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What it is:A self-tanning gel to bring out healthy color in the skin.What it is formulated to do:This lightweight and non-oily gel promotes a natural, golden tan for face and body without sun exposure. It's instantly absorbed, so there's no need to wait before dressing, with results in just two hours. Clarins Self Tanning Instant Gel is ideal for those who wish to maintain a year-round tanned appearance.

Customer Reviews:

  • Good Coverage...doesn't last long though
    I was pleasantly surprised to see that this gel covers and spreads a very even tan without having to sit in the sun..however, I found that after about 3 weeks, the gel starting coming off...kind of like if you haven't washed the dirt of your skin and you have to scrub to clean it, and to be really careful (maybe wear thin latex gloves) because it makes your figure nails look yellow....haha> and that doesn't come off so easily Other than that I would recommend this tanning product. I would also suggest trying the solution early to make sure it's right for you and then re apply if you need it for a special occasion, etc....more info
  • really good self tanner
    ive used clarins self tanning instant gel for about a year now. this has to be the best self tanner ive used for my body. however i have used it on my face and noticed that i had breakouts and it would be blochy in the areas where there is dry skin, so i dont recommend it for the face. i used it on my legs and found that its not that great either, the color is really good and natural, it wont streak or look orange, its just that it comes off from shaving your legs and if you use it during the summer, it will come off in chlorine and in the ocean. i use it on my arms, chest and neck and i absolutly love it. its so unbelievably natural. the only thing is that i am very pale so it looks okay on me doesnt give me a tan, it just gives me a color so that i dont look pale. i think it would be best on darker skined people and give them really good color. just be sure to wash your hands after it will leave them orange. ive just ordered the clarins radiance plus self tanner instant gel-cream. ive read a lot of good reviews on this and am going to try it on my face, hopeuflly its good! i recommend the clarins self tanning instant gel and think everyone who is looking for good , natural color should try this!...more info
  • Don't buy!!
    I bought this at Sephora, and it came with a tiny bottle of scrub and a tiny bottle of bronzer along with the self tanning gel. I have not had very good luck with self tanners but this one had amazing reviews from people, so I decided to try it. BAD IDEA! First off the smell, to me, was overpowering. And it continued to smell until the self tanner had faded. Also, the tan came out streaky, and not natural looking on me (I have brown hair, white skin, i freckle and burn verrrry easily).
    Also if you check it out on you will find out that it is EXTREMELY bad for your skin as well.
    All around bad product, I would never buy it again....more info
  • Best Tanning Gel Ever
    I saw that another person reviewed this product with 5 stars, but had only used the product on their body. I have used it on my face and it is flawless; no splotchiness. This product is definitely worth its value. I have really dry skin, especially on my fact, and this gel actually seems to add moisture back in (along with the perfect amount of golden tan, not orangey). I've also used quite a few sunless tanning products, some of which have been pretty good, but this one beats them all out. ...more info
  • Great Product!
    Really natural looking. easy to apply. the smell other reviewers complained of dissipates within minutes. I typically hate self tanners but really like this one bc it dries fast and isn't streaky...more info
  • Clarins Self Tanning Instant Gel 4.4oz
    This product is awesome. I live in the Caribbean. I spent 10 yrs sailing the Caribbean. I now live in Tortola BVI and don't do the beach and sun like I used too. I am 56 and know the damage sun can do, but to be tan I really didn't care. Somehow I look much better than I should, due to Retin A, but prefer to be tan. Based on the reviews, I tried this product, and even though I am always tan, this product enriched my color and without lying out in the sun everyday, I look great. No orange, have had no issues with it staining my clothes, dries quickly, and the color is nice, not orange. Just wash your hands well after applying. I usually apply in the am, get dressed and on my way. I just ordered another 4 tubes, but they won't ship down here so have them sent to my sister and she mails them down. I told her to keep a tube (she lives in Fla.) and try it. I highly recommend it, and I have tried a lot. Typically they won't go beyond my initial tan, but this one works. Denise...more info
  • Feels sticky, too expensive
    I tried this product after reading many great reviews. Unfortunately I find this product to be too sticky after application. It takes a good hour or more for the stickiness to go away. Also, it produces a very light shade and takes several uses before enough color shows up which in turn makes it rather expensive.

