Dirt Devil CE5500 Floor Keeper

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Product Description

Dirt Devil's answer to multi-step cleaning, the Floor Keeper is designed for both dry and wet pickup, so you can vacuum then scrub with one machine. The machine vacuums first, then releases cleaning solution and picks it up, helping floors to dry quickly. A Power Scour brush roll helps scrubs stubborn dirt off the floor, and a simple foot pedal switches the vacuum from dry to wet operation. Suitable for use on hardwoods, tile, linoleum, marble, and vinyl, the machine features a Tank-in-Tank system for the clean and dirty water, helping it stay more compact in construction that standard deep cleaners.

Dirt Devil's design is straightforward for the most part and the Floor Keeper's function buttons are clearly marked--with one exception. The pedal that triggers solution flow does not have a clear on/off construction. You have to remember to tap it again once you want the solution to stop. In addition, the machine does not stand up on its own stably--not a huge liability, but something to get used to. Fitted with a non-slip grip and a view window that lets you observe the brush roll in action, the vacuum has a 13-1/4-inch cleaning path and stands 42-1/2 inches high. Dirt Devil includes an 8-ounce bottle of floor cleaner, an 8-ounce bottle of hardwood cleaner, and a two-year warranty. --Emily Bedard

"FLOOR KEEPER" VACUUMVacuums-powerful vacuum quickly sucks up dry debris and wet messesWashes-cleaning solution and PowerScour brushwork together for heavy duty cleaningDries-sucks up dirty water and squeegees floor dryEasy fill and empty Tank-in- Tank systemSoft wheels, safe for hard floor surfacesIncludes one 8 oz. bottle of Dirt Devil Floor Cleaner concentrate and one 8 oz. bottle of Dirt Devil Hard Floor Cleaner concentrate2 year warrantyReplacement filter (Ace No. 1232982)Boxed

  • Wet and dry floor cleaner to vacuum, wash, and dry
  • Suitable for all sealed floors, including hardwood, tile, marble, linoleum, and vinyl
  • Cleans in forward and reverse for more efficient coverage
  • Double tank design; soft wheels; 13-inch floor nozzle; 25-foot cord
  • 13-1/4 by 9-3/4 by 42-1/2 inches; 2-year warranty; 2 starter bottles of cleaner
Customer Reviews:
  • Piece of junk
    This thing is the biggest piece of junk I've ever purchased....it causes more of a headache than anything...it's constantly falling over, you have to empty the water tank repeatedly, and it doesn't suck up the water off of the floor! Do not buy! I'm trying to figure out how to get rid of mine but I feel guilty selling it to anyone else!...more info
  • I will give you mine for free, if you pay for shipping
    Okay, here we go, if the other reviews have not convinced you, and you really want this product, then I will give you my floor keeper for free. After all, it's just wasting space in my closet. First of all, it's heavy even when it's empty. Secondly, you have to constantly empty it and refill it, Thirdly, it simply does not clean. Finally, it leaves wet spots everywhere, even when the solution is in the off position, so be prepared to invest in paper towels.

    If you live in a house where all of your hard floors are on the same level with a sink, then this product might be tolerable. My house is three levels and a basement...all hard floors, and this product is very difficult to carry from floor to floor.

    I have a dog who sheds a lot, so now I use a simple wool mop which works great to pick up hair. Then I follow that up with a wet mop and a Mop-n-glo type of product. My floor looks great, and it's much less work.

    The best thing I can say about this product is that it leaves a clean fresh scent. If I had it to do over again I wouldn't even pay a penny for this product.

    ...more info
  • Almost good
    The Dirt Devil Floor Keeper could be great. Unfortunately, it is unbalanced in the upright position and something breaks every time it falls over. After a year of use and some waterproof tape to hold broken parts together; it is beginning to spew solution out regardless of where the foot pedal is positioned.
    On the other hand, it has cleaned kitchen and entryway tile and it's grout (all white) for a year (I have a large dog and 4 cats), the tile in a walk-in shower and the cheap vinyl flooring in laundry room and bathrooms very well. I'm now looking for a better quality machine, but it you don't want to spend a lot of money finding out whether you like a floor cleaning machine--this is the one. Just make sure that it is always leaning carefully against something so that it doesn't fall over-- and buy two bottles of the floor cleaner when you can find it....more info
  • Your floors will be clean, but...
    I bought this hard-floor cleaner after moving into a house with mostly hard floors: laminate and hard wood. I had to return it after a day of use.

