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Star Wars Republic Commando

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Star Wars Republic Commando makes you a part of the Empire, as you fight for the Dark Side. Lead a highly-trained 3-man squad deep behind enemy lines. Take on the most brutal enemies with the deadly weapons at your disposal - pit them to good use and prove to the Galaxy why they should fear a Republic Commando.

  • Travel to 8 diverse environments from Geonosis to the Wookiee home planet of Kashyyyk in 14 deadly missions
  • Innovative squad combat utilizing intuitive and accessible smart squad command system featuring squad markers and stances
  • Challenging combat with incredible enemies - Super Battle Droids, Droidekas, Geonosian Warriors and Elites, Trandoshan Slavers and Mercenaries
  • Access more than 12 weapons from the Star Wars films -- from a standard DC-17 rifle to the Trandoshan Slaver Shotgun and Geonosian Elite Beam Weapon
  • Multiplayer action with up to 16 players - deathmatch, team deathmatch and capture the flag

Customer Reviews:

  • Welcome to the Darker Side of the Star War Universe!
    I was wondering when the more militarish side of Star Wars would emerge, Republic Commando brought exactly that. With a mixture of elements from Halo (Shields), Rainbow Six (Squad Tactics and aiming), and Unreal Tourny, you get a mixture of some degree of realism and tough gritty warfare.

    The graphics are pretty good, but not steller. A few things I liked was getting blood, grease and rain on your windshield and your helmet automatically wipes it off; whoever thought of that was pretty creative. I also loved the helmet tactical HUD feature, which displayed numerous gauages and dials but didn't take up an unnessesary part of the screen like in soo many movies, it really went well with the helmet.

    The voice acting and dialogue was hilarious. Between the nonchelant Fixer, the creepy sniper Sev and the I-blow-stuff-up-but-Sev-creeps-me-out Scorch, you've got quite a trio of comic-relief characters that say the whackiest things such as, "Never say no to bacta," or, "Sir, with all due respect but what the hell are you doing." You almost get a sense of brotherhood from your fellow commandos.

    The gameplay is fairly well done; the squad commands are comprehensible and easy to use during a firefight. When using hand gestures, you temporarily lose control of your weapon, which adds to the realism, which many games ignore. There are only four commands (Hold position, take offensive formations, rally and form up) with the exception of pointing to a position and telling that commando to do an action. It's easy to set up door breaches and they execute many manuevers like real US Special Forces do such as the door breach and movement to contact.

    However, the AI can foul up every now and then and a commando may get caught on a corner and not move. To counter this, punch the guy till he goes onconscious, then revive him and his action will reset.

    I think it's kinda cheesy that you can "revive" your teamates infinitely and they can revive you, but it's Star Wars and they can get away with it. When you're down you can tell your commandos to back off, attack of come revive you, which is a cool feature since most games (such as Rainbow Six) call game over when the main hero is down.

    The music is incredibly well done. It is quite a mixture of choir and opera singing that gets your blood boiling and, of course, they mix some of it with the old Star Wars music.

    The enemies can be relentless and either extremely easy or extremely hard dependind on the dificulty level. The Super Droids are nasty in groups so beware, however, the Droidekkas arn't that nasty so it can be weird sometimes.

    Aside from that, the only beef I have is that the ending comes aburptly and downright sucks. The game seems too short for what it's worth, I hope they make a sequel.

    All in all, an 87%....more info
  • just like halo 2
    This game rocks!!!! trust me when play this game you'll be blown away. This game is practicly like halo 2 only you decide what your troops do. by far the graphix are awsome and so they are so good you acctuly feel like your inside of the commanders armor. One of the features i also liked about the game was when you've been shot down you can order one of your troops to heal you....more info
  • The Next Star Wars Generation
    Am I wrong in thinking this is the first true-blue Lucasarts FPS? I can't be right. Well, ladies and gentlemen, this game blew Mercenaries and Battlefront out of the water. Not to mention the wonderful graphics in this game, the controls are wonderful, and the incapactitaion concept is the first I've ever seen. The weapons rock-out-loud, and don't worry about your health meter, every third step you take there's a bacta station (used for healing). And why use your squad to breach that door, or slice that control when you can?

    RC-1138 reporting for duty....more info
  • Very good game but short
    I really don't want to go into too much detail, but this game is very fun to play , with alot of action , and very intelligent AI , and if it sounds too good to be true that's because it is. although, it has those great components the game is relativly short, and that sucks so much from a great game like this....more info
  • Awsomeness
    Action,action, and satisfaction! Totally awesome and entirtaining. This videogame will rock your world! Cool new characters and weapons tactics and awsomeness....more info
  • Best Star Wars Game
    After buying this game I wasnt disappointed a bit. I think its the best star wars game ever. If youre looking for a star wars game on XBOX Republic Commando the right one....more info
  • Great concept!
    As another reviewer of this game previously mentioned, this game is indeed dark and gritty. It's also very intense at times and you need to have your finger on the trigger at all times if you hope to survive.

    Star Wars and Xbox seem to have a great relationship when it comes to making enjoyable video games for the public. Wheter it be RPG's like KOTOR or fascinating 3rd person shooters as SW Battlefront 1 & 2. The overall concensus from gamers is that while the games are simple to get the hang of, they're just plain fun to play for hours and hours on end as well as in the XBOX Live arena.

    Republic Commando's concept is great. It takes after previous ideas of being in command of a squad and being able to command them to perform different tasks throughout the game. The cool thing is and what's different from other games of this type is that if your squad gets gunned downed, they're not out of the game completely. You have the ability to revive them, and guess what, they have the ability to revive YOU if need be. Now how cool is that?? If you're a fan of the Star Wars genre and shooter games in general, then this game is for you. As with many other SW games, you're following the actual story and partaking in missions as elite Commandos from an elite unit. My only gripe about this game is that it's waaaaaay too short. It's also easy. If they could've made it a bit more difficult and a bit longer, it'd be perfect. This game has been out for a while and I haven't read anything on a sequel to the game coming out on the 360. Hopefully Lucas and Microsoft can get together again to make another one. Awesome game plain and simple....more info
  • One of the best Star Wars games....ever!
    Finally, a Star Wars game that doesn't involve force-powers and lightsabers. Although these are all well and good, they do get a little old. Thankfully, this game has only a hint of a Jedi presence.

