Sanyo ECJ-D55S 5.5-Cup Micro-Computerized Rice Cooker/Steamer
Sanyo ECJ-D55S 5.5-Cup Micro-Computerized Rice Cooker/Steamer

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Product Description

This Sanyo rice cooker and warmer is micro-computerized with multi-menu selections that allow you to make various kinds of rice. With it (and its fuzzy-logic controls and temperature settings) you can make white rice, rinse-free rice, mixed rice, sweet rice, sprouted brown rice, quick-cooking rice, brown rice and porridge. Use it, too, for steaming or slow-cooking soups and stews. The Sanyo micom rice cooker and warmer has a Titanium-coated, extra-thick, nonstick inner pot with a rounded bottom for maximum heat distribution. The inner pot also features a water fill line for rinse-free rice and sprouted brown rice. After cooking is complete, a Keep Warm function automatically kicks in to keep your dish warm until you're ready to serve. On the front of the Sanyo micom rice cooker and warmer is a clock and timer. The LCD clock and 24-hour, preset timer let you set it and go. The Cook/Reheat button keeps your rice in a keep-warm mode; it can be reheated in about five minutes and served as if it were freshly cooked. Included with your Sanyo micro-computerized rice cooker and warmer is a steaming tray for vegetables, a measuring cup, nonstick spatula and a multi-language instructional manual with recipes. A retractable cord keeps counters neat and the cord out of the way.

  • 5-1/2-cup micro-computerized cooker with fuzzy-logic technology
  • Titanium-coated, extra-thick, 2-1/2 mm non-stick inner pot for optimal cooking
  • Multi-menu selections; slow-cook, keep warm, and reheat function
  • Easy-to-read measuring marks; LCD clock with 24-hour timer
  • Steaming tray, measuring cup, non-stick spatula, instructions, and recipes included

Customer Reviews:

  • cook very good rice, easy to use, nice construction. (can't decided between sanyo or Zojirushi)
    I love this rice cooker. It has a nice steamer which is the main reason I pick over the Zojirushi brand.

    - In addition the rice cooker bowl is coated w/ titanium which is much more durable then the other option. The bowl has 2.5mm thickness which when you hold it, you can tell you are getting your money's worth.

    - rice is cooked just right. not too sticky or too dry.

    First time I make rice with this rice cooker is completely painless and get perfect result. I use one of the korean brand white premium rice and use the water measure that's inscribed in the rice cooking bowl. It cooked just right.

    This rice cooker is large enough for 5 people (two bowls each), and not too big for one person. The steamer is perfect for me to heat up left over food (or other cooking that I can do without using the harmful microwave cooker.)

    Don't get the 3 cup version unless u are sure u do not need to use the steamer.

    The user interface is nice and simple.

    From the construction standpoint I think this is far better then the Zojirushi NS-ZCC10 (street $129+tax). The Zojirushi rice cooking handle actually can make it difficult to clean. This is a suggestion my mom made who has certainly do rice cooking for over 50 years.

    I pick the Sanyo not primarily because it's less expensive but it's a better rice cooker.

    Price paid for Sanyo: $99 + tax.

    I'll provide more feedback after I use the rice cooker for a longer period of time....more info
  • Best Rice cooker
    Best rice cooker we have had. We gave the old one of the same model to our son and bought a new one for ourselves. That is how much we like this product....more info
  • Perfect rice every time!
    We have used this cooker for about 4 weeks making rice 2-3 times a week. We have tried white, long and short grain, brown, wild, sushi and a mixed rice that have all turned out perfectly. The brown and wild rice take the longest to finish (about and hour) while the white, sushi, and short grain rice take the least (about 25 minutes). Rice stays warm automatically for up to 12 hours. We just rinse our rice, fill water to the appropriate volume line and let it go, whenever we get back to it we have perfect rice ready all day long. The button array is simple to navigate. The on screen menus are easy to understand and use. The units lid closure is attached but easily cleaned. The removal of the bowl (which is very heavy duty compared to others) is very easily done after a cycle with either hot pads or dish towels. Power cord is auto-retractable to an internal storage space, which is a very handy feature in my kitchen. Steaming vegetables in the included steaming tray is simlpe and produced a similar results to my efforts with a stove top steamer. Clean up has been straight forward, with a simple wiping of the interior and bowl. Rice spatula is stored on the unit with an included holder. Very satisfied and glad for the purchase....more info
  • A Good Rice Cooker
    The directions are not that easy to follow but after you try coooking with the rice cooker one time everything falls into place. I didn't know what sprouted brown rice was. Which probably needs to be defined.

