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What it is:A pink perk-me-up stick to brighten the eyes.What it does:Benefit Eye Bright has a pop of pink that brightens your eyes and your spirits instantaneously.What else you need to know:It's like a nap in a stick-keep it handy for afternoon touch-ups.

Customer Reviews:

  • Eye Brightner
    This product really works, and it stays on all day. I would highly recommend it to anyone who has black eyes from allergies. Everyone that I work with noticed the difference. ...more info
  • Works pretty good covering dark circles
    I found this product was very easy to apply and it did noticeably brighten the dark areas under my eyes although it didn't conceal them completely. I like the product but am undecided if I'll purchase more considering the price....more info
  • I was skeptical, but the feedback speaks for itself
    I was skeptical when I first bought this. It was too pink to cover or even camoflauge my undereye circles and the shadows in the inside corners of my eyes. Then I read a review here recommending that you put a nice dot at the inside and outside corners of your eyes and avoid trying to blend too much. Did it this morning, and the first person I saw in the elevator lobby at work told me how well-rested I looked. And I just got back from a business trip, so the reality is quite the opposite. I'm sold. ...more info
  • It works for me
    I went to the Benefit counter at my local department store. I had no intentions of buying anything, I was just there with a friend. We both ended up getting a make-over (which I usually HATE to do but did it anyway) and when the girl put the eye-bright on, I was shocked! She put it in the corners of my eyes, then along the dark shadows/circles under my eyes. I've been sleep-deprived for about nine months now and this is the first time I didn't look like the walking dead! She did the eye-bright over the dark spots, then used a bit of the bo-ing to go over that and blend it all in. I've always been brand-loyal to another company, but I ended up being a Benefit convert that day. Now I don't go a day without at least a bit of the eye-bright in the corners even when I don't do a full make-up day and I look like I belong in the land of the living! I am so glad I found this product and at the price (others have complained) and the very small amt I use, this is definately a bargain!...more info
  • bright eyes
    This product does as it claims. I love it. It is priced a bit high - there are other similar products on the market that do the same thing for less. I have not had to sharpen it yet (I read this was a problem). But overall I would recommend it....more info
  • Eye Bright is right!
    After reading the reviews on Amazon & my previous bad luck with "dark circle" creams, I decided to give this a try. I was a bit hesitant at first considering it is a cosmetic pencil and decided to hold off. A couple weeks later, I made my first ever trip to a Sephora store & it was like Heaven. I literally spent hours in there. I told myself if i come across the Benefit Eye Bright product, then I would give it a try. And I did, and i was pleasently surprised at how well this little pencil could work wonders. I have a problem with dryness under my eyes, so I make sure I moisture well with an eye cream (I use Ole Henriksen "Visual Truth Eye Cream") prior to applying the penicl. All you need is a light stroke on each eye corner and then blend with your finger and viola! It so simple and easy to apply, I am glad I decided to give this a try! :D Next I shall try the Benefit High brown!...more info
  • Eye Bright is a miracle!
    I've had dark corners circles for about 25 years. Eye bright is the first thing I've tried that truly brightens them. For once I look rested and not older than my years....more info
  • looking rested at 3 weeks postpartum
    i wore this on a maiden voyage into the real world with my two year old and my 3 week old. i saw a co-worker and she said that i was the only mother with a newborn that she'd ever seen look so rested. that being said, i find it difficult to apply if i haven't only just put on moisturizer. i am not an experienced makeup user, but it is easy to use and relatively mistake-proof. ...more info
  • Had a Beauty Advisor Try On Me
    I was interviewing to work at a Benefit counter and I dont like to wear alot of makeup. But it was funny because she was trying to sell me and tell me what I needed me being a certified master makeup artist and experience on televison and film, I know how to do makeup. I generally just wear a wash of color on my lid, lip gloss, and mascara, and blush. I dont like to wear foundation or anything on my face, I been blessed with nice skin and just dont like to wear it. As I get older when I wear alot think it makes me look older. But she was admit on me trying a tinted moisturizer if I wear anything that is it, but their tinted moisturizer was too heavy for me. She also tried the light bright and I liked it, I would add to my kit to use as a highlighter to the inner rim of the eye, so I would suggest it. View my web site at info
  • For WAY LESS money...
    ...Try buying Rimmel London's Soft Kohl Kajal Eye Pencil in Pure White (I paid about $3.00 for mine, and Rimmel can be found at nearly any drugstore. You can also get it on Or use any white eyeliner. Lightly trace eyeliner along your waterline (lower rim of eyelid above lower lashes). Obviously, don't use a heavy hand or it will look super fake. If the white seems like too much at first, it should calm down/blend as you blink, and should be fine before you leave the house. I am a beauty product fanatic who has absolutely no problem spending way too much money on beauty products (I can't live without SKYN Iceland, Smashbox, Philosophy, MAC eyeliners, DiorShow, NARS Orgasm, BareMinerals). After seeing Eye Bright at Sephora I wondered if I could get the same effect with something cheaper. Guess what? This gives you the exact same effect. Use the money you save to buy a tube of Benefit Ooh La Lift because that stuff WORKS: Benefit Cosmetics Ooh La Lift ...more info
  • It's OK...
    I expected dramatic results and was disappointed. I expected the consistency of the pencil to be "softer/creamier" than it was. On my skin - especially along the bottom of the eye socket, where I have dark undereye circles, it gave the effect of even drier/"wrinklier" skin, and seemed to enhance more than minimize the bags underneath my eyes. It did seem to work rather well on the corners of my eyes. ...more info
  • Just perfect!
    This eye pencil has the right color, right texture, gives you a healthy look and bright eye....more info
  • Very Satisfied!
    After reading the other reviews (and noting that most were written by people with light or pale skin), I had to write to let others know that I have olive skin tones and I love this product! I have always fought dark undereye circles. I saw this product while searching the web about the makeup artisit, Carmindy (who recommends using this), and decided to look into it. I just recently bought the Eye Bright and absolutely love it. You do have to blend, but it comes across very natural without looking too light. I recommend this product highly. I never write reviews, but I had to let those interested know that it really does work, AND it works on darker skin tones too, like mine....more info
  • Great, but there are cheaper alternatives...
    I've been dreaming about this product forever, and I finally went to Sephora to give it a whirl. Honestly...I was not terribly impressed. It certainly does the job, but I had really hoped it would have some kind of shimmer to it; however it is more of a matte effect. It is quite soft and as others have said, does not pull on the skin. If you're really wanting to try out the effect without paying the price, try this in Pink 507 Sephora Brand Jumbo Pencil - Eye. For only $5, it does the trick (plus has a bit of shimmer to it) and if you decide it's not the right look for you, you won't terribly regret spending the money....more info
  • Awesome Product
    In my opinion,this product does exactly what it says it will. It blends well and this one pencil has lasted me almost a year. I am getting several uses before I have to sharp it. I am definitely getting my money's worth....more info
  • Eye Bright: Great Concept, Ridiculous Price
    Actually I really like Benefit's products, I believe they are creative and fun. However, some of their products are really overpriced like Eye Bright. This product really "opens" the eye as it claims, but there are several pencils in the market (including drugstore brands) which does the highlighting and brightening job in the eye area equally well. I am not planning to spend my bucks on eye bright until I win the lottery.
    ...more info
  • Love this pencil!
    I know some folks use this more as a concealer. Instead, I use it everyday in the inner corner of my eyes and under my eyebrows. It really does brighten your eyes! It stays on for a long time too. I also own the Beneift high brow pencil, which is nice too but I prefer this one. The difference is the eye bright pencil has a bit more pink than the high brow one and the eye bright seems to be a bit more creamy in texture....more info
  • best circle remover - EVER!
    I have under eye circles for years now due to allergies and this product is the absolute best thing since sliced bread! I highly recommend it!...more info
  • eye bright
    this stuff stays on all day - and works wonders on the dark patches around my eyes. I have very pale skin, so I find it extremely difficult to find products with performance like this one!!
    Thank you Benefit!!!...more info
  • Awesome
    I often work 16 hours shifts, and I couldn't get through my day without this product. Just a swipe on my inner waterlines and I look refreshed, revived, and awake. I get so many compliments about my "never being able to look tired", but this product is my secret! If I could only use one make-up product for the rest of my life, this would be it. I recommend this to everyone. It doesn't irritate your skin, and also looks good used as an overall highlighter. Worth every cent. I've used 4 sticks already and I'm hooked!...more info
  • pricey but impressive
    As a very fair skinned girl I've struggled to find a product to minimize my dark under eye circles that was light enough without being white. Eye bright does just that. Extra points for the light formulation - the first that I've found to do the job without looking like spackle.