    I don't know how to review this, so I'll just list the things I liked, and then the stuff that i didn't like.

    Gameplay: the gameplay is incredible! Though not quite as good as the Halo series, the novelty of playing as Clone Troopers more than makes up for it.

    The one-touch squad commands are surprisingly easy, and your comrades AI is quite good. They rarely did anything stupid. The only problem was that they couldn't indentify the greatest threat in a battle, and that if you tell them to do something, they will do it, whether they die trying or not.

    The weapons are good, and the variety is nice. The only complaint I have about those is that your main weapon, the DC-17 is surprisingly weak. It can pump shots faster than a Podracer flies, but you can fire and fire and fire and fire and a Super Battle Droid will just keep coming.

    I also liked the variety of grenade types. Flashbang, EMP, Sonic, and Thermal Detonators.

    The only other complaint I have is that some enemies are super hard to beat.

    While Trandoshan slavers, battle droids and Geonosians are easy;
    Super Battle Droids, Elite Geonosians, and Spider Droids take forever to kill. It is possible, but it takes awhile.

    and General Grievous's guards...oh, my, gosh!!!

    While I did find myself retrying several levels, the medium-dificulty level wasn't that hard. I beat it in about 6 or 7 hours.
    I did wish it were longer.

    Your teammates are smart, witty, and tough as nails. I found myself becoming attached to them and I sincerly missed them whenever I did a solo mission. You get used to having three other elite men backing you up, and I got a little scared by myself.

    Backing you up, you have:
    Scorch: demolitions expert with a wry sense of humor.
    Fixer: kind of a nerd, talks too much. supposedly a computer expert. but any of my guys could slice a computer.

    Sev: this dude is a badass! He is psycho. He is like the ultimate hunter! He kicks droids butts up and down the street!

    The ending was...sad.

    (skip ahead if you dont want to find out key plot details)

    I was genuinely sad when Sev died. I wasn't expecting it, and found myself wishing that I could have disobeyed orders and gone back for him. He was my favorite. : (


    The musical score is excellent too. Combining elements of the music from the Phantom, Clones, and Revenge of the Sith.

    I give this game 4 1/2 stars. It is very good, but it does have several flaws.

    If you are looking for a game to occupy you for a weekend, I would definetly reccomend renting Star Wars: Republic Commando....more info
  • Great game
    this is a great game it is fast pace and you don't just shoot droids. but if you like battlefront 2 you will love this game. its a little hard but still fun. ...more info
  • STAR WARS at it's best...
    I decided to buy STAR WARS REPUBLIC COMMANDO on Xbox for my son, because he won't let me play my PC version. Come to find out it seems like it plays easier on Xbox.

    This game is by far one of the best I've ever played. It's awesome. I find it very exiting and actually feels like being part of a combat squad. Everyone in the team knows to be pro-active, rather than reactive. I haven't seen a game yet, where the squad members react to direct or indirect fire as these Commandos do it. You don't move with your team, they'll do their job. You can also redirect their orders and they will follow orders to the letter. Being able to "inject" them with Bacta, makes the game a whole lot better that just "finding a med kit", and on the other hand, while you're injured, being rescued by your crew definitely gives you the feeling that you are a TEAM!!!

    The only regret (just a small one) is that the game was so short (or at least it felt like it). It only has three major campains, and with a game that is so much fun, it seemed like time flew by. I can only hope that LUCASARTS decides to make a Republic Commando II (maybe, based on the missions of OMEGA squad)'s hoping.

    I definintely recommend this game, for Squad-based combat or STAR WARS fans alike, you'll get a kick out of it. I'm definintely a fan of "Delta Squad, Republic Commandos"...more info
  • A good replacement for Halo!!!
    This is a great game. It has great graphics. No glitches. It's a great game. The way you can command the squad is awsome. I played Halo before but I'm not allowed because it's rated M. If you can't play Halo for that reason either this is the perfect replacement!...more info
  • 2nd best starwars game YET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    this game is toatiy AWSOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!The only bad thing about
    the game is you can't use any ones wepon like HALO/HALO2.But it has great graphics and the story board is awsome!!!!!!!!!!!!!If
    you like starwars Battlefront and HALO2 yo'll like this...more info
  • This Game is Sweeeeeet!!!
    Star Wars Republic Commando is one of the sweetest games in the whole world! I like it because it has first person shooter and because you're not just a wimpy clone trooper. You're an elite clone trooper!! You can choose from dozens of different weapons. Oh yeah, did I mention that you play as the leader of the elite clone squad? It's sweet! If you have an x box or a computer--get it!!...more info
  • Engaging fun
    This game is an excellent blend of first-person-shooter action and team strategy. Republic Commando gives you the ability to command your specialized team members, and I liked that the controls were simple enough not to interfere with the gameplay. I found that the use of "bacta stations" for restoring health throughout the game was helpful and even more generous than the healing methods of other games I've played.

    Music is great, character acting is good (with team members having unique personalities), and even appropriately humorous at times with a geek joke now and then. My only disappointment was that the ending left me hanging, I felt like there should be more (or a sequel)....more info
  • Don't know yet????
    I don't know about this game but the game looks fantastic. The graphics are incredible. I can't wait to find out more! I hope I'm not dissappointed. I can trust Lucasarts still since Battlefront was a definite success!...more info
  • Wall-to-wall butt-kicking!
    Is it the best game of the year? Nope. I think Mercenaries is decidedly superior. But is it the most fun game so far in 2005? You betcha!

