Panasonic MC-4620 Bagless Straight-Suction Canister Vacuum

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Product Description

Bagless / 11 Amp Motor / 17 Foot Long Power Cord with Auto cord Reel / Crevice Tool and Dust Brush / Attachment Storage

  • 11-amp canister vacuum with 12-inch cleaning path; ideal for bare floors
  • 5-stage filtration system; 2-1/2-quart dirt cup means no more bags to buy
  • Blower operation; filter maintenance device; filter-check indicator
  • Compact design and lightweight; 17-foot cord; cord reel; easy-stand storage
  • One-year parts-and-labor warranty
Customer Reviews:
    You cannot beat this vacuum for the price. Works great on hardwood and carpet and has lots of suction. Very light and easy to carry around. I am very pleased and would recommend to everyone....more info
  • great for the price
    well made unit very very powerful you cant go wrong i purchased it to vacuum my stairs suction is fantastic and well made you cant go wrong for the money you payI would give this vac a 10 star rating...more info
  • Great product
    It's a great product. I use it twice a week to clean my little 1 bedroom apartment. It's actually not bad on carpet, as long as the carpet is not super dirty. Very handy....more info
  • great suction, compact size
    it is a great small vacuum cleaner - for hard floors. as many other reviewers put it, it is not the best one for carpets. but it's very powerful for its size...more info
  • Not worth it...
    I bought this machine based upon some online reviews I found. The reviews indicated that the machine would not be a good choice for carpet, but that it was a great value if you planned on just using it for hard floors. Since my whole first floor is hardwood, I thought this might be a good, inexpensive machine to use on the floors instead of sweeping and I could use my upright for the rugs.

    The machine ended up being far cheaper than the picture or reviews seemed to indicate. While the suction is good on the machine, the wand keeps coming apart (it is simply two plastic tubes jammed together) and it is awkward to use. The handle is in a bad place to carry the machine. Everytime I pick it up to drag it out of the closet, I have to juggle the wand and the machine and usually the wand ends up coming apart again and I'm left cussing. The cord is also fairly short as well as the hose connected to the wand. You are forced to carefully move the canister around repeatedly, and if you pull too hard on the hose while vacuuming, it ends up rolling onto its back, which is bad, since this is where the exhaust comes out. So you have to stop, and resituate it.

    I would return it, but Amazon's policy will only give me 50% back, plus I'd have to pay for shipping. I guess I'll keep it as a back-up to whatever real canister vacuum I end up getting. I would highly advise that you save the money you would spend on this machine and put it towards something that is more useable....more info
    Don't expect this thing to do miracles. for the price though, it is a beast. It is powerful on both hard surfaces( wood, concrete, tile, vinyl), and soft surfaces( carpet and rugs). The plastic parts can come off here and there but the fact that it is bag-less( and as bad as my allergies are, it does not trigger then), pretty light and powerful makes it easy for an impatient guy like me to use. My wife is happy! It feels a lot stronger than my friend's dirt-devil....more info
  • good value
    I'm very satisfied with this small but powerful vacuum. It has lots of suction and is far easier to use than my large upright. It's very easy to get behind and under furniture and along carpet edges, sliding doors, window sills, etc. I wish the hose was of a little better quality material as it will kink occasionally. The deciding factors for me to purchase this model are that it is bagless and the cord is self winding. I'm very happy with this vacuum and would purchase it again. ...more info
  • vacuum review
    This vacuum is exactly what i wanted and has fullfilled all my expectations. it arrived here quite promptly as well.... i was surprised to see it sitting on my landing after only a couple of days past from ordering it. i'm pretty sure it was packed with recyclable cartboard pieces instead of styrofoam, which i take notice of....i think.... i'm pretty sure it was the vacuum.......any how. other than that the only drawback i can think of is that it gives off a strong odor. i'm only hoping the gasses aren't toxic.

