Euro-Pro Shark Roadster Canister Vacuum

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Product Description

A budget canister with versatile accessories, the Shark Roadster is equipped for hard floors as well as carpets. At 10.8 amps of power, it is reasonably lightweight and maneuverable, with large wheels for easy mobility and onboard tools for quick conversi

A budget canister with versatile accessories, the Shark Roadster is equipped for hard floors as well as carpets. At 10.8 amps of power, it is reasonably lightweight and maneuverable, with large wheels for easy mobility and onboard tools for quick conversion. Dirt collection is bagged, and replacing the bags is a straightforward process, thanks to the wide-opening hatch. Though this is probably not the best machine for acres of wall-to-wall, it is handy for quick pickups, small carpeted areas, and bare floors. The plastic tools and accessories include a floor-to-carpet brush, a stretch hose, two extension wands, an upholstery tool, and a clever two-in-one brush and crevice attachment. Other useful details include a retractable cord, a full-bag indicator, manually adjustable suction, and large function buttons, Euro Pro covers the machine with a one-year warranty and throws in nine extra bags. --Emily Bedard

  • Lightweight canister vacuum for low carpets and bare floors
  • Includes onboard tools for accessory cleaning
  • Full bag indicator; retractable cord; adjustable suction
  • Large wheels for easy mobility
  • 1-year warranty
Customer Reviews:
  • Don't belive the Criticism
    I had a shark canister that lasted 7 years. It recently broke and I bought this model as a replacement. I was very impressed with the design and power. I was so impressed that for Mother's Day I bought one for my mom for Mother's Day. I made the mistake of reading the reviews AFTER I purchased the one for my mom. I was so upset at the reviews that bags were hard to come by that I canceled the order for my mom and went online to see if I would have a problem finding bags for my canister. I went right to Shark and placed an online order for two sets of bags on May 6th. I received the order today May 15!!!
    Please . . If you want a good vacuum at a reasonable price consider this model . . and don't believe everything you read!!!!!...more info
  • Great Little Vac for the Money!
    Despite its nearly all plastic construction, this little vac is quite rugged. We found ours at Target on clearance for $36 about 4 years ago. It didn't have the "Roadster" name and is labeled as Model EP709. Maybe it got the "Roadster" name not only from its sporty looks, but because of the noise it makes. Sounds more like a little jet engine to me. This vac has great suction despite the noise and is easy to move around. Easy to store in a closet due to its small size. After four years of regular use as our main vacuum, it's still in good working order. Our only problem recently is that the plastic hose has split near where it enters the nozzle. A little duct tape in the meantime keeps it together until we find a replacement. As for the bag scarcity, we bought several packages when we got the vac, which have lasted quite a while, but now we're down to our last two. If we can't track down any more soon, I'll make new ones. I save the cardboard collars from some of the old bags and attach them to similar size bags (of any brand) to make them fit this vac. ...more info
  • It's no disappointment!
    This is my second Euro-Pro Shark canister vacuum, and for the quick jobs, especially my tile kitchen floor and hardwood stairs, I am not at all disappointed. It has a good deal of suction for a little machine. I'm not as impressed with it for carpeting. The only other con, is that the hook to hold the tool doesn't work, but the job it does outweighs this con....more info
  • Can be PHENOMENAL or not so great
    I have had 3 of this particular vacuum. My family has 3 large dogs and kids and we are absolutely BRUTAL on vacuum cleaners going through several $300 machines. The 1st shark I had had the most amazing suction that it was well - a shark - it lasted over a year (which is truly a record in this house where we vacuum 3 times a day) 2nd one not such a shark - even though it was the same model. The 3rd one is good but not as amaing as the first. This is a great vacuum for hard floor as the suction is very strong and there are no brushes or belts to break. It is not a good machine for rugs as it doesn't really pick up well without the brush....more info

    Like the others who have experienced the incredible angst of owning this cute, compact vacuum, I add that there is no possible way to find replacement bags. When I bought the vacuum it was on sale (first red flag) at Best Buy. Going back to get replacement bags, they still had the item on their computer but no one knew nothin' about no replacement bags. The search, which continued through many stores and myriad websites led me to conclude I was sunk. Then my partner checked Amazon for their reviews and my fears were solidified, it was a dead end and I was left, pardon the pun, holding the bag. I implore Amazon not to sell these anymore, but it's still here. Oh well, we tried!...more info
  • Not a good vacuum at all
    This vacuum has only a few good things going for it. It has good suction (but only the nozzle, not with the head attached), it has retractable cord button, and is very portable. The bad parts are that it has very poor suction with the attachments, the attachment (singular, since it only came with the head) is horrible for carpet and either sucks the carpet and gets stuck or does not pick anything up at all. This vacuum is only good for vacuuming corners and small spaces with the hose....more info
  • Great power, easy to handle
    This compact vacuum cleaner is very powerful. It's easy to maneuver because of it's light weight and big wheels. Easy to clean under furniture. Works well on hardwood floors as well as carpet.

    The big disadvantage is that the replacement bags are very hard to find. I finally found an online store that sells them, although their shipping costs are relatively high. [...]
    ...more info
    What a peice of junk! Almost immeidtaely, the cord stopped retracting, then we ran out of bags and discovered that none were to be had. After much effort, I found their website, which listed bags. I ordered them they never came. I called the company and after about 30 minutes on hold a very bored person came online. I told her I ordered bags but they'd never arrived. "Oh" she said.
    "OH" ????!!!!
    After MUCH prying, she finally deigned to tell me that the vacuum was discontinued and so, she "guessed," were the bags.


    I suggest buying from this company only if you are very bored, want to spend a lot of time on hold on the phone, and don't really want to vaccum anyway.
    ...more info
    Impossible to find replacement bags!!! Only used it 6 times and already the cord retract does not work....more info
  • DO NOT buy this item
    It is impossible to find replacement bags. I tried calling Euro Pro and they keep me on hold for 10 minutes and hang up on me. The website is non-existent and I have tried every vaccuum cleaner store (including online). There are no bags to be found. What is worse is that the company doesn't seem to care. I will NEVER buy a Euro Pro product again. ...more info