Dirt Devil 083414 Extreme Power Stick Vacuum

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Product Description

Combining cordless convenience with impressive suction, the Dirt Devil Extreme Power stick vacuum tackles bare floors and carpets wherever you take it. A 14.4-volt machine, the vacuum features a rotating brush roll for agitating dirt out of carpet fibers. The brush roll shuts off on bare floors, eliminating the possibility of scratches on your hardwoods. Dirt collection is completely bagless, with a transparent dust container that pops off for easy emptying. An included filter traps small particulates and can be tapped clean for maintenance and reuse.

Lightweight and slim in profile, the vacuum is ideal for speedy pickups and everyday cleaning jobs. Thanks to its fold-down handle and trim footprint, it is suitable for small apartments but the suction is strong enough to handle mid-size homes. Dirt Devil includes a charging base that also acts as a storage stand, and charging can be continuous without damage to the machine. With a 9-1/2-inch cleaning path, the Extreme Power stands 42-1/2 inches high. Dirt Devil includes a one-year warranty. --Emily Bedard


  • 14.4-volt cordless stick vacuum for dry spills and quick pickups
  • Brush roll rotates for carpets, pauses for bare floors
  • Bagless dirt cup pops off easily for emptying; includes filter
  • Collapsible handle; low-profile body for cleaning under furniture
  • 9-1/2-inch cleaning path; 42-1/2 inches high; 1-year warranty
Customer Reviews:
  • Great little machine!!!
    Had hardwood floors installed and put down quite a few throw rugs because of my two small dogs, they slip on the wooden floor. The dirt devil works well on the floors and rugs. It is a must for my situation, I highly recommend the product....more info
  • Great for a quick pick up
    I love this little vacuum. It is perfect for quick convenient cleaning! Very light weight and cordless! It does an amazing job on my carpet, making a nice sized dust bunny in the canister from vacuuming one very small section of one very small room. I am quite impressed by its cleaning, but do be aware this vacuum will probably not be as good for deep cleaning of the carpets. Don't throw the big vacuum out if you need super clean carpets.
    I am very happy with this convenient vacuum that keeps my house looking clean every single day.
    *I don't know how long the charge lasts, since I just keep it on the charger. Works continously and powerfully for the 20 mins I use it.
    *very easy to dump the dirt. I change it often because it picks up so much! Kinda a small dirt holder, but dumping it is quick and easy.
    *Very small and light perfect for daily use.
    Hope you appreciate the vacuum as much as I do. Cheers...more info
  • Returned it and bought the Hoover Nano Light
    I only have an area rug in the downstairs of my home that needs vacuuming, but the upstairs is mostly carpeted. I have a Kirby vacuum, and I don't like lugging it downstairs several times a week(it's heavy). I was excited to receive this Dirt Devil Power Stick as a birthday gift. I charged it a full day and then gave it a try on my rug. It was pathetic. The roller brush spins very well, but there is virtually no suction. It's a battery powered vacuum, which may have something to do with it. I was willing to overlook the poor suction for a little while, as I thought that maybe a second charge would improve its performance. It didn't, and I finally upgraded yesterday by exchanging it for a better vacuum. I purchased the Hoover Nano Light instead. It was about $20 more, but well worth the money. It has great suction and is very compact. The handle slides back down after use. I'm thrilled to have returned the Dirt Devil. Save yourselves the hassle and go straight for the Hoover....more info
  • great cordless vac!
    This vacuum holds a charge well, is easy to clean with and easy to clean out. It has two filters which minimizes allergens. My only complaint is that we could not find one of these two years ago....more info
  • One of the best!
    Over the past few years, I have had several cordless vacs. This is one of the best. My only negative comment would be no side vac. The most positive, is the length of time the charge last, and the suction. I love this cordless vaccum....more info
  • This is a great vacuum
    I bought this vacuum to use in our family room, which has very low pile carpeting. We mostly enter our home through this room and it gets a little messy. I don't like the idea of dragging my regular vacuum downstairs to the family room and I also don't like the idea of a long cord in this room. So this seemed the perfect solution and it really is. It takes me less about 30 seconds to tidy up. The only reason I didn't give a rating of 5 is because I have to go over some areas more than once. But I love this little vacuum and I am very happy that I chose this model. I would recommend it to anyone in similar circumstances....more info
  • Excellent Cordless Vacume for Everyday Quick Fixes - Great with Kitty Litter
    This is an excellent product. I have tried a few different models and have found this one most pleasing. It can pick up Kitty Litter with out a problem - I have two large cats and they can cause a daily mess that tracks onto the hard wood floors and area rugs. The dual settings (hard floors and carpet with rotating brush) work well. If your home is all carpet this will not replace your full size vacume. It will however give you an easy to use quick fix for everyday problem areas. It's great. The batteries do last at only about 30 minutes but that is plenty for the every day or occasional dress up/clean up. The dirt cup is so simple to empty (the canister is clear so you will find yourself emptying it when it is not even full). The independent base plugs into an outlet and recieves and charges the vacume when not in use. It is as simple as it can get - no bedding over to plug things in. Just set it on the charger and your done. Highly reccomended. ...more info
  • Great vacuum.......highly recommend.
    I read up on all reviews prior to purchasing this vacuum. I must say it was a great purchase. I just hope it last longer than a year or so. Very pleased with this vacuum. It does great on wood floors and carpet. Very simple to empty. ...more info
  • A big disappointment
    I got this for quick cleanups to avoid dragging out the larger vacuum. However this vacuum picks up so little I don't even bother using it. This product is a big disappointment....more info
  • so far , so good
    everything went well,, ordering , shipping and item, works fine , though I haven't used it that much so far...more info
  • Pleased with the Power Stick
    We recently retiled our kitchen and dining area. We wanted a cordless vac primarily to conveniently and quickly pick up after our dog who constantly brings in grass, etc. from the yard. The cordless feature makes this vac ideal for such jobs on a tile floor. It has a recharging stand which sits on the floor and you just drop the sweeper in or take it out. We've used it on some area rugs and although it picks up, it isn't as efficient as it is on tile. The vacuum has a switch for floor and carpet. The floor setting seems to use the brush roller while the carpet setting seems to add a vacuum feature. If you want a lightweight, cordless vac to do quick pick ups, this one does the job quite nicely....more info
  • Kids are vacuuming up after the bird!
    I am very very pleased with this little cordless vacuum and I have my 6 and 9 year old kids taking it around the house themselves. In fact, I think if you were considering a toy vacuum for a 4-5 year montessori type kid, why not get one that really works? They completely LOVE seeing the dirt through the clear cup and watching it swirl about like a tornado. I have a cockatiel that scatters seeds and feathers around his cage, and I was very tired of the twice-a-day stooping over to sweep, picking it up with dustpan, or getting out my Hoover portavac, plugging it in, stepping around the cord (that vac is great too, but too heavy for the kids to use), and dragging it back to the closet. I am using it for little spills on a hardwood floor to tide me over between serious cleans, and for that, it's just GREAT, like gravel emptied in a pile from the sneakers, and the constant accumulation of crumbs on the kitchen wood floor in the toe-kick area at the base of the cupboards. If you are expecting a workhorse for lots of carpet, this is not the right tool. Nothing cordless could manage that much suction. If you wanted to vacuum up a trail of stomped crackers across the carpet, works fine. I touch up the small rugs by the doors. I don't have to deal with dog or cat hair, so I don't have to empty the cup each time like some reviewers said, but tapping out the dirt takes 30 seconds and is very easy. This beats the pants off a handheld dustbuster. It is light, you can fold the handle down to store it if you need to, and it just sits plugged into a charger pan until you need to take it out. Great product!...more info
  • Something I should have gotten a long time ago.
    This dirt devil electric broom is something I should have had a long time ago. It is the best thing ever, if you have hardwood floors. It is also great for pickup on area rugs. If you hate sweeping and then putting it in a dust pan, which almost always doesn't pick everything up off the floor, and usually leaves some dirt. If you are thinking about getting one and not sure, don't debate anymore, order now. You won't be sorry. This particular product, The Dirt Devel Electric Broom is the one I would recommend. Have a great day!...more info
  • Great vacuum for quick jobs
    We got this vacuum a few weeks ago and have used it a lot more than we thought we would because it is so easy to use. At first I was only looking for a vacuum that was small, but I wanted one with a cord because we used to have a rechargeable one and the battery on it was a joke. You would think about turning it on and it would need to be charged again. This vacuum holds its charge pretty well and we have even left it off the charger in between uses and it had still preformed well. We use it mainly on hardwood floors and linoleum, and its great with kitty litter.
    The see through dust cup is a big plus because you know exactly when the container needs to be changed and how much the vacuum is picking up along the way.
    ...more info
  • Very happy with this one
    This one replaces my Pronto, which was a huge disappointment, as the slightest bit of dog hair and the brush would bind up and stop. I have also had a Eureka cordless that was better than the Pronto, but not even close to this one.

    This vacuum is more powerful than I had hoped for and hair doesn't seem to slow it down at all. It still remains to be seen how long it will last, as I have only been using it for a couple of months.

    The only downside, other than not being as sexy looking as the Pronto, is that the noise is like a high pitched jet engine! Since I never use it for more than 10 minutes at a time, I can put up with it as long as it continues doing as good a job as it is doing. The noise is the only thing that kept if from earning a 5 star rating from me. It's a GREAT value!...more info
  • Great power
    this is our second Power Stick. We use it daily to clean up kitty litter off a laminate floor. It also works great on carpet to clean up cat fur. It's lightweight but still has a lot of power....more info
  • Dirt Devil stick vaccuum
    I've only had this product a couple of weeks, but so far so good. It has the features and power I need for what I use it for (basic, bare floors, light/flat carpet); quick jobs. The only difference between this and the Dustbuster stick vaccuum I had before is that there is not a removable hand-held option, but I don't really need it. I've seen a lot of negative reviews for the stick vaccuums overall, but these stick vaccuums are not meant for heavy jobs, just quick ones between heavy vaccuuming jobs. If they're overused, they'll let you down. Use it for what it's meant for, and you'll be very happy. I highly recommend this one....more info
  • A fantastic product...best money I've spent in a long time!
    This cordless vacuum is a wonder!

    I already knew how handy this type of vacuum was per owning its predecessor, the 7.2 volt Dirt Devil Power Stick Vacuum. This one has more power (duh!) with double the voltage and has a nicer charging hookup.

    I have laminate flooring throughout my house. The Dirt Devil Extreme Power Stick Vacuum does a great job keeping the floors (especially in the kitchen area) "garbage-free"! My dark-colored throw rugs are easily kept lint (and whatever debris is laying on them)-free with this stick vacuum, as well.

    I love this vacuum! And, I still adore its little brother (the 7.2 volt stick vacuum), which is my bathroom floor cleaner now. ...more info
  • Love it so much I'm on my second one.
    After having this vacuum for 4-5 years it doesn't hold a charge as long as it used to (but still works). I decided to buy another one. Excellent price and great for my wood floors....more info
  • Not worth your money or time
    This little Devil stopped working within a month. Money wasted and who has time to deal with shipping a $50 product back and hope to see your money again? No suction, the brush stopped turning, but worse, it caught bits of cat litter in the wheels and scratched my floors - a lot. It gets worse - I'm going to toss it - more plastic in the landfills and a battery to remove and hopefully find a place to take it to be properly disposed of. What a waste - shame on Dirt Devil for putting more junk in the environment....more info
  • Great little vacuum!
    Had so many disappointing experiences with small vacuums. Most quit working properly after a while and several just didn't have much power. Not this little unit. It's light, easy to recharge and does a darned good job on our hardwood floors and rugs. It's great for small jobs around our country store and in the house when we don't want to drag out the big vacuum cleaner. I like the fact that the head twists to get in hard to reach places too. Good deal for the money....more info
  • LOVE this vacuum!
    Truly a great buy. The battery lasts long, and the handling is great. I LOVE this vac!...more info
  • Dirt Devil 083414
    Pleased with this cleaner. It does a really good job for a 'lightweight'. Bought it to deal with a pet hair problem and it does an excellent job -- mostly on tile floors but does a good enough job on the surface of area rugs. Lightweight, easy to push-pull. Charge sufficient for our 1,800 sq ft house. Cordless is a great advantage in the quickly daily clean-up round....more info
  • Not enough suction
    I did a lot of research before ordering this product and based on many other reviews from other sites it seemed to be the best. However, I was very dissappointed in the cleaning ability of it. I have had a cordless stick vac before, but after two years of use it finally gave out and I was searching for a replacement. I was not expecting the cleaning power of a regular vacuum. However, this has trouble vacuuming anything other than dust, especially off rugs. So, if you want it for light cleaning and getting tiny bits of particles and dust off the floor, this will do the job nicely. But it's not as good as my other one that was nothing more than a hand vac on a stick - but still had great suction power!...more info
  • Perfect and fast for the quick clean-up!
    Perfect for what I purchased it for. Quick and easy on the kitchen floor for crumbs and pet hair (and pet litter also). Also great for the door mats. I really like the slight swivel at the head. Great for bathrooms and foyer without getting out the broom. You can see the amount collected and empty accordingly, which is also easy to do. I fold the handle down and keep it under the kitchen bar for easy access. It works for me!...more info
  • Great little vac
    This little vac does about all I want it to. Only draw back is it could be a little wider to cover more space at a time. But all in all it does a good job on the kitchen floor and gets little messes on the carpet in a jiffy. I would recommend it to anyone. Also it is nice looking in my kitchen where I keep it charged. A good value.
    -J ...more info
  • Perfect solution for "Quick Cleanup" - improved model, too!
    -Most importantly, this is an IMPROVED MODEL from the one offerred four years ago...for the same price! They've ADDED A CHARGING BASE that allows convenient access and storage, and they SWITCHED THE POWER SYSTEM from 9 to 18 volts, lasting MUCH MUCH longer.
    -The WHOLE HOUSE can now get a "Quick Cleanup" on ONE CHARGE!!
    -It gets those ubiquitous "bits" and "dust kitties" and pet hair with aploumb.
    -You know when to empty the see-thru BAGLESS canistor by observing that the contents have stopped swirling. One click and you've got the canistor ready to dump out. The filter can even be washed if needed. No hassle or bags/filters to buy!
    -If something gets caught inside, the components "click apart" for easy access to the problem.
    -A convenient handle switch controls the Vacuum and motor driven head-brush (OFF/VAC ONLY/VAC+BRUSH)
    -With its light weight and swiveling head, It is VERY easy to guide around ALL surfaces WITH ONE HAND!!!
    -It is so easy to use compared to a heavy, bulky, corded vac that I now keep up with the vacuuming chore (before, I put off the dredded task for much too long)
    -It charges overnight, so I can use it every day if necessary (who would have thought that I would say that!)
    -It is very clear that the folks who designed this must be also using it!
    -No, I'm not affiliated with the manufacturer. But as an engineer, I must pay homage to a superbly crafted tool that is affordable!!
    -It does not accomplish the same deep vacuum cleanup that a quality and NOTORIOUSLY HEAVY powered vac with beater brush does (not designed to do so!)...more info
  • Not good
    This unit came highly recommended on this site, but I gotta say, I have been disappointed and frustrated with its performance. I have to go over a fleck of dirt 3 times or so on a tile floor to get it up. Sometimes the sweeper just pushes a speck along in front of it and I have to chase it down. Our little Black and Decker cyclonic hand vac does a better job. The old Hoover electric broom was excellent and lasted about 30 years. Now I am going to give a corded lightweight Hoover a try....more info
  • This was just what we needed
    This small vac fills the bill to clean up quickly the kitchen/breakfast area and adjacent hallways after a new puppy who sheds. My wife no longer has to drag out one of the large vacuums. This is quick, easy and the charge is sufficient for our needs. This gets two thumbs up and I'd buy another if this died!...more info
  • The little vacuum that CAN!!!!
    This stick vac has changed my life--really...hardwood floors throughout our main living space and 2 small boys made for a constant mess of crumbs, sand, playdoh etc. Dragging out the full size vacuum just left me going crazy as the kids tried to play jumprope with the cord. This little guy has enough power to pick up sand, cereal, even some little metal beads that spilled from a broken toy. The handle allows for swiveling of the unit so its very easily manuevered into corners. The handle also angles down to the floor so you can get under any furniture with at least a few inches of clearance. Super lightweight, easy to clean and empty, sits in its cute little charger which takes only a small footprint of space (the handle also folds down cutting the height in half so we actually sat this little bugger on a shelf). The vac also allows change from hard floor with no brushroll to carpet with brush, so I clean the floor mats or do a quick clean on stairs/carptet although you'll still need the big guns for a thorough vacuuming on carpet. Pick up the extra filters with it since they are only $4.99 for 2, although I can't see needing to change them very frequently as they really don't get dirty fast at all. If you have hard surfaces that you sweep and swiffer, get this and you'll cut your cleaning time in half!!!
    The BEST part, its light and small enough for the kids (ages 2&3) to use it and actually be cleaning the floor for real :-)...more info
  • my new toy
    I have been using my new dirt devil for 2 weeks now. I do use it atleast twice a day. I have 3 kids plus I babysit 4 other kids 5 days a week all day. So I am always cleaning something up. It picks up just about everything my kids have dropped on the floor. Broken up pop corn, cheerios, and the meesy moon sand. I love this because I can go from my kitchen floor to my carpet w/ no problems. I have had to replace 2 swivel sweepers. The battieries don't last long on the swivel sweepers so my hubby and I purchased a 2nd one, it was cheeper than buying a replacment battery for it. Then the old one broke, so we had the new one as backup, shorty after the backup broke too. So I knew I didn't want another swivel sweeper. Don't get me wrong the swivel sweeper lasted over a year but I couldn't see buying another. We have had a dirt devil hand heald dust buster for over 4 years and love it too. So, I decided to give this fancy vaccum a try and I love it....more info
  • Pretty good!
    I've had the sweeper for about a month now. For the price, AND it being a cordless model, I think it works pretty good. I wanted the convenience of a cordless model for picking up quickly and sweeping the rug at the front door. It picks up dog hair and dirt that's been tracked in pretty good.

    Make sure to clean out the filters regularly. I don't know if you're "supposed to", but I rinse them out every few uses - works great....more info
  • Not buying
    [[ASIN:B0014IIQA8 Dirt Devil 083414 Extreme Power Cordless Stick Vacuum I was all set to buy the
    Dirt Devil cordless Power Stick vacuum until I read one of the reviews. She changed her mind about her first
    review because it started to wind down in power before a year was up and would hardly pick up anything. That
    did it for me. I've had enough of those kind of wimpy stick vacs that start winding down too soon.

