Austin Air Healthmate Replacement Filter w/ Prefilter - Sandstone

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Product Description

Replacement HEPA filter, prefilter, & carbon / zeolite mixture for Austin Air Healthmate (HM400) air purifier.

  • 60 sq. ft. true HEPA medical filter medium.
  • Prefilter included on outside of main filter.
  • Nearly 15 lbs of solid activated carbon and zeolite for odor and gas removal.
  • Easy replacement of existing filter.
Customer Reviews:
  • problem fit on antique Healthmate
    The filter is fine, but required some aggressive work with a hammer to make it fit my antique model. Compared to the previous replacement filter, this one had metal where the old one had fiberboard. I suppose this would be an upgrade, except that the designer apparently didn't consider the placement of some bolts on my 15 year old Healthmate; hence the need to put some serious dents into the filter. The previous replacement filter had the same problem, but the fiberboard had more give to it. It is my unscientific impression that the new filter is not as quiet out of the box as the previous replacement filter was (based on my 5 year old memory), but maybe it's just my machine getting older; or different room acoustics. Perhaps another owner can offer a second opinion....more info