iRobot Roomba 4900 Self-Charging Drive-On Home Base

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Product Description

Give your Roomba a place to recharge! The Roomba Discovery automatically seeks the Roomba Discovery Self-Docking Base when it finishes vacuuming a room or when its battery is running low. Once it docks, it immediately begins charging, achieving a complete charge in just three hours. The Roomba Discovery is sold separately.

  • Accessory to Roomba Discovery Series models of floorvacs
  • Fast-charging power supply; APS Fast Charge included
  • Recharges a Roomba APS battery in less than 3 hours
  • 2 convenient lights indicate power and charge function
  • Measures approximately 13 by 4 inches
Customer Reviews:
  • returned unused
    after I purchased this little accessory, I decided to return it without using it. It really was an extra that I didn't need and also I don't really have a place to park it....more info
  • disappointment
    Does not seem to be charging the roomba and apparently one of two bulbs are not working....more info
  • Works Like it should
    The product description is accurate and easy to understand, plus it works as it says it will. It is lightweight so pay attention to the instructions and place it against a wall,especially on hard slippery floors. Just plug it in, follow the brief instructions and 30 seconds later your roomba is on it's new home/charger. ...more info
  • Entertaining and convenient
    The self charging base is great. It fun just to watch the Roomba find the base and attach itself. It doesn't hurt that it's really convenient to just let the Roomba go vacuum, then find it docked and charger after it's done....more info
  • Work well with some common sense.
    I have used this charger with my Roomba Discovery for a few months now. It works well if you read and understand the directions and have a little understanding of how it works.

    1- The Roomba can be in a room other then the charger and fail to find it if the battery runs out. If this is a problem try the virtual wall they give you to limit the area in which it is working. Or buy a second base for other rooms or for very large rooms. You can have more them one. Just place them so they don't interfere with each other.
    2- The limit on the distance that the IR can be detected is about 10ft and must be line of site to the Roomba. So place the unit where you vac will pass through the beam, ie: If you room is L shaped, place it in a corner with a path between both areas looking into the room. Or place it in an area looking into the largest area in the room. The beam is like a flash light beam, so it will not pass through furniture or other obstacles. Obstacles will create shadow areas where the vac can't see the beam, keep this in mind when you place it.
    3- The base does not stay put when the vac moves off of it. Try a piece of double stick foam tape on the bottom on wood floor or carpet tape on carpet. Problem solved, they should put a piece with the unit.
    4- You should be cleaning your unit after a few runs, so clean contacts should not be a problem if you are taking care the way they suggest. The vacuum is not maintenance free.
    5- Place it in an area with the clearest possible view into the room. It still won't work every time, but I found that it works fine about 90% of the time. The other 10%, I bend over and pick it up. Or, you can press the spot and clean buttons together when the battery indicator turns yellow and it will start to look for the dock right away while it continues to clean. Doing this in yellow instead of red will give it much more time to find the base and still provides good cleaning for the average size room.
    6- This unit works with the Discovery units only, so don't try it with others. If you do, failure is guaranteed.
    7- Hope this helps you get the most out of your unit. I gave it 4 stars because they should give you the tape to secure it to the floor or wall.
    ...more info
  • Just ok
    This might work better with a newer Robot... will save for when I upgrade... On the red unit... the charger that came with the unit is easier to use, and doesn't take up any room... but love the robot vacuum....more info
  • Works, but with flaws
    The way this dock works is infrared. Roomba doesn't know where the dock is until it is in the dock's vicinity and it catches the IR signal. You can tell this is so because Roomba will actually go out of its way to avoid the dock when its battery is well charged. When the battery is low, however, if the Roomba catches the IR signal, it will attempt to dock. This will work just fine, but only under a pretty narrow set of circumstances:

    1) Your house must be small enough and/or uncluttered enough that the Roomba catches the IR signal on a pretty frequent basis.
    2) Your dock must have roughly 4 feet of clear space on all sides for the Roomba to maneuver into the dock well.
    3) The contacts on both your dock and the underside of your Roomba have to be absolutely dust-free.
    4) The dock wasn't turned cockeyed by Roomba's reversing out at the start of the cycle.

