Dirt Devil 08220 Scorpion Quick Flip Vacuum

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Product Description

Convenient and portable, the lightweight Dirt Devil Scorpion picks up spills and small messes with ease. The 7-amp motor suctions everything from soccer-cleat dirt to cookie crumbs. Constructed of durable, black plastic, the small vessel features a 16-foot chord, optional hose with upholstery brush attachment, and a shoulder strap to ease carrying. Distinguishing itself from other Scorpions, this model offers a convenient flip-down crevice tool enabling immediate access to tight spaces--and preventing misplacement of the tool. Emptying the vacuum requires no bags; a dirt cup and filter remove easily and can be reattached with little effort. Measuring 12-1/2 by 5 by 7 inches, this product is backed by a 3 year warranty on all parts.

Convenient and portable, the lightweight Dirt Devil Scorpion picks up spills and small messes with ease. The 7-amp motor suctions everything from soccer-cleat dirt to cookie crumbs. Constructed of durable, black plastic, the small vessel features a 16-foot chord, optional hose with upholstery brush attachment, and a shoulder strap to ease carrying. Distinguishing itself from other Scorpions, this model offers a convenient flip-down crevice tool enabling immediate access to tight spaces--and preventing misplacement of the tool. Emptying the vacuum requires no bags; a dirt cup and filter remove easily and can be reattached with little effort. Measuring 12-1/2 by 5 by 7 inches, this product is backed by a 3 year warranty on all parts. -- Amy Arnold

  • Corded, hand vacuum cleaner; convenient, flip-down crevice tool
  • Constructed of lightweight, durable plastic; black with lime-green accents
  • 7-amp motor; 16-foot chord; includes hose with upholstery brush attachment
  • Shoulder strap simplifies carrying; removable dirt cup and filter; no bags required
  • Measures 12-1/2 by 5 by 7 inches; 3 year warranty on all parts and motor
Customer Reviews:
  • Must buy
    I bought this vacuum for my car. I have used other cordless vacuums, but this is the best by far. Great suction. For the price it can't be beat....more info
  • No complaints
    I needed something for cleaning my dorm room. This is PERFECT! It is small, but still powerful. light enough for me to lift and vacuum counters and shelves. ...more info
  • It does all what I want it to.
    The vacuum is small but very strong. I live in a small apartment and it helps a lot in my day-to-day cleaning. ...more info
  • Great suction!
    Although I have not used this product often, it has the best suction of any similar type of vacuum. The attachments are great for getting into small crevices and for vacuuming upholstery....more info
  • NOT an ultra-portable
    I've used this Dustbuster a few times now, and I can say that it's pros far outweigh the cons. First and foremost, this is NOT an ultra-portable Dustbuster. It is on the heavy and large size, and it uses a cord rather than battery. Depending on what you need/want, this might be a deal breaker. This review assumes you want a corded (therefore more powerful) machine.

    This little guy has lots of power. The power of suction, from best to worst, is as follows: flip tool, regular, brush attachment. The brush attachment has nowhere near the power of the other two options, but since it has the brush at the end, you can use it to scrub at the surface and kick up the dust.

    Yes, it's loud and generates a lot of "wind" coming out of the sides, but i am not bothered by these things.

    The cord is very long and affords maximum portability.

    The filter and dust container is pretty small, but since this is only a dust buster used in short burrsts, I haven't had any trouble with it. I haven't noticed any loss of power/suction that others have noted, but maybe I need to use it longer to see a difference.

    overall, it's a great purchase for a great price. But if you need something smaller and lighter, I'd look at the lower powered battery operated alternatives....more info
  • Excellent Suction Power
    The Dirt Devil Scorpion sucks so surprisingly well. It sucks so well that it sucks up things you didn't even want it to suck. It sucks everything in its path: plastic bags, pennies, things you would think that it would leave alone. Works great on sucking up ants and other insects you don't want around. It sucks up the bane of my existence: stray hairs on the floor! Forget about sweeping, just suck! That's what I do now. Seriously, this machine works so well that I started using it therapeutically because there is something empowering about having all that suction control. It puts a serious smile on my face. You can't get this kind of power from a cordless vac so don't get sucked in to buying a cordless. If you need cordless because of space restrictions or whatever then get a good cordless. But if you're just plain lazy or stupid then avoid this machine. This Dirt Devil is for the strong, brave, and powerful only! ...more info
  • This Product SUCKS !
    (a little humor...I couldn't help myself)

