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What it is:A 3-in-1 gel infused with the beloved Amazing Grace fragrance.What it does:Philosophy expanded its Amazing Grace line to include this product that's a bath, shampoo, and shower gel all-in-one. This gel is a lovely way to wear Grace, either by itself for a subtle scent or layered for longer wear. What else you need to know:Amazing Grace fragrance for women is a uniquely feminine blend of soft, floral blossoms accented by a hint of light musk.

Customer Reviews:

  • Graceful smell will melt you away, so so other effects
    i tried philosophy line of products for the first time the past winter. this one has the best and most lovely smell which has kept me going back for more. as per the effectiveness of the shampoo and bath gel combination, i'm not too crazy about. i'm still not used to the idea of using the same hair shampoo to wash my body yet, so i stuck with it for my hair mostly. but honestly the smell is so so heavenly, the best i've tried among all the shampoo....more info
  • Realistic Approach
    I saw several reviews that seemed to take issue with the fragrance and if it was built to last. Well, that's the thing with a scent...If you want any scent to last, the key is to learn how to "layer". Begin with the wash, then the lotion, then the actual fragrance. A bodywash alone isn't going to last all day silly girls...

    I will agree that the 3 in 1 idea isn't the best for many ladies, as when used as a shampoo, it can be drying. I would say it is great for cutting down on items when traveling and bringing your own tolietries. Just bring a small bottle of really good conditioner like Bumble and Bumble Super-Rich to offset the drying. So, only 2 bottles instead of 3.

    The scent is feminine, clean and soft. Not overpowering but has a gentle sophistication. Not an everyday choice for me because I require more moisture in a daily body wash, but nice on special nights, and when traveling. ...more info
  • Hmmm... Not my favorite shampoo
    I'm a huge fan of luxurious shower gels, but this one doesn't cut it, as the fragrance seems to fade quickly. After all the fanfare, I'm disappointed with this product, as it just doesn't seem to be worth the money. Save your money....more info
  • This Entire Line Is Filled with Wonderful Products!
    As a classroom teacher I need a bath product that accomplishes two impossible things at the same time: cheers me up and preps me for another tough day teaching AND not be so strongly scented that it becomes a distraction. This wonderful product does both. Having sensitive skin and allergies to most bath products I was quite hesitant at first to use this product, but a squirt on a bath scrunchie gives lots of cleaning power and the scent is mellow, lovely and sends me out of the shower with a smile. Treat yourself and buy a quart jug!!...more info
  • Love This Product
    I have been wanting to try this product and I'm so thrilled I did!! The scent is lovely and feminine. Not strong and even without the layering of the lotions and perfume, the scent lasts. I'm looking forward to getting a gift set for my Mom for Mothers Day. She'll love it too! ...more info
  • What's not to like...
    This gel smells great, feels great, and Amazon's price was terrific. I haven't used it as a shampoo, because I color my hair and am afraid this would be too harsh. It would definitely make your hair smell good though! The scent is very nice, light but very pleasant in the shower, although not really strong enough to linger once the shower is over. I actually bought the cologne in Amazing Grace after using this shower gel and am thinking of getting the body lotion....more info
    I was given this as a gift about 5 years ago. When I ran out, I was desperate to have another bottle. The experience in the nothing less than amazing, a candle, a glass of wine and this fragrance wafting above the steaming water.....ahhhh. ...more info
  • Smells Amazing!
    This stuff smells amazing! During the first shower it didn't really impress me but I kept catching a whiff of it throughtout the day and it was so nice. It's not great as a shampoo. It left my hair very tangled but having the scent in it was nice. My husband loves it on me. Don't expect the scent to last on your skin though, it's just really for in the shower. ...more info
  • Use it as a body wash!
    This is the best body wash ever or should I say Philosophy makes the best body washes period! They are thick, creamy, lather very very well and the smell... hands down the best fragrance along with Falling in Love of course! So feminine & light, I get so many compliments DAILY- I layer this & Falling in Love everyday- Get it you'll love it!...more info
  • A fine product, but....
    I like this product very much as a bath gel (or bath lotion is more accurate). The aroma is subtle and not "flowery" like many women's fragrances. Nor is the fragrance musk-like. The fragrance is light and clean, yet feminine. The suds are thick and rich, and feel luxurious on the skin. Your skin feels silky afterwards, not dry. I have not tried it as a shampoo. The only thing I do not like about it is the price. It is too expensive. ...more info
  • Blah.
    I agree with what Samantha Leach had to say. The smell is definitely not lasting. The smell is very light. I can barely smell anything! The stuff lathers on okay, I've got to admit. As another customer said, I don't see what all the hype is about. What's so great about this product? Yes, the packaging is nice, but that's about it. The price is way too high! Good thing "I" didn't pay for it and someone else did or else, I would have been VERY disappointed. ...more info
  • Disappointing, I sent it back...
    I love the scent of Amazing Grace and was delighted to buy this product but I was so disappointed. It was nearly impossible to to discern the scent. The fragrance was so light that it was barely there. I thought "this is too much to pay for a product that's not satisfactory", so I returned it. ...more info
  • Amazed by its grace and texture
    This product for me is almost a miracle potion. I use it to wash my hair, body and in the bath as well. Its perfume is so serene and soft that it leaves me feeling pampered and relaxed. Philosophy has outdone itself with Amazing grace. Its perfume lasts all day, in a subtle kind of way, without overwhelming you. Not only does my skin feel soft but when i have washed my hair with it,it airs the sweetest hint of baby freshness wherever i go....more info
  • Picks up my Spirit
    This lovely scent is gentle and soft. Amazing Grace has a calming quality you just have to experience to understand. Feel I've pampered myself....more info
  • Smelled great at first
    I loved the smell of the Amazing Grace shower gel... but about 1/3 rd into the bottle, all of a sudden I noticed the scent of the gel didn't smell like it did when I first bought it. It's almost like it lost scent or something. At first I thought it was just me, like maybe I was used to it or something. But this has never happened before on other scented products. My hubby sniffed it but he said it didn't smell very strong either.
    Anyway, I'm still using the rest of the bottle but won't be purchasing this one again....more info
  • I love the scent, but I was disappointed...
    As soon as I poured this product onto my pouf, there was no trace of the scent. Literally none! I used it as a shampoo and as soon as I lathered up the fragrance disappated. I could smell my bar soap more than this product! I love the scent, but there was no trace of it at all post shower. Waste of money....more info


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