Euro-Pro Shark Pursuit Bagless Vacuum with Bonus Handheld Mini Shark

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Changing the vacuum bag is a chore nobody likes and let's face it, the cost of disposable bags adds up. The Shark Pursuit Plus Bagless Upright Vacuum eliminates expense and annoyance with a mess-free true HEPA filter that empties with the push of a button. The dust cup helps maintain maximum suction power, eliminates over 99% of airborne dust and rinses clean. The vacuum's powerful cyclonic action is great for sucking up ground-in dirt and pet hair, and the super-wide 15" path shortens cleaning time. Includes stretch hose, on-board tools and an ergonomic handle for comfortable use. Imported. 35Hx16Wx10L".

  • 12-amp upright vacuum for bare floors, carpets, and above-floor jobs
  • Bagless dirt collection with a tap-clean True HEPA filter
  • Extra-wide 15-inch power head with optional brush roll and height adjustment
  • Quick-release hose wand; onboard tools for upholstery, dusting, and crevices
  • Includes 1-year warranty plus bonus handheld Mini Shark
Customer Reviews:
  • It sucks so bad, I feel guilty giving it to Goodwill
    My husband and I received this vacuum as a wedding gift after watching an info commercial on how great this vacuum was (our first mistake was the info commercial). I was so excited as a new bride to vacuum my apt with a brand new vacuum that didn't have a bag to change out as I had been doing since I was a kid.

    Everything was ok until I went out to the dumpster to empty the canister. Thinking it just opened and the contents fell out, I pulled on the lever and the entire contents including the filter went into the dumpster.
    Half and hour later after I had mangaged to fish the parts out of the dumpster with a broom handle, I had to wash the filter which didn't dry for 3 days!

    After that experience, it only got worse! We have short, cheep carpet in our apt that should be a breeze to vacuum, but instead, I find that the only thing that it picks up is the carpet deoderizer and sometimes, not even that!

    It also stopped working, which at the time I didn't know it was due to overheating. We had only had it a year.
    The attachments are a pain in the you-know-what to use.....should I go on or are you convince yet?

    I am so over this vacuum! I was going to sell it, but my husband thought that it would be mean to sell it for even $20 to some poor soul.

