Vidal Sassoon VS754 Digital ION Dryer with Ceramic Technology

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  • LCD screen displays wattage and ION settings
  • Ions help condition dry hair fast
  • Ions add volume and shine, while reducing frizz
  • 1875 watts
  • Ceramic grille infuses airflow with far-infrared heat for smooth, silky, and healthier-looking hair
Customer Reviews:
  • Great until it broke after 3 years
    I loved this hair dryer up until a few weeks ago when it started to shut itself off in the middle of drying my hair. It's good that Amazon is no longer selling this model. ...more info
    I only had this hairdryer for 7 months when it suddenly would over heat and shut itself off after more than 5 minutes of use. Was good until it quit on me but I think a hair dryer should last at least 2 years....more info
  • Snazzy
    This is a good quality hairdryer and it does a great job making my hair look sleek and shiny. My only compaint is that it easily overheats and shuts off every few minutes. The solution I found is using the warm heat instead of the hot heat and it no longer overheats....more info
  • Great Dryer, not after 2 years
    After 2 years of daily use, it keeps turning itself off, no matter what i do, it keeps turning off. Time for a new one.
    I purchased it about 5 months ago from Amazon. Somehow I do believe that the ions have help my hair, leaving it softer and less dry. The noise is not so bad like others complain. It is a little heavier than my previous dryer but not so bad. Also to the person that complain that only cool air was coming out, click on the cool air bottom again, when you use this feature, you have to click on it again to make it go back to hot or warm.
    And to the person that complain about it costing a couple of dollars more here in Amazon, 1st, Amazon don't charge tax, 2nd, I wonder if you add the cost of gas after going to all those places to compare prices which by the way, prices vary by State. for example I was at Walmart one day and noticed that it cost about $3 more than what you say you saw it for, + tax. So if you are a busy person that have no time to be going around "trying to save a couple of dollars" Amazon is a great place to purchase stuff. ...more info
  • Ionic Wonder!
    I am so thrilled with this hair dryer! I have very thick hair that takes forever to dry. So long, in fact, that I'd gotten used to drying the front of my hair, and letting the rest air dry, because it just took so darn long! (Especially the hair at the nape of the neck.) I've never had a dryer with "ion technology" before, but after seeing the stellar reviews here, I thought I'd give it a try. Boy am I ever glad I did! This miracle machine drys my hair in 5-7 minutes flat...front AND back! This includes the time it takes to style my hair with it using a round brush, something I've never been able to do before because it took so long. My hair has never looked shinier or felt softer. This dryer IS powerful, but it just takes a little practice to learn to aim it the right way for maximum results. The only complaint I have about the dryer is the positioning of the rocker switches. I do sometimes turn off the dryer by accident. This is just a mild annoyance in my opinion (so insignificant to me that I STILL rate this dryer a FIVE) and doesn't interfere with the fantastic performance this little ionic wonder delivers!
    *****IMPORTANT UPDATE****five months after I purchased this, it started turning off after a minute or two for no reason, and I'd have to wait five minutes before I could turn it on again. I tried it in several different outlets, always the same result. No problem with my back-up hair dryer. I finally chucked this one in the garbage, and picked up a cheap $10 replacement at Wally World. Not worth the money considering how long it lasted....more info
  • Was great for two weeks
    This dryer was great for exactly two weeks, after which it just stopped working completely. Don't bother....more info
  • great dryer wrong price
    I have been shopping for a dryer for the last 2 months and have tried 6 different ones all ionic would not use anything without it,When I saw this one I wanted to see it in person so I went shopping. I found it at 4 different stores alot cheaper than you. Walmart $ 19.00, Target $21.98, Shopco $19.98, Linen & Things $21.99. I bought it at Walmart and it is the best one out of all the 6 I have treid. The ions are great, the power is just right, the six different speeds are great. I must say however you are way off the mark on the price. I would suggest people go do a little price matching before buying from amazon if you have to pay shipping also this will make this dryer way over priced....more info
  • How is it possible?
    How is it possible I am the only one who dislikes this hair dryer SO much?! I came in the mail today and it is already packed up to be shipped back. Let me say, for starters, that I am not a super picky person when it comes to hair dryers. I have been using the same once since high school. My 10-year reunion just passed so that gives you an idea of how old it is. Mine just takes so long and I figured that technology has come such a long way that I should get a new one. I shopped around online and bought this one since the reviews were great. This dryer is awful!