    Over all I am pleased with the product....more info
  • Best! Safest! Most Durable!!!
    People who are addicted to Zojirushi may change their mind when they discover how great the Sanyo ECJ models are!! I have the ECJ-F50S, pretty much the same as the D55S but with a thicker titanium coating--3.5 mm!! The 5.5 cup only has 2.5 mm thick titanium coating. It's super durable and cooks rice perfectly! We have been using rice cooker our whole life and this is the best we have used so far! If size doesn't really matter, go for the 5 Cup F50s model, that one is much better! ...more info
  • Happy with product
    I have tried several cheaper rice cookers and wasn't impressed with them. They spewed rice starch out the vent. I have a co-worker that brought in his Sanyo and Zojirushi for me to try. I decided to buy the Sanyo instead of the Zojirushi because it is more price friendly. I've only used it once so far, but I had good results....more info
  • Don't do it...
    I bought this rice cooker thinking that I would take a step up in quality. It looks nice, it has a thick titanium coated, nonstick bowl, a carry handle, and a retractable cord. These are all nice features. However, how do you explain to your friends that you bought a $100 rice cooker that only makes good rice if you have mastered the art of figuring out how much water to add, and that takes twice as long to cook, 40 min! It took me over a year but I finally gave it up and went and got a cheap cooker that makes the rice great every time in half the amount of time....more info
  • love it
    not cheap but well worth the cost does exactly waht its supposed to do and does it WELL ...more info
  • Great far.
    Have had the cooker for 1 month. So far it's great and works as advertised....more info
  • Good rice cooker
    Does everything I expect it to - cooks great rice! The only thing is that it doesn't really steam vegetables that well. Kind of overcooks it if you use the built-in timer....more info
  • Neuro & Fuzzy a.k.a. "Fuzzy Logic"
    My model is a ECJ-T10EKJ made for the Japanese market, but very comparable to the functions of the ECJ-D55S.

    When reading reviews that go on and on, I smell SPAM. No one is paying me to say that this is a great rice cooker and that buying a cheaper cooker, like the Aroma, only will end in tears.

    The keep warm function is the best feature; the rice stays moist, followed by a lid that won't slam close, and finally the programmable cooking feature; it keeps me from forgetting to turn on the rice cooker for supper.

    Note:Brown rice is best if you let it soak for about 8 hours, then cook. The short grain brown rice is my favorite type....more info
  • Money's Worth
    Yes its made in China. Yes it smells like paint when you first open it as with all products from China (personal opinon). Why doesn't Amazon disclose country of manufacture?

    But as for the rice cooker. Definitely worth $100 and does everything its is suppose to. You just have it air it out the first day. Sorry, its a big bugaloo with me....more info
  • It's pretty neat!
    I really like this rice cooker. I used to have 1 Panasonic and Aroma. Panasonic one was all right but didn't have a timer or variety of options to cook rice other than white rice. I feel this price is very reasonable and the size if paerfect for a small family. ...more info
  • Love this rice cooker
    I've been wanting a rice cooker for a while and after checking out reviews here and other places online I decided to buy the Sanyo from Amazon. I agree you need the Rice Cooker cookbook. My husband isn't really a rice fan but has commented how much he likes the rice I have cooked. I love that you can start it in the a.m. and it will be ready for you when you get home and stay warm if you run late. I use it multiple times a week both for rice and hot cereal. I haven't tried it for slow cooking or steamed vegetables yet....more info
  • This is a must have product
    Cooking rice is not difficult but doing so on a consistent basis is. This product produces a consistent level of rice every time. I've used it for white rice and for brown rice. Its very easy to use and works quite well. A must have addition to any kitchen....more info
  • Perfect Rice Cooker
    I've owned some rice cookers in the past, but this one is the best one i've come across. Cooks rice perfectly everytime. I like that it is modern looking and not the typical rice cooker style. i've cooked brown and white rice and it does the best job i've seen. Highly recommend. Big buttons, subtle beep when finished, and perfect rice everytime....more info
  • I'm so happy I found it in the US!
    I owned the Japanese version of this rice cooker in Japan when I lived there, and I loved it! So much so, I seriously considered shipping it home, but the directions were in Japanese and I knew US outlets were a little different. I'm so happy though because now I can buy a version with English directions! When I used this in Japan, it was only to make steamed rice (mostly because I couldn't read the directions...) but it made the best rice I've ever had. It always came out perfect. I used to own a "standard" non-pressurized rice cooker in the US, but the rice was always too soggy or too dry. It also never succeeded in making "sticky" rice, and yes, I bought the right kind of rice.
    The only complaint many people have, and what surprised me at first, is that it does take around 40 minutes to make plain, white rice. Aside from that, I can't think of anything bad to say. It's easy to clean, especially if you soak it first, and it's really easy to use. One thing to keep in mind is it only make about enough for a 4-5 person family when full, so if you have a big family, get a bigger rice cooker. For one person, it usually made enough for 2 servings when using the smallest amount possible, but I just refrigerated it. I would highly recommend this product to anyone interested in owning a nice pressurized rice cooker....more info
  • I love mine!
    This rice cooker is VERY easy to use! I measure the rice first and put it into the non-stick pan and rinse the rice right in the pan pouring out the starchy water just a couple of times and then fill it up to the line that is marked on the inside of the pan for the amount of rice and type I am cooking. Then push the menu button to select the type rice and then press the start button. If you are cooking white rice all you have to do is push start because it is set for white rice by default. That is all there is to it. 45 minutes later you have perfect rice! If I want rice with dinner I start it first before putting anything else together. Since it can stay warm all day and still be the same great rice, you could start it in the morning. I use mine almost as much as my microwave! Also it is high quality, the nonstick pan isn't a cheap one that is going to peel off, it's very hard. This makes it a breeze to clean, takes one second to wash it and one second to dry it.

