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Phytodefrisant is a relaxing balm for all hair types, naturally curly or permed hair. Ferula, horseradish, and garlic extracts coat and straighten hair without any chemical action. The non-oily formula won't weaken hair. Imparts shine as hair blow-dried to smooth, straight perfection.

Customer Reviews:

  • This really is a wonderful product!!
    I have horrible hair. And I live in Florida, where non-frizzy hair is impossible for me....until now. I am not happy about the price, but will continue to buy. If you have frizzy unmanageable hair, this product will help you out a lot....more info
  • I love this stuff!
    Phyto Phytodefrisant Botanical Hair Relaxing Balm is an awesome product! I have been using it for years and I love it.
    I have relatively straight hair, but when it's shorter, a few nasty cowlicks are evident and hard to handle. A little dot of balm in my hand, once through the hair, and I am in business, whether or not I blow dry my hair!
    Most importantly, I HATE to wear product in my hair. I feel product in my hair the minute it has been applied. Most gels, balms, clays, sprays, etc. just weigh my hair down, making it limp and dirty. Phyto Phytodefrisant Botanical Hair Relaxing Balm never does any of these nasty things to my hair! I never feel it in my hair, but I know it is working like crazy!
    I highly recommend it to anyone who wants a little control, wants to straighten wavy hair and blow dry (you get a beautiful and smooth look), or just wants an easy time of it without blow drying.

    ...more info
  • I'm hooked on this product
    I have had a 56 year quest for a product to tame my frizzy hair. I've tried it all. This product calms the frizz, keeps it calm until my next shampoo-something no other product has ever come close to doing before. My hair is soft, shiny and everyone is commenting on how long my hair
    is. That is because it is so much more relaxed. I love this stuff! Do you sell it by the gallon? Oh, that doesn't mean you have to use a lot. I have shoulder length hair and I use about the size of a nickel. I just don't want to ever run out!
    Van CT...more info
  • Movie Star hair 24/7
    Phytodefrisant is one of the rare products that actually lives up to the hype by everyone who uses it. I have heard of it for years but never believed that spending lots of money will ensure great results when it comes to just one styling product, but even after one use I knew there was no turning back. This product is truly amazing as even one application in mid-day turned my hair into gleaming spun silk with glossy reflection and incredible softness and bounce. I can't begin to describe my surprise and adoration for Phyto for crating such a marvel of nature and science in a seemingly inconspicuous metal tube.

    The product itself is an oozing liquidy clear gel like consistency and it disappears into the hair, as I like to put it in the morning after I wash it and brush it through. It makes my hair feel slippery and silky, and I love it. Ever since I've been using it, I get random complements form friends and strangers on my hair, and even my high lights are revived as they look fresh and summery. This really makes me hair feel luxurious and Im thrilled that I did spend the money on it, for now no matter what I do to my hair, its always a good hair day! As an added bonus I don't need anything else in my hair, which saves more time and money, it's incredible how this one product does such an incredible turn around on my mane, love it!...more info
  • Amazing product
    This product is a must for those of us with thick, coarse, unruly hair. I must confess this product was not an immediate miracle worker for me, but after using it consistently for a couple of weeks and pairing it with the shine serum, I now have the soft, managable, shiny hair I've always wanted. My hair does not even feel like my own any more. A worthwhile investment, for sure!...more info
  • Waste of money!
    Like many others, I look to Amazon's reviewers before buying an expensive product to make sure I'm going to get my money's worth.
    After seeing so many satisfied customers, I figured buying this would be a sure bet!
    Boy was I wrong! I have thick, pretty healthy, semi-wavy hair that's to the middle of my back. So, not the easiest of hair, but certainly not a challenge for this product. I couldn't have been more wrong.
    This is glorified hair gel. It's just more runny.
    I used the product as specified.
    And was left with flat, not-shiny, not-silky, almost crunchy hair!
    About the same results I'd get with $0.99 cent gel from a dollar store!
    I ended up just throwing my hair into a ponytail for the rest of the day.
    I'm so angry I wasted my money on such a worthless product!

