Dirt Devil 3JC0280000 Universal HEPA Filter for Bagless Uprights

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Product Description

Dust Cup Upright Filter For Bagless Uprights.

  • Indoor air filter removes 99.97-percent of airborne matter down to 0.3 microns in size
  • Helps remove dust, pollen, mold spores, smoke, dust mites, and other allergens
  • Ideal for people who suffer from asthmatic or other respiration-related irritations
  • Unique technology captures solid particles, which are not allowed back into the air
  • Fits most Dirt Devil bagless upright models made in March 2003 and later
Customer Reviews:
  • Not brand name but works like a champ
    Not much to say about a vacuum filter :) But it fit my Dirt Devil perfectly, just like the dirt devil brand replacement ones but at a fraction of the price. I'd definitely buy from this seller again....more info
  • Hassle Free
    The part for our vacuum arrived quickly and as expected. The purchase was hassle free....more info
  • Gets the job done
    Bought this filter online because it was reasonably priced compare to other retailers. Wal-Mart wanted $20 for the exact same thing. The product came about 4-5 days after I ordered it online but it was severely damaged. I had to call the company and they did an excellent job getting another one sent to me promptly. This time it was in good condition. I place it in my vacuum and it fits just like the original one did, except it made my vacuum extremely hard to push. I assumed it's because the filter was new. I will run my vacuum some more to see if there are any changes. If my vacuum doesn't become easier to push over time as I use this filter. I will have to purchase an original Dirt Devil filter, but all in all this one did what it was suppose to do....more info
  • Good price
    Works well for a fraction of the cost of a F1 filter at Target or WalMart....more info
  • Dirt Devil Filter
    great price, fast shipping. This filter has a different re-order # than what the vacuum says to use but it is correct!...more info
  • Suck it UP!
    I like the product because it seemed to suck everything up off the carpet with a quickness. I guess I will have to order a few more in the near future. Thanx! Oh, and it wasn't expensive like those other websites....more info
  • Love It!
    This was much cheaper than the store price. A great deal and quick shipping as well!...more info
  • Wonderful experience
    I am appreciative of this seller's timely and effiecent shipping. In these days of everyone making their profit on the "shipping and handling charge" it was good to see someone that will let you combine items without overly extending the cost of shipping. Thank You....more info
  • Quick Delivery
    This was exactly what I requested, there were no defects and it was delivered very quickly! ...more info
  • Filter works great
    Why are these so hard to find at Target/Wal-Mart now? I have no idea. But this is exactly what my Dirt Devil needed and it works perfect. I had forgotten just what a difference a fresh filter makes!...more info
  • Half the retail price!
    We love our Dirt Devil vacuum, which is about 5 years old. I'm not going to look up the model number here, but they don't make them as well today, that is to say only five years later. If you purchase these filters directly from Dirt Devil, you will be paying the retail price, which isn't cheap. Amazon sells the filters for less than half the retail price! Hint: Purchase your filters from Amazon!...more info
  • On Time
    My filters came just in time and they fit my vacuum perfect. I ordered two and will order them from Amazon in the future. I shopped around and thought I was getting a better deal with 3 on another site but after doing the math, I really wasn't. Good buy....more info
  • Be Careful What you Order!
    The filter I ordered got to my house before the expected arrival date and in excellent condition, even with free shipping. Unfortunately, the vacuum model that I had was not the correct one as I had ordered the incorrect filter. Like other people, I had checked with dirtdevil.com but had just chosen incorrectly.