    ...more info
  • Panasonic MC-4620 Bagless Straight-Suction Canister Vacuum
    Nive product working very well, we are happy with this product because you keep a lot of space...more info
  • super neat vacuum
    There is not mush to say other than is a great vacuum and I am really pleased super easy to use ..I love it! great price.. great everything!
    why complain about silly little things hehe ...more info
  • Perfect size for small house!
    I live in a two bedroom/one bath home and storing a upright is difficult. This model has the amps of an upright the perfect size for easy storing. I like canister vacs; always did and this one is the best I found so far!...more info
  • excellent value
    very pleased with both the product and the ordering process from i highly recommended this product for simple vacuuming chores!...more info
  • great, for price
    After reviewing other reviews, not only here but on other websites, I decided to try this vacuum. It is very good on hard floors (such as tile or hardwood), but not very good on carpet. But since I mostly have hard floors, it works well for us. My only negative (and I have only been using it a few weeks), is that the pieces break apart very easily. This gets frustrating after awhile. However, for the money, it is well worth your investment if you have floors with NO carpeting. The suction is good, and to empty it is relatively easy....more info
  • vacuum
    I needed a vacuum for floors that would not hurt my back. I am very pleased with this one. It performs great, I have cats and dogs so the pet hair is a problem but not for the Panasonic bagless. It works great and the price was the best at Amazon than in any store or online....more info
  • Perfect - Cheap and effective

    Small apartment and i travel alot so we don't make much mess, so this is perfect. Being Bag-less is a huge bonus. ...more info
  • So far, so good.
    Bought this to replace a 15 year old Panasonic vac. This Panasonic vac is a good performer. It is quieter than the older Panasonic vac, and has more suction. It is easy to clean.
    No buyer regrets so far.
    ...more info
  • Only good for hard floor vaccum
    It has a powerful motor, good for hard floor vacuum, doesn't work on thick carpet! hose attachments are lousy......more info
  • This could have been a great vacuum
    I've had this vacuum over two years and find it frustrating EVERY time I use it.

    The good:
    Really good suction, easy and neat cord rewind, easy to clean, it looks cool.

    The bad:
    NONE OF THE ATTACHMENTS STAY ATTACHED! What were they thinking when they designed this. Friction does not hold on an attachment when you are moving it back and forth to clean. What a pity.

    I have to say, stay away there are other choices. It just plain doesn't work!
    ...more info
  • Great suction, kirby attachments make it terrific!
    I was looking for a light weight vaccuum to replace my old kirby. This vacuum is awesomely powerful, but the attachments are yucky, they could really be improved upon. I was going to return the unit when my husband came up with a great idea, use our kirby wand and attachments on this canister. He got the wand to fit on the hose and I just love using the kirby attachments, together this is the perfect machine. I have arthritis and this light weight combination is great to use....more info
  • I really hate this vacuum!
    I got this vacuume to replace a National brand vacuume which I got whilst in Japan. The National one was small, compact and was so fantastic I wanted another similiar one and since I had heard Panasonic bought National I figured the vacumme's would be equally great, not so.
    This bagless vacumme needs to be empties all the time, and that is a very messy job especially when you have to clean the filter inside. Dust sifts through the air everywhere and when the filter has even the smallest bit of dirt of fluff attached to it then the suction is really impacted and you will be forever at the bin trying to clean the wretched thing. On top of that, the cord is short. I hate this vacumme, I've had it for 6 months and am so sick of cleaning it and the slack suction I am shopping for another one today. Do yourself a favor and get a vacumme that needs bags....more info
  • bagless vacuum cleaner
    Overall nice & functional design, challenging to put together, ok suction, but nice that it doesn't need bags...more info
  • Perfect vacuum for an extra fluffy dog owner in a house with hardwood floor.
    I love this vacuum: it's cheap, its suction is awesome, it's bagless, and my dog's hair doesn't kill the vacuum.

    HOWEVER, this vacuum may NOT be perfect for you if you have carpet/rug in your home or you don't have a fluffy dog (e.g. Samoyed is what I have).

    The vacuum head is plain as it can roller/brush. That worked for me because one of the problems I had was my dog's hair get into the motor that spin the brush & fries the motor in couple of months. Replacing one of those fancy vacuum heads can cost me more than this Panasonic vacuum. But if this isn't your issue at your home, you might want to get a vacuum with better head.

    Also, as the others have said in their reviews, the wands do come off easier than most of the vacuums. You can easily see the attachments & wands/hose are where Panasonic tried to cut the cost of this vacuum. But if you don't want to spend three digit figure for a vacuum, you do know you have to compromise somewhere, right?

    Bottom line: Suction of this vacuum makes the purchase worthwhile. I can put up with crappy wands and cheap head.

