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What it is:A velvety complexion balm with a feel-good finish.What it does:Benefit Dr. Feelgood mattifies the complexion and reduces the appearance of fine lines and pores.What else you need to know:With vitamins C and E, consider this your "pretty prescription!"

Customer Reviews:

  • Benefit your skin!
    I never wore makeup because it would just streak down my face. I use this now and it's so nice! My makeup stays where it's supposed to, on my face. When I'm in a hurry, I use this alone and don't look like a mirror by the end of my work day. I agree with the other reviewer though, and apply it under my makeup. I take it along with me too in case I sweat majorly and need to touch up. I find the smell really pleasant, it's slightly minty and refreshing, not the typical makeupy smell that I detest....more info
  • Oil
    I do not have dry skin so that may be why it didn't work for me.
    I have always loved Benefit products but I was let down in a big way on this one.
    It did make my skin for smooth when I first put it on but I saw no change and then after 5 min my face was greasy. I would say I have normal skin, no dry spots or oil spots. This product made my face just feel gross.

    It might work for a dry skinned person though!...more info
  • Effects depend on your skin type
    I've had this for over 6 mths now. You can wear it under or over foundation, but I find it more effective when worn under make up, just after applying moisturizer. It acts as a make-up primer by smoothening skin and that is all. Thin coverage is enough. Overdo it and it'll sting sensitive skin slightly. If you have naturally smooth complexion you might not notice any difference. If you have very dry complexion especially with lots of lines, you will find this very beneficial....more info
  • why do we buy some of these things, ladies!!!
    I am also a bit of a beauty products addict. After a yucky day, it never fails to pick up my spirits when there is the promise of some new, wonder thing. the more odd, as long as it looks fun, the better. That was the thinkin behind my purchase of dr. feelgood. the tin gets lots of comments. My coworker procedded to open it and feel the sponge! (thinking that was the product). OOOH! she commented. She is as bad as I am. (LOL) I have tried this product over makeup, and that just seems dumb. Under it, I suppose it does shrink pores a bit. but heck, so does seabreeze, for a whole lot less, you know what i mean??? But its cute, it looks like it would be good for waxing my surfboard. I gave it 3 stars because it never fully explained itself when i bought it, and i got what i deserved. ...more info
  • What does it do?
    That's the question my mother asked me after she bought this product, knowing that I also own it. Dr. Feelgood is just OK, it is a silky balm you put on your skin with or without foundation under it, much like powder. I personally like the smell of it, didn't find it to be overly strong. The packaging is cute, cute, cute. But, alas, it didn't do much. I found it to be a bit of a waste of money, which is unfortunate, because I'm a huge fan of Benefit products overall. ...more info
  • Best INSTEAD of makeup, not over it.
    This product really makes your natural skin look great. It makes all those fine lines disappear and any shine and makes your skin feel great. There's a slight astringent smell to the product. It suprisingly does not feel like "balm" or anything on your skin.

    When I bought this I was told it would go well under or over makeup. I have not found this to be the truth. It made my makeup clump, even benefit "bo-ing" which is one of their own products. This is a wonderful and unique product if you do not wear foundation or concealer and just want to make your own skin look its best. ...more info
  • Owie! Irritating! Beware if you have sensitive skin.
    Ouch! This stuff smells a little like menthol, which would explain why it is so irritating. If you have average skin, you might be fine with it. But if by any means your skin tends to be sensitive, I would suggest staying away. I have the typical sensitive skin of a redhead. I used a little dab on top of my makeup and had dry, irritated skin the next day. Not a good look. If your skin tends towards the sensitive you might want to try philosphy's The Present instead.

    ...more info
  • best product ever!!!!!!!
    This product is tops!! I have been using Dr. Feelgood for years. I would recommend this product over and over again....more info
  • Dr. Feels GREAT
    I LOVE this stuff. My skin felt so wonderful to the touch when I used this before I put on make-up, not to mention my face looked smoother and my make-up stayed on longer than it normally did!