    We are saving our money and buying a Dyson.....
    The only thing this shark did was take a HUGE bite out of my patience! Save yourself and RUN!!!!!...more info
  • Annoying Shut Off
    I have had this vacuum for four yres. When it is working, it is wonderful. But that's the rub. It simply doesn't work very long. It has an emergency overheating shutoff. So you don't get to do too much vacuuming before it quits. My advice is to try soemthing else. It is annoying feature and there is no way to judge how long it will work. THis Shark bit me bad.
    ...more info
  • Hunk o' junk
    This was the best thing since sliced bread for about 4 months. Then it entered a slow and steady decline. It overheats, smells like it's burning, and the suction is laughable...or would be laughable I guess if I wasn't so ticked off at the effort I have to put in to vacuuming one little area rug. I think my husband and I got caught up in the marketing when we purchased this. I wish we had done better research....more info
  • Worst Vacuum ever!!
    I have had this vacuum for a couple of years now, and it has been completely un-usable from the start. It shuts down after 1 or 2 rooms, and you have to wait a few hours. Cleaning it is a pain, as you have to take the cannister completely apart and dust is in everything. I will only purchase a bag type vacuum in the future, bagless is just not worth the hassle, and this Shark Pursuit is an extreemly poor design.
    ...more info
  • Shark bagless
    What a piece of junk! My maid brings her old upright because she won't carry this heavy machine upstairs and it really doesn't clean at all. After a new years party we had some spanish nut halves on our hardwood floor and the vac wouldn't pick any of them up on the hardwood setting with the brush/beater turned off. It would barely move them. If it can't pick a half of a peanut up why even bother wassting all of those watts. After my first test run on the carpet there was nothing in the cannister. Guess my maid's must have cleaned up every spec of dust before I tried it. Another review stated "wish we had negative numbers."...more info
  • Do Not Waste Your Money
    Too bad they don't give you a negative star rating to choose from. This vaccum worked great for about the first month. After that it cuts off after vaccuming one room. I am about ready to throw in the lake! I would take it back to Foley's and tell them what a bad product they are selling but it has been too long. I kept fooling around washing the filters, letting them dry (which takes almost two days for them to dry!) and trying to vaccum again thinking it would get better, after all it wasn't a cheap cleaner. It does however pick up massive amounts of carpet deodrizer (you know that white powder you sprinkle on the floor)that my son's Oreck leaves behind. But after a couple of minutes it cuts off from being hot and filters clogged, so what good is that? I will just throw it in the dumpster because if I give it away, that person might become so frustrated they may throw it at me through my window!! LOL Seriously, this cleaner belongs in the dumpster! ...more info
  • Do not buy this product
    I got mine for Christmas, 4.5 months later the belt broke. It takes 8 weeks to get a new belt. You cannot buy parts for these vacuums anywhere but through the company. They don't even stock a simple parts such as a belt. I don't know about you, but have you ever tried to last 8 weeks without vacuuming? I bought a reputable vacuum today and the Shark is going to the goodwill!...more info
  • Worthless
    I bought a shark, the red model, with a little battery-charged sweeper. I hate the vacuum. The dirt, "cup" is hardly bigger than a coffee cup and fills up within minutes. After a couple of months it just quit picking up. I do like the little sweeper for floors though. I would not recommend it. You would be better off with a automobile hand-held vacuum....more info
  • A complete waste of cash and time
    My Shark vacuum's adjustable handle broke after only a month of use. Then, to make matters worse, it recently starting overheating and spontaneously shutting off, forcing me to vacuum only one room at a time. And this vacuum wasn't cheap! The Shark company makes little or no effort to fix its products, and I have been left with a near useless vaccum that I have only had for one year. Don't waste your time: buy a different brand!...more info
  • VERY Poor Suction - Especially if you Have Pets
    I purchased this vacuum after returning 2 Bissell Clean View II units where the beater bar locked up and melted. Although this vacuum has not had that problem, it is relatively WORTHLESS for basic vacuuming. I wonder if the folks at Euro-Pro even attempted to vacuum pet hair or anything else with it? You have to pass over something 3, 4 or 5 times to pick up visible debris - can you imagine what it is leaving behind deep in the carpet? The ONLY nice feature is the ability to turn off the beater bar when you are using the tool attachment, which I should add works like a tool attachment should. I have owned this vacuum for about 6 months, and plan on DONATING it to someone who doesn't have a vacuum, as this unit is better then not having one at all! That's not much of a compliment....more info
  • Don't Waste Your Money
    This vacuum cleaner is TERRIBLE and a complete waste of money. It overheats very quickly & takes forever to cool off so that you can continue vacuuming. The filters clog up quickly & easily making the vacuum lose suction. There's also hardly any suction when you use the tool attachments. When you empty the canister, dust flies everywhere! We ended up replacing it after only a few months with a Hoover Windtunnel Supreme (HEPA filtration with a special allergen bag) & are much happier with it....more info
  • Overheats, vaccuming takes forever!
    I purchased this at another store, and I wish I had read the reviews ahead of time. My mom sang the praises of her smaller shark, and I decided to purchase one. After a few minutes it overheats and is useless. The safety feature causes the periods where you CAN vaccuum to be way too short. I actually have to vaccuum the rest of the house with another vaccum. DO NOT RECOMMEND this if you a busy professional, as the overheating is very annoying....more info
  • dwanders
    Ihave own this vaccum for 6 months now; I searched for a vacum witha hepa filter because my family and I have allergies; Like the others I too took the vacuum back because it cut off; but i am told that that is a safety feature to keep the vacuum from over heating when you have it in down in a low position; I think the vacuum does a great job in my house; I have only 2 rooms of carpet and 6 rooms of hardwood; I like the feature of the attachment being handy easy to use; the the hepa filter works NO STALE VACUUM SMELLS I have clean my filter 2 times in 6 months; other vac. with hep filter cost $200.00 or more...more info
    Use the broomstick.
    Luckily I bought extended warrenty and so got 2nd one. It overheats after doing every bedroom. Then you clean all 3 filters make your hands dirty and vacuum all the mess you created while cleaning filter.