    Benefit is notorious for high prices and I'm taking one star off for that, however, my eye bright has lasted a year and I'll continue to buy it... at least until I find something less expensive that works as well....more info
  • Works well in the beginning...
    I purchased the eye bright, and in the beginning, it worked very well at hiding some of the darkness under the eyes. When it came time to resharpen the pencil after a couple of applications I used the appropriate Benefit sharpener; however, the eye bright stick pencil started to splinter and only sharpen on one side. I found this rather odd as I never experienced this problem before. This made it next to impossible to use. My first attempt at getting it correctly sharpened ended with me going through half of the pencil and still not having it right. I have thrown it aside in disgust. In short, it does work well; however, if you only get a handful of uses out of it before you cannot use it, then what purpose does it serve other than that of being an expensive investment?...more info
  • Looking a little saggy and tired? this'll do...
    Oh my wow - this pencil is great to highlight your eyes on your not so fabulous mornings. It has a nice creamy blendable texture, and is so easy to use. I just make a few dots just below my eyebrow, then a little in the corner of my eye and blend for that extra OOmph. Definitely recommend this as a highlighter....more info
  • Worth Every Penny - Hello, Bright Eyes!
    Until I tried Eye Bright, I never really bothered with eye makeup. I could never find anything that looked subtle enough. I just wanted something to give my eyes a bit of a pop, that's all.