    At $18, I couldn't believe the suction on this little thing. It's really surprising and I'm glad I gave in. I had looked at some other ones because I had been without one for several years and was tired of breaking out the big one. After looking at the battery ones (and remembering the last one I had stopped holding a charge), I finally decided to look at the corded ones. And this one was about the cheapest of all and had one of the highest ratings.

    Now I see why!

    Note: I almost threw away part of the accessories. They're located UNDER the styrofoam piece in the bottom. In particular, I wanted to use the strap to hang it on the wall in the garage (and loop the cord around) and thankfully, I hadn't thrown the packaging out yet....more info
  • works great!
    although the cord is a bit bulky and makes it less convenient to use than a battery-charged vacuum, the suction is amazing! I could not have used the low-power battery versions for my kitten's litter and hair everywhere, so this little vacuum is perfect for what I need. If you're doing less major clean-up, you might prefer a lighter weight, cordless model....more info
  • Great vacuum
    This works well for what I use it for. I use it to vacuum my car and my stairs and it works well, a little loud but works great!...more info
  • Great vacuum
    I use this small vacuum for vacuuming the corners, and hard to reach areas (where big vacuum can't reach). Also, for smaller things (as crumbs) I use this vacuum so that I don't need to get out the big one.

    Attachments are providing additional possibilities - but for my needs I haven't use them (yet).
    This vacuum is very light so it's easy to carry it around while vacuuming. The power cord is quite long, and that is very convenient.

    I'm impressed with the strength of this vacuum. It's collecting dust, and hair without any problems.

    Dirt container is quite small - which is expected of such a small vacuum; good side is that it's easy to clean the dirt container (just empty it in the trash) - it's reusable.

    I really love it and I recommend it to everyone who is thinking of getting a small powerful vacuum....more info
  • I love this little thing!
    I love this little Dirt Devil! It has great power, light weight,long cord, easy to clean out. I bought one just like this for my daughter for Christmas last year and she kept saying how great it was for steps & her furniture. (She has 2 cats) I love the little quick flip. It is so handy. I've used it on my furniture, my steps, window sills, dryer lint screen, and my car. No limits to it. Get one-you'll love it!...more info
  • Great value
    I just got this vacuum cleaner after reading the other reviews for it. I have to agree with the reviewers -- a very strong vacuum at an excellent price. ...more info
  • Better than my vacuum cleaner
    I bought this little machine to get the cat hair off my stairs and keep the escaped litter from the litter tray at bay. I have 2 long haired cats.
    For the jobs I bought it for it is better than my vacuum cleaner. It it was bigger - or had a longer hose and other attachments I would probably use it instead....more info
  • Dirt Deveil 08220 Review
    I love my new dirt devil. It provides amazing suction for a small, hand-held instrument. With its nice long cord and various attachments I can clean under furniture, in tight corners and the like. And with its great sucking power nothing stays behind.

    With an extension cord I can use it in the car where it is great for floor, seats, around the dash, center console and the like. Again, the key is what you want from a vacuum cleaner. Lots of 'vacuum.' And this one does it.

    Howard I. Cohen, Waltham, MA....more info
    This is great. I purchased 2 of them.....one for upstairs and one for down. It has strong suction power, a nice, long cord, and is easy to use. I have nothing negative to say about it. It is well worth the money I spent!!...more info
  • Ample power but not exactly user friendly
    I bought the Dirt Devil 08220 Scorpion Quick Flip Vaccum based on reviews that it had very good suction power. To that I can not disagree. I think however I would have given up some of that power if it was cordless. You have to drive up close to an electrical outlet or connect it to an extension cord to be able to use it. Even when plugged in, it is often difficult where one hand holds the vac, another hand controls the suction tube while at the same time trying to move the cord around. It would have been better if at least it could be plugged into a battery outlet in the car which would eliminate the need for extension cords. Also, the attachments seemed to disconnect way too easily. Okay vac but for car interior cleaning, I would recommend a cordless battery operated or plug in car type. ...more info
  • Best handheld vac!!!
    Scorpion is a good name for this little vac. It is powerful, with wonderful suction.