    Back to my search for the perfect grooming cream/shine serum....more info
  • I happened to stumble across this product line. I love this product.
    I happened ,to stumble across this product, while searching online. I am multi-racial and I have frizzy, course hair. I have tried Kerastase, Fantasia IC, Keracare and many other anti-frizz hair care products. I was surprised about the comments on Amazon about how good this product is. So, I decided that I would purchase the Phytodefrisant relaxing balm and Phytobrush anti-frizz shampoo. I used both products and I thought it was okay, but not great. I decided that I was going to try it, again. To my amazement, the more I used it, the better my hair responded positively to the Phyto products. I was so excited about how my hair turned out that I told me sister about Phyto. My sister and I went to Sephora to purchase Phyto and she got the Phyto products not only for herself, but for her daughters, as well. I also, purchased the Phytokerite mask.

    I love this product line. My hair( with all 3 product from Phyto) has no frizziness, less breakage. But most importantly, my hair has so much shine, softness, body and is straight. People come up to me and ask me what I did to my hair,in relation to the shine, feel and bounciness. I finally have the hair that I always wanted.

    The price of these products are a little pricey, but worth every dollar. I would definitely recommend this product....more info
  • Even MY hair can be sleek?
    I have used this a total of 3 times so far and I can already see a difference.
    My hair is kinky/curly/unruly. It's fair and I do highlight so I am prone to dryness on the ends. And frizz? My worst enemy. The real test will be when the hot/humid weather comes to town.
    But so far, so good. It's worth every penny....more info
  • And I thought it was just another half-assed product... my suprise though, it was wonderful! I didn't buy this product on, I picked it up at Sephoria at the mall. This product is a bit expensive, but so far, it's been worth it. I've been using for 5 days now, you apply it to wet hair, after shampoing. When you do, you can feel your hair becoming so smooth and shiny. I love this product so far, it's all natural too and it really does work. It isn't going to make your hair 100% straight, no, I gave up on that a long time ago. What is it going to do is straighten the hair enough, make it managable, and beautiful. For once, I don' thave to hide behind my hat :) Will buy again....more info
  • Works great for fine, frizzy hair
    I love this product! My hair has always been a source of embarrassment for me. I have fine, thin, frizzy hair. Talk about bad genes. No matter what I did with it, what I put in it, how much heat I hit it with, it always resorted back to poufiness. Humid summers are the worst! Then I tried this. What a difference! My hair has never looked this good, ever. It is soft, shiny,and STRAIGHT, and it stays this way between my every-other-day shampoos. I must admit it is not perfect all the time...if it is raining outside or insanely humid, well, nothing will keep my hair from curling up a bit. However, this product does prevent my hair from looking like I stuck my finger in a light socket when the humidity is high. I think it is worth every penny for someone with hair like mine....more info
  • Greatest hair straightening balm I have ever used
    I was reluctant to buy this product because I too could not believe all the reviews. I would always have to use a straightening balm and then put other products on my hair to get rid of the frizz I still had after drying my hair but, no more. I use very little of this product and don't have to use additional products to get rid of my frizz. I have received many compliments on my hair, people telling me it looks longer and has alot of shine. I would highly recommend this product because I too have tried many products through the years and this is the only one I feel confident suggesting to other people. I have thick, course hair and this balm works wonders even when I have traveled to high humidity areas such as Dallas, Austin and California. ...more info
  • I couldn't straighten my hair without it!
    I joined the cult of Phyto products in the mid-90s and never looked back. This product is used sparingly on wet hair, to help tame curls and frizz. I haven't encountered any other product that works as well as Phytodefrisant to get my hair straight and sleek!

    Incidentally, a minimal amount is used for each application, so the tube lasts for a very long time......more info

  • Works like a dream!
    This is the only product that keeps my hair from drying into a fuzzy, frizzy mess. I technically have straight hair, but it misbehaves a lot and is a bit unruly. This is called a balm, but it is more like a thick liquid that I apply to wet hair. With phytodefrisant I can really see the results after I blow dry. Even if I let my hair air dry, I still see less frizz and my hair is softer. I would not live without this stuff over the winter, especially with dry hair and static woes ahead!...more info
  • The best there is!!
    I have very thick, curly hair that was impossible to straighten. Then I was surfing the sephora site, and I saw that Phyto Phytodefrisant was one of the most popular items on their site. It also had to coveted "Allure" seal of approval, so I figured I couldn't go wrong. I've never been more right! This stuff is awesome! With just a dollop, my long (down past the middle of my back), curly, frizzy, thick hair is transformed into sleek, straight "movie star hair" (so I've been told my friends). It's worth every penny and I'll never go back to the other crap....more info
  • Don't buy this...
    Don't buy this product if you want it to do what it says it does... because IT DOESN'T! I bought it, used it twice, and got NO results. The cheap hair products from the drug store work better than this stuff. Don't waste your money!!!