    It makes great brown rice too! Super Cooker and better priced than some of the others!...more info
  • rice dream!
    I eat brown rice, and was forever waiting for it to get done. I work, and now I mix together the ingredients, set it for what time I want it done, and when I get home from working out I have perfect rice, EVERYTIME!!! You can mix the ingredients together in the morning, or at lunch. One of the best appliances I ever bought. Never thought I really needed one till I got this one, but I'm hooked for life. Makes way better rice than I made on the stove. Busy healthy eaters must have one!...more info
  • nice cooker
    Makes perfect rice. I press the button and it goes. In a standard cooker, sometimes the rice on the bottom is burnt. No problems here. The rice scoop is dimpled, I didn't know why until I used it, rice doesn't stick to it, great!

    I think the 10 cup might be more worth the money, we purchased this one because my girlfriend said that the 10 might be too big. It isn't much bigger than this one, but I had to listen to her. Anything smaller than this is TOO small....more info
  • The ECJ-F50S isTHE BEST! This one is good too!
    We've got both the ECJ-F50S and the ECJ-D55S, both are really nice! We have been using steamer to cook rice and poridge as well as other foods for over 25 years. We have experience with the brand names Zojirushi, Panasonic, and Sanyo etc. for the past decades. We've found these two Sanyo models better than any other we used before--including the Zojirushi. Before we purchased them, we thought Zojirushi makes the best steamer, but now we believe Sanyo does.

  • Rice Steamer
    Great product. We eat a lot of rice and we are able to leave it in the steamer for several days without it drying out. It also makes rice perfectly and without the mess....more info
  • Sanyo Rice Cooker/Steamer
    This rice cooker has exceeded all expectations and works perfectly. It is very easy to use and although it takes longer to cook rice, the rice comes out just right each time. The rice doesn't stick to the bottom of the pot, the reheat feature works very well and it's easy to clean. We are very happy with this product....more info
  • Sanyo ECJ-D55S 5.5-Cup Rice Cooker/Steamer
    Excellent rice cooker! This replaced a Tiger JNP1000 that had begun scorching rice. This is an awesome product and getting the hang of programming is easy. Set it and forget it! Just be aware that the time you program into it isn't the start time for the cooking but the END time. If you want your rice done by a certain time, put that time in when programming.
    And Amazon is wonderful! I ordered the rice cooker at a price of $109 and my partner noticed (while the rice cooker was in transit to us here in Hawaii) that the price had dropped to $94 and there was no problem getting Amazon to discount the price I had paid earlier. And since it was the first time I had used my Amazon Visa card, I got a further $30 reduction in price. So the cooker only cost me $64.00 and NO SHIPPING! I love Amazon! ...more info
  • Fantastic Product!
    This is an amazing product. I'm a riceaholic, but I have never been able to properly cook
    rice on the stove, at least not consistently. I was a little taken back by the price of this
    rice cooker, but after using it for a month I can say it's worth every penny! It makes perfect
    rice everytime, period. I've made white rice, brown rice, wild rice, Basmati, Arborio and
    it comes out perfect every time. I did, however, find the instructions that came with the
    cooker to be somewhat confusing, and got less than perfect results when following them
    (the rice was either overcooked or undercooked - I could have done that on the stove!).
    I decided to go with the rice to water ratio listed on the various rice packages, and that
    solved everything. Some people have complained that the cooking times are too long
    compared to cooking rice on the stove. But, to be able to put rice, water and herbs in
    the pot, close the lid, push one button and walk away knowing you'll have perfect rice
    is more than worth the extra time it takes to cook, to me. Plus, the warm cycle is a bonus
    feature. It keeps the rice nice and warm (without it getting lumpy) until it's time to serve.
    The only reason I gave it 4 stars instead of 5 is because the vegetable steamer seems
    to be an after-thought in its design. There's no way to control the time the vegetables
    steam. You have to periodically check to see if they're done. My little $19.95 B&D steamer
    does a much better job! But, for cooking rice, this is as good as it gets. Highly recommended!...more info
  • This is an awesome addition to the kitchen!
    I received this rice cooker as a wedding gift from our wedding registry and we are extremely happy! I love the fact that you can do all of your cooking in the pot, no additional pots and pans to clean up. I did purchased the Ultimate Rice Cooker book once I received the gift because I was a little unsure on how to use it. Although it may contain recipes with ingredients I don't always keep in our pantry, it really helped me utilize my cooker. You can experiment with just about anything in it. I haven't found many restrictions. My only complaint would be the odor retention. I hand wash both of the removable pieces yet the odor can be very strong. I leave the unit's top open sometimes and that seems to help. Other then that, I haven't any complaints; My husband has enjoyed everything I have produced from it, brown rice, jasmine rice, couscous, risotto...and with all different kinds of ingredients!...more info
  • sanyo steamer
    I have had my rice steamer for a week now. looks like it is made well. I went over the cooking time and my rice did not burn, I did not set the timer right,my fault I was just trying to learn to use it.I put stuff in the vegetable tray for a complete meal.I was never a big rice eater but I am on a low fat diet now. after looking over many rice cook books, looks like there is many rice recipes from all over the world as every country eats can get a lot of sauces and mixes for rice in the grocery store....more info
  • Remarkable machine-- Especially because of the timer
    I never had a rice cooker before. I didn't think I needed one because we do not eat rice every day. HOWEVER: the reasons to buy this are: 1. It cooks perfect rice of any kind. 2. It has a TIMER, which means it can have steamed vegetables and rice ready when you get home(though the vegetables are vastly oversteamed unless you are there to watch them). 3. It can cook soup, beans, oatmeal, even meals with meat and vegetables because it has a slow cooker function. So: consider a unit that has both a STEAMER BASKET and a TIMER if you want your rice cooker to replace your slow cooker without a timer and your other steaming equipment. ...more info
  • Returned it.
    Too big. Looked like a cleaning mess. Arrived after Christmas. Husband bought a little red Rival product from Target to put under the tree. Rice cooking is hard in Colorado. The Rival works really well for us. Looks good on the kitchen counter. Easy to clean. Took some trial and error but we get consistent rice at altitude now. Steamer basket does well with vegetables and shrimp while the rice is cooking.
    Pretty unhappy about what it cost to return the Sanyo. Not worth it unless you are cooking for a lot of people.
    ...more info
  • wonder machine
    Growing up in a Cuban family, we ate rice every day, sometimes twice a day. We discovered the simple form of on/off rice cooker fairly early and I have used them for decades. They are easy, and nearly indestructible, but absolutely no match for this wonder machine.

