Benefit Cosmetics High Beam 0.45 oz
Benefit Cosmetics High Beam 0.45 oz

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  • Amazing Product
    I recently discovered Benefit products. This is a great product if you want to add a little glow to your skin. I use it to highlight my cheek bones. You can use it any where you want a glance to linger. The best thing about this product is the smallest amount makes a big difference in your skin. I suggest you try this product. It works wonders. ...more info
  • Subtle Highlights Make Your Skin Glow!
    This gorgeous pearl pink highlighting liquid will make your complexion absolutely glow. It can be used over foundation or applied directly to bare skin - on cheekbones, under brow, anywhere for contour or highlights. I usually wear this, High Beam, for evenings out, fall and winter. I use Benefit's Moon Beam during spring and summer when I have a bit of a tan. These are Fabulous products!

    Benefit's products grace the counters of boutiques in the San Francisco area, New York City, Harrods of London and Henri Bendels, to name a few. I discovered their cosmetics a few years ago and absolutely love their line. I usually order by catalogue but have now discovered that I can purchase Benefit from Amazon. They're terrific!
    JANA...more info

  • Best Benefit Product
    In my opinion, this is the best product out there by Benefit. I just started using it a couple of weeks ago and it really makes a difference. I feel like my make up looks much more fresh and it helps my eyes and cheek bones pop out. I put it above my cheek and brow bones as well as on the bridge of my nose. Looks great when you combine it with the pink highlighter/bronzer product by Benefit....more info
  • a great add on
    it is a great add on to finish the make up. it adds light to your face and make it glimmer natually. the good thing is it is not as strong. so you can wear it on the daytime too. just tip a little bit to your cheek, forhead and nose, gently blend in. one of the best Benefits products....more info
  • A Good Highlighter
    Just a bit on your cheekbones is all you need to add a healthy "dewy" glow/look...too much and it looks blotchy, unnatural, and makes your skin look dry (at least mine did). ...more info
  • Excellent when properly applied
    Benefit High Beam can transform a world-weary face (take note all you working ladies!) into one that appears vibrant and alert. It can brighten the eyes and de-emphasize those under eye shadows while enhancing facial bone structure. Your success with it depends highly on skill of application. It must be judicious. I suggest several practice sessions before you take it out in public and to try it under different forms of light. High Beam is highly reflective and, if applied with a heavy hand or in the wrong places, can have disastrous results. On the other hand, when applied well, it is a miracle worker. Experiment with it over or under your makeup as the results are quite different. I've seen it perform amazing results "thinning" a broad nose by application of the thinnest possible line of it down the center. I've also seen it create pronounced cheek bones in a lady that wasn't blessed with them.

    I would have given High Beam the full five stars but have a slight criticism of the bottle and applicator. Since this product may last you a year or more, it would be good to have a bottle and applicator that remain somewhat clear of product. Instead, the bottle neck and applicator can become easily gummed up. Also the length of the brush hairs are too long and can result in a sloppy application. I find it much better to take up some of the product from the brush onto my own smaller and shorter-haired brush. This way I am guaranteed a precise application. ...more info
  • makes you glow!!!
    i LOVE wearing this when i feel crappy and tired OR when i'm going out because it adds a great touch!! i love the way it makes my cheeks glow. i wear it everyday for a finishing touch that makes me look perky and glowing. LOVE it....more info
  • High Beam is High Quality
    Not only is this a great highlighter for my cheekbones and eyebrows (note: best used on tweezed brows or else it draws attention to stray hairs.), but it also helps to disguise the awful undereye circles I tend to get.

    I also use the product around the lines of my nose, it helps my nose look longer and thiner, as I have a short slight wide nose.

    You have to play around a little to discover where and how much works for you but that's always something fun to do.
    ...more info
  • A little goes a long way
    I adore the Benefit line and almost always love their innovative products. I don't use a highlighter that often, but when I want to, this one is perfect. Just use a little (on cheek bones or brow bone) and blend it well and quickly. Use good lighting so it isn't overdone for outside light. A dot over matte lipstick on the lower lip can add a bit of a pop as well....more info
  • High Beam for a perfect glow!
    I use this product everyday, makeup or not. I usually apply (in little dots) to the upper part of my cheeks, inner eye area and eyebrow bone. I put the product on after my sheer liquid foundation. I find it works best after foundation, but only if you use liquid, rather than powdery (it can mess up the powdery foundation). I blend with a sponge then use powder and a brush all over to set my face for the day.

