Fagor Duo Combi 5-Piece Pressure Cooker Set

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Product Description

Includes Fagor Duo Combi Pressure Cooker Set users manual recipe book and stainless steel steamer basket.

Pressure cookers are gaining momentum as the new healthy, time-saving, and energy-saving way to prepare food. While not a new method, the technology has certainly been transformed over the years to be easier and safer than ever. This two-cooker set allows you to save up to 70 percent of the time and energy traditionally used in cooking rice, meat, and vegetables. One pressure lid fits both cookers in the set. The 4-quart pressure cooker doubles as a saucepan, when used with the included glass lid, while the 8-quart cooker holds the handy basket insert, with its legs and handle, great for draining pasta or steaming vegetables. Fagor constructs the cookers of 18/10 stainless steel, the handles of black heat-resistant plastic, and the lid of tempered glass. A safety-lock handle, visual pressure indicator, and automatic pressure release setting ensure the lid won't come off unintentionally. The dial format of the spring-type mechanism means you can change the setting without changing valves. A recipe book is included, and all parts except the pressure lid are dishwasher-safe.

Founded in Spain, Fagor manufactures home appliances and cookware with a "green" focus on environmentally-sound working conditions for employees and energy efficiency for consumers. In Europe, Fagor holds environmental stewardship awards, and in the U.S. is a participant in the Energy Star program, a government-backed program to help protect the environment. Join the green revolution and try a pressure cooker today. --Ann Bieri

What's in the Box
Pressure cooker set. The set consists of: 4- and 8-quart pressure cookers; pressure lid; tempered glass lid; pasta/steamer basket insert. 5 pieces total.

From the Manufacturer

Fagor is Green:

Fagor's mission is to use resources efficiently to preserve the environment and save energy, developing highly efficient products that consume less and save money; contributing to a healthy planet for us and our future generations. From a social perspective, Fagor's environmental policy strategy offers advantages to both workers and consumers. It provides workers with environmentally-appropriate working conditions, which, among other benefits, minimizes and eliminates the handling of hazardous materials, while for consumers, the end-users of Fagor's products and services, it allows for efficient use of the appliances, which reduces energy and water consumption.

Fagor has manufacturing systems established to minimize environmental impact on soil, water, energy, and air during the production process. There is also proper waste management and recycling procedures in place after the manufacturing process is completed.

In addition to numerous European product certifications and environmental stewardship awards, Fagor is also notably a participant in the Energy Star program in the USA, a joint program of the Environmental Protection Agency and the Department Of Energy. Products that bear the energy star label allow consumers to recognize such products that have been manufactured to save money and protect the environment through energy efficient products and practices.

  • 4- and 8-quart pressure cookers; Duo pressure cooker lid; glass lid that fits both pots; steamer/pasta insert
  • 18/10 stainless-steel cooker with ergonomic black handles and tempered glass lid
  • Spring-type mechanism in dial format; change setting without changing valves
  • Automatic pressure release position; visual pressure indicator; safety-lock handle
  • Dishwasher-safe; recipe book included; great way to save energy and cook healthily

Customer Reviews:

  • Excellent Combo
    Having 2 potsizes with the same lid is excellent. Sometimes you just don't need the huge pots.
    ...more info
  • Better Than Expected
    This pressure cooker set is by far the best kitchen purchase I've made in a long time! The quality is exceptional---the components are substantial. It took a couple "test runs" to accustom myself to using it effectively since I have a ceramic cooktop, but now I wouldn't be without it! Excellent investment!!...more info
  • Loving it!
    With the second generation model of pressure cooker out today and the busy lifestyle of the modern American I can't imagine why products such as these are not more popular. I've wanted a pressure cooker for quite some time but didn't want to spend the money, until last week.

    The time savings on making the dishes that my family and I love are incredible. Sure, I've seen my Grandmother and Indian folks use pressure cookers for ages but it just never sunk in how much time I was truly saving.

    I love having the option to use the 4 or 6 quart as I didn't want a larger model for dishes I was only making for a couple of people but like to occasionally cook in bulk so that I can freeze items.

    All in all, highly recommended. Mine came in the mail a couple days ago without any issues and is cooking beautifully....more info
  • Rebate not a very good deal
    While the Fagor pressure cooker and the pot that comes with it in the combo are both stainless steel and of good quality, the "free" pan offered with the rebate is teflon-coated aluminum. Notice also the $8.95 handling fee that adds cost to this "free" pan. If you are buying this combination from Amazon because of the rebate, you might want to check the details very carefully.