    ...more info
  • Good For the Price
    Seems fine as far as cheap vacuums go. Be careful that you don't remove the dust canister while the vacuum is in the suggested storage position (tipped so the hose is pointing straight up in the air) because the removable part of the dirt cup will fall out and send crap everywhere. The suction is impressive, and the bristles on the bottom of the floor attachment did a reasonable job loosening up the detritus in my carpets. Seems to work fine with pet hair, and there's no beater bar for my long hair to get wrapped around. The hose attachments do like to come apart - I wish they had a mechanism to hold them together. So far I am happy with this purchase, although that may change if it doesn't last at least a year or two. ...more info
  • Not bad
    - does its job well
    - bagless - no need to buy bags
    - light and easy to handle
    - easy to open and empty the dust bin

    - a little bit too loud
    - a little bit too "plastic" - I'm wondering when the hose will break...more info
  • decent vacuum
    Seems like the vacuum has a powerful motor and decent maneuverability. Stores pretty easily. So far I think it is overall a worthwhile purchase. ...more info
  • Exceptional value and power!!
    This is a great vacuum for the money! It is lightweight, easy to use and very powerful! Best suction vac for the money that I have ever owned!! I have no bad thing to say about it. I just purchased my second vacuum of this model. Just make sure the hoses are pushed together good so they don't separate and you should not have a problem with them separating on you while in use. I now have my year old vac of this model for use in my basement still in great shape and my new one for the rest of the house. I added an extension cord to the retractable cord of the vac on the one that I use in my house and do not have to unplug and because I have a rather small house it gives me a good 20 feet radius or so when I plug it centrally!! I tend to stop and empty the bagless area of the vac more than once to keep it from working too hard and for better suction and longevity of the vac. I empty this dust collector area after quickly turning the piece which releases a lot of dust (it vibrates the internal area) and I also remove the cone part at least once upon finishing vacuuming with a twist off and lightly tap the excess dust from this internal area. It is blue and fills with excess dust so this does need to be cleaned after each use!! I go outside to clean the internal area because it is where just dust is collected so I can also blow at it. I don't mind doing this and like this vac because it is bagless!! Then a quick turn to put the cone back on and you are ready to vac tomorrow :) I like the fact that I can take the head (brush piece that hits the floor)off and simply use the hose edge to go under all my heaters which are close to the floor. I could not do this with any upright vac....more info
  • Very Frustrating to use..!!
    This vacuum drives me crazy!! The suction is O.K., but the cannister needs to be emptied quite frequently to get any suction. The pole comes in 3 parts which needs to be slid together...well, it is ALWAYS coming falls apart continuously as I vacuum.I spend more time bending over to pick up the pieces and put together, than I do vacuuming.!
    It really isn't worth the's inexpensive, but trust me..there is a reason......more info
  • It doesn't move on carpets!
    This item is good for tile or wood floor only because it doen't have any roller to roll and it doesn't move over rugs or carpets so it needs lots of energy to work with. I ended up using it just for my car.Not a good vacuume at all! ...more info
  • this vacuum sucks!
    When the cannister is clean and filter is clean the vacuum works great, it really sucks. But it does clog relatively quickly and needs to be cleared at least once during each vacuum session. A bit of a pain, but after cleaning it does work very well....more info
  • Very nice item......... More than expected, many features
    Great price for this above average item. Nice compact machine and great pick up! I looked for about a month and the price was the selling point and Im not sorry. ...more info
  • Bagless Vacuum
    Prompt delivery....Easy to empty and cord rewind is nice. Very compact and has plenty of power for my wood floors....more info
  • Good cleaning power, lightweight, but somewhat flimsy
    I bought this less than a year and a half ago, and plan to buy another, even though the switch has broken for the second time (after my husband replaced it.) It generally cleans well on wood floors and low pile carpet. It does not do as well at picking up debris in the thick pile of flokati rugs.
    It is very lightweight, but has an unfortunate habit of tipping on its side at times, when coming off a corner. Also, the cord at 17 feet is too short and should be about 3 feet longer.
    I wish it were sturdier with a longer cord and workable attachments, but it is so lightweight, inexpensive, and picks up dirt so well, that I would recommend it with reservations....more info
  • Perfect
    I read the reviews of this product before buying and can say that it's everything promised: quiet operation for a small canister vac, very powerful and is an improvement over other canister vacuums I've owned that had problems over time with the hose. Our place is less than 1000 sq. ft. with wood floors and area rugs and this is the perfect tool for that job....more info
  • Better than raninbow, for the price!!
    You just can not beat how well it works!! They have stopped using the Rainbow vacuum and rely on this one, it works great and it is comfortable and handy. It does have tools to come along with it and no bags. Easy to clean the gathered dust. Highly recommend it....more info
    I like this vacuum because it is VERY powerful, relatively light & easy to empty. The bagless system works like a giant dustbuster except it is a lot cleaner. The cord retracts quickly and easily.

