Fresh Air By Ecoquest

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Product Description

Fresh Air by EcoQuest with Active Pure duplicates the power of sunlight and thunderstorms to bring the solution to the pollution. You'll have three ways to improve your indoor environment. - Normal Mode uses our exclusive Active Pure Technology (RCI) to produce safe low-level, natural oxidizers and superoxide ions for basic, everyday applications. - High Mode adds the power of activated oxygen for faster coverage and increased elimination of smoke, odors, and surface contaminants. - Away Mode increases the maximum output of activated oxygen for incredible effectiveness in unoccupied areas. Walnut over Graphite/ remote included.

  • Proven To Eliminate Smoke and odors.
  • Kils up to 99.99% of mold and bacteria on surfaces in university study
  • Space-Based ActivePure Technology
  • "Away Mode" with adjustable timer for increased effectiveness
  • Remote control
Customer Reviews:
  • Ozone generator
    Ozone increases the risk of premature death. See the Yale School of Forestry & Environmental Studies 2006 report. Ozone also deadens the sense of smell. The reduction of odors is partly due to this masking effect, and not to the removal of odor-causing chemicals. Claims of dust removal or breakdown with "ions" are greatly exaggerated. At best the dust settles on your furniture, and is released back in the air when you sit on it or disturb it....more info
  • Unit works well, but maintenance and parts a drag
    The unit works well eliminating dust and odor. Most of my friends who have this machine have the same complaint that I do - Maintenance and new parts. They tell you that you never need to buy another filter. This is true, but the lamp ($17) always needs replacing (this is the 3rd one in 18 months) and friends of mine have complained that they have needed to replace the plate many times. Since you cannot buy parts at your local store, you need to get them online and wait while your machine is out of commission. You need to clean the machine at least once a month. It is not like other machines that just snap open. You need to unscrew the back panel, front panel and inside panel. It is amazing how dusty the inside gets! The filters are easy to wash down. Like anything else, when it is working it is great....more info
  • Like A Breath of Fresh Air
    The Fresh Air is an amazing product. Instead of the air having to come to the air purifier, the purifier's ions go to the odors, mold, and mildew. It kills the germs and smells, leaving your house smelling like a previous rain. You will love the product....more info
  • Great dust control and air purification but some "gotchas"
    We live in a dusty place--agriculture nearby, windy conditions and a relatively dry climate mean constant dust. Plus we are in an area of high air pollution with coal-fired power plants. I find lots of dust in the house, and I know it makes me uncomfortable. We purchased the EcoQuest Fresh Air Purifier during a home show, and I find it lives up to its promises of cleaner air, though there is certainly a downside to using it (more about later.)

    How it works
    Some air purifiers work by filtering the air--they bring IN the air with a fan and blow it across a filter or precipitator to remove the dust. But the EcoQuest is different; it bombards the air with ions that make the dust fall down and break apart. While this sounds like science fiction, it is a well-known method of precipitating particles in many applications. Therefore, one EcoQuest works on a large area--in our case we use one for the main part of the house which is open plan and find it controls dust in the great room, the upstairs hallway and kitchen. (maybe a 1700 sq ft area.) When we need dust control in the bedrooms, we just move it in there. Normally, ours sits on the top of the stairs where it can reach the great room, hallways and kitchen.

    This is the major advantage of the EcoQuest--since it doesn't rely on bringing air into it, you can position it to cover a large part of a house.

    Appearance and Operation
    The Ecoquest Fresh Air Purifier is a squarish box, black in front and with faux rosewood plastic on the side. I guess it is about as unobtrusive as you can get, not pretty but not ugly either. It is the size of four or five phone books standing on end. There is a front panel with lcd readout and press-membrane style controls.

    The unit has an ultraviolet light that generates ozone and then inside, there is a plate of ceramic covered with a metal screen. This is the ion generator.

    The fan has several speeds, from one to five, five being the loudest and fastest.

    The UV lamp in our unit, with fairly constant use, has been in service for two years and has not shown any signs of burning out. So far, so good.

    You can choose settings based on the size of the area you wish to clean (small bedroom, car interior, large open room). We live in a pretty large open area, so we usually leave the unit on the 1750 sq ft setting.

    You can choose how long to leave on the unit from 2,4, to 6 hours continuous operation, on high. This setting is for cleaning the house while you are gone. We choose to use this on days when the dust is getting to us, and we leave the house.

    When we come home we notice:
    1. The dust on the furniture is smaller in texture, and the carpets feel soft. The claim that the dust is broken down seems to be true.

    2. We notice the lightning-struck smell of ozone. Some people find ozone a pleasant, fresh smell, but in large amounts, it is an irritant to me, and more than a little will give me a royal headache and makes me cough.

    The Down Side
    So, now, to the down side of the EcoQuest. The UV light generates ozone, and the ionizer plate apparently does as well. Ozone for many people, especially asthma suffers, is quite irritating. It's actually a toxic gas in large amounts. So one has to go cautiously with the EcoQuest and air out the house. Ozone is used by fire remediation to purify air after a disaster, and also to remove stubborn odors. It's a valid technique to purify air, as long as you remove the ozone afterwards. On its own, ozone is actually a pollutant. But it is a reactive type of molecule and breaks down, so getting rid of it is not difficult.

    Monthly maintenance is required if you use the EcoQuest regularly or if the air is dirty. If you forget, a light goes on, indicating it's time to clean the ion generating plate. There is a ceramic plate inside you remove by unscrewing a back plate Then you vacuum off the plate and dust out the inside carefully. This takes us about 15 minutes.

    Parts to replace would include the ceramic plate and the UV lamp. So far, in two years of constant use, we have not had to replace anything.

    The EcoQuest lives up to its claim of reducing dust by breaking it down and by generating air-freshening ozone. However, too much ozone is a pollutant in itself. Therefore, you have to use it carefully and be mindful that if you cannot tolerate ozone, this may not be the purifier for you. As long as we don't crank up the ozone, we are quite happy with the unit. We have enjoyed good operating life with little maintenance so far.

    ...more info
  • Best keep secret
    Hands down this is the best air purifier I ever used. I used the Ionic Breeze and the Oreck XL and they don't even come close to this unit. My friend let me borrow his unit because I was complaining how I was having problems getting rid of my cat odor in my room. Oreck XL was close in getting rid of the odor and The Ionic Breeze was a useless piece of junk. The Ecoquest got rid of my cat odor COMPLETELY.

    I would get the ECOQUEST version though cause I think ECOQUEST bought out Alpine and updated the unit with more advance features like the lighted digital display, a "Go Away" feature, and added a remote control. You can get at ebay for around $300 for about the same price as the useless Ionic Breeze....more info