Black & Decker GM200 Gizmo Mixer, White

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Product Description

This 3-in-1 cordless hand mixer by Black & Decker makes for smooth food and beverage preparation. Converts with a twist from drink mixer to hand mixer to quickly blend eggs, batters and smoothies. Ergonomic design makes the Gizmo Hand Mixer easy to grip while wall mountable storage caddy puts power and convenience at hand. Ergonomic handle High-Off-Low switch Blends hot and cold drinks Wall-mountable storage caddy Two power settings

When the hassle of bringing out heavy-duty mixers is unwarranted, reach for this peppy, cordless tool instead. Ideal for any kind of stirring or combining, the rechargeable mixer can effortlessly scramble eggs, mix cake batter, or blend healthy fruit shakes. The appliance head pivots and locks into place to easily transition from a right-angled hand mixer to the straight body customarily used for blending drinks. One end of the two-speed power button depresses to slowly stir while the other end clicks into place for whipping, beating, and mixing.

Ergonomically designed, the rubberized handle grips easily in one hand while its durable plastic body resists denting and scratching. A flat, level heel comfortably supports the tool between mixings. Constructed of metal and heavy-weight plastic, the three attachments include a standard beater, whisk, and drink mixer. A wall-mountable storage caddie houses the main blender body along with its three attachments while leaving room for the cord to be plugged in--store and recharge in parallel. When extended in drink-mixer mode without attachment, the tool measures 2-1/2 by 9 by 2-3/4 inches. Hand wash the motorized body with a warm, damp cloth; attachments are dishwasher-safe. This product includes a one-year limited warranty. -- Amy Arnold

What's in the Box
3-in-1 hand mixer; drink attachment; beater; wire whip; wall-mountable storage caddie; charger; mounting hardware

  • 3-in-1 rechargeable cordless mixer with convenient heel rest
  • Appliance head pivots to transform from a drink mixer to a hand mixer
  • 2 speeds to choose from; soft-grip handle; wall-mountable storage caddy
  • 3 attachments comprising a standard beater, whisk, and drink mixer
  • Dishwasher-safe attachments; hand wash main body; 1-year limited warranty

Customer Reviews:

  • Black and Decker Hand Held mixer
    This is my second Black and Decker battery powered mixer...the other lasted for many years and I loved it being cordless and I value the space saver "off-the-counter" storage feature....more info
  • BJT
    Just what I was looking for. It works great. A must have in my kitchen.

    BJT...more info
  • Handy, but the "only show in town"
    I bought this to replace one which I had for only a year before the battery died. I did find it handy enough to replace despite the short life of the battery, so I must have liked it. I searched for one by another manufacturer but it seems when it comes to battery powered hand mixers, B&D is the only show in town....more info
  • Used it for years
    I got mine at the ASOTv store in the mall, and it's worked for a couple of years. I LOVE this for cake mixes, meringues, whipped frostings, etc...
    No, it won't mix brownie batter without a fight, but it's not a stand mixer (come on, it's $15!) and you can't expect it to do the job of one.
    Cleaning it is also a lot easier though. :)
    For LIGHT mixing jobs the Gizmo is perfect!

    Oh, one thing that confused me at first - it won't work while plugged in (mine won't, anyway) so you DO need to plan for time to let it charge before the first use. ...more info
  • (Updated)Don't do it!!!!!!
    This is an update to the below review. It has been right at nine months of limited use (weekly) on light liquids. It died mixing chocolate milk. It is a waste on money and in the trash now.

    I had the B&D cordless hand mixer years ago and loved it, thought this would be good, it isn't. The Gizmo is under powered, torqued or whatever and the plug in charger is a pain. It slowed when mixing up plain cornbread and pancake batter. I guess if all you're mixing is chocolate milk, eggs and drinks with no ice you could be fine. B&D needs to go back to the drawing board on this one.

    Hey Black and Decker use an engineer that knows how to cook....more info
  • cordless mixer
    I love this little mixer. It is the second one that I had. The first one was left in previous house and was still working when we moved. This one is great, I didn't think that I would miss a cordless mixer but this one is great. The ordering, delivery time was good and the delivery was good. It all, it was a good experience. Thank you!
    ...more info
  • Gizmo hand mixer
    The Gizmo hand mixer works fantastic for making cream sauses and many other items that require a mixer where a mixer with a cord would be inconvient...more info
  • Handy-ist gizmo in the kitchen!
    I had this exact small appliance for 10+ years and wore it out. It's my favorite small appliance in my kitchen. It does everything! ...more info
  • As good as the first model
    We were given one of these 11 years ago as a wedding gift. It was on its last leg this past year. Of course, it looks different now, but it is still as good. We use it ALL the time!...more info
  • My "Chef of the House" loves it!
    My SO previously owned a Gizmo, but it had worn out. He could not find another. I found one here on Amazon, gave it to him for Christmas & he is happily whipping & whisking goodies up in the kitchen again. He loves it!...more info
  • Don't throw out your old hand mixer
    I was very excited by the notion of a handmixer that I could use without plugging it into the wall, and for some kitchen jobs the Gizmo does just fine. However, for others it is an utter failure. So, if you buy one, don't plan on throwing out your old mixer - this will have to supplement rather than replace what you've already got.

    Pros: It's very small and easy to grip. The handle shifts easily from a long "stick" configuration (good for blending soups right in the pots, or blending icey drinks) to an L-shaped traditional mixer configuration. The three attachments include a whip for eggwhites or cream, which worked very well, particularly if you leave your eggwhites in a small measuring cup.

