Youngblood Loose Mineral Foundation (Honey)

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Product Description

This incredibly unique silky powder is a foundation, concealer and powder all in one.

  • high preformance
  • translucent or full coverage
  • non-comedogenic
  • no oils, dies, perfume or alcohol
  • exclusive no-mess container

Customer Reviews:

    This mineral makeup is great for people with problematic skin. I have a few skin disorders that create redness, dryness, and reactions to the sun and heat. When applied in the appropriate manner and after well-dried moisturizer, this product (which is the only I have found with a shade light enough for my skin) covers beautifully and locks in moisture while still allowing my skin to breathe. I usually don't apply the powder to my nose, the one oily area of my face, but when I apply a finishing powder after the mineral powder, it covers my nose. I can't use the rice setting powder from Youngblood though, as it is too drying, but this mineral foundation is wonderful!...more info
  • not enough coverage
    When I put this makeup on it covered nothing, and made my pores look larger. The pressed power foundation is much better...more info
  • My HG of Minerals
    I have rather large pores and combo skin. After trying many other mineral makeups that made me too shiny I tried YB. This is FABULOUS. Apply in morning, set with their Mineral Rice Setting Powder and I'm good for all day - including sweating while gardening. Hurray!...more info
  • Safe Cosmetic Campaign
    With the mercury in mascara and lead in lipstick scare, I decided it was time to make the change to eco-friendly and safe cosmetics. I didn't know where to begin, but then I found a great website called Go Green Mart and More; all products on the site have been scrutinized and found to be safe for me and the environment. Go Green Mart led me to Youngblood, and I easily made my purchase through Amazon.

    It's my first experience with a mineral foundation, whether liquid or powder. I chose the loose powder foundation to see what all the fuss was about. Because of the infomercials I've seen of related products I was skeptical; however, I was pleasently surprised! Youngblood goes on light and silky and it more than covers. I think covers is an understatement; it brings life to the skin. As I go about my busy day and make periodic mirror checks I am pleasently amazed to see bright, healthy looking skin. My skin looks alive no matter how tired or stressed I may feel, having a positive psycological affect on me; I smile at the mirror.

    The only negative, which is incidental, every day I've got to wash the residue from the sink no matter how gently and carefully I apply the loose powder. Hardly worth mentioning. Youngblood mineral foundation is my new best friend - along with Go Green Mart and More, together shopping green is simplified. ...more info
  • The best foundation ever
    I've got to say I've tried it all when it comes to a makeup. I've been using Youngblood loose mineral foundation for about three years now and after trying so many things I honestly believe that it's the best foundation ever. It perfectly covers all the flaws such as blemishes, stains, redness etc. without looking too heavy. My skin seems flawless after I apply it. The only thing is, you should make sure that your skin is well moisturized and exfoliated before you apply it - otherwise the loose foundation will emphasize the flakes and other signs of dryness....more info
  • Mentioned in WWD Beauty August 2007 IT list for Mineral makeup
    This is a good product my focus are on the following:

    -quality-it is light weight and feels good on my skin. The foundation easily transferred product from my face to paperwork when used alone. ie. no setting powder was used.

    -coverage-supplemented with a MAC cream based concealer to cover the areas that needed extra coverage ie acne spots

    -shiny face-very oily compared to when I was using Bare Minerals. Currently, experimenting with using the Bare Mineral Veil after applying YB Minerals to cut down on the shine and makeup transfers from face to paperwork.

    -storeage of minerals after each application-I place the minerals on the lid of the container prior to application. I have a problem storing the minerals that I didn't use. This is not a problem in the BM line. I expected more from this container since I paid $35 dollars for a package that is approx the width of an 16.9 FL oz bottle of water and the height of the number 2# pencil.

    This should be a 4 rating but I bumped up to a 5 since it is parabens-free and Propylene Glycol-free.

    Made in USA...more info
  • The best minerals you can put your trust in
    I had been a user of Bare Minerals or Escentuals for over 5 years and I love the way mineral makeup help with the acne and everything but BE interfered with the Retin-A medication I was using on my face. And that wasn't pretty. I couldn't sweat with BE because it would burn, couldn't put to much for the same reason and then the color selection for women of color isn't good.
    You practically have to be a chemist to add this color with that color and blend in that along with the bisque, warmth and mineral veil which equal to "a pain in the you know where". Who has time for all that! And to add insult to injury despite all of those things my face broke out when I stop wearing the BE foundation, so I knew something had to be done. I still wanted the mineral makeup but not the way BE was doing to my face so I thought that all mineral makeup would give me the same reaction. So check out this sample from Youngblood and I was literally was blown away.
    First the sample of "hazlenut" blended so well that it literally disappered into the skin, finally a mineral foundation that matches my skin tone! What a blessing!!!!!!! And if in case I do sweat , it doesn't burn at all, or burn me if I'm still on the Retin-A therpy. All the colors of the samples I can use as a highlighter, concealer, and eyeshadow. It even covered my mom's dark circles which are very dark to no need for heavy concealment like Dermablend that is so thick and opaque. And lastly, it lasts all day. My only complaint is with Younblood that it isnt readily available everywhere, only here at amazon (when they are in stock) or calling a 1-800 number listed on their website and of course Ebay if you trust going there...............I didnt want to be one of those mineral-hoppers that go to one mineral makeup to another and is why i put up so long with BE or that BE is the largest mineral makeup outthere but slowly but surely other companies are following suit so it will give BE some competition. I hope that this helps..........................more info
  • Great coverage, easy to use
    I've used Youngblood Loose Mineral Foundation since 2005, when it was applied to my face at a spa at the suggestion of the makeup artist. I had never used mineral powder before. I was surprised by the excellent coverage the mineral powder provided, superior even to cream foundation. Sun spots and age spots disappear under the Youngblood Loose Mineral Foundation, and it takes less than a minute to apply. My only complaint is that the mineral powder does not last all day. But then again reapplication takes less than a minute....more info
  • Best Makeup I've ever used
    This goes on beautifully with the "ultimate foundation" brush also by Youngblood Cosmetics. This is the only make-up that actually covers great, looks natural AND doesn't cause breakouts. I use the warm beige foundation, the medium loose powder and the adobe blush. I have been extremely pleased. ...more info
  • Great coverage
    I always use this face powder. Ive tried others that are more convenient for me to buy but am not as satisfied as I am with Youngblood. The loose powder is my favorite and will probably use it for many years to come. Very easy to apply which is essential for my lifestyle!...more info
  • Lovely!
    This is the best foundation I have ever tried. I have a tendency to get red skin, which Youngblood eliminates completely without looking unnatural. The first time I applied it I thought it made my pores show, but I realised it was just a matter of working it into the skin correctly with the right Youngblood brush. Doing so, my skin appears flawless. Highly recommended!...more info


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