    The electrical cord is long enough so you can move around without having to keep moving the plug....more info
  • Don't expect to actually use this
    Don't expect to actually use this. They shipped part of the vacuum in July and now I was told not to expect the other part until October. Who ships a vacuum in two parts? Will I be able to return this if they delay the balance of the shipment again? Who knows? Not customer service....more info
  • It really sucks!
    I have had various handhelds over the years, but have been disappointed by the short battery life or short cords and all of them seemed to have poor reach and "sucking" ability. When I turned this one on, I thought I was in the middle of a cyclone! Yes, it's loud, but I didn't find it to be cumbersome or heavy. I have new hardwood floors with some area rugs, and this picked up dirt, dust bunnies, and dust. I even used it to "dust" out the crevices in my wooden platform bed and it made a noticeable difference. I'm buying a second one for my mother!...more info
  • Very Powerful Hand-Held Vacuum, but...
    This bagless (but not filter-less) vacuum is really powerful. But with that power comes loudness (like mini leaf-blower) and a burning smell. I don't know if it's the motor, but it runs great and the smell is more of an annoyance. I don't think it affects the lungs, but who knows?

    Also, like any other company overly concerned with money, Dirt Devil tries to kill you with the excessive costs for filters. (Subscriptions, Maintenance, or in this case Consumable Parts is how companies like to bleed customers.) So the filter are ok and expensive to replace. Try to keep the filter clean after each use (pretty funky, but better than paying like $10+ for a stupid filter) by tapping it off and picking out things that get caught in the soft filter.

    This vacuum is good for sucking up general dust, dirt, hair, marble-sized objects, etc. (even poor little ants), but not for anything wet. The flip-put neck and detachable hose are great and helps for reach and getting around objects!...more info
  • shipping took forever
    For some reason when I purchased this item, it said item was available. After I purchased the item, it was shipped for about a week. Then it took an additional week to get delivered. Usually I receive products right away from amazon but not in this case. It is a very powerful vacuum in a small somewhat heavy body. Works better than any handheld I have ever purchased. Can't leave it running too long without resting, starts to smell like something burning. Picked up all of the left over dirt that the car wash didn't pick up....more info
  • Strong and good-looking
    It's a little bigger and louder than I thought, but it's still a mini vacuum. Because of the price I thought it would be "cheap" in quality too (I took the risk), but happily it isn't. It's easy to handle, has a surprising power of suction and looks great....more info
  • Powerful Little Machine
    This hand vacuum is pretty powerful! Pulls up cat litter out of carpet with ease! Excellent on corners. I'm not a big fan of the hose, but it doesn't hurt to have it. It's easy to empty the debris too! Handy little machine to have around!...more info
  • excellent small vacuum
    When I bought this handheld vacuum cleaner I didn't just purchase one, I purchased two. We had already had an older version that was given to us by a friend, and it worked so well, we looked it up on Amazon and found they had made a new version of it. This version has even more power than the older model (which was hard to believe considering the first one was so powerful already). This little vacuum picks up everything! Couldn't be happier with it. If you have smalls spaces where you need to vacuum little bits and pieces of anything, I highly recommend this to you! You also can't beat the price!...more info
  • The Terminator of handheld vacuum cleaners
    Whoa! What a monster!! This thing is light and easy to use, and sucks up dirt like nobody's business. It's powerful enough that when you first turn it on, it torques in your hand. The only minor problem is the carrying strap: it's not really long enough for you to use the vacuum without the extension hose while it's hanging from your shoulder, and if you take it off your shoulder, the strap tends to get in front of the intake and get sucked in. But aside from that, it's terrific. Buy one, you won't regret it....more info
  • Wow!
    This thing is a big motor stuck to a vacuum. Very powerful, and ideal as a dedicated vacuum for my cars. I just hung it from the ceiling in the garage between the cars and I use it when needed. The foldable nozzle is great. One small observation: it clogs fast, but it is also very easy to clean....more info
    Surprisingly powerful cleaner! I have the cordless version for home, but needed a corded version for work since I don't have a spare outlet to charge a cordless version all the time.

