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Benefit Cosmetics High Beam

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What it is:A luminescent complexion enhancer.What it does:Benefit High Beam is an ethereal pink liquid highlighter that creates a radiantly dewy complexion. For an angelic sheen, this pink shimmering lotion adds a soft, natural afterglow.What else you need to know:It's a "supermodel in a bottlea" and perfectly alluring on all skin tones.

Customer Reviews:

  • ooops - not 20 anymore
    Benefit Cosmetics High BeamI used to use this product when I was younger (much younger) and liked it very much. It highlights any place you want to draw an eye to - cleavage, shoulders, brow, etc. Forgot that a couple of decades had passed and NO, I no longer want to draw anyones eyes to my cleavage anymore! I gave it to a 29 yr. old and she LOVES it, like I used to....more info
  • Amazing Product
    I recently discovered Benefit products. This is a great product if you want to add a little glow to your skin. I use it to highlight my cheek bones. You can use it any where you want a glance to linger. The best thing about this product is the smallest amount makes a big difference in your skin. I suggest you try this product. It works wonders. ...more info
  • great
    spot lights the places on your face that you want spotlighted! use for cool skin tones!...more info
  • A Youthful Glimmer
    I have used a similar product in a compact by Chanel and paid $50. It wasn't too long before I saw the end of it either. Now with Benenfit's High Beam I can get the effect for less than half the price so I'm a happy customer. I put this on my cheek bone and brush blush over it for glimmery, dewy cheeks. It's a very youthful look. It's not unnatural but it's better than natural. It's supernatural. Since I started wearing it people don't know exactly what I've added but they comment that my skin looks particuliarly good. You can control the highlighting effect by how much you use but I like to use a generous amount. My skin really does beam. ...more info
  • makes you glow
    This is a great product. Makes your skin fresh looking, glowing and radiant. I will agree with the one reviewer who said it emphasizes your pores, which it does. But if you want a youthful glow, this is the stuff to buy!...more info
  • beautiful sheen
    this product makes your face seem like the light is always hitting it "just right". I love it!...more info
  • High beam for that little something extra!
    This product is great! I use it on my cupid's bow, above my eyebrows, and on my cheekbones just below my eye. It can also be mixed with your moisturizer and/or your foundation. All these uses add a little extra glow and enhance my skin's complexion. It's very subtle so you don't end up looking like you have some child's sparkling makeup on your face. Some people have had concerns about its thickness, but I find the thick texture to be great because then it doesn't run! Also, the brush is great because you can control how much (or little) you want to use.

    Also, this can double as a "wake-up" fix. Just dot it on the inside and outside corner of your eyes. Because this functions as such a sheer formula, it works as well as other eye brighteners. ...more info
  • Subtle Highlights Make Your Skin Glow!
    This gorgeous pearl pink highlighting liquid will make your complexion absolutely glow. It can be used over foundation or applied directly to bare skin - on cheekbones, under brow, anywhere for contour or highlights. I usually wear this, High Beam, for evenings out, fall and winter. I use Benefit's Moon Beam during spring and summer when I have a bit of a tan. These are Fabulous products!

    Benefit's products grace the counters of boutiques in the San Francisco area, New York City, Harrods of London and Henri Bendels, to name a few. I discovered their cosmetics a few years ago and absolutely love their line. I usually order by catalogue but have now discovered that I can purchase Benefit from Amazon. They're terrific!
    JANA...more info

  • Magic Little Must-Have
    BeneFit's "supermodel in a bottle" lives up to the hype. You only have to use a tiny bit of this in key places to attract light and create an ethereal glow... this is the perfect little potion to use when you really want to make an impact. It is a pearlized light pink that blends easy, stays put and adds a little drama. One of my all-time beauty favorites....more info
  • Loving the High Beam
    I love Benefit Cosmetics and the product! I was really excited when I realized they were sold on my favorite website

    I love the versatility of High Beam. You can apply before your foundation, over your foundation. One make up tip I learned from a make up artist is mixing a little into my foundation, or daily moisturizer for an all over healthy looking glow! I don't have a lot of time to do make up in the morning so I mix a little of this or Moon Beam into my You Rebel (tinted facial moisturizer) I then finish with a little Badgal and some Dandelion and I am good to go with a fresh glow in under 5 minutes!

    ...more info
  • Amazing
    I love the Benefit line, everything I have tried works great (not to mention they have great packaging and catchy names for all their products!).

    That said, High Beam is simply amazing. It only takes a little dab to add a nice glow/shimmer to my face. I especially like to use it on the cheek bones as it leaves a nice soft glow. High Beam works so much better for me than other products I've tried that either left my skin sticky or chalky. Not to mention those other products cost a lot more!

    If you are looking for a little glow, a little shimmer, High Beam is the answer....more info
  • Excellent highlighter for porcelain skin
    High Beam is a nice subtle highlighter. However, be sure to blend it very quickly and well or it will look unnatural in certain lighting (it'll look like you have pink nail polish on your face). It also has a tendency to emphasize pores. So only use it on areas of your face where you don't have any, like on the top of the cheek bone and under your eyebrows.