    I thought a good brand name like Dirt Devil would be different. Evidently not. I'm willing to bet all the cord
    less brands are pretty much the same. Most brands are going to work great in the beginning but it's the long haul that I care about. That's where quality comes in, in my opinion. Give me a cord (for now). J.T. Phoenix...more info
  • great little light weight.
    Knowing that I had to have shoulder surgery and would not have the use of my right arm for an extended period of time, I read a lot of reviews about light weight vacuums and decided to order the Dirt Devil power stick.
    What a perfect choice! It easily cleans my small home with hardwood floors and one large area rug. It does a decent job with the power brush and I don't have too much trouble emptying it one-handedly.
    It would be unfair to compare it to a full size vacuum cleaner, but I highly recommend it for what it is: a lightweight vacuum cleaner.
    ...more info
  • Handy vacuum
    This vacuum works well. We've had it for over a year and a half. We have a toddler and two cats to pick up after and this vacuum does the job. The charging stand is convenient. It does fill up quickly, perhaps a larger dirt cup would be a good improvement. I shopped around a lot before buying this and I would recommend it....more info
  • Great Value
    I bought this exact model over 4 years ago and it's still working. However, the battery now gets run down after about 7 to 10 minutes so I bought an exact replacement.

    This machine is very durable and reliable. I have 1 large carpeted room in my home which needs more than 10 minutes to clean hence the replacement....more info
  • great vacuum!
    I recently needed a small vacuum that I could also hang in my laundry for after dinner cleanups. I do have a Dyson Animal ball vacuum which I LOVE, but don't always want to haul it out of the closet for small jobs. The first vacuum I bought was the Dirt Devil corner jobbie which I hated and returned. I have always had luck with Dirt Devils, so I decided to give them another try. This model is great on my kitchen runners and under the table as well as picking up sand that gets tracked in through the patio door. It's low profile makes it good for getting under the edge of the floor cabinets, stove and furniture in my kitchen. It literally takes off as soon as the power is switched on! The only teensy tiny compaint I have is that it generates so much air that sometimes the wandering dog fuzzies will blow away from the vacuum before I can suck them up. Alll in all a great value for the money! You won't be disappointed!...more info
  • Dirt Devil Cyclonic Vac
    This is one of the best little quick picker uppers. I am very particular about housework, and this little guy does the job. I have a dog that sheds year round and it drove me crazy to get my large sweeper out everytime I had to sweep up the dog hair in my kitchen. I researched several [quick brooms] and it took me days to figure out which one to buy. I am extremely please with the performance of the Dirt Devil and would buy another one....more info
  • Can't live without it
    This vacuum is worth every penny of the purchase price. I searched forever to find a rechargeable, small scale, light weight stick vac with enough suction to prevent me from lugging out the canister system so much. The handheld just can't do the job, plus this upright is easy on the back.
    It has great suction and the additional rotary brush feature is just right for throw rugs & carpet. My hardwoods & tile are spotless after every quick pick-up, so this was the perfect choice....more info
  • Can't pick up a thing
    After using a Shark for years that finally died, I tried this based on the generally good reviews at Amazon. I am not sure if my unit is defective or what. It can barely pick up stuff on bare floors. Take a taco chip, step on it into small pieces. All the unit does is move it around. Never picks up a thing. I just sent an email to Dirt Devil to see what they say. Would not recommend it....more info
  • The Dirt Devil Extreme Power Stick Vacuum
    Dirt Devil 083414 Extreme Power Stick VacuumThis Dirt Devil Extreme Power Vac is a wonderful product. It's the first one of it's kind that I have ever bought. It's lightweight and very powerful for a stick vac. I used my upright Electrolux on my carpet and thought it was clean, however when I went over the carpet a second time with the Dirt Devil Extreme Power Stick Vac....(just an experiment) I was so surprised to find how much lint, hair and bits of grit were in the bagless filter.
    This stick vac is easy to use and easy to empty and clean. I love it!...more info
  • This vacuum is a piece of garbage!
    This vacuum does not pick up anything but a small amount of dust. If you need it to pick up something as big as cat litter, forget it. It appears to pick up animal hair but if you turn it over and look at the brush, the hair is just wrapped around the brush, not sucked up into the tank. This was a total waste of money....more info
  • review
    received as expected. this is my 2nd purchase of this same item that works great....more info
  • Very versatile and convenient!
    I am very happy with this vacuum. It is easy to use and can be taken to any part of the house with ease. It's really wonderful when you don't have to worry about finding an outlet to plug it in. It's very important that you empty the cup OFTEN, since it is so small it fills up quickly and suction is drastically reduced. I made the modification on the f18 filter a previous reviewer suggested and am glad I did as it does improve suction. I think that the reviewers that don't think this has good suction are not emptying the cup out often enough. I am very satisfied with this purchase!...more info
  • Great cordless light weight vacuum
    Makes quick work of small vacuuming jobs on carpet or hard floors. Wish charge lasted longer (about 10 minutes). Comes with convenient and easy to use charging stand.
    This is my second one after approx. 3 years. Old one still works great but battery does not hold charge long and cost as much as new one to replace....more info
  • Not what I thought it would be
    Bought this to replace a cordless Shark thinking the reviews made it sound even better. It will be back to the Shark for us. This picks up hair, but leaves most heavier items (like sidewalk salt or sand) right where the vacuum is shut off (you learn to not shut it off until you are over the garbage can)...if, in fact, it doesn't just leave it on the floor in slightly smaller pieces. We bought it for quick clean ups on smooth surfaces, so it has not been asked to do the job of a better vacuum. I should have spent $10.00 more and had something usable. ...more info
  • Mine died after 11 month
    Does not pick up big items and runs out of energy after 10-12 min. Still, is very convenient and easy to use for a quick clean up: dust, pet's hair, tiny crambs. I will probably buy another one...more info
  • Looks good so far
    The vacuum does a good job for a rechargable. I really like the way the base is set up so the vacuum is easily placed on it for recharging. I also think that the company did a very good job in designing the removable filter unit. It detaches and attaches very easily. I think its an excellent unit for the money....more info
  • One of the must have vacuums, needs some DIY
    It is not powerful enough and the battery does not last long enough to replace a corded vacuum, but it is too convenient to not have one. Whenever you need to clean a part of your house, you just take it off its docking station and return to it after done. Cannot be any more convenient.

    The best feature I like the most is: it can stand up by itself. So you can leave it anywhere in the middle of a cleaning and go take a phone call. It is far less noisy than a normal one.

    In order to let it to release all its potential power, you have to do some simple modifications.

    1) In addition to the main filter (part # F18), there is a very dense plastic screen. Dusts like to stick onto the screen and block air flow. You either brush these screens often, or, like me, simply cut them off. Once you did this, this thing becomes a much more powerful sucker.

    2) If you don't feel comfortable about above mod, you may instead drill some holes with a needle (1 to 2 mm), like Black&Deck. I think DD copied from B&D, but did not get the point of the screen. The screen is so dense that the filter is always clean like new. Then what's the point of the filter? Go figure.

    3) There is also a foam after the main filter (right before the pump inlet). Remove it. This will increase air flow further.

    4) A label (indicating filter # F18) is sticked in the wrong place and breaks the seal. Tear it off and stick it to elsewhere.

    You must do these mods, believe me. What's the point to have all these three dense filters, especially on a low-power vacuum? Go check your corded vacuum and see how many filters on it. You'll see only one.

    Without the screen the filter gets very dirty in no time (now the filter is doing its job!). I wash it - very easy to do and it looks like brand new again.

    Another note: while vacuuming, don't put the handle in almost vertical position, it'll block the inlet. Normally this is not an issue but when you vacuum stairs, be sure about this.

    Update: lately I compared it to a Eureka EUK96DZ and I preferred that one for slightly more suction, swappable battery and removable long handle. See my related review for details. A lesson I learned: don't just look at the voltage, a better motor and system design can achieve even better suction at much lower voltage. High voltage marking does not necessarily mean more suction and is often marketing hype....more info
  • It's GREAT!
    I purchased this vacuum almos a year ago when I was six months pregnant. I have about 1000 sq ft downstairs, most of which is hardwood. I have a large dog, two cats, and two kids. This vacuum takes care of it all - even on the carpeted area and the area rugs. Mostly hair, dust, pine needles and dirt, but a lot of other stuff (to my surprise) gets picked up by this little cleaner. It is lightweight and after a almost a year the vacuum holds its charge just as well. On one charge I can clean my entire downstairs and the stairs. I use it every other week and before vistors come for a quick and easy cleaning....more info
  • Stick Vacuum
    This is a great Stick Vacuum for quick pick ups. I mostly use it on my kitchen & bathroom floors. I love that it is cordless!...more info
  • Top Rate
    Outstanding machine...so light-weight and easy to empty and does as fine a job on carpeting as the big boys do. Nice enough looking to keep it on display in the living room....more info
  • Good Way to Clean Natural Fiber Rugs
    I needed a vacuum that would clean the floors and not ruin them or my expensive rugs. I have hardwood floors downstairs in my house with heathered chenille jute rugs from a national pricey retailer. The problem with these rugs is the little fibers that shed from the rug. This product picks them up, as well as the dust bunnies that appear on hardwood floors with no problems. I also use this to vacuum the staircase. The unit is really light weight, and easy to clean unlike some removable filter units. I have never run down the battery although I use it to clean about 1300 sq feet of surfaces each time that I use it. I have the base in my laundry room, I just pop it back on after using it. I am picky picky about my house and floors and I am happy with the job this little work horse performs. Oh, because I have blocked this terrible incident from my mind, I almost forgot to mention that I had a pipe leak in a wall and a plumber came out and made a HUGE mess cutting out the drywall to get to the errant pipe, and needless to say, he did not listen to what his mom told him and he did not clean up after himself....then again at $100 an hour, it is probably best that he didn't.....anyway, after he left there was an awful mess on my beautiful hardwood floor I just paid a stinkin fortune to install. I whipped out my trust extreme stick and it cleaned right up. I then just took a damp paper towel to wipe over the floor and it was good as new. The vacuum picked up raisin sized chucks of drywall and picked up all that nasty dust. I didn't have to spend days cleaning up scattered dust, I just emptied the dirt cup. According to the man who cleaned my carpet the dirtiest area of carpet in the house is the stairs because no one wants to vacuum them. I don't mind doing it anymore with this lightweight unit, and there is no cord to trip on. ...more info
  • It is powerful...
    This vacuum does have the power to clean well on hard floors as well as carpeted areas. It is not a replacement for a regular vacuum, rather a convenient, battery powered floor cleaner. I am happy with how well it does on my tile floors. The only complaint I have is that it is very loud....more info
  • Love my Dirt Devil
    Had a Electrolux and liked it but the charger was hard engage sometimes as well as sometimes I had to run it back and forth over an area to get all of the crumbs up. Looked at all of the reviews on the Dirt Devil and decided to try it. I love it! Very easy to store and charge. Love how it folds down. Great at picking up the dirt/crumbs the first time. Sure it's a little loud but it's a vacuum cleaner and what do you expect. Would highly recommend and have!!...more info
  • Shark hater!
    I ordered the Shark VX3 from the infommerical, paid over $100 for it, and hated it!!! Didn't pick up anything!!! Sent it back faster than you could yell "Shark"! So I searched and compared and decided to buy this Dirt Devil vacuum. I wanted a lightweight, cordless, but powerful vacuum to clean my tile, hardwood floors, and area rugs. Boy did I hit the jackpot with this one!!! It picks up the dog hair (have 2 dogs), crumbs (from dog treats), and anything else it can find -- even works great at picking up the dog hair on my area rugs! I went from a house full of fur balls (hated pulling out my big vacuum) to spotless floors because I love to vacuum every day with my Dirt Devil vac! Love, love, love this vacuum -- do yourself a favor and buy this one!!!...more info
  • I love my Dirt Devil
    I bought the Dirt Devil Extreme Power Cordless Stick to replace an ancient similar product. I read a good Consumer Review of several vacs and it was well thought of. It does the job for me...cleans up random items from the kitchen, breakfast room, laundry room and half-bath tile floors without me having to get out a broom and dustpan. Items I pick up are leaves/grass tracked in, scattered kitty litter, dust bunnies, bits of things from cooking/chopping. It picks those up easily. Also I like that the width of the head is small enough to get between the toilet and the side wall to sweep the entire bathroom. My previous one was too wide. So if you expectations are sensible...quick pick ups on hard floors...it's a great product. Sure you have to empty the dust bin, but it beats the dust pan/broom option for me. Love it!...more info
  • Just what I was looking for!
    After looking and looking for a lightweight cordless vacuum to clean my stairs with without having to be on my hands and knees, this was by far the best one I found. I tried the Hoover Slider (dust cup was too small), the Eureka Quick Up (didn't pick up well on carpet), a cordless shopvac (it smelled so strongly of burnt plastic that it made my eyes sting), and the Dirt Devil Handi Stick (barely had any suction). This Dirt Devil Extreme Power Stick was the winner hands-down! It's lightweight and easy to maneuver, it's charge lasts a long time, it picks up well on carpet, and the dust cup is large enough so that I can touch-up any room in the house. It even has an "edge cleaner" on the front that helps pick up dirt right up to the edges. I hope this little vacuum lasts for quite a while because I love it!...more info
  • Not Impressed, and I have to pay shipping!
    I purchased this for my new kitchen floor and the cat hair we are always fighting with. The first few times we used it we were pretty impressed with how much dirt and cat hair it picked up, however the more we used it, the less it picked up. We tried cleaning filters, checked the entire thing to make sure that nothing was clogged, but nothing seemed to help. My husband went over the floor with the broom one day as soon as I was done with our kitchen floor (and we clean our floors every 2 days) and he was able to pick up alot with the broom. Thank Goodness Amazon is willing to let me return it! I will just keep shopping to find one I like better. ...more info
  • Wife Loves This Vacuum
    This is the second one we have purchased the first one lasted two years be for the batteries would not hold a full charge. Excellent for the kitchen and bath --- a just really good for quick pick me ups....more info
  • worked so well I bought one for myself!
    I purchased this lightweight cordless vacuum for my mother for Christmas to help her with her chores. She has a hard time pushing a broom due to back trouble. She really liked how well it cleaned and how light weight it was. I tried it out and was impressed with the fact that there are two switches. One for hard floors and one that turns on the rotating brush for carpet. After I got home I bought one for my self to replace my Electralux. I am very pleased with it. My last cordless ran down quickly after only a few months. Hopefully after reading the instructions carefully about not recharging until all the way dead, I won't have that problem with this one....more info
  • Can't live without it.
    I am physically disabled. I cannot handle big vacuum cleaners. This Dirt Devil Extreme Power Stick has helped me to become a bit more independent.My other cordless's do not hold a candle to the power of this lightweight vacuum. I recommend it to all, with and without physical challenges. ...more info
  • The best cordless vacuum!
    I purchased this cordless vacuum after doing a lot of research and looking at cordless vacuums at the store. It is great! It is light weight, it works great on all floor surfaces, the dust cup is clear so you can see when it needs to be emptied, and it runs a long time on one charge. I used it on all the floors in the main part of my house, including carpet and vinyl, on one charge and still had room in the dust cup. The filter works great, too. I couldn't believe all the very small particles of dust that were trapped on the filter. We don't have small children or a dog, but I think it would work great even under those conditions. It is easy to dock in the charging station. A light comes on so you know for sure that it is docked correctly. The handle swivels making it easy to steer under the edge of cabinets, etc. The switch is up high on the handle so it is easy to use, and it includes settings for both carpet and bare floors. You do have to have floor space by an outlet so you can set the charging station on the floor and plug it in. I put mine by my washer and dryer. Now when I take clothes up of the dryer and create a lot of lint, I just grab the Dirt Devil and sweep it right up before it gets tracked all over the house. It is light weight so I can easily take it up to my office in the loft, and it is just the right size for stairs. Since you don't have to worry about a cord, you can start on one side of the house, and just keep going without stopping. I love it! I ordered an extra set of filters to have on hand when I need them. Just hope I can find them when the time comes!...more info
  • Good vacuum
    This little vacuum provides an excellent complement to normal vacuuming. It is not a substitute for a full power machine, but comes in handy for in between cleanups and stairs. ...more info
  • Extreme Power Stick
    It great for little quick sweep or vacuum jobs on wood floors and carpet, which is what I was looking for. Easy clean out canister.I wanted it to get in corners too--BUT--
    The reason I did not give it 5 stars is it did not pick up or suck from sides to pick up dirt and lint from corners. Good price and I would recommend it if you are wanting it for quick sweeping and vacuuming minus the corners....more info
    This is powerful for a cordless vacuum and light. It's hard to keep clean, the filter casing gets filthy everytime you use it. I bought extra filters, but it's the casing that gets clogged- and it's nasty to clean. I wish I had extras of those. ...more info
  • Not too bad, but dumps hair on carpet
    If you use this to vacuum hardwoods and then try a carpet, all the dog hair is smeared over the carpet! Then you can't vacuum it up......more info
  • NIce little vac but died soon
    I agree with the positive reviews that have been posted. I found this vac to be very convenient for quick pickups of cat hair, pillow feathers, etc. and saves you the effort of having to get out a big vac. It was also very good for quick tuneup duty on the stairs since it is lightweight and cordless.

    That being said, mine died soon after the warranty expired. The beater bar would no longer turn and this unit does not have enough raw suction power to do much good without the beater bar. I took it apart and cleaned out all the hair and debris and it worked for a while longer, but after the second time I tried this, it quickly stopped spinning again when under load. It seems that the motor was just getting too weak....more info
  • alice up north
    A great tool to have in the house! Especially if you have a husband who
    likes to cook for a hobby.....really cleans up the messes in a hurry.
    Note: This vacuum is just good for light jobs...you still need a big
    vacuum to really clean....more info
  • Dirt Devil Extrene Power Vacuum
    We love the product. We purchased and returned a number of rechargable vacuums because they just couldn't do the job. This vacuum has the power, holds it's charge and does a fantastic job on bare floores or carpets. My wife loves it so much, she said she could easily sell them herself.

    Great product....more info
  • Nice light weight option
    This product could almost be considered a medical expense. My wife and I were tired of lifting the big vacuum out of the closet everytime we needed to do a little touch up cleaning. This is a viable and light weight option that works. Also, we really don't like the ergonomis of a broom, and this is much better.