    Just be sure to moisutrize your face before you put it on (part of the reason my make-up lasted longer was because dr. feel good absorbs some facial oil)...more info
  • Meh...
    I love a few of benefits products but this one (after many trials) went to the trash. I do like the smell, and that is about it. Otherwise, regardless of what I did, my face felt slimy and looked greasy - whether it was lightly patted on or smoothed on. I'm glad this is working for some but for me it was a big no....more info
  • Disappointed
    I ordered this after I saw a Hollywood make-up artist use it on TV for a makeover. I shouldn't have taken the risk on something this expensive. It does not lessen wrinkles or the size of my pores. It does not make my skin feel softer or smoother. It does not "feel good" and I don't like the way it smells. I threw away the directions but I believe they said to put it on over make-up which didn't make sense. It messes up your make-up if you put it on top. If you put it on before your make-up, it seems to make foundation go on smoother. However, since it clogs my pores it's not worth it. Oh... the can is cute....more info
  • good stuff
    I must admit I was first drawn to this product by the packaging but like other reviewers thought, what is it? I went to the Benefit counter at the mall and gave it a try. Dr. Feelgood behaves like a powder by reducing shine and mattefying the skin. I find the smell nice and barely noticeable and I'm someone who is very sensitive to smells. There is a piece of was paper that comes in the package. I would recommend keeping it between the product and the sponge. The sponge does become discolored, especially if you use Dr. Feelgood over your make-up like I do. But, who cares? Make-up should be applied to clean skin anyway and the sponge is certainly washable with mild soap and water if it bothers you. I find that Dr. Feelgood over That Gal primer and a little Benetint on the cheeks is all you need. ...more info
  • Skin feels slimy
    I really don't like this product too much but am willing to try it out a few more times to see if it grows on me. My make up goes on well with this product but my face feels too silky and it feels like my make up is going to slide right off my face. My make up just doesn't feel like it's anchored to my face. I'm not a fan of the smell either. ...more info
  • Pleasing to the touch.
    I really love this product, but I don't ever wear make-up and even this is a once in a while thing. Regardless, I just bought my second one, it lasts a long time, I was heartbroken when I ran out. It does everything it says, it looks natural and feels great. After a while of using it your skin feels softer because of the Vit E and C I guess. If you usually wear a lot of make-up this isn't really for you, because it doesn't do much and is pretty expensive. I recommend it for men, I have some effeminate male friends who wear it everyday. It tones down subtle redness and does matte.

    Less is more, too much makes you slimy.
    Change the sponge frequently, reusing the same part of the sponge gets a little gross. Oil and dirt from old applications goes back on your face.
    Wash sponge gently with soap and water after every use, extend the life of your sponge.
    Use under make-up and for quick touch-ups through out the day.
    Blot on then smooth, don't smear on.
    ...more info
  • It's "okay"
    This item is okay, but it's not that great. I also think that Benefit is incredibly over-priced for the value that you get....more info
  • feels great but there is a catch
    This product really made my face feel soft and smooth, but it made my face break out (despite what the woman at the benefit counter told me). I have always had a perfect complextion, but after I started using this product, my skin began to break out. After I stopped using the product, my skin returned to normal.

    If you have skin that is prone to break out, I would not use this product....more info
  • Can't live W/O
    I don't use this product all over my face. I only use it here and there to fill in fine lines and enlarged pores. It is awesome!...more info
  • not worth it
    I got this years ago when it first came out. I think it's not worth taken home. If it works for some well great but for most it will be a waste. And I love most of there other products....more info
  • Acne-prone skin beware!
    I liked the idea behind this product and I loved the packaging. Unfortunately, after using it for a week, my face broke out significantly. I didn't use it for a couple of months while my face cleared up and then I tried it again. My face broke out the second time and I ditched Dr. Feelgood. I also have very oily skin and this product didn't help with the shine much at all. ...more info
  • felt good at first...
    i tried this at a benefit counter at macy' felt great when the girl put it on my face, but not so good 2 days later when i broke out like crazy. it basically clogs up your pores to make a smooth surface for makeup application...not so good. love lots of other benefit stuff though :o)...more info
  • Love It For My Combo Skin but NOT For Everyone!
    I bought this again recently as a makeup primer but never use it on my entire face only where needed, shiny forehead, chin and enlarged pores on inner cheeks. This may not be for everyone's skin but if you buy it from Sephora and find that you don't like it, they have a wonderful no questions return policy so you don't feel that you have wasted your money. I do not find the lightly fresh lemony smell of this product to be offensive at all. Yes it appears to be a large tin of waxy lip balm but the key is never overuse it on your face. Only where needed to mattify, control shine and cover enlarged pores not normal pores. I like this product a lot and washing my face off twice a day (morning and evening) I have not had an issue with this product causing a break out which I am very prone to, especially changing facial washes, product changes and anything to strong for my somewhat sensitive skin. If you buy this and try it from Sephora you have nothing to lose from their return policy and possibly a great product to gain. Minus one star as this is not for everyone. ...more info
  • Wonderful after a second try!
    Like some others mentioned, I was a little confused and disappointed when I followed the directions to apply Dr Feelgood OVER my makeup. (I seriously wonder if that's a misprint?) It mattified my face, but didn't do anything for the appearance of my pores and it wiped off my blush.