    Pat...more info
  • Parts keep breaking
    We have bought a duo set in Bed Bath and Beyond. In less than a year the lower part of the handle broke, and the replacement costs around $15.
    It is now about 3 years that we own this pressure cooker and the valve has broken and it will cost me $16 to get a replacement part.
    I find it very annoying that such an expensive item keeps being costly over time. I guess it is great for Fagor to keep the money flow in, but they sell themselves as beeing Green, and therefore they should not use parts made to break every year or two!!!!
    Other than that, all the nice things written by other reviewers are true.
    ...more info
  • Great versatile Pressure Cooker
    I am very pleased with this product. I love the fact that the lids are interchangeable between the two sizes. We mostly use the smaller pot, as we are a family of 3. So far, everything has come out PERFECT!

    The unit came with an excellent user's guide and DVD that tells you how to maintain your pressure cooker. Beware of some of the previous reviews left by "annonymous" individuals. The manual and the dvd show you how to maintain and check your pressure cooker. It has a pressure relief valve (to regulate pressure for high and low pressure cooking) and the screw that holds the handle in place. If you take care of it, maintain it as instructed... it will last you a long time.

    If you don't want the hassles of taking care of your pressure cooker... buy a cheaper model that doesn't have the automatic pressure relief system....more info
  • Great Pressure Cooker
    Have used this pressure cooker now for 3 recipes, one using the steamer basket. I love it. It's easy to use, cleans up very easily, and looks great. I use it on my induction cooktop, and it works great. Ring is sturdy, easy to remove and clean. Lid is easy to put on. The manual shows another pressure cooker by Fagor that has a more ergonomic handle, called FUTURE, but the handle on this DUO is fine. Also might want to check out their COMMERCIAL line. Great recipes come with. I have recently bought some very expensive top-of-the-line pots, one imported from Europe, and I have to say this is the best pot I have. Should have purchased this set first....more info
  • Easy to Use!
    This is the easiest pressure cooker I have ever used. I love not having the little jiggley thing on top -- you know, the disc that is easy to lose and maim. Nothing like that here -- all is integrated into the lid. I also like having two sizes of pressure cooker in one set, and the versatility of having a glass lid for times when the pressure cooker top isn't needed. Another great feature is the two available levels of pressure. I mostly use pressure cookers to cook dried beans, and it is a dream -- garbanzo beans in 10 minutes! ...more info
  • More useful than expected
    My wife and I decided to get a pressure cooker. After doing some research, Fagor looked like a good buy, and Amazon's price was good. We didn't really want two sizes, but I'm glad we got the set. We use the small one a lot more than we expected, mostly for non-pressure cooking. It makes a good deep dish saute pan, and it's really easy to clean. The inside is nicely curved, with no sharp turns, and cleans with barely any scrubbing.

    One of the lower handles was totally shattered on arrival, even though the box wasn't damaged. I think it was because that top was loosely attached to the pot, without the gasket, and it may have rattled itself to death on the trip across country. I didn't really relish packing it all back to return it, so I contacted Fagor, and the customer service rep (Jennie Ramos) was so helpful. She always answered email right away, and she sent me a new handle. The handle is available online for something like $12, so if it ever breaks again, I'm not too worried. I think they might send it free since there seems to have been problems with them.

    As far as pressure cooking goes, it works very well. It was highly rated on America's Test Kitchen (or one of their offshoots). My wife likes it a lot. No unpleasant surprises, so far. :-)
    ...more info
  • Be aware the cooker
    There is some black metal power fall off the valve. Every time after cook, you can notice it by rub the valve under the Lid. It will be very obvious when you cook rice, there will be black power on the rice after you cook. Even I do not think it is lead, but the powder looks very like lead and feel like lead. No mater what it is, it is always not good to have those powder on your food every time you cook and the valve will very likely be eroded soon. I contact with the manufacture but no response. ...more info
  • excellent
    Product was exactly as described. It is so easy to use and to clean. Was worth every penny. I would recomend this product to everyone and I would definitely purchase it again. I purchased to duo set because of the price savings. The steamer basket and trivet work perfectly and I will use them alot. ...more info
  • Not Your Granny's Pressure Cooker!
    If you've tried pressure cooking in the past and it didn't impress you, you should try these Fagor pressure cookers. The bottom of the pan is flat so they work great on ANY cooking surface. They're all stainless, so they're easy to clean and maintain. Pressure is regulated by a spring-loaded valve, rather than a weight, so the hissing, rattling, steam-belching pressure cooker of yore is no more. Once pressure is up there's only a quiet, minimal release of steam while cooking. I'm still getting used to pressure cooking, but my results so far have been good. I was so impressed with my Fagor Duos that I bought the entire Duo line for my Mother for Christmas. On Christmas morning when she opened her gifts she was completely beside herself, like a kid in a candy store! All she talked about all day was what she was gonna try out in her new pressure cookers. Quite the response from the woman who's been pressure cooking for over 50 years and nearly impossible to buy for because she has everything!...more info
  • Definite buy
    This is one of those items that once you purchase, cannot believe you lived without for so long. Its a no-brainer to get one. Cooking grass-fed Bison roasts takes 30 minutes and come out moist and absolutely tasty. Any tougher meat does great in a pressure cooker. Other quickies: fresh soup stock in 30 minutes, split black gram in 7 minutes, butternut squash in 6 minutes, and risotto in 10.