    Good deal....more info
  • Awesome little vacuum for the money
    This little vacuum does a great job for small clean ups, daily touch-ups, etc. It's very easy to use and clean out. I would recommend it to anyone wanting a small vacuum for this purpose....more info
  • product satisfaction
    The vacuum was recieved rapidly from shipper and after charging the battery has worked exactly as told, we are very satisfied with the vacuum....more info
  • What a waste of money!
    I was looking for a quick picker upper when I tiled my 12' x 12' foyer. After much internet research I purchased the cordless Dirt Devil because of the great reviews. I'm a quality kind of guy and have been around for 61 years. I own several different vacs...The big Kirby for the carpet, The Oreck canister for dusting and a small rotary hand held royal for the furniture. It's a bit of trouble to hook up and carry the Oreck to clean the tile floor so the Dirt Devil seemed to be the perfect solution. I gotta be honest here...I'm very disappointed! I didn't expect this thing to suck the grout out of the tile but I do expect it to pick up small, lightweight debris in corners and along the walls. The only thing I've found this unit to be any good for at all is quick pick ups on lightweight throw rugs as it's useless on a tile floors or carpet, not to mention that when you turn the unit off what little bit it did pick up falls back on the floor. Don't waste money on this unit, I truly believe you'll be disappointed. My Oreck canister is a pain to carry around but the difference is definately worth it. I guess the cordless industry has a ways to go in the vac department. I hope this review saves someone a little time and money. If I wasn't afraid of being over ridden with replys I would post my email and give this unit away. Sorry Dirt Devil, maybe next time. ...more info
  • Could be better
    I have this vacuum about two years. Worked fine, but now it only has enough power for about 15 minutes or so. Seems like the rechargeable batteries no longer work. It also doesn't hold much dirt. For quick picker ups it's substantial (don't expect it to work like your full size vacuum)....more info
  • More than happy!
    This vacuum cleaner is so good that I'm kind of glad that my other (brand)
    failed. There is nothing lacking. It has plenty of power , battery and
    terrific filtration. I'm sure anyone would be pleased with one. Thanks for a fine product. William Murphy
    ...more info
  • Love it!
    I've had this vacuum for over a year. It works great and still holds a charge long enough to vacuum a couple of rooms. I have three dogs that live in my house and it's great to have around for quick pick ups of hair and dirt they bring in on their feet. Great product, lots of power for it's small size....more info
  • Dirt Devil Power Stick Vacuum
    I bought this small vacuum for my wife for Christmas as she wanted something to replace her Dirt Devil Power Broom. We have a black Lab and use it for picking up dog hair etc. around the kitchen and general small use on the carpets. My wife just loves this and says it works much better then the power broom we had. Very convenient and easy to use and being cordless makes it a big plus. Sucking power is pretty decent and easy to switch from floor to carpet. Good product. ...more info
  • A quickie
    spill cleaner up. On carpet with the brushroll the power doesn't last as long. For quick use it is always ready for use since it is always on its charger. No power cord to get in the way. A little messy and awkward emptying the dirt cup. It has a two switch position, one for bare floors and one for carpeted. Don't expect it to be as good as your main vacuum, you'll be disappointed....more info
  • Great for a cat household!
    With this lightweight cordless vacuum I will have a cleaner house. We have 4 indoor cats, live in a very dusty area, and I had just about given up on having a decent-looking floor. It was just too much of a hassle to bring out the big vac every day -- it works well but is heavy, corded and just not that convenient. But now I just do a quick clean up every day, clean out the bin and the filter, snap it back in, and I'm ready for the next day. The suction is fine for cat hair and dust, and no one should expect to use this vacuum as a replacement for heavy carpet. But I have mostly tile floors, and this vac works fine on our area rugs. For what it is, its perfect....more info
  • A bit disapointed
    I am not too hapy with the way this product picks up items from carpeted floors. On tile it is good. It holds a charge a long time and is easy to operate and clean. ...more info
  • Very convenient - found fix for weak battery life
    I bought this vacuum a couple of years ago and I love it for quick cleanups. Doesn't replace our normal vacuum, but does a good job of picking up more than just surface dirt, even on carpet. However, the battery had considerably less power after the first few months and was only good for a few minutes after a year. I looked for a replacement and it was impossible to find one. Finally, I found a Tenergy Corp. 14.4V 3600mAh NiMH Battery Pack for an IRobot Vacuum - Roomba 4905. It has the same dimensions as the battery that comes with the Dirt Devil (12 "C" battery pack), but has over twice the lasting power (3600 mAh vs. 1500mAh). It can do our small house very easily on one charge. I have yet to run it down. The connectors for the Roomba battery are different, so I ended up splicing wires, but that was not a big deal. You can probably get this battery pack many places - I found mine on the web. I fell in love with this little, convenient vacuum all over again after I found this long-lasting battery (which can be charged using the same charging stand that comes with the Dirt Devil)....more info
  • dirt devil bagless power stick sucks...
    it sucks and it doesn't, if you follow me.
    do not buy this vacuum. do not. vac fills quickly, loses suction. it's loud.
    not worth the money....more info
  • Great Little Stick Vac
    I have tried many stick vacs (electric, manual & recharageable),this little lightweight vac is GREAT!
    I have 3 (three) dogs so that means lots of hair.
    A regular vac is needed for deep cleaning but this little vac is so very easy and efficent for a quick buzz over the carpet ( it really does pick up all of the surface hair and other debris).
    Emptying the little vac is really simple,easy and quick.
    The vac recharges while sitting in a compact base so it is always ready to use. I usely run it for 20 to 30 minutes at a time and it has never run down yet.
    The vac is sleek in appearance,lightweight and easy to handle.
    Dirt Devil has done it for me again!
    For quick, simple and efficent, this is the way to go!!!!

    ...more info
  • Great little vacumt
    Ths little powere stick is as advetised. Works really well for small pick me up jobs. The carpet/floor feature is also great....more info
  • Satisfied
    Product works better than expected. Very handy for quick pick ups and at times even large area cleaning...more info
  • Returning this
    We have a several year old Eureka stick vac that works very well, but the battery is holding less and less of a charge. I requested a new cordless for Christmas for the upstairs. My husband got me this, based on the Consumer Reports rating. But even though they said it is excellent on carpet, it's not. We have three oriental rugs in our bedroom, and a long-haired dog that sheds. While this unit clearly picked up some dog hair (you could see it in the cup) it also left a lot on the rugs (unlike the Eureka). I may try the Bissell sweeper, or possibly just invest in a new battery for the Eureka....more info
  • LOVE this little machine!!! Perfect for our needs!!
    This little machine is everything I hoped it would be and more! I basically wanted something to replace the dreaded broom and dust pan -- something for quick cleanups or just freshening up the floors without dragging out the corded vacuum. I wouldn't think this guy would be anyone's main vacuum, and I wouldn't think it was even designed to be that (unless you're in a tiny apartment or dorm w/ hard floors.) But for an easy, cordless cleanup option, it's awesome!!! It even picked up the pine needles after I took the Christmas decorations down. And, what's impressed me most, it's ability to continue picking up even when the battery has obviously run nearly all the way out is just amazing! It was still picking up pine needles even after it's "juice" was nearly all gone. Very impressive little machine! We have a pretty large house w/ lots of hard floors (wood, slate tiles, marble tiles) and it does an awesome job on them. The battery life is probably no more than maybe 20 minutes, but if I'm planning on vacuuming for more than 20 minutes, I'll be spending that time w/ my "big" vacuum cleaner -- my beloved Oreck. This one serves the purpose that I bought it for even better than I'd hoped for. ...more info
  • Ok, not perfect, but not terrible.
    I like mine but it clogs easy and that is such a PITA! It states its made for all flooring but I don't think it does a great job on carpet. It definitely can not handle the mass cheerios I need it to pick up a day... or the Christmas tree needles, but that's only once a year. I debated between this and an Electrolux, my mom got the Electrolux and I like it much better, wish I would have gotten that one too. Oh well, I'm sure I'll be in need of another one again in a year (or less) next time I won't be buying another but for now its ok, its definitely not worth what it would cost to ship it back!...more info
  • Great for ONE year only
    I have purchased two of these now. They work great, but at about one year both stopped working. Trying to decide if I want to purchase my third--anticipating that I'll have to replace in another year, or buy another brand. This really does work well...until it doesn't....more info
  • I love it.
    Great vacuum. I love it and my daughter and friend like it so well that he is going to buy one too. Very handy and works really well on both floors and rugs....more info
  • Dirt Devil vs. 2 Black Dogs and 1 White Tile Floor
    I got this for Christmas--I know, not too sexy, but I had it on my holiday wish list; sometimes it's great to get practical presents. Charged it for a couple of hours and was able to do the tiled kitchen floor and hardwood front entry quickly and thoroughly. I especially love that it's cordless--the outlets in our house are in impossible places, and the fact that it swivels, making it much easier to get around table legs and Christmas trees. It did leave a paper clip and bit of dog kibble where they lay, but sucked up an embarrassing amount of pet hair and grit in a matter of minutes. Dirt Devil Power Stick: 1, White Tile Floor: 0. ...more info
  • I love this little Vac!
    This vacuum is awesome! I decided to purchase this vac after reading reveiws for several other comparable cordless vacs. We have 2 dogs and 2 adults and we purchsed this vac to do daily/weekly cleanings around the house -- to replace our broom & dustpan, but not necessarily to replace our full powered corded vacuum. Thus far, I am very impressed with how well this product picks up pet hair, dirt, and small debris on laminate wood floors, vinyl, shaggy rugs, and carpet!! I was even more impressed that it picks up/sucks up dirt/pet hair on the edges next to the baseboards. The swivel design on the handle is very convinient and makes manuvering quite a breeze. Also the charging base is small and convenient stores vac.

    I can't think of any negative/cons for this product. Other reviewers have mentioned the cup needs to be emptied often; however the cup has sufficient room for us to clean up a kitchen, dining room, large living room, bathroom, and several rugs provided we use it a couple of times a week. I'll definitely be cleaning the floors more often now that we have this great little tool. Bottom line: if you want a powerful, light weight, cordless vac --this is the one!...more info
  • Great little vacuum for quick touch-ups
    Some reviews say it doesn't work great on carpet, the charge doesn't hold long enough, or the dirt cup is too small. Well, I don't think this is meant to be a household's only vacuum. But it is PERFECT for those touch-ups in the kitchen, bathroom, etc. between full cleanings. Crumbs, dirt by the front door, little tumbleweeds of dog hair along the baseboards - it's perfect for these types of things....more info
  • decent
    For the money no complaints but there are other brands/models that have a hand held built in that comes off the main unit. NIce ot have osmethig you cna just grab and vac - no cords. Could esily be your only vac in small apt....more info
  • Think again before buying this
    I actually bought 2 in one year. The first one worked well for about 5 months, then I bought new filters and even a new cup (the price ended up being almost as much as I paid for the unit.) It stopped sucking up stuff, so I took it into an "approved" service center, they took 2 months to tell me the problem with the vacuum is not covered by the warranty. But since it took so long, I bought another one, it's been about 4 months, and this one has stopped sucking, too! So now for about $150 in product and accessories, I could have bought a real good vacuum. If you need a spot cordless vacuum, look into the Eureka 96D... it has wonderful suction, but I can't tell you how long this one will last as I have only used it for about a month, but it has better suction for pet hair....more info
  • Vacuum too weak to be useful
    The vacuum is too weak to pick up anything heavier than a grain of rice. If this is ok with you, go get it. Otherwise, stay away....more info
  • Good cordless vacuum
    I'm lazy and won't pull out the 'real' vacuum very often. But this things so easy to use I don't agonize about keeping things clean. ...more info
  • Neck clogs with pet hair
    This vacuum is useless in my house. We have several pets and the pet hair clogs in the neck of the vacuum. The vacuum head comes off and I can clean out the neck, but it clogs again right away. I have to replace it. I hope that I can find one that picks up pet hair without clogging, because I like the ease of use for the stick models....more info
  • Super quality
    I bought this vacuum after researching other cordless stick vacuum. I am so glad that I purchased this. I have a three year old. I use it everyday to pick up crumbs, dried playdough, and dirt. I was a little concerned after reading some of the reviews but I have had no trouble with suction at all. I use my vacuum mostly for my hardwood floors. We have 2,000 square feet of hardwood and I can easily vaccuum the whole house without having to empty the cup or without the batteries running out. It is so light and moves easily. I loved it so much I bought it for my 90 year old grandmother. She loves it and has recommended it to her friends. She has carpeting in her whole house. I would highly recommend this for an everyday wood floor sweeper. ...more info
  • Great for homes with pets!
    I bought this because we have four cats and a big, long-haired dog. We have tons of fur flying around our house. This vac is great for hard floors and pet hair (and other assorted dirt . . . we have lots of pine needles tracked in from outside.) This vac is not great on carpets and would not take the place of a weekly or bi-weekly vacuuming from a more powerful vac. But, if you want to try to keep up on the accumulation of pet hair and floor dirt, then this gets an A+. Empty it after every use and make sure to take the bottom off and make sure it doesn't get blocked with pet hair as it will lose suction....more info
  • good deal
    this cleaner is a very good value for the price. it is easy to carry it and power is strong enough. the battery works for cleaning entire my house (3bedrooms).
    ...more info
  • Disappointment!
    This cordless vacuum fell short of my expectations. I feel it is overpriced for it's effectiveness (or lack thereof). I thought with the amount of volts it claims to provide, I would get great suction for a cordless; wrong. I use it primarily on a large throw rug and on hardwood floors. It works pretty well for about 4 or 5 minutes and then the suction starts to decrease. It only picks up small particles and leaves most of the hair and strings behind and I end up going over spots 3 or 4 times to pick things up. And the option to run it without the beater rolling is kinda useless. I leave the beater brush running even on my hardwood surface to increase the pick-up capability. I think the worse part is how quickly it clogs up which I'm sure is what dramatically decreases the suction power. There are 2 filters - a fabric one inside of a larger mesh one. I have to go and empty the cup and knock off all the stuck on dust from the filters before going on to another section in my house. The dust/hair even stops spinning in the pick-up chamber which pretty much tells me the suction power is all but gone. I actually end up rinsing off the filters with water after 2 or 3 uses. I feel this negates the whole convenience of having a cordless vacuum for quick pick-ups. The best part of the vacuum is it is lightweight and holds a charge well. If I had to do it over again, I would keep looking for a cordless vac and not consider this one. ...more info
  • Great stick vac...
    I have had this for about one year now. And, I still love it. I use it on my hardwood and tile floors, and door mats. It picks up dust, crumbs, and dog hair wonderfully. I did have an issue happen recently where it wasn't sucking much up. I changed the filter and made sure the brush area was clean. I couldn't figure out why it wouldn't work. Then I discovered the tube from the brush area to the disposal cup had clogged up with dog hair. I couldn't believe how much was stuck in there, out of sight. I just stuck my finger down there and got it all out. Worked like new after that!!!! Love it. Being rechargeable is wonderful too. ...more info
  • great
    ITs great! I leave it next to my daughters high chair in the kitchen. ...more info
  • One for me and -
    I bought one of these amazing little machines for myself and loved it so much that I sent one to my daughter. Rave reviews all around....more info
  • Doesn't do it for me...
    Barely picks up much before you have to empty it or it loses suction. I dont think you should have to empty the cup EVERY time you vacuum a small area. Suction isnt strong enough to pick up anything but dust and fur, slightly bigger or heavier particles are left behind or dump out as you continue vacuuming. WOULD NOT reccomend, I am on the quest for something MUCH better....more info
  • How Disappointing!
    Let me start off by saying that I spent a lot of time researching cordless vacuums before I purchased this one. I even had to special order this one because none of my local stores carried it.

    When I first got my Extereme Power vacuum, I was very excited. Finally, an easy way for me to pick up cat litter, cat food, hair, crumbs, etc. that did not involve a lint roller, having to bend over constantly to pick up the pieces manually or lugging out my awkward heavy duty vac. I was soon very disappointed.

    The Dirt Devil Extreme Power does not pick up anything!! I could not believe this after reading other reviews here and on other sites. The only thing that this vacuum picks up is dust and hair. It does not pick up crumbs, litter, etc. If by some chance it does pick something up, as soon as I turn off the vacuum cleaner, anything that I may have suctioned up falls back down onto the carpet. While it is nice to pick up a lot of the pet hair, I hate the fact that the nothing else gets picked up. I do not understand other reviews where this vacuum seems to be picking up an array of items. I have not had that experience at all.

    Thanks to the Dirt Devil Extreme Power Stick, I am now looking for a new cordless vacuum that might work more efficiently.

    ps - my search for a new cordless vacuum is over. I very highly recommend the Oreck Electrikbroom. I had to buy mine in a local Oreck store, but.. *wow*. Now THAT is what an easy to use vacuum should be like....more info
  • rave for Amazon
    I had this product before. When that unit's power supply (Battery-Pack) wore out I searched everywhere for a replacement or compatable product. Finally found it on Amazon! I assure you this is best of the "Stick-Brooms" and the most convenient to use. I only wish Royal (Dirt Devil) made replacement battery pack for sale....more info
  • A great stick vac!
    This stick vacuum has exceeded all of my expectations. Not only is it super light, it is also easy to use and clean. The dirt cup is handy and easy to empty and the vacuum features two cleaning modes- one for carpet and one for hard floors. I have both so prior to this vacuum I had to have two seperate vacuums. Both were heavy and bulky. This is not. It is only about 6 pounds. And best of all.... it's CORDLESS. Like your cellphone, this vacuum charges in a dock where it sits and then you can use it. Wow, big improvement in vacuums. This is a great vacuum!!!!!!!!...more info
  • My Swiffer Vacuum works better on floors w/o carpet
    Honestly I could have spent my money more wisely. I have a swiffer vacuum that picks up better than this more expensive model. It doesn't suck up that well on carpet either. Not really worth the money. I found this same item at walmart for half the price and actually just saw this at our local thrift store for $5.00....more info
  • Kind of useless
    This is not a replacement for a full size vacuum. I have difficulty cleaning my 1 bedroom apartment. There simply is not enough power to pick up dirt. The roller gets stuck with hair easily. You also need to empty the canister frequently. I also missed the extension hose.