    No classy cutscenes or lengthy narration. You're just thrown into battle from the get-go, learning the rules the hard way as you obliterate every enemy in sight. You get a lovely selection of weapons to choose from. And you get the best squad AI I've yet seen in a game. You really can order your boys into position, then lay for the enemy and give 'em a taste of hell.

    The battles are ferocious and sometimes seem unwinnable till you learn how to use your squaddies properly. It gets so that properly deploying your team is as much fun as wasting Trandoshan mercenaries.

    I like this game. A lot....more info
  • Long Story Short
    The skinny on this game is that it rocks. The squad that you command has some pretty good A.I. and the enemy's A.I. may throw some surprises at you too. The range of enemies isn't the greatest, but you may find yourself surprised who (or what) you end up fighting. The range of weapons starts out as basic, but if you keep your eyes open, you can get your hands on some pretty devastating weapons. The gunfights range from what seems like child's play, all the way to "This Is Impossible!" fights. While there aren't any vehicles at your disposal, there are various types of turrets, capable of unleashing hell on enemies foolish enough to get within range. Overall, this fast-paced shoot'em up set in the Star Wars universe was a lot of fun. I found it to be one of the best Star Wars games yet, as it puts you right in the action in a different way than all of the others have. If you're considering buying this, but you're still not sure, check YouTube and watch a few minutes of someone else playing through a level. Or you can just listen to me, and buy the game now... either way, you'll end up buying the game....more info
  • one flaw
    i won't go into what is so good about this game, as you can read the other reviews for that, as i also agree with what is good. the one flaw in my view is the short amount of gameplay available for single player mode. i finished the game on hard difficulty in only about 8 hours. it was incredibly fun, but in my opinion, they could have added more single player game time. i don't regret buying it, but i feel i would have more value for my price paid if it took me longer to complete it. which is not to say you shouldn't at least rent it. ...more info
  • As Good As Halo
    If you are like me and sick of Halo then SWRC is a great game. The AI is great although there are times when you have to do it all by yourself, but you are able to issue commands to protect you while to go about your duty. I debated over buying this or Battlefront and ended up with both of them, and I should have just bought this one. My biggest complaint is that it just ends, so prepare when you are talking to Yoda and then the credits roll. I guess it leaves it open for the tie in books and a sequel. If there is to be such, I will buy it. As for now I regret trading it in for Battlefront, guess I will just move on to KOTOR2. ...more info
  • Squad Based First Person Shooter With Star Wars!
    Reviewed for Big Boss Games by: bargainzandmore

    Star Wars Republic Commando takes you into the events leading up to the last days of the Republic.

    This is an awesome squad based first person shooter with non stop action. You are the commander of Delta Squad (voice acting by Jango Fett himself, Temuera Morrison) an elite special forces group.

    You'll get to see new vehicles, enemies and locations from the Star Wars Episode III Revenge of the Sith movie. The game has 15 levels (not nearly enough) with 8 alien environments & can be single or multiplayer/online with system link 2-10, as well as content download for new items and levels.

    On a 1-10, I'll give it an 8.5...more info
  • New Perspective on the Clone Wars
    Star Wars Republic Commando picks up the ball KOTOR2 dropped. It's clear a great amount of production value was put into the game. As a Republic Commando you take lead of Delta squad, an elite ARC unit. With you are three fellow clones each with their own skills which you can employ to simplify objectives.

    First of all the graphics are just amazing. RC presents the Star Wars universe through the eyes of a Jenga Fett commando tasked with tough missions that normal clones can't handle. The scale of ships, transporters, landscapes etc... are all believable. Team and enemy animations are very well done and always fluid regardless how many NPC's are on screen -the Obsidian team behind KOTOR2 should take notes. Visual effects are also interesting and keep you in the game whether its the blurring of being caught in the blast radius of a static grenade or water or oil being wipe off your visor by a laser.

    The sound is amazing. The score could possible have been mastered by John Williams himself. Even music from the movies was used. Sound effects are also borrowed from the movies keeping the player in tune with the theatrical releases.

    The gameplay is very fun. Although some people may complain squad commands were too simplified and dumbed down, its actually novel telling your squad where to go and not having to worry that they won't full obey the commands due to poor AI. Controls are intuitive and easy to learn.

    At the end of the day, Republic Commando offers a new stunning and believable universe in the overcrowded FPS genre. The inclusion of an intuitive squad command system makes the game more enjoyable and always offers something new instead of run, gun, lather, rinse and repeat. The battlefields easily sell the idea of how large scale a Republic Capital ship is, how dense the forests of Kashyyk are and so on. Great replay value and a definite purchase worthy title....more info
  • Great game. 'Nuff said.
    Well, I can see that alot of people here like this game. I for one also liked it... I'm 15 and i'm trying to sound smart, so bare with me here. Anyhow, i'm not a Star Wars fan, but I know the concept of the whole thing. Jedis, war, chaos (Heh heh heh..). Now, when I bought this game, the clerk told me "the controls are a bit awkward, but you'll get use to it in about half an hour or so". I come home saying "Aw jeez, i'm going to have trouble with this." I mean, the store clerk looked like he knew his games. Ah ha! But I guess I was wrong. I picked up the controller and bashed my way through all of the levels. I found that the enemies were hard, and I was glad of that. I mean, almost all the first person games that I play, I walk in a room and like.. Well, it looks like I could just beat the dude down with the butt of my gun. Which I usually do, and it's very very fun. The weapon system is good, but very limited. The graphics are amazing. The way that I would kick a carcass across the floor, just by walking towards it amused me.. (It was quite fun.. Just walking back and forth on a carcass.) I liked the fact that each of your squadmates had his own personality. The convorsations that go back and forth between them would keep.. Well, not many people entertained, but I sure kept me up. When me and my squadmates die, it's not them to blame. It's you. You're the squad leader, and you're to blame if an operation goes wrong. You make the wrong choices, and lead them into wrong areas. While I usually breached the doors to get through the missions, there were times when I just sliced the panel. You were supplied with options that were right and wrong. Some areas where you would plant your squadmates for sniping positions were useless. They were just put there so that you'd think you need to use it. I'm glad that jedi's weren't stuck into this game. I for one, didn't really ever like controlling them. I would reccomend anybody to play this game, if you can put up with just playing the campaign. If you like a Counter Strike style of game play.. Well, the way they move is very similar to Counter Strike. Only online, during campaign, the actions are very realistic. (LIke when your squad mates beat down a droid or a Geonoshion). So this is what I give this game.

