Personal Air Supply Wearable Air Purifier 150MM

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Product Description

The 150MM is the smallest and most powerful wearable air purifier. Studies at U.C.L.A. and U. of Cincinatti confirmed its effectiveness.

  • In Your Car
  • On an Airplane
  • At Home
  • At Work
  • When Shopping
Customer Reviews:
  • I think it works
    I have only used this a few times. It seems good, though it does turn itself on in my purse and the odor it emits with the air is a little funny, but it is a lot cooler than wearing a dust mask. I haven't gotten sick while wearing it yet....more info
  • Good and not good
    I bought one to fight against my mold allergies anywhere anytime. It really does work, but the instructions indicate that it should be worn right under your chin with the provide lanyard. I have found the amount ozone production to be high and uncomfortable. If worn under my chin, my eyes would start watering and itching because of the highly oxidizing ozone gas. Nowadays, I wear it with a cellphone hoister. It works great that way. I can still smell some ozone, but it is not as bad as having it blow in your face. The AS150MM adds 48 ppb of ozone to ambient ozone. The maximum safe level (continuous) exposure for humans is 50 ppb. AS150MM only gives 2 ppb of margin to work with. Creating distance between the unit and my nose increases that margin. I mostly use my unit indoors because ozone levels are lower indoors than outdoors. During high ozone days, I neglect using it. Chronic asthma patients should probably stay away from getting this. It may trigger a bad asthma attack....more info
  • Stopped working...
    I'm not sure why, but the device worked great for a day and then the battery wore down. When I replaced the battery, it wouldn't turn on again. It was very dissapointing....more info
  • Wonderful product
    Wow! First time in years that I have not gotten sick (cold, sore throat, etc.) when I have taken a flight. I was skeptical - but it really did work. I also tried it when the smoke from the fires 350 miles away filled our office - and it helped then, too!...more info
  • great product with defective
    it's a great product and it helped a lot at air purifying. i used it for couple of days and it really helped. it was broke when i received it but since i don't have the time to wait for it to be shipped back and forth i just tried to fix it myself. it worked for a while but it didn't work well for long. now it's in the trash. it would be good if i can find another seller who sells this product. it's a good product....more info