    ...more info
  • High Beam for a perfect glow!
    I use this product everyday, makeup or not. I usually apply (in little dots) to the upper part of my cheeks, inner eye area and eyebrow bone. I put the product on after my sheer liquid foundation. I find it works best after foundation, but only if you use liquid, rather than powdery (it can mess up the powdery foundation). I blend with a sponge then use powder and a brush all over to set my face for the day.

    I learned this from Carmindy on What Not To Wear (she has a newsletter too!) and I get compliments all the time on how pretty my face is and how I look just like I'm "glowing". I have fair skin, but always have a light tan in the summer and the High Beam looks even better. I usually go through 1 bottle a year, that's how long it lasts and it's never gotten clumpy or thick. Same consistency as when I bought it. I'm buying more...

    Enjoy!...more info
  • A Good Highlighter
    Just a bit on your cheekbones is all you need to add a healthy "dewy" glow/look...too much and it looks blotchy, unnatural, and makes your skin look dry (at least mine did). ...more info
  • nice try but a bit too much glow
    I appreciate what Benefit is trying to do with this product and it certainly isn't bad. As skin ages, it loses a bit of its "luster" and can look rather sallow. What I don't like about HIGH BEAM is that once it's on the face, it doesn't move around a whole lot. This might actually be desirable for some people but, I prefer a highlighter that is a bit more sheer and lotion-like. Fortunately, prior to ever trying Benefit's product, I discovered "SKINLIGHTS"Revlon Skinlights Instant Skin Brightener, SPF 15, 01 Natural Light, 1.5 fl oz by Revlon. At about a third of the price and available in about 8 different shades, this product is simply AMAZING. While Benefit's product works best on lighter skin tones, Revlon's variety in shades works for ALL skintones and it's a sheer highlighter. Never looking like you've actually applied a highlighter, Revlon really delivers a superior product....more info
  • It's good!
    High Beam is really pretty! I love using it as a highlighter on my "big night outs". I swipe it on my nose to make my nose seem slimmer, right above my blush on my cheeks, and above my eyebrows near the arches. It really gives my skin a dewy and glowing look. The only reason I gave it 4 stars is because it's very goopy and sticky. It actually scared me a bit to put it on my face because the product is so thick that if you turn the jar upside-down, it won't run! But overall, I still think this is a terrific product....more info
  • Even my boyfriend commented!
    He said, "Your skin looks really nice." And he never notices anything! I told him it was makeup since he actually bought it for me at my request and I wanted him to know it was money well spent. I like to use it in conjunction with Benefit's Dandelion powder for a fresh, natural glow. I really do feel younger and prettier with it on, and I can't say that about many/any other comsetics I've tried. Totally worth it!...more info
  • Best for fair complexions!
    The High Beam product is designed for more fair skinned ladies, as the pink liquid will bring out the reddish undertones one's skin, causing their skin to shimmer.

    In contrast, The Moon Beam is for olive, tanned, or darker skin complexions, as the gold liquid will bring out the golden undertones of darker skin.

    Alot of women mix and match, if you would like to try both, I recommend Valley of the Stars!...more info
  • Ooh-la-la!
    Beautiful product from a great cosmetics line. This was one of the first products I purchased from Benefit and I've been very happy with it. It lasts forever and lends a subtle pinkish glow to all complexions, but especially good for fair skin. Put on some Benetint and put this over it and your good to go. Two great products for a quick and easy makeover. ...more info
  • High Beam is High Quality
    Not only is this a great highlighter for my cheekbones and eyebrows (note: best used on tweezed brows or else it draws attention to stray hairs.), but it also helps to disguise the awful undereye circles I tend to get.

    I also use the product around the lines of my nose, it helps my nose look longer and thiner, as I have a short slight wide nose.

    You have to play around a little to discover where and how much works for you but that's always something fun to do.
    ...more info
  • Exactly what other reviewers described
    I was skeptical at first when i saw the manicure-like bottle. However, when i tried it on, it wasn't sticky and left my skin glowing naturally....more info
  • Excellent when properly applied
    Benefit High Beam can transform a world-weary face (take note all you working ladies!) into one that appears vibrant and alert. It can brighten the eyes and de-emphasize those under eye shadows while enhancing facial bone structure. Your success with it depends highly on skill of application. It must be judicious. I suggest several practice sessions before you take it out in public and to try it under different forms of light. High Beam is highly reflective and, if applied with a heavy hand or in the wrong places, can have disastrous results. On the other hand, when applied well, it is a miracle worker. Experiment with it over or under your makeup as the results are quite different. I've seen it perform amazing results "thinning" a broad nose by application of the thinnest possible line of it down the center. I've also seen it create pronounced cheek bones in a lady that wasn't blessed with them.

    I would have given High Beam the full five stars but have a slight criticism of the bottle and applicator. Since this product may last you a year or more, it would be good to have a bottle and applicator that remain somewhat clear of product. Instead, the bottle neck and applicator can become easily gummed up. Also the length of the brush hairs are too long and can result in a sloppy application. I find it much better to take up some of the product from the brush onto my own smaller and shorter-haired brush. This way I am guaranteed a precise application. ...more info
  • Great Product - Adds a glow to the cheeks
    High Beam provides a glow or sheen, where as my cheeks seem dull. It does not look greasy...I would say it makes the skin look healthy and vibrant....more info


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