    Fun Factor: 4/5
    The game was fun, but it wasn't 'that' fun. The multiplayer stunk, but the campaign ruled.

    Controls: 5/5
    No problems controlling them.

    Graphics: 4/5
    They were good, but they weren't great. Some crates or Wookie Carcass' were just repeated.

    Originality: 3/5
    It was very much like Halo, it was twisted a bit. And the squad control has also been done, just not in the way Republic Commando had made it.

    Overall: BOO YAH!

    The 2nd smart guy to post a review. ;)

    (It.. It's a joke..)...more info
  • When Ghost Recon Meets Star Wars!!!!!!!!!; Two Thumbs Up!!!!
    Star Wars Republic Commando is a breath of fresh air for the Star Wars genere!!! Like I said it is a strategic first - person shooter like Ghost Recon except with kick @$$ sci-fi weapons, the vast environments which include: Genosis, a Republic Assusalt Ship, and Kayhssk; which the game spans out on!!! You play as a an elite Clone Trooper unit called Delta Force, specially trained commandos trained for the most dangerous and deadly situations!!! They are trained to be silent and swift and can make noise, lots of noise if needed!!! This elite squad of commandos include 07 "Sev"-he likes to get some head shots from a distance- sniper specialist; 40 "Fixer"- he likes to slice through systems and hack into enemy networks -computer specialist; 62 "Scorch'- he likes to blow stuff up - Demo specialist!!! You play as 38 the squad leader!!! It is up to you to direct your squad and to keep order during a deadly fire fight or engagement!!! You get a special weapon with different types of modifactions which has regular blaster rifle, sniper zoom, and anti - armor charges!!! During the game you must rely on your squad and they will rely on you!!! I included in this review an outline of the Story, Weapons, and the game in general!!! I even have some buying advice and ways to save money!!!

    Game Outline:

    Some of the best ever ,almost seems really their combating against those Seperatists scum bags!!! Great pixles and shading effects with smooth character design and enviroments!!! Truly unique!!! 5/5

    Environments/Level Design:
    The environments are awesome with great graphics, level design, and always unique!!! It was cool how you went from Genosis- a desert filled with lots of droids and Genosionans, to a mysterious Republic Assault Ship with the structure twisting and turning and with the enemy setting ambushes, for example coming out of the vents!!! You can also use the environment to your advantage like setting up traps or blowing your way through walls!!! It is unique and always suprises you!!! 5/5

    The best variety I have ever seen, from different attachments yo your gum from picking up enemy weapons and using them, from the rocket turret, from the Wookie Crossbow and Wookie Heat Sensitive Rocket Launcher, to enemy compulsive and beam weaponry!!! The environment is also a weapon for example laying out traps or shooting an explosive crate!!! You also get a big variety of gernades from Thermal Detonators, to Flash-bang gernades, to sonic charges, and ion gernades(a droids worse nightmare)!!! Weapon design and combos are perfect!!! 5/5

    A.I. Intellengence:
    The Commandos are almost as elite as you but, they will fall apart without your guidence!!! They will be able to cover you set up bombs, slice through computers, blow stuff up and to get out of the way of a gernade of explosion, and opperate turrets!!! They will rarely heal themselves though which is up to you!!! They even have a sense of humor and are as elite as real commandos!!! The enemy is also intellengent, for example if you throw a gernade at them they will sometimes throw it back!!! Some of those slaver mercanaries get on my nerveres in a good way I suppose!!! 5/5

    Awesome, online play with great maps!!! Split screen is awesome too, this is some great stuff!!! 5/5

    Overall, this game is one of the best games of all time from start to finish which shows more of the soldiers role instead of the jedi and force stuff!!! This was one of the best First-Person Shooter from a strategigic angle I have ever played!!! Both Tom Clancy fans, and Star War fans will find something great out of this!!! This game is so good even people who don't like Star Wars will see this as a materpiece!!! This is the absolute best Star Wars game by far, it is pretty hard to beat something like this!!!

    In This game you will rely on certain tatics and commands to keep your squad alive!!! Like I said before you will rely on them and they will rely on you!!! It is awesome how you can set up your squad in sniping positions, anti-armor and gernading positions, opperating turrets, slicing through computers, and blowing stuff up!!! There are 4 main command though that you must know how to use if you want to survive!!! They are the following:

    Secure Area:

    This command is used for when you need an area cleared or need to hold position or deffensive strong point!!! It is very useful, for example you can have your squad hold by a bacta station and set up a deffensive point of fire while you heal your squad!!! You don't have to do all the dirty work if you use the correct tatics!!! This is a great tatic when under heavy fire!!! The cool thing is that it can be used for a offensive or deffensive purpose, a great move if used wisely!!!

    Form Up:

    This tatic is used to have your squad regroup to where you are!!! An example if you screw up, and have to get your squad together to regroup!!! During a fire fight and you need to fire at a specific point or if you need back up!!! This is a deffensive tatic used to get your squad together!!! In a fire fight this could save your squad if used correctly!!!!

    Search and Destroy:

    Is used if you need your squad to move, at a fast pace while engaging the enemy!!! You can easily direct your squad during an ambush in this position or have your squad concentrate their fire on one target!!! This is an offensive tatic when advancing on a objective!!!