    When I first turned it on, it tried to shoot right out of my hand! That is a POWERFUL motor!! YES! It's heavy (but less than 5 pounds). YES! It takes some work to handle because it is so powerful. That's the GOOD part! The wind force venting out the back is a bit surprising too - wow!!

    Some people have complained about the weight; that's because the motor is so powerful - it is totally worth the weight for how well it works. 7.0 Amps in the palm of your hand!!!! I have no complaints about the weight. I picked the box up at the store to put it in the cart and take it to the car - so I know how much it weighed when I bought it. Just want to add, thank goodness the filter and dirt cup are small - wouldn't want to add any more weight - LOL!

    Also, I'm not worried about it not working well or wearing out after less than a year, This baby comes with a THREE YEAR warranty!!! Impressive!! Thank you Dirt Devil!! ...more info
  • Quick hand vac
    Very good suction power. I thought it came with a turbo rug attachment,alas not. It came with a floor one though. Works great for small jobs. Long ones like vacuuming the car, heats up the motor and it shuts off. You have to let it sit for about an hour before using again. Otherwise it is a real good product....more info
  • Sucks Good
    A little on the heavy side but that's what the shoulder strap is for. The little snout that flips out is pretty useful too....more info
  • Unbelievably powerful, sturdy, and well designed.
    The Scorpion is well constructed, sturdy, and unbelievably powerful. More powerful than our previous red Dirt Devil....more info
  • Awesome Little Devil!!!
    I gave this little vac to my sister for Christmas, and it is just awesome. It's super powerful and super lightweight! She loves it, and the kids are fighting over who gets to vacuum the car for mom now! The little flip part is excellent for corners and stairs....more info
  • Powerful.
    I was originally looking for a small vacuum for my car that's cordless, but this turned out to be okay, just needed to buy one of those outlet converters that convert your cigarette outlet into a outlet for the vacuum. Vacuum works great!...more info
  • Nearly Ideal Corded Hand Vac
    Somewhere between a heavy duty floor vac with attachments and a wet towel, lies the Scorpion. This niche ideally would be filled by the Dustbuster, but as others have lamented, Dustbuster like devices don't last long enough to really complete most jobs. Cleaning depends entirely on the size of the mess, so its difficult to predict how long a vacuum need be run. With a corded vacuum of small size, one can clean as long as needed, until the dust bin fills up. The trick is to get the right size and weight to make a corded vac as convenient as possible.

    Dirt Devil has achieved that mix in the Scorpion. Its strong vac makes short work of cleaning, and carried by shoulder strap while using hose allows cleaning of most areas easily, and rarely is the crevice tool really needed. Its very good for cleaning tight places, especially cars. Cleaning a non-disposable dust bin is a mess with any vac, but can be done with less mess by pre-covering the filter with a sheet of kleenex before each run, then mopping up when needed with a disposable lint roller.

    Constructed of good quality plastic, this vac is well worth its $20.