    It can handle all kinds of rice: white, brown, and even sushi, all of it cooked exactly right. I often use it twice in a day--to make porridge or polenta, quinoa, or other grain dishes, or to steam veggies as well as the customary rice. Unlike the simple cookers, you can heat and sautee items right in the pot to prepare pilafs and similar one-pot dishes. It will also make a pretty decent risotto (not chef-quality perhaps, but no perpetual stirring). If that weren't enough, it has a timer feature that allows you to preset everything so your dish is ready to eat when you get home from work or your fresh hot oatmeal is waiting for you first thing in the morning.

    I have used all of these features in the three years since I've owned this machine, and am thrilled with it. Guests are always amazed with what I pull out of my little magic pot. It is simple to use and a breeze to clean--nothing sticks to the pot (in fact, everything slips right off), and if you avoid using any metal or abrasives on it, it will stay in tiptop form for a long time.

    This is a fabulous addition to a kitchen, especially for those who like nutritious food that is not a hassle to prepare. Can't recommend it highly enough!...more info
  • Jasmine rice eaters
    I would rate this with a 5 star if the rice came out a little more moist; I usually just add a little more water for our tastes. We usually use white jasmine rice and it comes out definitely more dry than we prefer. But, the rice cooker is easy to use and clean and I use the timer function frequently. It's very portable, making it great for potlucks & picnics. ...more info
  • Love it !
    I bought the 5.5 cooker and was worried it would be too small. It is perfect for my husband and I. So easy to clean.
    Tonight I marinated 4 chicken thighs put them in foil in the steamer basket. 10 minutes later they're done. Delicious & tender! I am so enjoying this multi purpose rice cooker. It steams food really quick so don't over cook. the quick cook feature does make a dry rice, I remedied it by just adding more water and the rice was perfect. I have so much more experimenting to do, I do recommend the cookbook by Hensperger/Kaufman because it will open your eyes to possibilities and educate you about rice & other grains. The dishes are international and tend toward the vegetarian side of life. ...more info
  • No water splashing out!
    I love this rice cooker for the way it looks and for the way it's User Interface is designed too! I used to hate my older rice cookers because it used to splash a lot of water while cooking and I cleaning all that starch water on the countertop was always irritating. This cooker doesn't splash even a drop!

    I also liked the way it has this retractable chord in it making the countertop look less messier...more info
  • Great Rice Cooker
    If you want a simple rice cooker with all the important features, this is a great choice.

    First, construction is solid throughout, the nonstick bowl is great and the retractable power cord is perfect. You even get a tiny sleeve to add so the non-stick rice scoop can be easily located on the side ... and yes, it's really non-stick (finally! :-)

    Making rice/porridge could not be easier. Use the included cup to measure your rice. All around the bowl are line marks to how much water you should put in - unlike one reviewer, the final water/rice line pretty much ends up right at the amount you put in so I'm not sure how theirs "overboiled."

    If anything, the rice might be a bit dry if you use their exact markings so I add just a smidgen more (with no problems) but of course, if you like your rice a little drier or stickier, you can experiment by tweaking slightly the amount of water.

    I also like that when you get within 15 minutes, it gives you a countdown :-) so you know exactly when you can start eating. It's not a superfast cooker - taking about 40-55 minutes so keep that in mind.

    The porridge feature is great. No chance of the pot boiling over and it's HOT. The warming feature that comes on automatically after it's done cooking is nice.

    My only tiny quibble is there should be a re-heating button versus just a cook/reheating button all in one but it's minor.

    It's also easy to use - some require a PhD just to understand how to cook, reheat or set the timer.

    Looks nice, easy to use, makes great rice and keeps it warm - can't ask for much more!...more info
  • A terrific, inexpensive addition
    I purchased this rice cooker after reading reviews on Cook's Illustrated website. They recommend this product, and I concur. It is terrific. Simple to use and to clean. In addition, Sanyo seems to have thought of and included every useful feature. I wholeheartedly recommend this cooker....more info
  • Why is it designed this way??
    I have a National 3-cup basic rice cooker that served me very well in the past 10 years. However it's time for me to get a bigger rice cooker, so I turned to the Japanese brands (do Americans know how to cook rice?) and found this one. It's expensive for a rice cooker, but I like the stainless acceent (although it's really plastic) and the review seems to be ok.