    Cancel Maneuver:

    This tatic is used for two purposes, the first being when you have to advance you order your commandos , cancel maneuver, and they will stop whatever they are doing ;like holding a sniping position, for example!!! Also when things get rough during a fire fight and you have to re-position your squad or just have to get them out of their, this is the command!!!

    These tatics and commands are just the tip of the iceberg compared to the seemingly endless posibilties and options!!! I give credit to George Lucas for creating this awesome Star Wars game that seems more like Ghost Recon or Rainbow Six 3 in the galaxy far, far away!!! This game is just plainly awesome and is very addictive!!! I like the change of being a bad @$$ commando then being some kind of jedi who uses the force or has a lightsaber!!! This game is on the same level of greatness than the Halo games and the Tom Clancy games!!! It is hard to come up with anything this good, which makes it hard to beat too!!! In my opinion this has to be the best put together Star Wars game of all time!!! I wish more games could be like this!!! Great job to the people who made this possible!!!! I strongly reccomend this masterpiece and work of gaming greatness!!!! My final score has to be 5/5!!!! This is a good change for the Star Wars genere, I love it, it was sad when I finished the game it left me wanting more!!! The Online play and multi player are darn fun too!!!
    ... I only give a brief descriptition of the story, so if you want to know more buy the game, it is worth every penny!!!

    The Story:

    The game starts off with a cut-scene at Kamino and tells the story about how the commandos became to be and introduces you to your destiny of being the leader of the commandos!!! Their are three campaign maps:

    Genosis (Zero Hour:The beginning of the Clone Wars)/Day: 1

    This campaign takes place during the events of episode 2!!!!
    In this campaign your mission is your eliminate a top official of the Sepratists and help any Clone Troopers who need some help!!! After that you move into Genosionan territory to destroy an important droid factory, which would cripple their attack strength!!! you must fight catutiosly and tatically if you want survive!!! Finally, you fight your way onto, which includes lots of droids, Super Droids, and even a Spider Droid, Sepratist Capital Ship and sabotage it's systems and retrive launch codes to hault their evacuation of Genosis!!!!! Teamwork is the key to finishing this!!! Awhile after you get on the ship you must split up and each disable a part of the ship' the key to this is to stay smart and carefully take out the Super Battle Droids, it isn't two hard once you get the hang of it!!! After, rigging the ship to blow they must get the codes and get off the sip alive!!! You must move fast and use your head to survive!!! Once you get the codes you are home free and have completed your job on Genosis!!!

    Republic Assault Ship (Day: 367)

    This campaign takes place a year after the conflict on Genosis, during the middle of the war!!! Your first mission begins when a Republic Assault Ship that went missing, suddenly appears mysteriously!!! Your mission is to find out what happened and download specific info!!! For most of the commando you are split up so this is a test of your skills as a commando!!! Almost immediatly things start to get ugly starting off with wierd scavenger droids and the disappearing of two of the commandos!!! It get's better it turns out that slavers have taken control of the ship and all H*LL, breaks loose!!!*note* watch out for Ambushes!!!!! After you finish your primary objective you must regroup with the commandos and find out what is going on!!! You and "Scorch"are the only two that remain as you fight your way through a whole army of those slavers but, after that you find "Sev" and help him out!!! you then move on and fight your way through the detenion block and help "Fixer" out!!! Now that the group is reunited you must elimannate the threat and escape!!! Well it turns out that a Seperatist Battle Ship comes by and gives you a warm welcome!!! This is when the fighting gets real intense and tests your skills as a leader!!! You must try to hold off an entire army!!! After, running from hanger to hanger, you must now hold a position, nothing new for this level until you have a walker to help greet tham and blow them to "kingdom come"!!!! It's not over yet you must assist the ship that has come to rescue you by getting the ship's weaponry operational you must slice through 3 terminals while fighting off a lot droids, I suggest you have two people defend the position while the other two slice through the first two which leaves 3 commandos defending the position while, one person takes care of the last one!!! After completing this campaign you should give yourself a pat on the back!!!

    Kayhssk (Day: 735)

    This campaign takes place before the events in episode 3!!! This is the third and final campaign which is towards the closing days of the war!!! Your primary objective is to free leader of the Wookie Resistance and fight against the Seperaist forces!!! The fate of the war is in your hands!!! After freeing the leader you discover that General Grieveous is on the planet and then are attacked by his body guards, which are very fast, but if you got this far in the game it shouldn't be too hard, but not, too easy either!!! You must then move and rally Resistance forces and cripple enemy forces!!! Complications then strike, when a large ammount of ammo from the ammo dump falls into the wrong hands you must save it as well as the surviving wookie!!! You must then cut their supply lines, by destroying an important bridge, which would put a dagger through their heart but, it is easier said then done!!! The Seperatists don't just hand you the bridge they throw at you Super Battle Droids, Destoyer Droids/ Droid Decas, and a Spider Droid!!! After Depleting their supply lines, you must liberate the rest of the city and pursue Grieveous!!! Well... he gets away and you get to fight the freak show again!!! It is easy with the two Rocket turetets *note watch out for them during the earlier parts of the campaign!!! Afterwards you must reactivate the power deffense grid!!!After the grid is operational, you,then must take down a fleeing Seperatist Capital ship, for this task you must mend 4 differet turrets in different positions!!! This will be you toughest challenge yet fighting through lots of resistance eveuntally spliting up!!! After this you fire on the ship!!! After the ship finally blows up the game is over!!! When you radio in to your team something happens to Sev and thier is nothing you can do as you are ordered back to command!!! In the ending cut scene it shows you the Republic Invasion beginning which, leads to episode 3!!!!
    The End

    ...that was just a brief outline of the story so if you want to know more buy it, you won't be sorry I promise you that!!!

    Buying Advice:
    ...stuff you might consider checking out!!!

