Frederic Fekkai Glossing Conditioner

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For extra luster try this Glossing Conditioner, formulated with natural olive oil. Its lightweight formula delivers the enhancing benefits of olive oil without weighing the hair down. The result, is glossy, vibrant, radiant locks that make you shine.

Customer Reviews:

  • Good Stuff ... Gives Hair a Healthy Shine
    The smell is amazing - not too overpowering, just natural and sexy. Almost like aromatherapy! I walk around smelling my hair all day! My boyfriend enjoys smelling my hair as well! Just follow the directions for best results. Use the coolest to coldest water you can handle for better shine results. It's not a greasy shine...for me it brings out the highlights in my hair. Ladies after many years of buying the cheap stuff from the drugstore, e.g. Pantene, Herbal Essences, etc., I found that it is worthwile to buy the more expensive shampoos...and switch it up. I use at least 3 different brands of shampoo/condition, including KMS California depending on the style, i.e. curls, straight. Treat yourself and your hair!...more info
  • The BEST!!
    No doubt about it ..
    This is one of THE BEST conditioners I've ever used. Ever!!
    No complaints!
    Not only does it leave your hair conditioned and tangle-free,
    but the hair is not left with a "heavy", coated feeling.
    Do you want silky, shiny locks?
    Use this.

    ...more info
  • Best conditioner on the market.
    This makes my hair shine and react like it did when I was a child! Never had a "bad hair day" while using this product...GREAT STUFF!...more info
  • Super shiny strands!
    Not only does this conditioner make your hair unbelievably shiny, it smells amazing. People have actually asked me what perfume I was wearing & it was actually my hair! I hope Frederic Fekkai makes a body lotion with this scent.....more info


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