Soleus Air MAC-10 10,000 BTU Portable AC/Dehumidifier/Heater and Fan with Remote

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Product Description

This new model is one of the most powerful portable air conditioners on the market, providing 10000 BTU cooling capacity with whisper quiet operation and low power consumption. NO CONDENSATE DRAIN OR RESERVOIR REQUIRED... new technology of flowing air ove

  • No water bucket to empty-collected moisture is recycled and eliminated through the exhaust duct.
  • Smart chip technology - computer driven controls and LCD display remote give you precise control
  • 50 pint dehumidifier
  • Energy efficient dual motor design includes a dual hose venting system
  • CPU Driven remote control
Customer Reviews:
  • when is the class action suit?
    I have a soleus Air 9000 PE2-09R-32. Soleus PE2-09R-32DB 9000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner It worked okay for a year. Now the drip pan red light comes on everytime I use it. The design to drain it as noted in other reviews is very poor. I flooded my carpet the first time I drained it. The little pan and hose does not give you an indictation of what to expect. I used the exhaust to dry the rug after. Since then i've been pushing it outside to drain. This isn't an easy task and water has been spiling over. The manuel says not to move it when the pan is full inside. This was an expensive endeavor. It cannot be run unattended. I wish the evaporation system worked. It did work for one season. Last year I didn't have the light come on to drain it at all. So what happened? Did it break? Could it be fixed? When it did work and I didn't have to drain it -- I would have given it 3 1/2 stars. It did cool the room and I was able to move it from the bedroom to my office well enough. This is after modifying the venting system with better insulation on a wood fitting for my window. Last year -- too much heat was coming back in the room from their window kit. ...more info
  • Not for high-humidity climates!!
    Earlier this year we purchased the LX-120 Evaporative Mobile Air Conditioner w/Dual Exhaust Ducts for our basement bedroom. Our windows are too small to accommodate a standard window air unit, and the basement can gets very hot and humid in the summer months.

    We were very happy with the performance of the unit until a few weeks ago. According to the product description and the user manual the "evaporative technology means there's no water bucket to empty." Apparently no one tested this product in a hot and humid climate, where one might actually need an air conditioner with dehumifiying capabilities.

    It's so wonderful that there is no water bucket to empty. But would someone mind telling me why, then, there is a water-full indicator light? Furthermore, why does the water tank, even when emptied at 9 p.m. fill up and necessitate emptying, lest the unit stop working, every night between 1:30 and 3:30am? I would be very interested to know how this feature was programmed. Is this on a timer? This is especially amazing because our use of a separate dehumidifier unit in the same room, does not affect the timing or reliability of this process. Truly an amazing feat of engineering.

    Even though we're not supposed to have to empty the water tank, I would also like to thank your thoughtful engineers for providing a convenient vent plug for this task. I can't imagine a better placement of this 1/2 inch diameter and 1 inch long inflexible port than less than 1 inch above the floor in a recessed area in the back of the unit, making gravity completely useless. This design feature makes emptying the water tank, that we're not supposed to have to empty, an exciting challenge - especially at 2:30am. And the heavy duty casters that allow the unit to roll easily? Genius! This ensures that we are unable to place the unit on a raised surface above the floor to help drain the water.

    I would also like to say thank you for not including with the unit, any instructions, recommendations, or accessories that we might use to empty said tank because one of my favorite activities is strolling the aisles of the hardware stores looking for viable alternatives that I can construct on my own. I can't think of a better use for my time. The only way we can empty the water tank is with a cookie sheet - as this is the only object low enough to the ground that will hold any amount of water. We tried some plastic tubing to drain into a bucket, but alas, the port is so low to the ground that this is practically useless. We have also tried the low-tech procedure... open the port and let it drain onto a towel on the floor. This ruins our towels and creates extra laundry in the process - FUN!

