Hoover S3332 Telios Straight Suction Canister Vacuum

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Product Description

Telios Metallic Red Hoover Straight Suction Canister Vacuum with Telescoping Wands is Lightweight and easy to Maneuver.

  • 360 Degree Swivel Nozzle
  • Variable Speed & Suction Control
  • 7 Stage Filtration
  • 12A Motor
  • Automatic Cord Rewind
  • Features:
    • 12-amp canister vacuum with 7-stage filtration system and check-bag indicator light
    • Variable-speed control; sleek design for lightweight maneuverability and versatility
    • 360-degree swivel hose connection; large wheels; automatic cord rewind
    • Telescopic wand; dusting brush, furniture nozzle, and crevice tool included
    • Full 1-year warranty
    Customer Reviews:
    • Couldn't be worse
      We bought this Hoover Junkios a few years back to replace my 25-year-old Hoover Spirit. What a disappointment. The Telios has absolutely no redeeming qualities. It mars floors (tile and vinyl); the floor attachment connector cracked causing a loose fit to the wand; when the hose isn't kinking, it's breaking; forget using it on stairs; the suction has been engineered right out of the thing (one of the suction-reducer controls is located in the handle where it constantly gets bumped into a position further reducing it's poor suction); vacuum bags are expensive and not easily obtainable.

      I grew up with a Hoover in the house. When I moved out on my own, I bought a Hoover - it lasted me 25 years! But, I'll never, ever buy another Hoover after buying this Junkios. ...more info
    • A Terrible Vacuum!
      I purchased this vacuum over a year-and-half ago and have hated it from the start. The first problem is that it has very limited suction strength - it might pick up a penny (as others claim), but often it won't pick up a stray piece of lint (no matter how many times I try)...and it leaves so much HAIR behind that I have to follow up with an adhesive lint brush!!! (And since I have long hair, there are always stray hairs around the house, no matter what I do). Also, this vacuum has such a small cleaning path!!! And the hose detaches from the wand on a regular basis - and to top it all off, I have found using a canister vacuum to be very inconvenient. I'm now shopping for a bagged upright vaccum, hopefully with more cleaning power and a much wider cleaning path....more info
    • Not even close in quality to a Kenmore
      I bought this little canister vacuum because I needed something small, lightweight, but powerful for the upstairs room, particularly the area where the cats hang out a lot. I must say it does a decent job sucking up cat litter (hee hee, not from the box, just the grains that cats track away--but the former would be a nice feature in a vacuum, wouldn't it?) and cat hair and such.
      BUT. The wand, as stated, pops off the hose...MOST annoyingly, when I press the on/off area, even if I hold it down for 5 seconds, when I release it the darn machine turns OFF. I usually have to try to get it to stay going at least 3 times. Once going, though, it doesn't stop til I turn it off. Equally irritating, it is impossible to find bags anywhere except online; even our well-stocked vacuum specialty store locally did not have bags for this.
      I used my mom's old (bigger) Kenmore canister vacuum for years after she handed it off to me...it is so old that it boasts on its side that it has a "Magic Reel" mechanism to suck up the electric cord (such a standard feature now that it's hardly worth mentioning, let along calling magic). It is still chugging away, rather weakly but still usefully, as a basement vacuum. Our main vacuum, which replaced it for the majority of the house, is another basic Kenmore canister vacuum, which is a champ. DO NOT buy the Hoover Telios; spend a little more and get a nice Kenmore!...more info
    • Horrible
      I didn't have the problem with the wand, but my Telios has no power whatsoever. It's the worst vacuum cleaner I have ever owned. I will go back to Miele from now on....more info
    • I wish I had the reviews before I bought...My fault
      I replaced a Hoover I had for years and loved. The model I had is no longer made or I would have just gotten it again. The fact we are down to carpet in just the den made me think I didn't need an expensive canister so I bought this one. The wand keeps falling off and it might pick up a penny, but it won't pick up a toothpick or a band-aid wrapper is very true. The suction is very low. However, I do use it on my baseboards. I'm in the market for another canister but I don't this is will be this brand again.