    I would advise people to actually call and talk to a representative before choosing a filter. You may save yourself the hassle of choosing the wrong product like I did

    The product I did receive was exactly as stated and was fairly durable. I would recommend this product for anyone with the correct model of vacuum....more info
  • Great product
    This filter was easy to install, easy to clean, and has really improved the amount of debris my vacuum picks up. It was quite a bit cheaper than at the Dirt Devil site, too. ...more info
  • Dirt Devil HEPA Filter
    My husband purchased a Dirt Devil Upright from WalMart a couple of years ago. He bought one extra filter just to have on hand for when the time came change the filter. Well, when we went to WalMart to purchase a new filter they informed us that they no longer carried the HEPA Filter for this model. The cleaner was good so we hated to have to replace it and decided to order the filter on line. The replacement filters are great and it saved us the price of new vacuum! I would recommend this filter to anyone....more info
  • Dirt Devil HEPA Filter for Bagless Upright Vacuum
    I like this product because it's an original Dirt Devil filter and the price was very reasonable. I plan on using Amazon to purchase other types of filters.
    Thank you....more info
  • Hepa Filter
    Works just as well as the original filter, it just took a little longer to secure it into place and remove it. Also cheaper than any department or vacuum store in my area. If only it came with some one to empty and clean the filter....more info
  • Dirt Devil Filters
    We are so pleased at the quick response we had to our order for the Dirt Devil Sweeper Filters. We will continue to use Amazon to place orders. Thank you Amazon.
    Martha...more info
  • Dirt Devil Universal HEPA Filter for Bagless Upgrights
    Dirt Devil 3JC0280000 Universal HEPA Filter for Bagless Uprights

    The cost was good and it was great to be able to find this filter at Amazon and combine with other purchases for free shipping.

    ...more info
  • Fits perfects in Dirt Devil and works just fine
    This is the exact HEPA filter that you get from Dirt Devil at a higher price so this is a bargain. Fits perfects in Bagless Dirt Devil and works fine....more info
  • Good filter...keeps the vaccum working.
    Have had the Dirt Devil Bagless Upright for 5 years now and finally got a new filter. The new one keeps the vaccum working pretty good. The filter picks up massive amounts of dust and gunk for a small space....more info
  • Hepa filterS
    Works fine, but does not seem to be the quality as the one that came with the vacuum. ...more info
  • Hepa Filter for Dirt Devil
    Thanks for the product....it was exactly as described and arrived super fast.

