Pond Mini Vac

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Product Description

Clean the dirt and grime from your outdoor pond with ease using the Lifegard Pond Mini-Vac. Use this handy device with your garden hose or a 1.25" or 1.5" vacuum hose. Clean smooth surfaces with the included brush vacuum head, and rough surfaces with the nozzle-wheel vacuum head. "Snap-adapt" handle fits 4' or 6' PVC pole or standard telescopic poles. Cut pond maintenance time in half with the Lifegard Pond Mini-Vac Includes bag, hose adapter, brush vacuum head, and nozzlewheel vacuum head.

Customer Reviews:
  • Scum Sucker Sucks Scum
    I've used this a couple of times in my 4' x 4' fountain base. It works well, but since it also stirs up the water, it's hard to get all the scum at one time. So, I'm trying to use it once a week. But, yes, it does eliminate some of the scum on the bottom....more info
  • Doesn't really work
    I would not recommend this product. I could not get the refuse bag to stay on the unit securely and when I turn the garden hose on, the effect is to shoot a stream of water through the refuse bag, blasting away anything you might collect. You also need quite a bit of water pressure to get some worthwhile suction....more info