Battery Vac

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Product Description

A fast, easy and reliable tool for cleaning aquarium gravel. Helps to provide sparkling clear water and give an environment that promotes healthy fish.

  • 1" W x 16" L (without extension tube), 1" W x 23 38"L (with extension tube attached.
Customer Reviews:
  • Satisfied
    I have used these before, years ago, on smaller tanks. Doesn't reach bottom of 50 gal tank to well, had to extend tube. But, worked just like I remembered, just fine....more info
  • Horrid
    The bag used to collect tank gunk doesn't hold the finest materials, resulting in extremely cloudy water. I had to clean it by siphon after attempting to clean with the Battery Vac. Also, it's difficult to start. You have to slightly unscrew the battery chamber for the metal contacts to start the motor. Siphoning is far better and safer for the fish....more info