    It is fine picking up small amount of dirt. But again, you can do it much faster by hand. I am buying a full size vacuum to replace it....more info
  • Great Little Vacuum
    This little vacuum does everything we need it to do. It handles the little clean-ups, gets in those hard to reach spots, no bother of a cord, and does a good job picking up the dirt. It's so lightweight that stairs and awkward places are no bother for it. Kudos! ...more info
  • It Works!
    Dirt Devil 083414 Extreme Power Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner

    Very convenient and easy to use. It's slim outline goes under and around furniture in a way that can't be done by my corded vacuum cleaner and emptying the cannister is very quick and easy. It's also very light to lift....more info
  • Cordless Vacuums Stink
    I keep trying cordless vacuums, hoping for a good one and still haven't found one. This doesn't have "extreme power" like Dirt Devil claims. Take my advice: don't buy a cordless....more info
  • Nifty little vacuum
    The Dirt Devil Power Stick is just great! If you want to replace sweeping w/a broom on hardwood/tile or quick vacuum for area rugs, etc., this is the perfect product. Sits in charger "shoe" until needed and empties very easily (no bags!). And being cordless says it all. No it's not a full sized vacuum, but it really is great for every day quick clean ups. ...more info
  • The Dirt Devil Stick Vacuum is Fantastic!!!
    I bought this vacuum to suplement the use of my central vacuum. I didn't want to drag my long hoses out everytime I vacuumed. This vacuum picks up all kinds of dirt on my floors and rugs, including dog hair. I would recommend it highly as a vacum to use for a quick touch-up in between cleanings...more info
  • Best small vacuum I have ever owned!
    This was my third try to find a small vacuum to use on hard wood floors. The other two had cords, which I hated. This vacuum is more powerful and reliable that the other two put together.

    I would hightly recommend this product!...more info
  • Great cordless vacuum!
    This vacuum works great on bare floors and area rugs. I have three dogs who shed a lot and this vacuum picks up their hair with no problem. Also picks up dirt/sand and bird seed. It's nice looking and very light-weight. My 4-year-old can even use it. The cordless feature is a definite plus and it stores nicely and out of the way in the charger. I do agree with the other reviewers that the dirt cup is small but, overall it's a must-have....more info
  • I clean the floors more because of the ease in useing this!
    I have owned one of these before and used it daily for over 3 years. With my husbands 4 indoor cats that is a must on our floors...we have over 1200 square feet of lanoleum (SP) throughout the house with no carpet at all which wouldn't matter as it does pick up well on carpet also (I have a rug in front of the door). ANYWAY - it lasted over 3 years of daily use, nothing was wrong with it but the young neighbors next door needed a vaccum of sorts so we gave it to them ordering ourselves this new one.

    We are very well pleased with its performance, quality and price AND will buy one again when the time comes.


    Mrs. Douglas W. Carr Mebane. NC
    ...more info
  • Works Great on Hardwood
    This is a very convenient vaccuum for hardwood floor cleaning. I have a dog that sheds and it picks up the dog hair from my dark wood flooring. Very easy to assemble and use. ...more info
  • Extreme Power Stick Vacuum
    This vacuum is great! It's powerful yet lightweight and small. It's great for a 2nd vacuum....more info
  • Great Little Vacuum
    We bought this stick vac at the recommendation of friends when our old one (a different brand) died. I am so glad it did because this vacuum works so much better! With my old one I was constantly picking dog hair out of the fan because it was always getting clogged. That never happens with this. It is so convenient to have it on hand...we have a yellow lab and I vacuum our hardwood floors just about every day now. It's so nice to feel like my floors are clean between Saturdays (when I use my upright vacuum on the whole house). I love it!...more info
  • brush stopped working in 2 months
    I was happy to have a nice portable vacuum that recharged. After 2 months the power brush stopped working. It still has suction but no brush to pick up dirt. I would not recommend this vacuum because of the quality....more info
  • Great little vacuum
    This little thing is great for zooming around the house daily on wood and tile floors picking up dog hair and dust bunnies. It's easy to manouver around and under chairs and tables, holds a long enough charge, my kids can use it too as it's very light in weight. After having 4 different upright cordless vacuums, this is my favorite. Yes, the dirt cannister fills up quickly (sign of a good vac in my opinion!) but unlike the other comment below, I find it no hassle to empty quickly. It's great to get under beds and cupboards too. Definitely not for carpets but great on wood and tile....more info
  • So-so vacuum
    This vacuum is convenient and picks up really well. My main complaint is that it makes a high-pitched whine that I hate. It also is a pain to empty the dust collector because the little inner filter gets so dirty. Maybe if I vacuumed more often so things were not so dirty, it would be OK. I really think bagless things are a lot of trouble....more info
  • Cleaner Floors and Ordering a Second!
    First and foremost, this little vacuum is not designed or intended to deep clean your carpets. However, for a quick pickup of dust, crumbs or hair, the Power Stick is a joy! My broom and dustpan are now obsolete.

    Once a week, I'd drag out my Hoover big boy to vacuum the house but during the week, the 'ick' would drive me crazy. I wanted something to run quickly around the tile in the kitchen and bathrooms and the remaining rooms with hardwood and Orientals, if needed. The Power Stick answered my needs. I was surprised how maneuverable it is and since my purchase several months ago, the charge still lasts long enough to do the entire first floor (1800 sq. ft.).

    I recently broke a vertebrae in my back and can't bend over or use the big vacuum. However, I can use the Power Stick since it is so light weight. I now realize that this vacuum would be great for those with limited mobility who can't use a full sized vacuum. I'm buying another for my senior mother.

    A couple of tips though. The price is cheap (in comparison to full sized vacuums) so there are limitations and you shouldn't expect it to perform like a vacuum costing hundreds. If you turn on the rolling beater bar, long hair, like mine, will wrap around the bar and must be cut out with scissors. Also, dust pickup is greatly improved if you rinse out the filters under the faucet after use; only takes a minute. The only inconveniece I can find is that the vacuum won't stand alone unless it is in the charger....more info
  • Can't live without it!
    This is a great product - it is great for quick pick ups - perfect when you have small children and dogs!...more info
  • Love it!!!!!!!!!!
    This is the greatest invention since sliced bread. I use it 2-4 times a week and it does a great job. Granted, not as well as my mega heavy, awkward vacuum but will pick up cat hair easily on both the tile and carpet. Best use is for use between major vacuuming/sweeping. Dirt cup is small and will require a few empties but is very convenient. Used it today for when my daughter dropped the shavings while emptying the pencil sharpener. Works well in the motorhome as well. Have had mine 3 mths and am still thrilled with it....more info
  • Not Recommended at all
    Very poor performance. Not worth the money. Not even good for lightweight use. I do not recommend buying this....more info
  • MEETS expectations
    I have been looking for a vacuum (hand-held and/or cordless) to spot clean in between weekend cleanings. I have 2 black dogs who are moderate shedders. We have ceramic tile in the bathrooms, kitchen, and mudroom and hardwood everywhere else. The hairballs were out of control, and since the tile is light it was really obvious. Both my husband and I work, so the last thing we wanted to do was drag out the big canister vacuum when we got home.

    We've had this cordless stick vacuum for about two weeks now, and we love it. It doesn't replace a weekly go with the canister vacuum, but it keeps down the major problems, enough that I'm not embarrassed if company stops by unexpectedly. We can clean most of the first floor (eat-in kitchen, mudroom, half bath, frequently-used-living-room, and seldom-used-living-room) before emptying the dust cup if we use it every day. It also is great on the stairs, which were major hairball catchers. As the title says, this vacuum meets every expectation I had of it. Sure, you have to frequently empty the somewhat small dust cup, but the fact that it is cordless and I can grab it whenever I see a hairball far outweighs that minor negative....more info
  • No suction
    Yep; it's true. Works great for about two weeks, then loses its suction even when fully charged. At first I thought it was a matter of putting the filter and dust cup back correctly, which can be a little tricky, but no such luck.

    I bought this primarily for the kitchen and the laundry room (which houses the litter box) and while it picked up litter and bread crumbs just fine at first, it has since become completely useless. The only thing I still use it for is the carpeted stairs. I have a Eureka Boss, which is very heavy, and this one does a good enough job to not have to haul out the monster every day.

    So here I am, shopping for the next one :~)...more info
  • Great purchase
    I bot this for my wife for mothers day and she is really pleased with it. It is always charged and ready to go and light weight too. It has a lot of suction and does a super job. I would recommend it for anyone....more info
  • Handy but...
    not enough suction power when it gets dirty, so what kind of 'dirt' devil is it?...more info
    I am so mad that I spent my money on this product. The reviews looked pretty good so I went ahead and bought it but it was the biggest mistake to do so. The suction on this thing is TERRIBLE!! It is completely worthless! It doesn't even pick up the smallest pieces of crumbs or dirt. I can't stress how disappointed I am with this vacuum. I really wanted something that I could pull out quickly to pick up small "messes" but, believe me, this is not that something. I would give it 0 stars if I could!! Don't waste your money on it!!...more info
  • Poor suction
    I thought this would be really great for in between vacuuming and for on my kitchen floor. The suction isn't very good and it has a hot smell to it. I still use it but I have to go over the same spot several times before it picks up. I do like that it is really lightweight; even my 3 yr old can do it with ease....more info
  • It performs as advertised.
    For what it is (not a dyson) this cordless vacuum works very well. Good suction, long lasting power, beater bar for carpets. For the quick cleanup, touch up or dust bunnies off the wood floor, this machine does it very well. I am very pleased. ...more info
  • It's great but...
    I like this cordless vac very much. We have two cats who shed a lot and this is a huge help with the cat fur. I also have a lot of tile flooring, and this is perfect for those floors. The one drawback is that the batteries are not replaceable, and seem to last about a year. Big power reduction, and loss of suction at about the year mark. I'm on my third unit....more info
  • High hopes dashed
    I read lots of reviews for this and other similar vac products. I eagerly awaited my product as I have a bathroom tile floor that gets dusty and a wood kitchen floor that's always full of crumbs. After charging over 24 hours, the first use was fair. My second use (yes, after cleaning the filters completely and charging another day) was marginal to poor.

    So, needless to say, I am incredibly disappointed. I was not expecting this product to be anywhere near the performance of my traditional upright, but the fact that it cannot even suck up a little dust leaves me frustrated and annoyed.

    So if you are comparing this vac to other similar ones...don't waste your time. Seriously. Don't say you weren't warned......more info
  • WOW..this is great!!!
    This dirt devil is so much better than I thought it would be. The suction is incredable for a cordless vaccum.
    I was replacing the "Swivel Sweeper" because the battery burned out. I did like it buttttttttt, after this Dirt Devil, there is not comparison. It does carpeting & floors great! This rocks!...more info
  • Loses suction
    While this vacuum is easy to use, it loses suction after only 6 months. Don't buy this to waste money. ...more info
  • Great for what it is - small, convenient
    We got this for our apartment and have been very happy. No cord is nice, and with the charge station it's always ready to go. In our small one-bedroom it's not a pain to empty the small compartment a couple times each time we vacuum the place, the trash can is close. Only problem is that every 5 vacuums or so the rotating brush gets snagged where hair wraps around it. Otherwise, good power and small size is fun and easy...more info
  • Planned Obsolescence ?
    When we first purchased this vacuum I thought it was the best new tool in the house. It worked great for 6 months. Then the rollar brush stopped turning. I called the closest Dirt Devil repair shop ( it's 2 hours from my home) to order a new belt. I was told that I could not buy a belt because it is part of an enclosed system.Belts are not covered under the warranty. That is normal, but in this case you have to have the whole system replaced. This system is not covered by the warranty. I feel like I have been ripped off. I will not be buying any more Dirt Devil products....more info
  • Good for quick cleanups
    This vacuum does a pretty good job. It is lightweight and easy to use. It stays charged for quite a long time. The purpose is not intended for general housecleaning but for convenience and quick use it is great....more info
  • My little work horse!!!
    I've had this little vac for about a month now and I use it ALL the time and just love, love, love it. It's great for the RV and it's just what I needed for my entry room and kitchen. Using it in these rooms, which only takes a couple of minutes every day, keeps the mess out of the rest of the house and soooo easy!!! Now I don't have to drag that big vac around the house so often. The Dirt Devil is easy to use and it's easy to clean. It's light weight and does a great job on my floors and flat carpeting. And it holds a charge for as long as I've needed it. So far, maybe 15 or 20 minutes at a time. This is the best purchase I've made in a long time and I highly recommend this little work horse........................................................................
    Well, here it is a year later and I still love my little vac. It still works great and I've learned that if I clean the filters every time I use it, the suction is terrific. Only takes a minute....less time than dragging out the big vac. Don't be afraid of this little "work horse" as it's a little wonder. Still highly recommend this vac....more info
  • Perhaps they mean "Extreme Power" as in rechargable battery
    When I found this listing, I thought the "Extreme Power Stick Vacuum" meant the suction was powerful. I apparently was wrong. This vacuum won't even pick up dust bunnies off the tile floor. Purchasing this item was a waste of my time and my money. ...more info
  • Garbage - A waste of money
    Despite repeated cleaning and even removal of filters, this vacuum lacked the suction to pick up all but the finest dust after only 1 month. We threw it out....more info
  • Worth the money
    This dirt devil has been a life saver for me. It picks up lint, dog hair, crumbs from every meal my 2 boys eat and pretty much every other small thing on the floor. It has good suction and does an ok job on carpet too (it won't pull up the dirt embedded in the carpet, but picks up the noticeable stuff.)The only thing I would change is that the size of the floor piece is pretty small...which helps it store easily, but it takes a little longer to vacuum each area. Overall, well worth the money spent....more info
  • Picks up Great....For 5 minutes
    I loved this vacuum initially. You can even see how much dirt it's picking up! However, the shape of the filter severely limits suction almost immediately, to where the vacuum won't pick up a speck of lint. You ahve to empty the filter every 5-10 minutes. I do NOT have a terribly messy household, just one with no stairs going to the front & backyard....more info
  • Great little vaccuum
    I purchased this vaccuum just to use on the hard floor surfaces in my home. And it is great for picking up food crumbs and hair off the floor. I love it!!...more info
  • Stick Vac - good product
    Lighter and easier to use compared to others I have owned.
    Far more powerful also. I would rate as a "Good Buy"...more info
  • Work great
    Work very well on my granite floor. Much better then before. I have not try it on wood floor yet!!!! Great product.

    PS. The only complaint that I have is the solution container is a litle bit small....more info
  • Best cordless vacuum I've had!
    This is my fourth cordless vacuum in about as many years & it's the best one yet. It does a good job with dog hair, the others just pushed it around & it does a great job on the hardwood & tile floors. The battery holds a charge longer than the others -- I can vacuum the entire 1st floor (approx 1500 sq ft/mostly wood & tile) before I hear the motor fading. Dust cup is on the small side but that's insignificant....more info
  • Amazing
    I absolutely love it. It has strong power, easy to empty, can stand up on its own. I mainly use it on my tile floors --- ...more info
  • Cordless Dirt Devil xtreme
    This is a very handy piece. It has amazing suction power
    for its size and the fact it's cordless. I've owned two
    cord Dirt Devil Sticks and think this cordless is a big
    step forward. ...more info
  • Soooo disappointed!..
    I bought this product hoping that I will be able to vacuum whenever I want and I will not have to deal with the cord. However, I wish I bought the ones with a cord and a bag. Like my mama always told me, "Stick with the classic one, honey". She was damn right. I live in a one bedroom apartment and this vacuum is in charge 24 hours-7 days. Even so, it really does not have enough power.
    The brush doesn't rotate anymore, it is clean and perfect, however it started to malfunction. I did not have a chance to clean my small apartment with this thing. I was busy, and a little late to return it and now I am keeping it.
    I am looking for another vacuum, in the meantime I borrow from my friend, she has a dirt devil, too. But hers is with a cord and bag.
    So, I do not recommend this product.
    If you want your place to be clean and free of germs, dust, buy a corded, machine or let's say a stronger one.

    ...more info
  • Ugh.
    This thing is a piece. I was tricked by the 14.4 volts. I'll be going back to my Shark 3-Speed Sweeper - Red (UV617R).

    Instead of picking up stuff, like my sons TINY dried Play-Doh pieces, this machine just pushes them along the floor. Even though the Shark has fewer volts, it works better on our carpets, wood, and tile....more info
  • It cannot cope with crumbs and bits
    We had to trash this vacuum after a few months because it could not cope with crumbs or any bits (other than dust). It is much easier to use the dustpan and brush or get the real vacuum out of the closet. Our kids drop crumbs and bits of food all the time but this is not useful at cleaning the mess....more info
  • Great Little Vac!
    Hello! I purchased this vac a month or so ago to use on hard wood and vinyl flooring. It works great, is light-weight and attractive! Much better than the Shark brand that I had that was a pain to get on the chrager stand and would fall apart while carrying it. ...more info
  • Great Little Sucker
    I got this vacuum about 2 weeks ago. I usually wait till I have something a little longer to make sure I will like it once the new wears off. But I love this little vacuum so much I just had to go ahead and review it.
    We only have one real carpeted room in our house. When our old vacuum finally bit the dust my wife wanted a really nice vacuum, but decided it would be foolish since we have so little to actually vacuum. Se we decided to get this cordless vac and see if we like it. We love it. It picks up cat hair out of the carpet like you would not believe and is about half as loud as our old one. It is extremely easy to get out, and we seam to have all the outlets covered with bookshelves and other things and it is a pain to get to them. We now have no desire to get a bigger vac. I don't know how long the batter life is. It vacuums this room and our other ones as well if need be, and never even slows down a bit. It can go into places our big vac would not go, and as a matter of fact my wife put her old canister vacuum away, this Power Stick can fit any were either one of us wants to clean. If you are looking for a small portable, but powerful vacuum then this is what you are looking for....more info
  • I love this
    I've been looking for a good little vacuum to clean the kitchen. Having two little ones is a super mess at meal times.

    When I would use just a regular broom I always seemed to miss stuff and the pain of bending over and over with the dust pan to pick it all up.

    This little thing is lightweight and picks up everything. I love it. I used to just sweep at the end of the night when all the meals were done and everyone was in bed but with this thing I get it out all the time. I just empty the canister every couple of days but that's super easy in itself.

    I recommend this super little sucker for anyone with children. IT's a life saver. ...more info
  • Now I can be the slob I always wanted to be.
    My wife bought one to prune the crumb trees that seem to grow around my chair whenever I snack.

    No complaints. Very light weight and portable.