    The dock needs to be heavier and/or have the ability to be screwed into the wall. I have found that Roomba will frequently drag it along sideways until it finally just starts its cycle and by that time the dock is in a position that makes it difficult for Roomba to dock.

    All that said, if you have the right set of circumstances and keep your Roomba pretty clean, it really does work, so it's not all bad. It's just not quite the hands-off miracle it is portrayed as. Perhaps the next generation will have some kind of radio triangulation that the Roomba can actually work toward and therefore dock with more frequency....more info
  • not exactly as advertised
    Sometimes it works perfectly and sometimes it doesn't, not a big deal I just pick it up and dock it by hand....more info
  • Must Have !
    If you purchase a Roomba you really need to get this self charger too. The Roomba will come back to the charger and charge itself ! You don't have to remember to track him down after use and put him on charge. This way he is always charged and ready to go when you want to use him. ...more info
  • Does exactly what it says on the box
    A wonderful extra for the Roomba, the base is really handy if you need to leave the house and have the Roomba ready to go on your return. It's easy to use and neat to boot!...more info
  • Nice, but not needed
    I ordered this because it was advertised on the same page as my Roomba. Neither product description said it was already included in the package with the Roomba. Needless to sau, I returned this.
    The return process was simple and, despite the policy of not paying for return shipping, Amazon waived the charge because of the way it was prestned on their pages.
    The base? Well, if you get the scheduler, you need the autocharge feature too!...more info
  • Home base for litttle red robot
    I think the home base is important to have with the litttle red robot, but it seems to want to go back to the base than do the complete cycle. Maybe those two should't plaly togeather so much, bad infulence.........more info
  • Roomba Self charging Drive On Home Base
    It is not at all obvious, but this unit is included in the purchase of a
    iRobot Discovery model, so it's not necessary to order it separately.
    Our iRobot has not yet found it's way back to the Home Base, so I feel this feature is not worth paying extra for....more info
  • Works With No Problems
    Works just fine. In the morning I run the roomba in the main part of the house. When I get home at night it is charged and I can do another room. The roomba always has found the base and seated itself correctly on it....more info
  • Roomba Self-Charging Drive-On Home Base
    Does not work at all. I purchased a Roomba vacuum not long after they first appeared on the market. This Roomba does not seek out the home base and further, does not charge the Roomba when I physically place it on the home base. Take care in ordering. It does not work and Amazon does not allow a return if 30 days have passed....more info
  • sweet home
    It does what it should do. No problem so far (a few months)...more info
  • Great
    I love the roomba products. Having a charging base makes it so much easier....more info
  • Ruby Roomba's little house
    This is a great addition to the roomba - It works fine. The roomba is always charged without thinking about it - which I really like. My only concern is that "Ruby" does not always seem to be able to find the roomba on her own and has a great deal of difficulty docking herself....more info
  • Roomba's Home Base
    This is much better than the standard charger. Charges faster, and when the charge gets low on the Roomba it finds it on its own and mounts it.
    That sounded wierd but it works well....more info
  • Nice, but not as useful as I thought
    The base works just fine, but wihtout the scheduler, your Roomba will not resume cleaning once it is finished charging, making the self-charger useful only if you want to come home and find it charged to put in another room....more info
  • Works somewhat okay about 1/2 the time.
    This is the second base I've purchased. The first was for myself; the second for my mother to accompany her Roomba Christmas gift, so obviously it works okay. In my opinion, the robot vacuum cleaner needs it so you don't have to search the house and crawl under beds to find it when it's done. The homing ability should be part of all the Roomba's base packages.

    On the down side, if you're letting the Roomba meander all over the house, it has only about a 50% chance of returning to base. Also, when it docks, about half the time its charging light doesn't come on and you have to kick it a bit. This detracts from the total automation concept when you come home and find it in its base, but not charging when it should be fully charged.

    I was told that emptying the dust bin helps overcome this (opposite end of the contacts so it's a counterweight) but again, if you have to be there to empty the bin when it docks it's not fully automated.

    It's worth the money for the 50% it works well since you'd be searching for the robot, carrying it around and plugging in the charger 100% if you don't have it....more info
  • It could work better
    This dock came with my new Roomba (which has a swivel front wheel). It's not a great design. The Roomba can move it around when undocking or docking. I've managed to get it to work well with a non-slip placemat and using double-side tape to stick the dock to the mat (with the back to the edge)... the Roomba now has the drive wheels on the mat and can't slide the dock that's now fixed to the mat.

