Hound Dog Products Turf Hound Aerator #HDP3-8

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Product Description

Use the Hound Dog Products "Turf Hound" to makes room for grass roots to grow thicker and healthier, for a thicker, healthier lawn. The Turf Hound removes 4-inch plugs of turf to loosen compacted soil and break down thatch, allowing for the free flow of water, air, and fertilizer to the roots of your lawn and curing its trouble spots. It is the secret solution to having golf-course-quality turf. The Turf Hound's unique U-shaped handle is designed for easy stepping and comfort; it also features a rust-proof finish and durable, lightweight construction for long-lasting wear, as well as a large footstep for greater ease. The Turf Hound comes with 4-inch steel coring tubes. A limited lifetime warranty is included.

  • Turf Hound tool allows thicker, healthier lawn growth
  • Removes 4-inch plugs from turf to allow water and fertilizer flow
  • Durable steel construction and rustproof finishes for long-lasting wear
  • U-shaped handle and large footstep for easy stepping and comfort
  • Limited lifetime warranty

Customer Reviews:

  • So simple yet so useful
    In my townhouse's small backyard, I needed to aerate the heavily compacted soil on the cheap. This tool is so simple, sturdy, and just plain perfect for the smaller yard I have. Make sure the soil is a little moist (not wet) before using to let this job go really quickly. ...more info
  • Great idea, but...
    Mine also clogged after the first row (about 30 plunges). I unclogged it and tried again, but the cores did not pop out. First it was one side that was clogged then the other side about 10 times later.

    The reason for the few stars, is because I called the company on their 100% guarantee, several times, left 2 messages and have yet to get a response....more info
  • just what I'd hoped
    The product worked just as I'd hoped. My yard is full of superficial tree roots and I didn't know how I could aerate with a machine (besides, when my neighbors rented an aerator, I found the machine was too heavy for me to handle by myself). The product was easy to use and I was able to do my whole front lawn more quickly and with less fatigue than I'd expected. The advice about making sure the soil is neither too wet nor too dry was helpful....more info
  • Sandy soils (smile) Clay soils (frown)
    Unfortunately, the device is virtually worthless on clay or semi-clay soil. Do not make the mistake of following the directions to water your lawn the day before aeration. MOSITURE is the killer for this device. Moisture in clay soil becomes slimy and sticky and will plug the aeration tubes causing lots of frustration. If the tubes are getting plugged, your soil is likely too wet.

    Those with sandy soil should be fine. Those of us with claylike soil need to disregard the directions and plan very carefully. The wet springtime is likely NOT a good time to try to use this device (or others like it). Even though I waited three days after a mild spring shower, the soil was still too wet.

    I decided to stop aerating until summertime when I can find a good solid week of hot, dry weather. Then I'll keep from watering the entire week and try aerating again. Right now, only about 40% of the time, the plugs even come out at all. Only about 10% of the time does a full 3-4 inch plug come out. Most of the time it just makes a hole which compacts the soil around it even worse than it was before using the product. When I feel the plug, it is sticky and wet. Not good.

    I'm sure this device works as intended if the soil you are working on is just very slightly moist and crumbly. If it is sticky or wet (as most clay soils are), you will not be happy. Trust me. I will give the product three stars at this point because it appears to work on sandy soil. However, I will deduct a couple of stars since the advertisements and documentation is very weak on how to handle clay soils (if it's able to handle clay at all).