    I haven't used the blower feature yet but I am sure I will someday.

    I would have given it 5 stars but I have a couple of minor issues. The brush attachment is a bit small & has to fit over the corner cleaner attachment. so if you lose (or your kids lose) the corner attachment, the brush becomes useless. The wide brush head is good for floors but there really isn't a good attachment for furniture....more info
  • powerful little canister
    I just love this vacuum. The attachments have been no problem staying together and it has great pickup. It's not really for carpets though. It's more for hard to reach places. It's a very powerful little canister. I would recommend....more info
  • Canister Vacuum
    This little vac works well on both wood floors and short carpet. It has powerful suction and since it is a canister, I can also remove the cobwebs and dog hair from anywhere I can reach with the nozzel end - sure a great benefit over an upright.
    I would buy it again and am impressed.
    Beth...more info
  • Fantastic Vacuum
    I researched vacuums for over two months before purchasing this one for my apartment, which has both hardwood floors and tile. Despite the potentially odd brand (Panasonic makes vacuums?), the vacuum performs fantastically. The suction is phenomenal and picks up more dust and hair than I'd like to admit is in my apartment. My boyfriend has experienced considerable improvement in his allergies since we purchased the vacuum. I have not experienced the problem with the wands falling apart, as many other reviewers noted. The unit is well designed: the body is quite small and the hoses can be easily stored on a closet shelf. The wheels pivot exceptionally well, making it convenient to drag the vacuum around behind you. Another perk is the retractable cord, which makes the vacuum even more compact.
    I am very pleased and I have yet to find anything negative about the product....more info
  • It does the job!
    I'm really happy with this vac.
    Its a small, compact and powerful vac, it really does the job.

    Sometimes overheat a little bit....more info
  • Flawed product
    Pros: easy floor cleaning, self-winding wire, able to clean hard-to-reach areas.

    CONS: overheat in just a couple of minutes, suggesting poor-built motor and making the cleaning job a nervous experience; not effective on carpet.

    Result: I finally made up my mind to return it before the 30-day limit for a better one....more info
  • Very good Buy.
    Very good buy. My wife is very happy with the new vaccume.
    It's small but very powerfull. No Bag is needed....more info
  • good value for the money
    It's more fun to use this vacuum than my other upright one. It's light, less noisy, and has good suction. But I have the common complains about the tubes falling apart. Usually requires putting them back on 3-4 times before finishing a room....more info
  • Great Vacuum cleaner for great Price
    This is a really good product for its value! It is bagless, lightweight, and really strong! It has also a dusting brush and crevice tool on-board. It is not to noisy, really small and can fit easily everywhere! The only negative side is that the pipes are plastic instead of aluminium, but don't worry, seems really strong. I didn'y have any problems at all with it. I recommend this product to everyone who needs a vacuum cleaner with a good price......more info
  • Great Suction
    I'm very happy with this vac. I have 4 cats and endless cat hair, and this vac is a breeze to use on the floors and above ground. It's very lightweight, but has very powerful suction. I also love the cord rewind! Being bagless is a big money saver, as I would go thought a couple bags in a week with all the fur. The twisting mechanism on the dirt cup is quite helpfull as well. I don't think it would be as great for carpeting, but I have all hard floors and I'm thrilled with this vac. ...more info
  • Panasonic has the worst customer service
    Two extension wands do not stay together well during operations. The connection between one of the extension wands and the floor nozzle are also loose, and they come off often during vacuuming. When I called Panasonic's customer service, I was told to bring the vacuum to its service center which is located at 30 miles away from where I live (that means I have to make two 60-mile RT drives for this issue). Otherwise, they said, they won't do anything. I am very disappointed with Panasonic and will not purchase Panasonic products anymore.