    1st - Look at the switches on the handle - they are the rocker type. That is horrible engineering! My husband, who is an engineer, saw that right off the bat. I managed to turn the thing off 3 times while drying my hair because how are you supposed to hold it and not rock the switches? Sure, you can position your fingers `just so', but keeping your hands like that while working with your hair is limiting and difficult to do.

    2nd - This thing is heavy! In an attempt to not turn the dryer off, I had to hold it loosely with my fingertips and after 5 minutes I had cramps because of the weight of this thing.

    3rd - The nozzle is so narrow that you literally have to point it right where you want it which is no easy task as you try to hold it so you don't turn it off on yourself. I am used to my larger nozzle where you just have to point it at your head.

    4th - Believe it or not, I would say it is too powerful. The power is going through such a small nozzle that the air threw my hair around like a storm and knotted it all up. I had to turn the dryer off a few times and comb things out.

    5th - It sounded like a train was coming through my bathroom - it is LOUD! Much louder than my 10 year old dryer.

    The only good thing I could say about this dryer is that my hair was the shiniest it has been and seemed softer - because of the ION technology? But sorry, the hassles are not worth it and there are other ion dryers out there.

    If you have tried this dryer and like it, more power to you. However, I would suggest on going to your local store (Target, Bed Bath and Beyond, etc) and actually holding and checking out the design before buying online.
    ...more info
  • Wow, suprisingly good
    My wife and I are both quality assurance engineers and are very impressed with our Vidal Sassoon VS754 hair dryer. We purchased it a couple of months ago after it received top honors from the Good Housekeeping labs. This hair dryer is fast, well designed, and really does leave the hair looking better than our past 1875 watt dryer. My favorite details are the high-quality textured switches for fan/heat and the little rubber patch on one side that keeps it from sliding when it's on the counter. The LCD readout of the current wattage/mode may be a little bit of a gimmick but it's harmless and entertaining. ...more info
  • Best Dryer Ever
    This is the best dryer I have ever owned. It dries my thick hair in about five minutes whereas with other dryers I would give up after 15 minutes and go out with wet hair. It is also comfortable to hold. ...more info
  • FAST!!
    I have like the straightest, THICKEST hair known to man and my hair would take like a half an hour to dry with a regular hairdryer and like 18 hours without a dryer. I swear, this hairdryer dries my hair in 5 minutes on high. My hair is soft, and just incredible!!! GREAT BUY!...more info
  • Unbelievable
    I read about this hairdryer in a magazine and was extremely skeptical about the claims that the ceramic technology was easier on the hair. After a summer in the swimming pool and at the beach, my hair was in desparate need of help. After I saw a 5 star rating here at Amazon - I decided to try it. My hair and I are extremely glad I did. I can't believe the improvement in my hair. It is so much softer and more manageable. I thought that perhaps it was just wishful thinking that a hair dryer could make such a difference, but I just spent four days traveling and using a hotel's dryer. It was so much harder on my hair. I am so glad to be home. In the future, I will make sure that I travel with my new hair dryer. ...more info
  • Vidal Sassoon VS754 Digital ION Dryer with Ceramic Technolog
    I kept looking for a nice hairdryer & this one sounded very nice
    but didn't have a picture. It looked to be at a good price with
    great features & was a little lighter at 1.5lbs than many of the other hair dryers. It was a great suprise to get such a Nice
    hairdryer with an excellent blower & other features. I think
    whoever buys this dryer will be very happy with it....more info