Walk Away the Pounds with Leslie Sansone- Get Up and Get Started - 1 Mile

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Good for you. You're ready to start the workout you can stick with for life. You will be amazed how fast 1 mile goes by --- and how much better you'll feel afterwards. Justa mile a day keeps the fat away ( and the stress and the health problems and the aching back) So dust off that VCR and give it a workout as we GET UP AND GET STARTED

Customer Reviews:

  • Awesome
    I never found time for exercising, it was either too cold or raining or too hot. With Leslie Sansone, WATP, I can exercise any time, rain or shine. She motivates and her workouts are designed for all ages no matter how fit or unfit you are. I was able to do the 2 mile tape and she gives you a marker on the tape so you can see where you are. This is not only walking but cardio. I love it and recommend it to anyone who is not a "big exercise fan". She is very down to earth and has people of all sizes doing her workout....more info
  • NOT motivated?? TRY THIS!!!
    I was always finding excuses to not exercise, and after hearing success stories, i wanted one of my own. This is short and simple, and VERY motivating. It's only about 18 minutes, with a small amount of stretching at the end. Between this and the three mile, is how i get my exercise, it's also motivated me to go out and take an outdoor walk daily!! PERFECT for beginners.

    At the end of the movie when she talks about how she knows you'll make it to the 2nd and 3rd mile, i was like "NEVER"!! Then two days later i went after saving up my money and bought the three mile at my local target.

    I LOVE THESE!!! I use cans instead of weights, i don't have weights. I just ordered 3 more videos and one of her books from amazon, i'm addicted!! Just get up and try, it's so simple and you have nothing to lose....except those burning calories!!!! THANK YOU LESLIE!!!...more info
  • Not the best
    I was very disappointed in this tape. It's not very demanding and there's so much chatter you get to the point you'd rather turn the sound off then listen one more time. That's Leslie's biggest problem. She talks too much and forgets that these tapes will be used more than one or two times. There are better tapes out there and Leslie has a few....more info
  • Ease in Exercising
    I knew exactly what I was getting when I ordered this tape as I had taken
    it out from the library prior to ordering. It was just what I wanted and
    the seller was most cooperative. No complaints here....more info
  • Wonderful for anybody
    I bought this tape for my mother originally who is in her 60's and is limited to certain exercises because of arthritis. She is in love with the 1 mile. I, myself, enjoy the 2 and 3 mile walks. Great addition to my growing exercise video library. If you are used to "The Firm" type work outs, you may not find this too challenging, though it does get your heart pumping.

    Yeah, some of the chatty is a bit corny, but I tend to overlook it. Leslie seems to be a great motivator. I just use 3.3 lbs weights which work fine with me....more info

  • This Workout Is Wonderful!
    My mother, who is 46 years old, started doing this workout a couple months ago. I always shrugged it off until a couple days ago. I was watching the video while my mother did it and I really had an urge to try it. Leslie seemed very friendly and inviting, but not overly annoying (like other instructors in many workout videos), and the workout is simple with just enough difficulty. This is really great if you're out of shape and don't have a lot of time. Anyone can do it...it's really easy and dare I say, fun! Whether you're 17, like me, or 70...skinny or chubby...this video is for you. I highly recommend it....more info
  • A lucky find
    Fifteen years ago, I followed a Jane Fonda challenge video for an hour and a half every day. With passing years, I have become a walker, but in my cold climate, that only works in the summer. I have no room for a treadmill, so this video has become the perfect choice for me to keep in shape during the cold part of the year. The movements are easy but change frequently enough to keep me from getting bored, and the short, but invigorating routine is easy to fit into my busy day. True, Leslie yaks most of the time, but at least she doesn't have an irritating voice. I especially appreciate that all the members of the exercise team look like real people with an assortment of body types, and not like cookie-cutter models!...more info


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