    Do not but it. Do not accept is as a gift. If it is in the box return for something else.
    ...more info
  • This machine is AWFUL!
    I am now using my SECOND Shark pursuit. THe first one had the annoying habit of shutting itself off after using it for 15 or 20 minutes. I returned it to get another one, thinking I had a defective unit. Amazingly enough, the SECOND one does the same thing. I called the Euro-Pro folks and they said the machine was overheating and the filter needed to be cleaned out. Well, folks, even after cleaning it out, washing it with clean water adn then letting it dry for 24 hours---- it STILL shut itself off. This machine is AWFUL! I will be returning this item. BEWARE ALL OF YOU!!...more info
  • Great Inexpensive bagless Upright
    I have owned this vacuum for over a year now and I love it. The vacuum doese a great job of getting up my yellow lab's dog hair. It works well on both carpet and hard woods and I even use it with the attachments for my car. I have found that it is very easy to empty the canister and without making a huge mess. Occasionally, the filter does have to be taken out to be cleaned but it has not needed to be replaced yet. I have not had any problems with the vacuum overheating. I highly recommend this vacuum if you are looking for an inexpensive bagless upright vacuum....more info
  • Piece of expensive JUNK - Don't waste your money
    This is a horrible machine. It shut off in 10 (or less) minutes. When it shuts off you have to clean ALL the filters which include two filters outside the canister and three inside the canister. After that you have to wait ONE HOUR for it to cool down. This is the cleaning cycle you have to adapt to work with this HORRIBLE vacuum cleaner. So plan on a whole day to vacuum your rugs. Also when you clean the filters, dust gets everywhere. This vacuum also needs to be dusted to keep it clean.... It is a piece of expensive JUNK. I replaced it with a Hoover Tempo bag vacuum. I will never go bagless again....more info
  • Shark Pursuit Vacuum
    This vacuum shuts off after 10 minutes of operation. Than you need to wait 1 hour for it to "cool" down. And in the meantime, you need to clean ALL of the filters on the vacuum. Besides the filter in the main canister, there are two other filters that need to be clean. In essance, after cleaning for 10 minutes you need to take the whole vacuum apart to clean all the filters and then wait 1 hour. Plan on a whole day to clean your rugs. It looks pretty though....more info
  • More of a Hassle
    First off, it does overheat alot. Second, the filters are always getting clogged which makes it not have a very strong suction power. You sometimes have to clean out the filters each time you vacuum. It's so not worth the money. It doesn't even pick up stuff on the hardwood floors. Not good. ...more info
  • Complete garbage
    I don't even own this vacuum, luckly. However, I borrowed it from my friend since our own vacuum is beyond help. Obviously, this vacuum doesn't put us in a much better situation. It's complete garbage though, it will last about 3-5 minutes with a mid-way (by the "full" line) filled canister, and about 5-10 with it completely empty. I've owned a kenmore that's still kicking strong after 15 years, and this Shark vacuum still has the tags and stickers on it. Going to recommend my friend to return it while she can. Trolls need not bother saying "WELL CLEAN THE FILTER MORE LOLZ!", because while that effects how long it's short time span is, it never lasts longer than 10 minutes. It's just a horrible vacuum.

    Never going to buy from this brand again, and will make sure to pass it on to friends, and obviously you folks.