    Thanks!!...more info
  • Perfect!
    Great price, fits vacuum and comes with quick and free shipping. Another great experience with Amazon! Thank you....more info
  • Very nice product!
    This item is exactly the same, other than being generic, as the item that my sweeper orignally came with. I saved a ton of money purchasing from here than purchasing it directly on the name brand website. Thank you so very much. Pennies matter now a day!...more info
  • This product helps you suck
    These filters are cheaper here than in stores I found. They work well. Might be a good idea to stock up so you aren't tempted to use one filter far too long and ruin your vacuum. Just a thought. ...more info
  • Dirt Devil 3JC0280000 Universal HEPA Filter for Bagless Uprights
    I have been very satisfied with my purchase of the above product. The product arrived promptly and works great! I have made a number of purchases from Amazon.com and found all of them to be highly satisfactory as to quality and price. Dirt Devil 3JC0280000 Universal HEPA Filter for Bagless Uprights...more info
  • Perfect
    I am happy to have fiund a reliable source for the filter for my vaccum!!...more info
  • Great product low price...
    I first checked out the same product in local store and then bought it in amazon for a low price. Its really worth it. ...more info
  • Perfect!
    This was exactly what I needed and was much cheaper on Amazon than in stores!...more info
  • Best price I could find...
    ...and the filter arrived exactly as described. It's an original Dirt Devil brand filter and it works, not much else to say!...more info
  • fast shipping
    I was glad I found this item on Amazon, so I did not have to drive around to find it....more info
  • Savings, Savings, Savings.
    Quality of this product A+, Price $5.00 cheaper than Walmart, including shipping. A no brainer!...more info
  • just as described
    thank you . this works greAT and alot cheaper than the ones from sears... you even beat walmart prices... i will keep buying these from you......more info
  • Great filter
    I just replaced my HEPA filter after 1 year of owning my Dirt Devil. It's like having a new vacuum! And I really do notice a difference using the HEPA-no hazy dusty air in the room after vacuuming. It's a good product to use....more info
  • Dirt Devil 3JC0280000 Universal HEPA Filter - Reasonable price
    I was looking for this item in stores and was costing $24. On amazon its only $13 and there is no difference in quality or packing. Good choice....more info
  • Dirt Devil Bagless Filter
    The price was very good and the product was the best. Free shipping
    made it too good to pass up....more info
  • Good value
    Cheap filter. Good filter. Need I say more? I received excellent value from this one....more info
  • filter damaged
    the filter had cracks and looked like the rubber connecting part was old or sun damaged. it was crumbling and did not provide suction....more info
  • Dirt Devil 3JC0280000 Universal HEPA Filter for Bagless Uprights
    This product fit Dirt Devil and did the job very well. ...more info
  • Dirt Devil Universal HEPA Filter
    This filter is great and was the cost was even better....more info
  • Dirt Devil Univ. Hepa filter
    I bought this for my neighbor & she loves it! Great value! ...more info
  • Good Value
    Difficult to find and usually more expensive than buying or replacing the vacumn. I purchased two and I'll be in good shape for a year or more....more info
  • Great Price
    These filters are available everywhere, Amazon had the best price. A full $8 cheaper than the cheapest place I could find them (Target). ...more info
  • Very satisfied.
    I ordered this for my daughter, she could not find a filter for her Dirt Devil in her area. It was easy to install. Very fast delivery and was exactly what she needed!...more info
  • the right tool for the right job
    This filter is the standard filter used for the Dirt Devil bagless upright vacuum that I happen to own. The product came quickly and as described. And, it works! All as expected....more info
  • Product as expected and fast delivery.
    This was faster service and it was what I expected....more info
  • Filter performs well
    This is a good filter and easy to install. Just pop it in the canister and start filtering out the dust from your home....more info
  • HEPA Filter For Dirt Devil Upright Vacuum Cleaners
    This is a filter required by the Dirt Devil upright vacuum in our home. I couldn't find this item at Wal-Mart who used to sell them and found it at Amazon for the same price including shipping as it sold for at Wal-Mart 13 months ago. ...more info
  • great price for hard work
    This universal filter fits well ans so far does the job, all at a great price...more info
  • universal hepa filter
    I am very happy with the hepa filter. It was delivered promptly and it fit my dirt devil bagless vac perfectly. Works great....more info
  • Very pleased
    I wasn't sure I had located the correct filter product number for my dirt devil bagless but based on the photo and other reviews I took a chance and it fits perfectly. The service was great - I had it in just a couple of days!...more info
  • Perfect Fit
    Great description and product - received within a week even with the holidays....more info
  • Dirt Devil 3JC0280000 Universal HEPA Filter for Bagless Uprights
    The filter was as the origional filter was. It's the best vaccum we have ever owned. ...more info
  • great
    its they type of filter i need for cleaner & is was the cheapest i found.....more info
  • Outstanding product
    This is the finest vacume cleaner I have ever used! For over 60 years I thought I was vacuming the floor, I was not. Today, with this vacume and filter system I am finally getting the house really clean. You will be amazed at this vacume's performance!...more info
  • Hepa Filter
    Not too much you can say about a vacuum filter, but it fit and it was fast delivery. ...more info
  • Dirt Devil Filter Replacement
    After finding the filter for $25 on the manufacturers website, I thought I better shop around... I found the same filter on Amazon for $5! And it's working perfecctly....more info
  • dirt devil
    It is going to be used on our job site, and so far there are no complaints....more info
  • Not too bad...
    The item arrived in a timely manner and it fit my vacuum just right. My only complaint is that the quality is a little cheaper than what I expected for the price....more info
  • Vacuum Filter
    There is not too much one can say about a vacuum cleaner
    replacement filter. The delivery was very fast....more info
  • HEPA Filter
    The filter was a perfect fit, was cheaper than I could buy it locally and was here in just a day or two....more info
  • Excellent Man To Do Business With
    This man is one Heck of a guy. I had a glitch in my shipping and he promptly answered ANY email I sent and very quickly corrected the issue- which was nothing he was responsible for, it was a USPS problem. The filter arrived, fit perfectly, and all is well with our vacuum once again. YEEEAAAAH!! I will most certainly do business with this man again. He's extremely no nonsense and very helpful and efficient. KUDOS!!...more info
  • Quick
    The order arrived pretty quickly. Everything came exactly as ordered. No problems....more info
  • Fast and easy
    I have trouble finding this filter in local stores. I ordered 2 and got free shipping. They should be replaced every 12 months so I have one for next year!...more info
  • great value
    I can't believe the value. It was a great deal. The price was much cheaper than the stores. I will be purchasing this item through Amazon.com again....more info
    I searched several stores and online, however Amazon.com had the lowest price. It was $10.00 lower than then second best price....more info
  • Perfect Fit
    When I first looked at the product, i didnt think it was going to fit into the vac, because it was alot smaller than the original one. But it did fit and it works great. ...more info
  • Bagless Rules
    Who buys vacuum filters online? Well if you have roommates like mine who keep throwing them away by mistake, then you should. I found ordering off Amazon to be much easier than contact Dirt Devil directly and trying to get one from them. Great filter, fits, works, what more do you need....more info
  • dirt devil hepa filters order
    would order from this company again. wonderful service dept and customer relations. order was exactly as i ordered better than dirtdevil website which i could not order the filters from. they were out of stock or something like that. so thank you for this order cause what do you do when your vacumme cleaner is still good and you cant get replacement parts from the manufactor website. have this company on my favorites list to reorder and more customers should too. thanks again...more info
  • Doesn't Fit Vaccuum
    I did check to see if my model number was listed. It is. However, the filters do not fit the vacuum. It would be one thing if I didn't check, but it's bothersome that Amazon's information is incorrect. And if there happens to be the same model number in use for different vacuums (ones for which the filter works and ones for which it does not), it would be helpful if Amazon makes that expressly clear....more info
  • It fits and it works great - thanks, Amazon!
    Unlike certain other Dirt Devil owners, I checked the make and model number on my sweeper before ordering this filter. It works just fine! If you have one of the models above, don't hesitate to buy this filter.