    I would not buy this again since there are so many other self-tanners out there to try....more info
  • The search continues...
    I really had high hopes for this product- it has gotten so many good reviews everywhere. But, like countless other self tanners I've tried, it turned my skin - particularly my legs - what I would call a spiced pumpkin color. The pluses were that it absolutely did not streak or create hard edges where I may have not blended thoroughly, and that alone is rare. The smell wasn't bad and I think the price is reasonable for what you get as a little seemed to go a long way. But the color just isn't right. It's a bit more acceptable on my arms and chest; however I am embarrassed to show my legs with it on. And after exfoliating in the shower, a lot of "orange" came off on my white towels. My skin is naturally quite ghastly white with a reddish undertone, and I've become fairly convinced that I am always going to be out of luck when it comes to self tanners. When I asked a colleague her opinion of my "tan", she unabashedly said "you're orange".

    Updated - days later, I am still wiping orange schmutz off my legs when I get out of the shower. Brownish orange particles are pilling into balls and discoloring towels and tissues. I just hope it washes out of the white towels. The product, in trying to hang on so long, has worn off so unevely that it's left horrible rust colored patches everywhere. I brought it back to the Clarins counter where I purchased it. I think the ingredient that is added in to make the color stay on longer is the guilty party. I've never had this experience with any other self tanner. I'd strongly recommend, especially to the fair-skinned, to look elsewhere. I traded this horrible stuff for Clarin's Radiance Plus body moisturizing tanner, which so far is ok - just gives a hint of color w/out looking too obvious. The real test though will be in how that wears and fades off. My one golden rule for self tanning besides the usual - cleanse, exfoliate, moisturize thicker skin and wear gloves is - buy locally, at a place whose return and exchange policy insures you won't get stuck with a lemon. Or should I say, an orange?...more info
  • One of the best self tanners I've used ;-)
    I happen to really love this product. It does have an obvious smell to it, but to me, it reminds me of summer. However, if you don't like the fragrance, I find it disapates after a couple of hours.
    The two bad things I'll say about it is yes, it's a little pricey and two, these days you can buy tanners with color already to them so you can see your mistakes - you don't get that with this. Having said that, it is the most natural look I've ever achieved while using any kind of fake tan. It's so much safer than going to a solarium (should be banned), and after a little practice, you'll get this right. Make sure to exfoliate well before using it and then moisturise. I find this gives me the best coverage and natural look. I really love this and highly recommend you give it a go. It won't go orange and you look great with it on....more info
  • Great Sunless Tanner!
    This is one of the best sunless tanners I've tried, and I plan on purchasing it again. I used it on my face and body.

    The Pros:

    1. The color turns out really natural looking, not orange at all.

    2. It does not darken pores. Before trying this product I was using Fake Bake. Fake Bake did give me nice color, but it also darkened every pore on my face. The Clarins product does not do that, it goes on very even.

    3. Some sunless tanners seem very drying to the skin, but this one left my skin feeling soft and moisturized.

    The Cons: (why I gave it 4 stars instead of 5)

    1. There's no color guide, it goes on clear. So if you miss a spot it's a little hard to tell. For the most part I didn't have a problem, just a little bit near my ankles at first. It just takes practice.

    2. The price is a little high for the amount you get. However, a little bit of this stuff goes a long way.

    3. It does smell! The smell is the strongest for about the first hour you put it on, then fades. The smell does go away completely after you shower....more info
  • Tan color without sunshine
    We don't have strong sunshine to be tanned so I found this self tanning instant gel is an good option to enjoy the tan color. Usually the color will be obvious after couple hours and sometimes you need to apply it twice or three times to have the dark color as you desire....more info
  • It smells weird and it's awfully pricey for what you get
    'Tis the season for every beauty magazine to once again dust off their alarmist articles about the dangers of skin cancer and tout the latest self-tanning products. Having seen my father go through two surgeries to remove cancerous lesions from his face as a result of not using sunscreen, I can vouch for those dangers. However, vanity will not allow me to expose my dead-white skin to the masses after spending the entire winter covered up and I've begun my annual quest for the ideal self-tanner.

    I decided to try this product after reading several favorable reviews on Amazon and other websites. But at $29.50 for a 4.4 oz. tube it's expensive. The only reason I didn't immediately pass on it was because I had a $25.00 Amazon gift certificate. Otherwise I would never consider purchasing something this pricey.

    True to its description, the gel goes on smoothly and evenly. It leaves a slight sheen so you can see where you applied it. The product dries a little slowly but I've learned to apply a small amount daily and let the color build over a few days rather than slather it on in one shot. I did that the first day and waited nearly 40 minutes for the product to completely dry before getting dressed.

    Unfortunately I haven't noticed much of a color change. I'm certainly less pale but nowhere near what I'd call tan. Worst of all, the product smells like nail polish remover. It doesn't smell as bad as some other self-tanners, but I don't want to smell like acetone either.

