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Carefresh Pet Bedding - Available Online at The safest, healthiest bedding for your pet. Carefresh Pet Bedding is a patented small animal bedding made from reclaimed pulp waste. This short-fiber pulp can't be made into paper; it's free of inks, dyes, clay and chemicals used in the paper making process. It is processed to remove potentially harmful aromatic hydrocarbons that exist in pine and cedar oils. Carefresh Pet Bedding is tested for containments and sanitized to 380F to reduce bacteria, mold and fungus. Unsurpassed odor control. Carefresh Small Animal Bedding provides unsurpassed odor control for your pet habitat. Unlike other bedding material, Carefresh pet bedding works to suppress the formation of ammonia, the primary odor caused by pet urine. Super Absorbent. Carefresh Small Animal Bedding absorbs 3x its weight in liquids from pet urine or water bottle leaks so cages stay clean and dry. Carefresh Pet Bedding also lasts twice as long as shavings so you save time and money. Less dust. Carefresh Pet Bedding is softer and less dusty than other forms of small animal bedding. It's cleaner and healthier for you and your pet. Good for the environment. CareFRESH Pet Bedding has turned pulp and paper industry waste into pet owners' favorite brand of pet bedding.

  • CareFresh controls odors
  • Super absorbent bedding
  • Made from reclaimed wood pulp
  • Carefresh Pet Bedding is chemical free
  • No pine or cedar oils

Customer Reviews:

  • Great for guinea pigs!
    I use this in two small areas of my two guinea pigs' cage and it works great. They have fleece in most of their cage, but I use this in a corner litter pan and in their food and hay area. It's so easy to clean because it clumps together in a large mass that's very easy to scoop up with a dustpan and doesn't fly around everywhere like wood shavings do. (Plus one of my piggies has an allergy to the dust in wood shavings anyway! Go figure) When I clean it out it doesn't smell at all either. Highly recommended! And even with shipping, this price is much less than in the pet store. I paid $8.99 for a 10 liter bag in a pet store while waiting for my order to arrive. Never again!

    Right now we have the Ultra (white) and it shows the poops/pee more than the pink did. My only dilemma is whether to pay a bit more for the colored kind or keep buying the white. (I think the plain grey/brown looks ugly in my girls' cage)...more info
  • my bunnies love it!
    I have used this for my bunnies for 7 years now. It is absorbant and captures the odors. I always buy the 50 liter size since it seems the best value. Ordering online is slightly cheaper than the retail stores and I have the convenience of delivery to my door. This is a great product for rabbits....more info
  • Good odor control
    I got a sample of Carefresh Colors from the petstore when I bought the Hamster cage kit and loved it. I've owned guinea pigs, rats and hamsters before but had never used Carefresh Colors. I was impressed with its softness and its ability to absorb fluids and odors.

    It was time for me to buy some more bedding and I thought Carefresh was pretty much the same as Carefresh Colors, except that Carefresh was less colorful. Out of the bag, I was a little disappointed, because the bedding was not as soft and fluffy as Carefresh Colors. It has more the texture of something I might expect if maybe I wet a bunch of newspaper, wadded it up, let it dry and then shredded what was left. It's rough and dry.

    My hamsters don't seem to mind the change. They shred the Carefresh to make it fluffier for the little corner they like to burrow in. It's just as absorbent as the Carefresh Colors and controls odors just as well. The cage smells nice and fresh. Although it's not as pretty as Carefresh Colors, there is an advantage to it being a drab grey, the feces don't show.

    If softness and bright color is important to you and your small pet, get Carefresh Colors. If hiding the feces is more important, regular Carefresh is best. If you are looking for absorbance and odor control, they both work equally well....more info
  • my pigs love it
    I have tryed all the carefresh bedding and love it. I would uses the gray this one and then buy the color mostly pink on top...more info
  • would not recommend for iguanas
    I would not recommend for an iguana even though it says safe to use, my friends iguana died from this stuff :(...more info
  • Bedding for our Guinea Pig
    Can't imagine using any other product. It's shredded paper that absorbs pet mess. I'd never buy the white stuff though, it seems like urine would discolor it. We use it to line our Guinea Pigs "house." ...more info
  • Best cat litter ever
    It's not marketed this way, but CareFresh is absolutely the best cat litter you can buy. It's completely non-toxic (clumping litters are toxic if ingested; cats lick their feet, and we all know what happens if dogs get to the cat box). It tracks much less than clay or clumping litters. It's light weight. It absorbs urine completely and there's virtually no odor. It's compostable. There's no scooping; for one cat, I empty the box once or twice a week. It's simply the best, safest, and easiest product to use for cat litter....more info
  • Litter for all kinds.
    I like this litter because it is so absorbant. My bunny however just likes to through it around. No offence he does that no matter what it is. Hwill sit in his toilet for hours that has this litter in it. He doesn't even want to come out of the cage. Thank you...more info
  • i ONLY use this product
    i use this product for my rabbits.... and indirectly for my bird (he is always getting in the rabbit cage). I have used it for years, and never had a problem with it... ive seen the bunnies chew on it, but it has never made them sick. never-ever use wood chips for your pets; they are treated with chemicals that cause cancer and other problems....more info
  • great stuff!!
    Carefresh is the best bedding i have ever used! i have two smelly male rats and i can go at least 2 weeks without even smelling them! it is soft and sooo much better than shavings! i would recommend it to any rat owner!!...more info
  • Works great!!
    We've used this product for a couple of years now and will never go back to wood shavings. There is very little odor with it and our furry friends love it for nest building. It also composts well!...more info


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