    But if you must.. at least they give you a return label so that you don't have to pay to ship it back. But they take that out of your refund anyway.....more info
  • Frizzy hair? Not with Phytodefrisant!
    This is my "Holy Grail" haircare product -- I could use almost any other shampoo, almost any other conditioner, almost any other hairspray, but I could *not* ever use any other styling product on my hair, now that I've had a chance to use this. There is a Very Good Reason why Phytotherathie's Phytodefrisant has long been a mainstay of top professional models & has been voted the #1 haircare product by readers of "Allure" magazine more than once -- try it & if you have frizzy hair I guarantee you'll understand, too.

    My hair is thick, naturally wavy/curly & prone to extreme frizziness in the slightest humidity, & I've spent most of my post-pubescent life trying to figure out how to straighten it & control the frizziness. Until I discovered Phytodefrisant, the most effective product I had found was Sebastian's "Laminates" (I've tried virtually *every* product promoted to control frizziness that's been on the U.S. market in the last 30 years), but the silicone eventually built up on my hair & on very humid days I had to use so much of it that my hair was weighed down by the coating & felt "dirty". It "looked" reasonably good (for most of the day), but it certainly didn't feel very good to the touch. However, letting my hair go "curly" was a non-starter because the "curls" became nothing but frizz unless the humidity was close to 100% & if I used the "Laminates," it only destroyed my hair's ability to curl & simply made my hair look "dirty" & unstyled.

    By contrast, just a teaspoon of Phytodefrisant allows me to blow-dry my hair to soft, sleek, straight smoothness, with no residue detectible at all to the touch. The first time I used it, what struck me the most was how "natural" & "bouncy" my hair felt to the touch (I know, I know, I sound like a TV commercial, but this is *really* true!). I could run my fingers through my smooth, straight hair without detecting the slightest residue of the product & even after a month of daily use there is absolutely *no* build up whatsoever. On days when I want to wear my hair "curly", a single teaspoon allows my hair to dry naturally into crisp, bouncy curls without the slightest evidence of frizziness all day, no matter the humidity.

    My hair is shoulder-length & this tube lasts me for about 6 months, which breaks down to a cost of 13 cents a day. If buying a tube for this price seems daunting, Phyto includes a small travel-size tube in its "Petites" travel collection, which would allow you to try a variety of their products & which is also sold here at last time I checked. If you want more reviews from people who take their haircare seriously, check out the numerous rave reviews for Phytodefrisant on makeupalley dot com, where this is one of the highest rated products by a picky demographic group that takes personal care products very, very seriously! ;)...more info
  • No...Yes...Maybe?
    I am still unsure on what to write about this hair product. When I first put it in my hair-- after washing it-- this product made it extremely hard for me to comb through my hair. My hair literally felt like straw! But after I finally brushed out the many tangles, blow-dryed it and styled it-- my hair did appear softer and even felt softer than before. I even got a few compliments from strangers telling me that my hair looked shiny! But I still don't like to use it everyday because it honestly seems to make my hair a lot dryer and harder to brush out when it is in the wet stage! Maybe I just need a better conditioner (Though, my conditioner is a Matrix product) I don't know... I am still testing it... Thumbs down at first then up and then mid way!?
    I guess I was looking for a miricle-- lol -Ronda ...more info
  • BEST EVER!!!!
  • Not so great for me
    I bought this product because of the great reviews, hoping that my quest for the perfect product was over. It was horrible!! It tangled my hair and made it look as thought I had wet look gel all through my hair. Very disappointing indeed. I have very thick, course, long hair. It made it look frizzier and puffier than normal. Not appropriate for my hair at all....more info
  • Save your cash
    I wasted big money on this product and was so excited to get it. Turns out it's just a very sticky gel that sits on top of your hair. It's basically just gel and the only "relaxing" comes from either blowing straight or applying a chemical relaxer. This is just a styling gel, that's it. The product name implies that it is a natural relaxer, but it's just hair gel that is sticky, opaque and goes stiff on hair. Save your cash and use your regular gel, this is no miracle product.

    If you hair is not already straight, slightly curly or relaxed chemically then you are in trouble; this is not a product for hair that is very curly. ...more info


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