    When I first used it, I was very impressed with how much dirt it picked up during the wet cycle, although the dry pick-up was lacking. The dirty water came out dark grey, telling me that it was doing its job. I found it to be very effective at picking up the water/cleaner it put down, (follow the directions, it helps).

    Then, I found myself emptying the dirty water canister frequently... VERY frequently, and refilling the cleaning solution/water almost as often. It wasn't a deal-breaker, but it was definitely a nuisance.

    Then, I found the clean water leaking out the bottom of the machine in a steady stream. The solution switch and power were both off, so I thought that perhaps I had put the canister in the machine incorrectly. I checked the instructions, which just said to make sure the canister was in securely, and it was.

    I tried using it again, same problems. I thought it must be defective, then I read the reviews on this site and returned it. I bought a Hoover Floormate and have had no problems with it. I think the Dirt Devil may have scrubbed better, but that may have been a detriment when it comes time to do the hardwood floors if it were too abrasive.

    Oh, and it is top-heavy, although that is really a minor inconvenience to me.

    So, I gave this machine 2 stars. It cleans very well, but then makes a mess. Go spend $35 more and get the Hoover. You don't have to refill it nearly as often and it doesn't leak....more info
  • It just doesn't work
    I bought this only to sweep up the dog hair on my hardwood floors. My floors were fairly clean, the first time I used it. The suction was excellent...for about 2 minutes, at which time the filter clogged. I ended up having to remove and unclog the filter about 5 times for a small area of floor before giving up. AND it flips over every time you let go of it so watch you don't hit yoursef or a child in the head with the handle. What an unbelievable piece of junk. Shame on this crooked company!!!...more info
  • Useless Piece of Junk
    Okay, first I purchased the "flip it". I basically flipped it right back to the store. Vacuum side was useless. Mopping side was even more useless. Zero rotation...you basicall move a scrubby pad back and forth while sprayed solution is a mess all over the floor.

    Next I bought the Dirt Devil Floor Keeper. It lived up to the Dirt Devil reputation.....junk. Not only did the vacuum leave alot to be desired, but the actual "brushes" for mopping were ridiculously designed. Basically it is a bar with a very thin thread of bristles running diagonally across it. Not exactly sure all the floor is "scrubbed" by this tiny brush. Solution came out in globs everywhere....I spent plenty of time on my knees hand drying the floor.

    Finally, I purchased the Hoover Floormate. My reluctance at first was due to the price. However, the old adage, 'you get what you pay for'. Bottom line, I love it. Vacuum works great. The rotating brushes do a wonderful job of cleaning the floor (very little effort on my part). Best thing is when you empty the intake tank. The water is disgusting, proving that by using a regular sponge or string mop you are just swishing dirty water back and forth over your floor. My only complaint is the solution switch...it's kind of difficult to see how much is coming out of the machine into the brushes. Left some wet spots on the floor, which was taken care of by using the wet pick up function. I think as I get more used to how much solution is actually being released, I will have less of a problem.

    Bottom line, I love the machine as much as I hated the Bissell and Dirt Devil!!

    ...more info
  • Like most Dirt Devil products - it works but not well
    We've always been disappointed with Dirt Devil products and the CE5500 Floor Keeper is no exception. While it does a decent job at cleaning tile floors and is inexpensive, it has too many negatives to keep it.

    The solution dispenser doesn't seem to work very well, I ended up spraying glass cleaner on my tile floors instead. The dispenser on/off switch is difficult to tell when it is on. The unit is unbalanced and will not stay upright in the locked position. It is very poor at removing the water/solution from the floor, I had to go over the floor with a towel to get it dry. This is the main reason it's going back to the store. But to get it back in the box I had to unscrew the end so I could take it apart....more info
  • good, but has flaws
    I just purchased my floor keeper about 3 months ago. We live in military housing and the floors are all tile. The floor keeper is convenient and easy to use, however it has a couple problems. First, the switch to allow the water/floor cleaner water to dispense is awkward and hard to tell weather or not it is on or off. Second, it is hard to clean the hair and build up from the lower compartment. I think the filter on top is usless, because it always becomes wet and dirty. It needs a little improvement, but is worth the money if you don't want to scrub a lot of floors by hand....more info
  • Looks Nice, Works Terrible
    This unit looks really nice. The vacuum suction is very strong. It is heavy. The wet mop and vac features suck. Water spills out everywhere, especially when the debris container is full. It is very cumbersome and heavy. But it looks nice. I puchased a Bissel Flip Mop and it blows the Dirt Devil out of the water. The Flip Mop from Bissel is simple to use and lightweight. The water flow is controlled via a trigger switch. Unlike the Dirt Devil with the badly designed foot pedal that doesn't work well at all.