    No stowage for cord or attachment
    ...more info
  • Dirt Devil Scorpion
    I read all the good reviews on this, I bought it and I am very happy and satisfied with this little devil!...more info
  • amazing!
    I love this scorpion, it is amazing at sucking up all my debris. I had been using a shop vac all over the house as I live in the country, on a rock road. I love this little vacuum and have no complaints at all. ...more info
  • Good, could be better
    It's good enough for the price, but today I'd buy the Hoover Upright Stick vacuum instead. The Scorpion has few negatives:
    - the flip is not long enough so it not very useful (I bought it to clean corners and small places).
    - the connection between the flexible tube and the appliance is a little bit loose (it is held by pressure only) and it falls off some times.
    - there could be a long extra non-flexible connector to clean places like corners or something (my back hurts after using it for a while because you have to bend a lot to reach low places). I actually made a cardboard pipe to put the flexible connector inside, to make it non-flexible....more info
  • Like a DustBuster on Steroids
    This vacuum cleaner fills a specific niche. It is hand-held, and the incredibly powerful motor dominates its small dimensions. The flip-down crevice tool concentrates the powerful suction even more. In order to keep the size down, the filter and debris cup share limited space in front of the motor. This size/power combination is great for areas like the right angles on stairs, along baseboards, etc. It works well in tight spaces like car interiors, with or without the crevice tool. If you plan on picking up lots of cat litter, sawdust, etc., you will probably be happier with a vacuum cleaner with a larger container for debris. With the Scorpion, you will become frustrated by the rate at which the tiny cup fills up, not to mention the tedious filter cleaning process. This is our second Scorpion -- the first one lasted over 6 years before it died. Not bad for something that costs less than $20. ...more info
  • Powerful Hand Vacuum
    This a great product. The motor is so powerful the torque turns your wrist when you turn it on. It's easy to clean the filter and it stores quickly and easily. I keep it in the kitchen and use it almost daily. It also works better than my upright for vacuuming the car. ...more info
  • Powerful, Functional, & Efficient!
    After my rechargable hand held vacuum died, I decided to go with a corded one as I was sick and tired of the cordless ones losing it's battery life after only just a few months... I couldnt have gone with a better choice!

    WOW! This is even better than my Oreck canister vacuum, which costs a LOT more! It's so much lighter and even more powerful, for a fraction of the cost!

    For those that says it gets hot...true...but if you're using it for what it's intended for, stair cases, hard to reach areas, little spills, then the heat factor shouldnt matter as you'll be done before that will even happen! I mean... come on! It's a hand held vacuum cleaner! It's obviously not going to replace an upright to vacuum 3500+ square feet of living space for you!

    I have a dog and a few parrots, and it does a WONDERFUL job picking up dog hairs, bird seeds and bird feathers! The quick flip is very convenient as well... flip it out to vacuum the corners and the stairs... and voila! Done!

    You will not be sorry for investing in one of these things for the price...and free shipping? Makes it even sweeter!! I might just pick up another one.... one to keep right next to my bird cages and one for where my dog sleeps... lol

    edited to add: this machine is still going on strong after all the usage i got out of it! only thing is, make sure to get replacement filters for it, as it helps with the functiality of it a LOT. Amazon sells them for a decent price as well.... $4.99 for 2 filters, and has the promotion of 4 for 3.... but as soon as you put a new filter in, it works like brand new again!...more info
  • Filter clogs up
    It has lots of power, but all you get done , is emptying the filter. 5 minites then empty.If you don't, it looses it power.I would not buy another....more info
  • Quick flip
    Everything is nicely built and it has a nice long cord.