    1. Look nice...
    2. The rice turn out pretty nice. Someone complained about weird smell from the rice, but I don't encounter the same problem.
    3. It works well for cooking poridge. I used to cook poridge using stainless pots and most of the time the bottom is burnt as I don't stir it often enough, or not enough water. This rice cooker does the job well.
    4. The unit works well as a steamer... but then it's small, so I can only steam 4 buns at a time.

    Now the cons...
    1. There's a lid inside the outer lid, and I can't figure out why it's required, but then it could do more good than bad for the cooking... however I have to pull it out to clean it after every use, and I'm really afraid the plastic part that coonects to the outer-lid may break some day.
    2. It takes good 40-45 minutes to cook rice. My good-old National takes just 25 minutes to cook the same amount (3 cups) of rice.
    3. This rice cooker use 3-times the electricity than my National rice cooker, I think it's somewhere around 300-500W. That's alot of electricity!
    4. The slow-cooker fuction is really hard to work with, because it's really slooooooooooooooooow-cooking. What usually takes 4 hours to cook could take forever on this one, because the water from the food flooded the whole pot. So I'd say you can use this rice cooker for soup, but use your own crock pot to do any slow-cooking.
    5. Once the rice is done and you open the lid, the condensed water run down to the gap around the rice cooker. Why isn't there a container that catch the water and can be easily detached from the unit??? I thought the Japanese would know better than that!!! So I have to use cloth to dry out the gap. Com'on... a Panasnoic unit that my parents purchased almost 15 years ago already has this "feature"!!! I'm surprised why no other reviewers complained about this, and I'm sure it's NOT because of the way I cook!

    Afterall, I find this good looking unit to be not quite practical. Some of the basic stuff got overlooked (like cons #1, 2, 5).

    If you haven't made the purchase yet, I'd suggest you to keep on looking......more info
  • Lots of use!
    Take it from someone who never knew how rice should really taste! We use this at least once a week, the rice comes out perfect every time. The kids love the naturally buttery taste of Basmati rice. If you haven't had it, you don't know what your missing. I bought a burlap sack of it from the local wholesale club. Delish! I've made more complicated rice dishes in it, works great. Easy cleanup too. Get yourself a good rice book or cookbook with it, you'll want to experiment....more info
  • A little more information about the timer feature...
    I bought this model to replace/supplement my basic one-button rice cooker and because I have branching out beyond just making rice in the rice cookers (see Beth Hensperger's excellent book, the Ultimate Rice Cooker Cookbook).

    As others have written, this is a great unit & is well designed. The timer function unfortunately did not have the feature I was hoping it did, so I'm passing this along since the item description doesn't have enough information in it to figure this out before you buy.

    The big Timer button on the unit has exactly two uses:

    1. When you are in any one of the rice or porridge modes (the Menu button is used to set the mode), you use the Timer button in conjunction with the Hours/Min button to specify the time at which you would like the cooking to be finished, for example - 7:30pm.

    2. When you are in slow cook mode, you use the Timer button (and Hours/Min buttons) to key in the amount of time you want the unit to run -- for example, 3 hours.

    Unfortunately, you cannot use these two features in combination. For example, I was hoping I could set the unit up with beans in it so that I could delay the start of the cooking until say 4:30 pm and have it run for 3 hours so that the beans would be done by 7:30pm. But... neither this unit nor any other rice cooker units I looked at seems to be able to do this (which is why I still give it 5 stars anyway). Ah well - next generation of cookers I guess.

    Update: 1 year and 1/2 later, this unit is still going strong. It is used at least 1x weekly. I have never had a unsatisfactory batch of rice (or beans or porridge or oatmeal) out of it. I kept my old one button unit tho; it is a much better steamer than this one (the basket is too small I think).

    Update: 3 years later. Still working exactly as well as the day I bought it. Unit used at least 1x daily for oatmeal and every 2-3 days for a batch of rice or other things. If I ever have to replace it, I would buy the same unit again....more info
  • Great Value! Perfect Rice!
    Sanyo ECJ-D55S 5.5-Cup Micro-Computerized Rice Cooker/Steamer, White with Stainless Accent

    I wanted a rice cooker that would be easy to use, make a variety of grains and be affordable! After reading many, many reviews, I chose this rice cooker and I am very satisfied with my purchase.

    Many of the neuro fuzzy rice cookers were far too expensive--I mean, I am just cooking for one person--ME! For under $100 this rice cooker does everything I need--AND left me with money to buy food to cook in it!

    Because it is programmable, I was a bit concerned whether it would be hard to use--BUT IT IS NOT! I am 69 yrs old and worked my way through the procedures one step at a time with never a hitch at all!

    I first made 1 cup brown rice. Perfect and tasty! Then I set the program for steel-cut oats for breakfast. It all made sense! The porridge was ready to eat when I got up the next morning.

    Because this machine is so easy to use, I have brown rice more often. I now make at least 3 cups so there will be leftovers to snack on later. And since I love oats for breakfast, that has become a favorite feature.

    I have the Ultimate Rice Cooker Cookbook with all its variety of things to make. The Sanyo ECJ-D55S comes with an instruction manual. And a small 16 recipe booklet by Martin Yan. But I encourage you to purchase the Ultimate Rice Cooker Cookbook along with this rice cooker--you will be amazed at what you can make!