    So then I tried it again, putting it on first, before anything else and VOILA! I LOVE this stuff. I have huge pores, and with a little smudge off this over my cheeks, they completely disappear.

    I have combination skin, and it's been getting drier on my cheeks, the older I get. Even using this over dry skin, I had no problems.

    So the only reason I gave this a 4 instead of a 5 is that it doesn't work well with the "dewy" look. It's very, very matte. (But I'll happily make the sacrifice to make my pores disappear!)

    I think the price is fine - the stuff lasts forever and it isn't a drugstore brand, after all. All makeup and products from companies like this cost a bit more. I used to carry it in my bag all day and then I realized that there's no point - I only need to put it on once in the morning and it lasts all day.

    As for the controversial smell - I love it, I think it smells fresh and clean and slightly lemon-y, and the packaging is terribly cute....more info
  • Dr. Feelbad
    This has failed to living up to the hype I had heard about Dr. Feelgood, it's more like Dr. Feelbad! Aside from the scent being almost overpowering, it feels like you are lathering your face up with Crisco! It made me break out & accented my facial lines.
    If you are looking for a good makeup primer, trying Philosophy's Supernatural!...more info
  • Oily skin users: Beware!
    I happen to love Benefit products, and as a fan I decided to try Dr. FeelGood thinking that I'd be as impressed as with my previous purchases. I admit that the product does leave skin feeling velvety and makes all other makeup application way easier. I completely agree with what another user commented: it has a great scent, a little goes a long way, and the packaging is just darling.

    On the other hand, this is where I take off a star: I have oily skin, so this product just makes me look slicker, not matte, as it claims.

    My mom, on the other hand, has dry skin, and I used it on her, it made a world of difference, and she loved the texture!...more info
    Okay, so Im a frequent benefit buyer! I have never thought to write a review for amazon but I thought I should for this specific product! Number one..whoever says it doesnt smell good is crazy! Its very refreshing! At first I didnt think it would do a damn thing, just because it didnt even look like it came off onto the sponge that your given. Thankfully it did! I wear it over my makeup. It defintly fills in those fine lines concealer and foundation can't! Plus if you use it under your eyes your eyeliner, etc. wont smudge! Its overall a great product and I highly recommend it!...more info
  • Huh?
    I'm not sure WHAT this product does. The sales girl said this is supposed to help minimize my pores, but I'm not convinced that this is doing that. Plus, it doesn't smell good like most other Benefit products do. I don't think I'll purchase this again....more info
  • Mattifies nicely!
    I am a redhead and wear sunscreen everyday--the thick, goopy, white-pasty, shiny physical block(not the chemically stuff). To make up for this, I put on my sunscreen, then concealer if needed, and wait about ten minutes to let it sink in, finishing with Dr. Feelgood. This stuff makes me look poreless, shineless, like im not wearing all of the goopy sunscreen at all. I like it better than powder, which sinks into my pores (and most contain talc anyway). One star off because it is pretty expensive for a finisher, but i love this product!...more info
  • Takes some getting used to... BUT a great product
    I have found that this product essentially does what it claims to do... Leaves you with a flawless complexion. Minimizes pores and mattifies, REALLY!!!! It smells fine to me. It keeps your skin looking great UNDER makeup and provides a great base. Over makeup, it tones it down if you had an "ooops, too much blush!" moment. Only reason it doesn't get 5 stars is that it feels somewhat slimy to the touch... but looks beautiful! ...more info
  • it feels good!
    Benefit's Dr. Feelgood is worth its price. The aloe/herby scented balm slides onto skin smoothly and leaves your skin feeling silky and even. Looks well alone or under makeup. Skin appears minimally smoother, and it works a little like a toner, evening redness. Comes with one sponge applicator, but it gets used up in about a month. Overall a really sweet product!...more info


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