    The safety features, when you read the manual and follow the directions, are practically foolproof. The DVD and little cookbook were added bonuses.

    I debated on whether I would get the Duo Combi Set or the 8qt pot alone, and opted for more because its not that much more in price and give a bit more flexibility. My advice: just get one... you won't be sorry....more info
  • Fragile Handles or Poor Packaging?
    I purchased this pressure cooker set for my wife this past Christmas and the set arrived with broken handles. The handles on both pots were shattered and in multiple pieces. Due the positive reviews of the product, I did not hesitate to request a replacement which finally arrived today on January 10th. To our disappointment, the handles on the smaller pot arrived broken and in pieces again for a second time! Fagor's internal packaging clearly seemed inadequate to safeguard the contents during shipping. At the same time, it made my wife and I wonder about the durability of the handle material. Very frustrating to say the least. Buyer beware!...more info
  • Use it 3 or 4 times a week.
    We are very happy with the quality of this cookware and use it often. This was purchased to replace a Revere electric pressure cooker for which it is impossible to get parts. There was a brief learning curve, by switching to a stove top cooker from an electric. Getting the heat setting just right took some practice especially due to our stove being a ceramic top. Temperature changes (especially lowering the heat) take some time since the ceramic is slower to respond, but this has nothing to do with the pressure cooker. Having the option of using either the smaller or larger capacity bottom with the pressure cooker top is a nice bonus. ...more info
  • UnderPressure
    Why didn't I get one of these sooner? I had a pressure cooker from the stone age, you know, one of those with the wobbly weight on top? I wouldn't touch that thing with a 10ft pole. My husband was the official 'pressure cooker guy', that thing SCARED me! It was also aluminum all the way around, which made for a metallic taste in anything that was cooked in it (yuck). This Fagor set is awesome! There is no fear of getting hurt while using this baby! Foods taste as they should, thanks to the stainless steel finish, not to mention, the finish also makes cleaning a breeze. If you even THINK you want a pressure cooker, this set has it all. Amazon also has the best price. You won't be disappointed!...more info
  • modern features, good service
    Fagor is the least expensive brand that I am aware of which also has the 'modern' features desirable in pressure cookers. To learn more about pressure cookers and what is desirable go to missvickie.com (a non-commercial site devoted to pressure cooker enthusiasts.) Some of these features deal with safety, e.g. you don't have to worry about plugging the steam escape with Fagor. Fagor cookers also reach a pressure of 15psi (which is important.) Unless a brand advertises that they do reach 15psi, assume that they don't. I suggest getting an extra gasket when you buy the item as you will need one at one point (they don't last forever). I must also compliment the company on its service. I bought this item, and sent in a rebate form (for a free stock pot). They sent me a nice paella pan by mistake. I was satisfied, however I called them to make sure that there was no mistake. They answered the phone right away (without the common maze of annoyingly slow and complex menu options.) The woman I talked to was very personable. This woman checked on what happened, called me back, and told me that they would also send the stock pot to me, and for me to go ahead and keep the paella pan. I will update this if needed as time goes on, as I have more experience using this item.
    ...more info
  • Excellent
    I bought this pressure cooker about a month ago, and has been using this almost everyday. I cook rice, and it's so easy and quick....more info
  • Four Year of Solid Use - WONDERFUL product!
    I've now owned this product for four years and we use it fairly regularly especially for cooking dried beans, quick soups/stews etc... what is especially nice is the duo sizing - it's perfect for small or large with an interchangeable lid.

