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  • The perfect pink.
    I'm a huge fan of Nars the Multiple sticks but there was never a color that was a nice pink.Until now!Riviera is a beautiful,very sheer cool rose pink that makes you look like you were just out in the cold or got a little sun.It's seasonless and because it contains shimmer it's a perfect for highlighting your cheekbones.You can also use it in eyes or lips.This is an indispensable item for me,one that I use everyday and couldn't live without.So,if your looking for a great pink blush or highlighter that isn't the least bit bubblegum,this is your dream come true....more info
  • Not as fabulous as I'd hoped for
    Generally, I prefer cream blush over powder blush or bronzer because I think it lasts longer. For some reason, though, there aren't many decent cream blush products on the market. The best product I've ever found is the Too Faced Flushed Blush stick, which unfortunately was discontinued and is becoming hard to find.

    In search of a substitute, I ventured into Sephora, where a sales associate recommended the Nars Multiple. I selected the Multiple in Maui, and although I'm pretty happy with it, I still prefer the Too Faced product. For one thing, although the Multiple can be used on eyelids, lips, and cheeks, I'm really only interested in it as a blush. I also prefer matte makeup, and the Maui Multiple is a bit too shimmery for my taste, even though the sales associate I spoke with said it was one of the less-shimmery shades. The product does glide on super smoothly and blends easily, but I don't think the color lasts as long as the Too Faced Flushed Blush stick. The Multiple is expensive, but I've had mine for a while now, and it this rate, it will probably last me the next 50 years, which justifies the high price.

    I may try the Multiple in another shade and hope for the best, but in the meantime, I'm still going to keep searching for a better cream blush product....more info
  • NARS The Multiple Orgasm
    I love this stuff. I use it instead of lipstick. It goes on creamy and it has a little sparkle. I ordered a second one just so I could put it in my purse. It was a little expensive but I think it will last a long time....more info
  • Outstanding
    The first time I tried NARS Multiple blush I was delighted. THe saleswoman in the store where I first came across this product said that she had just the color for me as I had "such beautiful blue eyes;"and it would bring them out. I was sure that was a come-on- good sales ploy but let her put some on as a trial and the funny thing was that after I bought it- yes, she convincedd me! a number of people came up to me and remarked about how blue my eyes were and that they had never noticed before!! I was amazed and now don't want to ever be without it. The stick lasts a very long time. The color she convinced me I needed to have is Malibu. It seems to stay on for quite a few hours. I liked the lipstick as well that she recommended to complement the blush....more info
  • Unbelievable!!
    I don't usually wear makeup, especially since I have a baby at home who takes up most of my time. When I read about The Multiple I liked the idea, but wasn't sure if I could manage the application. Since I don't usually wear any makeup, I didn't know if I could apply it without it looking overly made up. I needn't have worried; this is the best makeup I've ever seen. Application is a breeze and it looks great. The Malibu is a perfect raisin color (slightly brown, slightly pink), so it looks great with any color. I would highly recommend The Multiple....more info
  • Your Skin Has that "Hollywood" Glow
    I bought "Coppcabana" (it doesn't have a color, but more of a sheer shine) and love the way it feels. It's like silk on your skin.

    I use it down the center of my nose, across both cheeks, and on the brow bones and it really does help all your features look symmetrical. And it will last you for a very long time!...more info
  • Great face color
    I was skeptical of using a cream stick, but this blends beautifully. I use it for cheek and eye color. It goes on light, but gives a nice healthy color with a little shimmer. Great item!...more info
  • Very Happy I got it....
    I was looking to replace the only stick blush I used to the very end.It was Prescriptives Women Mystic stick. It came in only 1 color a sort of pink coral. A beautiful shade on any skin tone. Well they stopped making it so the hunt began to find a replacement. I came across this stick read the reviews and from the color chart 'Riviera' looked very close to the shade. Well it came the very next day so great shipping from Sephora and I loved the stick. The color was even better than the Mystic Stick and it went on much smoother. Will now go on to buy the Portifino. Also it is a large stick, so it well worth the price....more info
  • Great multi-purpose blush
    Love this product that glides on like butter, is sheer enough to look natural and can be used on the lips as well. Lasts for hours on the lips, all day on the face....more info
  • Most Natural Blush!
    I bought Maui and Malibu and for months couldn't bring myself to use them because I never used cream blush before and was so scared about the application. Also my cheeks weren't as clear as I thought skin needed to be to use these "natural flush" products. I eventually summoned the courage and couldn't believe how blendable and easy the Multiple was to use! Maui gives the most REALISTIC natural flush for daytime (I'm fair skinned with yellow undertones)and I'm going to try some of the shimmer ones for evening. Best of all, you can still use spot concealer over it without your blush disappearing!...more info
  • Perfect for eyes, cheeks, and lips
    If your a women on the go and you want something fast and easy, multiple are great because you can place on your eyes cheeks and lips with one product and be out the door. Nalo, professional makeup artsit based in Hollywood, [...]...more info
  • Worth the price - beautiful colors, intense pigment, one stick lasts forever
    I have been a huge fan of Nars makeup ever since Francois Nars developed this line about 8 years ago. I have used his "The Multiple" sticks from day one and have never been disappointed. All of the shades are absolutely gorgeous, work wonderfully on ever skin color/tone, and one stick will last forever without turning bad in color, texture, or scent. My first stick of Cannes lasted almost two full years.

    I am very fair. If you are as well, I have found the following colors to work best: Cannes, Portofino, Maui, Mustique, Maldives, and Copacabana. Portofino is my personal favorite. The perfect blend of pink, mauve, and gold. A definite instant complexion booster. Intense pigment, but beautifully sheer in small doses, so you won't end up looking like Bozo the Clown. Great for cheeks, eyes, lips...everywhere!

    My only complaint when it comes to Nars products pertains to the packaging. His packaging is gorgeous. Black, with an unusual sueded finish. You'll just love handling his compacts. The plastic he uses, though, seems to be very brittle and prone to chipping, splintering, and breaking. The gorgeous sueded black finish only seems to last a couple of months before that bubbles up and peels off. Goes from glamorous and gorgeous to skanky looking really fast....more info
  • clay texture
    I have used Nars for years and have been happy with many of their products, this however is not one of them. The texture of the stick is very very dry which made the product go on very unevenly. I would not purchase this product again--surprised at the lack of quality....more info
    I have red hair and very fair skin, so if the blush is too dark or the wrong shade, you can see it a mile away. I purchased the south beach shade in the stick form, not too pink, not too peach, just a "natural glow" look....more info
    I am telling you, this is my absolute FAVORITE makeup product. I don't use it everyday but just when I am going out on the town. I am fair skinned so I'm not sure how the copacabana color looks on darker skinned people but It looks spectacular on me! I've gotten many compliments and comments when I wear it. I use it as a highlighter on my cheekbones, corner of the eyes, and brow bones. It just gives you a classic looking shimmer. It really helps to make your cheekbones stand out when used in combination with blush (I use nars zen for a bronzed natural look). Anyway, I LOVE it and highly, HIGHLY recommend it! ...more info


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