    I learned this from Carmindy on What Not To Wear (she has a newsletter too!) and I get compliments all the time on how pretty my face is and how I look just like I'm "glowing". I have fair skin, but always have a light tan in the summer and the High Beam looks even better. I usually go through 1 bottle a year, that's how long it lasts and it's never gotten clumpy or thick. Same consistency as when I bought it. I'm buying more...

    Enjoy!...more info
  • Fabulous!
    This is a great highlighter! It looks like pink nail polish but feels light not sticky at all. However, because it is so shimmery, you just need tiny drops on your face. And I mean, miniscule! I put a row of super small dots under my brows, a tiny one above my lip and a few on the tops of my cheeks. I also put a smudge on my inner eye crease. It really makes you look angelic, and it lights up dark areas on your face. Also a bonus is that because you use such little at a time, this product should last for a very long time. Highly recommended!...more info
  • LOVE IT!
    Ran out of a Smashbox quad glide highlighter compact that I can't find anywhere and stumbled upon the reviews of Benefit's High Beam & Moon Glow. Couldn't make up my mind which one to get and had no idea that the nearby Macy's carried the line. I approached the Benefit counter there and tested both. High beam is both equally silvery and pinkish and blends well on my tanned & yellowish undertoned skin. I found the Moon beam to be almost like a light goldish bronzer with multi tones of pink streaks. It was the swirling pink shades that didn't work for me at all. I recommend High Beam. I sometimes used it alone on eyelids, under eyes / above cheek bone and down nose. It gives a fresh-face look. It's wonderful. ...more info
  • Good Product
    I like the product. But be careful, it says to blend over makeup. I think it works better if you put it on prior to your makeup....more info
  • Couldn't live without High Beam
    I will buy this product forever. It's a gorgeous multi-purpose highlighter. I even mix a tad into my moisturizer and it makes my whole face glow. Use it every day. One bottle lasts forever, too!...more info
  • makes me glow
    this is an awesome product. even when I just want to go out in the day time, I just put a little bit of High beem on my cheeks and , I shine like a princess instamtly. best product ever. I love it....more info
  • A Youthful Glimmer
    I have used a similar product in a compact by Chanel and paid $50. It wasn't too long before I saw the end of it either. Now with Benenfit's High Beam I can get the effect for less than half the price so I'm a happy customer. I put this on my cheek bone and brush blush over it for glimmery, dewy cheeks. It's a very youthful look. It's not unnatural but it's better than natural. It's supernatural. Since I started wearing it people don't know exactly what I've added but they comment that my skin looks particuliarly good. You can control the highlighting effect by how much you use but I like to use a generous amount. My skin really does beam. ...more info
  • Absolutely Fab Product - A Must Have!
    I use Benefit Cosmetics High Beam every single day, and I absolutely love it. I have really fair skin, and this product gives me a beautiful pink sparkle without being a 'bronzer' - which would give me a golden look over my pale, 'snowy' skin and look completely ridiculous. For people who have been blessed with a darker skin tone, or have a golden tan, I would definitely recommend 'Moon Beam' instead.

    I apply this product after I apply Benefit Cosmetics Benetint (a liquid blush) to the 'apples' of my cheeks with a makeup sponge. I sweep a line of High Beam across the tops of my cheeks under the eye, and curve the line up a bit around the eye. I rub the product with my fingers, spreading the makeup out and subtly blending it into the Benetint. I am sure you could use any other blush, I just prefer Benetint because it lasts all day, and is very lovely when applied liberally.

    Might I add that one container of Benetint, Moon Beam, or High Beam can last ages! I normally only have to buy a container every 7-8 months, and I use it all the time. Which is why it may look a bit pricey for what it does, but you get at least 150 applications - if you don't paint your whole face with it! =)...more info
  • Benefit High Beam
    What a fabulous find! This gives a subtle shine on cheeks and eyelids...anywhere you need a bit of sparkle. What a huge difference it makes!...more info


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