    Clean-up is very easy. The door has two areas. The inside lid of the door pops off for quick cleaning,revealing the inner surface of the door with gaskets. You wipe down the inner surface of the door, then pop the lid back on the door and you are done. The outer surface of the machine is easy to wipe down.

    The inner cooking bowl has measuring lines for different kinds of rice. They are very easy to read. Since I like my brown rice a little softer, I measure the water to a little above the line and it comes out perfect for me. The bowl itself is sturdy and easy to handle. Cleaning takes only a swish of the sponge in sudsy water, rinse and it's ready to go again. Be sure to use PLASTIC OR WOODEN utensils to preserve the non-stick surface of the bowl. With care this wonderful machine should last a very long time!

    Sanyo ECJ-D55S is a fantastic kitchen appliance--I recommend it without reserve. I have been using it for over three months now and it is a happy addition to my kitchen appliances....more info
  • New appliance on the kitchen counter
    The Sanyo Rice Cooker is the second rice cooker I've had. The other one, which I still have, is a simple on/off cooker which I rarely used. With the Sanyo Rice Cooker, we are having more rice meals. Partly because it's so easy to use, and partly because it's always out on the kitchen counter as a visual reminder.

    Rice takes about 40 minutes to cook, almost twice as long as in my on/off cooker. I can start it at the beginning of preparing a meal and then forget about it; the rice is ready when the meal is. It's easy to use and fairly easy to clean. ...more info
  • Disappointing performance
    I would like the folks at Sanyo to visit a California natural food store and see some of the choices of rice -- both organic and not. There's long grain white,long grain brown, medium grain brown/white; sweet rice, black rice; jasmine rice; basmati rice both brown and white and -- my favorite -- sushi rice. And this is the short list! I sense the instructions that come with the cooker call for California long grain -- you know, supermarket stuff. (Most of the recipes in their book call for a can of this, a bottle of that or a package of whatever -- all processed foods.) SO, tonight it took 1 hour and 27 minutes to cook a half cup of medium grain brown rice which, per their suggestion for "faster cooking" I soaked for 3 hours -- and it was sticky/mushy. The timing mechanism defaults to who knows -- white maybe? You have to monitor the doneness by hand and stop the cooking. I will know more as I experiment with amounts of water. And a big disappointment is that it won't work with the cover open so using it to cook pasta is out of the question. (Why? To avoid the high cost of gas.) The titanium inner bowel is non-stick but still makes a gummy tough ring-around-the-collar that's a pain to clean. On the plus side is the retractable cord and the handle. If I hadn't thrown away the original packaging, I would return this forthwith. I miss my old low-tech National rice cooker!...more info
  • Could it be the perfect Rice Cooker? YES!
    PERFECT! That's how my first batch of Thai rice came out. I read the manual (in five minutes or less) put in the correct amount of water, put in the corresponding amount of rice and about forty minutes later, viola! A perfect batch of rice!

    Next we move on to porridge, soups, stews and steaming. Yes, this Rice Cooker does all of this and more. If these (soups, stews, Etc.) are as easy as rice (which I am certain they will be) then this Rice Cooker is a winner.

    The Stainless Steel accents really make this look like a very well made, almost commercial quality item. The carry handle is very functional and convenient and the retractable cord shows thoughtful design. The size is just right and it stores with ease. Clean up is a snap. Most important is that the keypad is very simple and easy to use but is still feature rich enough to keep even the most advanced gadget head (like me!) happy.

    Last are the timer and keep warm functions. Time your rice to be cooked and fresh when you come home from work, excellent! Keep your rice warm for up to eight hours (we kept one batch warm for almost twelve hours and it was still warm, moist and fresh at the end of the day) and that's it, a perfect item.

    With so many poor quality items on the market today, I must tell you that any cook would be absolutely thrilled with this cooker. Enjoy!...more info
  • I love it
    I had never owned a rice cooker before; I never thought I needed one. I used to think that it was another one of those gadgets that would never see any use.

    Boy was I wrong.

    My husband and I have recently gotten into cooking Thai food. As a result, we are now having rice at least once a week. It got to be somewhat of a pain to try to time things so that the rice would be ready when the rest of the meal was done, but not have the rice cook so early that it would get cold.

    Now I don't have to. I can cook the rice as early as I want. The keep warm feature keeps the rice hot and ready to eat, without drying it out. All I have to do is put the rice and water in, push a button, and forget about it.

    I love the retractable cord, and everything is very easy to clean. One note: Don't even bother trying to figure out the measurements indicated in the bowl. Just add the same ratio of rice to water as you would if you were cooking it on the stove....more info
  • Awsome Product
    I've had this cooker for a month now and used it about 4 times a week. It is everything I hoped it would be. I bought it based on the many positive reviews I saw here.

    PROS: Great design, well built, easy to use, easy clean-up, and best of all .....makes perfect rice!

    Cons: The clock displays 00 for noon and midnight - curiously.