    In the end I gave it three stars for ease of application and superb skin softening offset by slow color change, odd smell and high price. I don't mind spending more for a superior product, but this isn't it....more info
    I have tried many self tanners...never really liking any of them. From the recommendation of a friend I decided to buy this one with the thought that it would probably be just like the, splotchy, streaky, etc.
    WOW...was I wrong!! I have used this three different times now..about two to three days apart from each other and it is WONDERFUL!!! No orange, no splotches, no streaks!!! It looks totally real and so beautiful on! It even lasts a long don't have to apply it every day. I would highly recommend this product. Might be a little pricey but SO WORTH IT! If you have any hesitation...JUST BUY IT!!! You will not regret it!...more info
  • Streak-free, but barely there.
    The tanning gel does apply smoothly and does not leave streaks. However, it doesn't provide much color if you apply it as instructed. And if you apply it every day, it'll be really expensive. Bottom line, not worth the price if you want more than a light touch of color....more info
  • Expensive, but worth it... if you're willing to work
    Being the self tanning guru that I am (I've tried Jergens, Loreal, Hawaiian Tropic, you name it) I finally decided to dish out a few more bucks and try Clarins self tanning instant gel. It's the most natural looking self tanner I've used, doesn't streak, dries pretty fast and I don't think it smells that bad. The downside is that it's very subtle, and I had to reapply three days in a row to get a deeper tan. After two applications I had a slight tan and had some comments made at work the next day. I'm naturally pretty pale. It looks great and I'd buy it again, but for as much as it costs I wish it was a little more dramatic, because I'm already halfway through the tube and it's been three days!...more info
  • where's the Tan??
    This product doesn't work at all! Of course it can claim that you don't have to wait before dressing because it gives you absolutely NO TAN, and of course it wont streak because it gives you NO TAN! I am not even trying to get an obvious tan, I just want a little naural glow to my legs,I had been using this for the past 5 days now but it doesn't give me any change! I can't believe I paid $35 (Canadian $) for this. This is nothing but a moisturizer. Girls, save your money. ...more info
  • Saved the day!
    Before my sister-in-law's wedding, I used Neutrogena Micro-mist spray tan and it turned out terrible! Streaks, super dark lines and orange spots! I was devastated and almost too mortified to go to the wedding in my new dress. As a last ditch effort (hours before the wedding) I got this self tanner and put it over my legs and arms in an attempt to even things out. It was AMAZING! It toned down the crappy job from the spray tan and left me with an almost completely even, natural looking color. I will never use another self tan product but this one!...more info
  • Don't buy!!
    I bought this at Sephora, and it came with a tiny bottle of scrub and a tiny bottle of bronzer along with the self tanning gel. I have not had very good luck with self tanners but this one had amazing reviews from people, so I decided to try it. BAD IDEA! First off the smell, to me, was overpowering. And it continued to smell until the self tanner had faded. Also, the tan came out streaky, and not natural looking on me (I have brown hair, white skin, i freckle and burn verrrry easily).
    Also if you check it out on you will find out that it is EXTREMELY bad for your skin as well.
    All around bad product, I would never buy it again....more info
  • Tanner good- pricey though
    I am naturally tanner and if you are looking to keep up a lost tan- use this product! You can put on a thin coat and get a good return- especially since I moved from cali to the east coast, the sun don't shine the same! haha. The smell is OK, not that bad, and i use it on my face as well. I would have given it a 5 if it wasn't for the price and small quantity they give you. :/ Buy it though and give it a try! :)...more info
    I highly recommend it because this is the ONLY TAN that doesn't streak AND doesn't clog pores! The tinted self tanners are the ones that streak and stains. Also, they'll easily fade away with the first shower! But this one is so easily applied you just smooth it in and it will dry out with NO STREAKS plus a golden hue!! NOT ORANGE!
    ways to apply it is u should exfoliate 1st then apply lotion all over (if you're applying it to your face then u should moisturize it because thats what I do), wait for it to get absorbed by the skin for 15-30 mins then apply the clarins self tanner. If you want a darker color re-apply it after 3 hrs or so. THE BEST!...more info
  • The best self tanner on the market
    I Love this product. It doesn't streak and it looks really natural. I love it!!...more info
  • Best Self Tanning Creme Ever
    This is definitely the best self tanning creme I have ever used. It does not streak and it does not leave you orange. It is the only one I have ever tried that distributes such even color. It also works very, very well on the face. I highly recommend this product. I absolutely think it is worth the price. Remember, you get what you pay for....more info


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