    I gave it 4 stars instead of 5 because it could be more powerful (but then so could I)....more info
  • best
    I love this machine. It is so much better than a swifter and I have 2 of those. Now if I could find a vacume cleaner that can do floors and carpet as well I would be a happy woman....more info
  • Power Stick Does It's Job
    I've had the Power Stick for a couple of months now and am very pleased. I got it to do quick pick-ups on my hardwood floors in the kitchen and living room. It's great because you can turn on the beater to use on the rugs too. Works out great picking up all the dust bunnies created by the dog and cats. And there's no cords to get in the way. You do have to empty it often but it's worth it. Considering how messy my floors can get between the kids and the animals, I think the Power Stick is definately a good choice for quick pick-ups. My floors never looked so good....more info
  • Disappointed....
    I bought the Power Stick Vacuum in order to have something handy for in-between quick pickups of cat hair and scattered litter off my linoleum. It does okay on the cat hair, but I was disappointed to find that it does not pick up bits of litter or much of anything else. ...more info
  • Love this item
    This vac is small easy to use and is perfect for my use.
    I have 3 cats and use it to pick up between cleanings. It is easy to clean, and must be cleaned each use. I think it is a little loud but the cats have gotten used to it.
    Good purchase...more info
  • can't not suck the hair on the floor with static
    It only could suck in light and small dust with out static. Howver, the worst think is that when the hair on the floor has static, the power is not stronge enough to suck it in. That is very bad. Hair is one that you see on the floor every day. ...more info
  • I found it!
    I have purchased just about every cordless vacuum out there including a pricey ($99) cordless that never came close to the manufacturer's claims. After numerous disappointments I finally found the (almost) perfect cordless vacuum.

    I have seven cats and a combination of hardwood and carpeting in my home and this is the first cordless that I have found to pick up both cat hair on the carpet and on bare floors. It is surprisingly powerful for a cordless and once fully charged seems to last quite a long time until it needs recharging.

    I only have a few minor complaints being that it is a bit heavier and noisier than other cordless vacuums and the head is somewhat floppy. Considering how well it picks up and how long the charge lasts, the good far outweigh the bad.

    If you have animals and don't want to be hauling out the big vacuum everyday, this is an excellent choice to consider.
    ...more info
  • Dirt Devil Power Stick Vacuum
    I have enjoyed my Shark but now I like the Vacuum Stick better. It not only sweeps but you can select vacuum only for floors and the sweeper stops turning. When you select carpet it vacuums and sweeps. It sits nicely in its recharger on the floor and is easy to remove and replace. Has a great flilter system and it is easy to see when it needs empting. Very liitle dust or dirt escapes when you empty it. Works great on floors and carpet. The on/off/vacuum/sweeper switch is very handy near the handle....more info
  • Worked great for first month
    This was a great stick vacuum. It saved me so much time as I have a little one but aftera short time, it didn't pick up as well. The crumbs would pick up with the rotating brush but when I turned the power off and lifted it, all the crumbs came right back out! I do NOT recommend this vacuum....more info
  • The Best!
    After much consideration and reading reviews posted here, I purchased my Extreme Power Stick Vac. I love it! It is a great little helper around my home. I have 2 dogs who love to track in grass and dirt from the back yard and it makes it so easy to get it all up. I works equally well on my wood floors, carpet and tile. I don't know why I waited so long!...more info
  • A big disappointment
    This vacuum was performing well in its first days. Very shortly afterwards, it began to lose suction. It didn't even pick up cereal crumbs, let alone kernels of unpopped popcorn.I followed the advice of another reviewer to empty and wash out the filter, but saw little change. It does a good job of getting up dust and hair, but I really wanted something for kitchen crumbs, and am not happy with the purchase. I had gotten a Eureka broom vacuum for someone else for less money, and that is delivering excellent performance over a much longer period of time, without emptying its filter cannister or cleaning the filter either. I had ordered the Dirt Devil because of the extra feature for rugs, but would not recommend it. I will be getting the Eureka....more info
  • Lifesaver!
    I've only had the Power Stick Vacuum for over a week, and I like it so much I use it almost every day. It is lightweight and so easy to use. The small head swivels and does a great job sucking up crumbs, hair, dirt, cheerios--all the way up to the edge of the baseboards. The dirt cup and filter are easy to empty and clean, once you get used to how it clicks back on. I love that it's cordless and rechargeable, and has its own little charging base. This stick vac also stands up on its own, which is something you don't see in a lot of cordless sweepers/brooms. I have about 750 sq ft of wood floor area downstairs, with area rugs here and there, and this vac cleans it all in one charge, with plenty to spare. I also love being able to just move the switch from "Floor" to "Carpet" when I'm moving from the floor to a little area rug; no need to bend down and change anything, flip a brush, etc. I have used the Carpet mode to clean my stairs, and to do a quick vac of any of the carpeted rooms downstairs (family, living, dining, playroom). Of course it doesn't take the place of a deep carpet vacuum with a HEPA-filtered machine, but for a quick surface vac after a playdate, or after someone's been eating crackers in the playroom, it's so quick and handy. I clean the wood floor with this, and once a week I use the Bissell hard floor steamer to give the floor an even more thorough clean (and kill germs without chemicals!). I highly recommend this, and I did a lot of research on Amazon before buying it. I've got three kids 7 and under, so there are always crumbs and bits of paper all over the floor.

    My one complaint, and it's not a big one, is that it's kind of noisy. I wouldn't use it upstairs while my baby was asleep. It seems a lot more powerful than other cordless stick vacs I've had, so maybe that's why it makes more noise.

    *****Nov 4, 2007*****
    Less than a year later, my review has changed immensely. A couple of months ago this broom vac started going weak. It is always fully charged when I use it, but now it can barely finish my 750 sq ft of wood floor on one charge. By the time I'm about halfway through, I can hear the vacuum starting to go weak. It also barely sucks up anything now, it's ridiculous! It used to just clean up everything in its path, and now I can go over a tiny cracker crumb 4x and it just sits there on the floor. I always clean the filter and rinse it off and dry it, but that doesn't seem to help any. The battery or the suction--or both--are just dying, and I'm not going to spend another bunch of $ on a battery for this. So now here I am again looking for a better broom vac that will last at least a few years. ARGH!...more info
  • very good, but does not pick up raisins!
    I needed something for quick cleanups after my 2 1/2 year old twins. It works great with the exception of raisins. So far that's my only complaint....more info
  • much better than the Shark
    We need a cordless vac for every day touchup. I bought a "Shark" and returned it as being too weak & flimsy and purchased the Extreme Power Stick. It feels substantial without being heavy, it's powerful for its mission, and the drop in holder/recharger is one the slickest design features I have seen. GREAT JOB, Dirt Devil! Buy it--you won't be disappointed!...more info
  • Dirt Devil Extreme Power Stick
    Excellent product. Works extremely well on non-carpeted surfaces, and does a satisfactory job for quick clean-ups on carpets. Very easy to use and emptying the dirt receptacle is a snap....more info
  • Wish I'd bought it a long time ago
    My house has a lot of stairs and a mixture of rugs, carpet, and hardwood floors. It is really a pain to vacuum my house. This just makes my life easier--plus my kids can use it! It has enough power to clean about 3 rooms, which is fine--I use it for quick pickups before company is coming over, and it is great for my hardwoods, kitchen and bathrooms. I do have to empty the canister a lot, and it does help with suction to clean the filter a lot. I had bought one at Target that did *not* work so I know this is one of the better ones....more info
  • Nice pick up
    The Dirt Devil power stick is excellent. It is very convenient and picks up nicely. We have a thick carpet and a furry dog. The Dirt Devil Power Stick picks up the hair nicely without having to lug out the big vac. It holds a lot too!

    ...more info
  • Dirt Devil Extereme Power Stick Vacuum
    Excellent Product. This vacuum is light and maneuverable and quite powerful for its size. The dirt dump is very easy. We originally bought it to go on our boat, but so far we have not been able to get it out of the house because it is so much easier to deploy than our full size vacuum. You can grab it from its convenient charger/holder, sweep up an area of dog hair, for instance, and put it away in less time than you can plug the other vacuum to the wall. We are ordering another one for the boat....more info
  • no more bulky vacuum for small messes
    I have 4 kids and we use it all the time. The kids are even able to clean up their own messes. ...more info
  • Perfect little helper!
    Of course I can't expect this little one to match my Dyson, but I have a split staircase and 3 landings which is a pain to lug a big vacuum around to do. I put off vacuuming them then the dog hair and grass clippings accumulate! Ugh...so I fnally gave in and got this after reading all the glowing reviews. I LOFF it!

    It's powerful enough to get up at least the first layer of ground in dog hair, and can suck stuff from under the heat registers. It also is low enough to get under my cabinets in the kitchen, the Dyson can't.

    The vacuum head is ultra maneuverable to get around tight spots, and doesn't suck up my bathroom rugs so much, vacuums them great!

    All in all I love this for it's ability to clean up my son's messes quickly, and keep my sane by picking up dog hair quickly without corded hassle. Worth the $50 for sure. Oh, just remember, this doesn't come with any attachments like a skinny thing on a hose, it's just the vacuum head you see in the pic. Dirt Devil does it good again!...more info
  • Fantastic!
    I've tried other cordless stick vacs and the Dirt Devil model outshines them all. The others (such as Eureka) kept loosing their charge and were not powerful enough to handle pet hair on tile floors. I love it! ...more info
  • Good for basic cleaning with no pets
    I bought this to save space in my little studio condo hoping technology had progressed enough that good 'ol Hoover wasn't needed anymore. My bad! It's a nice tough little vacuum but has no edging ability and defiantly not designed for homes with pet hair. If you don't have a pet and need to save space I recommend....more info
  • Dirt Devil Extreme power stick vacuum
    This is a great little vacuum. We keep it in our camper for quick and easy cleanup on the carpeted areas as well as vinyl. Works great and is a space saver for smaller enviroments like our camper especially with the cordless feature....more info
  • Extreme Power Stick Vacuum
    My husband had doubts when I ordered this vacuum. Since he has retired he does most of the housekeeping. When the vacuum arrived, he began using it right away. He was 100% sold. It is very powerful to be a cordless vacuum, picks up dog hair with no problem. I can't say enough wounderful things about this vacuum!!!! Buy one you will be surprised....more info
  • How did I live without it?
    I've been using this vacuum for three months and it is one of those things that's made my life a lot easier. I got it to replace a cordless handheld and it's far superior. It does a great job at picking up surface litter on all types of flooring which is it's main job. I use it on wood floors and tile, rugs and carpeting. I think it's fine for all those surfaces. Since it's lightweight, it's great on stairs as well. One thing I really like is that you can use it for smaller rugs and it doesn't suck the rug up like a standard upright would always do. I still use the "real vacuum" for deeper cleaning, especially on carpets, but because the Power Stick is so convenient and easy to use, I feel I can clean several times a day if I have to. One reviewer suggested periodically rinsing the filter for better results. Good advice. When suction appears to be down, I run both filters under the tap and they are good as new. And, yes, you do have to empty the container frequently but it's a small inconvenience. I really like the way that the Power Stick snaps into the charging base. No struggle to find the right slots. Just set it down. I bought one for my son and daughter-in-law and recommended it to all my friends. Great product. ...more info
  • Worked Good For 2 Months
    Dirt Devil Worked Good For 2 Months,.> Then Would Not Start Seemed To Have A Short In It.Would Not Charge Either . So Good Luck If You Buy One...more info
  • NOT as noisy as i was expecting.
    Really useful for quick sweeps.

    I have a little one at home, and you prob know how messy they can be. Bread crumbles, cereal, etc, all over the floor. After reading some reviews, I was a bit afraid of the noise, but it's actually not that noisy. It's way quieter than my regular vaccuum. Of course, it doesn't clean as well as the regular one too.

    The only issue I found was that it comes with a "craddle" that's plugged in to the wall where you place your vaccum to be recharged. I was expecting just a power cord where we could plug to the vaccuum itself. The craddles ends up using a bit more of space than I was expecting, but it's not that much. This is a really portable unit and does well what it's built for : easy and quick sweeps. Don't expect it to suck all the dirt off your carpet.

    UPDATE: 10/24/06. I've been using this for a couple of weeks, and I like it so much, I'm getting one for my parents.
    I love the fact that it's cordless.

    UPDATE: 11/20/08. Well, it didn't last long. The unit is not that robust. The hinge broke after a few months. And now, after a bit over 2 years, it's a dead unit....more info
    In lawyer-speak, it is fit for the purpose for which it is intended. I needed a light-weight, convenient vacuum to pick up pet hair and crumbs and other cruddy little things off my hard floors. It works very well for this purpose. I have been disappointed in a couple other cordless vacs I've had because the suction wasn't strong enough to pull stiff, wiry dog hair all the way up into the collection cup. If the hair went in sideways, it stayed sideways, clogging the intake until there was no more suction left, and then I would have to take the thing apart and manually remove the hair. The extra power of this little vac pulls the hair up where it belongs. It also works pretty well to clean up some of the surface junk off the carpets. I like the feature that allows you to turn off the revolving brush so it doesn't spit little bits of stuff around when vacuuming hard surfaces. My only complaint so far is that it doesn't stand up on its own unless it's in the charger. It would be nice to be able to "park" it for a few seconds while moving chairs around, for instance. ...more info
  • Wimpy. but convenient
    Just got the vacuum a few days ago. Charged it for 24 hours and started using it. I have had other dust devil vacuums in the past that were very powerful. (The expelled air would blow the papers and magnets off the refridgerator.)

    This vacuum is not nearly as powerful. You have to actually vacuum over something and not just get close to it like the other Dirt Devils. It does not pick up everything (example: small beads)

    It is, however, very convenient and easy to use. I had it assembled out of the box in less than 2 minutes. The filter is easy to clean out and re-insert.

    ...more info
  • Awesome little sweeper!!!
    I bought my Dirt Devil Extreme Power based on Amazon comments and reviews. I was actually very close to purchasing a different cordless sweeper, but changed my mind when I saw the reviews for the Dirt Devil. I really like it and because I have long haired dogs---this is necessary for quick cleanings during the week....more info
  • A Great Little Vac
    I've had this vac for about 7 months now. For its type, this is a very good vac. It holds a charge longer than most (I haven't run it dry yet and have used for 20-25 minutes). I've found it works better on the carpeted stairs than both of my regular vacs. We just got a new kitty and it even picks up the litter he kicks out of the box (regular litter, not clumping). I originally bought it to clean up the ashes from the wood burning stove, it works great for that.

    I would like to address the problems some people seem to have had. I have 2 dogs and 1 cat who shed a LOT.

    The cup fills up too fast. Yes, it does fill quickly because it does a good job, especially on fur.

    Lousy suction. Make sure the cup is not too full and the filters are clean. You must knock the dust and fur from each filter every time you empty the cup. It takes all of about 3 seconds. Occasionally you must rinse both filters.

    Doesn't pick up the hair/fur. Clean the roller once in awhile, it can't work when its a ball of fur.

    When it clogs can't get the clog out easily. If you take off the cup and the foot of the vac you have a straight shot of about 8" and can push stuff up or down with your hand or a short stick or butter knife or some such implement. I've only clogged it once when I let the cup get too full.

    Short battery life. Its only a portable, not supposed to last forever.

    If you take the minute to clean it each time the cup gets full you should not have any problems. It a good vac, not a magic vac that cleans itself....more info
  • Great alternative for a quick clean
    I bought this stick vac based on reading the reviews, and I have not been disappointed. I LOVE that it's cordless, but still quite powerful. I have a dog who sheds a lot and 2 kids, so our floors get pretty dirty. It is SO much easier to whip this vac off the base and make a quick sweep of the kitchen or bathroom than to haul out my regular upright vac for all the crumbs and hair on the floor. We don't use it on carpet so can't speak to that, but for rugs, it does a decent job, especially ones that don't have a tall pile. Plus, it's super light weight, and my kids can use it too. Best of all, it holds up to all the abuse my 2 year old son throws at it, dropping it, tipping it over and taking it apart. Good battery too. Definitely recommend this to anyone who wants to keep their house clean day to day without using a big, clunky regular vac....more info
  • love the vacuum
    I really love using this vacuum. It picks up great considering it's a battery charged, bagless, cordless. The only complaint is the high pitched sound it makes. But I still love it!...more info
  • Does the trick!
    After an exhaustive research, I chose to try this quick picker upper out. I was hesitant after reading a couple of negatives, but gave it a try anyway. It does a fabulous job for what I intended it for, plus a little more. I purchased it to use daily in the kitchen and bathrooms, for spills, and quick spot pickups in my carpeted rooms (mainly as a quick pickup between my complete heavy duty vacuum days. It works great! Not sure where some of the comments about loudness comes from. I have no idea what those who said that were expecting, but it's no louder than others that I have had in the past and certainly isn't any louder than a regular vacuum. It's easy to empty, works for a good 20 minutes or more on it's charge and is very easy to use. I highly recommend it. I also have a regular vacuum from Dirt Devil and love that too!...more info
  • Weak vacuum that does not pick up lint/dirt
    I bought this vacuum because of the reviews on Amazon. I wanted to use it to clean up the kitchen (wood floors) once in a while and use it on our carpeted stairs. In the first week it was great. However its only been 3 weeks and the power is very weak. You have to vacuum an area several times just to pick up loose items. Its faster for me to bend over and pick it up myself. My dust buster does a much better job. Also on the "bare floor" setting, it picks up *nothing* on my wood floors. I have to set it to the carpet setting for it do anything at all....more info
  • The Dirt Devil is Awesome!
    I just recently had all of my bedrooms re-done with laminate wood flooring. I purchased the Dirt Devil Extreme Power Stick Vacuum. It does floors and carpets. I love the fact that it is cordless. It also lies very flat and I can get under the beds and it's also compact enough to get into some smaller spaces. It's got great power and picks up everything! It will even stand up like a small vacuum cleaner, if you need to stop for a minute to move something. I'm so happy with it, I'm purchasing another one for my neighbor who just had her floors re-done....more info
  • Does well for quick cleaning
    I like my Power Stick. Of course it doesn't do the job that a large, heavy, upright will, but it's NOT large and heavy. It's so easy to carry from room to room, switch from hard surface to carpet, fit in smaller places, and have no cord to worry about. It's much more useful to me than my Roomba is. ...more info
  • magic sweeper
    As soon as I recieved the box by UPS, I then went home with box & opened it. I could not believe that this item was small & practicle. As soon as I put it 2gether I then proceeded to use it in the bedroom vaccuum both the rug & floor. I could not believe what this little thing picked up. It's been GREAT for everyone around the house....more info
  • Doesn't work for me- too much dog fur
    I purchased this vacuum to do small jobs. I've found that it doesn't pick up on some of my carpets and does pretty well on others. It seems like the capets where it doesn't pick up are a couple of pretty cheap carpets. My big vacuum works well on them, though.

