Euro-Pro Shark Cyclonic Bagless Handheld Vacuum

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Product Description

Get the powerful suction of a full-size vacuum in the conveniently small Shark Plus Bagless Cyclonic Hand Vac. With strong direct suction and a mighty motorized brush, this vacuum deep cleans the carpet of ground-in dirt and matted pet hair. You don't have to worry about buying and changing bags, as this vacuum features a rinse-clean true HEPA dust cup that eliminates over 99% of airborne particles. Includes an integrated stretch hose for reaching lofty curtains and blinds, a direct-suction hose and ergonomic handle for comfortable use. Imported. 11-1/2Lx7Wx8-1/2D".

Though cyclonic suction is usually the domain of upright vacuums, Euro-Pro has harnessed the technology for this heavy-duty handheld Shark. Though no slim little model, the vacuum is compact and lightweight with powerful direct suction and a motorized brush roll. These features make it suitable for dry pickups on bare floors as well as deep cleaning on plush carpets. Whatever the task, the cyclonic system at the rear of the appliance spins dirt and debris to keep suction strong and to simplify filtration. An onboard stretch hose increases the vacuum's applications and includes a built-in dusting brush for delicate surfaces. Euro-Pro also equips the vacuum with a tap-clean, rinseable HEPA filter for trapping particulates and allergens to keep the atmosphere cleaner and more healthful. Reasonably comfortable in use, the vacuum includes an ergonomically designed handle and a 15-foot power cord. --Emily Bedard

  • Cyclonic handheld vacuum for powerful direct suction
  • Includes motorized brush roll and see-through hose with dusting brush
  • HEPA filter traps particulates and allergens then rinses clean
  • Compact and lightweight design suitable for bare or carpeted surfaces
  • Equipped with 15-foot power cord for extra mobility
Customer Reviews:
  • Absolutely Love It!
    I have never written a review before, but after seeing these mixed reviews wanted to offer my perspective/experience with this vacuum. When I first got mine, it frustrated me immensely. Like others experienced, it would overheat quickly then need to sit 45-60 minutes to cool before it would turn on again. Then after a fairly short while, I couldn't get it to work at all. I finally discovered the problem - user error! I hadn't realized that because it works SO well and picks up SO much dirt and hair SO quickly, the canister needs to be emptied very frequently. If it gets too full, it doesn't get enough airflow and overheats. Since figuring this out, it hasn't gotten to the point of overheating/turning off a single time.

    But then I noticed that the cleaning power seemed to decrease over time. Again - user error. I hadn't realized how to properly clean the filter. In addition to emptying the canister, I learned that I needed to also take the screen off the filter and vigorously tap it against the side of the wastebasket, then reassemble. The first time I finally did this (after many months of frequent use), I was amazed at how much fine dirt had been caught in the accordion pleats of the filter. I actually needed to use a butter knife to pull all the clumps out. Now that I know how to clean it properly each time, I have no problems at all with this machine and love it so much that I plan to check out the full size Euro-Pro vacuums to replace my ailing current machine.

    I use mine not only to clean cat hair off my upholstery, but also to vacuum my area rugs, bath mats, carpeted stairs, car upholstery, and entryway rugs. I don't mind the time it takes to clean the canister/filter after each use, in fact I actually enjoy doing it because it's such a good feeling to SEE how much dirt this little machine is capable of pulling out of my carpets and upholstery. So please - don't be scared off from this vacuum - just take the time to learn how to use it properly. I gave only 4 stars because I feel this could all be better explained in the owner's manual....more info
    I have had my Euro-Pro Shark Cyclonic Bagless Handheld Vacuum for a year or so and love it.

    This hand vac is only good for one thing but it does that one thing very, very well: cleaning cushions and upholstery.