    If you like Strategic First Person Shooter or Tom Clancy Games buy:
    Ghost Recon 2
    Ghost Recon Island Thunder
    Ghost Recon
    Rainbow Six 3
    Rainbow Six 3: Black Arrow
    Full Spectrum Warrior

    If you like First Person Shooters... no questions asked buy:
    Halo 2
    Doom 3
    Area 51
    Half-Life 2

    If you like Star Wars buy:
    Star Wars: The Clone Wars
    Star Wars: Revenge of The Sith
    Star Wars: Battlefront
    Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic
    ...more info
  • Halo + Rainbow Six+ Star Wars= fun game
    Republic commando is a fine First Person Shooter. This is the first all first person shooter from star wars in a while and a great way to revive the genre. The gameplay is as some sudgest, is what you would get if Halo and Rainbow Six [ also fine games ] had a kid, and then left it on the doorstep of Star Wars where it was raised.
    You play as Delta squad leader 1138. Delta squad are the elite clones, 4 man squads trained by the Fett-man himself. You can order your squad around by holding A and using the D-Pad. You can tell them to form up, hold a position, get into attack formation or cancel previous manuevers. You can also tell them to place a bomb, hack a computer, man a turret, take up sniping position, eat a cat, steal your credit card and focus all their firepower on one hostile. There's an occasional solo mission to break up the repition. The audio is fantastic, with eerie sounds that range from the organic flutter of a geonosions wings to the tank like crawl of a spider droid and the muffled stomping of the raging wookie. Did I mention that you get to fight alongside wookies? And not the cute, fuzzy one's, I'm talking about the raging homicidal wookies that kill everything. The graphics also paint a desolate and skincrawling enviroment, and is mildly destructable.
    Only 2 real problem's with the game: its short and theres no bot multyplayer. With only three campaigns [ or worlds or what ever you want to refer to them as ] it's over before you can really love it and the multyplayer, even though it supports xbox live and system link, is shallow. I want to love this game and give it a 5, but those two problems drag it down to 4 STARS....more info
  • Good Game
    First of all, i've always loved squad based shooters that allow you to give commands so my judgment might be swayed a little by that. though i found this game a little too short, i beat it around five or six hours, it was very entertaining. the gameplay is fun and gives you many options of what to do with your squad although once you have the actions down much of the game is cut and dry with fixed positions to perform certain actions but the game is still entertaining. there are many different mission requirements that spice things up a little. the weapon strength to enemy health ratio is a little unbalanced though as the melee attach is increadably stronger than shooting with the rifle and some enemies just don't like to die(whacking or shooting), good thing your squard can revive each other despite being blown apart by rockets and grenades. the AI is definently not the worse i've seen, though i have seen better but not many and not by much. all in all i don't regret buying this game at all....more info
    hard star wars game has gresat grafics for an old-gen console AI is smart and has good choice of weapons
    the only star wars game thats betteris batlefront 2...more info
  • such a tight game
    The first level's a little boring. But once u get further into the game you get new and better guns, grenades and tougher enemies. I've had it for six months and i'm still not tired of it....more info
  • Pretty darn good if you like gunning games.
    This game is good but it just doesn't cut it following up in Halo's wake. Less intense than Halo but the levels are basicly repetetive after the first. Plus, being able to revive your soldiers makes it a lot less challenging. Still, it is pretty fun....more info
  • the combination of the two greatest games in the world
    i love this game. it combines the two greatest games in the world: star wars and halo. all the controls mirror halo's controls. also, it's the star wars universe. even when u kill a droid and the oil spatters on your visor, it automatically wipes the visor. brilliant. i recommend it to everybody....more info
  • awesome!
    well i've played this game for a while and i recomend you get it. Except the graphics are cheesy at some parts but the game play is awesome. ...more info
  • The Best Star wars Game Ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    When i got this game i thought it would be alot like was I wrong!!! It was 10 times better then battlefront and to be thats alot becouse I thought battlefront was awsome.Anyways this game has everything a star wars fan (like myself)could want!!!! Explosives,Sniping,computer hacking You name it!You get to be in charge of an elite group of clones known as Commandos. The name of youre squad is Delta Squad. And you do missions like:Invading droid factories, Entering core ships,and folowing ghost ship recons!Im telling you buy this game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...more info
  • Really fun until you beat it
    I'm 15 and I have Star Wars: Battlefront 1 and 2, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic 1 and 2, this game, and I'm getting LEGO Star Wars in the mail any day now. I really like Star Wars: Battlefront 2 and Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic 1, but this is a game that is hard to place as to how much I like it.

    I got this game 2 days ago after work at like 2 PM and I played it until like 1 AM and then I woke up the next day at about 9 AM and I beat it at maybe 1 PM. So it took me about half a day to beat. I was really mad when I beat it because I was having fun and it just suddenly ended. And it was a really stupid ending too!

    The Good:
    - You have a really good control over your squad with a variety of different orders such as telling a squad mate to set up a sniping position in one spot or telling your slicer to slice open a door for you. This is good so that you dont have to do everything yourself and you dont have to rely on your squad to give you covering fire when it takes a whole minute to slice into a computer data base.
    -The weapons are pretty sweet and they are ones that you have never really seen before (except for maybe thermal detonators or a wookie bowcaster.)
    -If you become incapacitated, you can tell your squad to come revive you, or if you don't feel like fighting, tell them to just maintain their current orders and revive you after the fighting is done.
    -The way to heal yourself is a bacta station, which I think is better than running over a health container.
    -The AI is good so your squad actually knows how to fight.

    The Bad:
    -The game is a lot shorter than I expected with only about 3 different planets/ships
    -There are only about 5 different enemies: Battle droids, Super Battle droids, Trandoshans, Geonosians, and Magna Guards.
    -The enemies all act the same in every battle.
    -Super Battle droids are really annoying in a fight because they are really tough to beat if you just have a blaster rife (unless you're a noob and play it on easy.)
    -Telling your squad to do things gets repetative after a while.
    -The ending sucks.
    -Once you beat it, you can only play the game over on a harder setting, which is not really that fun, or play with your friends on multiplayers, which isn't fun either. So you just put it back on the shelf for a while until you're bored and feel like playing it again.