    I will update this review in the summertime when I've had a chance to dry out my clay soil sufficiently to try the product again.
    ...more info
  • Does what it claims
    I only needed to aerate a 40'x 3' strip of grass. This little device did as good a job as a power core aerator for less than it would have cost to rent one and doesn't need petrol. Of course I now have a tool I can use year after year for this annual maintenance and it takes very little space to store. It is sturdily built and should last for years. ...more info
  • Hound Dog to the rescue
    The Hound Dog turf aerator is very simple to use. You can practically walk with it held in your hands and a foot on the hound dog and cover a large area rather quickly. The only problem I found was roots. Roots can clog it up very easily, tree roots that is. Keep a half inch stick handy to unclog it. I doubt it will ever wear out.
    JL...more info
  • Lost my Business
    I have been researching these aerators and ended up having to buy the competitor's (Yard Butler) mostly for the fact that Hound Dog uses the most inappropriate typeface, Comic Sans, for their packaging. This may seem superficial, but I want a tool that is going to be tough and Comic Sans makes it seem like a toy. If they don't care enough about their product to give it quality packaging, how can I know if they put any effort into making it a quality product?
    Hound Dog should read this article:
    http://online.wsj.com/article/SB123992364819927171.html...more info
  • Works like I expected
    I've got a small yard since I live in those densely packed communities where my neighbor can see me walking around in my boxers in the morning as I take my dog out to the bathroom.
    This aerator does a good job pulling up cores from my compacted lawn. Sometimes the cores get stuck in the aerator and it is a pain to remove them. The best method is to just keep stomping around the yard and eventually they pop out.
    If I had a huge lawn I'd be tempted to use only this just for the exercise. Can't beat stomping around your yard on a nice day with a wad of chew and your dog running around. ...more info
  • Good Exercise, works great.
    My lawn was not well thought out by the developers of my neighborhood, and as a result there is a lot of hard soil underneath my lawn. After using this product, I have found that my lawn is growing much better in the areas I used it. Sometimes the dirt is too hard to push through, but after the soil has been adequately moistened, it works great. I think it is well worth the money....more info
  • Turf Hound Works Great!
    I purchased the turf hound because I wanted the convenience of a core aereator for trouble spots or to do my whole lawn without renting or buying a power aereator.. The soil needs to be a little wet (not soaked) and it works great. I was a little concerned about how much effort would be required - no problem. ...more info
  • Top quality aerator
    The Hound Dog turf Aerator #HDP3-8 is sturdy and easy to use as opposed to the single handled brands. Of course it helps it the lawn/soil is wet before tackling the job. Price is also great! I would greatly recommend this product....more info
  • Well Built, Works Well
    I'm very pleased with both the price and the performance of this aerator. My builder didn't put topsoil down before laying sod so there are a lot stones a few inches below the lawn. This baby didn't bend, break, or get damaged in any way even in these demanding conditions....I'm impressed. I would recommend this product to anyone who doesn't mind the effort and sweat necessary to use a manual aerator. ...more info
  • Works really well, even in Colorado clay soil
    I had my doubts about whether this would work, given that the soil in Colorado is very tough clay. Well, I actually had fun aerating my lawn with it this afternoon. I was able to get about 600 sq ft done in a little over an hour. It was easy to use, just step and pull, the plugs come right out as you step the next time. I liked the wide step area - sometimes it was easier to go in on one side, and rotate the other side in rather than going straight down. I also liked that it actually does pull out soil plugs, rather than just poking holes in the lawn (which I understand is less effective). It was kind of drizzly today - so not soaking wet, but definitely moist soil. Trying to aerate with dry clay would not have been fun. I kind of got into a rhythm after a while, and it was not hard work. Just required a little patience. I don't think this would be good for huge lawns - our patch is fairly small (because we like having less lawn work to do generally). But for small lawns, it sure beats paying someone to do it! Very happy with the product (actually pleasantly surprised by how well it worked), and would recommend....more info
  • Sturdy, Simple, Perfect
    Very sturdy, solid steel. Heavy Duty but not heavy. This tool will easily out live me. Easy to use. Cores pop right out of the top and the tapered core tube didn't allow anything to get stuck inside. You wouldn't want to do a large area with any hand held aerator but the convenience of having one for high traffic or other problem areas is very satisfying. A great value....more info
  • Nice cores for small trouble areas
    Hound Dog products I've used seem to be great. I have the flat faced shovel and the weed hound in addition to the core aerator. Making plugs is nice and easy. The limiting factor is how hard or rocky your soil is. It is best to do the coring when the soil is moist, otherwise the effort goes up.

    The 2-core aerator can easily do trouble spots and also small areas that commercial plug aerators cannot access. It seems to be well made and works very well....more info
  • gets clogged way to easily
    Maybe it's just me, or maybe it's the type of grass I have, or maybe it's the amount of tree roots running through the grass, or maybe it's because the soil it too wet, or too dry, or too sandy, or too clayish. I don't know. But I do know that when trying to use this on 600 sq ft of lawn, I had to stop and clean out the holes a couple dozen times. And it's not easy to clean them out. Takes a combination of screwdriver + hose. This quadrupled the amount of time it should have taken. Perhaps if they had tapered the holes a bit more it would have been ok?...more info
  • A Real Dog
    I purchased this tool thinking that I would save a few bucks and gain a workout by not renting one of the big, expensive and unwieldly aerating machines. The plugs of dirt popped out obediently enough for the first two plunges, then got massively jammed full of dirt. Once jammed full like this, the tool simply punches holes that you could do with a piece of rebar or something similar. I thought perhaps the soil was too dry for this to work so I waited until after a nice rain to try again. After clearing the holes and going out post-rain (but not too wet) this thing still jammed immediately. Worse yet, it pulled up large chunks of soil when withdrawing the tool from the dirt. The soil in my yard is wonderful, loamy stuff- I only need to aerate a couple of areas of high traffic- I am not expecting miracles here, but this just did not perform. I ended up sticking an old hay fork into the groud repeatedly. Save your money. ...more info


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