    It saves me much back pain and does a great job on cat hair. ...more info
  • If you want a durable vacuum, you don't want the Shark
    If there were a market for disposable vacuum cleaners, this would be the perfect product. It is powerful, but not designed for longevity. Starting the day I took it out of the box, it regularly overheated after several minutes' use and switched itself off, unusable for at least an hour while it cooled. The manufacturer even mentions this in the owner's manual, as though it's a feature. The Shark consistently clogged with pet fur because the opening in the dust receptacle is too narrow, leaving the opening packed with debris while the majority of the receptacle is empty. Finally, it died completely after six disappointing months. There's a reason this is one of the cheapest hand vacuums--it's low quality, amateur engineering and won't last. If you need something more, look elsewhere....more info
  • Good Luck Finding Replacement Belts
    This is an excellent vaccuum when it can be used. We have used our mainly for our stairs where using an upright was next to impossible. It picks up very well. We have had the belt break in it after only about three months of use. We have not been able to locate a replacement belt anywhere for it. The website for the company doesn't even offer a replacement. The manual doesn't even show it as a component. So be prepared for the same struggle that we are dealing with!!!...more info
    This is a great vac, but it is really loud. I gave it 1 star, as I think this is bad marketing by Euro_pro. It is so loud it made my ears ring. When I contacted the MFG about getting a refund, they had me check for blockage which there was none, and they then told me that the sound was normal. So if you need a great vac, it cleans up after my two cats really well, and you dont mind the loudness, buy this one. Otherwise..look for something else....more info
  • Best Little Sucker ever!
    This little beauty does exactly what it should, pick up dirt! The powerful motorized brush and huge vacuum, leave nothing behind. The attachments include an integrated brush you cannot lose and an edging tool that fits easily onto the hose without removing the brush. Brilliant! Canister filters can be cleaned with water and reused. Corners and edges are a bit difficult because the motorized brush doesn't get right up to the wall. However, the edge attachment works well enough to make up for this small short coming. The power cord could use a notched plug to attach to the cord for storage. Overall, this is the best hand vac I have come across and highly recommend it to anyone in need of a small vacuum cleaner....more info
  • Worked great, then burned up.
    At first, I was impressed with this little vacuum. It seemed to work as well as an upright, though extremely loud. However, it's now a month after buying it, and it no longer works.

    For being marketed as a vacuum for cleaning pet hair from upholstery and stairs, this vacuum has no internal protection against said hair. When I was using it one day, it stopped picking up anything. I looked at the brush, and it was not turning, though the vacuum was on. Upon turning it off, I discovered that cat hair had built up around one of the bearings on the edge of the brush and was preventing it from moving. Not only that, but the belt had created enough heat from friction that the metal "gear" burned a hole in the front plastic, and the belt no longer has enough tension to turn the brush.

    I could find no stores in my town or online that carry belts for this vacuum, and, despite being advertised as having a 3-year warranty, the company seems to have no website or contact information online.

    I even tried a belt meant for a handheld Dirt Devil, but it only works for about ten seconds before coming off.

    Stay away from this vacuum; spend twice as much and get something that will last....more info
  • Very impressed....
    I must admit, I am very impressed with the performance of this littl vacuum. I am the the owner of two cats, and any cat owner can tell you it is a chore getting up cat hair from the carpet and furniture no matter how much you brush your pets. This little machine got up all the pet hair from my furniture and carpet, I am very please. Although there are three draw backs to the machine. It is very loud, the canister could be much bigger to hold more debris and the band for the rotating brush is very expensive from Shark and hard to find. Also when the unit get very hot is automatically shuts off and you MUST wait 45 minutes before the machine can be restarted. As for the bands you can compromise with using the band for the Little Dirt Devil, but because the temperature from the Shark gets very hot, after several usages the band from the Dirt Devil does not maintain its original elastictivity....more info
  • This vacuum is awesome!
    Reading the pros and cons on other hand vacs, I was concerned that there wasn't any hand vac on the market that would do the job well. I could not find any reviews on this model - it must be newer - and was concerned by the negatives I read on other Euro-Pro machines. I decided to take a chance and try it.

    Well I was pleasantly suprised. This little v1510 Euro-Pro machine kicks [...] It has very strong suction both when used on carpet, as well as using the detachable hose and crevice tools. It is right sized and not too heavy - it's very comfortable to use. Does a great job getting into corners too.

    I got this because vacuuming carpeted stairs was such a chore - now it's a breeze. The v1510 picks up everything from fine dust to the dog hair my Norwegian Elkhound sheds constantly. (Pet owners this is the one for you!)

    The only negative aspect I could find is that it is loud - but I can put up with some noise considering how well it performs.

    Bonus: The unit comes with a three year warranty - 3years ! ...more info