VI-2500 Ion Air Purifier

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Product Description

High-Output Negative Ion Generator removes odors, chemicals, and particles from the air.

  • Cleans
  • Deodorizes
  • Removes Particles
  • Freshens
  • Portable
Customer Reviews:
  • the best
    I think this is probably the best negative ion generator available. the manufacturer testing says there is negligible ozone production (purports to be almost not detectable & well within safety standards) so it is not harmful. It really cleans th air well in the the room I have it. Previously visible airborne particles that could be seen when direct sunlight streamed into the room have now disappeared. My asthmatic friend who sleeps over, says her breathing is much easier. And feel more refreshed. The stale air odor that used to be there after the house was closed off, has now gone. If you are in the market for a negative ion generator, this is the one to get !!!!...more info
  • Finest ionizer
    This is probably the best ionizer that money can buy that has relatively low ozone production. The negative ion production is very high and so it cleans and deodorizes the air efficiently and effectively. The negative ion production is so high that often charges metal structures causing audible discharges as the VI-2500 charges and the structure discharges. Strategic placement is important. You don't want to sit a few feet from this unit. First, the ozone gases may blow on your face. Excessive negative ion exposure may give headaches, extreme sleepiness, muscle pains, and light headed feeling....more info
  • Recommended
    Recommended. I was reluctant to purchase this ionizer due to the price. But after much Internet research, I concluded that most of the less expensive ionizers do put out a sufficient amount of ions and those that do often generate too much ozone. I have two less expensive ionizers that sit in a closet unused because they put out so much ozone that they irritate my eyes and make me cough. The deciding factor for me in purchasing this ionizer was that a modified version of it was used in clinical research at Columbia. I have been satisfied with this ionizer and am considering purchasing another.

    As you can see from the product picture, this ionizer does not win style points. It has all the bulk and lack of grace of a "build-it-yourself" electronics kit. But it is unobtrusive and its functionality makes up for its lack of style.

    I wish that Wein would create a smaller model that would be easier to pack while traveling. (Hint! hint! If you are reading this Wein!)...more info
  • crystal clear air

    This Wein unit emits pulsed discharges from a wire brush; a unique method of generating negative ions. The emitter is not replaceable, but Wein claims does not wear over time. This is a very powerful industrial strength generator, which does make a slight hissing sound. My ion detector registers a high level of negative ions even some distance away from the emitter. The coverage area is 800 sq ft, so I recommend this unit for work if you are in an open area, or heavily polluted areas, such as your garage. Since it is so powerful, there is potential for increased blackwall effect.

    I believe this is one of the more powerful Ionizers available on the market today....more info
  • It's does help
    I bought this after I tested positive for mold allergies. I don't know if it really helps with mold but I can tell a difference in the way the air smells if I place it in the basement for a couple of days. I have no way of telling how it compares to the other devices but my sister bought the sharper image one and loves it as well. Hers collects black stuff on the plates were this one only collects dust on the front pad....more info