    ...more info
  • Does what its suppose to do very well
    I have this unit for over a year (14 months). Bought it at another outfit (Costco) and use it to cool a my basement where I have my computer systems. The unit performs as as described. Keeps the whole area quite cool. Once i accidently set the heat and I can attest that it does that quite well. I would have given it 5 stars if it wasn't for the fact that it all of a sudden stopped working. Of course, naturally it stopped after the 1 year warranty. Searching for answers and help is almost next to none until I found the reviews here and noticed that the some were saying that the water tray may be full. So I drained it and bingo it started up again without any hesitation. So if it wasn't for the moment of thinking I would have to go out and get another one or find some service center to fix it, and now have to keep an eye out when the water collector gets full, I would have given it a 5 star....more info
  • Is Not Self-evaporating in Mid Atlantic area
    We are well satisfied with the cooling capacity of our Mac 10 but if you live in a high humidity area do not plan on the unit keeping up with the amount of moisture produced. We were having to empty the very small reserve tank every 2 hours and were getting about 2 cups of water each time. The tap to empty is in a very inconvenient place. We finally drilled a hole in our floor into the basement and attached a hose to it. Now it drains directly into a wash tub in the basement and we empty that into the sump hole every couple of days. Again, the cooling capacity is wonderful and takes care of 3 rooms for us but with our humidity the unit can't keep up with evaporation....more info
  • Go with a window unit
    If you plan on using a Soleus, be careful. The unit will leak water all over your floor in addition to requiring constant emptying which is a huge pain due to the fact the valve is less the .5 inches off the ground. Soleus considers a normal 90 degree day in Chicago to be "extreme circumstances". I guess most of you want an air conditioner for those cool dry days....more info
  • Great System!!!
    I have been running my unit for 10 months straight. I live in Glendale AZ, and I am accustomed to 120 degree days in the summer. I have a three story loft, and purchased it for spot cooling my upstairs bedrooms. It is great! It keeps the 3rd floor about 5-8 dgrees cooler (70-72) in the heat of summer, and I have NEVER had to empty out any water. I have never tried the other functions really, but as an A/C, this unit is top notch! I paid $449 for it, and it was worth every penny! It doesn't even need to stay on constantly to maintain the temp! Good value and unit!...more info
  • I wish I had read these other reviews before I bought...
    As the many previous reviewers have warned, this unit will leak water onto to your floor. It ran for a week without any apparent problem, but now I can't run it for even a half an hour without it leaking. I have drained the water tank but that didn't help. It seems to be a defective design. I would advise anyone thinking of purchasing this product to consider something else. ...more info
    I paid $437.00 for this air conditioner. It worked very well for 30 days and then it began to leak severely. It drenched my carpet! I've been dealing with Soleusair since about mid July and it's been an awful experience. Phone tag...e-mail tag... lots of excuses about their phones being inoperative, and first they asked for copies of receipts (OK that's reasonable) and now I am being asked to provide a tracking number from the shipper (give me a break!). It's obvious that the company's tactic is to harass their disgruntled customers until they give up and go away. I will most likely have to pay about $70.00 to ship this junk back. I will never buy another soleusair product especially over the internet! ...more info
  • 3 in one--who would have thought it would work so well
    To have an AC, dehumidifier and heater all in one, and have them all work very well for only 450 dollars is excellent! The Soleus dehumidifiers all have such good ratings so I thought I would try this model so I could very its function depending on my needs and the weather. I have been impressed--I would recommend this to anyone living in an area where the conditions always seem to be changing....more info
    What a huge disappointment. We live on the east coast where the humidity can get ugly and these units simply cannot handle it. Once the internal drip pan is full the compressor shuts off and it goes into "self-evaporative" mode which the manufacturer says should take only 15 minutes but i much more than that in high humidity. This continues so often in high humidity that the subsequent cooling is hardly effective. There is no tank to empty (like in a dehumidifier) and the drain port is flush with the bottom of the unit so the only thing onto which you can manually drain it is a cookie sheet. It took MUCH complaining to both the Manufacturer (Soleus) and SELLER (COMPACT APPLIANCE - an online outfit in TEXAS--AVOID LIKE THE PLAGUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) to get any help. The manufacturer finally sent us a condensation pump (to be applied externally) as part of the warranty. Nice of them but they didn't tell us (refused to acknowledge is more like it) that because the drain is flush with the floor and is a gravity flow system, you need to then ELEVATE the unit to higher than the external pump to get the water to drain into it. I now have the units up on 2 huge pieces of styrofoam. It is very attractive as you can easily imagine....NOT. Anyway...I cannot figure out what the advantage is in having these units. This all because I wanted to avoid a window unit. I am planning to sell these for cheap to someone who wants to use them in a garage or somewhere else that has a drain in the floor. What a waste....more info
  • Leaks a lot of water!
    I installed this unit in a carpeted bedroom. It leaks. I don't mean a few drops, it leaks a LOT of water! The owner's manual states "Water will accumulate in a holding tank at the bottom of the unit, and the unit will automatically shut off." WRONG! Yes, the water does accumulate but the unit never shuts off. It overflows until a human shuts it off.