    Eye Bright is really great for those of us who want a no-fuss, quick eye makeup routine. The effect is subtle, yet dramatic... Sounds impossible, right? But the color itself is a very soft, bright pinkish white that probably looks nice on most skin tones. However, the overall brightening effect of the product makes one look amazingly alert even on the earliest of mornings.

    Like most Benefit products, this makeup isn't too "makeup"-y. That is, when you wear Eye Bright, you most likely won't receive compliments on your eye makeup, but rather on how well-rested you look.

    Highly recommended. This one will stay in my makeup bag for use every morning....more info
  • Worth the price??
    for almost twenty bucks, this pencil wound up being a letdown. A miracle worker? Absolutely not. It did open up my inner eye, but cheapie shadow does that too, and stays put longer. Unless you're just looking for somewhere to throw your money away, I wouldn't recommend it....more info
  • Looks like eight hours of sleep!
    I'm almost tempted to take away one star from this great product because of the price. (Ouch!) However, Benefit Cosmetics Eye Bright is an amazing cosmetic that does just what the name indicates -- it enhances the appearance of your eyes, making them seem brighter, more youthful and well-rested. Since I am plagued by allergies and sinus problems, using Eye Bright is sort of like fixing that dullness in Photoshop!

    In essence, I don't regret the expense because buying this Benefit cosmetic is cheaper than trying several other discount brands, only to come back to this one. Therefore, ladies, loosen up the purse strings and treat yourself to Eye Bright, because it will, well... make your eyes look bright.

    Good stuff....more info
  • A Must Have
    This is my daily go to product even on the weekends when I don't feel like wearing makeup. This instantly perks up tired looking eyes and conceals dark circles making you look more awake and alive. This concealer also has good staying power - I haven't had to do any touch-ups during the day. I recommend this product because even though it essentially serves only one purpose, that one thing does make a big difference overall. I only gave it 4 stars because it is a bit pricey. ...more info
  • One of my essentials
    I've been using this for the past few months and have really enjoyed it. I have very fair skin and blue eyes. It truly does give my eyes a great pick-me-up as a brightner. I've tried using it as an under-eye concealer as well and have found it does a much better job for me than any other concealer. I just have to be careful not to apply to much or it can be too pink. I keep it in my purse to use toward the end of the day when I'm tired.

    ...more info
  • Beautiful Eyes
    I've been getting so many compliments on my eyes I am definitely going to need another one when this one is over. It stays on forever and really brightens up your eyes. In spite of the price, it is a great buy. I highly recommend it....more info
  • Ruined the first time I sharpened it
    I was initially very happy with this pencil. The pink tint is soft and creamy, and doesn't pull at your skin when you apply it. I used it with Bare Minerals foundation and it lasted all day, and did an excellent job of covering the circles under my eyes. It also lasted at least three weeks before I had to sharpen it for the first time. But that is where my satisfaction ended. I bought the Benefit Jumbo Sharpener that is recommended for this pencil, but the minute I tried to sharpen it, the wood splintered off, leaving very hard, pointy-sharp pieces on one side of the pencil, that I would never put near my eye. I absolutely could not remove these splintery pieces of wood, even after trying to chip or carve them off with a knife. So, for a few days, I used a little makeup brush to try to dig the pink stuff out of the pencil but I finally gave up and threw the remains of the pencil away. This also ruined the expensive sharpener, which is now all gummed up with the pink concealer and has little chips of wood wedged under the blade. The bottom line is, this is a very expensive product and I expect it to be made with premiun materials, which clearly is not the case. If you do decide to try it, I recommend sharpening it frequently; it may have worked better for me had I not let it get so dull....more info


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