    A "Must" was for the pressure cooker to be stainless steel rather than aluminium...especially because we use this actually cook with - not just can or preserve. While aluminum tends to be a lot less expensive, this stainless set is worth every penny. We purchased an extra seal along with the set and still have not had to replace it...although it's nearing that time. Well built, very solid, the only issue we have encountered is the tiny lettering on one handle has started to wear away just a tad - that is it after four years of solid use and scrubbing. Excellent product with the benefit of no splattering and spluttering, great versatility and stainless rather than aluminum....more info
  • Love my Fagor PC set
    I bought this set because my husband had shot a deer in January and wanted something I could cook the venison in to make it tender. This Fagor pressure cooker is wonderful. The venison and everything else I have tried comes out delicious and quick and the meat is falling apart. I had never used a pressure cooker before but am enjoying using it. I am very satisfied with this Fagor product and with Amazon....more info
  • Great purchase.
    I have been looking for a pressure cooker for quite awhile and after doing alot of comparisons, this is the set that I decided on. Since receiving it I have used it alot and I must say that I'm impressed with the quality and overall ease of cooking with this set. The flavors are just incredible....more info
  • Love this cooker
    I bought this set of pressure cookers over a year ago. It is the most used appliance I have ever owned. I have used it for chicken, roast, saurkraut and pork. Vegetables turn out great. It all turned out delicious. It does not burn things. The clear glass lid is an excellent addition to this set. Buy this set and you will love it. Pressure Perfect cookbook by Lorna Sass is a wonderful book full of useful information and great recipes....more info
  • Great pressure cooker (despite broken handle)
    I was so impatient to receive this pressure cooker, so imagine my disappointment when it arrived with a handle broken in about 4 pieces. Fortunately Amazon customer service was excellent and they sent out a new order the same day. The weather had been below freezing for a number of days and I wonder if the handle became too brittle in the cold temps during transport. A day later I had my new shipment and it arrived in perfect condition. The directions for removing the valve are not very clear, but once I figured that out, it's been a breeze ever since. It's very easy to use and I feel that it's very safe. I'd only used a pressure cooker for canning, so actual cooking with it took a little practice and I'm still learning. Even my mistakes (over-cooking) have been tender and delicious. I love my fagor pressure cooker and I definitely recommend it. I think the problem with the handle was just a random glitch and Amazon was great about it....more info
  • pressure cooker
    I love this pressure cooker. I've never had one, but feel safe with this one. I really like having the smaller pot with the set, for making small batches of food. I highly recommend it. It's very easy to use....more info
  • Terrific product in a great set
    I purchased this set as a Christmas gift for my daughter and then asked for one for myself too! All I knew about pressure cookers was from decades ago, but this is not our mothers' cooker. It is very attractive, well-constructed, and safe to use. Having 2 pot sizes is wonderful. When I cook for my husband and me, I am finding the smaller one to be just right. I've cooked meats, veggies, dried beans, and brown rice all to perfection. It's great to take meat or poultry straight from the freezer and have it on the table in 30 minutes or less all tasty and fork-tender. I also purchased "Pressure Perfect" by Lorna Sass. It has more practical techniques and recipes than the little cookbook that came with the set. Can't wait to try a cheesecake! And thanks, Amazon.com, for the free shipping!!...more info
  • How can I do without it?
    Have this set for 3 years. It has been used on daily basis. Time and energy saver. Great investment. My whole family is eating so much healthier. Being a mom of small kids, I can certainly say: can not do without it. I 'v my eyes on Fagor's electric pressure cooker now, but just wish it comes with stainless steel pot. Unless then, I will stick to my stove top version. Fagor is top quality....more info
  • I love it
    I bought it for my wife, and she's been looking for one for a long time till we finally decided on this one, and it works just great :)...more info
  • Fagor Duo Combi 5 Piece Pressure Cooker Set - FABULOUS
    I have had several pressure cookers over the years and by far this set is the easiest to use. Very nice!!! Great results every time. Everyone should try the Fagor Pressure Cooker!!!!...more info
  • Jury is out still
    My experience started out a little badly. I received the larger pot with a broken handle right out of the packaging. The manufacturer did send me a new handle without much hassle, so the recovery was good. Having been a long time user of a rocker top pressure cooker I find it a little difficult to determine if the cooker is fully under pressure and how to adjust the temp down to get the cooking/pressure correct. Having always had a larger pot having the smaller pot is kinda cool for smaller items I would not have previously pressure cooked. I also really like the option to relieve pressure without putting the pot under cold water. I will have to do some more cooking before I decide whether this was just an Ok or good purchase....more info
  • the best way to cook
    i have been using a pressure cooker for many yrs now...i used to use one of those flimsy ones that whistle like crazy and always burn at the bottom. this pressure cooker cooks really evenly and it is so easy to open and close, fuss free. i recently made a wonderful chicken curry dish, and an indian lentil dish in my pressure cooker both under 20 minutes....its perfect i highly reccommend it to someone who is familiar with how to use a pressure cooker.......more info


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