    We have a german shephed who's kept in the house and the dog fur causes the vacuum to clog up. It's a hassle to unstop it because the hollow part of the vacuum body is where the fur gets stuck and that's not very accessible. I have to hold the vacuum upside down and stick a long drinking straw past the rollers to push the stuck stuff through to the opening near the dirt collection cup. (Best I could think of.) You need some thing thin and pliable enough to go around curves but stiff enough to push out the stuck dirt/fur. Cat fur is no problem. (Since cat & dog are kept separate I can tell the difference.) So I seldom use it because either it doesn't pick up well or it gets clogged. However, if you don't have pets (or people) with heavy fur and the right type of carpet it could work well for you. ...more info
  • only for easy small particle situations
    It is a lightweight compact machine. For simple pickups it is probably great, but I needed it to pick up popcorn and small dirt chunks daily in a golf Pro-Shop. It couldn't handle it. It clogged and lost suction. The popcorn and "stuff" got stuck in the neck....more info
  • Perfect for tile! Picks up pet hair & cat litter GREAT!
    I have had two Bissell Catch-all's before this - don't ask me why I bought the 2nd one, just habit I guess. Those things had no suction and held a charge for about 5 minutes. Well, I recently had a large portion of my floor tiled, and I decided that I needed to upgrade to something that worked a little better. I have two large dogs (one is Great Pyrenees - LONG white hair) and two cats - so that means tons of hair and plenty of cat litter.

    I researched a bunch of these online - I was looking for a cordless stick vacuum with plenty of suction that would hold a decent charge for my tile, and this certainly lived up to it! I LOVE this thing. It gets the hair and the dirt and the litter with no problems. It is really mobile - the head rotates so I can get into corners and around edges easily. It seems to hold a charge well. It is light and portable. It holds a charge for my whole house, but is perfect for quick pick up jobs.

    Some of the complaints I saw about this:
    1. A couple people complained about how noisy it is. It's a vacuum. Get a non-electric sweeper if you don't want noise. It is certainly not unbearable. I have no problem with it.

    2. Someone said it just held cat litter in the catch at the bottom - I have had no problems with it getting into the dirt cup. The only thing I have had a problem with is the long white fluffy hair seems to get caught in the roller a bit - but I have yet to find a vacuum that doesn't do that - I think that's my dog's hair, not the vacuum.

    3. I saw something about it not doing well on carpet. I use this on a little lowpile rug in my laundry room and it does fine, but i'll probably stick with my regular vacuum for the rest of the rooms anyway. I inherited a Kirby with my husband, but it just doesn't cut it on the tile.

    BOTTOM LINE: I am SO glad I bought this vacuum. It fit what I needed: good on tile (and vinyl, and laminate), cordless, powerful, and gets hair, dirt & cat litter. AND the price was definitely right! If you are looking for something with these specifications, this is the one. I'm never touching a broom & dustpan again!...more info
  • Not a long life
    I bought this last year and I didn't use it a lot in my previous house. Now I have only one room with carpeting; all other spaces are hardwood, laminate or tile so since February I've used it frequently. But a few weeks ago the rotating brush
    stopped rotating. I spoke with one of the authorized service centers and I was told that it wasn't worth fixing.
    So...... with that said, I like it enough to purchase another. Just consider fully depreciating it over 10 months :-)...more info
  • Very Powerful and convenient for such a small unit
    I purchased this unit as a backup to my large canister unit. I was tired of lugging the large one up and down the stairs for minor pick ups. This unit does a great job on pet hair and cat litter. The clear collection tube makes it easy to see exactly what you are picking up. As many others have mentioned, the only real issue is the size of the collection tube but for such a small unit I can't see how they could make it larger. I have very light carpets and 3 light colored cats so it's amazing to see how much hair collects even thought the carpets look clean on the surface.

    I have also used this unit to pick up a dried cat food, spilled sugar and assorted crumbs in my kitchen. Also does great on my entry hall tile floor, any number of things have gotten tracked in from the yard.

    I would suggest this unit for anyone that wants a back up unit or has a small enough place that wouldnt warrant a large unit.

    ...more info
  • Great Gift
    I received this vacuum as a bridal shower gift and it's awesome. It works great on my hardwood kitchen floor and on the dining room rugs. The swivel head makes it easy to maneuver and since it's so light weight it's easy to carry from room to room. It would be perfect for an elderly person who doesn't have the upper body strength to lift a heavy vacuum.

    ...more info
    Ah....this is such a relief. I am no longer struggling with brooms and dust pans, only to still be left with a dirty floor. This machine is excellent for bare floors. I use it once a day in our kitchen especially around my son's high chair. No bending over and it gets in areas my broom can't reach. Very easy to use and good suction. This works great for hardwoods, steps, bathrooms, etc. It is wonderful too to get hair off of the bathroom floor....more info
  • Excellent Vaccuum, Perfect for hard floors and rugs!
    I replaced my Bissell Clean Sweep - which broke after 1 year, with this vaccuum. I'm very glad I did! It is much more powerful and easy to handle. It works great on our hard floors, picks up kitty litter on the hardwood, even cat food from the floor as well as cat hair, human hair and dust. It also does a great job on the area rugs.

    I've had the Dirt Devil Extreme Power Stick about 2 months now and it seems very robust and holds a charge well (I have never run out of juice cleaning our 500 square foot apartment at least). The design allows easy cleaning under furniture and in corners. It is light and easy to handle, and the dirt receptacle is large and easy to empty. It's the perfect vacuum for hard floors!

    Editing to add: After a year of use, this vaccuum no longer held a charge or had any power. I cleaned the filters etc and that didn't help. I guess if you are looking for an annually disposable item this will work for a while....more info
  • Love it!
    Ok, this is currently my favorite appliance! :) I can't tell you how wonderful it is to not have to plug and unplug every 2 minutes to move about and vacuum. This vacuum is AWESOME! Easy to put together...works right out of the box! LOVE LOVE LOVE it for my wood floors and kitchen tile and bathroom floors. You will not be sorry if you buy this!!!!!! ...more info
  • powerstick
    My daughter had purchaced one of these and I liked the way it worked so much that I had to buy one. It has a lot of power for its size and it is very convenient to store and to use. ...more info
  • Dirt Devil 083414 Extreme Power Stick Vacuum
    I have owned several cordless vacuums before, but this one beats them all! It is very powerful, easily picks up the dirt and it's lightweight - so I'm not breaking my back as I vacuum the floors. I also like the fact that I can empty out the dirt cup each time I clean....more info
  • Handy but doesn't get the job done
    I bought this vac due to being cordless which is handy being in a wheelchair, read the reviews and was excited to give it a try. Well, two months later I am getting another Vacuum cleaner, yes it gets animal hair but not much else. Not much suction, when it does pick up stuff it stays in the bottom of the beater base so when you turn it off to move, all the stuff falls out. So then I go back to the old standard broom and dust pan. This is the second dirt devil I have owned and the last! ...more info
  • Wonderful - just what I wanted
    I've owned several of these little electric brooms, done the Swiffer, and looked for anything that would do the simple task of picking up dust bunnies,dog hair and sand without dragging out the big vacuum. We live in the NE and all winter the streets are sanded and this grit is tracted in by the dogs. This one is perfect. It has more suction than I expected, the charge stays longer than most rechargebles and is much lighter than I expected. I love it. You can get cheaper versions of this type of product but I think it's well worth the money. I've had a handheld Dirt Devil I use for the stairs for at least 10 years and never had a problem. I think the brand is reliable and well made. ...more info
  • The Real Deal
    We use on mainly hardwood floors, for touch up. It gets dirt close to the baseboard as well as cleaning throw rugs. Very light and manuverable, yet it has the power you need. Very handy stand for storage and re-charging. Extremely pleased with the product....more info
  • easy to use
    it's so easy to use, I use it on hard surfaces and carpet, great for quick cleaning, the dust cup empties easy...the recharging light was a little confusing as it stays red all the time, I was waiting for it to turn green...but this is not a big deal...I love it and would buy it again....more info
  • lives up to his name
    great vacuum, exactly what i was looking for. it picked up all the pet hair(4 dogs + 4 cats), kitty litter, and the usually dirt that gets dragged in with a busy household in the country with people coming in and out. i just wish the dirt cup was bigger but that is the only complain i have. it is very handy,easy to store and charge, and you can use it with out having to go through the dragging out the vacuum, plugging it in, and then dragging the cord behind you. my daughter loves it too, and hopefully she will use it a lot. ...more info
  • Very Good Product
    This really does work! It won't do a deep-down cleaning in a high shag rug, but for floors and low-pile carpet, its perfect for those little messes or spot cleaning. I would highly recommend this item to anyone who wants a quick and easy "power broom"....more info
  • Its okay for a small home
    I bought this one last month and its working fine till now. Only problem is that once you recharge it(for say 12 hrs or so..) lasts only for half an hour. You have to recharge it again. If you have a big home, better not to go for it....more info
  • it really does it all
    This machine is a little narrow, but it picks up bird seed, bird feathers, dog hair, and everything else on my floor. I was surprized at the power level (very good), and it does pretty good on rugs as well. Also does very well on the dog's beds and great on tile. I would recommend highly....more info
  • TOO LOUD!!!!!!!!!
    Wow! I had high hopes for this product, I purchased it to replace an older Eureka cordless stick vac. I'm not one that frequently returns items, but here's the scoop on this product...

    First off, it's LOUD!! UNBEARABLY AND ANNOYINGLY LOUD!!! The loudest appliance I have ever used, including full-sized canister vacs, large food processors, and the like. The sound of it makes it VERY annoying to use. My wife also can't stand the thing.

    I never owned a Dirt Devil product before and I called their customer service dept to inquire about the loudness. Is there something wrong with it?!? I was told that "they use the biggest motor", and after I asked, was told that phone calls about the loudness are common. She had me turn the unit on, then told me it sounded normal.

    Another important thing to note is that although it may be "more powerful", I never found myself going over the same areas over and over to pick up things that the vacuum misses. This is true for carpet and bare floors. This wasn't nearly a problem with the cheaper, "less powerful", Eureka cordless stick vac. There is a significant difference in it's "pick-up-ability".

    About the only think that this product has that rivals the Eureka model are appearance and a far better (more user-friendly) charging stand. The Eureka is cheaper, FAR quieter, picks up better, and is a lot lighter and more maneuverable. Battery life seems about the same.

    We've used the new Dirt Devil for a week now, and there's no way that we'll get used to its obnoxious loudness... we dread using it. This item is being returned, and I'm getting another Eureka instead.
    ...more info
  • Use it everyday
    I love my Power Stick. I use it every day to pick up pet hair from the floor and area rugs. I love how easy it is to handle, it's light weight, and the canister is easy to clean and well designed compared to the other bagless canisters i have used. The only thing i would change is the base unit used to charge the batter since it's quite large. It's like a floor docking station and you have to "dock" the vacuum into it. It's easy to use, and works great, I just would have liked to mount it instead of having it on the floor taking space. I have had the vacuum for a little over a month now and I am very pleased....more info
  • Pretty good machine
    This little vacuum does a good job going frontwards but has little or no suction on the sides. This does not present much of a problem as it is very easy to manuver. Overall, I am very pleased with it....more info
  • Works great for about 5 months....
    I previously had a cordless vac that lasted about 2 years. I was upset that it only worked for such a short time. However, this model only worked well for 5 months. First the brush stopped rotating and then the suction declined. I have 2 dogs and love vaccuuming quickly throughout the house daily. I will try another cordless-I just won't get my hopes up high..... ...more info
  • great for every day spills
    I use this vacuum daily for the tile in my kitchen. With 2 small children, there is always something spilled on the floor. It has a lot of power for the size and I love the recharging stand. I had purchased a less powerful Dirt Devil stick vac and returned it for this one. It didn't have a stand, which makes a big difference. Although cosmetic, I also like the color of this one.
    I wish it was a little better at picking up cheerios, though. It takes a little more effort for cereal.
    I've had it for 2 months now and it has made cleaning a lot easier....more info
  • Great little machine
    This is my 3rd cordless - and it is the best! Cleans almost as well as my Oreck upright. It is still new, so I hope it continues to function well over time....more info
  • I like the Dirt Devil
    I'm a cordless vac junkie. I've had them all, including the Roomba. This one's the best. It can do my entire apartment on one charge, it's powerful enough to actually pick up stuff (not just dust) and easy to use on stairs. I liked it so well I bought a second one for my attic studio....more info
  • A baby essential--perfect for all those tiny pieces.
    I have an 8 month old baby that picks up everything he sees and puts it in his mouth. This vaccum allows me to get all those tiny things up everyday and with 6000 square feet of floor space-this was a daunting daily job before. It is also perfect for cheerios and peas. My job just got soo much easier. It is light as a feather and the cordless feature is perfect. I do keep mine on the charger with no problems. It is powerful enough to get everything I need off the carpet. ...more info
  • Finally ! A Cordless that really works...
    I LOVE this vacuum! I have two cats with enough cathair for 6 more... I have bought every cordless stick that has hit the market and each and every one was a 'dirt relocator', they took cat litter from one place and relocated to another. Not one had the power to pick anything up. This one not only picks up formerly relocated litter but removes cat hair from carpet almost as well as my electrolux does.
    It's true that it's collection bin is a bit small, but as a cordless it's used daily, an "in betweener" per se, certainly NOT recommended for major escavations that require hardhats and heavy machinery!
    If I got commission for every one I recommended, I would own the damnn company!
    You think I'm too enthusiastic and should get a life? Ok so maybe I need to get out more... but until I do, I swear it's the best money I spent this year!...more info
  • Efficient and Handy
    A nice surprise. Handy and convenient with ease of use by slipping in and out of charger. Equal between bare floor or carpet, always seems to contain more particles then I would have imagined. For best use much be emptied and filter cleaned after each use. ...more info
  • Great Flexibility but Suction is not Wonderful
    is right at the thumb and completely simple. The collection area get filled pretty fast especially when there is pet hair (I have 2 cats). The collection area is easy to clean out but it is not easy to get the fine dust particles out of the filter set so I am sure that reduces suction to some extent. The suction is not that great as compared to a handle held Dustbuster. I usually end up using the rotating brush on the bare floors as well in order to pick up cheerios or small chunks of play dough or anything in that size range. As far as quick stick vacs go I would recommend it but I would also highlight the realistic expectations of the product....more info
  • Don't believe the hype...
    We read all of the wonderful reviews of this vacuum cleaner, and decided to purchase it. We were sorely disappointed.

    The first one we purchased refused to spin, and would not pick up anything. We called customer service, and were told we had not let the unit charge long enough. We charged it for a week, and tried again. It didn't work. At all. Again, it did not spin properly, and couldn't even pick up small pieces of lint from the carpet.

    Again, we contacted customer service, and were told to let the unit run until it died completely, and then charge it up. We tried this procedure 5 times. No improvement.

    We called again, and we were told to return the unit for repair. Luckily, it was still under warranty.

    Upon arrival at the vacuum repair shop, we were told that the vacuum was not worth fixing, and they simply gave us a new unit.

    We followed the directions given to us by customer service, and gave the unit ample time to charge fully. The second unit worked marginally better, but still had serious difficulties spinning and picking up anything from the carpet.