    I also bought The Ultimate Rice Cooker cookbook recommended by a few of the reviewers and find it to be worth every penny. The Instruction Manual criticized by older reviews must have been updated and provides useful information and is easy to use. So far I've used the cooker for steel cut oats, pilaf, brown rice, sushi rice (Tamaki Hiaga), and rice pudding. Overall my experience has been; Priceless:) ...more info
  • What I hoped for and more
    I decided to buy a rice cooker so, never having owned one, I did a lot of research. I spent hours comparing styles, brands and reviews and ended up feeling overwhelmed at first over all the choices. I was stunned between the variety of options and range of prices. How complicated can it be to cook rice? I had been doing it for years with just a pot on the stove, after all. I just wanted something that would cook both white and brown rice well, be reliable and easy to use, and was well-made.

    I weighed the options between the simple, on-off kind which appealed to me in their basic functionality and lack of microchips, and the fancy, fuzzy logic kind that could do everything but clean the kitchen. I wondered if the latter kind were worth the extra money, or if they were just a product that appealed to folks who love the latest and greatest technology. However, the idea of using the rice cooker for other things like stew, porridge and one-pot meals appealed greatly to me. What to do?

    After much reviewing I narrowed my search to the Zojirushi NHS-10 6-Cup Rice Cooker/Steamer for its simplicity and good reviews, and this Sanyo ECJ-D55S fuzzy logic cooker for the fact that it seemed to do everything the highly-rated Zojirushi NS-ZCC10 5-Cup Neuro Fuzzy Rice Cooker did, but for far less money.

    Despite my initial urge to keep it simple and buy the basic on-off cooker, I ended up buying the Sanyo fuzzy logic cooker and I couldn't be happier. It is versatile, easy to use and takes up very little counter space.

    It cooks excellent rice. My son, who thought a rice cooker was a frivolous thing to buy unless you eat rice three times a day, thinks the rice and oatmeal it cooks is "awesome." My husband and I have experimented with cooking several different kinds of brown rice (short grain, long grain, basmati, rose and black) and several kinds of white rice (long grain, Jasmine, basmati, arborio and sushi). In addition, it handles less common whole grains like millet and quinoa just as well as rice, and better than the pot-on-the-stove method.

    The added versatility of the fuzzy logic style means you can make things like puddings, pilafs, porridges, etc. (we can't wait to try tapioca pudding or poached dried apricots, for example) that are harder or impossible to do in the on-off style. We have made steel-cut oats, rice porridge, and cornmeal mush/Indian pudding. While the steel cut oats and porridge were perfect, the cornmeal mush was lumpy, but that was probably our mistake in setting it up on the timer for a delay cook--hence we did not stir it during cooking as was recommended, since the cooking took place before we got up in the morning.

    The timer that allows you to delay cooking or arrange to have it complete cooking at a specified time. Although it didn't work for the Indian pudding, the delay timer works perfectly for the oats, rice porridge and regular rice. There's nothing like waking up to fresh, perfectly cooked cereal. The delay timer means you can prepare supper in the morning and avoid the depressing, last-minute, evening rush to get food on the table at the end of the day.

    It makes one-pot meals and more complex dishes. I have made pilafs with added ingredients such as raisins, nuts and vegetables, sauteeing onions and seasoning right in the cooker bowl before adding the grain, and the results have been excellent.

    It has a steamer basket for steaming things like fish and vegetables over the rice during the last part of the rice cooking. We tried this option and while it cooked the fish and veggies very well, the rice was oddly colored and flavored by the fish and asparagus. Next time we might opt not to steam over rice, but to steam after the rice was done and removed. Also, milder-flavored vegetables such as carrots would probably not taint the rice so much. There isn't much room to do both at the same time, except perhaps for a 2-person meal (in the 5.5 cup cooker).

    I bought Beth Hensperger and Julie Kaufmann's "The Ultimate Rice Cooker Cookbook" to go with the Sanyo rice cooker and have found it opens up a whole, exciting new world of cooking. Although (according to the book) some recipes don't work as well in a fuzzy logic cooker as in an on-off style, there are whole categories that you cannot do without a fuzzy-logic cooker.

    This rice cooker does so much more than cook rice! It's almost like having a cook in the kitchen, preparing nourishing foods and keeping them warm and ready for you when you want it.

    I can't recommend this Sanyo rice cooker highly enough. If you are wavering about getting a rice cooker or about whether or not you should go for a simple one or a fuzzy logic one, or if you are considering getting the Zojirushi NS-ZCC10, but can't quite bring yourself to spend so much more money for it, this is the rice cooker for you.

    A few nit-picking things: the manual is obviously translated by someone whose first language is not English and some sections leave you a bit puzzled, such as the one on the delay timer, which barely mentions that the timer is set for the finish time, not the start time. Also, it's hard to know how long things will take--there are general guidelines in the manual but I'm never quite certain when something will be finished, as there is no timer counting off the time until, oddly enough, the last 13 minutes for the rice cycle and the last 10 minutes for the porridge cycle. Once the cycle is complete, the timer chimes briefly and then the machine switches over to Keep Warm, which does a nice job of keeping the rice moist and warm for several hours, although the longest we have kept it at this setting is two hours....more info
  • Wonderful Prroduct
    I was hesitant about spending the money on a rice maker. I'm sure lots of people have no problems making rice on top of the stove or in their microwave. Unfortunately, I'm not one of those people. I didn't eat much rice because I couldn't make it - even after buying a variety of types of "easy to make" rice and products for the microwave.