    ...more info
    This litlle machine really takes all dirt!!Im happy with the buy!the shipping service was great!...more info
  • Panasonic canister bagless
    Customer service was excellent...really like amazon..vacuum light weight have order many for my cleaning business for my customers they really like them....more info
  • Dust brush a bust.
    This vacuum will suck up a cat if it gets in the way, I would have gave it
    5 stars but when you attach the dust brush it causes a big lose in suction, and the dust brush must be attached to the crevice tool to work, will not go on by itself. The price is right....more info
  • Great for a disposable vacuum
    Like alot of others I was pleased when I first bought this. Great suction, good price, easy to use (if you don't mind the wand falling apart all the time)but after 8 months the filter broke, and after a frustrating conversation with first the waranty department--come to find out the 1 year waranty does not cover plastic parts. So after trying to get the parts department to understand which part I need, which they were unable to do, I am still waiting for a reply from their research department as to which part I need to buy to fix my machine that is still under the 1 year waranty.
    So now I will search for a better value from a better company. ...more info
  • Love it
    Because of the price, I wasn't sure this vaccum works well. The carpet in my house is brand new and old vacuum lost the suction. Yet, this vaccum pick up any dirt as well as my dog's hair. The weight is very light and compac so that it's easy to move, carry, and storage. It also works well in the hardwood floor and tiles. ...more info
  • great! great! great!
    I just tried this vacuum...and I am very happy with it. It is compact, light and I like the design. It works well and it is easy to empty the cup.

    The only negative thing might be the lack of cleaning tools...only two: a crevice tool and a dusting brush. I only wished that the dusting brush was bigger.

    Nevertheless, overall it is a great vacuum....more info
  • Powerful little vacuum
    This is a pretty good vacuum for the money. Great suction and it glides easily over wood floors and low carpet or rugs. Great retractable cord feature, good looking unit. Cons: cheap plastic parts that easily come unconnected, bulky hose when you have to stand it up, and the handle in an odd place. It would be great if they would invent a retractable/flexible hose, make the plastic parts connect by a locking system, and extend the handle. But overall, for the price, this is an excellent vacuum! ...more info
  • Pretty good! I am surprised!
    I really like this vacuum for the price. I am aghast to see how much dust and stuff I get up when the floor doesn't seem all that dirty. The vacuum gets up dust - like the kind that you see accumulate on the computer - great....I don't think I realized how all that dust settles on the floor just as much as on the hard funiture. It's great to be bagless and to be able to empty it each time and get the Lego toys out of the vacuum. I don't worry about losing anything now. I wish it cleaned out just a little easier as the hair get stuck inside. Also, there is a felt gasket that looks like it won't last too long....more info
  • Works great and easy to clean!
    This thing definitely has sucking power! Dirt ... you had better watch out because the Panasonic MC-4620 is going to find you! It sucks up everything you put in front of it! It even makes a great bug sucker! It is lightweight and easy to carry around with you while you clean. Need a small vacuum to do quick jobs then this is what you need!...more info
  • Great little vac. Poor design for the wand
    Purchased this for home use and it has the same issue that the mc3900 has.

    The wand continuously disconnects / falls apart during use. For this reason alone I think you may wish to reconsider purchasing this vac. No matter how tight you push the sections together, it still falls apart during use.

    Called Panasonic and they want it brought to their service center. If you have the time to go through this aggrivation.... buy the vac.

    Panasonic should do more research on their products prior to release.

    ...more info
  • I love this vacuum!
    I have cats and dogs so I'm always looking for something to make cleaning up easier. Another reviewer mentioned that there is no perfect vacuum but for me, this is pretty darn close. I've never had a vacuum with better suction, no matter what the price. It's light, easy to empty, and small enough to stash almost anywhere, but holds a deceptively large amount crud before you need to empty it.
    Several reviewers mentioned that the attachments come off very easily, but I have very bad arthritis, so for me that's a plus. I bought this to replace my old vacuum because I could no longer change the attachments.
    One caveat - I have only bare floors, so I can't speak to how it would do on rugs, but for bare floors, you can't beat it....more info
  • Really good machine
    Really good machine. Suction is very powerfull and floors are really clean. One star off because the hose could be a little bit longer and more flexible. But for that price you can't anything better. ...more info
  • Far better than average
    First the sad news...after purchasing at least 8 different vacuum cleaners in recent months, I've determined THERE IS NO PERFECT VACUUM CLEANER. I've tried them all, upright, canister, cordless, corded. In the low/med. budget cleaner market, you name it, I've tried it. Having said that, I really like the Panasonic MC4620. It's great for hardwood floors/tile and floor rugs (I don't have carpet). I can use it under most of the furniture in my house where all the pet hair and dust loves to collect. It is lightweight and has great suction. I LOVE that's the no beater bar for hair and debris to wrap around. The attachments do tend to come apart if you snag the end on furniture legs. That is my only complaint....more info
  • Panasonic MC-4620 Bagless Straight-Suction Canister Vacuum
    I very much like this vacuum cleaner. It is small enough to manuver around the areas that I need to clean in my home.