    Perhaps we just got two bad units. Everybody else seems to love this product. However, we are currently looking for a new vacuum cleaner. We would not recommend this model to anybody. ...more info
  • Dirt Devil Power Stick
    I have been using this vacuum for about one month and am completely satisfied. It cleans carpet very as well as hard flooring. The 14 volt battery provides plenty of power with excellent life per charge. The charging platform is very handy....more info
  • Power Stick Vac
    Have used this product for approx 1 month and it works pretty much as advertised. Excellent for hardwood and tile floors; less good for carpet. ...more info
  • "Extremely" convenient to use
    I love this vacuum! It is so easy to use because you just pull it up out of the base (which charges while it is plugged in) and you can vacuum floors, carpets, stairs, etc. with ease. It's lightweight yet powerful enough to do a good job. I bought one for my mother, too!...more info
  • Quite Good Overall
    I purchased this to be my daily quick pick-up vacuum for the heavily traveled areas of my first floor (approx 1500 square feet) and it certainly does the job! I have 2 kids (approximately 21 months and 4 years) and 2 dogs (husky and lab mixes that do shed a lot) and have a combination of wood floors, tile floors, area rugs and wall to wall carpet in my house and this makes the transition easily. And it is a delight to not have to bend over for quick pick ups like you have to with a dustbuster or a shark! It is not perfect, it does have trouble with baseboards and the cup must be emptied regularly (not a big deal - it is easy to do) but otherwise it is really great....even with the dog hair on the rugs and floors...I am delighted with the results. It will not take the place of your regular vacuum for very thorough and deep cleaning but this is perfect for in between vacuumings & general daily maintenance. Wonderful for a quick pick up when you are expecting last minute guests or have an unexpected mess to clean up. I have used it for pick up of play-dough, crayon bits and pieces, glitter, cheerios and not to mention routine dust and pet hair. Honestly, I do use it at least twice a day if not more - it serves to ease the process of overall upkeep of a house in between the more serious cleanings! I recommend this and for the price, in my opinion, even if it does not last for more than a year...it is well worth the price and I would immediately purchase another!...more info
  • power Stick
    No cords. Just remove from the base and use. Very convenient.
    Narrower sweep and less power than our usual vacuum but these negatives are more than compensated by the convenience. ...more info
  • Works for me
    I live in an apartment, so I really don't need a large vacuum cleaner with all of the luggage. This cordless vacuum is compact, powerful and convenient and I will have a cleaner home as a result! ...more info
  • I really tried to like this product!
    I purchased this vacuum several months ago based, primarily, on the good reviews written here. I needed something small, portable, lightweight and easy-to-use for quick pick-ups between regular vacuuming. We have dogs, so needed it to work on doghair. It works marginally on hard surface floors (we have tile) where there is only lint and/or doghair . It will not pick up sand, or other small bits of hard particles, leaves, paper, twigs, etc. The cup is very small, and the vacuum will not pick up lint if even a small amount of material collects in the cup. The cup must be emptied every few minutes. On carpet it picks up lint and doghair primarily by wrapping it around the brush. I have continued to try to use this little vacuum, thinking I could get it to work better. The concept of having a small, lightweightc cordless vacuum for quick pick-ups is super. However, I have now pretty well given up on this one....more info
  • Good Portable Stick Vac
    I've previously owned a Shark -- and It died within about a year and a half. I bought this one because all the other ratings were much better. I like it fine except it doesn't pick up too well up against the baseboards. The Shark had a little rotor brush on one corner that made it perfect for sweeping along the baseboards where losts of stuff tends to gravitate. This one is fine for things like the middle of the floor and rugs and even does pretty well on carpet. Plus it's neet to have the see-through cannister that you can see all of the stuff you've picked up (and does had much greater capacity than the Shark) -- but I do get aggravated with it's inability to pick up against the baseboards. I would have given it 5 stars except for that one thing........more info
  • Great product
    I agree with many of the other reviews. This vacuum does a great job. I bought it to pick up pet hair from my hard floors. It works great, is lightweight and convenient. As others have said the only negative is how often you have to empty the waste container. Overall it's well worth the money....more info
  • Mommy's little helper!
    I bought this after reading the reviews about this and other cordless vacuums. It is awesome! It is perfect for a quick cleanup and does a terrific job with the dog hair. I ended up getting it so my infant son wasn't covered in dog hair each day. For heavy duty cleaning, I still need my big vacuum, but for light/quick cleaning it is perfect!...more info
  • Dirt Devil 083414
    Im sorry to say this is not doing it for me. The brush doesn't twirl half of the time ...more info
  • Perfect
    This is not a full size vacuum cleaner and shouldn't be expected to do a full-size heavy-duty messy job, because you probably won't be satisfied. What it does do, and do well, is the routine day to day quick clean-ups of a household with three children, a dog and a cat. The rotating brush cleans my area rugs satisfactorily, and the suction is adequate to clean the large areas of wood floor. It will charge to enough power to vacuum daily the three levels of my home but it is definitely spent by the time I'm finished. Cordless, easily manueverable, lightweight and even sort of fun to use, it snaps in easily to it's base and stands upright while charging. It does require it's dust cup to be emptied after each use, but it is a simple operation and the cup reassembles easily and goes back on the unit with little effort. This is the best bagless I've ever had, and by far the least expensive. I highly recommend it. If you are a daily vacuumer and the amount of mess you need picked up is kept down because of frequent cleaning, then this little vacuum is for you. ...more info
  • This is terrible!!
    (I would give it 'no stars' if I could!!) I bought this to replace my Shark that had a broken handle. The Extreme Power Stick Vacuum is TERRIBLE!! It's no more than a glorified dust buster on a stick. I'm so disappointed with it. I got it for my kitchen floor, which is hardwood, and it leaves behind far more than it picks up. As for my carpeted floors, it's barely a lint picker-upper. I wish I just replaced my Shark with a new Shark...now I know....more info
  • A must have in my house
    I absolutely adore this little thing. I really don't know what would i do whithout it in my 2 bedroom appatrment considering carpets everywhere including the dining area and a messy toddler. I wouldn't consider it "main" vacuum" in my house, but for cleaning up after my son's "oopses" it's just perfect. It has a very nice disign also, so i'm keeping it in my living room and it doen't bother me at all. A friend of mine returned her cordless swipper nad got one for her, for her friend and for her mother. So far - no complans.

    Of course, you have to clean it often as it really small, but that's what makes it so light! I've recommeded it to everyone i could and love to do it again....more info
  • Best Cordless Vacuum
    Love this vacuum, it's a must for anyone to have. A great supplemental to your regualar vacuum and if you live in a small place, this one could probably do it all. I have two large dogs and it works great getting up pet hair. Great to use on steps too. ...more info
  • Exceeded Expectations (which were, admittedly, low)
    I had reasonably low expectations for this product. If it could let me clean up under my daughter's high chair after dinner without lugging out the big vacuum cleaner I would be happy. It does that, and it sweeps my tile and wood floors better than the swiffer! Not good for "real" cleaning, but great for pick up jobs. Very happy....more info
  • handy but has quirks
    It works fine. The suction is good and the battery lasts long enough to do an entire house. The only hassle about it is that you have to clean the filter after each and every use and after each room if you're doing an entire house. The suction, though adequate for a stick-vac, isn't all that powerful and the filter is so small that it clogs quickly. It's nice though because the dust bucket is transparent and you know when when you have to stop and clean the filter because when the filter's clear the dust spins around like a cyclone. When the dust stops spinning, it's time to clean the filter. You have to constantly watch the dust bucket though. If you get lost in the moment and don't pay attention and then suddenly notice the dust isn't spinning, you won't know exactly when the suction stopped and you might have to re-do the whole thing. It works great for small jobs like crumbs and dirt tracks though....more info
  • Outstanding!
    These affordable little monsters are the best thing to happen to housecleaning since the washing machine! I use my big, ol' vacuum only about once a month now, because I can use the Power Stick easily, quickly and every day. With dog hair and desert dust (I live near Phoenix) I find reasons to whip this baby out and suck up a dust ball, dog hair, dry cereal, or sand -- sometimes more than once a day. Twice a week or so I also go over the entire floor with it-- and it does over 2,000 sq. ft. easily without losing power.
    Works well on tile, wood, and even carpeting. Unbelievably handy and efficient. Makes a thoughtful gift for older people too, who don't want the weight of a full size vacuum....more info
  • Not worth it
    I bought this for my apartment and have been really disappointed. My floors are almost all hardwood except for one 9 x 11 area rug. It barely picks up the dust and hair from the wood floors and on the rug all it does is roll around the dirt into little piles that I have to later pick up. The suction is so poor that when I cleaned up from removing our Christmas tree, I gave up on it and used a broom instead. I kept it on the charger as per the manual and felt after 5 minutes of using it, it had to be charged again. The dust container was small and had to be emptied quite often. The only redeeming quality of this thing is that it's cordless, but I'd rather have a corded vacuum that actually cleans than this!...more info
  • Solid Product
    I've had no problems with my Power Stick. It's power is more than enough for my one-bedroom carpeted apartment. The power brush feature is nice. ...more info
  • a little weak
    First, it is great having a cordless product, it makes cleaning small amounts almost instantaneous. The problem is the thing has very little suction. The rotating bristles can be stopped easily with just light pressure from your finger tips so I suspect that as I'm vacuuming carpet the bristles stop spinning.

    The vacuuming on the hardwood floor is also not very powerful, you have to go over a piece of dog fur directly to get it up and when you're through you see lots that it left behind. I'm looking at the black and decker model next....more info
  • too much noise
    i'm not sure how powerful it it, there's this time when i tried to put my hand there and i couldn't feel the suction at all at least there's some dust in the bag so i guess it does something after all... the only prolem i have is that it cause too much noise i just feel like all its power goes more the the noise rather than the dust...more info
  • not impressed
    the vacuum is lightweight and convenient to use, but has very little suction power to begin with, and loses it in a short amount of time. also, the rotating brush stops spinning periodically. works ok for VERY small jobs....more info
  • Useless
    I bought this vacuum to use on my carpeted stairs. Almost useless. Would not even vacuum up all the flour spilt on my tile floor, nor a dead spider. I'm taking it back to Home Depot....more info
  • Wimpy! Can't suck up a shoe lace!
    This vacuum is so lame. My portable Black and Decker has more suction. ...more info
  • W0237281
    I just purchased one of these vacs to uses on my woods floors and for quick pick ups. I LOVE IT!!! It is quite powerful for as small and light weight as it is. My 2 sons actually fight over who gets to vacuum the floor (Scary that was!) We have 2 cats so you can amagine the amount of cat hair on the floors. This picks it up better than my regular vac. I just dump the dirt cup and use our air blower on the air compressor to clean the filters. It runs for a long time on one charge and recharges quickly. Highly recommended!!!! 5 stars....more info
  • great for quick clean-ups
    We have two large dogs who live in and out of the house and share loads of dog hair with us. This vac is great for quick clean-ups - it has good suction and is easy to get under chairs, etc. Good value for the money....more info
  • Almost as good as it gets
    This broom is ideal for my use in the kitchen which has laminated floors. I love the cordless fact that makes it so easy to use.
    I give it a 4++++...more info
  • Dirt Devil Extreme Power Stick Vacuum
    Operates on carpet and wood floors with ease! It is not a regular vacuum cleaner but it sure beats getting one out! Would recommend this to anyone who needs a "quicker picker upper", especially with a 2 yr. old grandson....more info
  • Does what it's suppossed to do
    needed a small vacumn, bought this model after reading a review in the newspaper..so far so good....more info
  • power stick vacuum
    easy to use and a pleasure to walk with the vacuum without electric cord....more info
  • I've Tried The Others...
    ... and the Dirt Devil Power Stick is by far the best cordless vacuum on the market. It's better than the Eureka (three stars) and much better than the Oreck (zero stars). The Power Stick is well made, easy to use and it really works, picking up dust and dog hair that these others left behind. The dust receptacle IS too small, but that's a minor inconvenience when you consider that this machine really works as advertised. The pivoting brush head is easy to navigate around furniture and the carpet brush switches on and off from the handle for area rugs. And charging is a breeze -- just set the unit down on its charging platform. If you want convenience, quality and performance, buy the Dirt Devil!...more info
  • A big, fat waste of money!
    I bought this cordless vacuum for quick pick ups. I thought I would buy the more expensive one because I thought it was more powerful. It is a joke. It picks up MAYBE half of the crumbs off our hardwood floors and just pushes the cheerios around the floor. We have young children and I thought it would be nice and fast - trust me, you'd be better off picking every little crumb off the floor with your hands than using this!...more info
  • I thought that it was good
    I've had this vacuum for about a year and am now replacing it. The battery barely holds a charge long enough to vacuum all my floors and it really doesn't have much suction to begin with. The brush only works sporadically and it has never worked on carpet. I love how easy it is to manuever. It's very light and being cordless is so nice but it's not worth it because of the lack of power. I'd rather have a vacuum that does the job. ...more info
  • Like it a lot!
    I've had my vac for almost a year and have to say that I am pretty pleased with it. My husband, who thinks that anything cordless is worthless, even likes it. I have a large kitchen and hearth room with ceramic tile floors. It works great on hard floors. What impressed me the most was that it actually picked up hair, from my 100 pound Lab, off of my oriental rugs. I've never had a stick vac that could do that much less a rechargeable one. It would definitely not work on wall to wall carpeting unless you just want to pick up surface dirt. My only major complaint is that the charge doesn't last long. I basically can use it only on my kitchen and hearth room before it runs out of juice. It works great on my hardwood floors but doesn't hold a charge long enough to clean all of my hard floors. The dust cup is also somewhat small but it is always full when I'm finished with it. Don't expect it to pick up large pieces like dog food, it's not made for that. Other than those few things I mentioned I find it to be a great little stick vac. My four year old even uses it to clean up crumbs that she spills. ...more info
  • No Suction
    This vacuum promises a lot but delivers very little. The suction is minimal at best. Avoid this product!...more info
  • Not an everyday vacuum
    I bought this vacuum because of the great reviews everyone gave on this site. After getting the vacuum and being disapointed, I went through all of the reviews again. It seems that many who use this vacuum can't really handle the size of bulky regular vacuums. Hence, the most people focus on its portability and decent suction for size.

    Unfortunately, this is much weaker than a typical $50 upright plugged in vacuum. It has difficulties with corners and hair. Any hair longer than 4 inches is likely to get in the brush.

    I agree that this is a nice vacuum for those quick spills...but there's no way this is adequate to clean a home. If you can handle a normal vacuum, go with those for now.

    Dirt Devil is still needs to iterate on this one....more info
  • Excellent Tool - Power Stick Vacuum
    Very pleased with the Extreme Power Stick. It is perfect for cleaning dark colored throw rugs and laminate flooring!...more info
  • It does what it is supposed to do
    I have had this vacuum for almost a month now. It has a great suction power for its class. It really picks up and cleans (the surface of carpets)and floors. Very conveinet for quick pick-ups and cleaning rugs and small areas. It is a little loud for its size though....more info
  • Goodbye, canister vac
    I have a 1000 sqft house with all hardwood floors, and this vacuum easily cleans the whole thing on one charge. I very rarely have to clean the whole house, though, since I can do a 60 second spot cleaning whenever the need arises. This has made vacuuming 1000% easier, and I would highly recommend it to anyone with a small-to-medium house.

    The one thing I wish is that it had more nozzle options. Since I clean only hardwood, I don't really need a rotating brush. And I could really use a hose attachment for crevices and furniture. It actually looks like the vacuum was designed for this -- the roller/brush part just snaps on and off -- but as far as I can tell Dirt Devil doesn't sell any accessories....more info
  • Fell out of love!!!!
    Originally loved this.Now almost a year later I find it clogs up very easy and makes me ready to go back to my old "plug in" Hoover electric brooms!!!!...more info
  • Dirt Devil 083414 Power Stick VAcuum
    It does a good job in picking up small items, cat fur,etc..Vacuum is powerfull I like the fact it has no cord to trip over....more info
  • Powerful little thing
    I really love this vacuum. It's light, easy to handle, and does a great job. Since it's cordless you don't have to deal with the hassle of a cord not quite reaching or getting tangled up. It's perfect for my 2 bedroom apartment. I haven't had any problems with it at all. My only complaint (and it's a minor one) is that it's quite loud. That said, I highly recommend it!...more info
  • nice little thing
    Cordlessness is very convenient, expect that it cann't last long and you need to recharge it after each use. It is really lightweighted although the dirt cup is a little bit small, but it is still very good for our 2-bedroom apartment. I like it! ...more info
  • good vacuum for what its made for
    This vacuum is pretty good, for what it's made for. It's definitly not to be your main vacuum. I use it for our kitchen/dining (tile and hardwood) and its great. I use it on the stairs too. It's great for small jobs. I use it to get up loose kitty litter and thats a pretty tough job (it gets it all up without scattering it everywhere like most vacuums). It does have a small canister but it's for small jobs so it's not a big deal, if it fills up, just empty it. The battery last for probably 20 minutes running. The filters are washable which is a BIG plus in my book. It's lightweight and stands easily on it's own. I guess the only reason I didn't give it a 5 is because it's not outstanding, it's great at what it does and it does what it's made to do, but it didn't blow me away but, I'm picky when it comes to vacuums....more info
  • I love this vaccuum!
    We just remodeled our house & the entire bottom floor, about 1500 sq ft, is dark wood where every little speck of dust shows up. I have a chow mix who sheds by the second, a four year old who drops crumbs everywhere, and a 10 month old crawler who puts everything he sees on the floor in his mouth.

    I have a Dyson vaccuum, which is awesome, but too heavy to use as a daily pickup. I purchased a Shark hand held before I found this little stick vaccuum, and I just about killed my back bending down.

    I've had the stick vaccuum for about 3 months, and I love it! I use it about 4 times daily. It picks up all the dog hair, dust, and most of the little crumbs off the floor. While I still use the Dyson for a twice a week, heavy duty cleaning, this vaccuum does enough to satisfy me for all the daily pickups. The vaccuum works better if you empty the container after each pickup. ...more info
  • Great vacuum
    What can I say? It was worth the wait. Great little powerful portable vacuum....more info
  • Powerhouse light weight
    This is the best small vacuum cleaner. I have hardwood floor and it just goes right over them with great suction. It is so easy to haul around and do small quick jobs. I keep it in my home office set up in a corner on its charger and grab it as I need then just set it back on the charger and thats it. It is great in the bathroom vacuuming hair off the floor too. If you want quick, effective and easy this is it....more info
  • Great vacuum
    I absolutely love this vacuum. It is very light, but extremely powerful!...more info
  • Good Buy
    I bought this vacuum for a quick pick-up of bird seed, feathers, etc. as I have 5 birds and they do make a mess! I use this vacuum at least 3 times a day on the carpet and it does a sufficient job. Picks up the light stuff much better than it does the heavier stuff. I like its size as it can get into places that a larger vacuum cannot and the convenience of not having a cord to get in the way is great. Good buy for the money....more info
  • Exactly what I wanted
    I was looking for a cordless vacuum to use on my kitchen and bathroom floors to sweep up crumbs, grass, dog hair, people hair, etc. This does the job great. It does an adequate job on my foyer carpet, but it is not designed for heavy-duty cleaning. The dust cup is easy to empty and tap the dirt out. I like the fact that the power head swivels so it is very maneuverable around the kitchen table and behind the toilet. It is small enough that it sits quietly in a corner, charging up at all times so it is ready to sweep when I am. It is so much easier to use this than to drag out the big vacuum, swap the power head for the floor attachment and then pack the whole thing up again. I would recommend this product in a heartbeat!!...more info
  • Dirt Devil Extreme Power Stick Vacuum
    Prior to my purchase of the Dirt Devil I read other reviews but should have heeded the warning. The dust cup is very small and needs to be emptied very frequently. At the same time I purchased this vacuum I purchased a Eureka cordless stick vac at my local Linens and Things. The Eureka has a much larger dust cup and converts to a hand held vacuum. Althought the Dirt Devil and Eureka have equal power for picking up dog hair on solid floors, neither is very good on carpeting. The Dirt Devil costs more and does not have a replaceable battery which is a plus for the Eureka. Also, Eureka converts to a hand held vac which is very handy for vacuuming above the floor. I will be purchasing another cordless vac for my home but will stay with the Eureka. Although the Dirt Devil functions well on solid floors offers less for the price than Eureka....more info
  • A Good Buy
    It does the job well-pick up dust, hair, and small light dirt. It is convenient, light, and made cleaning faster and easier. It works well on rugs as well. I wouldn't use it on carpet though. ...more info
  • Stay at home mom
    I love this vacuum, my husband jokes, that this little machine is my favorite appliance in the house.... ( he is right )The only drawback, it is a little loud and scares my 20 month old. Other than that it works as good as my big vacuum on tile. I only use it downstairs where I have tile throughout. I have one and my inlaws have the same and my mom wants me to buy her one. ...more info
  • Dirt Devil
    This vacuum picks up very well, but the dust cup is very small. You need to dump it after each job. It also won't stand up by itself, but you can always lean it on something. The dust cup has a good filter system....more info
  • Useless, crappy
    It doesn't do anything! the first time I used it, all of the debris was clogged in the brush and the chute, nothing in the plastic container. No suction. Returned it....more info
  • Acceptable performance.
    I purchased this vacuum for use on a carpet located on side entrance hall (requires an extension cord with my Kirby upright), misc. pickup, and possible use on carpeted stairs.