    I'm so glad I finally gave in and purchased the Sanyo machine. Can't compare it with any comparable rice makers, but it's been working beautifully for several months now. I use it a lot more than I thought I would, because it's so easy and makes perfect rice every time. I'm eating lots of brown rice and have also made several types of white rice. Sometimes I'll use chicken stock instead of water. If you're thinking about a rice maker, I highly recommend this one!!!...more info
  • Can't beat the convenience
    When I get home from work, I throw some (carefully measured) brown rice and water into the cooker, turn it on and walk away. We don't have a set dinnertime at my house--it could be anytime from 6 to 8:30--but with this rice cooker, the rice is ready when I am, and I don't have to babysit it. To me, that convenience alone is worth the price tag. This makes a great companion to my electric wok--I store leftover rice in the frig for use in stir fries throughout the week. Love the smell of rice cooking, too!...more info
  • convenient features, average rice (so far)
    I've been eating rice from standard on/off cookers all my life, and in comparison, for my first few tries, the rice made by this machine was pretty average; not bad, but using the manufacturer's guidelines on rice:water ratio, the rice turned out rather dry and deflated. I've had better rice from a $20 machine; granted I've also had worse. Nonetheless, I'm optimistic that once I figure out the appropriate ratio, it'll be better.

    On the plus side, no charred rice along the bottom of the pot as with $20 machines, no rice stuck to the bottom as with the really old cooker my parents have that just uses a stainless steel pot without any nonstick coating. The coating on the pot itself seems of to be pretty durable.

    I figure, what I'm really paying for is the convenience. The timer function works as advertised, and the controls themselves are pretty straightforward. The clock calls noon 0:00pm, but that's not really a big deal. The retractable cord does what it should, keeping your countertop neat, and doesn't simply apply constant tension-you can pull it out, it'll click at intervals, and leave a certain amount of slack (think overhead projector screens).

    Another reviewer mentioned a lack of some sort of drain for the condensation on the lid; to some extent this is true, as when you open the lid, the condensation simply runs down the lid. However, it drips into this recess such that the condensation doesn't go all over your counter, nor does it drain down underneath the inner pot. I admit, a more deliberate drain couldn't hurt either.

    I am somewhat concerned that eventually the built in battery will fail, though the manual states that everything'll still work as long as the appliance is plugged in. Not a big deal, and the battery's life expectancy is listed at 4-5yrs; longer if you leave it plugged in, which I plan to do. Still, it would be nice to be able to replace the battery yourself, or if they had used a rechargeable, or if you could completely power the unit down (i.e. when moving, traveling, etc)

    I do wish there were some way to have timed reheating. The manual says not to reheat cold rice as it may develop an odor, but leaving the machine in keep-warm mode for over 12hrs dries out the rice, so if you cook some for dinner, you can't really have it warm and ready the next morning (you'd have to get up in the morning, switch it to keep warm mode, let it warm up, then have it reheat which can take another 30-45mins for white rice.

    In any case, my results so far don't quite justify the price tag, but with a bit of experimentation, I'm hoping for better results. I haven't tried the porridge/stew/steaming functions yet either. I'm used to making porridge out of leftover cooked rice though, and since the machine is geared towards making it from uncooked rice, I'll have to play around with how much water to add for that....more info
  • Excellent.
    I got this product recently, and I have been incredibly impressed. I had always really enjoyed the rice I had gotten at the various Asian food places that I frequented, but hadn't been able to replicate that at home. Now, with this, not only can I replicate it, but I have to do practically nothing, just put in the rice, rinse it, put in the water, and press a button and wait. I have used it quite a lot and have had no bad experiences. It cooks incredible, perfectly done rice every time. If you like rice and would like to make it at home, I highly recommend this product, it was well worth the price to me....more info
  • Reliable Rice Cooker
    I've had mine for 2 months now and have only used it to cook white rice. In general, it takes about 40+ minutes to cook 2 cups of rice. I don't think there is much room for improvement as my previous Fujitsu digital rice cooks took even longer. The rice comes out just the way I wanted it (consistently).

    I also like the inner lid, which is easy to remove and clean. You'll still need to wipe the outer lid clean, but it is very easy to do. Overall, I think this is a great rice cooker for the price you pay. I'm going to explore cooking brown rice and porridge later....more info
  • A very good product; manual is confusing
    So far the Rice Cooker has been performing wonderfully. Definitely not a bad investment: includes all of the possible basic options that make a good Rice Cooker and is priced reasonably. The instruction manual, however, was organized badly and I found it confusing and vague....more info
  • Second one owned and happy with it
    We purchased the Sanyo rice cooker when it first came out because of the titanium rice pot. Having used it frequently we eventually wore it out, so to speak, therefore the need to purchase the newest model.
    Very happy with it. Have used it several times now and the rice does come out great each time. ...more info
  • great deal!
    Great for cooking rice and porridge. I like the timer function. For soup making, the power is a bit weak, but all the other things about it are fantastic. and it even comes with a steamer....more info
  • Great Buy!! It looks unique and cooks great!
    This rice maker was a gift to my mom for christmas. She loved it, its a different look, cooks fast perfect rice and 5.5 cups is enough for our family of 4 , maybe even 5! Got it for about 100 dollars.. pretty good =)...more info
  • just got mine 3 days ago
    I just bought my sanyo a 3 days ago. I've only cooked white rice soo far and Cleanup has been a brease. the rice has been very sticky( how I like it) so I'm compleatly satisfied!...more info


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