    Not so good:
    Needs more power...more info
  • Little Powerhouse...
    Great little machine for little spills, upholstery, stairs & general in-between 'big' vacuuming. Comfortable handle with easy buttons-- on/off & dirt cup release. 16 foot cord is useful & carrying strap is a big help....more info
  • Good little vacuum
    Strong suction, lightweight....would highly recommend for ease of use and power...good, economical buy....more info
  • Great Product
    I recently bought this hand vacumn.Got dirt no problem,sleek looking,under $20.00,long cord,3-year warranty..This vacumn works great...Way to go Dirt Devil....more info
  • BEWARE!!
    I have had Dirt Devil handhelds for years.I bought the "quick" flip model last year #0882 locally.Although Dirt Devil handhelds have the best battery life and suction the quick flip tool is deplorable. It is anything BUT quick!It sticks and the joint at the flip point is made poorly. It broke in under a year and I am VERY gentle with anything I own.Also the base unit is a snap in one. If you have it wall mounted or NOT it is also awkward to handle.Good idea but bad execution!So sad since Dirt Devil has always been a superior product :( Now I have to go look for another company to purchase from.It will NOT be Dustbuster since their suction is poor and battery also....more info
  • For the price, you can't beat it
    It's loud and effective. While it gets some pet hair, it doesn't quite get it all (but my dog has a long coat). The quick flip feature is great. ...more info
  • A different viewpoint
    After reading the reviews, I expected a lot, and I did not get it. This vacuum is heavy and awkward to hold. The dust cup is really tiny and needs to be emptied very often. What I find most annoying about this vacuum is the FILTER, which gets dirty almost instantly, and it is a very nasty job trying to get the dust and dirt off of the filter in order to restore suction. The accompaning extension is too short and looses suction. I had hoped to use this around the house in places that my standard vacuum would be too bulky for, but the Scorpion will not fill that niche for me. ...more info
  • I love my Dirt Devil!!!!!!!!!
    This little vacuum really picks up the dirt. It is well worth the money I spent. I love it!...more info
  • Power, Power, Power - you wont regret it
    Extremely Loud -- and Extremely Powerful. When you spill something, however, you will NOT care that its loud -- you WILL care that this is the one you have in your hand to clean it up. You'll be amazed at how easy and quick the clean up was; and You'll be amazed at the power in this thing.
    The long, long cord makes using it as effortless as a cordless. If you have a dorm room, just leave it plugged in -- the cord is long enough to reach every corner of an average dorm room.
    Yes it sounds like a jet engine about to take off -- but incredibly it is about as powerful too. No more wimpy useless and cordless hand vacs for me, I've wasted my money on those for the last time. They may look nicer but when the pedal is on the metal they all wimp out. Not the scorpion. It will get the job done every time.
    The quick flip extension is just icing on the cake. ...more info
  • Very good value
    This is incredibly powerful and, with the attachments, very versatile. Wear ear plugs if you don't like the noise (like a jet engine)!...more info
  • Dirt Devil vacuum cleaner
    This small powerful vacuum is perfect for car interiors. It sucks powerfully and has a clever, easy to use flip out nozzle for small crevices, as well as a short easily attached extension hose--which I haven't yet needed for the car. It's easy to empty. The construction seems excellent--nothing is flimsy. It's noisy, but this is expected and acceptable for a small unit...more info
  • Exactly what I was Expecting, maybe a little more
    We are fostering a rescue cat for a few months and need to keep it separated from our other cats, so we have a litterbox in an area we would prefer not to. Despire trying to keep the area clean, litter was getting tracked around a little bit, and would inevitably end up collecing just out of reach under the baseboard. This vacuum, with its little pointy flip-tip, gets into those kinds of nooks and crannies and sucks out the litter. It is pretty powerful for its little size, and has a nice long cord, which makes up for the fact that it isn't battery powered. I'd never expect this kind of suction from a battery powered vacuum anyway.

    On top of everything I was expecting, it also comes with a brush attachment and a flexible host about 18 inches long. This really lets me get to areas I wasn't really planning, like behind appliances, toilets, etc.

    I would purchase this again, or purchase it as a gift for a friend....more info
  • Soooo loud!
    I had the previous model of this vacuum, and it was no where near this loud. This vacuum is so loud, I have to *really* need it before I'll use it. In fact, I have a Sanyo stick vacuum that I'll use before I'll use the Dirt Devil.