    Amazon made this purchase easy. The store in which I bought my Dirt Devil, a large national chain featuring appliances and linens, stopped carrying filters for bagless vacuum cleaners. Rather than having to run all over town looking for the filter, I came on here and found it right away. Thanks, Amazon!...more info
  • The previous entries didn't check their vacuum cleaners...
    After reading the previous reviews, I realized that the three of them all made the same mistake. They didn't check to make sure the filter would be compatible with the year and model of their cleaners.

    When I decided to buy my filter, I checked www.DirtDevil.com, looked at the sticker at the bottom of my vacuum, and checked three more sites. I only made my purchase after I was positive that I had the correct part. Apparently, the other reviewers did not.

    Before purchasing anything, make doubly sure it's the correct item. And if you aren't 100% positive, do some reasearch. Five minutes of online web surfing can save you hours of frustration....more info
  • Echoing the previous reviews
    I wish that I would have read the previous reviews before making this purchase. I purchased my dirt devil vac in 2002. I thought that I was making a safe assumption that this filter would fit my vac, since the model #s are shown to be compatible on the dirt devil website. I was wrong. Fortunately the filter is light, so return shipping shouldn't cost much, but still very annoying. ...more info
  • Does NOT fit models prior to 2003!
    This filter, apparently, fits all Dirt Devil models manufactured after 2002, and NONE made prior to 2003 regardless of model number. To get a filter for your Dirt Devil vacuum manufactured prior to 2003, you will need to call Dirt Devil directly; it can not be purchased through ANY web site nor can one find any information for the appropriate part. Why Dirt Devil changes the designs of its machines, but retains the same model number is a frustrating enigma....more info
  • Didn't fit
    I could not find a model number for my dirt devil bagless, but I did know it was a "vision lite" model. I decided to order this and when I got it I realized it looked nothing like my old filter. I read the package it came in and it did say it works with "vision models." I took it out, tried to fit it where my old one was, and it wasn't even remotely close to fitting.

    Rather than return it I cut out some of the internal skeleton work, used a knife to expand the circumference about a half inch, and eventually got it to fit.

    I wouldn't recomend purchasing this product unless you are 100% sure it fits. I think some more description is necessary before people can make proper judgement....more info