    I've also had the problem with the Roomba not being able to find the dock... when watching I get the impression it just does it's random cleaning movements until either the battery dies or it accidently finds the dock.

    Lastly, I wish they sold just the dock without the power block as a less expensive upgrade for the basic Roomba....more info
  • Works perfectly! (And as advertised)
    This item won't change your life, but I do believe it makes the basic functionality of my Roomba better. I highly recommend you think about whether this base will work for YOU. In my case, I live in an apartment where all four rooms come together in a common corner. So I put the home base there, where the Roomba will pass it anytime it leaves any room. And my Roomba has found its way back literally 100% of the time.

    What I like about the Home Base:
    * My Roomba is always there, where I can find it.
    * In the morning, I just walk over to the home base and tap the "Clean" button with my toe. I know that about an hour later the Roomba will be right back where it started.
    * When the roomba is on the base and I push the "Clean" button, it makes an adorable construction-equipment like beep as it backs up!
    * Three-Hour charge cycle. (I bought the base for my Roomba Red, which only comes with a 7-hour charger.)
    * I don't have to come home and search for my Roomba, which used to stop under the bed or in the darkest corner of my closet.

    What I don't like:
    * The Roomba actively avoids the home base while it's cleaning. That means that about 6 inches around the home base never get vacuumed. This is obviously a safety feature, so that the roomba doesn't eat the base's power cord, but it means that I sometimes have to pick up the home base and move it elsewhere if I want that spot vacuumed.

    So... the home base turned out to be a great investment for ME, because my floor plan works out very well. If you're living in some monstrous mansion where the roomba might wander a quarter mile off before coming back to the base, this product likely isn't right for you. (And then again, you'll probably have a maid instead of a robot vacuum)...more info
  • 90% accurate and a 3 hour charger, Well worth it....
    When Roomba is getting low it WILL seek out its home base. You do however need to place the base in the middle of the cleaning area with plenty of visiblity. If this is done, Roomba will find its way home. This feature is also nice because it will charge the Red in 3 hours instead of 7.

    If you have an L shape floor, well that is what the virtual wall is for. For example, you clean one area (living room, Dining room) and then you do the other area (Family room, Kitchen). Not to tough to figure out....more info
  • too much money, and not that great
    I had bought this thinking that I wouldn't ever have to plug roomba in to charge. That didn't happen. If Roomba is in another room when the battery is running low, he won't make it to the charger. So you still have to pick it up and carry it to the charger, so what is the point? (I have an "L" shaped living area, and it isn't even that big)
    You have to "babysit" roomba anyway. Sometimes his back cover falls off and you have to put it back on (very annoying, why won't it stay on?) Roomba can also get stuck in places or pick up something you forgot to get out of the way and run until the motor burns out (at least they gave me a replacement)
    So it just isn't worth the money. I just bend over and plug it in myself and saved the 50 bucks....more info
  • Good but not quite as advertised
    The manufacturer states that after Roomba has completed its "mission" or the battery is running low, it will automatically seek the home base to recharge. However, after its "mission" is completed it simply stops and emits plaintive signals until it is turned off. On the other hand, when the battery is running low, it does attempt to return to the base but not always successfully since it moves about randomly and may exhaust its battery before the base is found. It is otherwise a good product and a great convenience....more info
  • Increases the usability of my Roomba Red
    Between the lowering of the charge time to 3 hours from 7 hours AND the fact I can leave it in a room and have a 90% certainty of it being on the base charging when I get back to it, this has made my roomba red incredibly more useful. I can drop it off to work in my bedroom when I get up. in the middle of the morning put it in the baby's room. Then grab it when I put her down for her nap and let it do the living room and have it recharged in time to have it do the basement or another room before dinner.

    With the quicker charge time and the automation of charging it has stopped me from considering spending the money on a second roomba since I get so much more out of my one.

    If your roomba did not come with the fast charger and the docking base, this will make your roomba so much more useful. Oh and no more finding the little guy stuck in the middle of under a bed....more info