    The price is the same for both units, I recommend the Bissel Flip It!...more info
  • Does what i need
    Most of the reviews here expect this machine to be built like a mercedes. It definitely isn't but it does everything as advertised. It vacums, mops (actually scrubs unlike other i've seen) and it dries. Pretty much what i need it to do. It's a lot better than mopping with a dirty mop and dirty water.

    It's drawback is the fact that you have to empty it alot, but if I'm dumping out dirty water that came from my floor, i'm fine with that. Until something better comes out, I'm sticking with this one...more info
  • The floor are clean but...........
    I didn't buy the Hoover because I don't have many bare floors. Just the kitchen, 3 bathrooms, and a small entrance area. I bought this on sale yesterday at Target and returned it this morning. It did clean well except along the edges and around the toilets after I vacuumed first with my regular vacuum. (The vacuum on this is a joke) I emptied the tank at least 10 times doing just one bathroom and the (small) kitchen. Totally agree with the other reviews. You can hear a change in the motor when the dirty tank is full, then it pours water all over the floor. It falls over when you let go to empty the tank. Cleaning out the filter is gross. Pet hair clogged it within 5 minutes. ...more info
  • Cleaner than conventional mopping!
    The dirty water coming out of this was disgusting! I really can see how much cleaner my floor is with this Floor Keeper now! There are some minor "discrepancies" but I think that is with every product:
    *Kinda loud during use
    *Small dirty water container, no indicator of when it was full

    Overall it does the job for me, my floor is much cleaner than if I was just pushing a mop around it. ...more info
  • listen to the other reviewers
    They are right - mine had all the problems the others mentioned, and the stupid thing was completely broken after only 2 weeks - it just quit dispensing any cleaning solution at all. This was a complete waste of money....more info
  • More Trouble Than It Was Worth
    I have laminate floors and the hard water in my area leaves spots. To avoid this, I have to hand dry every time I mop. This floor cleaner seemed to be the answer.

    The Floor Keeper was fairly easy to assemble. I vacuumed and it picked up the dirt off the bare floors better than any other vacuum. The floor washing went well. The trouble with was the drying element.

    Suctioning up the dirty water was fine intially. I had to fiddle with the controls to make sure it was in the right mode. Then it would not pick up anymore water and left a big wet spot on the floor where the machine stood. I finally found out that when the Floor Keeper is full of dirty water, it will not pick up any more. There is no indicator, you have to look at the reservior. I emptied it and tried again. It worked for a while and then the same problem happened. The only way I could pick up all the water was to leave the reservior empty, vacuum up the rest of the dirty water, empty it out and start again with the cleaning solution.

    The 24 oz to fill the reservior should have been a clue. I had to fill the machine a total of 3 times to clean my kitchen and living room floors.

    It ended up being more work that if I had mopped and hand dried my floors. I took the machine back to Walmart just hours after I bought it for a refund. I cannot recommend the Dirt Devil Floor Keeper to anyone....more info

  • Great concept that works poorly
    Since my wife works and I'm retired, it's my responsibility to take care of the major maintenace in the house. Saw the Floorkeeper and thought that this was the answer to my floorwashing problems. Lot of promises made on the carton . . . but actual use shows most of the promises go unfulfilled. Some examples:

    1. The Floorkeeper falls over easily . . . particularly when
    it's full of solution.

    2. You never know when the solution is on or off . . . until
    you see a puddle under the machine.

    3. After the floor has been washed and you turn on the suction
    . . . the suction will stop for some unknown reason. If I empty
    the dirty water . . . it will start again . . . but it doesn't
    hold very much dirty water.

    4. When it does work . . . it works well. But it has so many
    problems that it's too much of a hassle to use it. I've gone back to a mop and pail.

    Would I recommend it? No way....more info

  • several important problems
    Since I retired I have assumed total responsibilty for cleaning the house and as a man I am always looking for the most effective (easy) method. The Floor Keeper is a great concept but unfortunately has several important flaws. These include:
    1. The machine tips over too easily when the water tank is empty and the cord in wound on its holder...it is just a matter of time before something will break.
    2. The shut off cleaning dispenser indicater is difficult to read...the only real way you know is when water is pooling on the floor.
    3. The dirty water tank only holds 12 0z of solution (the amount of a large cup of coffee) before the vacuum shuts off. The time you spend emptying the tank makes mopping seem quick and simple. Back to the basics!...more info