video games, and you're like most gamers out there who beg for intense war simulations, then this game will tickle both those fancies simultaneously. For any X-box gamer out there, this game easily is a "must add to your collection" title. You won't be disappointed....more info
  • "Mercenaries" delivers fun and ECON 101 lesson
    Great game, easy learning curve, and rather open game play that allows you to do what you want to achieve mission success. "Nerd-Core" for the arm chair warriors at a good price. This is a good stocking stuffer for your teenager (naturally I had to test it to ensure quality). Bonus! Introduces fundamentals of Economics 101. Hey - mercenaries have to balance the checkbook too!...more info
  • Lets Blow Something Up!!!
    I rated this game a 4 overall just because of no option for 2-player mode. Other than that, this is a no holds bar explosion fest. if it exists, you can blow it up, if it has wheels or moves, you can hi-jack it. Mercenaries has an open map much like the GTA series with side mission along the way. You work several different factions, or countries, like the Russian Mafia, China, Allies, South Korea and North Korea. You work each one against the other, without getting yourself killed in the middle. in the meanwhile, you are working on a "Deck Of 52" cards, 52 of the most wanted dictators and drug cartel. So you will have plenty of playing time, and lots to do. this game should last you a while before completely beating it. have FUNNN with this one....more info
  • the shiz!!!
    this game is awesome!!! everything is interactive, lets say ur haveing a bad day. need to relieve sum stress? play mercenaries and blow up EVERYTHING. man i love this game. the multiplayer is cool too....more info
  • Throw your gun at them.
    I have to say this game is a keeper. The storyline was excellent and the different jobs and mini-games were enough to keep this game entertaining for hours.

    I enjoyed the times when doing a job for one faction and it would bring your status with another faction down. Then you'd have to build that status back up either by bribe (which is the most logical choice sometimes) or by going after the enemy and shooting them in front of the offended faction.

    There are different artifacts and secret military plans to recover throughout the course of the game. When you receive a certain amount, you unlock certain cheat codes or supplies, either to help you or just for more fun.

    I would definitely recommend this game instead of the Grand Theft Auto games.

    One word of caution to parents. Just like the Grand Theft Auto games, this game contains violence. While I prefer Mercenaries over GTA, discretion is recommended (by me) for kids under 14 years of age because of violence, brief language, and a few drug references. ...more info
  • GTA and Ghost Recon had a baby!
    First off let me say that my review is based on the single player campaign only. I know it kinda sucks without multiplayer and the Xbox live people will bitch but single player games have been coming up way short lately selling the game on the live or multiplayer when these things should be added benefit!
    Ok, so the game has all the concepts of GTA3: Map system is identical, one massive area (about the size of at least 2 or maybe all 3 GTA3 islands put together), and contracts can be taken from different groups for cash and new merchandise in your online black market store. The game play is like a combo of Ghost Recon 2 and GTA3. The graphics are exceptional and the music was surprisingly good too. Every structure, vehicle, prop, and aircraft is destructible! The more creative you are the more fun you can make the game... have a large group of enemies near by? Air Strike and blow em to bits! Road Block? Put a pack of C4 on the hood of your vehicle, drive towards and jump out then trigger the C4... Road block cleared! There is so much more you can do and so much I have yet to discover but this game defiantly came under the radar and is shaping up to be a very nice surprise.
    My only negative is that it did seem to have about a 2 hour learning curve to get comfortable with the controls and general functions of the game.
    In short this is a great game for a solo experience, huge replay value and from what I can tell the length is very refreshing.
    ...more info


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