      ...more info
    • wand problem
      The only problem that we have found is that the wand does not secure to the hose. Hoover sent us a replacement wand and the same problem recurs. We may try them again and ask for a new hose. Otherwise, we like the product....more info
    • Not Worth the Bother
      I agree with the other reviewers. The wand constantly separates from the hose while vacuuming. Short of glueing it on I see no other way to keep it in place. Very annoying! Plus, glueing,as other reviewers state defeats the whole purpose of having a canister vacuum. Don't waste your money. It's true that you get what you pay for but if what you have to pay with is all you have you've lost all the way around. I've had two fantastic canister vacuums in my lifetime one was the Electrolux (the old steel model) and a Singer (no longer manufactured) they were great....more info
    • Major design flaw with this unit
      I just got the Hoover S3332 as a Christmas present this year to replace my broken vacuum cleaner. I hate to say it, but my broken vacuum cleaner works better.

      The main problem has already been described by other reviewers: THE WAND CONSTANTLY BREAKS OFF FROM THE HOSE. While cleaning the living room, it happened no less than 8 times. This wasn't because I was treating it roughly or twisting it around or some such. There literally is no locking mechanism, so it barely takes anything to make the wand fly out.

      This is really, really annoying. I could glue-gun them together, like some people have described, but that would render the main point of this unit useless (all the neat little brushes). This is a major design flaw - it's hard to comprehend how the people at Hoover missed this.

      On another note, the suction power is just moderate. I'm not sure what I was expecting, but it was definitely more than this. It can suck up a penny, but it can't suck up some lint that has fallen between the cracks in a hardwood floor. Said lint can easily be removed by one's hand (i.e. it's not gelled in or something).

      Please give serious consideration before buying this unit. It's not worth it.
      ...more info
    • An Average product, you get what you paid for.
      I needed a vacuum cleaner that needed to have good suction and above all portability. I knew that if the vacuum cleaner was heavy and bulky - like those floor models, my chances of lugging it around at the end of a hard work day would be very rare. So portability was my first concern.

      The Hoover telios was my obvious choice for that reason. I paid $89.99 + tax for it.

      It was cheesy red in color and like all other vacuum cleaners, its plasticky look was not appealing. But there were features here that seemed interesting. First it has a storage compartment in the front for brushes, etc for spot cleaning, etc. Then a hose connects to the front and that is connected to a metal wand. At the end of the metal wand is the floor attachment.

      It has a bag for storing the trash it sucks up. I think those bags will increase the operating cost of the vacuum. I dont know for sure, never purchased vacuum cleaner bags before.

      Operation: The vacuum cleaner has moderate suction power. I honestly think if it was a bit more, it would be better, since some times I do find fine ash particles still in the carpet fibers even after running the vacuum cleaner over the particular spot several times. But its not weak. A lady had written she considered a vacuum to have good suction if it could suck a penny up. This vacuum cleaner does that.

      The problem with this model is that its metal wand keeps popping off the hose! And that is super irritating!! I got tired of having to bend down and reattach the bloody thing. The people at hoover dont have a good design sense... the metal wand is just pushed in to the hose... there is no threading or locking mechanism. So I did what was my only recourse... I got a bloody glue gun and hot glued the metal wand to the hose for good. This pretty much means I cannot use this infernal machine for anything other than floor cleaning... no way to attach those fancy brushes in the front compartment.

      I am not happy with it. I wish there was a better option in canister vacuums.

      Dont buy it unless you absolutely have to!

      Addendum: After about 3 months of using this machine, I have already purchased a hand-held vaccum cleaner and a dyson animal. this one is in the loft gathering dust. It had low suction power, bad engineering design, and significant cost of operation (the bags), just not a winning combination.

      Dont buy it. Period!
      Kaushik....more info
    • Wand Failure
      This vacuum has good cleaning power, however, the wand continually fell apart when in use. Also the swivel hose attached to the main casing popped off several times as I pulled the vacuum along. For my particular use (very low-grade carpet) the wheels were set too high. Just didn't work for me! ...more info