    Now, for the positive. The suction power on this vacuum is amazing! It will not only pick up just about anything, but it will pull stuff towards it from up to 1" away! Even cat food! I also like the flip down nozzle which gets in the tight spots. This is the perfect vac for detailing a vehicle. Overall a great buy!...more info
  • Forget what you think about handheld vacuums
    My experience with handheld vacuums was that they were loud and ineffective. While the Scorpion may not be quiet, it's not overly loud, and man is it powerful! You will not be disappointed....more info
  • this sucks
    Just meant it's very good, powerful (loud!) like a jet turbine in your hand -- with vac attach very happy...more info
  • Powerful & Portable
    I have an older version of this and love it. My father saw it so I got this one for him and he is very happy with how lightweight and mobile it is. Excellent for drapes, windowsils and baseboards....more info
  • Just to point out the other reviews...
    Just to be clear, I do not own this vacuum - However, I am looking around and noticed that this same vacuum is sold by amazon (not by this outside seller) on another page for $20, and the reviews their are totally positive. Check out that page before you commit to purchase. (In case you're wondering, since I have to give a star rating, I just gave it what the average rating was already.)...more info
  • Sound Like It Has LOTS of Power
    I purchased the Dirt Devil Scorpion to clean edges on my staircase and to clean up spilled kitty litter and cat food. I decided on the Dirt Devil product as I have a vacuum that, while loud, works wonderfully.

    The Scorpion is a very loud little unit and, it seems to have decent suction provided you aren't using the brush attachment (there is no suction with the brush attachment). Unfortunately, the suction only seems to work with the flat attachment which has a tendency to suction-cup itself into place on floors and walls. If you are vacuuming something like small pieces of catfood, the pieces will eventually go into the unit but, only if you lift the hose above it so gravity lends a hand.

    My biggest complaint is the wind generated. It blows everything you are trying to clean up all around the room! It defeats the purpose of trying to use it. It is easier to lug out the upright, full size vacuum for cleaning small jobs that to even consider using this....more info
  • Powerful, not enough attachments
    This is a powerful little hand vacuum but there are not enough attachments and options for use. I mainly use it to sweep up kitty litter aound the cat boxes and the fine powder goes right through the filter and out the exaust. With the one attachment it does come with the brush it won't pick up kitty litter, poor design rather than lack of power I believe who knows....more info
  • Really Surprised How Strong This Vacuum Is
    in picking up hair and animal hair. Crevice quick flip makes it easy to use for hard to reach places, picking up the dirt! Downside is the small dirt container but that is minor vs. the power this small machine has....more info
  • best vacuum i've ever owned
    i count this as one of my top purchases of all time. its pretty much as powerful as an upright but not as bulky. perfect for my very small apartment and for cleaning cars. great value and it gives you kind of a rush when you use it because it is so much suction in a small package....more info
    Check it out, I just got this vacuum. It sucks like a crazy SOB. It's so awesome. I had it switched on when I plugged it in and it flipped over from the EXTREME power. I was like, "Holy crap" when I seen it flip. It's so loud, it sounds like a jet fighter! It cleans EVERYTHING. It even comes with an arm strap so you can travel with it! Oh god! I love this vacuum! IT'S FREAKING AWESOME!...more info
  • Likely the best hand-held available.
    The power on this thing is unreal; it pretty much picks up anything you need it too. The only downside is that the cup fills kind of quickly. Otherwise, you can't do without it....more info
  • Watch your fingers!
    Oh man is this some powerful suction. It picked up large pieces of cat food and litter sitting two to three inches in front of it. I waved my hand in front of its mouth and it actually sucked down my index finger. (Uhh, I won't be doing that again!)

    The upholstery attachment was the most useful for me. I used it to clean my area rugs and furniture. (My rugs are now a different color.) When the brush got full of hair, I simply plucked it off, held it in front of the vacuum in mid-air, and it was slurped right down. The shoulder strap and little crevice attachment are also handy.

    Cleaning is simple and about as messy as my old Dustbuster. I get a large paper bag and dismantle the thing and empty it inside, to prevent dust and hair from flying everywhere.

    Downsides: The hose attachment and the cord are a little short. This thing also does blow a LOT of hot air and is loud....more info
  • Better than a Shark!
    A friend bought one of those Shark handhelds you see on tv picking up marbles and other stuff. I bought this because it was about $10 cheaper. It's worked far better for a few reasons. The power is amazing - I think better than the Shark. The flip-down crevice tool is invaluable - I use it all the time. The front-end on the Scorpion is more square and makes more sense in the shape than the rounded one on the Shark - I mean, how many people vacuum things that are always round? This is money well spent....more info