    (note: for some reason there are two links for this vacuum, the other being (...)...more info
  • Save your money
    I have had nothing but problems with this particular vacuum. I live in a small apartment and it does not get very dirty. However, this vacuum cleaner will shut itself off after only 10 minutes of use. To re-start it I have to turn off, un-plug, and wait 45 minutes to start it up again. I have spoken to others who have had this same problem and tried to send it to the company for repairs under the warranty. It would cost them more to ship it than the vacuum cost in the first place. It's a terrible product, so do not waste your money....more info
  • Stinks
    Purchased this vacuum to replace a bissell that stunk. This vacuum was great at first, great suction, picked up alot of the dog hair my other vacuum missed. Easy to empty but then if the filters are not cleaned after every vacuum the vacuum losses suction. Then there is the problem of if you use it to long it shuts off and you have to wait for it to cool down I geuss in order for it to turn on again. Needless to say I returned it and got my money back. ...more info
  • 3 1/2 stars...
    This vacuum was absolutely the best thing we had for about a month and then all the sudden it smells like it is going to blow up! Every time we use it now it smells awful like something died in it. I don't know what happened. It smells like it is on fire. If you have a larger house it also shuts down when it gets too hot so we get through about two rooms at a time before having to wait a couple of hours before finishing. It has its pros though as clean up is easy and it did have great suction but as one person stated it does lose power the more stuff that is in the vacuum. The free hand held that came with it is not bad either but it has to be cleaned very I use it in the car. It is not a terrible purchase but it is also not the best. I am getting ready to exchange ours at my work because of the warranty it should not be acting like it does. ...more info
  • Stinks
    As like all the others have said it overheats and takes hours to clean the whole house. Would not but this product....more info
  • Great on carpet, not so great on hardwood
    We thought this would be good on hardwood floors and was the reason we bought it, unfortunately it isn't that great on hardwood. Works excellent on our rooms with carpet though and overall it's a great vacuum. Handles well, the light is bright, the attachments are great, everything about it is pretty damn good...other than it's poor performance on hardwood. It more or less just moves your stuff around.

    It does require you empty the canister a lot but I don't know if that's really a knock against it....more info
  • Great for Pets!
    I bought this product in hopes of dealing with my dog's hair. It has surpassed my hopes in its ability to leave all carpets and floors very clean. Each time I use the unit and empty the canister I am amazed at its effectiveness. The unit is compact and easy to use and the handy agitator switch helps when going from carpet to vinyl/hardwood. The unit goes flat for under furniture. I highly recomment this product!...more info
  • Not a good purchase
    I needed a new vacuum cleaner and decided to spend a little more than I usually do, thinking that I would be purchasing something of higher quality and performance, but this ended up being the most expensive and poorest performing vacuum cleaner I have ever owned. It has great suction at first, but it quickly weakens as the filters clog up. At most I can only vacuum two rooms without having to empty the canister. Emptying the canister is always a mess, trying to remove dust from three filters is very unpleasant. The belts have weakened and can hardly rotate the brushes, it overheats constantly and can taken up to several hours to cool down, and the smell...what is that smell that lingers in the air after I vacuum? I have kept the vacuum cleaner too long and now I can't return it. I simply dread vacuuming now and am in the market for a different machine....more info
  • I love this Vacuum But you can't Expect a Industrial Machine
    This vac performs very well for me. I own three dogs who shed terribly and this machine gets it all up! It also gets the fine dust particles out of my carpeting and that's the stuff that causes carpet to wear faster. As I saw stated by another reviewer, you DO have to empty it after each use... sometimes several times during use depending on how dirty the carpet is, but hey, think of how much of that dirt you'd be carrying around in your old sweeper bag and blowing air out through each time you run it! I love the smell of the clean air it filters out when I run it. No dust blowing out here! I have severe allergies to dust and this machine has been a life saver for me....more info
  • It blows everywhere
    this vacuum is the worst one I ever owned. I thought if I paid a little more than usual, I would get a better sweeper. Boy was I wrong. It shoots more dirt out of it back onto the floor than it does into the sweeper. I was very disappointed with my purchase. I am returning mine after 3 months. I will fight to get my money back because this is a useless piece of machinery. It is also cheaply made. The attachments crack easily. Do not buy this vacuum....more info
  • it blows
    I thought if i spent more on a vacuum cleaner, it would work better, well, not with this one!!!! Instead of sucking up dirt, it blows it everywhere, then when it's done blowing things all over the place, it shuts itself off, then I have to let it "cool off" for 45 minutes before i can continue vacuuming. It's horrible, I wouldn't recommend this vacuum cleaner to anyone!!!!...more info
    Recieved as christmas gift, only a month after use we've burned up multiple bands. works well, when it works, not that it ever does!!!! Do not buy!!!!!!!!! Didnt want to even give it one star!!!!!!!!!!!...more info
  • Disappointed
    I really liked it when I first bought it. It has a cool look. However, just now, I was frightened by it since it suddenly shut off after I have vacummed for 7 min....!I've bought it for 3 months only... please don't die..... I kept pushing the button and it's not working!!!! I read the 1st review here and the person said there's an overheating problem. I didn't know that .... and now I'm pushing the button.... it's on again! Genrally, it's good but please bear the sudden nshut off whenever. you'll never know when it's gonna shut off...!!! Surprise!...more info
  • Do not buy this rubbish. Buy a dyson instead.
    Every aspect of this cleaner is cheap and worthless. It doesn't pick up nearly the same amount as other cleaners and has quickly been falling apart since I bought it.