    So, all-in-all, this is a really fun game until you beat it. So I suggest that you "pace" yourself.
    ...more info
    hard star wars game has gresat grafics for an old-gen console AI is smart and has good choice of weapons
    the only star wars game thats betteris batlefront 2...more info
  • Not bad, not great
    Well, i was excited about this game coming out being a loyal starwars gamer and movie fan. I was disapointed. This game is unrully hard at times and extremely easy at others. A good side is that you can't really die because your squad can revive you.
    There are some cool points to this game:
    Great graphics, almost seems real
    Get to control a squadron of specialty clones, which you can tell them to do dif. things(snipe, commence door breach manuveur, etc.)
    Crummy two-player gaming, just plain stupid
    Intensly frustrating at times
    Gets boring

    Well it may have some downsides, this game is o.k and is a great game for starwars fans....more info
  • Great entertainment
    First off, I've never been a big fan of First Person Shooters. The only exceptions being Half-Life where the story and interaction was compelling enough to be more than just a "blast the bad guys" expierience. So when I picked this up I was skeptical as something akin to Star Wars: Battlegrounds. This was not the case.

    Republic Commando is indeed a first-person shooter but more than just a "blast the bad guys" because you are not just controlling yourself but three other squadmates. Controlling them is very very easy as their AI is extremly well done. For the most part they will stay in a tactical formation and not do stupid stuff like running into mines, etc. They act and move independantly and support you rather than hinder you. This is all without you giving them orders. The orders you can give are very simple with two primary formations which is basically Offensive or Defensive. Offensive they will actively engage targets of opportunity with intelligence i might add, using cover and not just standing in front of a droid and shooting until it dies. Defensive your squadmates will stick to you for the most part, firing at targets of opportunity. The other big part of controlling your squadmates comes in the form of taking positions. There are several types of positions (Grenadier, Sniper, Anti-Armor) which are preset depending on what map you are on. It's a simple matter of clicking to order a trooper into a position and he will either snipe, use his anti-armor attachment from his gun or lob grenades on targets of opportunity.

    The gameplay and mission assignments are various and exciting. No two missions are alike. You will hear all the familiar Star Wars music from John Williams, and move around some familiar environments. The Wookies were very well done btw, and much more than a tall british guy in a shag carpet costume. Very large, very fercocious which don't just stand around...they help fight as well.

    Lucasarts proclaims that the squad is your weapon and this is exactly on target. Most of the time I spent ordering my squad to solve problems and eliminate bad guys rather than shoot myself. When I did it was only after i put my squadmates in a tactical position and would lend whatever firepower I had to taking down X or Y bad guy. There are certain points in your missions where you are solo and your squadmates are not available to you, I still found those enjoyable because it was a nice change of pace.

    The Gameplay is superb. The graphics and environmentals are absolutely outstanding. They were very well done.

    Now..the bad parts which are few. The game was way too short, which isn't necessarily a flaw. The game was so good i actually played and beat it twice in a row. It will take your average gamer approximately 4-8 hours to win. As mentioned in another review i also expierienced points where one of my guys would get stuck and lost. This would require me to backtrack and find him to get him back in the group. This was fairly rare and easy to fix, but a bit annoying.

    Overall it's an extremly fun game to play and recommend picking it up for a good fix of Star Wars entertainment, but the minor bugs made me give it 4 stars.

    ...more info
  • Great Concept, just short
    Being a die hard SW gamer I was really interested in seeing a SW game that did not rely on Jedi powers or key characters. In this game you are the team leader of Delta Force, your character is voiced by the same actor who played good old Jango Fett.

    The game itself is visually fantastic and realistic. The movement and A.I. are great as well. The game kind of combines the elements of Halo into the SW universe.

    The only down side was the the lenght. I finished the game in about 13 hrs, that was single player mode. I did not play online.

    This game seems to be built specifically for online play. I am sure it would shine.

    All in all, its a geat game, just short, unless you play online or in sync with friends, I suggest renting first....more info
  • Wow...
    Like a swift kick to the stomach, this game will leave you doubled-over and gasping for breath hours after you finish playing. How many times have I been forced to kill a spider droid on my own with just a pistol because I ran out of ammo and my entire squad is incapacitated, or how often have I encountered a droid dispenser pumping out SBD's only to realize I've already used up all my anti-armor charges? These kinds of situations force to think ahead and plan & execute your strategies quickly. Keeping your squad organized is key. It's a beatiful thing when you give your squadmates commands and then find out that what you've decided for them to do is the perfect strategy. Good ol' Delta 38... he always knows just what to do.

    Squad control in the game is easy as pie, and the friendly AI is okay, though at times a bit frustrating. When they're given a command, the squad will go do it no matter what, even if it means doing something dumb like getting killed because they don't think to kill the things in their way first. Enemies are pretty stupid, but you don't need to be smart when you're a Super Battle Droid. The graphics and landscapes are amazing, from the windy, dusty canyons of Geonosis to the dark and foreboding forests of Kashyyyk. Except for the commando armor, everything is dark and gloomy. Gameplay is also awesome; everything is fast-paced and keeps you on the edge of your seat (and sometimes out of it completely). Whether you're desperately trying to hold off an endless stream of enemies as one of your squadmates plants explosives on a droid dispenser while another hacks into a security system while under fire, or you're clearing a path through a group of fat Trandoshan slavers in the maze-like corridors of an assault ship, there's never a dull moment in Republic Commando, and the difficulty is just right.

