Soleus Air MAC-12 12,000 BTU Evaporative Portable AC/Dehumidifier/Heater and Fan with Remote

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Product Description

"SOLEUS AIR" PORTABLETANKLESS AIR CONDITIONER*Air conditioner,dehumidifier, heater, and fanall in one*1350W cooling capacity(12,000 BTU)*1350W heating capacity(5,000 BTU)*60 pint dehumidifier*3 speed fan with oscillation*64-90 degrees F adjustablethermostat*24 hour programmable timerwith memory*Heavy duty caster wheels*Window venting kit included-duel hose*Remote control included*Ivory*Boxed

  • No water bucket to empty-collected moisture is recycled and eliminated through the exhaust duct.
  • Smart chip technology - computer driven controls and LCD display remote give you precise control
  • 60 pint dehumidifier
  • Energy efficient dual motor design includes a dual hose venting system
  • CPU Driven remote control
Customer Reviews:
    I had an Amcor a/c for a long time and still have it and works great... I decided to get a new a/c since I wanted one with a remote for it since I had lost my remote for my Amcor recently... I love this a/c so far I have had it for a little while and out of the other reviews written so far... I will admit that I did have a problem with overloading the breaker even with nothing plugged in but a laptop and a lamp with a flourescent light... I had to plug my air conditioner by using an 1875 Watt Heavy Duty Extension cord and have it go out the window to the garage below... ITS VERRRRY QUIET! The heater works pretty well... Just know its not like a regular heater its about a medium temperature heat and will not get to the point where it will burn your fingers off like a normal heater... The remote is great, though it should be made into a normal looking thermostat that you see on a central air conditioner... The remote reacts differently and is used like a thermostat where it waits like 2 seconds or until your done setting it and then it changes the air conditioner/heater settings... One small problem I ran into were the tubes... one brings in the air and the other vents it out... the one that vents the air out can get REAAAALLY hot and it HAS to be insulated with something wrapped around it anything will do even a pillow case... the air going in isnt as hot but can get pretty warm on hot days outside since its using outdoor air... For this air conditioner I give it 5 Stars and will admit it DOES work! Now I have not run into the flooding problems like anyone else but I guess we will see... Then again I am guessing its shipping damage! ...more info
  • Overated BTU's
    We attempted to use this unit to cool a small computer room.(10x10x8 insulated)Without any cooling the room would get to about 85 degrees. With the unit set to 68 degrees the best it can do is take the temp down to 77 degrees. Some may say we are expecting too much from this unit but I owned a 12,000 btu window unit for my home and I can tell you this unit does not put out any where near the same amount of cold air. I can guarantee my old window unit would keep this little room cool(cold). From what I have read it appears all of these portable units are way overated for their BTU's. I would estimate the output as being 50% of what they are advertising. The two duct design is a great idea but the exhaust duct creates a tremendous amount of radiant heat to the point of being counter-productive to the cool air being produced....more info
    What a huge disappointment. We live on the east coast where the humidity can get ugly and these units simply cannot handle it. Once the internal drip pan is full the compressor shuts off and it goes into "self-evaporative" mode which the manufacturer says should take only 15 minutes but i much more than that in high humidity. This continues so often in high humidity that the subsequent cooling is hardly effective. There is no tank to empty (like in a dehumidifier) and the drain port is flush with the bottom of the unit so the only thing onto which you can manually drain it is a cookie sheet. It took MUCH complaining to both the Manufacturer (Soleus) and SELLER (COMPACT APPLIANCE - an online outfit in TEXAS--AVOID LIKE THE PLAGUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) to get any help. The manufacturer finally sent us a condensation pump (to be applied externally) as part of the warranty. Nice of them but they didn't tell us (refused to acknowledge is more like it) that because the drain is flush with the floor and is a gravity flow system, you need to then ELEVATE the unit to higher than the external pump to get the water to drain into it. I now have the units up on 2 huge pieces of styrofoam. It is very attractive as you can easily imagine....NOT. Anyway...I cannot figure out what the advantage is in having these units. This all because I wanted to avoid a window unit. I am planning to sell these for cheap to someone who wants to use them in a garage or somewhere else that has a drain in the floor. What a waste....more info
  • don't waste your money
    I didn't buy the soleus mac12K at amazon but rather from a retail outlet here in southern CA. After being disappointed with an earlier purchase that I made online, I decided to go into a brick and mortar store and ask the relevent questions.

    I was told by the salesman that the reason that the previous air conditioner doesn't work was becuase of the single hose exhuast. The soleus, with it's dual hose design and 12000 btu of cooling power would make my 170 sq ft room freeze. That turned out to be an outright lie.

    I started out by testing the air conditioner in the living room with a sliding door. The unit worked well for the first few minutes, cooling the room from about 90 to 87 degrees. Then the compressor would stop running and the cooling mode acted like fan mode and started heating the room back to over 90 degrees. I would be able to get the compressor to work again by unplugging the ac plug and then starting the ac again. The same problem repeated.

    Then I moved the air conditioner into the kitchen. It was about 95 degrees to begin with and it only got to 92 and did not drop even after an hour. There were no problems here with the compressor turning off for no reason.

    Then I moved the air condtioner into the bedroom. It was able to cool the room down only a few degrees. Besides being loud, it also takes up a lot of current, 12A to be exact and 1350W of power. This would repeatedly trip up the circuit breaker if other appliances such as iron or computers were to be used that were on the same circuit.

    The air conditioner appeared to work better when the outside temperature was below 80 degrees. But even then, it does not cool the room below 72. But with the outside temperature in the mid to upper 90s, the room would be in the mid to upper 80s. About the only thing that worked as advertised was that there was no bucket to empty.

    I ended up returning the unit after a week with a 25% restocking fee. I was offered an exchange but didnt' even bother.

    ...more info