    - The brush head mechanism broke after 5 months.
    - The lightbulb on the front broke after a week.
    - The hose popped out of the main body.
    - Stretching the hose even slightly causes the unit to topple over. It's extremely dangerous and scary to have the whole unit come crashing down on wooden floors. Thankfully it missed me whilst I was crouching to get under the sofa.

    There's a reason why this cleaner is so cheap. A quick inspection instore would have taught me to avoid this piece of junk.

    *UPDATE - 8/4/05*
    My machine has now devloped the overheating problem and has just switched off like the other reviewers describe. I'm leaving the states in a few months so it's not worth buying a new one. The day I leave I'm gonna smash this piece to bits and buy a Dyson in the UK....more info
  • I Like this new vacuum
    I like the Shark it is wonderful, I have 6 cats in the house and new carpeting. I vacuum everyday or two, I like the looks of a freshly vacuumed carpet and no cat hair. It is great that there are no bags to replace, It is easy to clean. and the beaterbar is exceptional. I also live where the dirt is very fine, it is like baby powder only gray. The Shark is getting it up it is amazing to see the dirt it retrieves.

    You do have to clean the canister after every use to get the best performance, and watch to see that hair does not accumulate around the mesh screen. I bought the Shark to replace a band new Sharp I bought on July 13th 2004, had it 40 days and it is broke. It has been in for repairs the past 20 days and still not fixed.

    The Shark does not have the problem with my carpet and collecting cat hair inside the ends of the beater bar that I have experienced with previously owned vacuum. I like the fact the Hepa filter can be washed.
    ...more info
  • Great Vacuum
    I really like my Shark Vacuum and I LOVE the handheld Mini Shark. I don't have any problems with either unit. Unlike other reviewers, I've never had a problem with the Shark over heating and it picks up dirt and what-not really well. The Mini Shark is wonderful, if my husband were a hand held vacuum, he would be this one. The price is also great. All over a wonderful deal....more info
  • Don't buy this!
    It's horrible; can't clean; very dirty; and a waste of money! I'm checking other reviews as I type to buy another vaccuum. This one's going in the trash. I have two dogs and it shuts off every 10 minutes of vaccuuming from overheating. I can actually see the dirt flying everywhere but into the vaccuum. Don't waste your money or your time shopping for this....more info