    The Squad:
    Delta 38, the main character. A tough-as-nails commando, 38 don't take no crap from nobody. Even when under heavy fire, he calmly gives commands like he's ordering food at a McDonald's drive-thru. He's the voice of reason, keeping everybody under control.
    Delta 62 (Scorch), the Demolitions expert. Scorch likes explosives. That's all there is to say.
    Delta 07 (Sev), is a fierce hunter. His best use is as a sniper, providing amazingly accurate covering fire for his squadmates. His only job is to kill, kill, kill.
    Delta 40 (Fixer), is just a good old-fashioned soldier. He's uncomplicated and a great fighter, and always follows orders. Other than that, I'm not quite sure what his deal is... I guess he's the "computer expert," though any commando can slice any console.
    Each commando has his own personality. Scorch can be quite humorous at times, and Sev has some pretty disturbing things to say. One thing I don't understand is why do all have different voices? I though they were all clones...

    I only have a few problems with the game: First off, the DC-17m rifle chews through ammo at an alarming rate, and you can only carry 300 rounds at a time. There are lots of ammo pick-ups throughout the levels, but you'll often find yourself running out of ammo and having to backtrack to find more. Also, Super Battle Droids and Destroyers are a real kick in the teeth, as are flame-throwing flying Geonosians and elite Trandoshan mercenaries packing super-powerful chain guns of death. General Grievous' bodyguards are the devil, what with their jumping and twirling and other impossible-to-hit acrobatics. Even with all three squad members firing on them at once, certain enemies still take forever to bring down. Thankfully, there are bacta stations all over the place to heal up if you get hurt. Also, the game itself is too short. Only three missions?! What the crap? The missions are pretty complicated and well-thought out, but everything is so fast-paced that you get through it in no time. The ending is very sudden and unexpected. Finally, there are very few types of enemies. Pumping holes through hordes of relentless battle droids and sniping merc after merc as they pour out of the ceiling can get tiresome. But overall, it's a very, very, very, VERY good game. Fifty dollars may seem like a bit too much to pay for it, but it's worth every penny....more info
  • A New Era of Starwars Games
    Before this came out Most of the starwars games I would play had some not so good attributes (bad graphics, bad attack systems, etc.)(Acception: Starwars Battlefront). And when it came out I bought it the first day and liked it so much I beat it in 4 days. This is a really good game and I reccomend you buy it....more info
  • A fun ride through the Star Wars universe
    I had a good time playing this game. It took me about two months to get through. When you consider I only play x-box about an hour a day, that isn't too bad. It took me about about two weeks to get across the bridge on the Wookie home world. I must recommend obtaining the play guide or you'll pull your hair out in certain sections. Graphics are stunning. Some of the other Star Wars games (like "Knights of the Old Republic" or "Star Wars Battlefront") have great replay value. That is really the only down side to Republic Commando. I will never play through it again. ...more info
  • Waste
    I payed 50$ for this.It was Horrible!I beat 3 levels one day next day I get stuck on a cruddy level.I Hate being Timed on some of the levels.Real Waste of Money.I f you like Star Wars buy Battlefront....more info
  • good first person shooting game
    this is one of the best star wars games i have ever isnt no cake walk game either,it is challenging and at sometimes a bit difficult.usually i beat games very fast.i beat star wars battlefront in one night.this game took me awhile to beat.thats a plus for me beacuse i hate buying games and then just beating it in one night(star wars battlefront is a good game).the point is if you like first person games and star wars..this is a must have....more info
  • Close to the halos
    This game is almost as good as the halos. It is extremely challenging for new players but is medium for very experienced players. You can customize your character in multiplayer. There are three environments with 7 levels in it. It has some really hard enemies yet easy ones also. You have a variety of weapons also. It is worth every penny....more info
    it is one of the best games next Halo2 and DOA!...more info
  • A Game on the Light Side
    I haven't played much of the game yet, but I think I've played enough to decide whether the game is worth getting or not. I guess you could say these are my first impressions.

    First, let's talk Star Wars: George is trying to milk this series for everything its got, but I can't blame him, considering how successful it's been. Some of the more recent Star Wars games have been pretty bad, for instance, KOTOR 2, I'm not going to say it was bad, but the first one blew it away... far away. I also must say that Star Wars Episode II was the worst movie in the series, and some people may think basing a game from that period is a bad idea.

    But the game works, it plays well and really draws you into the experience. I guess you could say it's a cross between Halo and Metroid Prime (Metroid only because the visor shows). And some squad-based game. The visuals are amazing, the armor is slick and it's entertaining when you get geonosian juice on your mask, which is wiped away by a little lazer thing.

    The REAL big deal about this game is the A.I. It has to be some of the best ever seen in a video game. Your squad won't shoot you if you happen to be in front of them, and they'll be careful not to be in your way, i.e. if you're shooting, they might crouch in front of you to keep your legs clean and provide support. Also, commanding the squad is very simple and intuitive (Meaning simple in a good way). Plus, each squad member has their own personality, your usual rag-tag group of elite soldiers: One who likes to snipe, one who likes to blow stuff up, and one that just stands around shooting with a name like Fixer.

    Overall, this game is great. It's worth buying I'd say, and I'm sure it's the first Star Wars squad game. I'd say buy it or give it a rental, like I said, I haven't played much. But all I can say is, this game won't succumb to the Dark Side....more info
  • Repetitive
    This game is extremely repetitive and at times frustrating. There was one part of the game I had to play 10 times because I kept dying and so did my squad no matter how I configured my team. The enemies had better weapons than we did 2 levels into the game. The enemies were the same and their idea of difficulty is simply more enemies and that more shots to kill. This is not even close to Halo 2 in terms of overall creativity or fun. This game is nothing more than constant shooting and detonating obtacles to get into more shooting. This is not a creative game. Graphics were impressive (not as impressive as those in Halo) but controlling your troops really did nothing for you - you might as well always have them go in first then you can revive them when they die.

    I did not have the opportunity to play this game online....more info


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