    Cons: There's only one beater. I didn't think that would matter until I tried to cream some butter for a cake and found myself chasing the stick of butter around the bowl with the one lonely beater, unsuccessfully - like trying to catch your kid's hamster when it gets loose. Two beaters trap the material and pulverize it, but one beater only chases it! The battery makes it seem underpowered (it doesn't seem to spin with the same vigor as my regular mixer). The mixer will NOT operate when attached to a wall outlet - so if your battery dies (which it will, because it does not last long), you can't solve the problem by plugging it in to the adaptor and starting up again (it will have to fully recharge). Finally, although the mixer comes with a handy unit that holds all three attachments, which they mean for you to attach to the wall, if your backsplash is tiled (as mine is), you won't be able to store it easily.

    I'm not sorry I have it - it was quite good at whipping cream or egg whites - but I had hoped for a more generally useful appliance.

    PS - No hamsters were harmed in the writing of this review....more info
  • It works
    Pro :
    Easy to use, easy to clean

    Con :
    Battery wears out very quickly, Will not run with cord plugged which is really bad...more info
  • Not what I expected
    I own an old Black and Decker truly cordless mixer that is now worn out so I ordered a B and D "Gizmo". I'm disappointed. It is not the same. This Gizmo is designed to be unplugged when it used and manually plugged in again after use. That is an inconvenience. The older model's dock was designed to be energized so that you did not have to plug and unplug the mixer itself---just remove it from the dock and put it back in after use. The Gizmo is also difficult to remove from its holder(or dock)...more info
  • Mom loves it!
    Bought this for my mom to replace one she's had for years. Don't know how, but she broke something on it. She had to have the exact same one--she says it's the best! It works well and is quiet. She is very happy to have a new one--and it arrived very quickly. ...more info
  • Love it!
    Convenient, easy to use, takes up no storage space. I'm sure we'll wear this one out as we did the previous B&D mixer....more info
  • waste of time and money
    The item is bulkier than it looks, does not work, and brings the name Black and Decker to a new low. I wasted my time looking for the item, and waiting for it to arrive. Then, it does not work. ...more info
  • Great Product
    I LOVE mine it is very handy and easy to use,quite powerful for such a little mixer!...more info
  • Gizmo mixer
    I am very pleased by this product. This is the second one that I have bought. It is easy to use and charge. I would highly recommend this mixer. The price is great and the mixer performs better than expected....more info
  • Great for Protien Shakes!!!
    I am a body builder so I drink A LOT of powdered protien shakes. My old two attachment blender was only used with one attachment and because of it's shape, I couldn't reach in to stir some of my drinks. This baby is perfect for this kind of mixing though. I always used one speed setting before so two is twice what I need. Also, I charged it when I bought it and a month later, I still haven't needed to recharge. Also works great on eggs. Now I doubt it would have the guts to do cookie dough or cake mix, but those are best left to two attachment mixers anyway. This thing works great for anything you can drink and the wall attachment keeps it up and out of the way....more info
  • mixer
    This is the second gizmo I bought. The first lasted about 4-5 years. I love it! It is easy to use and perfect for small family's of 1-3 people!...more info
  • Won't Hold Charge
    The Gizmo is a great idea, but mine doesn't hold a charge long enough to make it useful.

    I've only used it to mix meal substitute powders into milk, so I haven't asked much from the Gizmo.

    A 4-hour charge gives 10 seconds of high speed power, then it will contine on slow -- which isn't much more effective than mixing with a spoon!

    I charged it all weekend and was only able to mix for about 30 seconds.

    I don't understand the reviewers who said theirs stayed charged for a long, long time. Did I and and another complaining reviewer get lemon Gizmos?

    Final Answer: DON'T WASTE YOUR MONEY ON THIS GIZMO!...more info
  • It Is What It Is
    I love my gizmo. It use it almost every day to beat eggs, mix chocolate milk and/or make pancake batter. Can it do much more beyond that? No, and it wasn't intended to. It mounts on your wall and is always ready to go. It makes cooking eggs, mixing drinks, preparing (thin) batters, wisking directly in the pan (sauces, roux's, lumpless porridge...), whipping up cream, and blending dry ingredients for a recipe so much easier, quicker and with better consistency than doing any of it by hand. An added pleasant surprise is that it's battery doesn't need constant recharging--maybe once every two to three months! I've had mine for at least three years now, wash it's accessories in the dishwasher with no rust to date and I consider it a very helpful and essential addition to my kitchen....more info
  • I like it ...
    Good product !
    Does not replace a regular double whip, but is very handy for scrambling eggs, mixing drinks, etc.
    My only negative is that the whips are not held securely on the stand; I mounted it on the back of a kitchen cabinet door, and if I shut the door a little too fast, the whips fall of !
    All in all, I certainly would buy it again....more info
  • In stock... or not
    This isn't really about the mixer. I have a 15 year old version and it has been very durable and useful. I'm trying to get the new version, but acehardwareoutlet doesn't know what "in stock" means. The day after I ordered the item is still listed as in stock, but Amazon unceremoniously canceled my order and the vendor sent an email saying "not in stock". I'll buy from someone who knows their inventory....more info
  • Great product and service
    I love this cordless mixer -- I do not know why they are so hard to find in stores. The dealer was very prompt....more info
  • My Go To Mixer
    The Black and Decker GM200 Gizmo Mixer is a must in my kitchen. I have it plugged in at all times under my counter behind doors so when I need help with a quick mix it's there at my fingertips. It mixes wonderful puddings, whipped cream, icings, shakes and so much more! I'm very happy with this product....more info


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