    The entrance hall carpet is sculptured. My Kirby upright has no problems with this - one pass and all the visible dirt is removed. However, the Dirt Devil requires multiple passes in two directions to get visible dirt out of the recesses in the carpet. It takes at least five passes to get the visible dirt with the Dirt Devil. Looks like the brushes of the Dirt Devil do not reach into the recesses of the sculptured carpet and the suction is not sufficient to remove dirt in the recesses without multiple passes. Still it's better than hassle of using the heavy Kirby with an extension cord.

    Miscellaneous pickup - The Dirt Devil does an acceptable job on small pickups. It's so much more convenient than the Kirby.

    Stairs - The Dirt Devil is actually awkward to use on carpeted stairs. Its swiveling head is handy when doing floors but it's a liability when doing stairs. If it were rigid, you could position it more easily on stairs. Looks like I will continue using the Kirby hose attachment on stairs.

    Concerns - The charging stand with charge indicator is a neet idea. As expected the suction is much lower than that of my upright. Right now it's a new vacuum with a new filter, new seals, and a new battery. Suction is as good as its going to get. I can not see this as the ONLY vacuum (even in a small apartment). The filters are washable and easily replaceable (Amazon has them at two for $5). However, the battery is non-replaceable. Rechargeable batteries not only lose endurance but they lose power over time. I expect that 4 years from now low suction will make the unit useless. Since the entire vacuum only costs $50 - a 4 year life will be acceptable to me but replaceable batteries would be a plus.
    ...more info
  • A lightweight vac for lightweight use
    I bought this vac when my relatively expensive one died some months ago. I generally like it, but it's not really intended to replace your "real" vacuum if you have carpet (especially if you have kids or pets), and that's what I'd been hoping for. Here are a few things you should consider:

    * Cordless is great, but cordless vacs never have as much "oomph" as corded vacs. If you need heavy duty cleaning, you need a "real" vacuum cleaner. On the other hand, you'll probably pull it out much more often for little tasks, because it's so convenient.

    * It's designed for "lightweight" uses, such as picking up crumbs under the table, and it shows. For example, it doesn't clean the edges along the walls very well, and you can't adjust the height for different kinds of carpet.

    * It weighs "only" as much as a gallon of milk, and you have to lift it UP (an inch) to get it out of its re-charging cradle. If you were considering a lightweight vac primarily because of back problems, then you need to decide whether you can lift it before you order it. (I can't use a regular upright because pushing that much weight tweaks my lower back, but this has been fine for me.)

    * Speaking of the charging base, dirt accumulates in it. It seems to fall out of the vacuum/beater bar. Plan to dump out the dirt every ten or twenty times you use it. (The dirt also seems to fall out of the vacuum on occasion when you turn it off. This may be common to other cordless vacs, but plan to look at the floor to see whether you have a pile of dirt underneath the vac after you turn it off.)

    * I have had some trouble getting the dirt cup clicked back into place. You have to (lean over and) line it up correctly and push firmly while holding the vacuum (so it doesn't fall over). If you have severe arthritis or wrist/elbow problems that are aggravated by pushing, then you may find this aspect undesirable and should look for a regular (bag) vacuum.

    * I have to dump the dirt cup at least once every two minutes. A quick run through the main pathways in the entry and living area usually means dumping the dirt cup two or three times.

    * The directions say that you should clean the inner filters every single time you dump the dirt cup, and they're not kidding. We find that taking the filter assembly outside and tapping it firmly on a flat surface causes a surprising amount of dust to fall out. (Slamming it straight down on a fence post seems to be most effective.) The vac works MUCH better if you do this often. The suction loss as the inner filter gets clogged is very noticeable. We have even washed the inner filter in plain water to good effect (dry thoroughly, of course).

    * The battery is usually adequate. If we try to vacuum everything (almost 1000 sf of carpet), then we sometimes have to let it recharge halfway through.

    * I sure wish someone would invent a beater bar that didn't get clogged up with hair or carpet fuzz.

    This vac would be perfect for:

    * the kids to grab to clean up the dirt they track in
    * the upstairs vac for everyday use (bring the real one up every few weeks to do a thorough job)
    * as a broom substitute on tile or wood
    * if you can't push (or the kids can't be trusted with) a large vacuum cleaner
    * in an office
    * in any situation where the point is to clean up a small mess before it gets ground in permenantly

    What it's not good for:

    * a thorough job before you shampoo the carpets
    * a total solution if you need to vacuum thoroughly to cut down on asthma/allergy problems
    * picking up a lot of hair or large crumbs (like Cheerios)
    * getting carpet as clean as humanly possible
    * someone who's unusually tall and don't want to stoop a little to use it....more info
  • Way below par
    I bought the Dirt Devil Extreme Power Stick Vacuum to pick up the spilled dry cat food that our cats and kittens leave around their dishes. It picks up the food and then blows it all over the kitchen floor making a bigger mess. It picks up hair alright but isn't up to the task as you have to empty it frequently and the beater brush is left with most of it.
    A good idea that needs much improvement. ...more info
  • Works Good
    Light, Small and works well. After a couple of trys, the filter was loaded so its definetly doing its job. A little noisy but manageble. I don't have any complaints and in a few weeks, will dump the monster corded vac I have. ...more info
  • Great for Pet Hair on Hardwood Floors
    I was looking for something to solve my problem with sweeping up pethair from my hardwood floors. A broom just pushed the hair around and sent it floating into the air. A corded vacuum was so cumbersome for just a quick cleaning. I thought I would look for a cordless stick vac to quickly suck up the little cathair "tumbleweeds" that gathered in the corners. I was worried it wouldn't have enough power. Well, it does! It has just enough to do all my rooms. It's very lightweight and the rotating brush even works good on picking up the hair from my bedspread!...more info
  • Nicest little vacum
    I bought the Dirt Devil for use at the cabin. Some weekends, we have four big, hairy dogs, three cats, and a pile of humans hanging out. The common messes are pet hair, grass, and dirt. The floor is white vinyl, so everything shows.

    My husband and I are thrilled with the Dirt Devil. It stands in the corner of our bedroom on its charger and takes little to no room. We can pull it out, and clean the rugs and vinyl quickly and efficiently. The cup needs to be emptied often, but that's because of our dirt, not a fault of the Dirt Devil. It's light, easy to manuver, and I love not getting tangled in the power cord. I always seem to have trouble getting the dirt cup back on, but my husband never does, so it it's my issue, not a Dirt Devil issue.

    A pleasant surprize has been how well it does on stairs. It cleans the dirt and especially the hair off the stairs very well. Again, its light weight and no power cord are real plusses when cleaning stairs.

    Bottom line...we've had it for a month and love it. We're buying another one for our home....more info
  • This item is a must have!
    I purchased this vacuum, because like many people, I was tired of hauling a heavy vacuum around and tripping over power cords! I also have a 10 month old that spends most of her time on the carpet, so I wanted something I could used daily. And this product is it!

    When it arrived I was VERY impressed. It has a very sleek design and the assembly took almost no time! I love the charger and how the vacuum looks on the charger.

    This vacuum is fun to use! It is lightweight, slim designed, and it actually does the job. I have an average sized 3/2 house and I can vacuum the whole house on a full charge! I go from room to room, using it on the carpet and tile! It works great on both surfaces. But when it needs to be charged, the vacuum starts to die as expected. You will need to keep this vacuum charged.

    I love how easy it is to empty the dirt cup, just open and take it out and dump!

    In my opinion, you will still need to have your carpets vacumed with a corded vacuum or cleaned occasionally. This vacuum is great but it is still a lightweight and cordless vacuum.

    This is a wonderful product that has made my life so much easier! I recommend it to everybody that comes to my house! ...more info
    Just had to post a review, I bought this a month ago and I love it. Haven't had any problems at all with it. Suction power is great. Battery is great. I use it on hardwood floors, carpet stairs, small carpet room areas, furniture, etc. It works on everything I've tried. Cleans up great, emptying the canister is easy and quick. I have a VERY long haired cat, picks up all her hair from carpet and hardwoods. Doesn't scratch floors since you can turn off the brush roller, and it's light weight. The hand folds down and the charging base is the best I've seen, you don't have to drill holes in your wall to hold it, it just sits on the ground! I got this at K-Mart for $50. And got an extended warranty for cheap. I use it everyday, it's definately worth it....more info
  • No edge cleaning
    We are returning this item. It was to replace our Shark stick vac which had such flimsy handle that we broke 2 of them. However, the Shark had a brush to edge clean, very helpful to clean the toe kick area under our kitchen counters. This Dirt Devil model does not have that feature, so it wouldn't clean well in that area....more info
  • this vacuum cleaner just can't do the job
    can't pick up the dirt even with full power, and full power only last for 2.5 rooms, useless against pet hairs :( but the cordless idea is very nice....more info
  • changed my life
    I have a one year old and a sweet but messy husband and was sooooo sick of sweeping multiple times a day. We have hardwood floors downstairs and some small area rugs. I find that the stick vac can clean what I did every day MUCH faster and less tiring than before. I found the charge lasts longer than I have needed and the suction is good. I like the carpet setting for all floor types. ...more info
  • A great fast picker upper
    If you want a portable vacuum to do the job of a full size AC powered one, forget it. However, if you are having unexpected company coming to your abode in half an hour, get out the Dirt Devil. It does quick clean up jobs without finding an outlet to plug it in to. It is light weight and can clean up hard floors or switch it to the beater bar and it will do rugs and carpets. You keep it on its charger stand and its ready to go when you need it. Please do not use this for heavy vacuuming as picking up pet hair or any heavy soil. Always empty the bagless trash receptacle when finished vacuuming. Follow this advice and you should have no problem using this very versatile vacuum....more info
  • What a great little vac.......
    Most reviewers seem to agree with me that this is a great little piece of machinery. (Love the docking station for charging and storage). Then there are those who don't like it at all, so.... Just to make sure we're on the same page, this is the DIRT DEVIL EXTREME POWER STICK VACUUM. If you don't find this to be quite a vac for it's size and cordless-ness, you may have gotten a lemon. I did notice that someone got one expecting it be equal to the task of a full-sized corded vac. If that's the case I can understand your disappointment, but you really should have known better.
    It's made with a lot of plastic and probably made overseas somewhere, but if you want portability, light weight, and a vac for touch-ups, or even a full kitchen hard floor, this will do the job. Don't know about battery longevity or long-term anything, as we just got it last week. Have used it every day. Love it. $49.00 at KMART.

    ...more info
  • Don't be fooled.
    Bought this vacuum for our 2300 sq. ft. house (all tile and hardwood floors). We use it for pet hair and small clean-up jobs, and the power lasts only for a couple of rooms. It's only six weeks old, and it's lost all suction, for some reason. SO, if the battery isn't dead or dying, it won't pick up anything. You get what you pay for......more info
  • great cordless vacuum
    I read a few negative reveiws on this and was reluctant to buy one but did so and I'm very happy. From my comparisons, this was one fo the least expensive and the highest voltage so i gave it a try. I've got a regular sized 4 bedroom, single story house and I have to plug/unplug my regular vacuum 5-6 times to reach all the rooms. This cordless is great to get dog hair and minor vacuuming. I believe all the negative reviews were from those who expect this lightweight, cordless to match the power of a regular corded vacuum that weighs 4 times as much. Don't expect the same power. I will still use a regular vacuum for a good, thorough vacuum. This cordless, though, has been an invaluable tool because is is so light and easy - grabbing this to do a quick run through the house is effortless. On my tile, when I get near dog hair, it sucks it right up. If you regularly vacuum dog hair or have other small jobs - this is highly recommended! It comes with a base charging unit. Just stick the vacuum on the base and its always charging. It stands upright on the base with no problems. ...more info
  • Horrible!
    I just printed my return and sent this useless thing back!The suction is terrible.What little it did manage to pick up it spit back out. The worst I've ever used. I don't recommend this product at all. I'm going back to my Eureka The Boss. Might not be as pretty but does what a stick vac should~ VACUUM!...more info
  • Save your money
    I just printed the return shipping tag for this useless vacuum. I could not observe that it produced any suction. Occasionally, the rotating brushes would force it to suck something up into the chamber, but this was rare. The vacuum is also not terribly light & makes a high pitched noise that is just as loud as our standard size vacuum. I tried to love this vacuum, but it just wasn't working for me....more info
  • I could sell these things!!!
    I dont know how anyone could have a problem with this, as with all vacuums you may have to go over something once or twice, or something might get stuck in the brush and not go up. I love this thing, I showed my parents, grandparents, and an aunt and have already SOLD 4, and I just got it two days ago. Great product, worth the price. Thank you Dirt Devil....more info
  • So-so
    I bought this vac only because of the great reviews it got here.
    I used it twice, and I am disappointed with the sucction.
    It does not get anything near 14 v of power. It's so much weeker than my 10 year OLD corded 12v vac. The Dirt Devil still cleans the hard wood floors well, but is almost useless on my very short-hair area rug.
    When I put my hand to check the sucction - it's so week by comparison with my 12volt. Did I get a deffective model?

    ...more info
  • Worst vaccuum ever
    I bought this model and have used it twice and I'm taking it back for a refund. It doesn't pick up much of anything and if you lift from the floor anything it picked just falls out. ...more info
  • Great Vac
    I just moved in to a place with all hard wood floors so I didn't want to purchase a larger/heavier vacuum cleaner. Don't let the size fool you. As others have said it's a great vacuum cleaner that's surprisingly powerful for its size. The best features are that it's light-weight and cordless (so it's not such a pain to drag out for even small jobs) and also that it can get under just about anything. I have cats who shed and fur accumulates under my bed, but with this vacuum, I can vacuum under my bed quite easily. My only disappointment is that it's not as great picking up crumbs, etc on hardwood floors as I anticipated. For picking up cat litter, sometimes I do a better job w/just a dust pan. It might also just be that I don't do as good a job w/covering area. It's a smaller vacuum so one sweep doesn't cover as large an area as a larger vacuum. Definitely well worth it, though....more info
  • A Winner!
    After returning several other brands of stick vacs because of various problems, I finally ordered this Dirt Devil based on the excellent reviews on this site.
    I am very happy with this vac! It does a great job of picking up the dried mud that my husband and son track in on my hardwood floors.
    With a flick of a switch, you can go from floors to carpet setting and it does just as good a job on the carpet.
    I especially like the ease of charging..you just place it in the base and it charges with no hassle of plugging in cords, etc.
    I am amazed at the amount of dirt it picks up..this vac is a must for every home! (and camper if you have one!)...more info
  • Impressive vacuum cleaner
    I must say I was very impressed with this product. It's very light, but powerful in it's vacuuming abilities. It was so good that it tends to get full very quickly and I had to constantly empty the small trash cylinder. A helpful hint - if you have wood or tile floors I highly recommend removing the rotating brush, it's very easy to do by just using a screwdriver to remove a small plastic panel and removing the brush from the rotating rubber belt. The brush just gets in the way and dog hair was getting stuck more to the brush than getting sucked into the cleaner. I didn't buy a vacuum cleaner so I could bend over and use my hands to pull dog hair from the bottom of it. Now that the brush is out of the way, it's more efficient, but that means I have to empty the cylinder even more, sigh......more info
  • Love it !!!!
    This is a great little tool! It's so handy and very efficient! I love that I can just take it off the charger and bring it to another part of the house. It keeps the charge a very long time! Its cleaning ability actually surprised me. It is a wonderful sweeper/vac. I recommend it highly!...more info
  • Great for the lazy bachelor!!!!
    I have hardwood floors & dogs = constant dog hair all over.
    I am all about keeping it simple & this little gem does a great job for my needs. Has a great charge time, very lite, easy to store & picks up everything on my hardwoods. The negatives are minimal, keep in mind this will not replace your regular vac! nor does it pick up so well on rugs & the canister is a little small-you have to keep emptying, but it is very simple. Easy to take apart if needed. I would buy again in a heartbeat for what I use it for....more info
  • Excellent for apartment
    I was a bit sceptical of a cordless vacuum - I didn't think it would really suck up dirt the same way a regular vacuum would. I have a small apartment in NYC, and it picks up a lot of dust and dirt from outside. This thing works great! The perfct size for my space. It dosn't take up a lot of room, but cleans wonderfully. I have a wool rug that sheds a lot, the vacuume takes care of all that extra hair and makes the whole space more livable, it also seems to filter a lot of dust out too....more info
  • I love this vacuum!
    This was one of my smartest purchases ever! My husband had his doubts about how good of a job the cordless, rechargeable vacuum would do in our newly carpeted mid-size home--but he doesn't doubt anymore. This vacuum is light, easy to use, and picks up everything. Plus, no bag means that I can empty it every time I use it. For someone who hates to use a heavy vacuum and get tangled in the cord (or constantly have to switch outlets), this vacuum is great!...more info
    This very powerful cordless vacuum was exactly what I was looking for. Having two small children and a dog, one can only imagine what my floors look like!!! This is something to be used EVERY day. This is truly "a mother's helper"!! It has a setting for carpet and a setting for floors. The handle swivels for hard to reach places. It is great for a quick clean up!!...more info
  • A cordless vacum that actually works
    I am 70 years young and have purchased several cordless so called vacums. This is the best I have ever used. My daughter just purchased an extra one for a spare "cause it seems every time we find something wonderful, it gets discontinued. She has several long haired dogs so it gets a real workout. It works well on carpet and tile, so perfect for those quick touch ups....more info
  • Powerful, But Light
    This little machine is incredible. It is so lightweight yet so powerful. We have two dogs who shed terribly and our entire house is carpted. I hated dragging out that heavy, heavy Kenmore just to vacuum the area where i do my yoga and exercises. Every couple of days I grab my dirt devil cordless and vacuum small areas. It doesn't miss a speck of dust or hair on the carpet anywhere I vacuum with it. After use you just stick it back onto its charging base. The only problem is that the cup where the dirt and hair accumulate is awfully small and you have to empty it frequently if you have heavy shedders in your home. Not a problem for me though. I LOVE this machine and HIGHLY recommend it to anyone....more info
  • A little wonder
    Having just put tile throughout the house, and living with 3 dogs and 2 cats, I hated hauling out the heavy vacuum and plugging it in. And then unplugging and plugging again and again all the while dragging it around the house.. This little wonder does the whole house, is light and does the job. The only complaint I could possibly have is that the dirt cup is quite small and has to be emptied frequently. This, of course, would vary depending on how much animal hair accumulates on ones floor.

    I would heartily reccommend this device because of it's ease of use, lack of weight and powerful suction.

    I love it and could sell them door to door they are so great....more info