    I really like how it is not so big, heavy, and cumbersome to move around. Just not having any bags to empty or try to find and stock up on is also a real plus for me.

    I highly recommend this small, easy to use, not too noisey vacuum.


    Front Royal, VA ...more info
  • powerful vaccum with one touch rewind the wire, Wow!
    My wife was very impressed with that one touch rewinding the wire feature. She also likes the powerful vacuum that can be used for our wood floor, and wood shutters.

    I know my nose feel much better after using this vacuum in our house....more info
  • Wonderful!
    I like it very much. It is very quiet, lite and pretty color. I am doing kitchen renovation and using this vacuum cleaner is a big help....more info
  • I am very happy with it
    I had a very powerful upright vacuum who did an excellent job for many years but was just a real pain for my back (too heavy and too big). I realized I needed a vacuum as efficient as that one but quieter and lighter, easy to move around. 11 amp provides a very good succion, the 17 foot attachment reach is very convenient, and automatically wraps up.
    I do not know how it works on carpet because I have hardwood floor. It does the same good cleaning job as my upright vacuum, at half the cost and weight. I have to say though that the attachment do loosen during the job and more than once. But I can live with that (not with backaches).
    ...more info
  • Panasonic Canister Vacuum Bagless
    This Vacuum is really a great vacuum for tile floors and is bagless and light weight and easy to carry. I have a cleaning business and my customers really like them also....more info
  • Price does not equal value - many problems...
    I bought this on a popular online auction for $25, but I didn't know what I was getting into. Buy this only if you accept the following:

    The good:

    As the other writer reported, the suction on the unit is superior, esp compared to uprights with hose attachments.

    The cord pullout and retract is again, superior. Better than my Electrolux...

    The bad:

    The hose and extension wands are proprietory, that is, don't expect to use your old crevise and brush attachments with all of that superior suction. You can't attach the crevice tool at the end of one of the wands. You need to attach the crevice tool to order to put on the brush. Gimicky.

    Furthermore, the wands FLY apart unless you JAM them in HARD.

    The unit lacks a beater-bar. DON'T expect this to be of ANY value on carpeting.

    The on/off switch is small and could be positioned better. No turning this guy on/off with your foot.

    The bagless design is old-school. It uses the same permanent coffee filter design that's been around for years and years, and you can see it clog up in no time. The superior suction does compensate for that, but you'd think that after Dyson had solved the problem one way, others would be soon to follow. Not the case here.

    But the real bug is that the RELEASE of the dirt compartment is part of THE HANDLE. Be REAL careful picking this guy up or the dirt will go flying all over (and down the stairs!). Who would think someone would pick the thing up by the handle?

    HOWEVER, I should say that the suction IS very good and if you don't need carpet cleaning, will never want to use your own cleaning attachments and use it under limited circumstances, it's not a bad deal for the price. I use it for cleaning out computers.

    All in all, however, except for those limited circumstances, very soon after buying this you'd realize that you should have paid a little more and gotten something you can use for the long term. ...more info
  • Great Suction, Not so great attachements
    The vac is great for wood floors. I cleaned over a thousand square feet of dusty wood floor and suction was great beginning to end.
    The attachments however are nothing to brag about. Two cheap looking things I don't think I'll ever use. Attachments from older machines did not fit on this unit. The main attachment does not click into the tube that connects to the hose (The hose does click into the machine). This tube is actually two tubes that don't click together either. They seem tight when the machine is running but after some time do loosen. Luckily they are very light weight so when they did come apart and fall onto my foot it didn't hurt much.
    The filter is easy to clean.
    For the price this machine does a very good job. Better attachments would drive up the price so it's a fair compromise....more info