    The first night I ran this in my bedroom, I awoke to about a 6-foot circle of very wet carpeting. I drained the tank manually (very difficult to do without spilling even more water) and then was stupid enough to try it a second night. The next morning I awoke to a much larger circle of sopping wet carpet.

    Two days later the company is not returning my calls and the bedroom is starting to smell of mold and mildew. I am afraid this may turn into a very expensive replacement carpet....more info
  • perhaps a lemon?
    The unit I received has a few problems:
    1) It is quite loud. (We have another of the same unit in this building, and it is not nearly as loud.)
    2) The first weekend I left it turned on, it flooded my office. It has a resevoir to catch the collected humidity, but almost all of it is supposed to be exhausted through the exhaust hose. Our other unit collects perhaps a cup of water per week in the resevoir. This one dumped perhaps four gallons of water onto my desk and onto the floor.
    3) I'm having a very difficult time with Soleus getting this problem taken care of. They do not return calls; they promise to do things; but nothing has happened yet. It's been a few weeks.

    I'm not happy....more info
  • Cools However, it Leaks Rivers of water on the Floor...
    The unit does cool wonderfully, However it has leaked rivers of water onto my carpet. I have left 3 messages with the manufacturer and have gotten NO response from them. I see no possible easy way to drain the water since the port is one inch off the floor. I have resorted to putting the unit on a dog kennel tray to prevent the saturation of the surrounding carpet. I would consider selling the item to get rid of it, However, I cannot even begin to imagine the bad feedback I would get from selling this item. Next step is to try returning to original place of purchase since in my opinion the item is defective--it recycles little or no water. Only dumping water on the floor. Good Luck buying this, Buyer Beware!...more info
  • dehumidifier requires constant drainage!
    i love this unit- it is cool and quiet- but when the A/C is running, at least in Boston, apparently the water can't evaporate fast enough and so it fills every 2-3 hours! the "water full" light blinks and the a/c turns off until you manually release the water from the little tube at the bottom of the unit, 1" off the floor, so it is impossible to even get a bottle under it to catch it! i have started letting the water drain into a cookie sheet, because that's the only thing that can fit under the tube and hold the amount of water that drains. i've been in contact with soleus to ask their advice, and have gotten generic and useless responses. also, since i have opened the box i cannot return the item to the origional seller! i was trying to get a MORE convienient A/C, but it is also very large and the tubes are huge. also, the cord is only 6 feet long, though mine seems to be okay on an appliance extension cord. sigh. now i wish i had just gotten 2 cheaper ones for my windows instead of this huge dripping one. but my room is fresh and cool- for an hour at a time......more info
  • Outstanding Spot Conditioner
    I purchased this unit from Amazon to provide spot conditioning to my loft, as I've just cut the trees around the house and increased the heat load. While I can't rate its utility as a stand-alone room unit, for my purpose it works well.
    The unit is not too noisy, when operating as an AC, it has two fans and the compressor running, but it rates favourably with window units I've heard. I question the 60 pints resevoir, the manual says removing the drain plug yields about 1.5 liters (12 pints) but who cares? The water goes out the exhaust. I did insulate the exhaust hose, as it gets pretty hot.
    The remote control is outstanding. All the functions appear on the remote, and there is an audible 'beep' from the unit that indicates that it recieved your instruction. The remote even has a clock (woot!). Lastly, from the remote only you can access the 'sweep' function. This causes the internal dampers of the air output to sweep left to right and back, distributing the air over about 120 degrees of an arc.
    I've only had the unit a week, so I can't rate its longevity, but its features and cooling ablilty are top notch.

    Update: I've now gone through two 90 degree plus days of bright sunshine, and the unit keeps the loft colder than the downstairs! I consider that quite an acomplishment. I continue to be very satisfied....more info